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washing-MACHINE (pos.)

1     Gorge less. Then a washing-machine will be for nothing.


MADNESS (exist)

2     He who wishes to kill the dog says that it is mad.

3     Any man may be named madman, because he recognizes mutually exclusive truths or recognizes only sole truth and exclude all others.


MADNESS of a great man (neg.)

4     Butter is mad twice a year. However, the butter is the butter.


MADONNA (pos.)

5     I always was insured that a man may give birth to the God.


MADONNA (neg.)

6     Madonna captivated the best man’s mind so much time that she may to permit oneself to select the person who will love her.


MAGNETISM of the preacher (pos.)

7     Any man who has magnetism voluntarily or not destroys somebody else’s personality first of all.


MAIN (neg.)

8     The postern door makes thief and whore.


MAINTENANCE of genius (neg.)

9     Usually, a genius is the dependant because of he strains every effort to his own great work but not to self-service.


MAJESTY (pos.) (see also conceit, fame, greatness, high, importance, modesty, pawnman, power, stateliness, superiority) 

10     An old horse deceived by one’s majesty.


MAJESTY (neg.)

11     They bought an old horse for the sake of its majesty.


MAKE X out of the home (neg.)

12     I have not rent for doing X at home.


MAKE mountain out of mole-hills (neg.)

13     Heavenly kingdom is the mustard seed which can grows and to cover a man. Making mountains out of mole-hills is one of capacities of a happy man.


MAKE X in N’s presence (pos.)

14     Doing X in N’s presence is equal playing the violin in Paganini’s presence.


MALE (pos.)

15     If a woman praises the man so she has not one more the same dunderhead.

16     Well, the longer my looking at N, the better my opinion about Hitler.


MALE (neg.)

17     Woman loves that man who can shares something with her. It is impossible to share mind. So, women never love clever males.

18     I see your friendship with cleaners of male’s lavatory. They know about male’s shortcomings most of all.

19     I see. The Nature hates males. Therefore it created women for them.


MALE’S thing for a male (pos.)

20     I feel you miss the railway station’s lavatory which is only for males.


seedy MALE (neg.)

21     A tattered book cannot be bad.


MALE for support (pos.)

22     You bear a strong resemblance to the drunkard who is glad to hold any wall which may supports him.


MALICE (pos.)

23     That butts goat will sticks in the fence by its horns.   

24     The malice is the vengeance on oneself for the mistake of other man.

25     If a dog has a malicious look they value it as the man. If a man has a malicious look they value him as the dog.

26     Don’t to be as a biting hedgehog. You couldn’t scratch yourself.

27     You will see more if you would stop frowning.

28     He who forgot a life is short is irritated most of all.

29     What this suicide mood for? You wouldn’t have a long life if you have quickened breathing.

30     A guilty man is angry the first.

31     A hatred is the vengeance of coward for own fear.

32     A man wastes only that what he has plenty of.

33     Even the dog try to bite ill-natured man.


MALICE (neg.)

34     A sincere man is irritated. A liar pretends to be kind.

35     Very often a malice which was done in all sincerity is better than the kind deed which was done with calculating.


MALICE (exist)

36     Oh, it is “the wicked dog!” It scares away so “kind” persons!


MALICE against a banker (neg.)

37     Even rich Henry Ford hated bankers and moneylenders until the end of his life.


MALICE of a believer (lack)

38     Any leagues and religions are alliances. The hatred to another people which has no the distinction between good and bad persons is the duty of every alliance, band, gang, junta, party, clan or group. What to support such abnormal situation for?


MALICE of big-nosed man (pos.)

39     Don’t be angry or you could bite your nose.


MALICE of a chief (pos.)

40     Be calm! One moment! And you will understand that you chose the busy which is not so good. So, you will begin to find another one.


MALICE of Christian (Moslem) (pos.)

41     The malice belong rather those who doesn’t believe in sole God, but believe in kind God and wicked Satan.


MALICE of the debater (pos.)

42     He who argues for own advantage but not for the sake of truth is irritated much more.


MALICE of a great man (pos.) (see also enmity)

43     Magnificent men can’t be irritated by the paltry one.

44     It’s easy to fill up a stream, but not an ocean.

45     Too bitter of hatred places even great men lower than those they hate.

46          -Great N lacks a few abilities, too.


          -Becoming angry second.

47     The more clever man is, the easier he understands the cause of discrepancy between the desired result and the actual result.


MALICE of a great man (neg.)

48     Only a bad horse won’t stamp the mud off its hooves.


MALICE against a great man (pos.) (see also enmity)

49     We hate a man if we feel that he has no reason to respect us.

50     Why one would be angry with somebody who is not afraid of him?

51     Even storm couldn’t spill sea.

52     It is better to wish a good life for oneself than the death for others.

53     I understand you. It is pleasure to throw stones at the window, but not in the shit.

54     Usually, an ordinary person doesn’t like the person who excels him.


MALICE of an interlocutor (pos.)

55     It is better to take a drink “the morning-after” than to be malicious as you are now.

56     You have a great irritation. Attempt to change your pamper.

57     I imagine that now you clenched your buttocks by the same way as you clenched your teeth (lips, fists, nerves).

58     You are angry with X. It is your problem. It is better let struggle with your anger.

59     I understand you. Fear of mind of an enemy turns a weak man to malicious one.

60     I understand you. The malice occurs to somebody when his sense of own uselessness clashing with his great conceit.

61     Look at yourself. You are jagged as the ash-tray of poor pub.


MALICE of an interlocutor (neg.)

62     You must be grateful to wicked men. Only they give other men a chance to be as kind ones.


MALICE against the laughter (neg.)

63     The anger is always sincere. In contrary the laughter is not always sincere.


MALICE of a male (pos.)

64     Now, you resembles a penis, because of your head is red and you strained yourself.

65     I see you resemble a quarrelsome girl who has menses.


MALICE of a male (neg.)

66     Woman can exchanges her anger for favour very easily. Do you wish that I’ll become a woman?


my MALICE (neg.)

67     Yes, I am irritated and compensate for your mistakes to me.

68     I don’t so busy with myself that I would pay no heed.

69     I don’t consider the life as insignificant occurrence that I should be lazy to put the justice in it.


MALICE of an old man (pos.)

70     Frogs rides on the old snake.


MALICE of an ordinary man (pos.)

71     Contents of a little pot always splash over the brim.

72     Gaps in the mind are usually filled with malice.

73     An angry hedgehog is still just a small ball of shit.

74     Every ant endeavor to sting even those who didn’t press it.

75     He who is weak and angry is the enemy to himself.

76     The malice is the kind of weakness and faint – heartedness.


MALICE of a poor man (neg.)

77     It’s easier for the rich not to be arrogant, than for the poor not to be angry with the rich.

78     Until a man is not completely robbed he has the right to be angry. And after complete robbery his right doubles.

79     Happiness starts from the hatred to misery.


MALICE against the truth (pos.)

80     Most of all they are irritated with the man who knows their weak point that they wish to deny its existence.


MALICE for a subordinate (pos.)

81     They hold a dog that bites at the chain.

82     They lay heaviest load on the most malicious donkey.


MAN (pos.)

83     They beware of he-goat from its fore-part, a horse from its back, a man from all his sides.

84     Usually, they have a high opinion about the man, who hides his own opinion.

85     Cannibals like a man most of all.

86     Do you know the cause of our disgust against monkeys? They are alike a man.

87     Well, N is good like a beer. N is good when he is cold and he is on the table.

88     However, Mr. N is worse than his father. He has no so beautiful sun as Mr. N.


MAN (neg.)

89     A drunk man doesn’t like a sober one.

90     Everyone judges others according own capacity.

91     Swindlers, scoundrels or fools despise one another if they have not equality of their vice.

92     Usually, a person takes notice of those things that he has personally.

93     It is always pleasant to condemn others for deeds that you were condemned for those earlier.

94     Usually, a man hates those vices of another man that he would wish to save himself from them.


calm MAN (pos.)

95     A calm horse has many riders.


dead MAN (pos.)

96     Deeds of dead men is the best, because of they reached death instead of us.


dead MAN (neg.)

97     Usually, the lion has the name “donkey” after its death and the donkeys have the name “lions” during their life.


irreplaceable MAN (pos.)

98     A distinguishing feature of irreplaceable man is the disposition to extortion.


a necessary MAN (pos.)

99     Executioners are necessary men too. But it is not means that best men aspire to be like them.


MAN (by opinion of a great man) (neg.)

100     N is better than an opinion about him. Who could commend oneself by the same words?


MAN (by opinion of an interlocutor) (pos.)

101     You can find saints even from atheists.


MAN (by opinion of an interlocutor) (neg.)

102     I pity you. You didn’t deserve the right to praise yet.

103     You fall on somebody else’s vices like a tiger. And you is perched on own ones like a hen.

104     A repenting man has the least wish to condemn somebody. I see, you have no vice for repentance yet.

105     What you can know about somebody if you have incorrect opinion about yourself?

106     If you would see Achilles you would see nothing except his heel.

107     You have no a fear of condemn those who have covert repentance. So, you condemn those who had reform already.

108     Poor fellow (thing), stop condemning. A man who likes nobody is more wretch than the man who is unloved by everyone.

109     A cured drunkard and a man who gave up smoking have feeling of pleasant cleanness. He who stopped condemn has a similar feeling. Treat your own soul, please.

110     I am not such doctor as you. I don’t see only patient around me.


MAN (by opinion of an ordinary man) (pos.)

111     All people are base persons with the difference that the best people understand the base essence of one’s own nature but the worst people have no this understanding.


MAN (by opinion of an ordinary man) (neg.)

112     Usually, the great fool has the few quantity of man, who may be blamed by him. So, his enthusiasm for blame increases.

113     A person is like brilliant. It has fixed price when its value and lustre are less than some standards. Beyond them it has neither price nor buyer.

114          -Do you know why sages blame less than fools?

          -No. (Why?)

          -Because of they have enough the mind to make out streaks of scoundrels into themselves.

          -Your sages has not enough the mind to make out portions of scoundrel into themselves. Or they are the same scoundrels.


MAN (by opinion of a woman) (pos.)

115      I know. The prostitutes like huge quantity of the people.


still MAN (pos.)

116     A still man receives loud orders.


untiring MAN (pos.)

117     An untiring man tires others most of all.


one-man MANAGEMENT (pos.)

118     A good wall can serves for two masters.


one-man MANAGEMENT (neg.)

119     It is bad when a right hand doesn’t know deeds of left one.

120     Two rope-walkers never jump on the same rope.

121     Two lions couldn’t be placed in one skin.

122     Two men never breed hens in the same room.

123     A boat would have a leak if there are two caulkers.

124     Two helmsmen overturn a boat more often.

125     There are no two axes for a single helm.

126     I’m not a wall that serves for two masters.

127     Sheep have dying when there are many shepherds.

128     There is one tongue in the mouth. There is one order at the work.

129     Two riders never jump up on one saddle at the same time.

130     What for twelve conductor’s baton?

131     The honest woman doesn’t lives with two men at once. The honest man doesn’t serves for two chief at once.

132     An opposition of one-man management is a hundred small-minded arguments which last with changeable success between “free” men which rolled in their arguments and which are free from free time.


one-man MANAGEMENT for a believer (neg.)

133     Nobody prays for two icons at once.


one-man MANAGEMENT for a family (neg.)

134     If the father-in-law said something then he is right. If the mother-in-law said something then she is right too. A good daughter-in-law will be at a loss.


one-man MANAGEMENT for Russia (neg.)

135     A parceled princely Russian land became the slave and tributary of Mongol for many centuries.


reach MANHOOD (pos.)

136     Simple creatures have the least time of maturation.    


persecution MANIA (exist)

137     If somebody has not a persecution mania, it doesn’t mean that nobody watches him.


MANY (pos.) (see also account, enough, few, increase, influence of quantity, quantitative superiority, variety)  

138     Many suns may incinerate an earth.

139     Quantity is a property of sparrows, but not of nightingales.

140     The more clocks, the less confidence.

141     Even a great number of flies couldn’t open a jug.

142     What do ten keys for one lock?

143     A centipede is not quickest creature.

144     A car, which was washed once, may be cleaner than a car, which was washed many times.

145          -A person who knows quality doesn’t look for quantity.

          -You didn’t know a philosophy. Quantity turns into quality too.

146     The greatest quantity of vitamins is in a chemist’s shop. So, your way leads there!

147     A flower which is in the meadow tires a man less than bouquet in a vase or wreath.

148     Even many feet will not give the possibility to move in different sides.

149     Many cooks make the watery fish-soup.


MANY (neg.)

150     A brilliant sparkle by many its sides.

151     Even eleven fingers are good for a work.

152     One for the mouse, one for the crow, one to rot and one to grow.


MANY (exist)

153     It is really “many”. There are one chimney, four houses and eight streets.

154     There is not a good thing into my native land, which could be superfluous for me.

155     Even four men could meet five ones.


MANY goods (pos.)

156     Situation when there are many good things is bad. If there are only roses in the photo-exhibition and one photo with shit then all people would come up to look just the shit.


MANY great men (exist)

157     An outstanding person stands out among others. There is no another place for him. Many outstanding men are the monotonous rank.

158     Everyone could eat away three dishes. Well, he could taste four dishes some more. Well, he could nibbles five dishes some more. But the rest is for nothing. As for brain or attention there is the same effect.

159     Many outstanding figures couldn't find room at the screen.


MARK (pos.)

160     The cloud is not the mark for the place.


free MARKET (pos.) (see also equal, freedom)

161     Have you forgotten the law of market? Free market gives offer for any immoral requirement right away.

162     Even Americans don’t trust in the free market. They meddle in other countries in order to receive more profitable agreements and costs.



163     I’m sorry to say they make monuments for poet Pushkin but not for his duel’s killer Dantes.



164     For no doubt! When a substitution of sexual partners became not so interesting that will be the time to do marriage.


MARRIAGE of convenience (MATRIMONY, WEDDING) (pos.)

165     A marriage without love is like going shopping hoping to find money on the way.


MARRIAGE of convenience (neg.)

166     Everything is first-rate in a marriage for money. They even divorce, because of love.

167     “One mind is good, but two is better” – it is obvious case of superiority of marriage of convenience over the loneliness.

168     I’m for a compromise. I agree that a marriage must be based on love. Then you must agree that an acquaintance must be based on convenience.


MARRIAGE of convenience (exist)

169     It is not marriage of convenience but it’s, because she shouldn’t become a spinster taking into account that there are people like you, which censure marriage of convenience.


MARRIAGE of convenience (lack)

170     Really they do not marry for money. They divorce for it.


MARRIAGE when persons have different religion (neg.)

171     He is not a ram. She is not a swine. Why they couldn’t live together?


MARRIAGE when the girl was proposed to another man (neg.)

172     A fox doesn’t belong to a man who saw it, but it belongs just one who got it.


MARRIAGE for a great man (pos.) (see also conjugality, friendship, love)

173     He, who has more own thoughts, has more horror because of matrimony.


MARRIAGE for a great man (neg.)

174     A gem needs the setting. A man needs domestic surroundings.


MARRIAGE of two great people (pos.)

175     If some bird would be bound to another ones than four pinions could be useless.


-I could have MARRIAGE many times in the past.

176     -And your pretenders were cleverer than I. Is not it?

     -Yes, it is.

     -I believe you. They already demonstrate their mind.


MARRIAGE for a poor man (neg.)

177     He, that is needy when he is married, shall be rich when he is buried.


MARRIAGE with a rich man (pos.) (see also love)

178     It is good to be tied to the powerful tree. Supporting will be ensured.

179     A man growing dull because of a thing, which gives false feeling of safety.


MARRIAGE with thriftless person (pos.)

180     They don’t acquire a cow only for slaking. They don’t acquire a family only for copulating.


MARRIAGE with a woman (pos.)

181     Marriage of a male with a woman is not the best deed even for woman’s opinion. Only one is glad. Many are grieved.


MASKING (neg.)

182     A masked man is rather nearer to the aim than an unmasked one.


MASTER (pos.)

183     A dog’s breeding is that it is better to receive a blow from its owner than to receive a piece of bread from a passer by.


MASTER (neg.)

184     I see. A dog has the right to bark at its owner.

185     Why you have the property of louse? It never dreads its owner.

186     Servants make the worst masters.


MASTER (exist)

187     Well, the eunuch is the master of harem.


any MATERIAL (pos.)

188     A wooden dagger would cut only the water jet.


MATERIALISM for unbeliever (neg.)

189     A believer has much more materialism and sacred material such as icons, crosses, relic of a saint’s bodies, saint water, incense, communion bread, Easter cakes and eggs.



190     Yes, it is interesting to talk to a mathematician. If you would hear that one and a half of a hen lay one and a half of an eggs during one and a half of a day then don’t doubt. You are talking to the mathematician.



191     Only mathematician has good knowledge about things which to demand difficult thinking about itself.



192     Not many people love mathematics. It is impossible to take pleasure in it when a man is in the passive role.



193     It is not patriarchy when women live longer than men and women retire on a pension earlier than men.



194     Must has a love a smell of a stamp?

195     Matrimony is the unnecessary trial for self-restriction, when you must select only one and refuse all the rest.

196     The matrimony is the attempt to take out the sole grass-snake from a sack of snakes.

197     A free love is like a fire or adventure novel. On contrary, the matrimony is like a smoke after fire or a chronicle.

198     Well, people invented good substitutes. They invented ventilator instead breeze, rag-roses instead natural ones, matrimony instead love.



199     It is more pleasant to warm up one’s hands on a wife (husband) than under own ass.

200     A bad stowed burden is the torture for a back. An irregular love is the torture for a heart.


MATRIMONY for a Christian (pos.)

201     If the celibacy would be the sin, than the God wouldn’t permits Christ to die in an unmarried status.


MATRIMONY with a cousin (neg.)

202     According to scientific date, if the hereditary diseases are lack the matrimony with a cousin is dangerous for posterity by two per cent above only.


MATRIMONY for a great man (pos.)

203     A gem needs to the setting. A man needs to domestic surroundings.


MATRIMONY with a great man (pos.)

204     Mouse, don’t marry an elephant. If it would be died you will bury its grave all rest life.


MATRIMONY of great men (pos.)

205     If some bird would be bound to another one then four pinions will be useless.


MATRIMONY for an interlocutor (pos.)

206     The matrimony is the hothouse. Do you like the hothouse cucumbers?


MATRIMONY for a male (pos.)

207     It is equal for man: to get into the matrimony or bear the punishment for crime. There are deprivation of freedom and belongings in both cases.

208     Do you think that it is better pass from buying flowers to buying vegetables?

209     Well, the matrimony opens the mind. You could quick know that a male is a cad, bore, niggard, dullard, tormentor and masterful man.

210     I understand you. Matrimony gives the benefit. A husband has possibility directs all unpleasant visitors to his wife.

211     I understand a love. It is the dominion of own feeling. But the matrimony is the limit. It is being under the dominion of a wife.

212     Matrimony is always for woman’s weal. A woman has a power only in the family. A man has more power out of the family.

213     If a man is dead to shame of defeats then, of course, he is dead to shame to give himself for wife’s victories.

214     The matrimony doesn’t give guarantee against bad occasion. All will depend from a first adulterer of a wife.

215          -A beauty is an enticement for others. An ugly wife is the punishment for oneself.

          -On contrary. A beauty is not the punishment. And an ugly wife is not the enticement for others.


MATRIMONY for a male (neg.)

216     He who has a good wife never want exchange she for any another happy. He who has a bad wife doesn’t afraid the death.

217     Well, married male has a dog’s life. After a work he has going into his home with dirty feet, sits into a chimney-corner and wait he would be fed.


MATRIMONY for me (pos.)

218     I cannot put seriousness near tomfoolery. So, I cannot esteem the lawfulness of conjugality.


MATRIMONY with an old man (neg.)

219     Green peas are bad for reproduction.


MATRIMONY of unequal persons (pos.)

220     Different birds never fly in common flight.

221     Inequality hinders rather a friendship than the love.


MATRIMONY of unequal persons (neg.)

222     Even a noble crab’s sauce may be a relish to pig’s kidneys.


unisexual MATRIMONY (neg.)

223     Well, a majority of polygamists blame the unisexual matrimony.


MATRIMONY for a woman (pos.)

224     A husband will have twice more pretensions against his wife. Do you understand it?


MATRIMONY in the youth (pos.)

225     The earlier wedding the greater fig in front of the noses of surprised parents.


early MATURITY (pos.)

226     A dry or wormy sour cherry is red the first.

227     There are persons, who wish to convert girls into women as early as possible. Also, there are persons, who wish to convert boys into males as soon as possible.


MAYONNAISE (pos., neg.)

228     Ivy conceals a blemish of architect. Earth conceals an error of doctor. Mayonnaise conceals a bad culinary skill of mistress.


alone MEAL (neg.)

229     A bold man never fears alone meal. *

230     I heard that nobody wishes to eat. However, I am not “nobody”.


MEAN (pos.)

231     If a shade goes in advance of a man it is not mean that the man follows the shade.

232     If a helicopter hangs over the same place, it is not means that its benzene ended.

233     If treasures are into ruins, it is not mean that it is necessary to pull down everything.

234     Every Odessa’s taxi-driver knows five or six languages, but it is not mean that all of them are linguists.

235     If a woman has condoms it is not means that she is a male.


MEAN of annihilation (pos.)

236     It is impossible to annihilate touching with grey by shaving.

237     It is impossible to cut out shade from the wall.

238     They never harmed well by full up it with snow.


MEAN of cessation (pos.)

239     Well, bleeding at the nose may be stopped by tying plait at the neck.


golden MEAN (see MIDDLE)


MEANING of life (pos.)

240     The lamentation “Ah, his life has no meaning!” rings for me like “Ah, poor fellow! He lives without a chief!”

241     The more often we deprive the life of happiness and brief fortunes, the more we get sense into it.



242     If a fool has enough meanness he may be cleverer than a clever person. So, a clever person must have meanness for his struggle against fools.


great MEANNESS (exist)

243     Well, it is the double mean action. It is the strike to the back, and it is the strike of low to the waist.


male's MEANNESS against a woman (neg.)

244     A woman likes situation that men hint for her. The most quick-witted hunter always has more meanness. What to criticize the more clever male for?


MEANNESS of a subordinate (neg.)

245     A mean man always must be near rulers. A mean man always serves them.


MEANNESS of young man (neg.)

246     In any case, a quantity of treacheries which was made by old men is more than the quantity of treacheries which was made by young men.


by all MEANS (pos.)

247     Usually, a man hasn’t enough own money. And when he uses strange money, then he speaks that he is ready to do something by all means.


What MEANS it?

248     -Sorry. I don’t interpret signs and omens.


MEASURE (neg.)

249     In order to get good results they do measured things.

250     He who doesn’t measures kneels before the glow-worm but not the sun.

251     Even a bold eagle measures the bone before its swallowing.


know the right MEASURE (pos.)

252     I feel your fear that you drank some insufficiently.


drastic MEASURES (neg.)

253     It is better to make drastic measures and explain them immediately than to explain the lack of drastic measures later.


MEAT (pos.)

254     Is it really a good thing, which is a temporary pleasure for some person and a loss of life for another one?


MEAT (neg.)

255     I don’t suffer from constipation in order to praise a vegetable diet.

256     A stupid donkey never eats meat.

257     An animal has the good behaviour if its life satiates superiors, but not worms.


MEAT as a present (neg.)

258     A gift of meat is the double gift. It is good as just meat once. And it is good as the gift once again.


MEDAL (pos.) (see also do, exploit, gratitude)

259     Healthy yogurt has no decoration. There are medals for whisky.


MEDDLE (pos.)

260     Gnaw the bone which is in your plate.


MEDDLE in strange country (pos.)

261     Let I assume that Napoleon’s France was more progressive country than Russia. But I’m not a fan of Napoleon.


MEDDLE in strange family (pos.)

262     Put not thy hand between the bark and the tree.



263     I know this mediators. All people who stand between I and food or I and money call themselves the mediators.

264     Mediators are harmful. They add force to a weak for the sake of continuation of his struggle. As result, both sides would lose their strength to the total subordination to the mediator.



265     He who appears against mediation let pull out his tongue first of all and a tooth at the second.


MEDIATOR for believer (neg.)

266     He who hates mediators hates his own parents, too. Because of they were mediators between the God and himself.



267     Well. Medicine prolongs the time of dying.

268     “Keep closed” is an advice only for the clever men. It placed at medicinal package. A fool cannot understand these words.

269     The more thirst for living, the more sensation that medicine is helpless. I pity you, because of your poor thirst for living.


expensive MEDICINE (neg.) (see also endow, expenditure, treatment)

270     The medicine also should have the expensive price, that it was willingly accepted.


MEDICINE against an insomnia (pos.)

271     Nobody was died of insomnia. A lot of people were died of the soporific.



272     A meditation is good for talker who has not listeners.


MEET with children after the divorce (neg.)

273     Nobody is divorced with own children.


MEET with a great man (neg.)

274     I don’t aim to gain anything from the meetings with fools.



275     The man is cheerful, if his value is lower than what is given to him by surroundings.


MEMORY (pos.)

276     Recollection about the past likes pushing eggs into the hen.

277     He who is angry with forgetfulness is angry with the law of natural selection.

278     He who got over the river doesn’t drag the boat after himself long time.

279    They never winnow an old straw once again.

280     The memory about best days kills the present. The memory about bad days cools the soul.

281     The long memory soils conscience.

282     Forgetfulness is an ulterior aspiration for freedom.

283     If shades of recollections are so long, then the sun will die out soon.

284     The damage of forgetfulness is always become equal benevolence of forgetful person.

285     It is easier to memorize prose which was written by foreign language than by mother tongue, where every word suggests an idea. Therefore I have not the high opinion of person who has the retentive memory.


MEMORY (neg.)

286     They forget the forgetful devil into the boiling cauldron.

287     Forgetfulness distorts the truth.

288     Persistent beggars never love persons which have good memory.


MEMORY for believer (pos.)

289     It is good to remember only about the God.


MEMORY for believer (neg.)

290     Memory is such kind of paradise that nobody could turn us out of it.


MEMORY for a creator (pos.)

291     A good memory is the obstacle for creation.


MEMORY about the forthcoming death (pos.)

292     He who detests the life remembers about the forthcoming death best of all.

293     If the memory about forthcoming death would be useful, then the God would give the right prevision of it, leading off childhood.


MEMORY for enrichment (neg.)

294     Memory is such thing which may be profitable immediately.

295     He who has a poor memory wouldn’t implement even one his own wish.


MEMORY for a great man (pos.)

296     The shortcoming of memory strengthens thinking.

297     Even Einshtein never remembered the number of his telephone because it may be found in the reference book.


MEMORY for interlocutor (pos.)

298     Do you like to do an artificial respiration for the deceased?

299     Do you understand it is the muck to keep everything in the mind?

300     You praise the thing which very often doesn’t give to be happy in the present.


MEMORY for interlocutor (neg.)

301     Are you the crocodile which cannot to turn back its head?


MEMORY for me (pos.)

302     I’m not the liar in order to have the retentive memory.

303      It grieves me I’ll not to play card’s fool, because of this game expects retentive memory.


MEMORY for me (neg.)

304     I am not the mirror which cannot memorize anything.

305     I am not Lot. I don’t run away sins.


MEMORY for me in love (pos.)

306     I would feel an injustice if I’ll stand near you and keep in mind something else except you.


MEMORY for numbers (pos.)

307     A greedy head memorizes numbers better than the wise one.


MEMORY for an ordinary man (pos.)

308     There are persons that remembering is easy for them than thinking.


MEMORY for an ordinary man (neg.)

309     A nail couldn’t sticks only into the rotten board.


MEMORY about parents (neg.)

310     A thing which has no roots has weakness for fall.


MEMORY about the past (neg.)

311     He who had not memory about the past repeats its mistakes.


MEMORY about own promise (pos.)

312     He who remembers all own words and deeds cannot be properly generous.


MEMORY for us (neg.)

313     Who will memorize past events after us, if we would forget them?


woman's MERCENARINESS (lack)

314     Well, some women cannot be bought. They may be only on hire.




MERCHANT (pos.)          

315     Where can a slave feel his freedom except the commerce?

316     All people despise market-women but nobody says so passing through a market.

317     Usually, it is impossible to drive out of a market only such a person, which can’t be sent in a field by nobody.

318     Love can’t be engaged in commerce. The better merchant, the less he understands the love.

319     I know so-called a just and innate merchant. He will sell flesh with a bone even to his own mother. Then he will present one dollar as the grant for her.

320     Well, it’s really better to sell than to steal.

321     I understand you. In a middle of the bazaar even a coward didn’t dread his enemy.

322     Honesty is on sell on your market. Is not it?

323     A merchant, seller, loafer and robber have the same way. This way is a road.



324     A selling teaches better than buying. Usually, a seller is cleverer than a buyer.

325     A market is not the place only for sale. It is a place for an estimation of mind and talent, too.

326     Merchants are needed not only for the trade. Love of one nation to another may be measured by the volume of trade between them.

327     All people were descended from a monkey. And merchants were descended from that the one, which got a fire somewhere.


MERCHANT on change (pos.)

328     I see. Playing cards, roulette and race meeting are old things. An exchange is the long-range cannon. The one can’t even see the man who deprives his money.


God’s MERCY (pos.)

329     The less the faith in one’s own mercy, the less the faith in somebody else’s mercy, the more the faith in God’s mercy.

330     Theomachists have the more firm belief in God’s mercy than believers.


MERIT (pos.) (see also achievement, conceit, exploit, fame, gratitude, high, honor, influence of conditions, past, pride, service, success) 

331     Well. The bone deserves to the cur. The cur deserves to the bone.


MERIT (exist)

332     Scoop pride oneself as though it cooled soup.

333     There is no a swindler who would refuse to say that some person merits the best.


MERIT of a believer (exist)

334     He who acts of God’s will has no private merit.


great MERIT (exist)

335     A lazy sheep thinks its wool heave.


MERIT of great man (lack)

336     Merits are great when they are understood. But for fools all merits are negligible.


MERIT of a rich man (pos.) (see also benefit, boon, decoration, gratitude, title, virtue) 

337     Even a fool can cook a good porridge when he posses some butter.

338     All the same, poverty feeds the world. It feeds those who raise poverty, and it feeds those who struggle with it.

339     Rich men like talking about their public benefit. Some ancient Chinese annals narrate that an ablation of swelling and lancing of furuncle were value at one cart, and licking clean piles was value at five ones. It is easy imagine the more successful way to the riches.

340     I know more real fact. The yard-keeper, which sweeps about a rich cottage, lives in the house, which standing among more dirty area. 

341     Poor men are the pasture for the rich men (Sir. 13:23). The rich men couldn’t subsist themselves by any their business on any another field.


MERIT of a rich man (lack)

342     The God is not weak. He rules not only heaven deeds, but mundane ones, too.


MERIT of a subordinate (lack)

343     However, the sole is the main part of a shoe.


woman’s MERIT in the building of domestic life (pos.)

344     I agree. Woman’s lie is alike the stone wall. Man’s lie is alike an unsteady wattle-fence.


MERRIMENT for a great man (neg.) (see also natural behavior, excited, happiness) 

345     Virtue gives the merriment. Is not it?


MERRIMENT of an ordinary man (pos.) (see also natural behavior)

346     I see. If a man belongs to worse half of mankind, then, of course, this world would seem to him like a good recompense.

347     People defend and protect a man who cheering them. I see, you feel your weakness.

348     Jolly pig couldn’t dig up a deep root.


MERRIMENT of an ordinary man (neg.)

349     Gladness is a part of the force. Do you wish to diminish force of people?

350     Merriment starts from the first attempt to take oneself for “I am not the hub of the universe”.

351     It is better to be happy for existing things, than to be unhappy for lacking things.

352     Merry man is good even without a talent. A smile from an inquiry’s window may substitute for many great works.

353     It is impossible to be sad for strange successes long time! Is not it?


MERRIMENT of a poor man (neg.) (see also enjoyment, festivity)

354     Merriment is the cash of happiness. The rest is only a paper-credit.


MERRIMENT of a rich man (neg.) (see also enjoyment, festivity)

355     The rich couldn’t have such dismal face as a man, which has empty hands during whole day.



356     The louder crackling, the stronger proof, it was against the will. 


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