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LOCK (pos.) (see also availability, care, defense, fear, freedom)

551     Quarrel-lover love a lock most of all.

552     A thief always locks up one’s door.

553     Love locks no cupboards.

554     There are fools who don’t understand that they mount locks against friends, but not thief.


LOCK (neg.)

555     Even a generous man doesn’t present one’s door to the neighbor.


LOGIC (pos.)

556     All misanthropic ideas develop a logical thought.

557     Usually, they want a primitive logic when they speak that the logic must be.


LONE person (pos.)

558     There are nine lascivious persons and one madman among any ten of anchorites.

559     The most cruel and evil persons are among those who stand out himself among others.

560     Always there is the way to retain the good sheep in the flock.

561     A lone person is not so free because of he yields strange interdiction easier. He who yields strange interdictions easier comes to isolating first of all.



LONE person (neg.)

562     If a person has not orchestra but he has one instrument then, of course, he strives to society.

563     A lone man is the person who repudiates the divided world societies. He is the person who wishes to take pleasure in the whole world.



564     A lone tree bends under the any wind.

565     A person seeks for loneliness if he has not capacity to tame own irritability.

566     A lone heart gets cold quicker.

567     A surgeon experiments on the orphans.

568     Leafage spreads in a friendly manner and falls one by one.

569     -He who entertains himself in isolation wears the motley for himself.  -If you like to wear the motley then it is better to do it for oneself than others.

570     Loneliness is good if the lone person has possibility of talking about it to somebody.



571     A person has natural behavior only in the absence of witnesses.

572     Most misfortunes come to a person after his giving loneliness up.

573     I see. A lone person quickly discovers a low value of himself.

574     It is worse to have a sensation of loneliness together with somebody.

575     He who loves freedom doesn’t fears loneliness.

576     Loneliness is bad only for man-eater.

577     Well, it’s bad always to know where one’s own stuffs lay.



578     He who needs crowd is the most lone person.


LONELINESS for a believer (neg.)

579     The virtue which is decorous for the God is decorous for a man, too.


LONELINESS for a great man (pos.)

580     A horse scratches its body by means of another one. A swine does it by means of the corner.


LONELINESS for a great man (neg.)

581     The greatest valour is doing something in loneliness just as others dare to do it only in the presence of witnesses.

582     It is easy to consider people a good people provided you would be isolated. And it is the paradisiacal enjoyment.

583     Free going on a thin ice is the privilege for a lone person.

584     A ripe fruit have easy tearing off the branch.


LONELINESS of a great man (exist)

585     He who is in the habit of thinking is not a lone person. Always an interlocutor is with him.


LONELINESS for an interlocutor (pos.)

586     A person worries about own unvoiced smart thought. However I understand you. You don’t worry about existence such one.


LONELINESS for an interlocutor (neg.)

587     Do you wish to be the Siamese twin?

588     Are you a blind man? Do you need the guide?


LONELINESS for an ordinary man (neg.)

589     Loneliness is the dangerous situation for fools and madmen.

590     The person who can’t to spend time in isolation is the calamity for those who are occupied with business.


LONELINESS for an ordinary man (exist)

591     Well, if a person every time has only a desultory thought then there is loneliness.


LONG (pos.) (see also prolongation, short)

592     A long dress doesn’t help to go.

593     A long whip would hits in own eye.

594     Long stitches don’t adorn a seam.

595     A drunkard makes a long path.

596     Long sleeves are good for a strait waistcoat.


LONG (neg.) 

597     Think yourself, which is better: a long-legged mosquito or a long-legged girl?

598     A long poker doesn’t burns hands.

599     I see it is impossible to carry this long pole through your gates.

600     If you go into a labyrinth, take a ball of thread with you.


LONG sight (neg.)

601     A long-sighted person never reduce situation to close combat.



602     He who loves the life rather takes care of the longevity of moment than the longevity of life.

603     A moment becomes good because of it was rather short.

604     Nobody pays attention to a rainbow which beams more than a quarter of hour.

605     An arrow flies owing to a short-term draw the bow-string. A permanent tension of cord can only to draw a stone along a road.

606     They have not a long way if they have good horses.



607     The long time of achievement means the aim was great.

608     A hat got dry longer than hair. However a gentleman always put on his hat during the rain.


LOOK back (pos.)

609     Small fishes don’t get in a mouth of predatory fish during a pursuit. They get there by heads forward.


LOOK for the best thing (pos.)

610     The better thing was looking for, the worse things were come across.


LOOK for the best thing (neg.)

611     It is better to look and chose a beauty than chose a high born girl without looking.


I LOOK at the earth (neg.)

612     I can’t divert my eyes from the earth. I feel obligation toward it more than you.


LOOK at somebody’s eyes (pos.)

613     Looking at somebody’s eyes is rather property of a hungry dog than a man.


LOOK for (pos.)

614     Don’t look for very white crow.

615     They never look for a corner into the egg.


to LOOK forward (pos.) (see also confidence in the future, forward)

616          -Do you offer looking only forward?


          -Sometimes, it is useful to know an amount and a quality of own shit.


LOOK TV (pos.)

617     I have more pleasure. The greatest pleasure is to feel that all miserable, who pestering you with one’s presence, are unworthy of your attention.



618     A looking at the glass can not improve an ugly mug.


LOOKING-GLASS for a woman (pos.)

619     The more women look in their glass, the less they look to their houses.


LOSE a good thing (exist)

620     Well, this slice of bread and margarine fell by butter down.


LOSE a great luck (exist)

621     The fish which breaks away is usually the biggest one.


LOSE a man (neg.)

622     I don’t stand in a queue that I may be afraid to lose N.


repeated LOSS (neg.)

623     N is not a blind man. N may has many cases of loss of own staff.


LOTS (pos.)

624     He who gives one’s consent with lots gives one’s consent with the most idiotic apportionment.


LOTTERY (pos.)

625     There is an American book about hundred victors of greatest lottery’s prizes. There is no one history with happy end after great prize there.

626     Some people hunt the fortune and raffle. The others hunt unlucky wretches and organize raffles.

627     I don’t object to the greediness tax, too.


LOUD (pos.)

628     A thief needs the loud market place.

629     What is it? Is it the tinkling of gold, which irritates nobody?

630     He who cannot work with a thread and needle works as the hammersmith.


LOUD (neg.)

631     It is not a lullaby where there is not a drum.

632     I’m not a beggar, who sings by the same voice both when he has had his fill and when he in hungry.


LOUD music (pos.)

633     A beauty is not dazzling. Music is not trembling into ears.


LOUD voice for a great man (pos.)

634     Could you imagine a person, who has loud voice and delicate thoughts? I can’t imagine him.


LOUD voice for an ordinary man (pos.)

635     Empty bucket makes loud noise.

636     Loud voice is a virtue of the donkey.


LOVE (pos.)

637     Well. A love is the best means to annihilation of feeling of disgust.

638     If somebody takes a bath it is wonderful. But if during the whole day somebody thinks what the wonderful bath will be taken then this is the madness. The love is the same thing.

639     Love is the temporary unjust estimation of difference between one woman and the great number of others.

640     If somebody is blindly carried away it is impossible to trust his ability for deep feeling.

641     A love is the bad deed. Nature determines they would close their eyes during copulation.

642     The love for a man is as the spin for airplanes. They go into a spin imperceptibly and go out it with great difficulties.

643     A love is the mean feeling. It gives up a doubt when somebody needs in it most of all.

644     I know “a love”. A love is such thing which prevents your meeting with the only predestined person and stops your searches long before the second step on this way.

645     I know an excited self-esteem which was covered by discourses about the self-sacrifice is not the lie. It is the love.

646     A love is the lawful way to evasion of conscience. The conscience doesn’t allow us to wish a woman for no particular reason. And if somebody will tell that he is in love, he already has the right to wish her. And if he will tell that he is madly in love, he already has the right to do everything that he wishes.

647     A love is the version of self-torture. The greater love, the more impossible things that it demands, the more pain it causes.

648     A love is the worship for the secondary phenomenon. The primary phenomenon is the Nature.

649     A love is the some kind of self-delusion. Everybody has his own one.++++++++

650     I know. If a talk is long and for nothing, then both men love each other.

651     Be honest-minded person! The most charming love comes into being during a sleep.

652     Love is the line of behaviour which is benefit for tradesmen. It enriches them.

653     Love is cruel. It’s a part of natural selection.

654     Love contains the permanent fear to lose darling. Otherwise it’s not love.

655     They increase an importance of love in order to diminish an importance of matrimony. So, glorification of love means glorification if immorality.

656     Not always a marionette which prides its own marionette destiny has a humiliating name. More often such marionette has the name “the man in love”.

657     Love is the strongest narcotic. After the first sex any absence of legal object of love will indulge in lewdness or masturbation.

658     A simple copulation is better than the loving one. It is not the perverted act which demand to use male's fingers instead penis.  

659     Love is the condition when the man is able to do the greatest quantity of foolish acts. Many people like such condition.


LOVE (pos., neg.)

660     Where love fails, we espy all faults.


LOVE (neg.)

661     He, who doesn’t come into the serious relation, scarcely treats himself seriously.

662     People are especially just to those whom they love. An aspiration for the love is an aspiration for the justice.

663     A love is the legitimate way for evasion of bad moral rules. If a man to wish a woman just as the male wishes her rules prevent it. But if a male is “in love” he has all rights “to love” her.

664     Even a man is only the side-line of love.

665     Well, a love brings so great trouble! It may compel to be up early or to do something else.

666     A paid love is good. They pay money for it. Also a free love is good all the more. They are ready to give all capital for it.

667     Love is the skill to be oneself. Not everyone has this ability.


LOVE (exist)

668     If someone loves another one, who gives him a pleasure then it is rather the love to this pleasure than the love to this person.

669     Each love has the mention about a pailful of dust.


ardent LOVE of a male (pos.)

670     Well, only an ardent boy-friend has reaches to a cruel battery and murder for a rival or just the object of his ardent feeling.


LOVE for a beauty (pos.)

671     A love for beauty is like the love of chocolate for its wrapper.


LOVE a careerist (pos.)

672     A well-to-do man brings more different information and interests to his own family.


LOVE of a chief (pos.)

673     The more somebody loves a woman (male), the less he (she) loves his (her) work.


Christian LOVE to the people (pos.)

674     A believer loves others because he wishes to please the God for the future reward. An unbeliever who loves others merits more honour.


LOVE for a clever man (pos.)

675     The popular employment which doesn’t make its participant cleverer is most probably the love.

676     Love is such nonsense, that one trusts in another man who has not trusts in truthfulness of own feeling.

677     A love is that happens with a man and woman when both don’t know each other.

678     Love is the fruit of idleness, but not of the work.


to LOVE a creator (neg.)

679     He, who doesn’t love a creator or a scientist, is the prostitute. He, who doesn’t loves somebody thank strange ideas, loves somebody thank strange money. 


LOVE to the daughter (pos.)

680     A loved daughter will be the old maid.


LOVE till the death (pos.)

681     A love till the death is the lot of old men.


durable LOVE (pos.)

682     Durability is the property of stupidity.


early LOVE (neg.)

683     I see. An early love is not serious. If somebody has serious love in this age he would had children.


to LOVE an empty-headed person (pos., neg., lack)

684     There are many obstacles in the love. Emptiness is not the obstacle.


LOVE for enrichment (pos.)

685     Of course, a love intoxicates man, but vodka is cheaper.


exalted LOVE (exist) (see also elevated)

686     One holds on to a cover even when he read into somebody’s heart.


free LOVE (pos.)

687     He who can’t court loved person with own pleasant, votes for the free love with a gain for himself.

688     I don’t exalt a free love, because it has too many slaves.


free LOVE (neg.)

689     Only a free love is the same good thing like the Swedish table.


LOVE of the God (pos.)

690     The God is perverted. He loves many people by an unnatural mode.


to LOVE the God (pos.)

691     A prostitute’s love is the love to the powerful person of this world.

692     A weak man loves the God first of all. He has a hope, the God helps him. A toady loves the God, too. He has a hope, the God will associates with him.

693     It is impossible to do a roof straight away. First of all it is necessary to build the foundation and walls. It is impossible to come to love the God straight away. Firstly, it is necessary to come to love a male (woman) and child.


to LOVE a great man (pos.) (see also conjugality, follow, matrimony)

694     If love would be cleared up of egoism and vanity, then right away, it could become a man who has weak ability for dragging one’s legs along. 


LOVE for a great man (neg.)

695     Norms are for normal persons, but not for the great one. Love  is not the norm.


happy LOVE (pos.)

696     Well, a happy love has the name “the happy love”, but it likes rather a sex than the love.


LOVE of an incompatible persons (pos.)

697     I know the love. It is the thing which binds incompatible persons and suggests them that it has the thin and subtle essence and bird’s wings.


LOVE for an interlocutor (pos.)

698     Do you like people who carried away in only one own though?

699     Well. A love gives the good income for those who play it before spectators. Have you this income?


LOVE for an interlocutor (neg.)

700     It seems to me that you got your knowledge of love from the observation of dogs.

701     I understand you. As to a coward, the love is the corporal punishment.


LOVE a lame (neg.)

702     The lame doesn’t limp in bed.


mad LOVE (pos.)

703     Some people have harmony in their hearts. Others have hormones there.


mad LOVE (neg.)

704     Only a mad love is the true clever one.


mad LOVE (exist)

705     A love is not the longest madness. It is only the short-term fit. It is only temporarily seems to that someone love another person more than oneself.


LOVE for a male (pos.)

706     A genuine male has interest to only victory and breaking off love’s relations. Women like all another deeds which are waste of time.


LOVE for a male (neg.)

707     If there is no intermediate course it is better to love women than to know their bad sides.

708     If a man stops to bear a back tail it is not mean that his fore tail must falls off.


LOVE for a man of the world (pos.)

709     Well, a love is divine. It can create anything. Like the God it is indifferent to the inquiry of mind (So, it’s fool). Also like the God it is cruel (So it’s beast-like).     


LOVE for a masterful man (pos.)

710     I understand why you seek to kindle the flame of love with the great interest.

A man in love has a subordinate standing.


LOVE for me (pos.)

711     I know this true love and other kind of it. It is those cases when one doesn’t leave another person even if it is boring.

712     A love resembles the petty larceny when the nature steals a society. The petty larceny does not inspire me.

713     I don’t like that cough which can’t be kept from others.


Do you LOVE me?

714     What I do? (Do a loving motion.)


LOVE to money (pos.)

715     Usually, the rich men hide the essence by noble words, such as “love to money”. The general recognition of legality of the humiliated rule of other people is more important fact for them. After that recognition even most greedy rich man will throw out all own millions. They will cease to be necessary.


LOVE for the sake of money (pos.)

716     The real value of the love for the sake of money is a two-penny.


mutual LOVE (pos.)

717     An occupation of egoism for pair calls oneself “the love”.

718     A vine and meat doesn’t love me, but I take them with joy.


LOVE without mutuality (pos.)

719     An abortive attempt is the sign of error.


to LOVE native land (pos,)

720     It seems that you have not love to the native land. If somebody has something enough then he doesn’t demand this thing from another man.


LOVE to a neighbor (pos.) (see also brotherhood)

721     A need of help to grow in proportion to the laudation of the love to one’ neighbor.

722     I haven’t great aversion to myself, which can help me to love other persons more than own ones.


new LOVE (neg.)

723     He who stopped loving and fell in love fell in love twice as good.


LOVE the old male (neg.)

724     The old man has just only beloved woman.

725     If it was said by an old woman I understand her personal interest in this love. But if it was said by a young woman she has some envy in loving woman.

726     They appreciate fire in winter.

727     A tardy blossom of a fruit-bearing tree of love will not become the fruit.


LOVE of the old man (pos.)

728      It is rather a short breath than the real love.


LOVE of the old man (neg.)

729     A late love is less accidental. So, it is more reliable.

730     In winter they need fire most of all.

731     A charmed person is rather the young person than the old one. If a charmed person is the old person, it testifies his great love.

732     An old plane tree has the succulent root.

733     An erected penis has not wrinkles.

734     A heart hasn’t wrinkles.

735     Old age is the time of delight and wonder. In one’s old age even an erected penis astonish much more than it astonished in one’s youth.

736     It is obviously you have not achieved that level of freedom when you permit yourself to fall in love at own will without constraining bridle or brake.

737     Brevity of the rest life doesn’t require the large care.


LOVE amidst onlookers (pos.)

738     He who is in the habit of carry deed through never makes love publicly.


LOVE amidst onlookers (neg.)

739     -Do you want we should seclude ourselves from you and then do it?


     -Well. Give us this opportunity.


to LOVE an ordinary man (pos.)

740     A fool has more likeness with the man who lost one's head because of the love than a clever man. Therefore they fall in love rather with the fool by reciprocal feeling.


LOVE of an ordinary man (pos.) (see also conjugality, matrimony)

741     Love is the single chance for an ordinary man to feel own likeness with the great persons.

742     I understand you. Love is a prize which arising when there is no numerous demands.

743     Love gives mind even those who never had it. So some persons are very pleased with it.

744     He who can’t stand straining of mind is occupied with sex for reduction of this straining.

745     What is the merit of man who has hair in his (her) pubic arch? What is the merit of feeling which has one’s appearance because of an appearance of pubic’ hair?

746     Well, usually he who is for nothing is rather for a love.


LOVE parents (pos.)

747     He who is frankly as a child loves a fancy cake more than his father and mother.

748     If somebody doesn’t became an adult and lost parents and their love he demands the love from children.


LOVE a part of smth. (neg.)

749     It is possible to love children and to hate their parents.

750     Have they due to kiss a frying-pan if they love fried eggs?


LOVE for a patriot (pos.)

751     An amoral person worships the love with the greatest inspiration, because the love can explains and justify almost all crime: treacherous consideration for friends, leaving of parents and leaving of native land.


permanent LOVE (pos.)

752     A permanent love is so foolish thing that it can’t know oneself.


perverted LOVE (pos.)

753     All perversions were invented by old men when they think we do this copulation for the last time.


Platonic LOVE (neg.)

754     Low level of regard for a man is here (Show the level of sexual organ.). A high one is here (Show at the head.).


LOVE a poor man (pos.)

755     Even a horse won’t come up to an empty nosebag.


LOVE (opinion of a poor man) (pos.)

756     Well. Love is a good device for refusing to pay money.

757     A loser has the greatest desire to compensate own failures by love.

758     The more dully life of the person, the more desire to decorate it by love.

759     Well, only love can transmutes copper coins into gold and gold ones into copper.


predatory LOVE of a male (neg.)

760     What is the difference of a rapacious male from a cultural woman? Both have one step to the hatred from the love.


quick-growing LOVE (neg.)

761     They pay for quickness, too. A soon result have the greater cost.


LOVE for religious man (pos.) 

762     I have some knowledge about the love. The more he pays attention to another person, the less he pays it to the Truth or God, the more his live is.

763     A love has great likeness with religious feeling. So, unbeliever can’t trust love.


LOVE for religious man (neg.) 

764     The love allows see a man in such view as he was scheme by the God and as he was not realized by his parents.


LOVE for a rich man (pos.)

765     A love is the deceiver that hides the own price-list.


LOVE to a rich woman (pos.)

766     I never fall in love with dowry.


serious LOVE of a woman (exist)

767     Don't speak about serious love of a woman because a woman is tempting by jokes, tricks and playful manner.


single LOVE (pos.)

768     As for society, the love to a single child is not greater than the love of person of many children to his many children. Then the love to a single person is not greater than the love to many persons.


strong LOVE (pos.)

769     I know this strong love. This is the love which brings to the end with suddenly manner.


subject for LOVE (lack)

770     Very often, a lack of deserving person for love hides the lack of capacity to love.


successful LOVE (pos.)

771     Very few people know that the covert cause of successful love, that it is inclination to only an accessible things.


sudden LOVE (pos.)

772     Well, N’s love is unexpected like diarrhea.


LOVE in summer (spring) (pos.)

773     It is known quantity of madness increase in according with the rise of temperature.


LOVE for X (pos.)

774     What trouble a man for? It is difficult to love somebody for something. It is easy to love somebody for no particular reason.

775     A genuine love is rather the love not with standing something than the love for something.


LOVE for X (lack)

776     Love is always for something. They love somebody for his (her) beauty, mind, kindness, gaiety, faithfulness. They don’t love a wicked, greedy, impudent or ugly man. The love to such man has another name. It named the bestiality.


LOVE an unbeliever (neg.)

777     An unbeliever must be loved most of all. He lives only one time.


unisexual LOVE (pos.)

778     He who has a narrow perception of Nature and has no comprehension about width of world, falls in love with only own sex.


LOVE to own wife (pos.)

779     Courting for the own wife is the same fascinating occupation as the hunting for fried game.


LOVE the wife of own friend (pos.)

780     It is necessary that a male doesn’t regard this woman as the wife of his friend some time before his falling in love in order to fall in love with her. But it is impossible for gentleman.


LOVE to a woman (pos.)

781     I have compound attitude with the kitchen smell. It attracts me when I am hungry and averts me when I am satisfied.


woman’s LOVE (pos.)

782     I know those women who stand under the grandiose banner of love. The more heavy this banner, the more often they change standard-bearers.


woman’s LOVE (lack)

783     If a lady says, “No!” it means “Yes”. If a lady says, “It is possible” it means “No”.

If a lady says, “Yes” she is not the lady.


I LOVE you.

784     -Look! There is the more beautiful girl. (Let he will look where she is?)

     -You deceive me.

     -And you, too. You began looks for more beautiful one.


LOVE a young person (pos.)

785     N is interested in the future. N is not interested in the past.


LOVE a young person (neg.)

786     He who can’t to love a young person looks pitifully.

787     If an old man has the right to advise to the young person, then he has the right to intrude upon its life by one’s own love, too.

788     Excuse the senile wish to take a more cheap thing.


LOVE a young person (exist)

789     Young persons are the great theorists. They rather no talk over the love than take pleasure in feelings.


LOVE of a young man (pos.)

790     A love is rather a miracle than the natural dog’s sexual behaviour. A young man has rather a natural sexual behaviour.

791     A new moon has time to entice girl from her house and it has no time to lead she into another one.


LOVER (neg.)

792     Everyone always leaves a bath-house or toilet or paramour, with enlighten face. Is not it for you?

793     The wish to disdain lovers can appears only for those who have many lovers.

794     A lover is only second. Only the third is unnecessary for love.


Is my LOVER good?

795     -Has he (she) the love for you?

     -Yes, he (she) has.

     -So, he (she) is fool.


LOW (pos.) (see also high)

796     A low place produces low pines.

797     To live at the lower reaches of the river is to drink dirty water.

798     Only wilted flowers look down.

799     Only broken branches look down.

800     Even a sheep can trample a fallen tree.

801     Even women attract not only their low luxury.

802     A bird on the ground is more likely to be a target.

803     Do you cross something that is lower the waist, too?

804     People better follow those, who invite down, but not upwards.


LOW (neg.)

805     The thing, which should rise, begins below.

806     The best roads travel along low places.

807     Pearls are found at the bottom.

808               -One sees a puddle below. The other sees stars there.

               -I know who is right more.

809     The lowest branches fruits most.


LOYALTY (pos.)

810     No tie can oblige the perfidious.


LOYALTY (neg.)

811     Rats desert a sinking ship.



812     People who write on coal by tar doesn’t belong to elite.


LUCIDITY of speech (exist)

813     When they say that a sick man stopped be ill then we may have a doubt that an operation was gone on well.


good LUCK (pos.) (see also achievement, fortuity, gratitude, opportunity)

814     Substitute good lucks for the place of two or three failures. So, what are few things that would be understood by lucky person!

815     A good luck is superfluously resemble a dead mouse which sometimes meet a blind cat.


good LUCK (exist)

816     All gifts which were brought by water will be taken away with the wind. All gifts which were given by earth will be taken away by the fire.


good LUCK (lack)

817     There is no a fair wind for those who lie in the dockyard.

818     Good luck falls only to that man who has permanent readiness to use lucky case, who really waits a good luck.


frequent good LUCK (exist)

819     A ship will run aground if its captain considers that any wind is the fair one for him.


good LUCK for glory (pos.)

820     It is cleverly to believe both cause and effect.


good LUCK for a great man (exist)

821     The bread never falls but on its buttered side.


obligatory good LUCK (pos.) (see also achievement, availability, damage, hindrance)

822     Diminution of probability of a failure is the diminution of freedom and possibility for creative work.


good LUCK at the path (exist)

823     A man could find “apples” only of a horse on a road.


permanent good LUCK (pos.) (see also damage, error, fall, hindrance)

824     Permanent luck may lead to more serious mistake.


permanent good LUCK (exist)

825     Every flow has its ebb.


LUCKY man (pos.)

826     The devil’s children have the devil’s luck.


LUSTER (pos.) (see also dullness, shining)

827     A greasy spot has a luster, too.

828     You resemble a clever raven to me. It loves brilliant things too, but it is thievish and feeds on the rubbish heap.


LUTHER (pos.)

829     Luther called Copernic by the fool.



830     They are against Lutheranism from two sides. One side takes vengeance on the rebellious reformer Martin Luther for his 95 thesis against the sale of indulgences. Another side cannot forgot, that in 1546 year Luther charges Jews with the murder of Christ. What is your side?


LUXURY (neg.)

831     Luxury is near to immortality than cheap things.




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