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MIDDLE (golden MEAN) (pos.) (see also high, last, ordinary, priority, second)

357     If you try to make a thumb a middle finger, then you will make a figure means “I’ll give you nothing”.

358     A broken finger has the middle crooked position.

359     One would be drowned even if a river has an average only two feet deep.


MIDDLE (neg.)

360     A gentleman, who respects himself, sits in the middle seat when he is going by a carriage.

361     Dirty ends of a towel always resent the middle.

362     To go first – to be punched forehead. To go last – to be punched back of the head.

363     It is bad to be only in the middle of the funeral.

364     Moderate handclasp has more peculiarities than the clenched one.

365     The first and last frosts are the worst.


MIDDLE (exist)

366     A door is opened or closed.

367     Have you one and a half hole?

368     All plasters divide into two varieties. The first would never been stuck to. The second would never been came unstuck.


MIDDLE (lack)

369     It is optical illusion. A boat placed in the middle of the river seems nearer to another bank.


MIDDLE for a believer (pos.)

370     Even the God has not the golden mean.


MIDDLE for me (neg.)

371     If they give orders ‘Clever men, go to the left! Very good-looking men, go to the

right!’ I stay at the middle because I can’t be everywhere at once.


MILDNESS (pos., neg.)

372     A soft armchair prevents to rise during the danger.


MILITARY man (pos.)

373     I know the military men. The greater their capacity of mislead the enemy, the greater their fame.

374     Yes, maniacs and butchers are fit for military service most of all.

375     If many military men haven’t civil courage then what courage is greater, military or civil?

376     There’s no need for a really clever man to become a military man in order to be as attractive person, as military men for the women.



377     Yes, many persons like clapping one’s hands and they didn’t wish to serve in the armed forces. The clapping one’s hands is not established order for military service.


MILITARY rank (pos.)

378     “The military ranks” are those ones who have not come from their childhood yet. They said in their childhood: “I don’t know”. But now, they say “I don’t know, but it should be done till the morning”.


MIND (pos.)

379     A man who use a mind doesn’t worship it, because of he know it.

380     Sometimes, a man cannot catch a gnat at a whole night. So, an evil has mind most of all.

381     A garret is not the main part of the house.

382     A mind is conspicuous when feelings are absent.

383     Any intestine is cleverer than the mind. It assimilates only necessary things and have successful refusal from all the rest.

384     It is good if a mind, as servant, appears in due course and doing all that is needed. But if a servant wishes become a master, then it becomes an enemy.


MIND (neg.)

385     A man must have a reliable contact with the mind in order trust in mind.

386     A mind is the necessary suit even for a beauty.


MIND (exist)

387     A mind is rather a great number of concealed foolish ideas.


MIND (lack)

388     Usually, the most whimsical reckless idea is the outcome of the most subtle intellect.


MIND of a bearded man (pos.)

389     The brains don’t lie in the beard.


MIND of a beauty (pos.)

390          -The mind can be looked everywhere but not in beautiful women. There is not that vodka was invented by beautiful women.

          -That is right! They have enough mind not do invent harmful things.


MIND of a believer (pos.)

391     As a rule, a man who likes only one book is more foolish than a man who likes many ones.

392     I know. Believers are the very firm people. Nothing can be the proof for them in disputes of some sort. And everything can be the proof for them in disputes of another sort.

393     A believer has more foolishness than an unbeliever. You may talk with unbeliever in many languages, and you may talk with a believer in only language, which is the language of his religion. A believer knows only phrase in another language, “Read gospel (Koran). All thoughts are there”.

394     A society where a fugitive and persecutor pray for different things before one and the same God is the society of fools.


MIND of a big man (pos.)

395     The more mass, the more mind. After bathing a big elephant powders itself dust right away.


MIND of a chief (pos.)

396     A man will fly high if he would have bird’s brain.

397     Chiefs are not cleverer than subordinates, because of, they have better education. Talmud narrates that a good knowledge may be obtained from teachers, a better knowledge – from friends and a best knowledge – from subordinates.

398          -Do you know the defect of every chief’s mind?

          -What defect it has?

          -A chief cannot understand a conditionality of his playing chief.


MIND of a chief (lack)

399     A man who governs is cleverer. He trains his mind more often than his body.

400     A man can do as much as he knows. So, a chief is cleverer than his subordinate.

401     Chiefs are cleverest people. Talmud narrates that a good knowledge may be obtained from teachers, a better knowledge – from friends and the best knowledge – from subordinates.


MIND of Christ (pos.)

402     Christ couldn’t understand his Father. He doesn’t understand that his Father loves and endows the rich more than others.


MIND of Christ (Mohammed) (pos.)

403     Founders of religions are not cleverest. They never give the most important knowledge, that any religious commandment may be erroneous. They prefer to contradict oneself and affirm that all bookish religious statement are veritable just and non-discrepant.


MIND of Christian (pos.)

404     They name both a bad woman and a good Christian “a sheep”. A clever Christian would say that it is an accidental coincidence. His words will show his foolishness once again.


MIND of a man of crowd (pos.)

405     A quota of clever creatures is insignificant. The majority are worms, flies, gnats. It is easy to imagine the great per cent of fools in the crowd.


MIND of a deceived man (lack)

406     Well, it is easier to deceive the clever man than the fool, because of the fool was already deceived many times.


MIND of the devil (pos.)

407     Permanent work is the business for a fool. Devil is the fool. Firstly He puts righteous men out their right trails and then He invents devil’s punishments for sinners and doing them permanently.


MIND of a forgetful man (neg.)

408     There are stumbling minds. It is forgetful men. And there are minds which are wrong from the very outset. They consider a mind as a retentive memory.


MIND of a fortune-teller (pos.)

409     The wolf knows what the ill beast thinks.


MIND of the God (pos.)

410     Well, the God is clever. He found your necessity and reduced you to the full satisfaction, like a loved male reduce woman to her full satisfaction.

411     Making of the world was more important for the God than His being without it. Making of the folly is more important for the fool than his being without it.

412     Everything has a cause. Every cause is founded on the wisdom of the God. Hence always when we meet with foolishness, we meet with foolishness of the God. What very often we meet with foolishness!

413     Doing something means a seeing an aim. A seeing an aim means not seeing the others. He who does less can see more. So, the God is either the all-knowing idler or an active fool.


great MIND (neg.)

414     A small mind is harmful. A little infant is defenseless to an animal. Only a great mind gives an advantage for a man.


MIND of a greedy man (exist)

415     He who satisfied with his own mind but doesn’t satisfied with own richness obviously exaggerates merits of his own mind.


MIND for happiness (neg.)

416     The smart men are unhappy. They see all defects and sins.


MIND of an interlocutor (pos.)

417     You have not much mind. You don’t understand things which don’t bring in an obvious profit.

418     Perhaps, there are many trainers which need your mind. A clever object yields to training easier.

419          -Could you stand an egg at vertical position without a prop?


          -Where is your mind? {Stand an egg at vertical position by pressing from above.}


MIND of a journalist (pos.)

420     A main request of newspaper’s reader is keeping of his freedom. After perusal of any article he wants criticize it with one’s high station. If a reader wouldn’t has such freedom he will spit, call the text a science and stop buying newspapers. A successful journalist is the fool.


MIND of a king (pos.)

421     A skill of finding clever servants is more important virtue of a king than his mind.


MIND of a lone man (neg.)

422     A good mind makes a man fit company for oneself.


MIND of a loser (neg.)

423     If the winner is fool, he no heeds to someone yielded to him.


MIND of a male (pos.)

424          -The males are foolish. They value a woman only for her beauty.

          -They value a woman only for that virtue, which she has.

425     A male has no a good mind. Sometimes, when a woman reaches out her hand for him he catches her leg.


MIND of a male (lack)

426     The presented flowers never turned a male’s head.

427     A clever woman excites male’s mind, too. What the few quantity of clever women around N!


my MIND (lack)

428     All the same I am cleverer than you. I know some more shortcomings which belong to me.


MIND of N (pos.)

429     Well, N has a mind. But his mind is foolish.


MIND of N (lack)

430     A clever person doesn’t wish seem to be clever for everybody.


MIND of a nature (exist, lack)

431     A primitive person who intends look more considerable permits oneself to value a mind of nature.


MIND of an old man (pos.)

432     Sometimes, there is nothing under the big hat, too.


MIND of an old man (neg.)

433     Only young man becomes cleverer between old men. But an old man becomes more fool between young men.

434     An old horse doesn’t lose its way.

435     A devil is clever thanks not only his malice and insidiousness but thanks to his old ages also.

436          -They could see further in the autumn.

          -In the spring they could see further some more.

437     Old men are not more fool than young ones, because of people make great demands of old men. If an old man would blow out chewing-gum they will say, “He is the fool”. On contrary they will say, “He is skilled” about the young craftsman.


MIND of an ordinary man (pos.)

438     A great number of foolish deeds seem to be great mind, too.


MIND for an ordinary man (pos.)

439     If all people would be clever then they wouldn’t have milk. Who will graze cows?


MIND for an ordinary man (neg.)

440     The foolishness wouldn’t be the foolishness if it will not has hatred to a mind.

441     He who sees that his mind leaded him in a bog gives lowest praise to a mind.


MIND of a poet (pos.)

442     He’s a blockhead that can’t make two verses, and he’s a fool that makes four.


MIND of a poor man (pos.)

443     A fool and his money are soon parted.


MIND of a praising man (exist)

444     Well, when fools praising us then they don’t seem to be so foolish.


MIND of a priest (pos.)

445     A clever man knows that it is dangerous to give knowledge to fools. Priests propagate knowledge about the God one and all. Are they clever men?


MIND of a rich man (pos.)

446     One must be a ram in order his becoming golden fleece.


MIND of a rich man (neg.)

447     Richness is the sign of good mind, too. It is the sign of skill to spend money for the best goods.


MIND of a fasting rich man (pos.)

448     A fasting rich man becomes fool. When he feeds on meat he can understand that poor men need bread. Sorry, when he feeds on bread he thinks that poor men must feed on stones.


MIND of a silent man (lack)

449     Well, a silence is not the proof of presence of mind but it is the proof of lack of foolishness.


MIND of a tall man (pos.)

450     A head of a tall mountain has mist.

451     When the God had creation of people He poured some volume of mind into them. Small men were filled by this volume completely, but tall ones were filled to a half

452     An elephant is higher than a man. A tree is higher than an elephant. A mountain is higher than a tree. Who is more stupid?


MIND of a tall man (neg.)

453     A tall man may be cleverer than an ordinary one even thanks to his great spinal cord.


MIND of a teacher (pos.)

454     A schoolboy is cleverer than a teacher. They make demands of him from all subjects and they make demand of teacher from only one.


MIND of universe (pos.)

455     When people feel shortage of mind on the earth, they begin look it in other space.


MIND of universe (lack)

456     The best has a mind. Universe is the best. So, it has a mind.

457     If violins would grow on the tree, then we may say that this tree understand a music. If there are people on the earth then we may say that universe has a mind.


value of male’s MIND for a woman (exist)

458     Well, women value a man according to his mind. But they value his mind according to his earnings.


MIND of a woman (pos.)

459     Excuse me. I don’t know your pretension that a woman must has a mind for both.

460     A mother-in-law cannot remember oneself as the daughter-in-law. A daughter-in-law cannot imagine oneself as a mother-in-law. What is the value of woman’s mind?

461     Well, women are clever. They can discover shortcomings of clever male and virtues of foolish one.

462     Any woman knows that she cannot attract somebody’s attention by her own mind. And so she paints one’s lips, pencil one’s eyebrows, waves one’s hair and so on.

463     A woman has benefit when she is foolish. In this case most intelligent males will look for her soul with more frenzy.

464     A hen can fly up only on the hayloft.

465     Even a dog is cleverer than a woman. It never barks master.

466     Women are thus much foolish that they feel a necessity of self-perfection only from thirty-year-old.

467     What can we say about woman’s mind? They devised a skirt. Males devised trousers.

468          -Any woman couldn’t imagines that she is a president. It is the witness of her mental faculties.


          -Because of a president must be elder 35 year.

469     Women have less healthy and self-dependent thinking. They are liable to hypnotism more than men.

470     A woman is slow to grasp even for a love. A male may prepare oneself for sex thanks to only his own mind. However, a woman’s mind cannot do the same.

471     Well, a woman has the cultivated (refined) mind. When she look at the dirty boots she thinks about the dirt of the penis.


MIND of a woman (neg.)

472     Women are cleverer than males. A woman never loses her head because of a male has beautiful legs.

473     A woman is cleverer than a male. It is impossible disarm she by praising.

474     Well, usually a woman prefers to be rather beautiful than clever, because of usually males have good eyesight but not a good mind.

475     Really, a woman must be foolish that she could love a male.

476     A woman was the first who tasted the fruit of the tree of knowledge.

477     Well, women are naпve like children. The Red Book has augmentation because of their whims. But where is the mind of males in this time?

478     It is impossible to capture the truth. It comes to a man who has woman’s mind which is installed for reception.

479    A woman’s mind and winter wind change oft. A wise man changes his mind, a fool never. So, a woman is wise.


MIND of a young man (pos.)

480     The young cowboy who has the mind of old wise man is the bad cowboy.


MIND of a young man (lack)

481     A good intellect never waits an appearance of beard.



482     What is the great number work must be left far behind without their finishing in order to grown to hold a post of minister?


MINOR (pos.) (see also high, priority, secondary

483     A wise fisherman gives back a small fish, which was net from the lake.

484     He, who pursues a deer, is not distracted by jumped out hares.

485     He who is drowning doesn’t think about his wet clothes.

486     I know lovers of minor acts. To talk about the love is one of minor act.

487     Spies are fear to recruit directors and general engineers, but I am not a spy.


MINOR (neg.)

488     They wash a heap of plates and dishes leading with small things.


MIRACLE (pos.)

489     Every miracle lover has meeting with a miracle-worker.

490     A self-lover strives for miracles most of all, because a miracle is never for all.

491     I don’t deny the possibility of miracles. I deny their superiority. The inexplicable and dark things always seem as more important than explicable and clear ones. Striving to such “important” things in the first place is the perversion.

492     A miracle is the event, which was described by the people who listened about it from another people, who didn’t saw it.

493     If you intend to believe miracles or hardness of clouds you must look at them from distance.

494     Miracles come to pass only to the persons who believe in them.

495     Sometimes, the hope for a miracle is so grandiose, that it contains the most part of nonsense of the man.

496     All miracle men work in their bad days. An Indian miracle men made “milk drinking by statues of gods” in order their leader would be recognized as soothsayer, that may give him the possibility to avoid arrest for his crimes.

497     A cask of wine works more miracles than a church full of saints.


MIRACLE (neg.)

498     Miracles don’t contradict laws of nature. They contradict our ideas about laws of nature.


MIRACLE (exist)

499     A true believer will never call a miracle by a miracle. Any miracle is natural for him.

500     A pig thinks, “It is the strange pea rod” about the capsicum.

501     I have the greater miracle. If my telephone number would be divided into the year of my birth and the quantity of my mother-in-law teeth would be subtracted, then the number of my mistress’ house will be received as the result.

502     How often the sun shows north for you?


MIRACLE (lack)

503     I don’t deny a fact which can happen only one time.

504     The belief in the lack of miracles is not better than the belief in miracles.

505     Any denial of miracle is based at the primary attaching the name “miracle” to some phenomenon.

506     An opinion that there are no miracles has no the proof. He who has belief in the possibility of miracles has more free thinking.


MIRTH (pos.)

507     Mirth without measure is madness.



508     The ass loaded with gold still eats thistles.

509     Nothing enters into a close hand.


MISERLINESS for a man (pos.)

510     If a man is a miser, he will certainly have a prodigal son.



511     Misfortunes tell us what fortune is.

512     Fortune can take from us nothing but what she gave us.

513     One may achieve daybreak only after he gone through the night.



514     Misfortunes find their way even on the darkest night.


unexpected MISFORTUNE (lack)

515     Misfortune arrives on horseback but departs on foot.


MISHMASH (exist)

516     Well, any martinet would be agree with you that it is the mishmash when the first pair of boots is left and the second pair of the same size is right.



517     One uses the ballet shoes during plough, come in city with bast sandals and come in the temple barefooted.


woman’s MISHMASH (exist)

518     I know woman’s embarrassment and mishmash. According with them she lays pillow under her ass but not head.


MISS (neg.)

519     Miss a goalkeeper is better than to hit rectangular of the goal.


MIST (pos., neg.)

520     They slip or stumble along in the mist.


MISTAKE (neg.)

521     The vulgar will keep no account of strange hits, but of strange misses.

522     He who acquired knowledge about one's own shortcomings becomes more powerful.


MISTAKE (exist)

523     When an unloved wife screens meal then she even shakes in a bad manner.


MISTAKE (lack)

524     Well, it was not the miss because of it was the killed duck which flew further.

525     He who doesn’t understood a mistake did another one already.

526     The more light-mindedness of a person, the less bad cases may be imagined by his mind.


MISTAKE of an agreed man (neg.)

527     You demanded an agreement with you. The fool always suffered a defeat, when the clever man was agreed with him.


MISTAKE of a creator (neg.)

528     The team, which successfully keeps own goal during the long time, little by little give up score a goal.


great MISTAKE (exist)

529     Well, the sack was tied up so badly that he had to tie it up ten times.


MISTAKE of an interlocutor (pos.)

530     Well, mistakes are your nature. So, my nature is to make punishment for every mistake. Everybody cannot change one’s own virtue.


linguistic MISTAKE (neg.)

531     Bureaucracy calls “right” for only its own language.


many MISTAKES (neg.)

532     There are much more mistakes which are not displayed yet.


my MISTAKE (neg.)

533     There are people who notice mistakes like flies notice the shit.

534     Every foot had stumbled over.

535     Sometimes, a fell man mocks at the stumbled one.


MISTAKE of N (lack)

536     Well, N make mistake very seldom. He has only two cases for mistakes: when he esteems himself and when he esteems another person.


single MISTAKE (exist)

537     So, when this single mistake will be ended?


somebody else’s MISTAKE (neg.)

538     Why you are so ungrateful? Somebody else’s mistakes are always more advantageous than somebody else’s success.


MISTAKE of a subordinate (neg.)

539     Put the saddle on the right horse.

540     When one falls, it is not one’s foot that is to blame.


MISTAKE of a worker (neg.)

541     He who does nothing never has a mistake.

542     He, who carries water, breaks the jug at once.

543     A table, which was not lay dinner, has one shortcoming. But a table, which was laid dinner may have a hundred ones. What is better?


MISTAKE of a young man (neg.)

544     It is very useful to do mistakes in the youth, when still there is the wish to correct them.


MISTAKE of a young man (neg., lack)

545     Errors are peculiar to youth like diseases are peculiar to old age.


hand into a MITTEN (neg.)

546     Take notice, N doesn’t warm up his hands into strange pockets.


MIX (pos.)

547     What will you take after mixing shit with cake?


MOBILITY of a great man (lack)

548     Alas! You don’t know about mobility of immovable stars.


MOBILITY of an ordinary man (pos.) (see also act, agility, inactivity, repose)

549     Lively person sticks in the daily life more quickly.

550     There is mobile soil at the bog.



551     -Do you know where you are not right?


     -You try to answer every foolish question.

552          -You must drink wine.


          -Then people will think they see a common tipsy man but not the sober fool.

553     -Did somebody spoke that you are alike Brigitte Bardow (John Mare)?


     -Yes. It is right.

554          -Is Mr. N come to you?

          -No. What is the matter?

          -They said me that Mr. N goes to a prostitute (pederast).

          -Am I the prostitute (pederast)?

          -No. However, can I ask you?

555     I congratulate you on your invulnerability. It is impossible to draw caricature from you. A portrait will turn out in each attempt.  

556     However you have one virtue. They wish become honest (kind, beautiful) people when they look to you.

557     -You are alike a sea.


     -You make me sick.

558          -It is pity that philosopher Gegel never saw you.


          -Once he said that every realized thing is reasonable.  

559     -I pity you. Do you know the cause?


     -I would be bored with your mind at five minutes, and you live with it all your life.

560          -Where do you study? (Where you came from?)

          -I studied at N. (I came from N.)

          -Well. They don’t retain fools there.


MOCKERY (pos.)

561     There are a half of cases where mockers have no generosity with respect to juniors or younger persons. There are another half of cases where mockers have no respect for seniors or elder persons.


MOCKERY (pos., neg.)

562     A mockery is always the last word.


MOCKERY to an abusing man

563     Well, I am X. Write it by big letters above your bed. Let all town folk will know it.


MOCKERY to an adviser

564     I take you as the medicine … which has accessory effects such as vomiting and diarrhea.


MOCKERY against a man who applies to me

565     Show up your finger! Look! It’s crooked! You dialed an erroneous number.


MOCKERY against a greedy bachelor

566     I sympathize with you that you have difficulties for getting married. Probably, any woman feels that you are greedy to give your name for her.


MOCKERY against a baldheaded man

567     -I congratulate you!


     -A dream of your childhood came true.

     -What was the dream?

     -Nobody will pull your hair for your meanness.

568          It seems to me your mother reads about Fantomas when she was pregnant with you.

569     -Hi, sadist!

     -Why I am a sadist?

     -What quantity of flies slipped on your head! What quantity of flies broke their own legs there!


MOCKERY against a beautiful girl  

570     -Is your mind corresponds with your beauty? -Yes. -Usually, a beautiful girl has less mind. What your beauty!


MOCKERY against a boaster

571     You are a great man. Your stars shine during the sunshine.


MOCKERY against book owner who doesn’t read them

572     In your library you look like a chief. You look like the eunuch of harem.


MOCKERY against called man

573     -N called you X (the fool, thief, …). Is it truth?

     -Yes, it is.

     -If it is the truth, you worry for nothing.


MOCKERY against a chief

574     A truth has more unforeseen consequences than the lie. A lie is the best instrument for management. Is not it?

575          -Are you agree that the name “swine” is not permitted for a chief?

          -Yes, it is.

          -Is “the chief” permitted name for a swine?

          -Yes, it is.

          -“Chief”, I agree with you.

576     -You are alike the Paris’ fashion. Do you know the reason?


     -Many people laugh at it but surrendering to it.


MOCKERY against a coward

577     A woman in love grows bolder. A male in love loses boldness. They say that you are very amorous.


MOCKERY against a base critic

578     -You are a dwarf.


     -You hit lower than a waist. You cannot hit higher.


MOCKERY against a dog’s owner

579     I see you began to live better! You acquired the dog. You barked yourself in the past.


MOCKERY against a drunk man

580     -Wow! You are like a lightning! Every pole attracts you.


MOCKERY against an eating man

581     I see that shortly after the horn of plenty will be in your ass.


MOCKERY against an enemy of Jews

582     -However, you will wish to become the Jew before your death.

     -What for?

     -In order let Jews become one less.


public MOCKERY against a gossip

583     I recommend the person (point to the gossip) who has magnificent memory. A bit is much to tell something to him even once.


MOCKERY against a great man

584          -O, you’re so much like the sun.


          -It’s impossible to look at you without wrinkling up the face.


MOCKERY against a husband of skinny woman

585     Where is that dog which interesting bones?


MOCKERY against a man who has illegibile signature

586     N has no career's perspective now. Analysis show that an illegibile signature corresponds with the highest point of career.


MOCKERY against left-hander

587     -What a hand you use for turning sugar in your cup?  

     -I use the left hand.

     -However, a good man uses a spoon.


MOCKERY against a man who looks at the looking-glass

588     Don’t worry yourself about your exterior. Others look it more often.


MOCKERY against a male

589     You are alike an impotent husband. Everybody enjoy only during your absence.


MOCKERY against a masterful man

590     -Sorry, you cannot see your deformity.

     -What is the deformity?

     -You have so many forefingers.


MOCKERY against a newsman

591     Usually, he who had know the cause of child-bearing tries to explain it to the man who known the cause of safeguard against pregnancy long ago.


MOCKERY against an offended man

592     Have you taken offence? Fill your mouth by a shit and to spit upon the mug of your offender.


MOCKERY against an ordered man

593     -Your creeping before me produced an effect. I done X.

     -I didn’t creep.

     -I didn’t do anything, too.


MOCKERY against a painted face

594     If you don’t painted an intellect on your face, then what you painted there?


MOCKERY against a man who wants participate in something

595     -Do you wish to be third?


     -Sorry. You will be fifth. We sent four men to the devils by now.


MOCKERY against a pessimist

596     In your case I should be glad that a half of your mucky life is already gone.


MOCKERY against a man who has player

597     Is it early that you left a reanimation with your cerebral trauma?


MOCKERY against a poet

598     Pegasus doesn’t leave your head. Probably, the hay is there.


MOCKERY to a poor man (neg.)

599     Take out a bundle of banknotes and count them. Any laughter would be stopped at once.


MOCKERY against a profession

600     -Miserable!


     -Are you X (his or her profession)?

     -Yes, I am.

     -So, if you are X, then why you are angry with my word “miserable”?


MOCKERY to a rich man

601     -Do you agree with the opinion that it is bad to call a rich man “a pig”?

     -Yes, I do.

     -And can we call a pig by “a rich man”?

     -Well, yes, we can.

     -I agree with you, “the rich man”.


MOCKERY against a scolding man

602     -…

     -Voice! (Bark!)


     -Voice! (Bark!)


MOCKERY against a self-lover

603     -Do you attempted to dance strip-tease?


     -You will have a success thanks to your loving to yourself.

604          -And yet you’re still lacking abilities.

          -What are abilities?

          -For instance the ability to show to the others the same sincere, constant, forgiving love that you show to yourself.


MOCKERY against a shouter

605     Do you know where one cut a pig here?


MOCKERY against a silent man

606     I understand you. He who has no wish to work is out of talks like a monkey.

     Are you silent because of your erected tongue?


MOCKERY against a smiling man

607     I like your smiling. And more I love horses from my childhood.


MOCKERY against a woman

608     What legs! A one is better than another!

609          -Do you agree to go in a bed with me for 10000 dollars?


          -And for one dollar?

          -Who am I?

          -It is clear. We simply not agree about the price.

610     -Any woman may be bought. And you may be bought by one dollar.

     -Why you said about so little cost?

     -See. You began bargain.

611          -May I pinch your bust for one dollar?


          -And for hundred dollars?


          -{Stroke the bust one time}

          -What you doing?

          - I am honest man. I cannot pinch your bust because I have not hundred dollars.


MOCKERY against bow-legged woman

612     Madam, where you bought this bow stockings?


MOCKERY against a woman who don’t laugh at an indecent joke

613     If a lady doesn’t laugh at an indecent joke then quite possible that she had known this story earlier than the story-teller.


MOCKERY against a woman who is standing

614     Lady, sit down, please. I’m not the cad who let only beautiful lady has his place.


MOCKERY against a thin woman

615     -You must to show weather forecast at TV.


     -Your bust couldn’t cover even a small town at the map.


MOCKERY against an ugly woman

616     You must fidget before Picasso. You have the thing, which males desire in a woman, behind your ear.


MOCKERY against yellow teeth

617     N is beautiful. If N would wear a green necktie then it will be the best. A green thing will make the best match with his (her) yellow teeth.


MODE (pos.)

618     The good mode is breaking nuts by forehead.


MODE of improvement (pos.)

619     Well. Any body diminishes itself because of the cold. But nobody place his wife into the fridge before using her.


MODEL for me (pos.)

620     I am not a leg of the stool in order to be identical with another one.


MODERATION (pos.) (see also concession, enough, extreme, modesty, obedience, part, prompt profit, restraint, restriction, self-restriction)

621     Don’t take vomit as an example of good food, though it is not too hot and not too cold.

622     It is better to drive on a fast horse one time than to drag oneself on the jade whole life through.

623     A burning pepper and a sweetest honey brighten up our life.

624     The usual thing is that the boredom is being given as an additional load to any moderation. This load is a supplement to the natural measure of suffering.

625     Usually, one who has moderateness is mediocrity.

626     A moderate man is such one who takes care of his nearest with moderation.

627     Let your gravestone be made of marble crumbs.

628     Leave off with an appetite.


MODERATION (pos., neg.)

629     A person, who doesn’t bring excessive benefit and doesn’t bring excessive evil, becomes identical to the Jew.



630     An immoderation is the source of the self-murder.

631     If in excess even nectar is poison.

632     What make pleats in a dress if they could cut hands?

633     A high fence has fall by wind. A low fence has breakage by goats.

634     Even a small swallow flies beyond the sea.

635     Better a wee fire to warm us than a much fire to burn us.

636     The best feast is the moderate one.


MODERN (pos.)

637     The degradation is where people began use modern things instead of good ones.


MODERN person (pos.)

638     A truly modern person has no good knowledge about shortcomings of his time.


MODESTY (pos.) (see also ambition, conceit, dullness, equality, honor, majesty, namelessness, notable, ordinary, outstanding, pawnman, pride, reward, shadow, self-love)

639     Every thief has a modest appearance.

640     Any kind of modesty is the kind of lie.

641     A truly modest person doesn’t need such an adornment as modesty.

642     A lack of sincerity is always accompanied by a lowering of the eyes.

643     Modesty is good when there is little, when it is not thrown in the eyes.

644     A modest person doesn’t praise modesty.

645     A modest man despises the one, with whom he is overly modest.

646     Modest people are cunning people, using man’s weakness to love those who are stupid and to hate those who excel.

647     He who wish to push one another leaves his own place.


MODESTY (neg.)

648     It is quicker to pick up speed from low start.

649     The winner is usually the one who was underestimated.

650     The main sign of incapacity to study is scorn of humility.

651     It is better to hide 99 “one’s” into the modest number “100”.

652     A modest man never lives for nothing. An immodest man spends time for thinking “How I shell live?” A modest one spends time for thinking “For what I shell live?”

653     -He who sitting at table on the low modest place near the door can goes out in the case of need by the best mode.

     -Well, the old like to sit at such place. They have need to go out by the quickest way.


MODESTY (exist)

654     A dog doesn’t become a sheep even if its tail is cut off.

655     Even a modest man wishes to hear praise to the one’s modesty.

656     I know the modest kind. It is the sort of artist, who always prefers to look at the first rows, but never at the balcony.


MODESTY of a believer (pos.)

657     The modesty of the believer is greater than modesty of the unbeliever. There is no unbeliever who adds “Saint” to names of his colleagues.

658     Usually, a “modest” believer doesn’t feel sufficient pleasure from he will be in the paradise after the death and all his opponents will have an eternal suffering in the Hell. He strives to be considered a cleverest person and so a chief person during his life-time, too.


MODESTY for a career (neg.)

659     A man, who walks without pomp, will have more distant path.


MODESTY for a girl (neg.)

660     The rose which didn’t blossom out utterly is more fragrant. The modest girl is more pleasant.


MODESTY for a great man (pos.)

661     A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid.

662     Even a modest person must behave himself cleverly and know his value.

663     True wisdom does not drop its head.

664     To shorten a pace means to lengthen the path.

665     Only lacking modesty can prove that a man not only thinks his own thoughts but also feels them and believes in them.

666     Truth and light are always immodest.


MODESTY for a great man (neg.)

667     Diamonds are always set in modest frameworks.

668     One of the sides of greatness is realization of one’s own worthlessness.

669     A tree bearing much fruit is bowed low.


MODESTY for an interlocutor (pos.)

670     Do you like modest tree-stumps, but not trees?

671     Now I understand. Wolves begin to be successful when they begin to wear sheep’s clothing.


MODESTY for an interlocutor (neg.)

672     Usually, knowledge leads to modesty, but you have strange knowledge.

673     Don’t worry. It’s much easier for those who has done something good in this life to be modest than for those who has not.

674     Permanent strengthening of strange opinions, that you are the centre of the world, to spend much your force, which may be use for more good deeds.


MODESTY for a male (pos.)

675     Being modest means… Продолжение »

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