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great DAMAGE (exist) (see also defense, enmity, waste)

1     A lost knife always had the gold haft.                                  


DAMAGE for a great man (exist)

2     The higher you are, less troubles will fall on your head.


DAMAGE for a great man (lack)

3     Even a king’s cloth may have a moth in it.


DAMAGE because of an insignificant thing (neg.) (see also account, concession, influence of insignificant thing)     

4     What for to pull out a chair from under a sitting down man when there is a drawing pin on it?


DAMAGE because of an insignificant thing (exist)

5     He who was beaten by a charring log fears even a glow-worm.


DAMAGE because of an insignificant thing (lack)

6     A small fly can spoil even a big wall.

7     It is easy to leave an elephant than a gnat.

8     A small bullet breaking a head.

9     A harmfulness of venom doesn’t depend on the size of a snake.

10     A stuck claw is a cause of bird’s death.

11     Even a big boat may go down by a weak leak.

12     A wind from the chink is especially cold.

13     A small speck of dust provokes ulcers.

14     A nail can save a horseshoe. A horseshoe can save a horse. A horse can save a hero. A hero can save Mother land.

15     He who rowed across even a sea may drown in the river.

16     It is enough to set fire to a small straw for incinerating of the stack.

17     Ant’s passages demolish a dike.


DAMAGE for interests of the great man (pos.) (see also defense, destroy, enmity, hindrance, pain) 

18     The lower leaf is glad for falling of the upper one in vain.

19     I see. Kicking is useful. Let’s they know the hoof of donkey.

20     The death of horse is a great occasion for a dog.

21     The lightning, which struck the tree, is an acknowledgement of its greatness (high station). 


DAMAGE for interests of the great man (neg.)

22     Ravines may be filled up with ruined mountain.


DAMAGE for interests of the great man (exist)

23     When a clay pots break, there is a wreckage left. When a gold pot breaks there is the gold left.


DAMAGE for interests of the great man (lack)

24     A fly may float even into the king’s cup.


DAMAGE for interests of an ordinary man (pos.) (see also destruction, hindrance)

25     Every Moishe must be the undoing of many people in order getting victory of his commandments.

26     The upper leaf is glad for falling of the lower one in vain.


DAMAGE for interests of an ordinary man (exist)

27     A mouse couldn’t be crushed by stack. 

28     Fleas aren’t afraid of dogs.   


cccccccccccccccccccccccccccc  CEnsorship

Jew’s DAMAGE (lack) ВРЕД от евреев

29     Is it the real damage from Jews? Well, one of them daubed some black squares. Well, another of them paid some millions of dollars from budget of Russian culture for “the original”. You see this people endeavored for their native country for Russia.

30     It is interesting who has the most gain from people’s thirst for pleasure? Are they souteneurs or narcotraders or former innkeepers i. e. Jews who now became owners of various shows (theatres, cinema, concerts). 

31     It is interesting how many people will believe that the Centre of Russian documental films was bought by Jewish company “UCOS” with the help of Jew Shvidkoj (minister of the Russian culture) for the keeping and defense Russian culture and history?


Jew’s DAMAGE for truthful persons (lack)

32     It is known “The Rubinshtein’s damnation” since the time of exposed banker Rubinshtein. It pursued and haunted even the inaccessible founder of Russian secret service Batushin who exposed this bribe-taker. What great quantity of less known truthful persons were suffered from less known “Rubinshtein” from world black list of “Rubinshteins”.


DAMAGE for retreating man (pos.)

33     An unwise general makes fire behind his enemy.


DAMAGE because of the word (exist)

34     If words may to make dirty spots on the person then all would be dirty.


DAMNATION of a priest (imam) (neg.)

35     They have a birth not because of a prayer. They have a death not because of the damnation.

36     As for me, after mother’s blessing I don’t afraid a damnation of even a seven priests.


DANCE (pos.)

37     Nobody could get across the forest by dancing. Do you know that the life is more difficult than the forest?

38     What to love the thing where shame and modesty will be the hindrance for?


DANCE (neg.)

39     It is better to be responsive by the soul and body than only by the soul.

40     Dances treat even for a sting of tarantula. So, one of them was named “tarantella”.


DANGER (neg.)

41     The birds are able to fly due to existence of predators.


DANGER (lack)

42     There is no wall between danger and security.


DANGER of believer (lack)

43     Any believer is dangerous. He more fears to lose the God than friends or near relation.


DANGER of the death (lack)

44     I know all your experience shows up that usually a dying man is not you.


DANGER for a great man (lack)

45     Little fishes slip through nets, but great fishes are taken.



46     The lamp, which is predestined for a strange house, is not so good.

47     Do you suppose, if your daughter’s lover would run away from you with your daughter and your money, and promise to return all took things, he would to return money first?



48     Self-conceit always whispers in our ear that deaf men are unhappy because of they can’t listen to our speeches.


smart DEALER (neg.)

49     A smart dealer is that man who sees concealed opportunities (possibilities), which the others don’t see, and he isn’t lazy to fulfill them to the good result.

50     All people originated from monkeys and as for smart dealers they originated from that one which got a fire somewhere. 


DEAR thing for a poor man (pos.)                                                                                                         

51     Do you wish to give lion’s milk into dog’s wineskin?


DEATH (pos.)

52     If foolish men don’t afraid of death and my mind afraid it then it is not disgrace my mind because foolish men don’t afraid of foolishness too.

53     A death is the good thing. Especially, deaths of great men make you glad, or they would say many bad words about you now.


DEATH (neg.)

54     What to grief for a death for? A death is the rest for a good person. And a death is the punishment for a bad one.

55     After drinking final compote, it is better have not weeping but stand up from the table with satisfaction.

56     Weeping for we will not live in hundred years is the same foolish act as weeping for we don’t live hundred years ago.

57     You are ungrateful cad who doesn’t agree with your mother – Nature. Is not it?

58     For sure you have a clear idea about what wonderful Earth which has no such evil as death will be!

59     It is senseless idea to be afraid of an inevitable thing.

60     Is it so bad idea to have more similarity with Shekspier?

61     If half-witted men have no fear for death then it is disgrace to mind which fears a death.

62     The death is well. Nobody come back from other world.

63     A death is the condition which makes life more pleasant.

64     Living men close eyes of dead ones. Dead men open eyes of living ones.

65     A death feeds a new-born life.

66     A death is the deprivation of sensations. Is it so great pain?

67     A foolish stump was glad that the tree is not exists already but it only rotting still.

68     The one who loves freedom will not reject also death, which is connection to set of free subjects.

69     If somebody fells into childhood then of course it is easy to imagine that his grief is infinitely. He gives to greatest ungovernable despair when he lost loved toy, “Ah, my toy-rifle engine broke!”


DEATH (exist)

70     An immortality of dandelion is in its death.


DEATH (lack)

71     A man who believes in immortality is danger for surrounding people.

72     If you believe in immortality then lend me money.

73     Celts fell into decay because they believe in immortality and lend permanent loans.


to the DEATH (pos.)

74     During the time when I said that X (N will serve you) to the death you indeed looking very bad.


accidental DEATH (neg.)

75     A cause of emergence of every man is the greater accident.


approaching DEATH (neg.)

76     A death is not in the future. It came already. The time which passed is already in its power.


DEATH of a bad man (neg.)

77     After N’s death I’ll lose nothing. N is not indebted to me.


DEATH for the sake of commandments (pos.)

78     The God gave commandments for living, but not dying.


DEATH of the enemy (pos.)

79     There are measures which add quantity of deadly enemies but not friends.


DEATH of the enemy (neg.)

80     A dead body of an enemy has a good smell.

81     A certain woman wept for the dead man that now nobody will pull her by her plaits.


DEATH of the good man (neg.)

82     You didn’t were bored before his (her) birth. So, don’t be bored after his (her) death.

83     Don’t grieve for absence of this man now. Be glad that he (she) was at the world.


DEATH for a great man (neg.) (see also excited, help)

84     “Titanic” must be perished at first to get 11 Oscars later.

85     A great man has never death. When he goes out of his time, he goes in our time.


DEATH of the mother-in-law (neg.)

86     Well, the death of mother-in-law is the sad event. A son-in-law tears accordion after it (A daughter-in-law breaks heels in the dance after it.).


DEATH of the mistress (neg.)

87     A sensitive male may has even greater emotional experiences because of change of his bed.


DEATH for the sake of native land (pos.)

88     Let our enemies will die for the sake of their native land.


DEATH of an old man (pos.)

89     Old men are in the greater habit of living than young ones.


DEATH of an old man (neg.)

90     A death is the last welfare which an old man may do for common weal.


imminent DEATH of an old man (exist)

91     Ruins are preserved best of all.

92     Even very old man may to live one year. Even young man may dies in any day.

93     As soon goes the young sheep to the pot as the old.


imminent DEATH of an old man (lack)

94    Well, a centennial man must not fear the death, because only a few may have death in this age.


DEATH of a paramour (neg.)

95     A sensitive woman may have even greater emotional experiences because of change of her ceiling.


DEATH for the rich (exist)

96     A death is the greatest enemy against greedy man. The greedy man has the worst opinion about the death.


violent DEATH (neg.)

97     -Everyone was born not thanks to his own will. It is possible to have the death not thanks to one’s own will.

     -I was born by a good will and wish to die according with a good will.


DEBILITATING during capitalism (lack)

98     A society which blesses social inequality wants debilitate the great part of itself, because there is no a mind which can understand why millions of clever persons have such difference that some of them work for millions and some of them work for food.

99     Capitalism is the swindler. I see it made a fool of you, too. It withdraw money from free universal education and offer the free sex.

100     Journalists never investigate events in full, because rulers have no interest that people would understand capitalist causes and sources of events. Or they would be terrified by them and begin overthrow capitalism.


DEBT (pos.)

101     A debt is worse than a shame. Shame fades in the morning, but debts remain from day to day.


to pay a DEBT (pos.) (see also contract, exactness of pay, pay)

102     I’m not an enema. I never give back as much as I have taken.

103     You are so foul! You never pester a sinner to make him better as much as you pester a debtor. 

104     Has somebody a duty to give some bit of bread for some bitch?

105     I can’t get an impossible thing just because I am indebted to somebody.

106     What is the boon to return the old debt? If you return the old debt, you would be killed by your creditors, because you don’t return money in time.

107               -Wait please. I’ll sell my car and your money will be returned to you.

               -But you don’t have a car.


               -Because you don’t have money.

               -Then why do you ask me for returning my debt?


DECEIVE (neg.)

108     A deceit is the necessary condition of learning. Always there are a lot of false ways for pupil. The more difficult task they studies to decide, the more such ways.


DECEIVE for a believer (neg.)

109     What is a sin to deceive the devil?


DECEIVE a Jew (neg.)

110     To deceive a Jew is not a sin, but the miracle.


DECENCY (pos.)

111     Well, decency is a good virtue. A man begins to guess about his own idiocy only if he has this virtue.


DECENCY of a high-born person (pos.)

112     Decency is the secondary virtue for a high-born person. He cannot have confidence in decency of all his ancestors. He has confidence in their high birth only. So, he cultivates the high birth, but not the decency.



113     The more rightness of decision “in general”, the more quantity of unnoticed trifles which will became “generals” in the future.


DECISION during an anger (pos.)

114     They don’t go on board ship during the storm.


irrevocable DECISION (pos.)

115     A decision is bad if nobody could changes or abolishes it.


simple DECISION (pos.)

116     Indeed, what to deepen harbour for? It is easier to fill more water in it.


unerring DECISION (pos.)

117     It is better to have knowledge that all decisions are questionable and of two evils choose the least than set hopes on successful search of unerring decision.



118     An actor’s clothes conform to his role. What your role!


DECORATION (pos.) (see also appearance, breeding, cosmetics, gold, reward)

119     Gilded pill can’t dissolve.

120     They who love to give a human food for dogs have the greatest portion of the decorate-fanciers.

121     People demands decorous air rather a cheap thing.

122     Presence of an earring sign about lacking of virginity.

123     Nobody smarten oneself up during the snow-storm.

124     A golden vessel is good even without the king’s mark.

125     Cows walk with little bells, too.

126     They which still need rattles haven’t left their childhood, yet.

127     Some decorations are not so good as that what is given for them.

128     Why must a person ruin his life for the sake of funeral accessories?

129     Let them ask “Why aren’t you decorated?” than “Why are you?”

130     Birds sit down on rose bushes not because of roses, but because of aphids.



131     A gilded spade never breaks oneself at the field.

132     A cudgel with one’s decoration is not just a cudgel – it’s a scepter.

133     A necessary loved sword always decorated by its sheathe.

134     The best swords are always decorated by sheathes.


DECORATION of a bad man (pos.)

135     A pig longs to a shit even with ear rings.

136     Decoration is absent on those men, who value themselves higher than a pursuit to decoration.


DECORATION of a bad thing (exist)

137     Male presents a necklace not for the sake of hiding woman’s neck.

138     Mother tie up daughter’s bow not because she has aversion to her daughter without it.


DECORATION for a chief (pos.)

139     They give decorations only for exciting things such as wine, vodka, cognac, chiefs, but not for helpful milk or yoghurt.


DECORATION of a good man (pos.)

140     A wish to shake and turn own head follow to clothing an ear rings.


DECORATION of a misshapen man (pos.)

141     There is not painting lips of curved mouth.

142     Nobody paint an eyebrow of a blind man.

143     What a bracelet at the swelled foot for?


DECORATION of second (third, fourth) degree (pos.)    

144     Well! It’s a wonderful reward. It’s the only second (third, fourth) degree that I have.


state’s DECORATION (pos.)

145     A state’s decoration will cause, more than anything else, people’s mistake the true character of the person who was rewarded.


surplus of DECORATION (pos.) (see also excess, superfluous)

146     Robber’s wife has a cosmetics most of all.


DECORATION for a woman (pos.)

147     The best woman’s apparel is her inaccessibility.

148     Even all money of prostitute doesn’t enough for her adorning.


DECORATION for a woman (neg.)

149     There are not undecorated women. There are lazy ones.


DECREASE of importance of smth. after an event (neg.)

150     They never keep a paschal cost of eggs after Easter.


DEED (lack)

151     I understand. Who took a patty? I’m not. Who wish the patty once again? I wish it.


DEED of Anglo-Saxon (pos.)

152     No man fouls his hands in his own business. In such shameless manner Anglo-Saxons justify any own dirty business.


God’s DEED (pos.)

153     Well, the God acting. Evidently, He has dissatisfaction with His previous deeds, because He wishes continue them. Under the circumstances there is no guarantee against His new wrong actions.


good DEED (neg.)

154     He who does a few good deeds does much bad ones.


hostile DEED (neg.)

155     They must speak seriously. Let speak about the cause of this hostile deed.


male’s DEED (pos.)

156     Well, a male’s deed is seen even when he is beyond a corner.


ordinary DEED (pos.)

157     The less mind is demanded by some occupation, the more fools are occupied with this deed.


secret DEED (neg.)

158     A secret deed is like the divine one.


woman’s DEED for a male (pos.) (see also affair, line of business, profession, pursuit)

159     A bull with cow’s horns has not a force. A cow with bull’s horns does not give milk.


DEEP (pos.)

160     A deep plough turns out the clay.

161     The deeper stick a punt-pole, the harder to take out it.

162     A deep planted seed will not live.

163     A landing field must not be deep. 

164     A deep place is the place where a grandfather fell from, a father fell and a grandson crashed.


DEEP (neg.)

165     They drink clean water from only a deep well.

166     Happiness doesn’t swim belly up near the surface of water.    

167          -The deeper the lake, the more the fish.

          -You think about the lake but I think about the sea. A shallow sea has more fish.

168     The best fish swim near the bottom.


DEEP (exist)

169     Even a lackluster river has a bottom.


DEEP religiosity (exist)

170     Nobody apprehends religious seriously, because everyone wishes that others will be at his funeral as grieving persons but not as glad believers who trust in paradise for him.

171     I don’t trust in a deep religiosity. They play it. Everybody prefers to admire a creative work. Nobody comes just to graves of orthodox relations of Tolstoy. Everyone comes to the grave of Tolstoy who was excommunicated from the Church.


DEFEAT (pos.)

172     Wounds of losers are close slower. Do you wish it for yourself and others?


DEFEAT (neg.)

173     Failures are different. Some of them may be winning.


DEFEAT (exist)

174     He that falls today may rise tomorrow.


DEFEAT (lack)

175     He who received a blow to own head maybe has not knowledge about his defeat.


DEFENDER of human rights (pos.)

176     A person becomes better when he think more (rather) about the duties than the rights.


DEFENSE (pos.)

177     A bad flock has more dogs than sheep. 

178     A buying of evil dog is the loss of kind neighbours.

179     Do you think that they would respire easier if they would be clothed by respirators?

180     Very often, he, who defends somebody by own breast, receives a blow to own back.

181     There is no high growing under the big tree.

182     A cat couldn’t to catch a mouse if it dressed the mitten.

183     Sometimes a defended place resembles prison. Also, a defender resembles the warder.

184     He who plans defense is more aggressive than an aggressor. An aggressor attacks by one way. But a defender plans defense with many ways for counter-attackes.


DEFENSE (neg.)

185     The lack of defense provokes an aggression most of all.

186     He who doesn’t feed own army feeds a strange one.

187     He who doesn’t feed a dog (a cat) feeds the miscreant (mouse).          

188     Don’t put on your holey boots for walking on the broken bottles.

189     It is nonsense that hedgehog’s needles would jut out inside but not outside.

190     It’s the safe riding in a good haven.


DEFENSE (exist)

191     Even an armed ass would be eaten by the wolf.

192     A cane which stays above water would burn, too.

193     A ship has less danger in the open sea than near “salutary” rocks.

194     It seems that you filled the trough with water in order it wouldn’t be stolen.

195     Who wishes to go against the crow?


DEFENSE of smth. beforehand (pos.)

196     What to run around not burning house and to hold in one’s hand a pail with water for? 


DEFENSE of smth. beforehand (neg.)

197     It is better to have a water-pipe in own house, as the preventive mean against the fire.


DEFENSE of the other country (pos., neg.)

198     A sovereign, who longs for rise has not opportunity to subordinate strange country to himself better, than to send own army for defense this country.


dangerous DEFENSE (pos.)

199     Do you want to catch the blade of the knife for the sake of disarming your enemy?


flexible DEFENSE (neg.)

200     An arrow can’t to pierce a heap of clap.


DEFENSE of the great man (neg.) (see also damage)

201     Thorns save a rose from the donkeys.

202     A flower of rose growing after the thorns of rose-tree.


DEFENSE honor of the great man (pos.)

203     My opinion about my honor is not changeable.


DEFENSE honor of the great man (neg.)

204     Personal dignity of great man does not belong to himself, but to his children, to his country and to the whole world.


DEFENSE of an ordinary man (exist)

205     The great man has more number of defenders.


DEFENSE for a rich man (pos.) (see also calmness, care, enmity, extremes of revolution, fear, guard, justice, lock, obedience, rapacity, rudeness, slackness)

206     A good man has a hundred trees and a bad one has a hundred fences.

207     A helpful spoon doesn’t need a sword hilt.

208     The house of a thief defended best of all.

209     The more outrages, the more hatred. Rich people confirm by own fear that the others nourish a fierce hatred to them.

210     I have the same wish. Let your gold teeth will have the alarm.


DEFENSE for a rich man (neg.)

211     Usually, lacking of defense is a cause of assault.

212     He who can’t use one’s happiness doesn’t deserve it. He who can’t defend one’s happiness can’t use it.

213     Enemy destroys a town’s walls at first. The town will be destroyed afterwards.

214     A ruin of house begins since a ruin of fence.


DEFENSE for a rich man (exist)

215     There are not partitions to the heaven.

216     Those doors are safely locked that may be left unlocked.


self-DEFENSE of a rich man (pos.)

217     A gentleman has not a duty to clear away dirty of his full-dress coat by own hands.


DEFENSE of strange culture during capitalism (exist)

218     Soviet army saved and kept Drezden’s picture-gallery. And American army allows the plunder of museum of the most ancient civilization and the main library of Baghdad. Defends of capitalist democracy became like Afghan’s islamists that blew up the greatest rocky sculpture of Buddha. And they became like ancient Arabic islamists that burn out Alexandrine library.


verbal DEFENCE (pos.)

219     A verbal defense is not so good. Someone may attacks by one word but defense needs many words.


Virgin’s DEFENSE (pos.)

220    What the Virgin’s defense! She couldn’t defend even her own son.


DEFENSE for a woman (pos.)

221     There is no the need of defense of clever woman. However, even the God can’t to defend the she-fool.



222     Well, it is only the deferment. However, if it is so beautiful, then why it must be stopped?


socialist DEFICIT of wares (neg.)

223     A plentitude of articles is not the good substitute for meaning of life.



224     Any moves of needle are useless till it is not stuck in.


DEFINITE for Christian (neg.)

225     Where you incline to? Christ is the definite person. Antichrist is an indefinite one.


DEFTNESS (exist)

226     Well, the gun kills goodly. It killed seven pots when it fell from the shelf.

227     A calf has more deftness than N. Its tongue can to reach under its tail.


DELAY (pos.)

228     A superfluous death’s deep breath is not the real living.

229     While the grass grows, the horse starves.


DELAY (neg.)

230     Delays are not denials.



231     The more delicacy, the more lie. There is no delicacy without lie.


DELIGHT (neg.) (see also boon, enjoyment, happiness, life for the present, pleasure)

232     A change of some imperfect states to more perfect ones is always bound up with the delight.


be DELIGHTED with the God (pos.)

233     When you would finish your delights with the God, then I’ll tell “Glory to the God!” the same way as.



234     A diseased finger will not fall off because of shaking of the hand.

235     Sometimes, they acquire an adder in order to deliverance from mouse.



236     A shit will continue stinks even after the long drying.

237     Even a fast horse can’t run away its tail.

238    A camel can’t run away the load which lies on its humps.

239     Nobody can leaves own shade.

240     Nobody ran away a submarine.


DELIVERANCE from a habit (exist)

241     There is no frog’s jumping which take away it from the bog.

242     A worm never leaves a dirty.

243     A cat would never grow out of the habit of catching of mouse.


DEMAND (pos.)

244     A noble man makes great demands of himself. A base man lays claim to others.

245     Don’t imagine you are no good person if you haven’t X.

246     A demand is not the king’s virtue. King makes a polite request and never stoops to chief’s demands.


DEMAND (neg.)

247     No knocking, no open door.

248     He that asks faintly begs a denial.


to DEMAND smth. from a rich man (neg.) (see also advice, boon, complain, enmity, extremes, justice, law, necessary, obedience, order, peace, power,  request, rights, stand injustice)

249     Many people can talk to God. They light the candles for God and ask cars for themselves. According to riches, everyone should be able to demand a bicycle from a rich man instead of some candle in honor of the rich man.


DEMAND X (lack)

250     There is even the demand for the tomato from Chernobil. Somebody demands them for the mother-in-law, somebody – for the son-in-law.


DEMOCRACY (pos.) (see also monarchy)

251     The more democracy, the more petty trading between persons.

252     Democracy is better there where people have more sad and grievous experience of clash with it.

253     To prefer a democracy means to prefer the predominance of form over content.

254     If “cook-women” governs the State it reeks of burnt.

255     Democracy encourages the struggle of against each other for one’s own rights. It takes too much energy.

256     Democracy is such political system, when some people who live in your territory may declare a sacred war on you.

257     Democracy is brought by those who wishes that countries would be ruled by temporary rulers, which have no unceasing concern about their country. So, a democrat is rather a Jew.

258     A bad man has possibility to takes up any post thanks to democratic liberties.

259     Well, democracy is need for all. People want it because of they are fools and sure that “democracy is the power of people”. Rulers want it also because of it is impossible to fight against mafia by democratic methods.



260     The most important deeds such as a love to one’s wife, upbringing and government must be committed to people themselves.


DEMOCRACY for a love (pos.)

261     Democracy supplements love with adultery.


DEMON in soul (neg.)

262     It is not unexpected fact. Usually, a person follows the strongest leader.



263     Do you reject the care of common weal?

264     There are people who wish collaborate with others and fell that they are united team or friendly family which can to attain great aims. That is the people who were bred into good families. Also, there are people who wish to divide society into weak individuals.

265     In each case denunciation leads to increasing of nobility. Supporters of denunciation is the supporters of overt behaviour and honesty. Honesty leads to nobility. In presence denunciation its opponent strives to be much noble, too.



266     He who begins from a loss of independence ends with the loss of his force.

267     Any dependence is the fall from the condition of perfection. I don’t wish to fall from this condition.



268     The dead-wood are the most independent.

269     The inclination to treachery corresponds with the inclination to independence.

270     Usually, annihilation of dependence is the simplification of the world outlook till “yes” and “no”.


DEPENDENCE on a chief (neg.)

271     There is not difference between the dependence on a chief and the dependence on a people or neighbouring rules. 


DEPENDENCE on duration (exist)

272     Horns appear after ears, but they grew higher.

273     Temperature has falling in spite of days becoming longer.


DEPENDENCE on a height (exist)

274     It is not only giants who spiting very far.


DEPENDENCE on money (pos.)

275     If the life depends on money, then it is rather a funeral, than living.


DEPENDENCE of an old man (neg.)

276     A green fruit adheres to a branch more strongly.


DEPENDENCE on a place (exist)

277     Water is the same at the both sides of a boat.

278     A sea is salt in any its place.

279     Cocks sing the same song in any place.


DEPENDENCE on a place (lack)

280     There are other girls into another city.


DEPENDENCE on time (pos.)

281     One of the great happiness is the overcoming of dependence on time.


DEPENDENCE on time (lack)

282     There is another hair for another year.


DEPENDENCE of virtue of ruler on virtues of people (exist)

283     It is rather on the contrary. All eyes look at the ruler, but he follows only a little group of retinue example.


DEPENDENCE on a weight (exist)

284     If a pound of flesh must be boiled one hour then it not means that a half pound of flesh must be boiled a half hour.


Stalin's DEPORTATION of Chechens (neg.)

285     Stalin acted in according with traditional Chechen's law of joint responsibility. If some thousand Chechen decided to collaborate with Germans then all Chechen must be punished.


DESIRE (pos.)

286     It is necessary to have a rest. However, a desire has no rest.


DESPAIR because of defeat (pos.)

287     A defeat is the fixed event, but despair is the increasing event. It's better to let fixed defeat go one's own soul than growing despair.



288     I understand you. I’ll have the same despondency if I had no self-dependence.


DESPONDENCY of Russian (pos.)

289     Russians don’t lose hearts. When they were hungry they made musical instruments from spoons.


DESPONDENCY of subordinate of sad chief (neg.)

290     A horse of sad rider is never skipping.



291     Subjects obey a hand which doesn’t depend from them better. 


open DESPOTISM (neg.)

292     An open despotism is forced to speak that it takes upon itself the care of people and the responsibility to them. The despotism of money is invisible. It has no need to do the same.


DESTROY (pos.)

293     A thief wants the destruction of fences.

294     Any weak man is sure that destruction is the sign of boldness and power.

295     Only a very young person can to gain a foothold thanks to destruction of some old things.

296     Destruction is the sole kind of victory which is accessible for everyone. If a child couldn’t govern a toy, he tramples down it.

297     A ripe pumpkin will be separated by itself.

298     I understand you. Any your incorrect actions which you can’t use for building are fit for destruction.

299     Don’t come undone if you can’t sew.


DESTROY (neg.)

300     It is impossible to do an omelet without breaking of eggs.

301     What was built without destructions?

302     Destructions enlarge possibility for creation.

303     One must cracks nut in order to eat kernel of it.

304     If a salt is of use it dissolves for it.

305     Let a cart will be ruined. It will be a fire-wood. Let a bull will falls. It will be much meat.


DESTROY smth. great (pos.) (see also damage)

306     A wall fell – dust arose.


DESTRUCTION for the talent man (neg.) (see also damage)

307     He who has a talent of creation has the right to destroy.



308     Well, a hide is not rotting. It ripens for processing.


continue DETERIORATION (pos.)

309     Don’t turn to straw hay or you will be pricked.



310     It is clear. You prefer to make a present to determined chief but not to the mankind in general.

311     I had the conjecture your loved tennis’ partner is the wall.

312     A sage doesn’t like to attach his thoughts to a certain place or time. Certain place or time is good for child’s mind.

313     If they wish to suppress personality they call it to be determined.

314     A free thinking has better predestination than to kill the free will.

315     Wise men propose, and fools determine.



316     What to be as a shit which floating hither and thither into an ice-hole for?

317     Clearness and determined events are bad only for detective story.

318     I understand you. You never rejected double-faced friends.



319     He, who believes predetermination, turns back to look at somebody, too.


DEVELOPMENT of a woman (pos.)

320     The presence of progress in nature and milk nipples on male chest witnesses that a man is more later creature than a woman. Therefore a man is more perfect creature.


DEVIL (neg.)

321     Representation of the devil is the easiest deed, because nobody saw him.

322     A devil is not so bad. He is the part of infinite all-embracing God.

323     Our good virtues help us only in planned order. But the devil can help us unexpectedly in the most hopeless cases.

324     The more sucking-pigs were eaten by the mullah, the more power was imputed to the devil by his mind.

325     Devil is a good person. He makes everlasting devil’s torture for sinners.



326     Ignorance strengthens devotion.



327     Even a hare-catching expects rather a mind than dexterity.

328     He, who can’t catches the mouse by own teeth, is not worse than a cat.

329     Rats are proud of own dexterity.



330     A cow has the same dexterity on an ice.


DICTATES of the creator (neg.)

331     A good creator (painter, sculptor, poet, writer) is always the dictator.



332     Penis and vagina are differ things too, but it is not the hindrance for anybody.



333     There may be blue and better blue.


DIFFERENCE between a man and woman (pos.)

334     Well, a woman is not a male. She must to saw of a tree, to wreck a house and bring up a daughter to replace her.


DIFFERENCE of religions (exist)

335     A sun is the same for everyone. But some people worship only the sun. Another ones worship the sun, its rays and its reflection.

336     What valuables would be stayed into any religion if morals will be withdrawn from them? But all people understand morals in the same mode without words.


DIFFICULTIES (pos.) (see also comfort, complain, conditions, easy, effort, endeavor, fate, help, hard work)

337     It is cleverer to strive yourself into that door where there are lesser people.

338     All unnecessary things have some more trait – the difficulty.

339     A fool jumps across the highest place of the fence.

340     No one drives across the forest with the harrow.

341     They get through the hole in the wall, but not into the wall.



342     Contrary wind retains only inexperienced sailors.

343     Augean stables create Heracles.

344     The loved child appears after difficult birth.

345     A distance from some difficult thing to the impossible one’ is farther than you think about it.

346     The difficulties always to precede beginning of the great idea or great decision.

347     A mind shows itself when it distinguishes the difficult deed from the impracticable one.

348     If a task was given than the wit will be given, too.

349     Since God has not bent the top of the palm-tree, He has given a long neck to the giraffe.

350     The wind in one’s face makes one wise.

351     He who doesn’t to be frightened of difficulties wouldn’t to be frightened even of the death.



352     The more difficulties of inner life, the more difficulties stay at outer world.

353      Any wind has a good direction for the man, who knows where he wishes sail.

354     Yes. It would be too much difficult if another way could be exist.



355     I feel your confidence that everyone can easily catch a hare by its ears.

356     A spade hasn’t weight only if strange hands hold it.

357     Not everyone has your point of view. After your constipation this difficulty doesn’t look as true difficulty.


DIFFICULTIES for a chief (exist)

358     A king’s crown is not heavy.


DIFFICULTIES of childbirth (exist)

359     Preservation of life is more difficult deed than the childbirth.


DIFFICULTIES for an evil man (neg.)

360     One burdock’s ball catches another one.


DIFFICULTIES of love (exist)

361     If a love would be a difficult work, then a general would send soldiers to his wife.


DIFFICULTIES of a rich man (neg.)

362     You wish that he who has only cigarette lighter has the same feelings as the owner of car, because petrol became more expensive.


DIFFICULTIES of teacher (exist)

363     Well, teacher’s work is the same difficult one as the building of stoves for others. However, it is easier to build some stoves than to stock firewood for one stove.


DIGNITY of the God (pos.)

364     He who wishes to glorify one’s dignity glorifies the dignity of one’s chief.


DILIGENCE (pos.) (see also difficulty, effort, endeavor, hard work)

365     Usually, only a very little happiness is being achieved by diligence.



366     The dilettante built the ark. Professionals built the "Titanic".


great DIMENSIONS (exist)

367     Well, this meter has many centimeters. In spite of all this I don’t speak about the great quantity of millimeters.


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