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I was graduated at Samara State University as mathematician. I collected 14 088 short replies for about 2 000 situation that it is the world record. In my mind I named my manuscript “The book of Complete Religion”.  I translated it from Russian to English.


“The great surrounding World became small, contiguous, cramped, closed and quick.

It is not productively to look for any complete answer for an inquiry into the gospel, Koran, torah, Hindu, Buddhist, philosophical and other books. It is good to see all contradiction and oppositions at once in one place.

There are only four kinds of contradictions and arguments. An interlocutor may commends and praise something. He may condemns and blame something. He may affirm that something exists or lack. Then you formulate a theme (subject) and aim of his speech (saying) by one or two words. Then you could find this theme in alphabetical order and read contrary opinions right away.

However, it is not good to say contrary opinions right away. It is better to show some text to an interlocutor.

The book includes only well-founded and logical replies. Also it has witty, jocular and confused ones. The book was created on a base of proverbs, sayings (90% great men’s sayings are not well-founded and they were given up), parables, jokes of all nations and times. Some replies were adopted from TV arguments and many different places.

New well-founded opinions appear permanently. The book grows like the tree of knowledge (cognition). The book is alive. This is its distinction from other invariable books. Later the book will be biggest, and all jokes fall out. Later it will be the most readable book because everyone could find one’s answer for any query there. Everyone could find confirmation of one’s thoughts there. Everyone could cognizes, understand and take else opinion into account without disdain there.”

GAIETY for a believer (neg.)

1     Rightness of religion may be diagnosed by the glad consideration for God’s creature.


GAIN (neg.) (see also advantage, give, improvement, possibility, profit, rebate, speculation, spiritual, stimulus, use)  

2     If something doesn’t enrich it’s highly probable that it makes poorer.


GAIN (exist)

3     Yes. A hundred cockroaches may get into the rubbish heap with a help of the dustbin, but it is not against the cockroaches.


GAME (pos.)

4     He who abandons a game has a gain by the most infallible way.

5     This game is not intended for a kind heart.

6     The more love to the game, the less love to relatives.


casino’s GAME (pos.) (see also conditions for enrichment, freedom of enrichment, possibility, take chance) 

7     If you wish to decide whether to play for money or not, you should only know that the owners of gambling houses are very rich.


computer’s GAME (neg.)

8     Let they play computer’s game now. There is no computer’s game in the paradise.


GAME for money (pos.) (see also bet)

9     Why shall we substitute honest process of gaining money with sporadic and even worse – with fraudulent.


GAME for money (neg.)

10     If you wish to learn how to play skillfully you should play for money.

11     Games have wholesome effect. There are no pessimists among inveterate players.


GAMER (neg.)

12     A gamer is as an aristocrat. He must to keep calm in any situations.


GARLIC (neg.)

13     Do you prefer a putrid smell of meat?




GAY (pos.)

14     “Gay” is the name and distinctive mark of pederast.


GAZE at a great man (pos.)

15     He, who gazes upon the sun, shall at last be blind.


GAZELLE! (about a girl or woman)

16     Well, this beauty cannot belong to a man.


GEAR (pos.)

17     Little gear, less care.


dog’s GENEALOGY (pos.)

18     I feel you will be dog’s souteneur soon.


long GENEALOGY (pos.) (see also certificate, document, high birth)

19     Weeds boast of their long roots.


a GENERAL (pos.)

20     Do you know how many thousands of people gave their lives for making great Caesar?

21     I don’t like a person who considers “a war” as “a theatre of war”.

22     The more soldiers, the forcer army. The more generals, the weaker army.

23     General is only a corporal (sergeant) which skillfully play up to his chiefs during long time.



24     A generalization lover boiling vermicelli together with macaroni.

25     The broader generalization, the greater level of voluntarism.

26     The greatest quantity of incorrect opinions belong the person who has inclination to generalization.


GENEROSITY (pos.) (see also account, cheap, divide, economize, endow, expenditure, expensive, free, gift, give, niggardliness, present, stinginess, wait the present)

27     Generosity is a variety of hiding one’s flaws and sins.

28     It’s better to be rich in spring than to be generous in autumn.

29     It’s only in poverty that generosity is considered to be a virtue.

30     A generous man is guided by everyone, who asks him for help.

31     Generosity is a sister of scorn.

32     There are so many people among generous ones who press for power.

33     A weak man may be easy mistaken by the think that his generosity may be a good substitute for his bravery.    



34     What is better sign of greater quantity of virtues than the generosity?

35     Generosity is inherent in each charm.

36     Generous man gives to his friends and niggard gives to his enemies.



37     Even generous people try to pay less for things that are bought every day.



38     Even generous man never strikes two matches for lighting gas-stove burner.


great GENEROSITY (exist)

39     Generosity, which is striking most of all, is such one, when there is spending a strange wealth.

40     Yes. It is the great generosity, “Dear guests, eat! It wouldn’t make damage for me. I supposed throw out it for a dogs in any case”.


GENEROSITY of a male (pos.)

41     Most likely a generous male doesn’t form the intention to be together with a woman for a long time.


GENEROSITY of a rich man (exist)

42     Only such a man who never assumed results of another’s labor may be called “generous”.


GENEROSITY of a seller (pos.)

43     Well, a seller may be generous. When he will be ruined in trade he will becomes a hangman. He has into the habit of to work with people in the open air already.


GENIUS for ever (pos.) (see also error, sin, talent in all aspects)

44     Napoleon was a writer too. It is dull, when a man is engaged in another’s business.

45     You want the good boy will be the good girl also.


GENIUS of Jew (pos.)

46     Jews have a strange genius. It is know that any genius is inimitable. However, Malevich of “genius” repeated his genius “Black square” four times.


GENTILITY of a poor man (pos.)

47     Gentility without ability looks worse than plain beggary.


GENTLE (pos.)

48     Though the mastiff is gentle, yet bite him not by the lip.



49     A gentleman is that man that they have no a good knowledge about him.



50     A thief passes for a gentleman when he stealing and after it.



51     If gentlemanhood can’t stand up for itself without your helping then is it the real gentlemanhood?



52     A lady is the woman that a male hasn’t another manner with she except to be gentleman.

53     -And you? Are you a gentleman?


     -It seems to me that everyone who associates with a gentleman would feel one’s gentlemanhood, too. But I don’t feel it.



54     I understand you. You wish that all people would become gentle as a cotton wool and then you can to push them in some places.

55     A dressmaker runs against awe in a gentle fur. 

56     A gentle snake’s tooth has a poison.

57     A gentle paper is good for an ass.



58     Wisdom beautifies a man. Calm beautifies wisdom. Gentleness beautifies the calm.

59     If they love somebody his heart becomes kinder.



60     A bull doesn’t seek consolation in gentleness of lion’s paw.

61     Even a silk bridle remains valid.

62     The gentle water washes away the bank.


GENTLENESS for a male (pos.)

63     You would praise even a gentle male’s phallus.


GENTLENESS of a woman (exist)

64     However, Adam was created from the gentle clay. And Eva was created from the firm bone.



65     I have not need to lengthen my thoughts with the help of gestures.



66     I am for the mutual understanding. Gesticulation improves it.


GIFT (pos.) (see also boon, free of charge, give, pay, philanthropy, present)

67     They distribute only rotten stuff without pay.

68     Would you put gifted vinegar in your tea instead of sugar?

69     They test a motor of presented car, too.


GIFT (neg.)

70     He who is afraid of Danaians wouldn’t have presents.

71     An indecent man examines the teeth of horse, which was presented to him.


GIFT of a bad man (pos.)

72     A lousy person presents a lousy fur-coat.


GIRL (pos.)

73     If girls are so fine then where will bad wife come from?


GIVE (pos.) (see also account, addition, availability, cadging, concession, economize, expenditure, free of charge, gain, generosity, gift, philanthropy, present, sponsorship)

74     A good plate is never dropping out.

75     I am not silly cow, which drinks water and gives milk.

76     I don’t have a habit of the coward to cajole the others.

77     Growing own wool for the others is a business for sheep.    

78     Everybody stands in need of own teeth for himself.

79     Giving a key means waiting in front of the own door.

80     Nobody has ruined oneself yet by saying “no”.

81     I have self-reliance. Very often, they receive the boons proportionally their reliance, and they give out the boons proportionally their diffidence.

82     To give a palm – to be caught at the elbow.

83     They ask two dollars of man, who gave one dollar before.

84     Lighting a lamp in strange house is not an addition of light in own house.

85     He, who wishes to give wings to camels, let thinks about the roofs, where camels would sit down on them first of all.

86     Perhaps, a distribution of wings among cats is a good idea. But all birds would be eaten.

87     A smart man obtains everything by own efforts. And God helps a fool.

88     What sow on the stone for?

89     Any giving gives also a proof that one man is more strong and referable than another. What engender one more inequality for?


GIVE (neg.)

90     I see. Good water doesn’t flow out of the bog.

91     A worse variant is a breakage of lock at the closed position.

92     Sow! A harvest must be! Give! A receipt must be!

93     A pleasure of “giving to” is better than a pleasure of “taking from”. He who gave something never forgets this pleasure.

94     You angry as a head servant of noble house, where children entertaining oranges to the thirsted men.

95     They will give everything without exception in the day of their death. Why they couldn’t give something thanks to their virtue?

96     Chess’s beginner can’t understand many things. He can’t give up a chessman, too.

97     People blessing the cloud which gives sweet water but not an ocean.


GIVE to the acquaintance (pos.)

98          -Here two cents!

          -Why so few?

          -Gently! Another acquaintance could come here running. And you would have still less.


GIVE smth. for all (pos.)

99     You are a good master to do a thin layer of butter. However, who will love such master?


GIVE smth. for a believer (pos.)

100     It should not be supposed that the God doesn’t know your needs. (Go past)


GIVE a book (pos.)

101     I don’t give this book to you for a time thanks to my best inducement. I wish you to buy the same book for yourself forever.             


GIVE smth. for a church (pos.)

102     If one priest’s sleeve would be torn off, then seven child’s trousers might been made.


GIVE smth. to embezzler (pos.)

103     Don’t try to fill a raft with water.


GIVE smth. to embezzler for his business (pos.)

104     Give sunflower seeds to a Gipsy! He wishes sow!


GIVE smth. to enemy (pos.)

105     Only fools rear enemies for thyself.


GIVE smth. with equal parts (pos.)

106     Just the sun shines evenly but not for everyone.

107     Even God didn’t give evenly.

108     When having such kind of attitude that people are the sponger-pigeons then, of course, one needs to strew the grains evenly.


GIVE flowers to an interlocutor (pos.)

109     Well, they must to give the wreath for you long ago.


GIVE a food (neg.) (see also fastidiousness, food)

110     All people have more chance to speak one’s opinion by turn during common meal than during another case. He who can listen to another opinion always invites other people to own dinner.


GIVE smth. to a fool (pos.)

111     A fruitless place never becomes fruitful even if somebody would bury a treasure there.

112     Mounted fool would trample down even one’s father.


GIVE smth. to a friend (pos.)

113     Open up your purse for your friends and you will be the very respectable at first. You will be the very poor man after. And at last you will be the disdained man.


GIVE smth. for the God (pos.) (see also sacrifice)

114     In order to giving something to the God a man must withdraws this thing from the people. The more care for God, the less care for people.


GIVE smth. for the sake of happiness (neg.)

115     Only a fool is happy without the slightest cause.


I GIVE (pos.)

116     It is not a counsel. I’m always ready to give only a counsel.

117     I always give nothing for the man who tries to make me more poor and unhappy.


GIVE inheritance (neg.)

118     He that brings up his son to nothing, breeds a thief.


GIVE smth. to a lazy person (pos.)

119     He who gives something to lazy person increases quantity of the fools.


GIVE a little (neg.) (and cadging, little)

120     It’s enough value for a good man. And it is a pity to give so much value to a bad one.       


GIVE a little (exist)

121     A sly one cuts a sausage in thin pieces for his guest, and the guest puts into own mouth three pieces at once.


GIVE many (pos.) (see also many)

122     He who sows dense will gather in meager harvest.


GIVE money (neg.)

123          -Will you help me to become a person?


          -If any scoundrel would receive much money he will seem a decent and pleasant person.

124               When you give money to someone you try to heat yourself on the fingers to make the money fall out easier.


GIVE money to an applicant (pos.)

125     They give money to such man, which raises their hatred to money. However you raise my love to money.


GIVE smth. once more (pos.)

126     A barren womb asks, “Give me some more” many times.

127     They add some more, when there are thanks. But if receiver thinks that he gets a little, so where is thankfulness?

128     If the previous help didn't be of benefit then what to do the same deed twice for?


GIVE smth. without ostent (pos.)

129     It is not good to pour a meal into the mouth of a sleeping man.


GIVE a part (pos.)

130     It’s enough to give even a bough that whole tree will be threatened by conversion the bough to an axe-handle.


GIVE smth. for a play (pos.)

131          -Give me this thing for my play.

          -You playing already at “Give me this thing for my play”.


GIVE smth. to a poor man (pos.)

132     Filling of pits demand complete destruction of all rocks.

133     A beggar, who receive alms says, “We are brothers”.

134     Plentiful rain is the death for a man who is on the bottom.

135     What add a tambourine to naked paunch for?

136     If God hasn’t given it to you, then I won’t give it either.


GIVE smth. quickly (pos.) (see also give smth. right away)

137     There is a long time for waiting a drop of honey.


GIVE smth. to the relative (pos.)

138     Poor relative couldn’t become the rich man near the throne of honest ruler.


GIVE smth. to a rich man (pos.)

139     What to plant trees into the forest for?


GIVE smth. right away (pos.) (see also give smth. quickly)

140     A good deed, which was done without thinking, is not the best.

141     Milk wouldn’t turn sour in a cow.


GIVE the same thing (neg.)

142     A cloud gives exclusively water, and all people are glad to it.


GIVE smth. to scientist (neg.)

143          -Could you give something for a blind man (a lame man, an old man, a beggar)?

          -Yes, it is.

          -It is because of your expecting of blindness, lameness, old age and poor times for you. And it is because of lacking your expecting wisdom for you.


GIVE smth. to a suppliant (pos.)

144     I have not a wish to do cheap presents. But every supplied thing has very cheap value.

145     Now you are so excited. It is useless to give something for a person who can’t govern oneself enough.

146     I don’t give something to atheists. It is better to ask God about something one time than to ask ten saints about something ten times.

147     If they would give any asked things then an applicants will ask the things, which they don’t wish indeed.

148     Every fool seeks to make own life more easy by the same obvious way as you.

149          -It is not becoming to me to give a little.

          -So, give much.

          -But it is not becoming to you to receive much.

150     A good man always gives something at first. They never ask a good man, “Give me”. I don’t wish to give anything for you, because you consider me a bad man.

151     If you don’t love me then never come up to me. If you love me leave out, please.

152     You are weeping being asking. And I’ll sob but don’t give anything. ???????

153          -It is impossible to keep in mind all things. If I wouldn’t give this thing to you, you will memorize it. Is not it?

          -Yes, of course!

          -I’m thinking in the same mode. If I would give this thing to you, you will forget it immediately.

154     I’ll be out of my debt by a coal for you in the next world.

155     He who gives something ceases or stops to be mysterious, so attractive too. Do you wish me to stop being attractive?

156          -I’ll not give it to you. I wish you to remain grateful Christian.

          -I’ll get him.

          -I believe in it. Here is a little. Be grateful! 

157               -I must to give birth for it?


               -So, wait it nine month.

158          -I am ill.

          -What is the disease?

          -I may hear “take” and may not to hear “give”.

159     I see two ways. The first: you wish to become an ungrateful person. The second: you wish to lose your freedom and become an accessible person for somebody’s influence. I have disgust to both this ways for you.

160     You didn’t bake the bread. So, don’t seek even its smell.

161          -I don’t have it now.

          -Would you have it later on?

          -Ask it later on.

162     -I don’t have it here.

     -And have you it at your home?

     -Thank you. I am all right at my home.

163          -You have need rather in mind, than X.

          -I ask only a thing which you have.

164     You have need rather in the service of doctor of lunatic.

165     Move apart your pocket some more.

166     I’ll give it to you when I find it in my night dream.      

167          -Does yesterday’s one suit you?

          -Yes, it does.

          -So, come here tomorrow.

168     One, who has request of something, will cover oneself with shame one time, and another who does not give will cover himself with shame twice. But as result a cadger, which has requests to ten men, will cover oneself with shame five times, than I.

169     A person who never loves somebody thinks that people don’t have another ones for their grants except asking persons. So, he begins asking.  


GIVE smth. to a suppliant (neg.)

170     The best gives things without somebody’s request. An average gives things for the sake of somebody’s request. The worst doesn’t give something even for the sake of somebody’s request.


GIVE smth. three times (pos.)

171     Those who were a cadger three days would never break oneself of this habit.


GIVE up a habit (neg.)

172     In the end the habit of to give up the bad habit may overcome this bad habit.


GIVE smth. without suppliant’s weeping (pos.)

173     -Do you really wish to receive something?

     -Yes, I do.

     -You may increase your chance by your weeping.


GIVE whole thing (pos.) (see also whole)

174     Only a spoon gives whole its contents without a rest.


GIVE smth. to a woman (pos.)

175     If I should give something for you, I should wish to marry with you. Do you to agree with it already?     

176     If somebody let a hen to go to only one bed in a garden then it would dig a new whole in the garden.


GIVE work to the father of many children (pos.)

177     I cannot give the job for you in that field where you made the great success.


GIVE work to a married male (neg.)

178     An employer gives work rather to married males because they got accustomed to the peremptory cry.


GIVE smth. to worthy man (pos.)

179     To award a worthy man is to be awarded. But I don’t wish to spoil myself.


GIVE the best years

180     I’m dread that you will give your worse years in addition to them, too.


GIVE X (pos.)

181     Wait, please! Let’s do Y together with me and I’ll give all my earnings to you.


GIVE smth. for young man (neg.)

182     Distribution is a natural virtue of an old man.


Why are you so GLAD?

183     I never was is Russia.

184     Believe me! It bears no relation to that I see you.



185     A glad man may fills the Ermitage by child’s pictures.


GLORY (pos.) (see also exploit, fame, greatness, honor, namelessness)

186     All that glitters is not the gold.

187     A greasy spot flashes (shines) too. (Hint: a glory looks as flash.)

188     A slippery road is always shiny.

189     I see. The glory has great significance for life. But why will one sit into a trench all his life where every fight has great significance for his life?

190     An arch of triumph is a concealed burden.

191     The glory is always tied with the fear. They acquire, keep and lose it together with a fear.

192     If one wishes to lead  people to their death then he usually says “I wish to lead you to your glory!”

193     Is there any need for such thing which must be propped up every day? (Hint: A glory needs a prop every day.)

194     Sounds of trumpets and salute are the enemy of reflection.

195     Glory is as burdensome as the anxiety about decency.

196     Glory is good for those who untroubled by outside the door noise.

197     It is dangerous to have glory. If you lose it you’ll be worse off than those who never had it.

198     Only fame is harmful. It needs power and force to turn a stranger’s hostility and envy into a search for friendship and patronage.

199     I know how to achieve glory. Only thanks to the dissoluteness in the family Heops managed to build such a famous pyramid.

200     Why work hard all one’s life only to go the rest of life in dark glasses?

201     It’s not clear what is more in a glory – good or bad; the indifferent good will of some decent people or the passionate ill-will of a large number of dishonest people.

202     Why should one be like a child who watching religious procession with cross and banners wish to be a bishop, and watching a parade wish to be a soldier?

203     Don’t jump on the pedestal. You would not abreast with the times.

204     Why cut out author’s name on a chest of statue?

205     Indeed, a good name is better than wealth. And a day of death is better than birthday.

206     To chase the deer means not to eat hares.

207     Glory separates one from one’s relations and intimate friends.

208     Glory is when everyone knows what you ate yesterday.

209     It is better to be like a sparrow on the branch, than to be like a peacock into the cage.


GLORY (neg.)

210     Thirst for glory corresponds to the degree of man’s freedom. It can’t co-exist with slavery.

211     Thunder has its reason – the flash of the lightning.

212     A lighting candle must not be put into a pot. (Hint: The candle must be for people.)

213     Grand mountains do not shield a view.

214     Yes. There is one hole for all dogs in the fence. They don’t like the triumphal arch.

215     Your hatred for people who are in somebody’s good graces is based on your love for this grace and the impossibility of getting it.

216     One who ignores glory ignores virtue easily too.

217     Near target is not needed for everyone. He who has a distant target must aim higher.

218     There are people who wouldn’t do anything useful by their nature. But they do it for the sake of money and fame.

219     You’ve got used to climbing over fences. That’s why you are looking for some low place.

220     Glory and honor bring carelessness and delight. Humiliation and contempt bring suffering. Carelessness and delight correspond to human nature and suffering violates it.

221     You are mistaken when you think that people climb up to the heights of glory just to be able to get to the nose with the teeth.

222     Glory is like life after death.

223     Glory is nothing more than thankfulness that has thrown away all shame.

224     What is the good of living in such a way that people will learn about your life only at the cemetery?

225     Not everyone is afraid of envy.


GLORY (exist)

226     Wormwood would seem to be a wood, if there is no wood.

227     Even a piece of rotten wood shines in the darkness.

228     A heron flies in the sky, too. But it always touches down at a dirty pit.


GLORY (exist, lack)

229     Elephants are usually represented as smaller then in reality, but fleas – as bigger.


GLORY (lack)

230     A high palace always seems rather empty.

231     If something is known about a thing it becomes more valuable. Your appreciation of glory corresponds to the degree of your knowledge of it.

232     A house may be criticized by anybody, but it couldn’t be build by everybody.

233     It’s characteristic of kings – to do good and to have a bad reputation.


GLORY for a believer (neg.)

234     A road of Glory is the road of God.


faded GLORY (neg.)

235     Only paper flowers do not fade.


GLORY of Herostrat (neg.)

236     Who would know about the Diana temple if it were not for Herostrat?


great GLORY (pos.)

237     One who uses too much perfume can’t tell one smell from another.

238     Even such a great animal as a camel eats grass but not meat, as a small falcon does.

239     A fool sheep praised that it has such a tail as a stallion.


great GLORY (neg.)     

240     Noisy glory is better than quiet madness.

241     One doesn’t change the road for a path.

242     There is envy. Your chicken’s ass can’t lay goose’s egg.


great GLORY (exist)

243     Even a hummock is a mountain on a marsh.

244     If there’s no bull in a farm, a cat is praised.

245     Even a great river has its fame until a sea. (Hint: People talks about a sea more, than about the river, when they live near a coast.)

246     If a flight at the height of 10 cm is considered to be a flight, that is a reasoning of a hen.

247     Only that person who can take things as a whole can consider them small.

248     Is it necessary to make an elephant from a fly?


great GLORY (lack)

249     It’s funny to hear about the smallest skyscrapers in the world.


great GLORY for a man (pos.)

250     Size and obviousness are important only for a woman. Little and hidden is enough for a man.


posthumous GLORY (pos.)

251     A posthumous glory is an obedient toy for stranger and inglorious minds.              


GO (pos.)

252     It is better to have uncomfortable driving than comfortable walking.

253     He, who has empty head, goes with the light burden.

254     A foolish head couldn’t give the rest for feet.


GO (neg.)

255     The God didn’t was stingy when He created feet.

256     Whole country would become a friend for a going man. Even a bed will get an enemy for a lying one.

257     He who going would finds many things. What would be found by a sitting man?

258     A way is the servant of going man.

259     A wolf lives on walking.


GO away (pos.)

260     He who bangs the door and going away always looks infringed strange rejected person who is the common enemy of all others.


GO away early (neg.)

261     A clever man leaves the service of one’s own free will.

262     A going away from a trouble is the going away before the trouble.

263     What to play a captain of ship which going down for?


I GO away (pos.)

264     You didn’t give me desodourant. So let my odour stay here.


I GO away (neg.)

265     I am not in the flying aircraft in order I have no the wish to go out.

266     I don’t want you would have one more incorrect proof that the world revolving around you. Therefore, I’m going away.


I GO away early (neg.)

267     If I’ll be one second late for the bus I shall has a half hour for waiting of the next one. However now I already talk with you five seconds.

268     I am not under suspicion of stealing. I am free to go away early.


GO to the exhibition (pos.)

269     Do you think that somebody would looks at your face there?


GO along the road (neg.)

270     A wide road is bad only for drank man. It is so long for him.


GO together (pos.)

271     I’m (you are) not the cat which has a bent tin in order to go with you (me) everywhere.

272     If all people would go to the same direction then the earth would revolves on another axis.


GO to X (neg.)

273     It is not so important where N goes. It is important what he became after his return from there.


house-GOING (neg.)

274     A house-going parson makes a church-going people.


GOD (pos.)

275     A fool would give up all his trumps for the sake of the ace of trumps.

276     The higher rank of superior, the more his spongers. There is an infinite number of God’s spongers.

277     Like father, like son. When I see human vices I can suppose any nasty idea about the God.

278     If somebody’s soul would be necessary for the God, then somebody begin cries and drowns.

279     The God always look unwell. Everyone always can to reproaches Him – for when He suddenly wants changes His will and for when He can’t changes it.

280     We like God. The God is likes we.

281     The God is the greatest oppressor. High and low He overcomes every force by another one.

282     Do you know who is an educator of ill-bred people?

283     Believers think that the God support only them but not all people who make good deeds. Is it the good moral?

284     The God is the coward. He fears people because He separated them in order to rule over them.

285     An absence of the God may be the sole reason to absolve Him.

286     The God loses many His splendid names because of there are so little beautiful women that men have no possibility for the search of clever women among them.

287     Well, all people understand that the God doesn’t resembles an unlucky guard who usually is not in the place where He is wanted most of all.

288     The God is a friend at court. He take care only superiors. He created subordinates and blessings for them. And He didn’t give the both for subordinates.

289     Where is such God who chastises criminals in the presence of all? Has He a fear that He would has too much supporters? Is not it?

290     I don’t entrust upbringing to the Educator, who turned his children out of the paradise because of their first fault instead of taking whole responsibility oneself.

291     It is interesting how may be determined the Flood at the Nuiremberg’s trial? If it is not mast wild crime against whole humanity, then what is it? And ecologists may ask, “What are the sins of animals?”

292     What are nice deeds of the God, who quite possible is occupied with an expansion of Hades in the heaven instead of its diminution on the earth?

293     If the God wishes to destroy an evil but doesn’t may it then He is not omnipotent. If He doesn’t wish to destroy an evil but may do it then He is malicious. If He wishes and may do it then why are there so much evil?

294     Usually, the less proofs of the existence of the God are required for a person, the more durable his praise for the God.

295     Usually, regard for the God becomes formed after two questions. For the sake of what the God created the world, which has so much suffering? And if He created the world for something then why He didn’t creates this thing right away? After the answering about these questions everyone wouldn’t tell about omnipotence, an omniscience and goodwill of the God.

296     A pig praises its own God which can grunt and has the bristle.


GOD (neg.)

297     I understand you. It is easy to be blasphemous for one from whom God turned away.

298     Any path is too long for a weak man. Any God is not the God for an unbeliever.

299     It is clear, thieves and swindlers need especial God.


GOD (exist)

300     You are like the devil. He believes in God, but I am not.

301     Well, the God exists, especially in the reason that there is no a folly without the fool and there is no a joke without the joker.

302     Many people think that the God exists. There are few men who don’t lose clarity of the mind because of the high stakes.

303     Gods exist because they feet those who tell one’s knowledge about them.

304     Quantity of different gods is the quantity of different proves of their absence.

305     What to explain something incomprehensible by something unknown for?

306     I understand you. A thief sees a policeman into the tree, a man in love sees the beloved there, and an infant sees a ghost there.

307     It may be I’ll shudder for the chief’s life in the God’s presence.

308     Hysterical mind blockades unpleasant information including the information about absence of the God.


GOD (lack)

309     When a surgeon dissects skull he doesn’t see a mind also.

310     A surgeon, who sews up the heart doesn’t see a love or hatred into it, too.

311     Why God must dances in front of those who are not trust Him? What cast pearls in front of swine for?

312     Any illegitimate person likes to proves that the humanity didn’t was created by somebody, and as to him he came into being on one’s own.

313     I understand. In God’s absence you would become a little deity right away.


Christian GOD (pos.)

314     They told that Christ to sacrificed oneself for the sake of the people. As to me I prefer he would have eternal life. And if he does the sacrifice for the sake of oneself then I don’t like the God who passes on to such kind of self-service.

315     Well, the Christian God is more intricate than the Moslem one. It is more difficult to take Him at His word. He never said “an eye for an eye” or “I’ll regard you as you regard me”.


GOD for a clever man (pos.)

316     The God serves fools. They want to be deceived. The God creates deceivers for them. He fulfils wishes of clever men worse.


GOD-creator (pos.)

317     If a people would be made by a man then this man would be ashamed of fruits of own work.

318     You admire beautiful birds and flowers which were created by the God. However, one conscientious writer (Dostoevsky) wrote the one child’s tear outweighing happiness of even many people. It goes without saying about tear’s and blood’s brook. So, are they flow out from miscreants? Are there too many miscreants? So, have you the conscience?

319     Things which have hardness, weight and other properties couldn’t be produced from something which has no such properties.


depicted GOD (neg.)

320     An enlightened Greeks considered that pictures of Gods are some shortcoming which to belittle them. So, where are their gods now?


dread the GOD (pos.)

321     A person who dreads the God doesn’t believe His ability of help. And this person hardly loves an object which gives the dread.


eternal GOD (exist)

322     Gods sprang up only after the time when people decided to condemn evil instead of doing immediate punishment for it.


GOD-father (pos.)

323     An altruistic God who created egoistic people has no self-esteem or He is not their Father.


Indian GOD (pos.)

324     Cows become lords when an Indian Gods begin write their commandments.


loving GOD (pos.)

325     A loving God strives to the most cheap success. It is very easy thing to force somebody to love loving God. The real God prefers have not dread of people’s hatred.


GOD for a male (pos.)

326     Leave the God for women. They love when they are loved by someone who is from above.


omnipresent GOD (pos.)

327     God is not omnipresent. The God and man couldn’t be at the same place at the same time because wishes of God and man are not always the same.


GOD for a poor man (pos.)

328     I am not so rich to consider that the world is beautiful and the God is skilful.


GOD for a scientist (pos.)

329     The thing which is everywhere is so good thing for the searching person.



330     There is no goddess who shaves arm-pits.


GOLD (neg.)

331     However, gold refused loses its brightness.


GOLD for a believer (pos.)

332     Gold goes in at any gate except heaven’s one.


GOLD ring (pos.) (see also decoration)

333     A golden ring won’t make a crooked finger straighter.


GOLD teeth (pos.) (see also decoration)

334     Having golden teeth one will be hesitated to ask for help.


Is my X GOOD? (see also praise)

335     -Your X may be compared with Y.


     -Your sense of humor is best of all.


It is GOOD!

336     Well, it is good, that I have not this good.


GOSPEL (pos.)

337     Prosperity is the blessing of the Old Testament, adversity the blessing of the New.

338     The gospel which was named “happy news” is under my suspicion. It speaks about the end of the world.


GOSSIP (pos.)

339     A gossip is the personal declaration of either malice or foolishness.

340     It is impossible to protect a girl against marriage. It is impossible to protect you against gossip.

341     A gossip is like the echo at the empty head.

342     All facts which happened in front of the eyes are not just truth. All facts, which were told behind somebody’s back, are not the truth, so much the more.

343     The tale runs as it pleases the teller.


GOSSIP (neg.)

344     I understand you. If gossips wouldn’t be then sheep would go to wolf’s den thanks to their own free will.

345     A good man cannot be spoiled by gossips.

346     Only persons that they have nothing to say about them have no gossips about themselves.

347     A free transmission of thoughts at a distance is not so bad action.

348     A tale never loses in the telling.

349     Gossips divulge a secret conduct’s code for society and help to adopt it.


my GOSSIP (neg.)

350     I don’t let out strange secrets. I narrate only about heard subjects, but not about saw ones.


GOVERN (pos.)

351     He who has nothing for doing leads dogs to the watering-place.

352     Water finds its way by itself.


GOVERN (neg.)

353     A boatman couldn’t fast reach his object without control.

354     Bridled horse is the cleverest one.


GOVERN for a great man (pos.)

355     A good horseman holds on a bridle rein least of all.


GOVERN feelings (neg.)

356     An unhappy man is the man who governs his feelings badly.


GOVERN by a force (neg.)

357     Do you know the quantity of fools? Then do you offer to govern with the help of academic reasoning?


How to GOVERN you?

358     Only wise man is steady amidst an abuse and praise.


How to GOVERN you?

359     The more mind is in the man, the less he resembles the pipe that they play on… Продолжение »

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