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manual LABOR (pos.) (see also business, norm, work)

1     Hands may conquer a one man, but a knowledge – thousand ones.

2     Praise manual labor to a bear. It has four strong paws.

3     A mill couldn’t work by water, which was brought in hands.

4     I see. Masturbation is a kind of manual work.


manual LABOR (neg.)

5     The head, which works without manual labor, resembles a mill, which turns for air.

6     God was not lazy when He was making hands, because He made them two.


manual LABOR for a clever man (pos.) (see also bodily talent)

7     A botanist must not weed.


physical LABOR (pos.)

8     There is no a horse, that knows it is the horse. A horse, which can find it out, will cease to be the horse. I see you still don’t know that you are the horse.

9     Physical labor is the nonsense. What to lose weight by hard work in order to gain it by rich harvest for?

10     I don’t wish to be the professional of spiritual beggary.


wage LABOR (pos.)

11     I see. However, there are many fools, who didn’t understand a great importance of plebeian life and its wage labor.


LACKING (exist)

12     A clever man knows that directors of confectionery factories like drink tea without sugar and sweet. He even knows the cause of it.


LAMENESS (exist)

13     A dog is lame until it notices the wolf.



14     Could you show me your possessions on the globe?


LANDOWNERSHIP (neg.) (see also private)

15     If you have money, you will have friends. If you have land, you will have both money and friends.


bad LANGUAGE of foreigner (neg.)

16     Many people when they hear foreigner’s English immediately forget that the foreigner know one more language.


poor LANGUAGE (pos.)

17     He, who has more rich language, sees richer world around himself.


LARGE (pos.) (see also big, cram, extension)

18     I understand you. They have many difficulties to turn out such hen as you from a large kitchen garden.


LAST (neg.)

19     Gold teeth are the last.


LAST place (pos.) (see also ambition, equality, fall, high station, middle, success, superiority) 

20     The last camel always carries all additional burdens.

21     He who comes last is the first to weep.

22     The backward man would be eaten by the wolf.


LAST place (neg.)

23     The last person has the smoothest road.


LATE (pos.)

24     Fools scratch themselves after the bath’s washing, too.

25     It is impossible to leave the sailed ship into the dry dress.

26     Late-comer gnaws bones.

27     They draw a harrow on the beetroot’s field in the spring but not summer.

28     A sucking-pig which is a late-comer has a nipple near the swine’s ass.


LATE (neg.)

29     “Late” is better than “never”.

30     They are late because of a lucky hunting, too.

31     They feel more pleasure in cutting of the grown nail.

32     He who was not been waited never is late.

33     It is better to be late than to be out of people.


LATE (exist)

34     They sharpen axes at out of time, too.


LATE (lack)

35     Snow falling you go for flowers.

36     You are ready to order a chop from a new elephant at five minute to the restaurant’s closing-time.


LAUGH (pos.)

37     Laughter is unpleasant. They expect sincerity of laughing person. Alas! Where is the sincerity?

38     -He laughs best who laughs last.   -Sometimes, he who laughs last cannot understand joke right away. It is not too ridiculous to laughs last.

39     Chaplin’s moustaches turn into Hitler’s ones.

40     Hatred is a very bad thing, but it has some nobility because enemies are the food for it.

41     A bad man prefers own laughing to own sympathy with.


LAUGH (neg.)

42     Only a swindler never laughs.

43     It is possible to laugh. There is no a malicious dog near. Is not it?

44     It is possible to laugh if you have not diseased lips.

45     A thing which became ridiculous cannot be dangerous yet.

46     It is better to laugh when you are unlucky, than have no one laugh to the death.

47     The laughter is the life, that saying to itself, “I am free”.

48     Laughter is the sign of human nature.

49     If in general laughing people have more white and beautiful teeth than others, then let laugh all people.

50     It feels that you have a diarrhea and the laughter may harm you.

51     -One minute of laugh substitute for one glass of sour cream. -Well, many smart men support you. Especially those who doesn't wish to give people sour cream.


LAUGH at a clever person (pos.)

52     Fools have the privilege. They may laugh at a clever person.


LAUGH at a first fall (pos.) (see also error, fall)

53     Be wiser! Laugh at the following falls.


great man’s LAUGH (pos.)

54     Answer me about what would they laugh without vainglorious feeling of superiority?


LAUGH for an interlocutor (pos.)

55     Don’t show your teeth. Nobody would buy them.


LAUGH for an interlocutor (neg.)

56     Now, you are like on a woman (under a male). You can burst into sobs, but not burst out laughing. You do serious deed.

57     Usually, laughter comes to an end when an interest with some case comes to an end. I see you have no interest with any cases permanently.

58     Are you sick? Have you a pain during laughter?


LAUGH loudly (pos.)

59     A witty joke is ridiculous even without the loud laughter.

60     A loud laugh is the perversion. An egoist has the loudest laugh, but he couldn’t be the happy man.


my LAUGH (neg.)

61     I have no duty to paint icon. I have a right to laugh.


LAUGH at N (neg.)

62     I don’t laugh at N. I laugh at his teachers.


LAUGH at oneself (pos.)

63     To judge from results it is better to spend the time for correction of one’s own shortcomings and redress sins than for the laugher at them.


LAUGH for an ordinary man (neg.)

64     They place a person who couldn’t see that his thoughts are ridiculous at hospital for madmen.


our LAUGH (pos.)

65     A friend sets weeping by his truthful speech. An enemy acts by another way. He sets laughing.


LAUGH for a people (pos.)

66     There is less heroes, where there is more laughing. Do you know persons who fear appearance of heroes?


LAUGH at the religion (neg.)

67     Any thing which is bound up with the faith in the God is the paradise. So, the laughing at the faith in the God is the paradise, too.


LAUGH for success (pos.)

68     A laughing mouth never fans bonfire.

69     There is one step from laughter to a grief. The back path is longer.


LAUGH amidst society (neg.)

70     It is more foolish deed to laugh with solitude.


LAUGH for a toothless man (pos.)

71     Excuse me. I’ve forgotten that it is not allowed to make toothless (wry toothed) man laughs.


LAUGH at a vice (pos.)

72     A vice becomes not so dreadful when they laughing at it. There are many vice-lovers who want look a nice harmless person.


woman’s LAUGH (pos., neg.)

73     A maid that laughs is half taken.



74     What healthy people answer you when you ask them, “Why you are healthy?”


LAURELS (pos.)

75     A fool couldn’t discern a yoke in the laurels.


LAW (pos.) (see also RULE)

76     A law is the ruse which serves as the mode of taking money for evasion of it.

77     Even gods have not the power which would be against the necessity.

78     Written laws are laws that their weakness is in need of printed confirmation.

79     States are in need of laws as swindlers are in need of honest eyes.

80     Well, the law was written. However it was not signed by all people.

81     He who loves pungency of feelings overthrows the king.

82     -It is lawless action. Act in according the law.

     -The custom is older than the law.

83     Laws are harmful. All people had submitting to customs, but laws undo us from customs.

84     Laws give more benefit to the reprobated persons who want to receive boon for nothing but not in accordance of their force and mind.


LAW (neg.)

85     An entangled beard dreads the comb.


LAW for a believer (pos.)

86     Any religion beginning from the broken law, that is from self-willed amnesty for oneself and self-willed conviction for others.


changed LAW (pos.)

87     Who wish to work during the changing rules? Who wish to work under the moving swing which has unexpected stops?


a capitalist LAW (pos.)

88     Culprits of economic crisis never had punishment from a capitalist law.


LAW for a capitalist (RULES) (pos.) (see also contract, equal, morals)

89     Even a sport starts bringing highest income when sportsmen conduct thyself out of the rules.


LAW for a great man (pos.) (see also equality, freedom, normal, ordinary, rite, sin)

90     Volcano doesn’t shake off one’s ashes into an ashtray.

91     “Law is the necessity” is the thought of a slave. “Necessity is the law” is a thought of the person who never was a slave.

92     All laws were invented by lawyers. They are not fitted for a science. The presumption of innocence is the main their thought. In contrary the doubt is the main thought for any scientist.


special LAW for a great man (neg.) (see also equality, freedom, interdiction, power)

93     They don’t pour out a wine into the vessel of the same form (shape) as for shit.

94     An aim of any law is to equalize possibilities of clever and smart people with possibilities of fools.

95     If all people would be considered as a dog, than of course a common fence’s hole is enough for all.


immutable LAW for everyone (exist)

96     They wouldn’t name force “the force” if it couldn’t bow laws.


indisputable LAW (exist)

97     Many people know about law-suits against oligarchs. So, he who knows about them knows that any law could be disputed by two or three another ones.


LAW for an interlocutor (neg.)

98     Would your head obtained enjoy if stones would stopped to obey the attraction of gravity.


cccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc   CENSORSHIP

international LAW (pos.)

99     Superiority of international law over the national one is good for government which governs thanks to a capital. This is the “world (Jewish) government”. Are you Jew?


many LAWS (pos.)

100     An abundance of fences increase quantity of loop-holes.

101     An increase of quantity of exception corresponds to an increase of quantity of law.

102     The more laws the less wish to come for helping.

103     Multiplicity of laws is as multiplicity of doctors. It is the sign of ailment and impotence.

104     The more laws, the more offenders.


many LAWS (neg.)

105     An aim of every law is the same as the aim of traffic lights. It must to equalize possibility of clever and smart people with possibility of fools. But a multiplicity of laws put fools in their place anew.


LAW for me (pos.)

106     Killers, thief, fornicators, liars say, “Don’t kill”, “Don’t steal”, “Don’t fornicate”, “Don’t lie” with the most confidence and knowledge correspondingly. But I don’t hold they up as an example for me.


LAW for a mendicant (pos.)

107     What do you know about the rules of emaciated life?

108     Did you heard, that they supersede a law in a case of need?


natural LAW (pos.)

109     If you would follow natural law and feed king’s horse in evening then it will defecates during the ceremony of gala equipage in the morning.


natural LAW (neg.)

110     Yes, a fool is tied hand and foot by laws of nature.


an observed natural LAW (exist)

111     In different times an American scientist Gotorn made two laws in according with his observations. The first law said that the bright light and loud music raise the productivity of conveyor’s labour. The second one said that the soft light and quiet music make the same.


new LAW (pos.)

112     The number of laws drawing nearer the quantity of foolish things in the world, but is it always behind this quantity. However, I respect those people who drawing to quantity of foolish thing and offer new laws over again.

113     What a new multiplication table for?


old LAW (pos.)

114     Do you wish to force a modern man to live in the house of ancient people and to work with their instruments?


LAW for a people (pos.)

115     A people, that have not laws, are as a man who has not principles.


LAW for a poor man (pos.) (see also contract, demand, elevated, equal, order)

116     Do you offer to keep the fast to a hungry man?

117     Where is a law about the need?

118     Usually, a law is a plot of the rich against the poor people.


LAW for Russian (lack)

119     If every Russian some times walking on the city’s earthen paths then it means rather about foolishness of organizers of pavements.


LAW of society (neg.)

120     A culture is the thing which remains only thanks to the communal life and keeping laws of society.


strange LAW (pos.)

121     A life according a strange law is a fate of domestic animal but not a man.


LAW at the war (pos.)

122     They don’t hear the voice of law where drums beat.


LAW for a well-born man (pos.)

123     He who was born in wedlock doesn’t reject a law.


LAWYER (pos.)

124     There are three opinions, where there are two lawyers.

125     A lawyer is the man, who err according rules.

126     What are the lawyers! Since Ancient Rome and till the present, they can’t introduce into the laws such necessary notions as “conscience” and “fairness”.

127     Lawyers respect only themselves. They punish everyone for his false evidence only if he lies to them. But they never punish other liars.

128     Let any lawyer go away. A good lawyer is an evil neighbour.


LAZINESS (pos.) (see also act, agility, effort, idleness, inactivity)

129     A lazy man goes so slowly that only old beggar may be the best fellow-traveler for him.



130     They never look at the lazy person with the rebuke. He never carries a superfluous spoon of something to own mouth.

131     Say, “Thank you” to lazy people for they are not the criminals though they can hide the “footprints” of their activities.

132     A lazy man is more hardened. He never warm up water. He becomes tempered by cold one.

133     Only laziness protects us from many dangerous and foolish wishes.


LAZINESS (opinion of a believer) (neg.)

134     Only lazy-bones can find something to do amidst the paradise. Only they would be in the paradise as into native land.


LAZINESS for enrichment (neg.)

135     Hands of a lazy person hold a twig with flowers.


LAZINESS for a great man (neg.)

136     He, who works without concentration, is more skillful, than the others.


LAZINESS of a great man (exist)

137     Yes. Short aphorisms are fruits of lazy men.


LAZINESS for an interlocutor (neg.)

138     Well, you are not lazy. I imagine your speed when you run away from the least suffering.


LAZINESS for a subordinate (pos.)

139     A lazy man will drag a wheelbarrow with wheels up.

140     Birds defecate on the eyes of a lazy bull.


LAZINESS of a subordinate (neg.)

141     The hardest work must be employed a lazy person. The easiest solution may be found only by him.

142     A lazy subordinate can becomes the loved friend for his chief. He doesn’t want holds the chief’s post.

143     Always, the great lazy-bone is the chief of ordinary ones.

144     If a groom cannot travels all over some estate for two days then his bad horses is not alone cause of this failure. The great dimension of the estate may be more important cause.


LAZINESS of a subordinate (exist)

145     Well, horses are lazy. They run quicker if they haven’t cart.

146     Well, Hammersmith is a lazy person. He knocks more rarely than the jeweler.


LAZINESS for us (neg.)

147     Laziness is the greatest protector of our borders.


LAZY man (neg.)

148     Well, N doesn’t affect that he working.


LEADER (pos.) (see also ambition, authoritative man, follow, greatness, high, idol, majesty, priority, superiority, superman)

149     Usually, absence of own belief and thirst of observation of convinced person end with love to the leader.

150     A weak men love leaders as en embodiment of force which they have not.

151     He who wish becomes a leader must considers that the others are worse him.

152     A person who is occupied with his soul couldn’t be radiant amidst public.


LEADER (neg.)

153     Any flock disperses itself without the leader.


military LEADER (pos.)

154     Do you know how many thousand men lay down their life in order Caesar became great?


LEADER of poor men (pos.)

155     Strong people elect the strongest one. Worthy people elect the worthiest one. So, who may be elected by the weak men?


LEARN (pos.)

156     There is no good grass where thousands foot passed.

157     They hide the truth about an education. This truth is that they teach to go and to speak at first and then they teach to sit and be silent.

158     One nightman came to emerge of lavatory and says to his subordinate, “Learn or you will give me spanners all your life”.

159     Studies are good for any age. Redundancy of good things is not so good for my age.

160      Learning is a light, but sometimes a shade is more pleasant.

161     The best learning is that which helps to rid oneself of animal properties.


LEARN (neg.)

162     A made thing is not for you entirely, a learnt one is for you entirely.


LEARN  a strange experience (neg.)

163     It is impossible to get a good pilot or surgeon by studies by only one’s own mistakes.


LEARN smth. by the fool (neg.)

164     A wise man could learn something even by the fool.


LEARN a foreign language (pos.)

165     Very often, a man, who knows that his speeches ring foolish in his native language, wishes to learn a foreign one.

166     A Russian writer Fazil Iskander took notice of a poor Abkhazian applies to a rich Georgian by the Georgian language, and a poor Georgian applies to a rich Abkhazian by the Abkhazian language. Have you the same plan?


LEARN smth. by an insignificant thing (pos.)

167     Nobody became a surgeon after an ablation of splinter.


LEARN (for an interlocutor) (neg.)

168     I understand you. Knowledge may break your ideas which became dear for you.


LEARN (for an ordinary man) (neg.)

169     What to learn for? A clever man is sad that all his associates seem to be foolish. A fool has more satisfaction. All his associates seem to be clever.


poet LEARN (pos.)

170     A shoed Pegasus has worse flight.


LEARN smth. without practice (pos.)

171     Nobody could learn to peal bells only by looking to them.

172     A man, who stays on a bank, couldn’t learn to swim.

173     A silent man couldn’t learn oratory.


LEARN a strange thoughts (pos.)

174     He who leaves own thoughts for the sake of somebody’s ones substitutes a tale of neighbour for own journey.


LEAVE the chief (neg.)

175     A copper said, “I have the gold on my bottom”. A scoop answered, “From what place I going out?”


LEAVE a man (neg.)

176     A true enemy will never leave you.


LEAVE smth. because of an offence (pos.)

177     It is better to run away the fate of to run away everywhere because of offence.


moral LECTURE (pos.)

178     If a man is not a cad and fool he know that three moral lecture are equal an insult.

179     Eloquence laughs at floridity. Morals laugh at moral lecture.


moral LECTURE instead of the help (pos.)

180     Dear friend, you are my friend. So, help me to be out of my difficulty first of all. You will tell me your moral lecture later on.


LEGS (pos.)

181     He who has a bad head has the beautiful trained legs.


LEGS on the table (pos.)

182     Lay down all your four hoofs on the table.


LEND (pos.) (see also account, cadging, concession, consider, help, trust)

183     That man is good that can lend. But the one is even better who doesn’t ask lend.

184     You’d like to have two pleasures at once. Once I saw how a girl asked a guy, “Lend me some money”. He gave money and stroked her buttock straight ahead.

185          -I may give only partial satisfaction to you. Are you to agree?


          -Take any term but not money.

186     It is worse to lend money than bet on for them. There is no fascination. And the fortune couldn’t smile.

187     Have you a pleasure from your attention to the debtor? I haven’t pleasure from it. I don’t wish to give anything for nothing, too.

188     If weakling hasn’t a wish for stand adversities, which was well deserved he asks lend.

189     Don’t give a book, woman and money to the others, if you don’t wish to get back the shabby book, depraved woman and devaluated money in parts.

190     I don’t know enough the way it should be done. You’ll better apply to a banker or usurer.


LEND (neg.)

191     I understand you. You are really a fine fellow. But there are some people who are close to you in spirit. So these people will not lend even a fire to you.

192     Everyone knows that it is uselessly to ask the newly rich man about lend. Is not it?


LENGTH of service (pos.) (see also merit)

193     Length of service is the most intensifier of impudence.


LENIN (interlocutor has more than 55 years old) (neg.)

194     I understand you. Lenin considered living after 55 years as great moral vice.


LET go (neg.)

195     If you hold an elephant by its back leg and it begin tears itself away then it is better let go it.


LET paramour to elder person (pos.)

196     A love is not the communal bus. What to let one’s own place to elder person for?


LET scoundrel (neg.)

197     -I never let such X (villain, scoundrel, scum, dregs) as you.

     -You never met with a real X. Everyone show own inferiority to him. (Then, show own inferiority.)


LIAR (pos.)

198     Well, a liar is good. A liar is good for any suspicion.


LIAR (neg.)

199     He who hasn’t causes respects a liar could respects him for his instinct of self-preservation and protective spirit.

200     A liar has less guilt than persons who took away his wish to say truth.

201     A liar acknowledges the superiority of his interlocutor. It is already a good fact.



202      Aggressor, who lies about oneself, is the foulest. Liberalism is the foulest aggressor. It lies about its method of rule.

203     The God is not the liberal. He made one ten commandments, but not ten profitable offers.

204     Liberalism and dictatorship are extremes. It is better to have the behaviour without extremes.

205     What kind of liberalism does without elevating of men of low morals and belittling of men of high morals?   

206     Liberalism known sinful nature of its own preachers and advocates. It known that they will be in the dock. And it affirms the primacy of equality of rights of the accused person and victim beforehand but not the supremacy of truth.


chief’s LIBERALISM (pos.)

207     A new hand which is ready to grips the reins of government inclines a chief to liberalism louder of all.


LIBERALISM of Jews (exist)

208     I stopped trust in liberalism of Jews, since I known that music of Vagner was banned in Israel.


LIBERALISM of liberals (exist)

209     The liberals bomb electric power stations, roads and bridges of unliberals in order to liberate one liberal. They kill many unliberals by accident and make suffering for thousands of them. I said about July 2006 year, about Jews and the hostage soldier Gilad Shalit.


LIBERALISM in Russia (pos.)

210     A liberal environment is the best for such serried associations as national (Jewish, Chinese) and criminal ones.


LIBERALISM for upbringing (pos.)

211     Liberalism is necessary in order families would lose their high station. It is necessary in order each new generation would lose hereditary profession and receive knowledge from almost inaccessible source with of little use kind.


LIBERTY (neg.)

212     Better a bean in liberty than a comfit in prison.

213     Who loses his liberty loses all.


LIBERTY for aristocracy (pos.)

214     Liberation destroys all involved forms of behaviour. Think, who benefits by it?


LIBRARY (pos.)

215     I don’t love a cemetery even if it is the cemetery of saints.


to LIE (pos.)

216     The standing is the relaxation for the going man. The sitting is the relaxation for the standing one. The laying is the relaxation for the sitting man. The laying man has no relaxation.


to LIE (pos., neg.)

217     A lying wolf didn’t catch even one sheep.


to LIE (neg.)

218     A lying “eight” (mathematical symbol of infinity) is more than any number.

219     You are like a penis. You fear to be charged with lying position.


to LIE (lack)

220     Well. It is not the laying. It is sitting on one’s back.


the LIE (pos.)

221     He who respects lie respects treachery.

222     There is no an inclination to lie without the inclination to insolence.

223     Name me the kind of evil, which not be made by the liar.

224     A small lie gives the great suspicion.

225     A liar lives a made-up life. He should trust in own lie and keeps it.

226     Lie has no the good health. Even young lie doesn’t live long. Even old truth doesn’t die.

227     All friends of liar are liars, too. Only they may wish to talk with a man who considers his interlocutors as fools.


the LIE (neg.)

228     A good man doesn’t display his own naked thoughts.

229     They lie only for that man who fears the truth.

230     The horse for saving is not bad one.

231     He, who never lies, lives in the hospital for mental diseases.

232     Truth is not so good thing. The best people died for it.

233     It is better to wonder at impudent questions which compel to the lying.

234     More often, they seize a dagger for the sake of truth but not for lie.

235     Well. True is the best. And do you thing it is possible to eat a fancy cake of truth always?

236     -What the naked truth for a decent man for?

     -He doesn’t need it for the same aim that you think.

237     All people lie. But it is nothing because nobody trusting.

238     Somebody’s repugnance for lie is his wish for suggestion of reverential trust to his own words.

239     The lie which directed at a good aim is better than the truth which excites an enmity.

240     It is injustice to love truth more than a man because it is destiny to a man.

241     If the life has some attractive thing then it is the young light-minded prostitute the same as lie, but not the old immaculate maid the same as truth.

242     I don’t share an opinion that there is more less penalty because of truth, than because of lie.

243     They lie to only those persons, who will not immediately longing for check up listened words.

244     Nobody can to deceive a man so much as he deceives himself.

245     Everybody is the liar. Nobody knows so much bad thing about him as he knows. But nobody praises him more than he praises himself.

246     Usually, lie is raised by achievement to something and usually truth is raised by the lack of achievement to it. The lack of achievement is not the best streak.

247     A man will have a good soul’s rest and enjoyment of the beauty of life rather when he joins to a liar than when he joins to the sad truth-lover.

248     A lie and ruse are the same useful things as a motor or perpetum mobile. Firstly you push slightly some thing. Later on this thing begins to push you.

249     One, who never lies, resembles a man, who never feels a pain.

250     Truth is the cruelest thing. It catches on and never comes unhooked.

251     If somebody trusts in the imagined mill, let he has need in imagined wheat.

252     We must love people. Lie supports everyone in any case. If a lied man feels worse because of one’s guilt he can always converts to the truth, and he would feels better. But if he would to feel worse because he said truth, he never converts to the lie in order to feels better.

253     Lie is an inoculation against foolishness. Afterwards deceived persons wouldn’t have extraordinary trust to the truth, which can have a perfidious character.

254     Every comparison is the intentional lie. But it gives an opportunity to imagine the truth much better.

255     Every State to use the lie unhesitatingly when there is an attempt at its foundations. Only the fool doesn’t know about it.

256     The mind which is in man’s service is less dreadful than the mind which is out of this service.

257     A bad lie is the bad deed like thieving. A good lie is the good deed like a dispensation of resents.

258     There are a great number of ways when true offends a man and makes an enemy числоfrom him. And there are many ways for showing one's own culture by lie. Lie is the best peacemaker.


the LIE (exist)

259     Truth has no need in verisimilitude.

260     A false coin proves the existence of real one.


the LIE (lack)

261     You can meet the truth only in the testament for you.

262     Well, they must deceive somebody till such condition that he would began proves with foamy mouth he was not deceived.

263     Truth may be known only by persons who have a single love just one of them.

264     The liar’s eyes never lies.


LIE of an atheist (neg.)

265     The God told lies, too. He told “You will have a death if you ate an apple”.


LIE for a believer (neg.)

266     A truth has no the vital importance. Nobody hanged oneself for the sake of the prompt righteous justice which was promised at the heaven.


bold LIE (neg.)

267     He needs to say boldly if there is inevitability of lie.


LIE of capitalist propagation (lack) (see also censorship, listen)

268     The straggle for freedom of reception of the information during socialism was finished by an interdiction to consider private money of strange persons during capitalism.


LIE of the clever man (neg.)

269     Truth is a good weapon. Hiding of it is a duty of clever man.

270     The right to lead the fool is the most undeniable right of every clever man.

271     Is it good when a power of force would always be better than a power of mind?


LIE for a creative man (neg.)

272     When a man’s have no capacity to sense a fair wind and to use it for boon, then he doesn’t lie.          

273     Hatred to a lie annihilates imaginativeness.


LIE against an enemy (neg.)

274     Lie is the thing, which greases friction.

275     The inclination for compromise is in proportion with the inclination for lie.


LIE of a great man (neg.) (see also frankness, open-hearted, sincerity, trust)

276     There is only fraudulent way for drumming some thoughts into some heads. Is not it?

277     He who cheats fools takes vengeance for the humble status of mind in the world.

278     Saying of truth is not the main deed which must be done during the life.


the LIE for an interlocutor (pos.)

279     Sit on eggs. You will make seven chickens of five eggs.

280     I see you are ready to praise that shop-keeper which holds the good goods on a show-window and gives the bad one from a bag.

281     A free man has possibility lives without lie. I’m free. May I have the grief about you?


the LIE for an interlocutor (neg.)

282     What to condemn hid truth for? Well, it hid oneself and doesn’t wish come to you.

283     Do you want to know the greatest truth? It is that all people are compelled to lie.

284     I see you are ready to use righteous life's path by all means and ways.


LIE of interlocutor (pos.)

285     I see, your life is so bad that it could be changed only by lie.


LIE of interlocutor (lack)

286     I understand you. Only a truthful man may come to the understanding that he told lie.

287     You can go round the world but cannot come back.


intricate LIE (neg.)

288     An intricate lie is better than a foolish truth.


LIE for a love (neg.)

289     A dog has good running when a strange tail stands in its view.    


male’s LIE (neg.)

290     However, who and when saw the woman that she is without secrets?


frequent male’s LIE (neg.)

291     Well. Men lie very often, but women lie better.


male’s LIE to a woman (neg.)

292     If a male never lies to a woman, he spits upon her feelings.

293     Well, males are great liars. They say to porters that they lead their wife.

294     Women lie most of all. Their sexual behaviour longs even after the loss of capacity for child-bearing.


LIE to me (pos.)

295     I am not a mushroom that master feet it by shit and hold it in darkness.


my LIE against a woman (male) (neg.)

296     I had tested you. I intend to marry. And I look for a woman (man) who would wishes to trust any my word forever.


LIE of a man who offers smth. (lack)

297     There is no a chaste virgin match-maker.


LIE of an old man (exist)

298     Why will an old man lies? He is not a young bachelor already.


LIE for an ordinary man (neg.)

299     As for someone, he will say truth more easy than thinks.

300     A fool and child always speak the truth.

301     The best virtue for a man is that which help him to hide his shortcomings.

302     Very often, a lie is some form of protest against the right of force which reigns around us.

303     People smile even when they have trouble. Life is the play. And a lie is one of the rules of this play.


our LIE (neg.)

304     Well, our skis are curved, but the straight ones don’t move.


poor man's LIE about oneself (neg.)

305     Speaking a truth about oneself means to be refused and to know that all people seek only benefit by your contact.


repeated LIE (neg.)

306     If you were deceived one times the liar is foolish. If the same liar deceived you twice, you are foolish.


LIE for a rich man (neg.)

307     Truth is the riches, too. What to divulge it for?


LIE of a rich man (lack)

308     Rich men are liars and traitors. Their lie and treachery is in the fact that usually they start saving up under the pretext that they like to give alms and finish with hatred to the poor.

309     Every riches were created by envy and disregard to the others, and by the lie for a lack of such feelings. The more riches, the more lie.


LIE in Russia (lack)

310     Russia has even the fraudulent State Emblem. The double-headed eagle is not the true State Emblem for Russia. The true State Emblem for Russia is Cupid. He has naked ass. He is armed and loves everyone.


LIE of Russian president (lack)

311     All Russian presidents are liars and infringers of the constitution which insists that Russia is a social State. However they extend stratification of the society.


LIE during socialism (neg.)

312     Nobody says a truth during the competition. During the capitalism they hear the least quantity of truth.

313     Well, during socialism people were often listened the lie, that capitalism is the society of equal possibilities.


LIE of a stutter (lack)

314     -Speaking about something one and thinking about another is the cause for stuttering.

     -There is not that all things may be express by words. All stutters have enough wit to understand this fact and all they have enough true feelings to be indignant at it.


LIE of a subordinate (neg.)

315     Usually, nobody would say lie to a truthful and sincere man. Alas! Where do you see truthful and sincere bosses?


LIE of a traveler (neg.)

316     Lie is the best thing for traveler. It may be packed up, folded up and rolled up. It doesn’t jut out as a long lance of truth.


LIE of TV worker (lack)

317     To judge from TV people bite dogs more often than dogs bite them.


woman’s LIE (neg.)

318     He who demands woman’s truthfulness already ceased demands woman’s beauty.


woman’s LIE (lack)

319     A woman doesn’t understand her own falsity. Firstly she says, ‘I value N. He is so well-bread!’ Afterwards she say, ‘I love N” and nothing praise of his breeding.


LIFE (pos.) (see also comfort, complain, difficulty, happiness, prosperity, trouble)

320     What are the good things in the life? All its goods are illegal or immoral or lead to the obesity.

321     They have right to consider that thing as an ailment, which has facilitating by sleeping every 16 hours.

322     Negative personages always look more naturally than the positive ones even in the best films. It is easy understand what the life is!

323     Whole world seems to be beautiful for the future habitants of hell.

324     The life is wonderful, especially, because of paradisiacal ones would never be.


LIFE (neg.)

325     He, who complains to the life and vodka can neither live, nor drink.

326     The world couldn’t grow the dark, because of there are blind men.

327     Don’t take offence the life. It is a single place where everyone has permission even for one’s foolish deeds.

328     The life is not so bad. Snow is not black, water is not sticky and birds don’t unlearn to fly, yet.


LIFE of an atheist (pos.)

329     An unbeliever always doesn’t feel quite himself when he wishes to say “thanks” but he has nobody for it. If he has not wish to say “thanks” then nobody would envies him also.


LIFE of a believer (pos.)

330     What the life, when a man must thinks about own sins hourly!

331     I don’t belong those people, who considers their own lives as a quarantine before the paradisiacal door.

332     If somebody lost one’s way at the world then it seems to him that it is easier to find the way to paradise.

333     He who is horrified by life comes to the religion by the easiest way.

334     He who regards a life as absurdity regards with greatest seriousness religion.

335     Believer is disgusted to live on the world. It must seem to be second-quality or third-quality in comparison with the place of his next life.

336     There is no happy men among believers. that they haven't need to ask the God for something.


LIFE at a boundary (neg.)

337     An axis don’t belong the wheel’s edge, but it wear out too.


broken LIFE (neg.)

338     Even a broken life may be presented as two separate the highly pleasant and agreeable life.


LIFE in a capital (neg.) (see also life in a province)

339     I don’t like to choose a place, where mushrooms are cheapest.

340     A chord, which passes through the center, is not only the chord. It is the diameter already.


LIFE of a chief (pos.)

341     So many servants, so many enemies.


LIFE in a city (pos.)

342     It‘s nice to be near a stormy sea, but not at such sea.

343     I understand you. Weak men have a good use of themselves rather in the city than in the country.


LIFE in a city (neg.)

344     Even mosquitoes are cleverer in the town.

345     I understand you. Clever men have too much free life in the city.


LIFE in a remote corner (neg.)

346     Nobody wait bad friends. But good friends will get even to a remote corner.


LIFE in a big country (pos.)

347     This prejudice have not more validity than conviction of portly milkmaid her superiority over ballerina.


LIFE of a creator (neg.)

348     Sorry. You’ll never be up at night to write your thoughts. Your thought never waked you.


N’s LIFE after M’s death (neg.)

349     Now N has a usual life. N had the happy life till M’s death. Many people had not even such the piece of happy life.


devoted woman’s LIFE (pos.)

350     It is a strange picture. Many women are sitting and sewing hangers. Suddenly, after it one of them jumping up and saying, “I devoted my life!”


LIFE in a dirty place (neg.)

351     A greatest flowers growing at the dunghill.

352     He who doesn’t wish to live into dirty pond snatches at glittering hook and find itself on the clean frying pan very quickly.


eternal LIFE (pos.)

353     If you are such “eternal” creatures then where are reasons that we will be more happy after the end of our world lives than before them?


LIFE in a hotel (pos.)

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