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1     A jealousy is the ability to do harm to oneself before to do harm to somebody.

2     An inability to forgive something can’t be considered as the love.


3     I prefer to be an egoist in love than in another thing.

4     They absolving jealousy, but the lack of jealousy have not absolution.

5     A man in love is always jealous.


JESTER (exist)

6     A jester is the man who carries to an absurdity own thought and call “jester” to others.


cccccccccccccccccccccc   CENSORship

JEW (pos.)

7     Jews are able to use art and commerce splendidly. Moreover they can add art to commerce and commerce to art.

8     Every Jew must learn seven virtues of thief from the Cabbalah.

9     Jews are unscrupulous. They want a fulfillment of their wishes from the Wall of weeping which is the part of Irod’s temple. Morals of Irod is not interesting for them.

10     Criminals, Jews and believers divide people into a good their own and a bad strange ones by the severest way.

11     -I hate all Jews and fishermen.

     -Why you hate fishermen?

     -So, it is! The first point has not objection.


JEW (neg.)

12     The most terrible blow against hostility for Jews is to stop considering, that you are more fool, than they.

13     Give the right to have one’s own scoundrels to each nation!

14     Love your native land like Jews love Jerusalem. Then you will have less causes of envy to Jews.


JEW humorist (pos.)

15     Well, Jews are very humorous. They think that people are boring without them.


Are you JEW?

16     I don’t the person who consider not Jew as second-quality man.


JEWHOOD by Jewish name (exist)

17     In this manner Isaakovsky cathedral of Petersburg would be the synagogue.


JOIN (pos.) (see also unity)

18     There is “The cabin (hut, hovel, shack, shanty, home) of ankle Tom Soyer”.

19     They never sew sleeves to a blanket.

20     Don’t interbreed a hen with a watermelon. You will have an egg with stones.

21     -Pouring of water on the head is not dangerously. Is not it?


     -Pouring of pounded clay is not dangerously, too. Is not it?


     -The sun is not dangerously, too. However, if you mixed the clay with water and dried this mixture then the brick can to break a head.


JOIN bad things (pos.)

22     It is enough that the taste is unsavory! What add the stink also for?


JOIN best things (pos.)

23     Would you paint a bear with green color and chop off its paw if you like a bear, green color and number three?


JOIN different things (pos.)

24     They never tie up a bouquet together with chips.

25     Tea can not be improved by coffee.

26      Nobody boils meat and fish together.


JOIN different things (neg.)

27     A rag plus a stick are equal the banner.


to JOIN great things (pos.)

28     Joining of red, black and white sands create greyly ones.


to JOIN great thing with ordinary ones (pos.) (see also participation)

29     What to smear cream cake with the jam for?

30     Water and butter are never mixed.

31     Think! Would you wish to have soup and flies each taken separately?


JOIN identical things (pos.)

32     It is impossible to see anything through joined pieces of glass.

33     Standing one plate on another one means double more washing of their planes.


JOIN identical things (neg.)

34     Hands warm each other.

35     Teeth can bite only when they are together.

36     He who doesn’t place one dirty plate on another one will be tired by going time after time to the sink.

37     A tied besom has no breaking.


JOIN for quickness (pos.)

38     A bull will goes by steps even if it would be yoked together with a horse.


JOIN small things (pos.) (see also small)

39     A patchwork quilt is not better than the whole one.


to JOIN spiritual thing with corporeal ones (pos.)

40     The most successful joining of the soul with the body is going to the jog-trot along the cemetery.


JOKE (pos.)

41     One butts with a ram jokingly. Soon he began touch his crashed head.

42     It is better to have no wit than to have the shortcoming of it.

43     He who splashes water on an oars-man will be struck by oar.

44     A not serious perception of life is the resent for an enemy.

45     A daily joking doesn’t lead to the heroic deed.

46     Usually, a joke cannot give the chance to prepossess enemy. Very often a joke give the chance to lose the friend.


JOKE (neg.)

47     There are jokes that a clerk vicar has right to has only a smile, a bishop has right to laugh and a cardinal has right to put in an own word. What is your rank?

48     The truth which was said by joke reaches somebody’s mind in the best manner.

49     If you have no the sense of humour then I wish you must have feeling that you have no the sense of humour.

50     A knack of joke is the knack of notice in accuracy of reasoning.

51     A distinguishing feature of villains is the dislike for jokes.


old JOKE (pos.)

52     This joke was verified by many generations.


reiterated JOKE (neg.)

53     A reiterated joke is the truth.


JOKE for Russia (pos.)

54     The Russia had the greatest development at thirtieth years of twentieth century when everyone may be punished for the joke.


JOKE of young man (pos.)

55     He who was a wag at his youth will be an idle talker at his old age.


JOKER (pos.)

56     I know these jokers. Nobody will love things which were derided at.



57     Journalist is the same prostitute. The lower crowd’s wish met with him, the greater crowd, the higher his rating. So, he doesn’t wish to write about some facts, about men bitten by the dog. He is waiting impatiently to write about the fact that some men bit the dog.

58     Well. People are much obliged to the journalists. People learnt the lord George’s death just from the journalists, even if they don’t know about a lord George’s life earlier.           

59     Well, journalists help to have an idea about a sculptor, but by his regards for his wife; about a painter, but by value of his fee; about a poet, but by the colour of his necktie.

60     Guns will not shoot till journalists evoked war by making war prophecies.



61     A good doctor can treat some persons. Good journalist can treat whole society.

62     The fourth power is alike the first three.


a rich JOURNALIST (pos.)

63     They give great money to a journalist not because they delighted by his talent, but for the sake of his delight to somebody or something.      


JOURNEY (pos.)

64     The good traveler is rather the person who read many books and listened many stories, because of we can read and listen about the pieces of time and countries which are a thousand times greater than we can see.

65     If a man never be asked by anyone, then he dreams about a journey.


JOURNEY (neg.)

66     The insignificant part of the world which is near a pan, bed and TV set couldn’t be enough placed for the happy.

67     Sitting in the train’s chair is not worse than the sitting in the home’s one.


JOURNEY for a believer (neg.)

68     During a journey everyone feels that he is in God’s hand most of all.


JOURNEY for enrichment (pos.)

69     What to visit places which would never be needed for you in the future for?


JOURNEY for an interlocutor (pos.)

70     Make thirsty of journey to cockroach. Then it would be easy to crush them.


JOURNEY for me (pos.)

71     I’m not a snail. I couldn’t feel well as if I am at home everywhere.


JOURNEY for me (neg.)

72     I never dreamed to become a plant.

73     My life is not the life of the nail which driven in a wall.


JOURNEY for an ordinary man (pos.)

74     The thread which passed through pearls wouldn’t goes up in price.

75     A donkey will be the donkey even if it would goes back from Jerusalem.


JOY because of a science (pos.) (see also entertainment, happiness, merriment)

76     A joy because of a scientific truth is short. It is clenched between two eternities. First of them is the time when this truth seemed to be a paradox. Second one is the time when this truth seems to be the banality.


JUBILEE of conjugality (pos.)

77     Well, everybody has the right to celebrate a jubilee of conjugality if, of course, this conjugality never been off and on.


JUDAISM (neg.)

78     Obviously, according to your experience you know that only something bad may be communicated by sexual way.


JUDGE by outward appearance (neg.) (see also advertisement, appearance)

79     Foliage speaks the truth about roots.


sports JUDGING (neg.)

80     He who has no an evident advantage over the rival complains about judging.


own JUDGMENT (neg.)

81     Fortune favours those who use rather their own judgment.



82     He who creates a justice stands in need of less quantity of law than he who creates injustice on legal grounds.

83     Citizens want a justice. However, the state offers to make jurists.


JUST (pos.)

84     Are you ordered a lamp just for eight men?


JUSTICE (pos.) (see also conscience, cruelty, defense, demand, elevated, equal, exploitation, law, morals, oppress )

85     Justice is changeable as the weather. Displacement towards north by thousand miles or towards the forest by forty miles changes out it of all recognition.

86     People steal more for the sake of “justice” than for themselves.

87     The more justice, the less mind. A society has more justice than sole person. But, usually, a society hasn’t more mind than a sole person has.

88     Justice, which trying to manifest oneself, is lowest.

89     May be, it is better for a man that he wouldn’t have acute feeling of justice. He, who has such feeling, discovers much scum around himself. There are many good people around the person who hasn’t such feeling. 

90     Justice is dangerous. An immature juveniles, terrorists and criminals strive to it by most dangerous way.

91     There is no a simple answer for the question “What is more objectionable? Is it an injustice or a struggle against it?”


JUSTICE (neg.)

92     Complete your deeds with people by justice or they will complete their deeds with you by justice.

93     In justice is all virtue found in sum.

94     He who doesn’t like the notion of justice rejects punishment and reward.


JUSTICE (lack)

95     Feeling of justice of ant which penetrated into somebody’s trousers wouldn’t coincided with the man’s one.

96     Nobody can adds growth to a tall man. Nobody diminishes growth of a little man.


JUSTICE for a believer (pos.)

97     Public justice to differ from the God’s one as something limited from unlimited one.


God’s JUSTICE (pos.)

98     An ordinary people have not so much difference that some of them will be sent in the paradise and others will be sent in the Hell. So, God’s justice is not good.


my JUSTICE (lack)

99     I imitate the God. I treat it (you) by the same way, as the God treats me.


JUSTICE for an ordinary man (pos.)

100     If there is a cry about justice then this cry is heard from the camp of those reprobates who sustained a defeat.


JUSTICE for a plaintiff (lack)

101     The judge has no a fault that the plaintiff is so weak.


quick socialist JUSTICE (neg.)

102     The multiple adjournment and delays of lawsuit are testify to immorality of society and law-court.


JUSTICE for a subordinate (pos.)

103     Nobody would plough an earth for the sake of justice.


JUSTICE for a traitor (pos.)

104     Majority of those who seek justice is among those who hang about from one work place to another one.



105     Making excuses to somebody is the disadvantageous deed. Even a word is enough for disclosure. Even thousand words are not enough for closing topic.

106     An elephant which was convicted for its stamping the same place may be justified for its firm step. The giraffe which was convicted for its superficiality may be justified for its breadth of views. The donkey which was convicted for its obstinacy may be justified for its strength of mind. The cock which was convicted for its polygamy may be justified for its great love to others.

107     A wish to justify oneself is the first sign of profound sinfulness.

108     If somebody has not headache but others think that he has it then he whether will dissuades them from it.

109     It is easier to be got accustomed to justification than saving oneself from it.

110     A guiltless doesn’t like to justify himself.

111     Quiet correct, he had kicking his belly to the strange knife.

112     Justification is the same beautiful deed as the long running of barking dog following the passing coach.

113     They spoke about blackness of the face for nothing. There are a whiting of finger’s thickness on it.

114     An accusation is not the soup that one would have the wish to throw oneself to it.


JUSTIFICATION by causes (pos.)

115     A villain who thrust his knife into somebody’s heart has pleasure if the victim some more listen to causes of this deed.


JUSTIFICATION by facts (pos.)

116     They never cut belly in order to prove virginity.


JUSTIFICATION of an interlocutor (pos.)

117     You well know all your mistakes. It may be understand from your explanations. You always hide or extenuate all your deeds which may stir up disapprobation.

118     Are you ready to spit at the face of everyone who wouldn’t trusts you are the good man?

119     You dream put into words that you don’t defecated on the floor but on the air.

120     You use laws for the others, but reasoning for yourself.


JUSTIFICATION by lack of knowledge (pos.)

121     A lack of knowledge about law doesn’t relieve somebody of responsibility.



122     -You, of course, know that I always would find a justification for myself. Is not it?

     -No. (-Yes.)

     -What the fool! (Just correct! The main problem is finding of justification to oneself.)


JUSTIFICATON for oneself (pos.)

123     He who has more skill for justification has less skill for another deed.


JUSTIFICATON of an ordinary man (pos.)

124     Very often, a bad dancer complains that he has ovum


JUSTIFICATION by the good resolutions (pos.)

125     Good resolutions and a lack of skill giving the same result as the skill and the lack of good resolutions give.

126     A cat eats own kitten thanks to the good resolution. It thinks that it eating a mouse.


JUSTIFICATION by the good resolutions (neg.)

127     According child’s opinion John who broke two plates during his help mother to lay the table has greater guilt than Ben who broke one plate during his reaching for sweet, when his mother was absent.

128     If two coaches have a collision, then it is not correct to give the same status to the man, who hastening to help somebody, and the man, who in a hurry to catch the festival.


JUSTIFICATION for somebody (pos.)

129     Usually, he who justifying a man fears that himself may to do the same deed in the future.

130     Well, N didn’t droves fast. He flew low.

131     Well, the bed was on fire when N lying on it.

132     I don’t share the persuasion of tipsy man about his soberness.


JUSTIFICATION of a subordinate (pos.)

133     Sheep don’t missing by the way which is pointing at by shepherds.


JUSTIFICATION for a subordinate (neg.)

134     They eat sheep because of it has guilty look, too.




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