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I was graduated at Samara State University as mathematician. I collected 14 088 short replies for about 2 000 situation that it is the world record. In my mind I named my manuscript “The book of Complete Religion”.  I translated it from Russian to English.


“The great surrounding World became small, contiguous, cramped, closed and quick.

It is not productively to look for any complete answer for an inquiry into the gospel, Koran, torah, Hindu, Buddhist, philosophical and other books. It is good to see all contradiction and oppositions at once in one place.

There are only four kinds of contradictions and arguments. An interlocutor may commends and praise something. He may condemns and blame something. He may affirm that something exists or lack. Then you formulate a theme (subject) and aim of his speech (saying) by one or two words. Then you could find this theme in alphabetical order and read contrary opinions right away.

However, it is not good to say contrary opinions right away. It is better to show some text to an interlocutor.

The book includes only well-founded and logical replies. Also it has witty, jocular and confused ones. The book was created on a base of proverbs, sayings (90% great men’s sayings are not well-founded and they were given up), parables, jokes of all nations and times. Some replies were adopted from TV arguments and many different places.

New well-founded opinions appear permanently. The book grows like the tree of knowledge (cognition). The book is alive. This is its distinction from other invariable books. Later the book will be biggest, and all jokes fall out. Later it will be the most readable book because everyone could find one’s answer for any query there. Everyone could find confirmation of one’s thoughts there. Everyone could cognizes, understand and take else opinion into account without disdain there.”

HABIT (pos.)

1     N is not so old that he (she) was consist only of habits.


holy HABIT (pos.)

2     Even a holy habit cleanses not a foul soul.


HAIRY interlocutor (pos.)

3     My ancestors were cleverer than your ones. They begin to lose their hair because of heat regulation which used an influence of the bonfire earlier.


short-HAIRED woman (pos.)

4     A plucked she-bird is good only for once use.


HALF (pos.) (see also divide, part, whole)

5     A speech about even a crowd of half-good people is not the speech about one good person.

6     Better to find out whole worm during biting off an apple than its half.


HALF (neg.)

7     Half a loaf is better than no bread.



8     It is better to be a hand of jeweler, than a head of hammer-smith.



9     Of course, I can give my hand to you. But fold up fig together by yourself.

10    Bribe-takers have more dexterity for handclasp.

11   He who didn’t wash own hands after lavatory deed aspires to give somebody own hand more often than others.



12   I understand you. You don’t wish to remember the time where you took part in bribery.

13   Five empty somebody else’s fingers are not so great reward.


skilful HANDS (pos.)

14     Well, I see the such good man as you may be made only by skilful hands.


strong HANDS (pos.)

15   There is a trap even for a wide bear’s pad.


trembling HANDS (neg.)

16   Hands might have a good cause for trembling. Perhaps, they tremble because of the love to native land.



17   Good handwriting belong only that person, who has a thought which cannot outrun his pen.


HANDY (pos.)

18     Who said that everything necessary comes only from handy places during handy time?


HAPPINESS (pos.) (see also delight, enjoyment, life, life for the present)

19   A moment of happiness is the moment of lulling to sleep. A moment of misfortune is the moment of awakening.

20   A happy man also has a grief. His life seems to be short. His year is like a day.

21   Tell me the kind of happiness which never looks foolish from some side.

22   Happiness is the worst place for an observation of life.

23   Happiness is most fit contents for a dull story.

24   A wish of to be happy is an unhappy position.

25   The wish of to hang oneself follows from the wish to be more happy, too.

26   Happiness is the fool thing. It annihilates itself.

27    He who wants to be happy must to forget the notion of "fairness" first of all.



28   Happiness is the token of truth. He who is happy is right.



29   Well, this is the happiness for N. Coco-nuts don’t falling beside N.

30   You used the word “happiness”. He, who has complete happiness, never uses this word.

31   I don’t consider him a happy man who depends on happiness.

32    They name happiness an unrecognized disappointment, too.



33   The unhappy events are not the lack of happiness. A capacity for worthy overcoming of them is the happiness.

34   There are such perverted men who will be glad after his proofs that happiness is lack.


HAPPINESS of another man (exist)

35   The most common error is the consideration that another man has more happiness than he feels it by himself.


HAPPINESS of a believer (exist)

36    Well, a believer can live in a beautiful made up world which was made in accord of his belief.


bring HAPPINESS (pos.)

37   If there is warm in a home, then it would not be so cold out of the home.


HAPPINESS for great man (exist) (see also luck, merriment, pain, success)

38   A blind man thinks that one who can see meal by both hands at once.

39   Usually, happiness is the tender emotion of charity. This feeling is rather for beggars or cripples.

40   What may be bitter than a feeling of absence of fellow traveler for your spirit?


long HAPPINESS (pos.)

41   If a man is happy during a long time, then they hide many things for him.


long HAPPINESS (exist)

42   Well, one had a long happy life until found out that they lived longer and more happy.


HAPPINESS of merry man (exist)

43   All are not merry that dance lightly.


HAPPINESS of an ordinary man (exist)

44   A lack of sensation of nasty essence of the own temper is the happiness too.

45   He who doesn’t notify an own misfortune is the most unhappy person.

46   A man looks noticeably happy when he mortified a part of own mind.


HAPPINESS of a poor man (exist)

47   It’s easy to lay about one’s happiness than to tell about one’s satiety.


HAPPINESS of a poor man (lack)

48   It’s a pity that envy has deprived you of the last possibility to be happy seeing your friends’ and relatives’ happiness.


HAPPINESS of a power-lover (exist)

49   The more sufferings, the more thirst for power.


private HAPPINESS (pos.) счастье личное

50     When the private happiness and freedom predominate over other things, people live in the world of permanent treachery.


pursuit to a HAPPINESS (pos.)

51   Why one must pursue the happiness? It always follows a man and never leaves him. However, I understand that a puppy wishes to hunt its tail all the same.


HAPPINESS of rich man (exist)

52   A sheep, which has good food in separate stall, seems for a flock of sheep as a lucky one.

53   People having a toothache think those happy who haven’t got it. Poor men make the same mistake, when the rich are concerned.

54   The longest at the warmth soonest finds cold.


HAPPINESS of a rich man (lack)

55   Yes. There are people who are very unhappy, even though they haven’t got rid of three greatest benefits: thoughts, time and money.


sole kind of HAPPINESS (pos.)

56    Every part of a body has its own ideal of happiness. Have you too many amputated parts?



57   -Tortoise, why you has the hard shell?

     -I am not so hard inside.


HARM (neg.)

58    After a typhoon there are pears to gather up.

59    A sun damages eyes, but eyes are for nothing when the sun is absent.


HARM (exist)

60    A blinking is not the loss of eyesight.


to HARM a chief (pos.)

61   An arrow shot upright falls on the shooter’s head.


doubt HARM (exist)

62   Well, a fallen brick broke a head, but curved legs were till the blow.


HARM for a great man (exist)

63    There is no a poison that can poison a grand river.


HARM from a great man (lack)

64     Big fish eat little fish.


little HARM (lack)

65    I see. It is not drops, but it pours.


long HARM (lack)

66   One doesn’t feel stink if he sitting into a lavatory during a long time.


HARM from an old man (lack)

67   An old dog bites sore.


HARM of religion (lack)

68    Religions are like a forest where good friends of different nations may be separated. They can even wound each other by a shot because of they can took each other for the beast of prey.


repeated HARM from others (neg.)

69    If a fourth husband beats your mug then the matter is not in your husbands, but in your mug.


HARM somebody else (neg.)

70    Act with somebody else the way he would act with you.


HARMONY of God’s world (pos.)

71    What harmony that you said! Every beast was hounded at another one. So, this is the harmony.


HASTE (pos.)

72   A hasty man never wants woe.

73   Hasty climbers have sudden falls.


HASTE (neg.)

74   Let a man make no haste, when he wishes to accuse somebody.


HASTE for enrichment (pos.)

75   Haste makes waste.


Is it, really, a HAT?

76   -Where? –On your head. –Is it, really, the head under your hat?


top-HAT (pos.)

77   What to imitate the smoke-stack for?


HAT for a male (neg.)

78    A headless male is not needed in a hat.


HATRED (pos.)

79    -When a man hates his enemy then he hates the World. So, he hates oneself, too.

     -He who annihilate wrong of enemy annihilates wrong of the World. So, he annihilate one's own wrong.


HATRED (neg.)

80    Hatred is not so bad. It prevents a submission.

81    A coward always fears reciprocal hatred.


HATRED is a cause (exist)

82    An imputation of hatred is not the proof.


HATRED of the northerner (neg.)

83   Hatred is the good feeling for the northerner. It heat up him.


HATRED against a rich man because of envy (exist)

84   This hatred is not because of envy. This hatred is the conviction that every worthy man should be modest and doesn't permit own expenditure for low things.


HAVE (neg.)

85   Better to have than wish.


big HEAD (pos.)

86   I see. It is suitable to go in the market place with N’s hat for buying of a full pail of potatoes. 


empty HEAD (neg.)

87   Thoughts have come rather into empty head.

88   An empty-headed man has more light motion.


stake one’s HEAD (pos.)

89   Well, of course, you have the right to stake one’s head, but I could take only a valuable thing.


uplifted HEAD (pos.)

90   A deep shit makes uplifted head.


HEALTH (pos.)

91   A healthy man will quickly jump to his feet and cheerfully goes further after his fall because of his stumbling over a truth.

92   A good health is not so good thing. In this case everyday you will have a pain in different places.

93   A long life is not an accessible thing for everyone. It is better to take care of rightness of it. It is an accessible thing for everyone.

94    If a health is the main thing, then I wish you would inherit the racing shoes.

95   A sole means to keep own health is to eat things that you don’t wish to eat, to drink things that you don’t wish to drink, and to do things that you don’t wish to do.

96   A succulent flower droops and fades the first.


HEALTH (neg.)

97   A healthy hand doesn’t fear even to touch venom.

98    Health is the benefit for wise men.


HEARSAY (pos.)

99   Now, you are like an old widow. Once, an old traveler came to her and said, “They introduce the new custom that young girl marry old male and old woman marry youth”. Her daughter was indignant at it. But the widow said, “Silence, the fool! You couldn’t have more knowledge than the experienced traveler”.

100   The more inaccessibility of fruit, the more wide mouth is opening for it.

101  Our liar is enough that hundred people would repeat his words as the truth.         

102  Any thing might be to saw by weak-signed man. Any thing might be heard by rather deaf man.

103  I understand you. Keeping and spreading of rumours are one of the ways to attract somebody else’s attention.

104  Even thousand of rumours are not enough to be the truth.

105  A child repeating words which he heard and catching things, which he seeing.

106  A diseased stomach throws out took food.


HEARSAY (neg.)

107  Worms multiply on a rotten flesh.

108  There is no a curved shade of straight thing.

109  Flies never sit down on unbroken egg.

110  A shirt doesn’t clings to a dry body.


stony HEART (neg.)

111  A stony heart may yields to the brilliant.


a fat man HEAVES (pos.)

112  Well, N must heaves X kilogram at once, but he heaved a hundred kilograms by every time. So, he must heave only light things.


HEAVINESS for a rich man (exist)

113  The heaviest baggage for a traveler is an empty purse.


HEAT (neg.)

114  Bones ache because of a cold.


HEIGHT (pos.)

115  A grass dreamed to be tall. Then it wilted because of own weight.

116  A grass doesn’t dread any tempest.


HELL (pos.)

117   The hell is empty. They must go to the hell in according with justice, but an eternal punishment for short-term act is unjust.

118   There is no a perpetual motive power. A limited cause may not produce an unlimited effect.

119   I am not the vanguard-artist. I never paint pictures which didn’t come.


HELL for an atheist (pos.)

120   Is it really that the sane-minded God attaches more importance to the question “Has he the trust to me or nor?” than to good deeds of this person?


HELL for a male (woman) (neg.)

121   It is better to be in the hell together with playgirls (playboys) than to be in the paradise together with old maids (impotents).


HELL for a rich man (exist)

122    Even in the hell a rich man would eats ice-cream from hands of corrupted devils.


HELP (AID) (pos.) (see also backstairs, brotherhood, care, complain, difficulty, persuade, protection, work together) 

123    One has his growth not because of he was dragged up by his ears.

124   It is impossible to put one’s tooth into strange mouth.

125   He who put one’s soul into own business doesn’t need assistants.

126     A thief is the first help at the fire.

127     Everybody must scratch one’s scab by one’s hand.

128     Do you wish to help to wash cat’s muzzle?

129     Nobody warms up a stove by putting a blanket on it.

130     Let each tailor mend own dress.

131     What to be like a baby whose pampers swaddling clothes was not changed for?

132     I picture you are in a hurry to help your penis in arduous case.

133     A ring buoy is concealed collar.


HELP (neg.)

134     A snivel couldn’t be chucked out single by nose.

135     A plough stands in need of to be pushed.

136     Nobody could drag out oneself by one’s hair.

137     Sinking man wishes to snatch at even sharp sword.

138     A dog with master’s help will gnaws a wolf.  

139     A child with a ruler could draw a line straighter, than a painter could do it without the ruler.

140     Harmony is a kind of supporting of one sound to another one.


HELP (exist)

141     I see. There is a solicitous man. He takes a child’s hand and going across the deeply river.

142     Snatching at the snake is useless even for a sinking man.

143     Throwing the second end of rescue rope to a sinking man is not a great help.

144          -Do you know three sparrow’s truisms?

          -What are they?

          -Once, a sparrow froze and fell. A cow defecated on it and it was warmed. The first truth: “He, who defecated on you, is not your enemy”. A sparrow showed up and began chirp. A cat saw it. The second truth: “If you are showed up from the shit, don’t chirping!” A cat dragged out the sparrow and ate it. The third truth: “He who dragged out you from a shit is not your friend”.


HELP of an advertisement (pos.)

145     Well, an advertisement is the good help. It teaches young minds “It’s better to seem to be than to be”.


HELP for all people (pos.)

146     A man should keep from the blind and give to his kin.

147     They don’t build one caravansary for every tired man.


HELP for all people (neg.)

148     You prefer to lift divers instead of repairing the ship, which goes down.

149     Do you crush medicines, because of there help for all people?

150     It’s better to help everyone than refuse to have anything to do with a good man.


disinterested HELP (exist)

151     One doesn’t put one’s mixer in a stranger’s cream disinterestedly.


HELP for genious man (neg.)

152     Ordinary men feel the honeyed pleasure when they can abase genious man: "Let he torments himself over kind of problem which was solved or may be solved by them easily".


God’s HELP (pos.)

153     A married male uses mistress’ help. An unmarried one uses only God’s help. Majority of normal males think it is bad to be in the hope on only Him.

154     If all saints helped a drunk man to jump on his horse, then he would threw over a saddle.

155     Well, the God helps worst men some more than the people help righteous persons.

156     We have more effect when we apply to small gods – Persuasion and Compulsion. They will do any job with more accuracy and timeliness.

157     A married male uses mistress’ help. An unmarried one uses only God’s help. Majority of normal males think that mistress’ help is better.

158     Any psychopath, who fights boldly against society has pleasure to say that the God give help him.

159     Well, a person becomes stronger because of the overcoming of obstacles which were placed on his path.


HELP a great man (neg.)

160     Only a fruitless tree has no need for props.


HELP of the great man (pos.)

161     A tall mast helps a ship capsize.


HELP of the great man (neg.)

162     It is better to lean upon a trunk, than to a twig.


misplaced  HELP (pos.)

163     What doing injection onto artificial limb for?


mutual HELP (neg.)

164     Hands become clean when they washing each other.

165     Both, who lean one upon another, will not fall down.

166     If less perfect creatures exist for the sake of more perfect ones, then more perfect creatures exist for each other.


mutual HELP (exist)

167     I see. It is mutuality. I help you, when you want it. Also you help me, when you want it.


my HELP (pos.)

168     I understand you. A fence’s posts begin rot first of all. Would you like me to be rotten first?

169     They convince that a man, who helps others, helps himself by his behavior, too. But I pester to help myself.      

170               -Are you intend to do something great?

               -Yes. (No.)

               -What is your greatness in your asking a help? (I don’t go to help you in this case.)

171     I’ll wish to help N only if N would passes away.

172     I have nothing against the help for N. Let N will has the aid from physicians, fire brigade, policemen. However, I am not one of them.


HELP oneself (neg.)

173     He helps little that helps not himself.


HELP poor man (pos.)

174     Poor men are most of all. If one person wishes to send to the grave another person, then he demands another person to give help for the greatest number of people.


HELP poor man (rich man) (neg. (pos.))

175     It is easy to help a poor man, harder – an ill one and impossible to help a rich person.


HELP of a poor man (neg.)

176     It is better to turn your blame to another direction. A poor man would help to a rich in order to receive a bottle of wine, but a rich man would prefer to give a bottle of wine in order to deny a poor man’s request about help.   


HELP of a poor man to another one (pos.)

177     A servant never wishes to help to another one.


HELP pugnacious boy (pos.)

178     A helpmate of cook tastes food. What tasty thing would be tasted by the man who helps pugnacious boy?


strange HELP (pos.)

179     Some strange people prop up our wall to fall it on our heads.

180     Somebody else’s equipment is loose or tight or unaccustomed.

181     A lazybones does not close one’s door. He hopes at the wind.

182     What to go to a neighbour to get a corkscrew for?


strange HELP (neg.)

183     One could know about bad quality of one’s eyesight, only if he clothes the spectacles.


HELP strange man (pos.)

184     Go under your roof! You will not be wetted through strange roof.

185     If only a string will be left in the hand, which fed somebody else’s calf.


HELP of useless man (pos.)

186     Nobody props up a birch, even a curved one.


HELP a villain (pos.)

187     He, who treats a black kite, bears the responsibility for its claws.


HELP a wife (exist)

188     What for to push a wife on the floor in order she would has better conditions for picking up fell fork?



189     Yes, a man must stay as a herdsman for some time. But in order he wouldn’t become a brute he must leave his herd at the proper time.


bad HEREDITY (exist) (see also breeding, damage, fate, high birth, influence of


190     They shave smoothly, but shavings are crooked.

191     Well. An egg has a salt taste because of salt hen.

192     They never explain barrenness by bad heredity.

193     Well. A lad fell from a horse because his mother seated him crookedly.


bad HEREDITY (lack)

194     Well. The devil is black because of sunburn. He was born white.


HERESY (neg.)

195     Schizophrenia is an absence of another opinion into a person. And what is worse, it is the lack of place for another opinion.


HERMIT (pos.)

196     Life of a hermit is not the life which is please the God. The God ordered all people to propagate themselves.

197     All people wish to leave a villain tet-a-tet with his conscience.


literary HERO (pos.)

198     Literary heroes rob us. They give unattainable examples, which make aversion for simple good and attainable ones. As a result a man is left with nothing.


poor HERO (neg.)

199     A hero who sleeps on straw is greater than the hero who sleeps on a feather-bed.


HEROISM (pos.) (see also do, excited, exploit, incite, sacrifice)

200     A country, which has no a heroes, is not pitiful. A country is pitiful, when it stands in need of heroes.

201     A country which has not heroes is not pitiful. A country is pitiful, when it stand in need of heroes.


HEROISM of communists (neg.)

202     God’s sake! Don’t speak about heroes of capitalist society. Capitalist people threw atom bombs two times for the sake of to feel themselves as heroes.


mass HEROISM (pos.)

203     A lack of knowledge about danger leads to the mass heroism, too.



204     A vomit is effect of rolling and pitching but not holding one and the same level.

205     Don’t hesitate when you lifting weight.

206     An unsteady tooth is for nothing.

207     He who many times crosses the street is the possible suicide.


HIDE (pos.)

208     Don’t equate a man with the sky or earth, which hides or bears everything.

209     The thing which was hidden in one’s bosom might to get into the high boot.

210     Any shortcoming may be rather forgiven than tricks which hide it.

211     Usually, they hide a fraudulent die.

212     Fire cannot be hidden in flax.


HIDE (neg.)

213     Any mother conceals her baby in her belly until a certain time.

214     One can hear a swine even if it is in the sack.

215     He who loves to hide loves to be tidy.


HIDE (exist)

216     A hidden awl will pricks a man even through a sack.

217     He, who hides himself under the water, shows own ass over the water.

218     If somebody set free gas his trousers couldn’t help him.


to HIDE a daughter-in-law deed (pos.)

219     Even if a daughter-in-law didn’t go out of the house during one year, all people know her deeds.


HIDE for enrichment (neg.)

220     Don’t wait the harvest from shelled seeds.

221     Eggs give more benefit if they lie under wings.


HIDE for a great man (pos.)

222     What to place the lighting into the closed pot for?


HIDE for a great man (neg.)

223     A palm oil is never kept in a transparent bottle.


to HIDE a great thing (pos.)

224     A sea couldn’t be covered by a lid.


HIDE for a rich man (neg.)

225     A trunk which has no a lock has no treasure.


orthodox HIERARCHES (pos.)

226     The orthodox hierarch are able people. They are capable of even to change God’s will. From the beginning they proclaimed that AIDS is the penalty which accords to God’s will. Then they changed this God’s will.


HIGH for an ordinary man (lack)

227     An ordinary man who lives in a poor two–dimensional world couldn’t imagine high things.   


HIGH birth (pos.) (see also outward appearance, equality, excited, fame, genealogy, honor, morals, name, superiority)

228     A bed bug has aristocrat’s blood, too.

229     Why I listen nothing about dynasties of Homer, Dante, Shakespeare and so on?

230     The only true king is the one who became king himself, not being born to the throne.

231     It’s better to leave the world well than come into it well.

232     It’s better to boast of one’s son, than one’s forefathers.

233     A high born man will cease to be considered as such if he does not oppose truly value able men, men who made themselves from nothing.

234     Different pies come from the same oven.

235     Butterflies come forth from caterpillars.

236     One must to be capricious since his childhood that he can defend his privileges during whole life.

237     Those of high birth are foolish as a woman. They only dream of being preserved.

238     High birth is always supported by dishonesty and unfairness, which helps the high born people forget about debts and sins of their ancestors.

239     It is impossible to consider oneself to be high born without some part of the soul, being hard-hearted against others.

240     I know high birth’s people. It is a society of those, who wish to consume without producing, to live without serving, to take offices without carrying them out, to receive honor without deserving it.

241     People worry about washing of the oil-bottle more than the milk-bottle.

242     High birth is a fairytale for adults.

243     Usually, farther plants trees, sun gathers fruits, grandson eradicates trees.

244     If the bride is not beautiful what use is the beauty of her parents?

245     Watermelon has a good upright root, but it creeps.

246     Yes, it’s wonderful to have a noted parentage. But it is better to be the kind of person that nobody wants to ask: “Do you have a notable parentage?”

247     If a person can’t be proud of spiritual development then this man takes pride in christening from birth.

248     The bad generation always put its ancestors at the first place.

249     Any foolish donkey may brag that it was his relative that carried Christ.

250     If, in actuality, to every good father was born a good son, then the pretension of a high born people would not seem so foolish.

251     Yes. Everyone may take a legitimate pride in a dead father. Everyone may take a legitimate pride in burnt goodness, too.

252     It happens that even crows lay white eggs. It happens that even wise men have foolish children.

253     What the nonsense! A dry branch is growing on the healthy tree!

254     The fruitless branch of fruitful tree has no use except as firewood.

255     A ruined merchant still keeps his old accounts for a long time.

256     Better a good cow than a cow of good kind.

257     Every family has a skeleton in the cupboard.


HIGH birth (neg.)

258     It is impossible, to clean water flowing out of dirty pitcher.

259     Swans are not white from bathing.

260     A man of low birth is as a burden-bearing yoke. He rises and falls from any trifle.

261     That which is produced from milk is never worse than that which is produced from water.

262     A width of the wall corresponds the width of the foundation.

263     He, who has blood, which is worse than the dog’s, has a great hatred toward those of high birth.

264     All great trees have great roots.

265     What’s wrong with the way, which helps a person to achieve a grandeur without cunning and violence?

266     A sort of apple corresponds to the sort of its tree.

267     He who keeps his roots receives the great fruit.

268     Why should one, endowed with the ability to create children, depart from the path of virtue if the succession of a good name will be honored?

269     He who likes sour milk stirs the cream over the milk with a dirty spoon.

270     He who distributes boons for high birth is a man, but not an animal.

271     Playing to the genetics is the more advantageous among others. It is not a play with zero sums.

272     That’s bad to be poor or to be without kith or kin. Such person has competition with countless number of those, who are equal to them. On the contrary, a rich man or high-birth man receives a powerful support from a great number of people who seek for the same benefit for themselves.

273     People who are not burdened by high birth and traditions will more easily obey a Hitler.


HIGH birth for a believer (pos.)

274     It is possible you will register Christ as lord for his post.

275     You say that you belong to X’s posterity. And I belong to Adam’s posterity. Your words may be doubtful, but my never may.


HIGH birth of an inhospitable person (exist)

276     A hospitable man has better knowledge about his distant relatives, than the inhospitable one. So, this N has not so high birth.


HIGH birth for an interlocutor (neg.)

277     I understand your hatred against high birth. Foolishness of high-birth person is much more visible.

278     You fear to be prince in order to avoid the defense of principles.


HIGH birth of an interlocutor (pos.)

279     You are like a potato. All of your worth is under the ground.

280     It seems as though you overstrained yourself to be born with such high blood.

281     Yes. High birth has a strong influence. If you were born into a family of herdsman, you would have been herding pigs until now.

282     You chose easiest line of occupation – you put on air of high birth.

283     You are choked with your own tail.

284          -Do you keep childish habit of climbing up trees?


          -Genealogical trees.


HIGH birth for me (pos.)

285     Glory to God! I am not at the dog’s show that I’ll be taken a great interest by genealogy.

286     The amount that my relatives disgrace me is no greater than the amount that I honor them with my virtues.


our HIGH birth (neg.)

287     Among the enemies of our fathers and under, among those who can not be our friends, the majority are those who retaliate against the claim of our high birth.


HIGH birth of an ugly interlocutor (pos.)

288     Well, you have higher birth. You stock is older. The God models it when He had no knack of modeling yet.


HIGH rank (pos.) (see also excited, gratitude, honor, merit, self-seeking, superiority)

289     Once, a donkey was named “uncle” for the sake of doing his work.

290     A man who can’t get the respect of other men needs to have a high rank more than other people.

291     What are the ranks for, if they are being forgotten first of all?

292     The highest rank is the name. People know Newton, not his ranks.

293     It’s interesting. How many times a man must say “Yes” to achieve such a high rank?

294     It is not aware what is better: to knead honey for own chief or to knead shit for own subordinates?

295     If you wish to know how the rank perverts a person then have a look at the high-and-mighty manners of old men who took priority for a long time ago.

296     It is warmer when one is hiding himself in the shadow, than one warming himself near the bonfire.

297     It’s better to drive own car than to govern street traffic.

298     Are you one of those who wish to become well-known person by stepping on someone else?

299     A chief has not friends. He must look at his interlocutor so that interlocutor think about own guilty conscience.

300     What is good to have a great rank? In this case, all favored friends are lazy, who don’t wish to take this high place.

301     In any case, the main superior is an immediate superior.

302     The one who’s let much from above will be asked much, too.


HIGH rank (neg.)

303     To laugh at the high rank is the sole way, which left for a man who did not reach this high position in his life.   

304     High rank is good in any case. If you rule successfully you have glory and honor.

If you rule badly you would get even a saint as the last killed Russian tsar.


HIGH rank for a traitor (pos.)

305     The one who does not love to live on his native place earn the rank easier than other people do.

306     What was your N in the mosque to be somebody at the church?


HIGH station (pos.) (see also equality, fall, greatness, last, merit, minor, notable, priority, secondary, self-seeking, star, superiority) 

307     The one who sits on another is higher.

308     A dead fish appears at the top.

309     An empty ship floats higher.

310     I understand the aspiration for standing on stilts for those who scramble to get out the dirt.

311     The foam is above the beer.

312     A tall palm tree doesn’t give any shade.

313     A tall poplar doesn’t give up fruit.

314     Shit floats on top.

315     A hollow ear stands tall.

316     The higher the mountains, the low their trees.

317     A fruitless branch stands high.

318     Building a tall house is asking for a long fall.

319     A high heel is a fragile one.

320     Nobody is standing long time if he stands on tiptoe.

321     The upper millstone wears first.

322     Fruit, which wish to be useful, don’t stay at the high position.

323     People hung each other at high places.

324     An execution stake is one of the high places.

325     An owner of rich soil is a plain, but not a mountain.

326     A tall mountain is covered only by snow.

327     Very often, people strive to ascend those hills, which have more deep slopes behind them.

328     To climb high ladder – to be unsteady.

329     He, who jumps higher, falls lower.

330     A wish to grow is a child’s dream.

331     It’s better to occupy a position lower your worth and seem more important, than to occupy a position higher your worth and seem unimportant.

332     A picture would be better if sometimes those who climbing up didn’t want to spit down.

333     One climbs in the same position one crawls.

334          -When a monkey climbs up, everyone becomes disgusted at its bare bottom.

          -He, who has indeed disgust by other’s bare bottoms, is the first to climb up.

335     The farther from the top of cane, the sweeter the taste.

336     High reed is used for making a mat, which will use for dirty foot.

337     Burdock is high, but nobody needs it.

338     If you fell high, the chips will hit your eye.

339     Nobody can raise the wave without making a cavity.

340     Gathering strawberry need not a ladder.

341     Better sit on an ass that carries me than on a bull that throws me.

342     The weakest goes to the wall.


HIGH station (neg.)

343     A hen can fly no higher than the roost.

344     True, it isn’t easy to sleep on a pinnacle.

345     Even a fall from a high station is a flight.

346     Cream is always above.

347     It is a dog’s custom – to urinate on the thing, which is higher, than its stature. 

348     The right way is given not to the one who look at the foot, but to the one who is lead by the sun and stars.

349     A silly willow will drown, but not climb a hill.

350     Snow on a mountain’s top has a good taste only for those who are there.

351     An upper crust of bread is the best.

352     Majority of those, who broke one’s hands and legs, don’t have a fall off the tops.

353     The blowing wind is seen better from the top.

354     He who goes upwards is not badly bruised, when he falls. (Hint: He will fall forward. All falling will be shorter. Pain will be less.)

355     The real stars are above, but not in the puddle.

356     The height is unattainable for a stump.

357     There are too many axes for fallen tree.

358     Spiritual fire also aspires upwards.

359     Bridges were made for wise men to go over, and fools to go under.


HIGH station (exist)

360     An ant on a cow’s horn is on its mountain.

361     Very often you see a hill in the distance, but when you come closer you see a plain.

362     The sky never says: “I am tall.”

363     That which is considered to be “tall” or “deep” usually turns out to be useless.

364     Once a pumpkin said to a plane: “I am younger and higher than you!” And the plane answered: “It’s early to compare. We’ll to learn, who is low and who is high when it becomes cold.”


HIGH station (lack)

365     Even a tall man doesn’t grip the sky. Even a low man doesn’t lie on the ground. 

366     A saddle is lower a dog, but above a horse.


HIGH station during a criminal times (pos.)

367     A good man may not to hold a high station in a time, when the impious men have been ennobled.


HIGH station for an interlocutor (neg.)

368     I understand you. A person of crowd damns the pinnacle, where this crowd is not able to take seats.


HIGH station for me (pos.)

369     I am not a pilot to fear the loss of altitude.


HIGH station for me (neg.)

370     There is no need for me to find a lower place. I am not climbing over a fence.

371     I am not a snake it is obliged to creep on the ground.


HINDRANCE against great man (exist) (see also achievement, availability, damage, difficulty, enmity, freedom)

372     A grass is not a hindrance against a wise snake.


HINDRANCE against ordinary man (exist) (see also achievement, availability, damage, difficulty, enmity, freedom)

373     There are the hindrances. They prevent mushroom blossom. They prevent roach hatch its eggs.

374     I see. The furniture trip N up.


HINT (neg.)

375     If you have so delicate feelings then during your presence nobody could speaks even about a cucumber. (It is the hint about ability for copulation.)

376     It always seems to sinner that they tell about him.

377     You resent the man who spits into a keyhole as if he spits in your eye.


HINT (exist)

378     As for primitive man the sunset and thunder storm were the meaning information for him.


take the HINT (pos.)

379     Taking the hint is the dangerous deed. A quick-witted man calls the doctor for you and immediately to send for the coffin and will dig the grave for you.


HIRE (neg.)

380     Rafael, Mikelangelo, Leonardo da Vinchy were hirelings.



381     A love to a history is the love to the gossips. 

382     I know these historians. Many from them wish to find out cost of thirty silver coins today.

383     Well, only a historian may correct a course of history.



384     What can help moral development of a man more than a history? Who knows more patterns of good and bad behavior, than a historian knows?


HISTORY (pos.)

385     Yes. It is interesting to learn multiplication table, which was renovated with each generation.

386     I see. History is the best profession for unlucky power-loving men.

387     History is such falsehood that most people are consented with it.


HISTORY (neg.)

388     The nature gave born people. A life ruins them. Only history revives them.

389     History is the philosophy which built on examples. You don’t respect the philosophy too. Is not it?

390     A painter who paints a picture lives there. What is more wonderful than the journey into an ancient world?


repeating HISTORY (neg., exist)

391     History never repeats, but there is the man who has shortage of money and says “Sorry, the history repeats once again”.


true HISTORY (exist)

392     The year of edition of course of history or making of historical film gives more true information about a historian than this historian gives true information about historical facts.


my rare HOBBY (neg.) (see also uncommon or rare ability, passion, strangeness)

393          (-Your hobby isn’t so interesting for many people.)

          -Majority takes a great interest to read a newspaper, but it does not mean that they have more intellect than those who take a great interest in the same as you have.


HOBBY-MAN (pos.)

394     Hobby-man is an oddity person who likes do that he can’t do.

395     Dilettante would contend from one’s facts that a frost is getting harder when daylight is getting longer.


HOBBY-MAN (neg.)

396     Some persons can’t live without scientific work. Another one reached a little success in it. Who is true scientist from them? I don’t know.

397     Any painter was a dilettante from the beginning.


HOLD (neg.)

398     A stick never breaks at the place, where somebody holds it.

399     Gold sinks always. Don’t leave hold it.

400     The plough goes not well, if the ploughman holds it not.


to HOLD a good luck (neg.)

401     When fortune smiles, embrace her.


HOLIDAY (neg.) (see also celebrate, festivity)

402     You have allergy against holidays. As to bad families, holidays always give rise to claim own right to the others. You have not a sin that you lived in a bad family.



403     It’s easy … Продолжение »

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