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painted finger-NAIL (pos.)

1     I understand a woman which paints her nails. She is not the woman who has the habit do tattoo about lacking of happiness in their life.


NAIVE (pos.)

2     Do you like that the thing which walk arm-in-arm with foolishness?


NAIVE (neg.)

3     First of all naivety is an illustration of cleanness of soul, but not foolishness.



4     Well, why must a monkey blame a naked back?

5     A naked man is afraid of even a straw.



6     Even a dog doesn’t bark at a naked man.

7     The nature is naked. So, it is all right. As my opinion, it is even beautiful.

8     They open the best part of the body, which is the face. It is necessary an open competition that the rest would became the same beautiful.


NAKEDNESS for a great man (pos.)

9     Knowing that he can most easily be wrongly judged in the sauna, a smart man will not go naked.


NAKEDNESS for a great man (neg.)

10     A naked king is the same king.


NAKEDNESS for an interlocutor (pos.)

11     They open the best part of the body, which is the face. I see you equated your ass with your face.


NAKEDNESS for a beautiful male (pos.)

12     What jeans for Apollo for?


NAKEDNESS of an old man (pos.)

13     A costume of skin is good, when it is smooth.


NAKEDNESS of a poor man (pos.)

14     It’s not a great happiness that the clothes don’t get wet if a man is naked.


NAKEDNESS for the sexual excitation (pos.)

15     A covered thing excites much more. An occiput (back of the head) is the place which excites naked Papuans most of all.


NAKEDNESS for a woman (pos.)

16     Only cows have custom to be without under bodice.


NAME (neg.)

17     An old woman could be called “grandmother” by another old woman.

18     If a work has a good title then words come into the mind easy.


endearing NAME (pos.)

19     He names “my cat” in order to throw you from the third floor and observes you do fall on your four extremity.


glorious NAME (pos.) (see also anonymity, high birth, influence of name, merit)

20     The more democracy, the less the dependence on great names.

21     All Stuarts are not sib to the king.


glorious NAME (neg.)

22     A tiger dies and leaves a skin; a man dies and leaves a name.



23     A life is a narcotic, too. Thirst for the life increases with years.

24     An art is the narcotic, too. It creates illusions.


NARROW (pos.)

25     A snares are disposed in the narrow path.


NATION (pos.)

26     A nation is something small in comparison with a man because of there are characteristics which can characterize only a man but not a nation.


aboriginal (indigenous) NATION (pos.)

27     Foolish thoughts, which live in a head, are like aboriginal nation most of all.


native NATION (pos.)

28     The truth is single but every nation has own lie for worship.

29     He, who suffers from lacking personal virtues, prides oneself upon virtues of own nation most of all. They are the last reserve of pride for such man.

30     A fool can’t know that community of intellects is the more valuable thing for clever people than a national community.


native NATION (neg.)

31     Nobody joins the university with omitting school. It is necessary to learn service of native nation.

32     He who has erroneous estimation of himself has erroneous estimation of own nation, too.

33     Nation is the memory about died people, ancestors. A worthless person has no wish to has memory about them.


numerous NATION (pos.)

34     A good thing is rare. What good can I say about nation, which has great quantity of people?


strange NATION (pos.)

35     A dog has not a discord with strange race. I am not the dog.

36     Love a neighbour like oneself. A love to the strange nation which is greater than the love to one’s own nation is the perversion.



37     I understand you. The true internationalist never becomes a scoundrel or executioner.

38     Nationalism is attractive rather for those who may stand in splendour only for own nation or local place.



39     Nationalism inseparably linked with the struggle against prostitution. I’m not surprised that many people oppose nationalism.

40     If the notion of “nation” exists and it never be condemned then the notion of “nationalism” must be, too, and let they don’t condemns this notion.

41     Sorry, you must detest poetry, because of it is loved rather by nationalists.

42     The same people (liberals, Zionists) scold nationalism and at the same time lament for the terrorists has neither nation nor religion.

43     A defense of a man must not be weak. A national pride is the system of knowledge which provides man with the strong defense.

44     Nationalist is a person who has a profound respect for expenditures of his own nation.

45     Many people don’t like nationalism because it rises against the stranger invaders and usurpers by the first.

46     A hard drinking exists rather in the State which doesn't bear the responsibility for own nation, which has no national political system.


NATIONALISM for an ordinary man (neg.)

47     Well, nationalism doesn’t correspond with the level of mental development of some people. Their level of mental development corresponds rather with more international things such as the gesture language or silent films.


Russian NATIONALISM (neg.)

48     All nations want to have those rights which were deserved them historically. And Russians, too.



49     The lower share of public property, the nearer State came to its self-murder.


NATIVE land (pos.)

50     A grey sparrow love its native land most of all.

51     A truly good person prefers his family to himself, native land to family, mankind to native land.

52     Well, patriotism is such kind of activities where even villains could take refuge in.

53     When a State begins to kill people it calls oneself the native land.

54     Well, a well-known road doesn’t seem to be curved.

55     A sick man has the native land at any place, where he sits.


NATIVE land (neg.)

56     The person who doesn’t love own mother, father, grandmothers, grandfathers and ancestors would rejects his native land most of all.

57     There is no pride which excluded the love to native land from itself.

58     The more aversion against yourself, the more aversion against the land, that gave birth to you.


NATIVE land for oppressed person (pos.)

59     A native land of slave is under the lash.


NATURAL (pos.)

60     A cobweb is natural.

61     All things grow on a miraculous mode or thanks to the efforts. Only a decomposition and degradation have the natural way.


NATURAL (neg.)

62     Once a Chinese cut a leaf from nephrite and Chinese king fed him all his life. However, if every leaf would be created for three year there would be so the few leaf in the world. So, a clever man relies upon natural development.

63     Only intellectual man may goes out of limits of natural laws.


NATURAL behaviour (pos.)

64     A natural man opens champagne into a bus.

65     Indeed, It is good, to be a cat or dog. They can urinate and defecate in any place.

66     Only a horse is natural. It is a horse if it is with a hussar and if it is not with a hussar. But a hussar is the ordinary man if he is not with a horse.

67     He who is sad for unfeigned feelings envies a dog which gnawing a bone.

68     The behaviour of an impolite and brutal person can be named “a natural” first of all.

69     He who wears a mask has the most natural behaviour.


NATURAL woman (exist)

70     A woman’s disposition is the most artificial thing. It is a sum of forcible suppression of some directions and unknown inducements of another one.

71     Well, all virtues of a woman are natural leading off her squeal because of a look of mouse including her capacity for poisoning of husband.


NATURE (pos.)

72     If you worship the nature then worship a cruelty and gloom.

73     The nature is not irreproachable. It gives birth to fools too.

74     The nature is a mother for weeds and it is a step-mother for useful plants.

75     A noise is the loudest hymn for powers of nature.


NATURE (neg.)

76     If you are so angry at the nature, do you wash yourself by the water?


to be NEAR (pos.)

77     Even friends agree best at a distance.


to be NEAR a bad thing (pos.)

78     To go round the coco-shell – to slip on the water-melon’s peel.


to be NEAR a correct man (pos.)

79     He’s an ill neighbour that is never misses.


to be NEAR an enemy (pos.)

80     The fox preys farthest from his home.


to be NEAR a great man (pos.) (see also distant, follow, intercourse)

81     If a mule pastures with horses, he thinks, “I am a horse, too”.

82     It is well-know fact. A deaf dumb humpbacked castrated male access to all sultan places.

83     Standing near of a hill is better for its inspection than standing far of a hill. Standing near of a mountain is worse for its inspection than standing far of a mountain.

84     It is pitiful to be lower than the princes, but it is pleasant to be far from them.

85     Respect is greater at the distant. He who is near a great man has not great respect to him.

86     A great man, a great bell and a great river are often ill neighbours.

87     A taper (a dark candle) will be melted (thaw) near the lighting ones, bur it will not become shining.


to be NEAR a great man (neg.)

88     If a man holds an idol long enough, the part of gilt passes to his hands.

89     The glass which rubbed against the gold acquires a glitter of emerald.

90     A fish which scratches oneself against a shark does away with old scales and parasites.


to be NEAR a rich man (pos.) (see also brotherhood, friendship, intercourse)

91     The dearly car is the lot dirty spray the experienced pedestrian expect with it.


to be NEAR a subordinate (pos.)

92     A dog permit the man to come nearer to it in order to bite him.


to be NEAR a woman (pos.)

93     Well, the Satan has more pleasure when He is near a woman then a man.


NECESSARY (pos.) (see also demand, speech about own need)

94     Only things, which are not necessary, make the life, which is worth for living.



95     One can’t do something without it just as everybody can’t live without a pail for refuse.

96     Child’s caprice is a necessity, too. Are you supporting it?

97     What fifth leg for a beach?

98     What the stick for a dog for?


NECESSARY thing for an interlocutor (exist)

99     It seems you wish firstly to suck a fly dry and only afterwards to throw it out.

100     Are you to demand a parachute during your air journey? It is the necessary thing. Is not it?

101     Have you gone to a day walk with the lantern?


NECESSARY thing for a man (woman) (exist)

102     What the rouge fun nun for? (What the condom for hermit for?)


NECESSARY thing for a poor man (exist)

103     What finger-ring for the finger less man?

104     What coconut for the dog?

105     Muck’s worm needs no honey.


NEED the God (pos.)

106     Well, the God is necessary. He gives a good help criminals. Once, a worker lets two kamikadze women go past into an aircrafts for money and lit a candle for God after their wrecks. As a result, he received the mitigated punishment.

107     The conception of all-seeing and fair God is necessary for a secret punishment upon powerful enemy and a successful suggestion of the sense of justice to him.


NEED of husband (lack)

108     A mother of prostitute gave your argumentation to her grand-daughter. She said “A stork bringing children. The God feeds them. The Santa Claus gives presents for them. What is the need of husband for your mother?”


A man NEEDS a woman (pos.)

109     Do you need these schizophrenic women, who do both to excite and to calm?


accumulation of all NEGATIVE (exist)

110     Well, N’s character is made up of all negatives. It was made that you would have no negatives.



111     Well, the worry is for nothing. This factory of explosives which placed beyond the window will blow up sooner or later.


NEIGHBOUR (pos., neg.)

112     One of two neighbours always over shades another one.



113     A near neighbour is better than distant relatives.

114     No one is rich enough to do without his neighbour.


many NEIGHBOURS (pos.)

115     A fatal misfortune of Germany was the presence of many neighbours.


NEW (pos.)

116     I don’t wish to be as a cow which always seeks new grass.

117     Well, a new thing is correct. Is sun shining correctly?

118     Who knows how many fingers would be damaged by the new boots?

119     If we should worship new things the world would became strange in quickest way.

120     The loving man is not in need new happiness in a new year.

121     A novelty becomes out of date in quickest manner.

122     If they consider worst news as the main one then idea of novelty is bad!   

123     “A new thing” is not something greater than plastics which made in imitation tree’s pattern.

124     It’s difficult to deceive people as before. It’s easy to deceive people in a new fashion.

125     Of a new king, old crown.

126     A new thing is the way to distract away from unfinished old things.

127     The sickly last-born child is the most loved child.

128     New diseases appear after a new medicine.


NEW (neg.)

129     What to be as donkey which doesn’t wish to do a new step for?

130     A new pot keeps colder water.

131     A soup becomes better when they eat it by new spoons.

132     A new broom sweeps cleaner.

133     A new bed is uncomfortable only at the first night.

134     Do you think that nothing was made for the first time?

135     I understand your hostility to a new pack.

136     Look at the mother of loved girl, but marry the girl.

137     What is new cannot be true?

138     Nobody can stop one’s narcotism and masturbation. A person never begin any new and unknown deed if he already tortured by this problems.

139     Times are always new. And we want time always exist.


NEW (exist)

140     Well, in your post you have a new thing every day. Every day you have a new date at your stamp.

141     Usually, a new thing is the old forgotten one.

142     It is new as the new moon.


NEW for an atheist (neg.)

143     An acquainted devil is better than unknown angel.


NEW for a believer (pos.)

144     The God has problem with His new creatures, too. The human egoism was created not so long ago.


NEW for a capitalist (pos., neg.)

145     He who wishes to raise the cost speaks about novelty.


NEW for a chief (pos.)

146     Even a king doesn’t covers own head by a new crown every time.


NEW for enrichment (neg.)

147     Corn grows on a new earth better.


NEW for a great (ordinary) man (pos.)

148     Novelty is the good thing. Everyone can draw any fool thanks to it.


NEW for a male (pos.)

149     I understand you. New winds raise skirts higher.


NEW for me (pos.)

150     My train doesn’t seek a new way.

151     I’m not so prostitute that I should like new things most of all.

152     I love to send a novelty-lover for looking abstract pictures.

153     Perhaps, I would agree listen accords of future in the future. But I have not concord with them in the present.

154     Repentance opens the way to a new characteristic. But I am not in the habit of repentance.


NEW thing for Moslem (Orthodox) (neg.)

155     I understand you. Every Moslem (Orthodox) has duty to reject innovations for his mind.


NEW thing for old man (pos.)

156     New shoes were not created for old men’s scrapping.


NEW for a rich man (pos.)

157     A new clothes is the great occasion only for the poor man.

158     A newly-invented pasteboard is not more expensive than an old-invented paper.


NEW for a woman (pos.)

159     What the new model of egg for the hen?


NEW for a woman (neg.)

160     I don’t wish to have a hen’s point of view. Indeed, a new model of egg is not necessary for it.


NEWS (pos.)

161     The best news is the lack of news.

162     One of the aims of news is to destroy available plans.


bad NEWS during capitalism (pos.)

163     He who wishes to humble people by refined method says bad news very often in order to show people their feebleness and helplessness.


NEWS from TV (pos.)

164     Natural calamities, technical wrecks, human death, crimes are not news undeed. It is the wish of political powers to force people to be glad with keeping of their dullish and fullish lifes.



165     It is interesting. What shorten an active life more than vices and diseases? Is it newspaper or TV set?

166     I have not need to cover the bottle.

167     A newspaper is the deceiver, who excites curiosity but never satisfy it to the end.

168     Well, there are two cases when a newspaper is better than the television set. The TV set in the uncomfortable thing for wiping up the ass and covering the face for sleeping.

169     The talk which is for sale and which must be spoken every day is trustworthy least of all.

170     Well, a newspaper is the main source of information for old men.



171     Well, the man, who has not interest to men’s life even during some minutes in day, has not interest for newspaper, too.


multiplicity of NEWSPAPERS during capitalism (pos.)

172     The impunity of lie leads the multiplicity of newspapers.



173     Even one drop of nicotine may to kill a horse.

174     He who doesn’t like a people likes Nick as “a victor over the people”.


NIGGARDLINESS (pos.) (see also abstention, account, alms, diminution, economize, endow, expenditure, few, generosity, greediness, shallow, stinginess, thrift, waste)

175     Wastefulness is bad but it has limits. As for niggardliness, it hasn’t limits.

176     What for should you be a scarecrow in a strange kitchen garden?

177     Niggard pays twice.

178     Niggard salt one dish ten times.

179     The poor are deprived of many things, the niggard – of everything.

180     A thief may be understood and forgiven, a murder – only understood. As for a niggard, he couldn’t be understood nor forgiven.



181     It is good to be a niggard. Any deny of a niggard is enough to give him a pleasure.  

182     The one who repays harm for kindness hasn’t niggardliness in it.

183     It is better to save one’s own than to spend other’s property.

184     Hatred of niggardliness is equal to hatred of the man whom you managed to take nothing from.

185     They shouldn’t abase bees for gathering honey and then dying.

186     Niggardliness is not so bad. Niggard couldn’t bleed profusely.

187     Niggard is rather a smart hero than a coward. Even one hair doesn’t fall from his head.

188     Every dollar, which is saved in moneybox, diminishes street’s robbery and lechery.


NIGGARDLINESS of a chief (neg.)

189     Niggardliness is such shortcoming, which allow good man to govern. He would be turn into miserable commoner without it.


NIGGARDLINESS of an interlocutor (pos.)

190     I understand you. When one hasn’t virtues it’s better to seem to be restrained in them.

191     Your model is a swine that can be useful only after its death.

192     You’ll stay crucified, in order to, keep your nails.


NIGGARDLINESS of an interlocutor (neg.)

193     Well. Niggardly persons are inveterate scoundrels. They didn’t strew your wounds even with a salt.


NIGGARDLINESS of a rich man (lack)

194     A poor man has more good knowledge about “Who is niggard?”


spend the NIGHT at own home (pos.)

195     Only cockroach always spends the night at home.


NIRVANA (pos.)

196     If your absence is approved by others then you are the bad man.


NOBEL Prize (pos.)

197     The Nobel Prize doesn’t give the great honour because the most honest persons that are mathematicians never were rewarded by it.


literary NOBEL Prize (pos.)

198     Many Nobel Prizes (Nabokov, Eleenec) were prizes rather for pornography than for morals.


NOBILITY of a grateful man (exist)

199     Necessary thing abandons to be noble.


NOBILITY of a poor man (pos.) (see also breeding, conscience, elevated)

200     Nobleness is the virtue for those who lose on something least of all in any outcome of the event.


NOBILITY in a trifle (pos.) (see also bow, breeding, merit, respect)

201     A person, who can’t be honest and noble in great things, knows one’s shortage and tries to excel others in honesty and nobility in the trifles.


NOISE (neg.)

202     The silent cars knock down more people, than noisy.


NOMAD (pos.) 

203     Wandering induce to the thieving. Thieving induces to the wandering. It is impossible to find the beginning and the end for them.


NOMAD (neg.) 

204     A foolish tree has roots. A man has feet.


NONPLUS somebody (pos.)

205     The clever man never nonpluses somebody. It is the deed of a fool.


NOODISM (pos.)

206     A man who breathing by nose is more pleasant for people than the man who breathing by another parts of his body.


NOODISM (neg.)

207     -Noodists didn’t deserve the strange blame. They were born thus. 

     -They have not been taught by anything till now. They blamed for this.

208          -N doesn’t cover his thoughts by pants.

          -It’s true because he has no thoughts.


hard NORM for a forced labor (pos.) (see also account, excess, execute, manual labor, hard work)

209     Experts of labor know about existence of Solovky’s rebate of 40% for the norm of forced labor. (Solovky is the famous Soviet prison.)


NORMAL (pos.) (see also exaggerate, excited, high, law, ordinary, originality, outstanding, standard) 

210     A “normal” man would never love the beautiful woman. Beauty is not the “norm” already.

211     An average man is the man who doesn’t reach the greatest amplitude of life and the fullness of life.


NORMAL (neg.)

212     A norm is the situation when there is no too much salt and there is no insufficient salting.


big NOSE (pos.)

213     It is impossible to correct a muzzle which has a big nose. Even a hitched up trousers couldn’t to cover it. It would be on erect.

214     Well, a big nose is not shortcoming. It is a good prop for falling.

215     There are people who grown upright. There are another people who grown up nose.


big NOSE (neg.)

216     Is it better that nose is alike the clitoris?


NOSE out (neg.)

217     It is better to inhale a shit one time than to tread in it.


red NOSE (neg.)

218     A blue nose is not more winning than the red one.



219     Well, you dislike to remember yourself or you don’t have wish to correct your own last mistakes.


NOTABLE (pos.) (see also appearance, dullness, fame, greatness, modesty, outstanding)

220     There is much smoke from a rotten log.

221     A road won’t become famous for a deep rut.

222     To be notable is the adornment of a clown.

223     The protruding nail is hammered on its head.

224     Palm oil is never kept in a transparent glass bottle.

225     The stars do not shine brightly, but still they show much.

226     Men of Supreme Importance must be sheltered as a pendulum in a clock.

227     Nobody wishes to tear out a feather from an unostentatious bird.

228     A foolish cockroach likes to stand in beauty on a smooth wall.

229     Usually, they are looking and hearing that one who has obstacles for his blocked thinking.

230     A deep footprint belongs to the man who can’t do clever move.


NOTABLE (neg.)   

231     Any hiding thing resembles a piece of shit.

232     I know, a thief never wish to be notable.

233     Why would a candle be put under a bushel?

234     Everything exists only when they are noticeable. A candle in a sunny day is nonsense.


NOTABLE (lack)

235     Even a red wine may be easily detected in red blood.

236     The mind is not visible thing but its lacking is notable.


NOTABLE for an interlocutor (pos.)

237     I understand you. You prefer to pump full “muscles” to pump full mind, because of the pumped “muscles” will be more noticeable.


NOTABLE for an interlocutor (neg.)

238     I understand you. Usually, a thief, who stole a buffalo, breaks off its horns and cuts off its tail.

239     Fall asleep! It is not notable.


NOTABLE for a woman (pos.)

240     What is the use having a foul smell like a cat with lifted tail?


NOTICE (neg.)

241     Don’t come into horse’s stall till you didn’t hail the horse.


NOW and here (pos.)

242     "Now and here" is the life's principle of criminals.


happy NUMBER (exist)

243     Is it a really happy number? The happy number has many zeroes.


NUMBER for a husband (neg.)

244     Don’t be so impressionable or you will put the end to be interested by football, when you known that your wife had eleven lovers.


NUMBER N (pos., neg.) (see also account, enough, excess, few, many, superfluous)

245     A skill to prefer two to three or five to four is the skill of isolation of numbers away from subjects and it is the skill to give up consideration of essence of the subjects. Such screwing up one’s eyes is not helpful operation for each case.


NUMBER N (neg.)

246     It seems to me, you would be off your head, because of, the number N plus one (N without one).







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