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ordinary man KEEPS (pos.)

1     Only a high mountain have ability to keep snow during a hot spell.


KEEP great man’s thing for a memory (pos.)

2     I’m not ready to pick up N’s handkerchief.


KEEP together (pos.)

3     Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.


KEEP UP with the times (pos.) (see also natural behavior, strangeness)

4     A decay keeps up with the times most of all.

5     It is not the fact that he who was liked the contemporaries would be liked by the descendants.     


KERCHIEF on a head of believer (pos.)

6     If a head ills then a kerchief must covers it.


KHMELNITSKY Bogdan (neg.)

7     It’s known That Bogdan Khmelnitsky murdered many exploiters such as Poles, Roman-Catholic priests and Jews. Do you represent their interests?


KICK an ass (neg.)

8     The good kick under the ass helps fly over puddle.


KILL (neg.)

9     It was said “Don’t kill!” Then everyone acts according to his own convictions. Someone never kills flies. Another one never catches mouse. Someone never kills cows. Another one never kills a man. But everyone killed living creatures.

10     Well, nobody does commit you to kill somebody. However, readiness to kill is a half of victory.


to KILL exploiter (neg.) (see also arms, Christianity, cruelty, extremes, murder, obedience, punishment)

11     Don’t dread to stain your hands with blood of gnat.


to KILL a king (neg.)

12     A discontented people may be reassure by words. Nobody wishes to talk with the discontented king. People are compelled to go to take arms. A king is worse than people because it is necessary to take more strong measures against him.


to KILL a leader (neg.)

13     The absent saint gets no candle.

14     A headless snake never bites.


to KILL a murderer (neg.)

15     The death of wolf is the safety of sheep.

16     A mouth, which has a habit of eating, and hands, which has a habit to kill, will be quieted only after his death.

17          -Is the murder detestable?

          -Yes, it is. (No, it is not.)

          -Feel your “detestation” when I’ll murder you, too. (Don’t detest that I’ll murder you, too.)


to KILL an oppressed man (neg.)

18     If wolfs would not eat deer then another problem sprang up. How provide a flock of deer?


to KILL a poor man (neg.)

19     If poverty becomes a man, then everyone will kill this man. Why it is impossible to use even a part of this thought?


to KILL a rich man (pos.)

20     What to pay such great attention to money for? What to estimate strange richness more than one's own life for?


subordinate KILLS master’s enemy (pos.)

21     If all hares will be caught by a dog then this dog will be eaten by its master.


KILLER (neg.)

22     There are killers and there are unlucky dissatisfied killers. There is not another one. Count, how many times you had wish to kill somebody and how many people you wished to kill.


hired capitalist KILLER (neg.) (see also morals)

23     As to capitalism, everyone wants to eat his competitors. A killer is only the waiter, who gives the food.



24     Good-natured persons are the kind of servants of pugnacious persons.


KINDNESS (pos.) (see also boon, breeding, cadging, care, divide, gift, give, greediness, sponsorship)  

25     They do good deeds for guaranteeing own safety to do bad deeds.

26     Kindness is the best screen for indifference.

27     A kind people may consent to become devils.

28     He, who kissing much, bites the same person.

29     What to be kind man for? All true good people would scattered away from kind man because they wouldn’t wish to become dependants. On the contrary, all bad people would gather around you.

30     What think about people as about pigs, which may be brought on its side by stroking for?

31     What for to play in chess with the kind-heart? So, the life is more involved than the chess. 

32     Generosity and kindness are harmful by three causes. Both to corrupt a kind man that begins getting puffed up. Both are the undoing of the man who imitates blindfold them. Both to corrupt people for whom they attract, because of this people would know their owner.   



33     Kindness is the single language that a dumb man can say these words, which would be listened by a deaf one.

34     Greediness can’t be true one if it couldn’t hat kindness.

35     There are different comparisons such as: strong as a lion, fast as a chamois, free as an eagle. There is not a comparison only for a kindness. Kindness distinguishes a man from the animal.


KINDNESS (exist)

36     They say, “This is a kindness”, if they didn’t know motive and consequences.

37     One couldn’t prove one’s kindness by giving common bath’s water.


KINDNESS to all people (pos.)

38     Only sun gives out warmth for all.


KINDNESS of a believer (pos.)

39     There are so much kind men among those importunate persons who wish that the others revere them as the saints!

40     Believers are the most biting caustic and malicious people who always have a current set of justifications for oppressing against people of another faith.


KINDNESS of capitalists (exist)

41     Do you know two words which burn a tongue of any capitalist? This words are “social conquests”.


chief’s KINDNESS (pos.)

42     Giving a sugar for a bees means obtaining bad honey.


chief’s KINDNESS (exist)

43     A pointing move of a hand comes from the snatching one. Who will say that chiefs have the kindness?

44     If somebody would to wish that the dog to follow him, he feed it.


KINDNESS of a Christian (pos.)

45     Helping from an unknown person is rather the Moslem principle.


KINDNESS to a defeated person (exist)

46     Usually, kindness to defeated man is based on the fact, that a living man could give more profit than the dead one.


KINDNESS of an enemy (pos.)

47     Sometimes, even a malicious creature wants to test, “Is it really pleasant to be kind man?”


KINDNESS with enemy (pos.)

48     He, who dallies with his enemy, dies by his own hand.

49     A volume of venom of snake increases even, because of milk.

50     He who warms a snake will be bitten by it.

51     Don’t kiss a pig! It will bite off.

52     Don’t feed a pig. It will complain that its sides have gone to sleep.


God’s KINDNESS (exist)

53     Well, clever wives are the God’s gift! What a scant God!

54     It is evident that the God is clemency. He takes away a mind of his admirers firstly. Only after it He takes away the life of His admirer.

55     A reign of a kind king is never long. What the kind God!

56     Both a kind God together with Satan are two hands of one and the same all-embracing God. An all-embracing God is not the kind one.


KINDNESS for an interlocutor (pos.)

57     I don’t want to prevent your quiet craze. Only your own experience could be a medicine against it.

58     I assume that you have even such exotic wish as children’s swinging on your hung up body.

59     All people wish to be kind, but it can’t be accomplished because of such persons as you.


KINDNESS of an interlocutor (exist)

60     I like seem a kind man until my interlocutor had no time to think a job for me. During this time I have time to give my problem to him.


KINDNESS for an old man (pos.)

61     He, who can’t have benefit by his malicious deeds, because of, his old age, he is trying to be kind person.

62     Reasoning of old people about kindness are pitiful as sorrowful crying of the bird before its dying.


KINDNESS of an ordinary man (pos.)

63     Foolishness combines with a kindness more often than a good mind combines with a kindness.

64     A kindness is either condescension or weakness in the main.

65     In the best case, when foolishness doesn’t add someone to a kindness, then intonations of creditor are heard in the voice of kind person. It’s worse, when the foolishness was added to.


permanent KINDNESS (pos.)

66     Kindness with a fists and pistols is more effective than permanent one.


KINDNESS of a poor man (exist)

67     A frog doesn’t bite, because it hasn’t teeth.


KINDNESS of a priest (pos.)

68     Left kittens at temple’s door always prevent priest from seeming to be kind. So, priests always approve portrayals of devils as cats.

69     I don’t trust in kindness of those people who consolidate own purses by lacking of benches for beggars near the church.


KINDNESS of a rich man (pos.)

70     A rich man’s kindness to a poor man is limited by a rule “A dog must be hungry to follow its owner”.

71     A sweet sea will have quick disappearance. They would make a spirit from it.

72     The main result of the rich man’s kindness is appearance of ungrateful men.


KINDNESS of a rich man (exist)

73     Really, the rich are kind. Their songs and dances for the benefit of the poor are heard a long way off.

74     Kindness of the rich is usually only open returning of goods, which were robbed by him in secret.         

75     Wait a little and I’ll be moved by employers’ kindness.

76     The rich have kindness of the Chinese. In China they let turtledoves out celebrating New Year not worrying that trappers kill and cripple them when they catch them for the rich on New Year’ eve.


KINDNESS amidst strange men (pos.)

77     Don’t mew amidst barking.


KINDNESS to a strange man (pos.)

78     Kindness begins at home. If somebody goes out for showing it then it is doubtful whether a true kindness.

79     A kind man is the servant of anyone. Everywhere a fight for somebody else’s kindness is in full swing.

80     Basis of kindness is a striving for superiority, however.


KINDNESS of a strange man (exist)

81     I see. N is very kind. Everyone has right to come in N’s home and use his vacuum cleaner to one’s heart’s content.


KINDNESS of a woman (exist)

82     Woman’s kindness excels a mail’s one only where a cost of some gave thing was determined by imagination.


KINDNESS of words (neg.)

83     N likes the God. The God is kind rather of His words than deeds, too.


KISS (neg.)

84     I am not Pinokkolo. I able kiss.


contagious KISS (neg.)

85     If five millions of microbes may be received by one kiss, then the same quantity of them may be given out by it too.


KISS long and hard (pos.)

86     To kiss long and hard is to compete with a mosquito.


KISS a woman (pos., neg.)

87     A woman kissed is half won.


KNEEL (pos.)

88     Falling on one’s knees is the easy deed, but standing up will be more difficult one.


KNEEL (neg.)

89     A sly one can to fall on one’s knees in order to pull along.


I don’t KNOW (neg.)

90     For the sake of short telling it is better to say “I don’t know” than “I know”.


KNOW the time for stopping (pos.)

91     Only he who knows an excessiveness and surplus has a good knowledge about time of stopping. There is no other way.        



92     He who regards the world with distrust longs for knowledge more than another ones.

93     What happiness the lack of knowledge that a fork which one carrying into the mouth was fallen on the floor by servant.

94     -It is more important to have knowledge about the set of knowledge which is necessary for happy. However, you don’t know this set.

     -I know it.

     -Are you happy?

     -Yes (No).

     -I am doubt. (Which was proved.)

95     Sometimes a thing which is considered as well-known and which is named the knowledge bars the way to the truth most of all.

96     As you know this knowledge is the rubbish because it may be easily forgotten. In contrary, the good knowledge is never forgotten as the skill of swimming.

97     He, who has less news, sleeps soundly.

98     The knowledge about pharmaceutical grasses is not enough for versification.

99     Don’t test what a column touch the ceiling for.

100     The thirst of knowledge leads a man to the wish of tasting of human flesh.

101     There are many clever things in the world, but there are few good ones.

102     He, who thinks that he knows something, does more evil than another one.

103     Magnifying lens doesn’t increase the wish for eating.

104     The main knowledge is the knowledge about what is good and what is bad.



105     Everyone has the hostility against things, which he doesn’t know. It is better have less enemies.

106     A wish to live for the sake of knowledge is one of the sign of cheerful mood.

107     An unrecognizable disease is the most dangerous for the life.

108     Knowledge has the valuable property. It may be obtained from any source.

109     To know is better than to see. A child who saw foreign countries couldn’t tell interesting facts about them.



110     Well, this stone lies into the water completely, but it doesn’t know, is it raining or not.



111     If you said these words you haven’t a good knowledge for yourself.

112     Well, in the night it is impossible to look, is it cold or warm.


KNOWLEDGE of an adviser (pos.)

113     I am far from thinking that people who sit on the fence can kick a ball better than others.


KNOWLEDGE of an ancient people (pos.)

114     An ancient people believe that the earth is plane too.

115     Well, an ancient people were clever. They didn’t make anything better than foolish modern people.


KNOWLEDGE about the modern art (pos.)

116     Shakespeare didn’t know about the post-modernism. In contrary you know about this art, but Shakespeare is he, not you.


KNOWLEDGE of an astrologer (exist)

117     Astrologers didn’t know even one’s own future fate. In 1929 year they gathered in Gelenjick for their congress and disappeared after it.


KNOWLEDGE about a bad thing (neg.)

118     A disease known is half cured.


KNOWLEDGE of a believer (pos.)

119     A believer doesn’t have a real knowledge. If somebody swaggering about own understanding of the God, and he doesn’t understand an interlocutor, then he has no real understanding.


KNOWLEDGE about somebody’s cunning (lack)

120     Mention of only one cunning man, who hid that his streak.


KNOWLEDGE of the chief (pos.)

121     A good chief makes decisions even if he has a shortage of knowledge. And the best one works even if he is in absolute ignorance.


KNOWLEDGE of the chief (neg.)

122     I understand you. They praise a chief who can acts during his absolute ignorance.


KNOWLEDGE about Christian religion (pos.)

123     Deep knowledge entails deep grief. Is not it?


KNOWLEDGE about competition’s news (pos.)

124     I know that one horse is faster than another one as it is.


KNOWLEDGE of a creator (neg.)

125     A greatest knowledge about something is the knowledge about “What for?” and “How?” it was created. Only creator can unravel that with easy and usual order. Only creator can have the greatest knowledge. 


KNOWLEDGE about an enemy (exist)

126     There is not investigation if someone aims at his enemy.


KNOWLEDGE about an enemy (lack)

127     A true value of the warrior is known rather for his enemy than for his brother.


KNOWLEDGE for enrichment (pos.)

128     The most helpful knowledge is to know, what advantage is for whom.

129     Knowledge always has increasing much more than a real profit from it. Therefore, it is better to go the profit straight away.


KNOWLEDGE for enrichment (neg.)

130     What could been acquired by the man for the long time if he hasn’t a knowledge? What couldn’t been acquired by the man who has the knowledge?

131     Any thing is cheapen after its increase, except the knowledge.

132     The more knowledge, the less pay.


exact KNOWLEDGE (pos.)

133     What an exact knowledge for? The knowledge about date of the own death is already the half of death.


KNOWLEDGE of foreign language (pos.)

134     He, who knows the foreign language, has a bad defense against strange commands and aggressive aspiration.


KNOWLEDGE about the future (pos.)

135     An artist, who knows what would be created by him, is the handicraftsman.


old man’s KNOWLEDGE about the future (lack)

136     A flame must listen to the ashes about own future.


KNOWLEDGE about the God (pos.)

137     Devils have much knowledge about the God. They even tremble with Him.

138     Don’t investigate invisible things before the investigation of visible ones.

139     A baby knows nothing about the God, but He loves him.


KNOWLEDGE for a great man (pos.)  

140     The great mind has not the duty has a true knowledge, good reasoning and memory. It has only the duty has the true value of any knowledge.

141     If a man knows so much, he stops argue and becomes foolish.

142     A mind substitutes for knowledge better than a knowledge substitutes for mind.


KNOWLEDGE of a great man (pos.)

143     One can see more from a top. But “more” is not necessarily “better”.

144     Everyone is ignorant but everyone has his own field of ignorance.


KNOWLEDGE about an instigator (lack)

145     He, who leads a camel, cannot hides oneself.


KNOWLEDGE for an interlocutor (neg.)

146     Are you a chief? His main law for subordinates is that they haven’t right to know more than is allowed.

147     Any crane-driver wouldn’t lift a load which has unknown weight. Do you wish to be more fool than he?

148     Do you think that only a spy must investigates, where is the truth and where is the lie?


KNOWLEDGE of an interlocutor (pos.)

149     Well, you knew these crows.


KNOWLEDGE of foreign language (pos.)

150     A good knowledge of foreign language includes the skill of fraud by the help of this language.


KNOWLEDGE of life (pos.)

151     The knowledge of life is the main index of the harm which was made by the man.

152     The knowledge of life is the squalid hut which was built of wreckage of the dream palace.


KNOWLEDGE of a lookers-on (neg.)

153     Lookers-on see most of the game.


KNOWLEDGE of a male (exist)

154     Men give life easily because of they have less knowledge about the life than women.


KNOWLEDGE for a male (pos.)

155     Once, an experienced prostitute brads about her knowledge to me, too.


KNOWLEDGE for a male (neg.)

156     They commend only a girl for her inadequate knowledge.


KNOWLEDGE about a man (pos.)

157     What the knowledge which improves bad persons and worsens good ones in my opinion for?


KNOWLEDGE of the master (neg.)

158     A master has the best knowledge about the side of his own house where there is sunrise.


KNOWLEDGE for me (pos.)

159     A man must has courage in order has a gap in his knowledge. However, I am courageous man.

160     I can teach you something too. The ancient Chinese annals teach that haemorrhoids are treating by licking. Use this knowledge!  

161     Knowledge depends on the quantity of regular repetition. As for me, it is boring occupation.

162     This knowledge is as a fat for me. It is not as a muscle.


KNOWLEDGE of a metropolitan (pos.)

163     Well, the Philippine’s weather may be told only by metropolitan TV set.


KNOWLEDGE of a miracle man (pos.)

164     A main knowledge of a miracle man is the knowledge about the residence of believer.


my KNOWLEDGE (lack)

165     Generally, speaking we are like-minded persons. A clever man considers that he knows nothing. At the same way, a fool considers that the clever man knows nothing.


KNOWLEDGE about a neighbour (exist)

166     A whetstone has not knowledge about sharpness of the sword.


old KNOWLEDGE (exist)

167     Well, you know this wheel for a long time. In that old time it was small.


KNOWLEDGE of an old man (exist)

168     If a ship’s mouse had long traveling at the ship, it is not means that it saw sea.


KNOWLEDGE of the old man (lack)

169     A young man sees a top well and the old – the rock at his hand.

170     Be patient and condescending. Old men are not so young yet that they know everything.

171     An old horse will not get lost.


KNOWLEDGE for an ordinary man (pos.) (see also foolishness, listen, skill)

172     In contrast to the ignorance the knowledge causes constraint.

173     An ear knows many things but it doesn’t grow well.

174     Warms know what apples are sweeter. Is it really good fact?


KNOWLEDGE for an ordinary man (neg.)

175     Knowledge is so strong thing that it breaks even a lucky fate of a fool. Therefore, he doesn’t like it.

176     A bee is not in need of the botany, therefore it doesn’t become a man.


KNOWLEDGE of an ordinary man (exist)

177     He who flounders on the surface of knowledge and doesn’t seeks its pearls makes a noise most of all.


KNOWLEDGE about own thing (pos.)

178     It is not so bad if one never saw own back. It is worse if one never saw the strange back.


partial KNOWLEDGE (pos.)

179     Don’t drink from the vessel if you never saw its bottom.

180    What sense to know that somebody fell and have not knowledge about the floor he fell from which.

181     What sense to know that a certain John died and have not knowledge about who is he?

182     Who stands in need of expert of the first minutes of Renaissanse?

183     He who has limited knowledge is not a surgeon. He is a killer who holds a knife.


partial KNOWLEDGE (neg.)

184     It is so dull to know all things.

185     Knowledge of all letters is not necessary for showing the use of adding letters to words.

186     Only perverted person has all-round knowledge.

187     I see. If some palm has a mitten then it is so difficult thing to define the palm for the second one.

188     If there is a hole at the seventh page then there is no necessary to find it at the eighth page, also.

189     The one who wants to buy a needle has no need to know the cost of pound of steel.

190     It is no necessary to traveling around the earth in order to know that the sky is blue everywhere.

191     It is not necessary to eat whole egg in order to know its quality.

192     It is better for everyone has a surplus of knowledge. A life will help him to select the best.


partial KNOWLEDGE for enrichment (pos.)

193     As for buying a house it is not enough to see an example of brick.


partial KNOWLEDGE about love (pos.)

194     Many parents could be glad in vain for their daughter who loves and is loved because they have not whole information that different boys were mentioned.


partial KNOWLEDGE for man (pos.)

195     They forgive partial knowledge of man only about woman’s age.


partial KNOWLEDGE for us (neg.)

196     There is no sense to give up things which we you know for the sake of things which you don’t know.


KNOWLEDGE about the past (pos.)

197     It is better, if you would reach out for the fruits than roots.

198     He who want know “Where I am going?” has no need to know “Where I am going from?”


KNOWLEDGE about the past (neg.)

199     I don’t know another way for prophecy about the future except the prophecy which will be based on the past.

200     Only he who has knowledge about the past can take a detached view.


KNOWLEDGE about the path (pos.)

201     Herostrates know the road to the temple best of all.


KNOWLEDGE about the place (exist)

202     It is the knowledge that a sword was fallen amidst the sea through the starboard side but not the port one.


KNOWLEDGE for a poor man (neg.)

203     Even a worm, which got to know where the sweet apples are, would live as the rich.

204     Knowledge is better even than the riches. A man must take care of the riches, but knowledge takes care of a man.     


KNOWLEDGE of a poor man (neg.)

205     A poor man hears the truth more often.


KNOWLEDGE of a rich man (pos.)

206     Usually, connoisseurs of delicate dishes develop their taste at the expense of the others.

207     What does a rich man know? He doesn’t even know how many real friends he has.


KNOWLEDGE of a rich man about bad thing (lack)

208     An owner of a cherry orchard has more knowledge what kind is sparrow or starling than the others.


KNOWLEDGE of Russian (neg.)

209     Ann, the daughter of Russian tsar Vladimir Monomakh, puts one’s signature under the marriage-contract with the king of France, but ht puts only the cross as his signature.


secret KNOWLEDGE (neg.)

210     Very often a skill in concealing knowledge has more value than the knowledge by itself.


KNOWLEDGE about own shortcomings (pos.)

211     A love hides shortcomings of loved man. Who can to know own shortcoming if everyone loves oneself most of all?

212     If a camel would know about its own humps then it would suffer from each step.


KNOWLEDGE about a source (lack)

213     A monk could go away, but his monastery couldn’t do the same.


KNOWLEDGE of strange man (lack)

214     Well, a strange person couldn’t know the date for your village now.


KNOWLEDGE about a strange thing (pos.)

215     A fool knows more in his own house than a wise man in the strange one.


KNOWLEDGE for the subordinate (pos.)

216     He who goes under the table let doesn’t stretch his hand for the table games.

217     If a horse would has knowledge about its own force it will not carts its master.


KNOWLEDGE for the subordinate (neg.)

218     I see, you are the great expert on knowledge. You know that an extensive knowledge is the way to be unreliable.

219     To know don’t means to bow.

220     A chief has esteem of only his subordinates. A scientist has esteem of all people.


KNOWLEDGE for success (neg.)

221     All which were not be got to know are lost.

222     He who has more knowledge wastes little time in any case.


superfluous KNOWLEDGE (pos.)

223     -A surplus of knowledge could be lost thanks to a vine.

     -Knowledge and vine are the double pleasure.


KNOWLEDGE of the teacher (pos.)

224     He who carries the torch of knowledge sees as by only one eye.


total KNOWLEDGE (pos.)

225     He who knows only an own business is the narrow-minded man. He who knows many things is educated person. He who knows everything is the chatterer.


total KNOWLEDGE (neg.)

226     The door which leads to the garden of knowledge could be opened only by the last letter of alphabet.


total KNOWLEDGE (exist)

227     And when Newton was born?


KNOWLEDGE of the traveler (exist)

228     He, who gone through the world, is not the merchant yet.


KNOWLEDGE about N’s good virtue (lack)

229     Well, it is impossible to discern N. It is impossible to look at N without tears.


KNOWLEDGE of an undersized man (neg.)

230     A little knife must be sharper than the big ones to avoid dump. An undersized man must be cleverer than a tall one by the same cause.


woman’s KNOWLEDGE (pos.)

231     What do women know? They know one way to make a happy male and a thousand to make him unhappy.


woman’s KNOWLEDGE about a love (pos.)

232     A man who dresses oneself by the last fashion hasn’t the correct knowledge about love. He thinks that being shown up is an important thing for a love. Such erroneous opinion about the love belong rather a woman.


KNOWLEDGE of the young man (lack)

233     Do you remember the person, who said, “This is the naked king!”?


How do you KNOWN that N is 48 year old?

234     One half-foolish man lives in my block. He is 24 years old.



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