367     The base of frankness is yearning to provoke a pity or an admiration.


FRANKNESS of a politician (exist)

368     Honesty and frankness overthrow working politicians more often than enemies. Is N a working politician or an overthrown one?


FREE of charge (pos.) (see also dependant, expenditure, gift, give, pay, philanthropy, to present, sponsorship)

369     There are many free of charge things into a dream.

370     The winner always gives a medical service for the defeated country free of charge. But it is only for the first time.

371     He, who wishes to listen, “Good night”, must say “Good morning!” at first.

372     He who has serious passion for something doesn't manage with free things. He spends his own resources.


FREE of charge (exist)

373     A man pays money for pounds of food of the seller who gave him ounce for sample free of charge.


FREE of charge (for an interlocutor) (pos.)

374     Soon you will climb on an electric chair for free electricity.


promise to make smth. FREE of charge (pos.)

375     If a man promises to do something for you free-of-charge, it means, that you don’t guess a payment, which you will pay.


FREE profession (pos.)

376     -A most free profession is the robber.

     -This is for you. As for me, it is the scientist.


FREE-thinking (pos,)

377     A free-thinking is an empty head.


FREEDOM (pos.) (see also choosing, cram, equal, exploitation, limit, lock, oppress, permission)

378     Usually, the eulogy of freedom begins the justification of treachery or finishes it.

379     Eulogy of freedom is such thing, which ends itself by eulogy of unrestrained inequality.

380     He who has a wasp in own bosom needs the freedom most of all.

381     Freedom is the severe trial, when you must reject many things for the sake of the something one.

382     A pornographic TV and narcotic disco clubs are presents from the capitalist freedom.

383     Usually, a legalized unlimited freedom is the legalized violence upon somebody.

384     Even a canning fox lives only two or three years at freedom. And it may live more than twenty years at captivity.

385     The main freedom is the freedom upon sin.

386     Any man who opening a cage considers oneself to be the liberator. Subsequent damnations of people or animals have not importance for him.

387     If a cart rolled down into the pit then nobody would objects to that they would drag out it under constraint.

388     The more egoism, the more wish to be free.

389     Freedom must to fear passions of its supporters much more than passions of its opponents.

390     Even a free John got married to the widow Lorna.

391     A wolf is free, but it hasn’t joyful howl.

392     Only an emaciated swine strains to be out of the tie.

393     Usually, the freedom of to do what you like comes to the freedom of to do nothing.

394     The most freedom-loving aquarium’s fish would be splashed out in lavatory together with rotten water.

395     There is only one variant either children heed their parents or they occupied with liberalism together with them.

396     A tied kite flies higher than the free one.

397     If you have so great love to a freedom then you must go defecate on a field.

398     It is more pleasant to meet with necessary people than free ones.

399     A man has unlimited freedom if he is always ready to die.

400     The cost of freedom is an uninterrupted vigil.

401     Usually, freedom is in the power of its opponents. What to love such prostitution for?

402     Freedom is one of the new religions which wish to stifle all others.

403     I understand you. A loud talk about freedom entails the louder permission for save one’s own skin.

404     He, who can’t to walk the tightrope, says, “I love freedom best of all”.

405     A fall gives freedom most of all.

406     I know persons who have opened fans “Viva liberte” in convenient moments.

407     The word “liberty” is the good title. American oligarchs organized “League of Liberty” for struggle against American president Roosevelt, who was against omnipotence of money.

408     Both, a drug addict and freedom-lover reject an importance of family ties and duties. So, extinction and break-up of States is the consequence of liberalism.

409     Nobody need free feathers when they are out of pillow.

410     Usually “freedom” is only decent substitute of an ignorance of destiny and ignorance of laws of the life.

411     A first victory of freedom is the victory over the gratitude.

412     Freedom is not so good thing. Crimes use it in privileged order.

413     Harmony has need in a co-ordination. But co-ordination has no need in freedom.

414     You are not free. You cannot leave the freedom. It's a snare, trap, cage and prison for you.

415     The free hatred when there is no ban to hate each another is the simplest behaviour.


FREEDOM (neg.)

416     Richness or poorness, fame or obscurity, power or weakness, rest or work, satiety or hunger, these are correspondingly the high or low levels of freedom.

417     Cruelties which were made at the freedom might avert us from the freedom. But they couldn’t prevent freedom from its beauty and necessity.

418     Freedom is the responsibility. Therefore some person fears it.

419     What to drive into a corner cat where it will became the tiger for?

420     A tied bull grows thin.

421     Well, freedom enriches only strong men.

422     If you want ride, you must give the horse the rein.

423     Love is free.


FREEDOM (exist)

424     Freedom arrives after the arrival of subordination of order.

425     Hades and paradise were invented for persons who have inclination for propaganda this idea.

426     Freedom sold itself by its free will. There are many buyers for it. Is not it?

427     Freedom is unreliable. If it would be named dissoluteness, then it would be prohibited.

428     Don’t consider holes of cage as a freedom.

429     Well. Sometimes, there is a cram in the subway, but there is no cram around the vomiting person.

430     Well. Sometimes, there is a cram in the temple, but there is no cram as to the motion of king.

431     Slaves like look free men. Free men always say that their freedom is not enough for them.

432     Usually, a freedom is the free selected option of commanders for oneself.

433     Even a free man never writes by “free” letters.

434     Well, the more rules, obligations and limits were kept by a man, the more freedom was lent him.


FREEDOM (lack)

435     If there are Hades and paradise, then there is a freedom also.

436     A person can’t to receive more freedom from without than within.


American FREEDOM (pos.)

437     Words of the monument of Freedom “Give me your threw down, your poor men, …” became a lie now.


FREEDOM for a believer (neg.)

438     Freedom is a part of God’s image.


FREEDOM for a believer (exist)

439     He who is clutched between a dread of the God and a love to Him has not enough area for own freedom.

440     If you are free then you are not in the flock. If you are not in the flock then you are not free.


FREEDOM for a believer (lack)

441     He who believes in the paradise and Hell has a good knowledge about his own freedom.


FREEDOM during capitalism (pos.)

442     “Liberty, equality, brotherhood” are the words of liberals. However, after the victory of liberals the result was opposite. People have the power of Jews, increasing of social inequality and disconnection.

443     Capitalism has not the main freedom, which is making that you wish. People looked for interesting work just during socialism. And during capitalism they are happy to do any work for the sake of earning more money than a neighbour.

444     Capitalism has not the main freedom which is the freedom to be free from market relations during human contacts.

445     The original miracles of freedom are possible in the time of capitalism only. It turned out that not only minority but also majority of the population want to have capitalistic government.


FREEDOM during capitalism in Russia (pos.)

446     When "the iron curtain" was ruined in Russia, the "kingdom of high stony fences" arose there.


FREEDOM of chief (exist)

447     They hitch mast by its top, too.

448     He who holds a chain has not much more freedom than a shackled man.

449     An arrow is the serve of bow, but it has more freedom than its chief.


FREEDOM for a child (pos.)

450     A child has the right to do any thing which he wants. But he must want only those things which the educator wants for him.


FREEDOM for desires (pos.)

451     Usually, a man wishes something when he is forced to want it. Is it the real freedom?


FREEDOM for enrichment (neg.) (see also conditions for enrichment, possibility of enriching)

452     Pancake must be freely open to receive butter on itself.


FREEDOM of the God (exist)

453     Believers impute the greatest freedom to the God. However they are least free men. Is it so good to be agreed with the slave’s opinion?


FREEDOM of great man (neg.) (see also hindrance, influence of conditions, interdiction, law) 

454     More higher, more free. It is true even for sprays of fountain.


FREEDOM of great man (exist)

455     A kite flies high, but it is tied down.


FREEDOM with an impoverishment (pos.)

456     If a life became worse then its freedom is nothing.


FREEDOM with an impoverishment (lack)

457     Torn shoes give more freedom than another one.


FREEDOM for an interlocutor (pos.)

458     I see, pride is not a necessary thing for you because it limits freedom.


FREEDOM for a male (pos.)

459     I understand you. The worth of freedom increases together with the increasing a worth of loneliness. And the worth of loneliness increases together with the decreasing of sexual ability.

460     A wish to evade alimony produced many fighters for freedom.


FREEDOM for a master (pos.)

461     A master must not be as the furuncle, which has freedom to make its appearance of its own choice.


FREEDOM for an old man (pos.)

462     Children, who didn’t become grown men property, cry “Viva liberty!” even at their old age.


FREEDOM for an ordinary man (pos.)

463     Freedom rejects a service, mission, devotion in according with vocation, devotion of scientist. Freedom is the thing for a fool.

464     “The free man” is the man who always engaging with a petty choosing. A person who made a great choice serves to this choice.

465     An uncultured man speaks about freedom most of all. He speaks even about “free boots” and “free lavatory”.

466     When people are free, they begin to imitate each other with more striving.


FREEDOM of original man (exist)

467     Freedom doesn’t match with the peculiarity. If one does all his deeds just as others, he feels himself freer. A society would justify any deed, which is done by all people.


FREEDOM for a people (pos.)

468     Placid people are not in need of freedom. And martial ones don’t mature to it.


political FREEDOM (pos.)

469     A chief’s duty of to be a friend for own workers is more valuable thing than a far-fetched political freedom or multi-party system.


FREEDOM for a poor man (pos.)

470     Freedom is too heady wine for weak brains. Most people have a weak brain. Most people are poor men.      


capitalist FREEDOM for a poor man (exist)

471     There is an army discipline during capitalism. Everyone quickly define the person who dressed as general and the person who dressed as a soldier.


FREEDOM of press (pos.)

472     Freedom of press must be limited. Bookshelf must be filled by books of classics of literature but not defenders of the freedom of press.

473     Usually, a cultural and moral degradation coincides with the time, when everything may be read.


capitalist FREEDOM of press (exist) (see also censorship, capitalist freedom of speech)

474     Well. There is not any dependence during the capitalism. There is not state of dependence on money, too. Everywhere people meet with freedom of choice, “Where take money? From this place or another one?”


FREEDOM of a rich man (pos.)

475     Yes. A rich man has more freedom than another one. He may spit farther than another one.


FREEDOM of a rich man (neg.)

476     In order to increase freedom it is necessary to diminish need, that means to increase richness.


FREEDOM of a rich man (exist)

477     “Tight sacks” always stand at attention.

478     Even a rich cattle-breeder must live in those places, which are to cattle’s taste.

479     Daily rich man’s trouble is keeping own status by the cringe before those, who are stronger.


FREEDOM of a rich man (lack)

480     Richness – poverty, fame – obscurity, power – subordination, strength – weakness, spare time – work, satiety – hunger there are, accordingly, the highest and lowest degrees of freedom.


FREEDOM right away (pos.)

481     If an arm got under the stone, it must be taken out slowly.


FREEDOM of scientist (lack)

482     What kind of freedom has more free, than the freedom for thoughts?


FREEDOM in the time of socialism (neg.)

483     In the time of socialism any man has possibility to travel in a train without documents.


FREEDOM of speech (pos.) (see also censorship)

484     A man who says what he likes will hears what he never likes.

485     When tongues feel scope, people feel narrowness.

486     The broadcast, which allows express an opinion of any fool, will be listening only by fools.


FREEDOM of speech (neg.)

487     A real free person may permit himself to give freedom of speech to another man.


capitalist FREEDOM of speech (pos.) (see also censorship)

488     A freedom of speech to have two side. The first was let to the poor people. They can tell to ten people about a crime of a rich man in once time. The second was let to the rich men. They can tell to millions people about a crime of a poor man in ten times.

489     A master keeps down only those workers who have not need to receive his directions. He dismisses those ones, who have a need to receive an explanation of his different interdictions.

490     Freedom of writing about any rubbish gives benefit only to journalists, but not workers. Freedom of speech gives pleasure only to talkers, but not workers.


FREEDOM for a strange man (pos.)

491     It is necessary many rights and much freedom in order enemies will came into a country. It’s necessary the right to lose conscience, the right to forgive about descendants and ancestors, the right to be slave, the freedom for strange things, the freedom for treachery and many another rights and freedoms.


FREEDOM for a subordinate (neg.)

492     Well, a slave has rather the wish to trample under foot his owner than to be free.


FREEDOM of the talent man (exist)

493     Having talent means lacking of freedom and being in total dependence on own talent.


FREEDOM for a woman (pos.)

494     A bondwoman of love likes call free woman herself.

495     Women would feel freedom only in the case when every woman received a maidservant for herself.

496     A woman who was deprived maternity right has most free behaviour.


FREEDOM for a worker (pos.)

497     Acting is not freedom, but limiting and ban for many kind of movement. I see, you prefer the freedom.


FREEDOM for a young man (pos.)

498     A person who just stopped to be mother’s darling is glad for freedom most of all.

499     Those who want augmentation of sins demands an expansion of freedom. They demand to give more freedom for all: including failures, cranks, psychopathes, those who are in their first or second childhood.



500     To run a way from own husband who beat frequently – to come running to another one who strikes with force.


FRESH (pos.)

501     Well, this thing has freshness the same as it has at the past.

502     A tinned food keeps its freshness more long time than a fresh food.

503     This freshness is good. It likes the freshness of a new coffin.



504     Friend, what is your name? Where do you live? If you are a friend then tell about yourself.


FRIEND (pos.)

505     A friend is the possible enemy, that there is no a good defense against him.

506     Usually, they name “loved friend” person who helps to spend money but not to make it.

507     Even a friend is not safe. He may licks and tickles you to death.


quadruped FRIEND (pos.)

508     A best quadruped friend is the sofa.


FRIEND of a rich man (neg.)

509     Vile servant hates those whom their master loves.


true FRIEND (pos.)

510     I know these true friends. A listening of their truthful speeches is equal an eating shit.



511     He who feels waste around himself longs for caravan.

512     Friendship is an ungrateful deed. There are many things which may be absolved for enemies but not for friends.

513     What an advantage a friendship has? There are many events between friends. An offence of a friend against another one is worse than his offence against hundred enemies.

514     Friends are not held in real esteem. Names of most man’s faithful friends and servants of such as a dog, donkey, cow, ram, sheep and goat are humiliating curses.

515     A dog is one of the best friends. But even it never shares bones and slops with somebody.

516     Better to be stung by on unloved nettle than pricked by a loved rose.

517     Friends are the main thieves of time.



518     If the good friendship is possible only with cleverer person, then he who has more true friends has more happiness.

519     Four eyes see more than two.



520     There is no an embrace till the thunder.


FRIENDSHIP for a bad man (neg.)

521     All aims are distant in the dark night. All men are distant for a bad man.

522     Dangerous mercury doesn’t mix with other matters.


FRIENDSHIP with a bad man (pos.)

523     Don’t go near a lame elephant. It would crush you by its fall.


FRIENDSHIP for believer (pos.)

524     If a friendship will be a good deed then the God would made a friend for oneself.

525     He, who goes to the hell, seeks a friend for himself with more interest than who goes to the paradise.


FRIENDSHIP with both enemies (pos.)

526     He, who is a friend of both sides which quarrel with each other, deserves their hatred total.


FRIENDSHIP with a chief (pos.)

527     Well, it is a grief to be lower than a king, but it is pleasure to be far from him. The second fact is more than compensated by.


FRIENDSHIP between enemies (pos.)

528     Don’t be sad that cats haven’t friendship with mouse. Barns will be better saved.


FRIENDSHIP with an enemy (neg.)

529     It is better when your enemy is in your marquee and urinates out than he is out of your marquee and urinates in.

530     A hungry man could wishes be friend even with his mother-in-law.

531     Clever ancient people got a flesh with the help of beasts of prey, too.


FRIENDSHIP with an enemy of the enemy (pos.)

532     The wolf which ate your enemy will not become your friend.


FRIENDSHIP with an enemy of the friend (neg.)

533     You are not right. I am not the friend of your enemy, but you are enemy of my friend.


FRIENDSHIP with ancient enemy (pos.)

534     It is equal difficult deed that an ancient enemy become a friend like an ancient friend become enemy.


firm FRIENDSHIP (pos.)

535     Criminals have the most unity.

536     The most stable unions are creating by weak points such as a love of power, envy, cowardice and foolishness.


FRIENDSHIP with a fool (pos.)

537     Don’t turn one’s attention to the boy, who picking his nose or he stretches out his hand for you.


FRIENDSHIP with a friend of the friend (pos.)

538     If a guest invites another one to go on a visit together then a host turns out the house the both.


FRIENDSHIP for a great man (neg.)

539     Quantity of friends determines the quality of person, too.


FRIENDSHIP with great man (pos.) (see also follow, nearness, society, solitude)

540     Under a big tree there is no another big tree, which is growing.

541     All friends of Judas were famous persons.

542     A friendship with the great is the thing, where self-respect hopes to gain.

543     A pedestrian and a rider can’t travel together.

544     If you eat cherries with the great man (noble, magnate) you would be standing in strange stones up to the knees.

545     Friendship is the good thing for a man who has a stuck up shoulder. He hopes his friends will slam down it.


FRIENDSHIP with great man (neg.)

546     A drop on the lotus sparkles like a brilliant.

547     It is better to be the worst among the best persons than to be the best among the worst ones.

548     It is honey that attracts, but not the acid.

549     There is a physical law. The more mass, the more force of attraction.  


FRIENDSHIP with great man (exist)

550     I understand you. To have a good look at a hill one needs to come near, it but to have a good look at a mountain one needs to go more far off it.


FRIENDSHIP with a great man (lack)

551     Everyone must remembers, that he who has more victories has more friends.


FRIENDSHIP between great men (pos.) (see also join, solitude)

552     Strong people have not necessity to gather together.

553     Sheep gather in flocks. Lions hold apart.


FRIENDSHIP into the group (pos.)

554     One commands "Hold together!" before his command "Follow me!"


FRIENDSHIP with a heterodox (neg.)

555     There’s sense in friendship with heterodox in this world, because of we will hardly meet in the other world.


FRIENDSHIP between a husband and his wife (exist)

556     Is it really that the both a husband and his wife admire beach’s girls?


FRIENDSHIP between Jews (pos.)

557     Even one Jew will not spares another Jew if they have to do with money. (One great comic actor Raikin discharged another great humorist Zshwanetsky.)


FRIENDSHIP with a journalist (pos.)

558     I am not to strive to be famous so much in order to seek friendship with a journalist.


FRIENDSHIP for a male (pos.)

559     Friendship is not the very good thing. It is impossible be friends with kings or beautiful girls.


FRIENDSHIP during a mature age (pos.)

560     Usually, a firm friendship of mature ages connected with somebody’s blood or death. There is no much gladness in such friendship.


FRIENDSHIP for me (pos.)

561     Woes unite foes. Have I so great woes?

562     I am not in need of persons who will for me even when I will be unjust.


FRIENDSHIP with neighbour (neg.)

563     I understand you. It is very difficult deed to commit a theft from houses of united neighbour.


FRIENDSHIP with ordinary man (pos.)

564     Fools and clever men have common fortune while they belong to a caravan.

565     If somebody wishes to spoil a character of a horse he binds it with a donkey together.     

566     The cleverer man, the less quantity of persons, which could become his friends.

567     A level of the other’s mind is appropriate for friendship is the measure of your own mind.

568     Friendship is a likening to friends. And likening to the other is a loss of oneself.

569     A friend is good if he excels you in something. He who has many friends is an obvious fool.

570     Being with crow means to eat the carrion.

571     Friendship couldn’t be the good deed because of it consolidates by sins of friends, and virtues of friends weaken it.

572     A weak man is afraid of nearness of an enemy. A strong one is afraid of nearness of a friend because of he could wound him.

573     When a cultured plant stay among ordinary weeds it yield very small fruits or run wild or run to the own death.


FRIENDSHIP with an ordinary man (neg.)

574     There is no a mountain without a pebbles around.

575     Association of the different persons testifies to their culture. The dissociation of the different persons testifies against their lack of culture.


FRIENDSHIP between ordinary men (pos.) (see also society)

576     To be met in the heap is the property of shit.

577     Usually, two men fraternize till they get the possibility to humiliate others.

578     I see. Friends may unite their miserable fuss into a big fuss.

579     I understand you. Those who cannot be lions gather in a herd in order to perceive danger by the best way.


FRIENDSHIP between ordinary men (pos., neg.)

580     I see. Any chain was gathered from the zeros.


FRIENDSHIP between ordinary men (neg.)

581     Well, manure is good when it is dispersed.


FRIENDSHIP with a poor man (pos.) (see also brotherhood, enmity, nearness)

582     In all times the poor men hated the rich men. An ancient enemy may not become a friend the same way as an ancient friend may not become an enemy.

583     I don’t believe the saying “It’s better to have a hundred friends than a hundred dollars”. While waiting for a hundred friends to give you one dollar each, you may be happened in no need for a hundred dollars any more.

584     Yes. Many people name a stopping of enrichment when one looks nothing from another by the word “friendship”.


FRIENDSHIP with a poor man (neg.)

585     People would get attach to those, they made something good for whom. Attempt!

586     Don’t pass round every place, which haven’t a grass. Don’t pass round every man, who hasn’t cattle. 


FRIENDSHIP between poor men (exist)

587     They are wrong saying that there are no friends in need. On the contrary, just make friends – and your friend is already in need and wishes to borrow from you.


FRIENDSHIP with a rich man (pos.) (see also backstairs, equal, equality, enmity, intercourse, protection) 

588     It is impossible for a poor man to become a rich man even between two rich men.


FRIENDSHIP between rich men (pos.)

589     Business friends order 37% of assassinations of their companions.


FRIENDSHIP between rich men (neg.)

590     Business, which was founded on friendship, is a good thing. But a friendship, which was founded on business, is the best one.

591     A king is the king thanks by his suite.


FRIENDSHIP between rich men (exist)

592     It is impossible for leeches stick to one another.


FRIENDSHIP between rich men (lack)

593     Money is the relative. All the rich are brothers.


FRIENDSHIP with the same sex person (pos.)

594     A good friendship is like the love. Unisexual friendship is like unisexual love. It is better to be friend of opposite sexual person.


FRIENDSHIP with a subordinate (pos.)

595     He who lies with a dog stands up with fleas.


FRIENDSHIP with a subordinate (neg.)

596     A wolf said, “What is the use be friend with the ram? In this case I shouldn’t eat it”.

597     An arrow which hasn’t empennage is for nothing.


FRIENDSHIP with me during trouble (lack)

598     On the contrary, as soon as I set up a friendship, then presently my new friend get into trouble and to strive hide oneself behind me.


FRIENDSHIP for a traitor (neg.)

599     Well, friendship is the most unsuitable deed for a traitor. He may be absolved by enemies, but not friends.


FRIENDSHIP between a woman and male (pos.)

600     Friendship between a man and woman is the trifle. A lightness of intercourse and tenderness of kindness are better after five minutes of sexual act than after ten years of stable friendship.

601     Don’t praise an irreparable process, when it is impossible to become paramours.


women’s FRIENDSHIP (pos.)

602     Friendship of two women rather bears resemblance to a plot against the third one.

603     Well, women’s conciliation becomes after the loss of their beauties.

604     Talks about women’s friendship are nonsense, because of, so much talk exist about male’s infidelity.


FRIGHT (pos.)

605     To fright a bird is not the way to catch her.



606     I’m not an advocate for the thing which has begun since using of a shit and urine.



607     You are ready to get fruitful even your ass.

608     Fertility is the main property of cancerous cells.

609     A fertile soil has fertility for the weeds also.

610     A primitive creatures are more fruitful.


FULL (exist)

611     A jug that is full by small stones may be twice again filled by sand and water.


philanthropic FUND (pos.)

612     It is a good idea to have a philanthropic fund in order to pay necessary persons without tax.


FUR-COAT (pos.)

613     Perhaps, you regret you are not born sheep.



614     I am not a cripple to prop up oneself by wooden crutches of furniture.


FURY (pos.)

615     There is no fierce person in the place which is dangerous indeed. He who has his own house which is situated on the very brink never runs out his house with flying into rage.


FUSS (pos.)

616     Fools couldn’t understand that sometimes it is better to make the wait in order to obtain the end of something quicker.

617     An observation for cat’s hunting for mouse displays that the peace is not worse than the fuss. Is not it?

618     Don’t rush about as if you are the beetle on the sand-hill.


FUSS for greatness (pos.) (see also eternal, excited)

619     A fussy cloud can’t produce a rain.

620     Fussy duck dives both by head and by tail but it can’t dive deeply.

621     A person achieves his aim without any fuss if he sees it clearly.

622     The fussy people have the same inspiration.

623     He will never be a real master, who doesn’t feel disgust for fuss.


FUSS for an interlocutor (pos.)

624     Your mind is like an ostrich’s pinions, which help to run but not to take flush.


FUSS for me (pos.)

625     My native land is not X (minute, hour, day) or Y (week, month, year). My native land is eternity.


FUSS of an old man (neg.)

626     Not only autumn raises dust. Sometimes, the spring does the same deed.


FUSS for a woman (man) (pos.)

627     Don’t fuss as if you are in the bed.

628     Don’t fuss as if you lost your loin-cloth.


FUTURE (pos.)

629     Yes. The ninth day will be beautiful, and the fortieth one, too.





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