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I (neg.)

1     You have a distorted notice. You don’t notice my main grave shortcoming. It is the shortage of money.

2     -You must learn to sew.


     -He who sews can notice own mistakes.

3     I am so good, that I admit my right to have any weak point and error.

4     -Yes, of course, my darling.

     -What does it mean?

     -Excuse me. I confused you with my wife.

5     Hurl more stones to me. My pedestal will to grow in size.

6     Begin your path from your door.

7     Am I bad? It is not my weakness. It is your weak point. The person looks bad when somebody is unable to warrant him.

8     There are no dogs which bark at me today. Now you look worse than the dog.

9     Well, my irreproachable past is not so long. I don’t resemble an old maid.

10     I listen to you. Nobody listen to reproaches with so great patience as the person who deserves to be priced.

11     Well, my value is measured by carats.

12     Don’t worry. We make the same deed. You teach how they must live. I teach how they must not live.

13     May I no kill myself?

14     A wicked dog is more consistent than you. It barks everybody who makes it furious. In contrary you bark only me.

15     Well, I am such man. True noble persons don’t conceal own shortcomings.

16     As to eagle, it feels any blame as the whine from below.

17     I am obliging. I try to correspond to your idea about me.

18     There are people who abuse the God. I couldn’t be better Him.


I for a woman (neg.)

19     I’m not in a brothel to be a success at all women.



20     The less inspiration, the more large iconostasis is a need for praying person.


IDEALIST art (neg.)

21     Every imitative portrayal of the life without idealization becomes the caricature.



22     And the unisexual love arrested your mind. Is not it?

23     A chorus sings harmoniously even by different voices. Frogs give a bad croak even by identical voices.

24     A hen-house must not be as the palace. And a palace must not be use as a hen-house.

25     A ball is identical on any side. However it receives hits from all of them.

26     Two identical millstones can’t produce a good meal.

27     No dish pleases all palates alike.



28     Do you disdain pyramids because of their identity?

29     Most of all, ears suffer from the deafening bazaar dissonance.

30     Foolish things have greatest differences.


IDENTITY (exist)

31     Only wet buttocks have identical imprints.

32     A truth which is the truth during the sunlight may become the lie during the moonlit night.

33     They writing differently even about one and the same dog.



34     Well, they are not situated in the same row, but they are situated in the same flock.


IDENTITY of advices (pos.)

35     Once two men asked Confutzee, “Is it good to take an advice right away?” He answered, “Yes” for one and “No” for another one. Then they accuse him of contradiction. Then he answered, “There is not a single advice. The first is sluggish. He needs to be hurry on. The second is hurried. He needs to be suppressed.


IDENTITY of causes (exist)

36     The dog wags because of its amicability. The cat wags because of its fury.


IDENTITY of colours (pos.)

37     The silver lies against a white background. Is it good?


IDENTITY of colours (neg.)

38     What the blue and red colours on the wheaten field for?


IDENTITY of consequences (exist)

39     The same rain wetting somebody, washing another one, cooling the third one and soiling the fourth one.

40     Eggs give birth to birds, crocodiles and tortoises.

41     The same fish-hook takes out different fish.


IDENTITY of consequences (lack)

42     A swine grunts in the same way during kicking or stroking.

43     Throw about a cat, it will fall on pads.

44     A dried thing and wet one both burn in the conflagration.


IDENTITY of deeds (pos.)

45     It is all the same to you, whether it would be the machine-gun or the home-brew. You wish the same. You wish to be falling off your feet.

46     He should not treat his father by the same way that he treats his son.

47     They don’t draw a man out from the roof at the same manner like from the well.


IDENTITY of deeds (exist)

48     Sleeping with mothers of each other is not identical deeds as to a father and his son.

49     A wind is the enemy for the candle, but it is the friend for the fire which burn to ashes forest.

50     Even a shingle bounces off another one on diverse side every time.


IDENTITY of deeds (lack)

51     They don’t sow a pea under a stove even if they live over a sea.

52     Everybody chews by lower jaw.


IDENTITY of enemies (lack)

53     As for a normal person, the pederasts and gues is the same. Of course the pederast and gues tell about their differences.


IDENTITY with the enemy (pos.)

54     If my enemy has white clothes then I would feel comfort even into black one.


IDENTITY of outward appearance of relatives (pos.)

55     I don’t worry we have not the same faces like matreshkas.


IDENTITY of outward appearance of relatives (neg.)

56     I am not a dog. I couldn’t be glad for dog’s ability for great number of varieties.


IDENTITY of persons (pos.)

57     If there is an identity of persons then there is no freedom. If there is a freedom then there is no an identity of persons.


IDENTITY of related things (lack)

58     If hands are hairy, then legs are hairy, too.


IDENTITY of Russian with a Jew (exist)

59     I know tattooed Russians. But I don’t know even one Russian who annihilated tattooed words “I remember my mother” for the sake of own benefit. Only Jew Josef Cobzon could do it.


IDENTITY of a small thing with a big one (exist)

60     Sprot in a tomato is not the cartilaginous fish.


IDENTITY of taste (pos.)

61     If all birds would like figs then people wouldn’t eat it or shoot down all birds.


IDENTITY of women (lack)

62     There is a great difference between women. Some of them spoil your life. Others worry you only.

63     The women are different. Some of them measure the happiness by quantity of money, the others – by quantity of inches.


IDENTITY of women (men) (exist)

64     It is not truth that all women (men) are identical. Actually, you select them by identical way. Stop select one and the same. It is the sign of your foolishness.


IDLENESS (pos.) (see also agility, effort, laziness, work)

65     Working man has one good temptation – to have a rest. An idle man has thousand bad temptations.

66     Yes. An idle man lives well. He has more luck to catch thieves when they try to steal his feather bed, where he lying without getting up.



67     I know a way of appearing industrious people. The hardest work is animosity. He who has animosity to everything becomes industrious man willy-nilly.

68     Hardworking people are the most harmful. If they are indignant at something then all works they do will stop. But the work will be continued as well as usual in the case when lazy people are indignant.

69     The lack of working is a good organized business.


IDLENESS for a believer (neg.)

70     Devil has no idleness.


IDLENESS for happy life (neg.)

71     An idle bird survives even in the cage.

72     Even an idle fellow will find his coconut palm.

73     An idler always has possibility to make up for malnutrition by sleeping.


IDLENESS of N (exist)

74     You are blind. On the cell’s level N is very busy.


IDLENESS for an ordinary man (pos.)

75     The idle people are so foolish that they can’t understand their likeness with the thieves.


IDOL (neg.) (see also cult, religion)

76     The overthrow of idols brings about a sort of malicious pleasure to those who have the same sins but haven’t the same virtues.

77     I am not a liar who overthrows idols to take their place.


IF (pos.)

78     Stand your “if” on the next one as the footstep and you could to reach the sky.

79     Well, if a sky would fell on the grass you would caught many birds.

80     If a man wishes become weak, he begin to think with many “if”.


IF (neg.)

81     Everyone has rights relating to asylum.



82     I know this imagination. It’s the thing which makes the fly similar to the elephant and the God similar to a man.


IMITATE (pos.)

83     What for to be like the child, who wish to become a priest, when he looks a religious procession and wish to become a soldier, when he looks a military parade?

84     They don’t use any song for dancing.

85     -Do you know, what means “to imitate wisely”?

     -What it means?

     -It is when a preacher imitates another one. It is when an anchorite imitates another one. Other accordance would be wrong.

86     A flatterer imitates best of all.

87     Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.


IMITATE (neg.)

88     An imitation helps to understand the value of the original.


IMITATE (lack)

89     When one finger bending, another ones begin to bend themselves, too.


IMITATE a chief (pos.)

90     It is pitiful consolation to twist moustache in a lordly manner.

91     A bondman likes to sit on the master’s place.


a great man IMITATES an ordinary man (pos.)

92     Why should an hour-hand to overtake the minute’s one?

93     I see. A small head fits into a mask for imitation freely.

94     If a tiger would go down to the flat country then he will be attacked by the dogs right away.        

95     A tiger and deer never walk at the same path.


an interlocutor IMITATES (pos.)

96     Well, if a child cannot imitate the others then he will be an outist. You are not the

outist, but you are like a child still.


IMITATE another man (pos.)

97     If Shekspeer made the success with women then it is not means that every male must to learn English.



98     N is not so old. An imitation goes out slowly in according of age.


IMITATE the nature (pos.)

99     Flap wings! Other persons will fly by aircraft.


an ordinary man IMITATES (pos.)

100     He who hasn’t own talent imitates somebody else.

101     If a dog wagged its tail then another one wishes to do the same act.


an ordinary man IMITATES (neg.)

102     It is better to imitate great man than to be envy or doing nothing.


IMITATE rich man (pos.) (see also follow)

103     Poor man’s imitation to a rich one is the same silly act as sick man’s imitation to a healthy one.


IMITATE wife’s virtues (pos.)

104     He who imitates wife’s virtues to call own mother by mother-in-law.



105     Imitator is the person who salts the dish once again.



106     A curved hole has the curved spigot.


strange IMMIGRANT (pos.)

107     A worker may has the good life without another one. A capitalist cannot has the good life without cheap workers.


IMPORTANCE (pos.) (see also outward appearance, conceit, fame, greatness, high, majesty, stateliness)

108     It is pleasant to be important, but it is much more important to be pleasant.

109     If a person is really confident in his importance, he won’t put on air.

110     Self-importance is the shield of fool.

111     An important person is the weak paltry person, too. He also thinks that he has the right to get irritated because any cause. He has the right to leave any unpleasant place.

112     Every aggression have the foregoing as importance of something or somebody.


IMPORTANCE of all (exist)

113     It is not the science where every thing is important.


my IMPORTANCE (neg.)

114     I may put on airs for a while. I don’t feel sick as you do.



115     Do you work the fig-leaf?

116     It is easier to give own ass for a bore than to explain that it is repugnant to him.



117     I understand you. There is the spring! You are in a good mood. Easter will be soon. Suddenly your children came to you and whimper, “Put New-Year’s tree out! Put New-Year’s tree out!”

118     I thank importunity. It helps me to distinguish the fool.


IMPRESS (pos.)

119     To carry away, to lure away, to entice away are an aims of prostitutes or democrats but not aristocrats.


long IMPRISONMENT (pos., neg.)

120      If the difference between a free life and an imprisonment is not great then judges condemn to a long imprisonment.


IMPROVEMENT (pos.) (see also best, care, gain, quality)

121     There is no so much debris for leveling each earth’s hollow.

122     Making expensive fish-soup with a cheap fish is the fraud of the people.

123     There is no condiment for bitter stuff.

124     A pair of spectacles can’t help squint-eyed.

125     An adult can go with broken footwear even during a rain. And a child will fill even waterproof boots by water.

126     Package wouldn’t get easier owing to press in any side.

127     To hit or to stroke? It couldn’t care. The soot would keep black.

128     The weaker cold, the stronger wind.

129     A rowan couldn’t get sweeter even after watering rowan-tree by the milk with honey.

130     The brighter light, the darker night.

131     Many improvements resemble the wish to buy costly medicine, instead of, usual washing handkerchief.

132     In some countries cars rode on the footpath and slowly went round every pedestrian. Pedestrians were scared by cars and widened their roads. Cars began speed along on two rows without paying attention to the pedestrians.

133     Nobody votes oneself villain. All wish only good things. Nothing else is left, but all deteriorations were the result of improvements.

134     They may attain perfection rather during the building of a new house, but not by rebuilding of an old one.



135     If a man didn’t wish to be responsible he offers nothing improvement.



136     Sharpened thing can’t be sharp long time.

137     Right! Today’s life has already become better than it could be tomorrow.

138     Wolf can cast its coat but it can’t change its habit.


IMPROVEMENT for all men (exist)

139     There is an improvement hands of both players in cards only till the moment, when one of them will be a “fool”.


IMPROVEMENT of arms (neg.)

140     Only an improvement of arms leads to destruction of either kind of foolish mode of life.


IMPROVEMENT of good thing (pos.)

141     Any good thing may be destroyed by the permanent improvement.

142     Brilliant would be rather broken than improved.


IMPROVEMENT of good thing for an interlocutor (pos.)

143     You would paint even peacock’s train.

144     Do you like cooking from chewed food?


IMPROVEMENT of health (exist)

145     There is an improvement of health today. The death became one day nearer.


IMPROVEMENT of interlocutor (pos.)

146     Do you like to put straight hats of drunkards?

147     Would you like to correct lavatory’s inscriptions?

148          -Have you something in addition?

          -No, I have not.

          -I trust only the wise improver, who reports the whole list of deteriorations, which will come into existence because of the improvement.

149     When I want to hide some my intentions I offer some “improvement”, too.


IMPROVEMENT of a last man (pos.)

150     He who goes in a tail of column doesn’t need Eau-de-Cologne.


IMPROVEMENT for an ordinary man (neg.)

151     A wise man changes his mind, a fool never.


outstanding IMPROVEMENT (pos.)

152     There is no cleaning teeth by emery.


IMPROVEMENT of mutual relation (pos.)

153     Allow me to imagine you as the dead man in order to receive better opinion about living you.


IMPROVEMENT of secondary thing (pos.)

154     Nobody varnish broke knife’s handle.


tardy IMPROVEMENT (pos.)

155     Come to the surface late mean, come to the surface dead.


IMPROVEMENT in time (pos.)

156     If a crow never flies up to clouds at present, so it won’t fly there in old age.

157     Yes. Bananas would grow better looking after their rest after ship’s tossing.


IMPROVEMENT for a woman (pos.)

158     A cow wouldn’t give condensed milk even after watering her by sweet water.


IMPUDENCE of an atheist (lack)

159     An unbeliever who aspirates to be like the God develops his own impudence.


IMPUDENCE of a poor man (neg.) (see also breeding, order, wisdom)

160     Usually, any modest wish of the rich is more impudent than any impudent pretension of the poor.

161     Sometimes, impudence is the last chance to survive. Take you a dislike to such a vital power?


IMPUDENCE against slyness (neg.)

162     Any slyness contains impudence. So, it is good to struggle against impudence with the help of impudence, too.


IMPUDENCE of subordinate (exist)

163     Any modest wish of chief is more impudent than any impudent pretension of subordinate.


INACTIVITY (pos.) (see also act, agility, mobility, peace, repose, rest)

164     Inaction deprives of assurance.

165     I understand you. The hardened dirt ceases to be dirty. An immovable dust ceases to be the dust.



166     A man who had warm oneself doesn’t have necessary for jumping.

167     A bitch scratches itself when it has fleas.


INACTIVITY for a great man (pos.)

168     Footprints on the sand of time are not made by sitting down.


ordinary man’s INCITE to do something (pos.) (see also achievement, availability, beginning, do, excited, exploit, follow, heroism, high, hindrance)

169     A lame man said: “Run together!”


variable INCOME of betrothed (neg.) 

170     An invariable income is pension. Who wishes to put off a wedding-day till pension time?


INCORRUPTIBILITY (pos.) (see also backstairs, bribery, gratitude, honesty)

171     What to be incorruptible like the death for?



172     If nobody was in need of some person then this person has a great temptation to brag about one’s incorruptibility.


INCREASE (pos.) (see also big, expansion, extension, few, influence of quantity, little by little, many)

173     Those, who don’t have skills, try to find luck in increase of ledger bait.

174     Even the penis becomes useless if it is so great. Even the vagina becomes unattractive if it would be increased.


INCREASE (exist)

175     They talking about an increase of the day’s time rather in January than in the spring.


INCREASE of a faith (pos.)

176     Increasing a faith in the God is foolish. In accord with this increasing a person must feels that his knowledge about the God decreases.


INCREASE of force (lack)

177     If a man couldn’t moves a stone in his five years and in twenty years then it is not means that he had no an increase of force.


INCREASE X for increasing Y (pos.)

178     An increase of the post-natal length of service for the mother, leads to an increase rather difference between age of children than an increase of quantity of children.



179     Independence is the foolishness. It is the permanent denial of everybody except oneself.

180     There is no good accord, where every man would be a lord.

181     A self-dependent potato will scramble out.


INDEPENDENCE of a great man (exist)

182     A tall tree bends in any winds.



183     If a conscience is the kind of passion then indifference is the kind of the lack of conscience.

184     The indifference to an intercourse is the same as the impotence to a love.



185     Breathe equally! So, you would spoil air some less.



186     Only mad man doesn’t see the wholesome indifference to himself.


INDIFFERENCE of a male (neg.)

187     A woman, who expects and uses male’s passion from any male, damns the male who is indifferent to her.


INDIFFERENCE for me (pos.)

188     I am not so perverted and ill that I obtain delight from indifference. Even if I would be so perverted or ill, I am not so lying and foolish that I had said there is no enjoyment from indifference.

189     The indifference is the kind of unbelief to oneself.



190     I am just. Everyone is just when he has no interest.


INDIFFERENCE for success (neg.)

191     An indifferent drop reaches its aim with more exactness than an excited spit.


INDIFFERENCE of a young man (pos.)

192     Firstly, it is necessary to have the despair and disillusionment in order to have the delight with indifference.


be INDIGNANT with the GOD (pos.)

193     When a foolishness of the person spoils his fate he begin to be indignant with the God.



194     They never cut out a coat with the help of shadow.

195     A shadow is not the true height.

196     They draw a cow when they look at the cow, but not when they look at a cutlet.

197     They look for the hotel by its name but not by the sign of “Entrance”.

198     I don’t like to use “thirty minus ten” instead of twenty.

199     If a cat sits near to the petrol’s barrel, there is no necessary to think that milk is there.



200     They may estimate the cow even by its cutlet.

201     It is possible to state the value of a palace even by its lavatory.

202     The heart’s letter is read in the eyes.

203     Set a thief to catch a thief.


INDIRECT for a male (neg.)

204     The man who does not give value to indirect signs has children of different patronymics.



205     If every piano’s key will rings own “I” without concordant harmonious sequence then the piano in general will be dumped.

206     Individualism include disregard of ancestors’ will and rights.

207     Individualist must hasn't interest to deeds of the others. So, there is some shortcoming. So, an individualist never could be termed as the valuable man.

208     He who wishes to be an individualist indeed must contend that he is sufficient for himself. But it is foolishness.


INFERIORITY of majority (neg.)

209     -A care of rights of minority and concessions for it demonstrate a maturity of State and maturity of person.

     -I never met more Jewish and pederastical point of view than this one.

210     Minority always has more solidarity and persistence than majority. Therefore let majority will be inferior.



211     Don’t spit too. Remember the Flood.



212     As for State, zero inflation like 35C for man’s body.


INFLEXIBILITY for a great man (neg.) (see also do, pliability)

213     Once, an oak argued against a reed: “Who would be gained over the wind?” The reed bent down oneself and stood one’s ground. An oak tried to hold oneself up right and was torn up with its roots.


INFLUENCE of beauty (exist)

214     Beauty is potent but money is omnipotent.


INFLUENCE of beauty (lack)

215     One hair of a woman draws more than a hundred yoke of oxen.


INFLUENCE of the beginning (exist) (see also begin)

216     A foreleg doesn’t hamper the hind leg.

217     A bad breakfast may be substitute by a good dinner.

218     Sweet melon has bitter creeping tops.

219     There is a scanty spring. There is an abundant autumn.

220     Good harrowing has more influence than bad plough.

221     “It seems that O.K. in the meanwhile”, said a man falling past nineteenth floor of twenty-storey house.

222     Even most unhappy families can tell that they had a good beginning.

223     A foul morning may turn to a fair day.


INFLUENCE of the beginning (lack)

224     A curved tree became curved from its root.

225     A thorn grows acute from the very outset.

226     Baking is not good if the oven is stoked badly.

227     Cowboy must take at the horns of bull. He couldn’t hold the bull by its tail.

228     A good year for the crops has a beginning since the spring.

229     A tree, which was planted badly, will dry up.

230     If first week gave tenfold drop of production and two weeks gave hundred-fold drop, then it doesn’t mean that second week had more influence.

231     First impressing is the most lasting.

232     If the first pages of a book are bad then it is not means that the next pages will be better.

233     It is better to take care about roots. There are no weeds without their roots.


INFLUENCE of a conditions (exist) (see also availability, do, fate, freedom, help, hindrance, merit, opportunity, prepare) 

234     An eagle flies at non-flying weather, too.

235     The bed is not to be abused for sterility.

236     The empty shell wouldn’t be germinated even with rain season.

237     Circumstances are a more or less convenient ground for a man to do the things he wants.

238     Lemonade is made out of a lemon that distorts one’s face.

239     There is no bad weather. There are bad clothes.

240     Bad play gives actor an opportunity to show the best one’s skill.

241     A good sailor has no trembling foots on trembling water.

242     You are rather bad. A sea fish is better than you. It is never salted because of sea water.


INFLUENCE of a conditions (lack)

243     He is just a fool who waits an appearance of straight snake from the curved split.

244     A sailing vessel adapt oneself to the winds but not the wrong way round.

245     There is dependence from the mountains in the mountainous country and from the water on the water.

246     Animals correspond with the forest. Customs correspond with a time.

247     Age is more influential ruler than the king.

248     Aircraft is in need of flying weather and kerosene also, but not only own wings.

249     Don’t seek else’s herd for oneself. Seek a grass for own herd.

250     Even a great tree that stays in the valley, shall never get over a small bush on the hill.

251     Standing pools gather filth.


INFLUENCE of family (lack) (see also name)

252     Russian runners Borzov and Borzakowsky were the sprint Olympic champions. (Hint: Russian word “borso” means “high-speed”)


How to have an INFLUENCE on you?

253     -An influence on a man is in proportion with the love to the man.

254     -Happy people are incorrigible.

255     -He who has the same part of nonsense asks tax inspector, “How I can evade the taxation?”


INFLUENCE of insignificant thing (exist) (see also account, concession)

256     A centipede doesn’t limp, because of, one leg.

257     Don’t whiten your rooms. They would become so smaller.

258     You could feel pregnant even after swallowing cherry’s stone.

259          -Do you know why Napoleon dismissed great mathematician Laplace from the post of Minister of Foreign affairs?


          -Because of introduction of spirit of infinitesimal quantity to State service.


INFLUENCE of insignificant thing (lack)

260     There are stripes, which have more expensive than a suit.

261      Trouble about hummocks! Hills will remind of themselves on one’s own.

262     You couldn’t wave away a gnat even with two hands.

263     Small hair could disturb an eye, too.

264     A large trunk could be unlocked with a small key.

265     A small bird has sharper claws.

266     Even a small axe brings down a big tree.

267    A small needle pricks badly.

268    Even a small sore doesn’t allow sit.

269    An atom has the greatest power.

270    They can pull down a high wall beginning with a small corner.

271    A heavy stone may be raised by thin wedge.

272    A small bug reek at whole room.

273    Big stones are cementing by small ones.

274    Even a small stone can break a big one.

275    The last straw breaks camel’s back.

276    A small rudder directs a ship.

277    An egg size light wins mountain size darkness.

278    Well, wine of small wineglasses is harmless in any amount.

279    If a drop of cognac cost nothing then two hundred drops already cost something.

280    Even a dripping tap can fill a bath.

281    Even a spider’s web strengthens wine barrels. It protects them against wood-borers.

282     One may see truth at a little hole.

283     Small rain lays great dust.

284     Great weights hang on small hook.

285     No viper so little, but has its venom.


INFLUENCE against majority (lack)

286     Not only the stray sheep may be turned but the big herd may be turned, too.


INFLUENCE of the mother (pos., lack)

287     The young pig grunts like the old sow.


INFLUENCE of a name (exist) (see also name

288     A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.


INFLUENCE of a name (lack) 

289     Jesus became conceited Savior because of his name. And he became Him for many people. (Hint: Jew’s name “Jesus” means “savior”. Some person became conceited: “I am the savior” and became “Our Savior” for many people.)

290     Any tripod has just three feet. There is no some more or some less.

291     Russian writer Harms was shot in Russia. A harm harmed Harms.


INFLUENCE of one (lack) (see also one)

292     If you shake one branch the others will swing also.


INFLUENCE of parents (lack)

293     Everyone uses the shoes of their own parents.

294     Two apples from the same tree don’t fall far apart.

295          -The impression on an envelope corresponds to the stamp, which made of it.

          -But exactly opposite.

296     No good apple on a sour stock.


INFLUENCE of the past (lack)

297     Today is the scholar of yesterday.


INFLUENCE of quantity (exist) (see also many)

298    Even two singers couldn’t sing a song quicker.


State’s INFLUENCE (neg.)

299     The most long-term investments are given only by parents and the State.



300     Any information always have some form which is not the essence of the matter.


INGRATITUDE for an interlocutor (neg.)

301     I feel that it’s vain you haven’t taken receipts for your good deeds.


INHERITANCE (pos.) (see also consider, gift, give)

302    What is inheritance for? A stupid young man will waste it. A clever one will amass a good for himself.

303    The more old riches have the less reasonable face.



304    A useless beast doesn’t leave even one skin for native house.


INHERITANCE from living man (neg.)

305    Unlike pigs cows and sheep are valued for what they give during their life.



306     Let every sheep hang by his own shank.


INITIATIVE of subordinate (pos.)

307     They never bring water to a mill from lower rank.


INJECTION into an ass (neg.)

308     Drink water from a glass, in order to be sure, that your ass has no the big gap.


INQUIRE (neg.)

309     A moneyless man goes fast through the market.


INSIDIOUSNESS of Islam (lack)

310     Somebody crossed the threshold just now. He cannot examine all treasure-house yet. However, the door is already closed by mortal prohibitive bans. What are these words about? These words are about Islam.



311     Inspirers worry people. If they begin play marches then people must wait a war.


INSPIRATION thanks to a woman (pos.)

312     Well, a woman may inspires man for many great deeds if she would promised to learn words and shout “I am a fool” from a balcony.



313     I imagine you. You wish to play N’s feelings like a small ball. But you hold racket by both hands and hit from above.


INSTIGATE me (male) (pos.)

314     You stopped to distinguish the male and woman by this time. You try to play my feelings.

315     This thrown down the gauntlet has not my size.


INSTIGATE me to a dangerous deed (pos.)

316     I know nobody had a dying before his death-hour. However, allow me to wait my death-hour. Then I’ll begin to do it.


INSTRUCTION of genius (pos.)

317     A genius is the bad tether. He cannot explain skills of genius which were received him from nature for nothing.



318     A harness doesn’t bring luck to horse.

319     One ground an axe in a morning and sets a saw afternoon and had not work in evening because of his tiredness.



320    It is better to make a net than to dive for fish by oneself.

321    He is a fool that makes a hammer of his fist.


bad INSTRUMENT (pos.)

322     They never mow down a grass by a stick.


harmful INSTRUMENT for me (neg.)

323     I am not a photographer to make harm by only a finger.


INSULT of eyes (lack)

324     There is not only an assault and battery or contumely, but also an insult of eyes.


to INSULT a rich man (neg.) (see also cruelty, defense, enmity, fear, guard)

325    The hand, which has gold ring produce more painful slap at the face.


to INSULT a subordinate (pos.)

326     He, who wishes to cause damage to the work, employs insulted man on it.


INTELLECT (pos.) (see also foolishness)  

327    An intelligent person is not good for almost all deeds. He is grieved sweeping, washing and many another pursuits.


INTELLECT (pos., neg.)

328     Real intellect can hide itself.



329     Somebody talks about someone’s intellect only if he has a good knowledge about own foolishness.


INTELLECT of a great man (neg.)

330     A fool never knows a clever man by own mind because he has never been clever man.

331     Clever man has a right for any doing.

332    Sorry, but it is impossible to become so intellectual man that fools will understand him.


INTELLECT of a poor man (pos.) (see also wisdom)

333     If N is so clever, why doesn’t he work only for himself?

334    If N is so clever, why he got so “much” money?

335    The poor are more stupid. Praise them and they will ready to lay themselves out. The rich are more indifferent to appraisal.


INTELLECT of a poor man (lack)

336    The more a mind, the less other things.


INTELLECT of a rich man (pos.) (see also wisdom)

337     The rich are clever. They are thinking even when they defecate. Otherwise others would be hired for defecation.

338     He who doesn’t disturb the others has greater success. Mediocre people seldom disturb anybody. 

339     If we consider that scholars are low paid for the reason that the crooks shouldn’t be longing to become scholars, consequently there are no clever people among the rich.

340     A rich man’s question “Would you eat?” is the main proof of the folly of even most clever and kind rich man.

341     Rich man is not so clever. He can’t understand something that is more than profit.

342     I see. The rich men are clever and more equitable than other people. When they hearing the words “I am cold”, only they can give a thoughtful and wise answer, “The winter exists to be cold”.


INTELLECT of rich man (neg.)

343     A poor man works by hands. A rich man works by eyes. A clever man works by brain. A rich man is more alike clever one.



344     Intellectual is a person who has capacity for render tribute for own convictions. And what is your pay for your convictions?



345     If an elk attacked metal craftsman then it is not means that an elk chose a metal craftsman.



346     The firewood never catches fire without arson.


evil INTENTION of the fool (exist)

347     The most evil intent is the looking for evil intent into foolishness.


evil INTENTION against an interlocutor (exist)

348     You are the man who believes in the malicious obstruction of lavatory pain. Is not it?


covert INTENTION (lack)

349     A covert intention hides oneself under the well-known reasoning deepest of all.



350     A tired right hand would have more effective rest, if you will work by left one instead of lying.



351     The door-handle is the accumulator of infections.



352     If a society is not enough broad then obstinacy makes one’s appearance.


INTERCOURSE with a great man (pos.) (see also frankness, nearness, open-hearted, society)

353     The dark candle will be melted near the lighting ones, but it will not become shining.

354     The deeper man realizes own value, the more parcels of frontier between him and society he wishes to enclose by the walls.


INTERCOURSE with a great man (neg.)

355     He who doesn’t think about influential connections wouldn’t possess good knowledge about people and life.

356     Ordinary sesame oil, which will be united with violets or roses, is called violaceous oil or attar of roses already.


INTERCOURSE for an interlocutor (pos.)

357     Do you like to sit down on somebody else’s brain time after time?

358     A man is the best medicine for another one. Thus, I see that you are a sick man.


INTERCOURSE for me (pos.)

359     I like sociable person too, because they come off me.


INTERCOURSE with an ordinary man (pos.) (see also listen, solitude)

360     An intercourse of the light with the dark is impossible.

361     There is no good life for a throng on the top.

362     Any society demand sacrifices for itself. The greater person, the greater and unbearable sacrifices will be demanded.

363     A society demands an adaptation and a disparagement of man. The more society, the more vulgar and lower its properties.

364     A society has unacceptable law for worthy man. Any great thing is always destroyed by it’s mixing with the ordinary one.


INTERCOURSE with an ordinary man (neg.)

365     He, who becomes nobody among a society, begin to avoid it.

366     He who wishes to rule logs gathers them to the raft.

367     The sun lights up rubbish heap, but it doesn’t become dirty.

368     A doctor has intercourse with patients, too.

369     Every year is a dialogue between the light and the dark.


INTERCOURSE for ordinary men (pos.) (see also society)

370     Bubbles gather the spume.

371     Well. Garrulity is the best way for adaptation of fool to the surroundings.

372     Fools are the most sociable people. It is easy for them to endure any other men in a society than to endure themselves in isolation.


INTERCOURSE with a bad priest (neg.)

373     One may takes penicelinum even from the bad doctor.


INTERCOURSE with a rich man (pos.) (see also friendship, listen, nearness)

374     He who looked at king’s palace may wish to burn out own house when he will return there.

375     It is better to seat on the place of honor in the poor man’s house, than to seat on the very last seat in the rich man’s house.



376     A clamp of nose entails opening mouth.

377     Most of all they steal during demonstrative execution of a thief.

378     A hunger cannot wean a bird from skill of flying.



379     It is impossible to go to the red light signals time after time and survive long time.

380     I prefer to read “No entrance”, than “No outlet”.

381     A forbidden fruit never taste bitter.



382     Interdictions belongs rather the paradise.

383     There is a crossing across any river.



384     They must ask the permission for entrance even if the door is unlocked.


INTERDICTION of a chief (pos.)

385     When zealous chief orders the path to be dug over again, two new paths appear to the left and to the right of it.


INTERDICTION against dangerous thing (pos.)

386     All things may be burnt in air. But it does not mean that air must be interdicted.


INTERDICTION for enrichment (pos.)

387     An interdiction is alike a dam w… Продолжение »

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