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PAIN (neg.) (see also SUFFERING)

1     A pain whispers that you took too much. It urges on make a gift. Thus a pain is good.

2     A pain is one of the terms of healing.

3     A pearl is the consequence of pain because of grit which got into living body.

4     Nothing is to be got without pains except poverty.


PAIN of a great man (lack) (see also damage, happiness)

5     A great camel has great sores.


PAIN for success (neg.)

6     Very often, gain in need pain.


PAINTER (pos.)

7     Greatest adulators are painters.

8     I can say some words about pictures of this painter, too. “Oh, my God, if I just could paint these pictures, so how much better I would make them!”


an abstract PAINTER (pos.)

9     Any abstract painter betrays one’s weak point during his work at an erotic picture.


a realistic PAINTER (neg.)

10     A realistic painter has no the hid slave service to the bad willfulness.



11     -There isn’t enough a donkey for this painting.

     -What is the donkey?

     -That would buy it.


PAINTING for money (pos.)

12     Why do you break off your idea? You should draw banknotes right away.


PANTS foe a woman (pos.)

13     -Is a skirt not so good for you?

     -Yes, it is.

     -Well, when you dressed pants it is easier to lift up legs during dances.


gay's PARADE (pos.)

14     There is no ban for sneezing. Sneeze into own handkerchief. Don't sneeze towards the normal people.



15     The Bible narrates that there is the same order at the heaven and at the world. So, the heaven is the same a whore-house as the world.

16     The paradise is not so good. It may be that the paradise has more interdictions, than the Hell.

17     Traitors to the native land are the firsts who dream about the paradise.

18     The paradise is the fulfillment of self-seeking wishes. The Hell is the fulfillment of the God’s will. It is better to prefer the God’s will.

19     Paradise became not so attractive because of there are no computer’s game there.

20     If a man dreads to lose something then it depresses him like a yoke. The paradise acts like a yoke.

21     There is an infernal idleness in the paradise.

22     Religions which speak about the paradise are harmful for the world. A man who striving to paradise is ready to breaks many things of this world during his way to the paradise.

23     I am not a fish. I’ll not rise to the heaven when I had see a worm which going down from there.

24     I see. Only a bad soldier doesn’t wish to be a general. The paradise which is packed with such naпve “generals” bears a strong resemblance to the hospital for madmen where there are many Napoleons.

25     The paradise is the hell, too. What is good to see an apple and have not the real teeth and the real stomach? What is good to see a beauty houri (a beauty angel) and have not the real penis (vagina)?

26     A faith in the heavenly paradise is connected with a making the Hell at the world. The believing Arabian who killed Beslan’s children had speaking to one’s mother that he going in the paradise.


PARADISE for a luckless (pos.)

27     The world is not so bad. It is not necessary let luckless goes past paradise, because he can discovers a cause for displeasure there.


PARADOX (neg.)

28     A paradox is an undisguised and unvarnished truth.


PARODY (exist)

29     -It is not parody, but lease of N’s virtue.

     -Then the rent must be paid.



30     However, I think there are paramours that he wouldn’t be ashamed of he would be looked by his wife.

31     The woman is not bad if a man who is near her forgets all feminine defects.


recurrent PARAMOUR (pos.)

32     A recurrent paramour is the recurrent fool who thinks that he (she) has ability for giving more happiness than others.


ask PARDON (pos.)

33     -Are you ready to force dying man to ask pardon?


     -Then listen to me. I am a slowly dying man.


PARENTS (pos.)

34     He, who prices the greatest honor parents, is often he who has no parents.



35     Is pornography the relation of Parnassus?


PARROT (pos.)

36     Had you ate the parrot?


PARROT (neg.)

37     Don’t worry! A parrot is dangerous only for prostitutes.


PART (pos.) (see also concession, divide, little, many, moderation, presence, whole)

38     Yes. A partial success is the success, too. The one can’t produce real butter from a shit, but his creature has a good spreading on already.

39     Would you like a rainbow with three colors?

40     What the bow, which hasn’t an arrows, for?

41     No one can slake one’s thirst from the splinter of glass.

42     Would you break a leg of living pig for the sake of making meat-jelly?

43     Even when one drawing a branch, he must hear a whistle of the wind.

44     Do you obtain complete satisfaction by owning only the hole of ring-shaped roll?

45     A broth is not my soup.

46     Well, only one pig’s leg is necessary for the meat-jelly. But who will chops off it from the living pig?


PART (neg.)

47     They don’t throw out semi-packed pods.

48     It’s better to milk a cow than to kill it.

49     The more to fill a lavatory, the more its stink.

50     It’s better to have contact with a zinc trough than with the zinc coffin.

51     Some things may be reached by limping but not by one jump.

52     If one needs a pail he doesn’t refuse a pail without its handle.

53     There is not possibility to put whole long loaf into a mouth.

54     Love is only the part of a bent (libido), but it is more beautiful than the whole.

55     In serious circumstances the broken bottle is better than an intact one.


PART (exist)

56     It is impossible to be partial pregnant.



57     Are you one of impartial men who admire an adroitness of flayer when he even flaying him?



58     An observation of rowers from a bank is the best.

59     When they gathered to cut fools then fools had the wish to take participation in it.

60     Casino always is happy to a new participant.


PARTICIPATION of all (neg.)

61     He, who is in the feast, must to drink or to go away.


PARTICIPATION of a great man (pos.) (see also eating together with great man, help, join, nearness) 

62     Sounds of a bell must not accompany clown’s performance.


PASS (neg.)

63     -Are you communist? There is no pass for communist here.

     -Is there other interdictions?


     -So, fools may pass here without problem. Is not it?


PASSION (pos.)

64     Why one has duty to take the great interest in something as the dog in the barking?


PASSION (neg.)

65     Following passions is one wound. Preventing the man who can’t manage own passion is the second wound. What to be so cruel for?

66     Annihilating of passions is the passion, too.

67     Any thirst of happy may be called “the passion”.

68     Passions are always convincing. I know that fools resist convincingness firmer than others.


PASSION for an great (ordinary) man (neg.)

69     -Passions teach man to think.

     -Well, I see you didn’t learn to think yet.


PASSION for an interlocutor (neg.)

70     -Have you a complete set of virtues?

     -No, I have not.

     -Well, I see, you have no the passion for receipt of it.


PASSION of an old man (lack)

71     An old bad makes the loudest squeak because of love.


PASSION of an ordinary man (pos.)

72     Less will, more passion.


rare PASSION (exist) (see also ability, hobby, skill)

73     The most rare passion is thinking for other’s good.


the PASSOVER (pos.)

74     All Jews like remember that they took jewelry of Egyptians by deception and escaped.


PAST (pos.)

75     Thoughts about bygone satiety couldn’t satisfy one’s present hunger.

76     Don’t hold on to the dry branch.

77     Well, the past was beautiful. What the beautiful future was at that time!

78     He, who waiting the past, wouldn’t catches the future.

79     The best place for the past is in the past.

80     The past’s superiority over the present is the sign of old age.

81     If a person is satiated with available things then he rather praises the past when he had not satiety yet.

82     What run a wild-goose chase for?

83     It is better to look at the life through the frontal window than the back one.

84     -He who respects grandfather never drinks from his cup.

     -And he never squeamish about this cup.

85     If the past would be so important then they would have their eyes on the back of their heads.

86     Every Golden Age is based on the reminiscence about own happy childhood.

87     There are no birds in last year’s nests.

88     Whence the good past was produced if it was the bad present also?


PAST (neg.)

89     It is easier to scold the past than to correct its mistakes now.

90     Ask mature man “Who has more shortcomings? Is it parents or children?

91     Many people have a cause to blame the past, because a high birth, wealth, education may be given only by the past.


the PAST (FUTURE) (lack)

92     A clever man feels the past and future in the present. Is not it?


bygone PAST (pos.)

93     I don’t want to wail for feeling as if I am in the far past.


the PAST for an enrichment (pos.)

94     Yesterday’s water doesn’t grinding grain now.


the PAST for an enrichment (neg.)

95     Flowed water rotates the mill now.


the PAST is worse than the future (exist)

96     When you choose between the past and the future it should be known that the past is testified and never lies.


great PAST (pos.) (see also ambition, distant, excited, exploit, fall, fame, greatness, high birth, honor, merit, pride, substitute) 

97     “I have a donkey” is better than “I had ten camels”.


great PAST (exist)

98     The past seems better than the present because of people keeping rather the great names.


great PAST (lack)

99     The past has more greatness and truth. There is only one Napoleon earlier.


the PAST for a great man (pos.)

100     He, who doing nothing retiring from the past least of all.


the PAST for an interlocutor (pos.)

101     Do you wish that everything would be doted with navels which are marks of the past?

102     I understand you. The place where we are absent is attractive for us. Now, we are absent in the past.


the PAST for an interlocutor (neg.)

103     I understand you. You would have harm rather because of your scolding of the present than of the past.

104     Do you think that you will become a thing of the future? No, you will become the thing of the past, too.

105     I’ll not be surprised if I know that sometimes you put your parents into the corner.


the PAST for me (neg.)

106     I am not a drunkard who has an aversion for yesterday.


the PAST for an ordinary man (neg.)

107     I understand those who don’t love the past. A mind is the past product.


the own PAST (neg.)

108     A good son doesn’t permit your father’s fall.


the Russian PAST (neg.)

109     To judge from tales there is no an improvement of the world. Old Russian tales speak that the evil exists somewhere far off. A new tales (Garry Potter and so on) speak that the evil is near and everyone may make friends with it.


the PAST for an old woman (pos.)

110     Every old woman like to praise the time when she can let her long girlish plait between legs and take its point by teeth.


the PAST for a young man (neg.)

111     He who hatched yesterday likes to peck egg-shell.


PATCH (pos.)

112     A dress with patches is as a head with strange advices.


single PATH (exist)

113     The main sign of naivety is that a man sees only one path.



114     They would praise patience if the life would be eternal.

115     Well, if cowardice is covered with romance then it is the patience.

116     Patience is the despair which pretends to be a virtue.

117     A man leads somebody into error at the same degree that he has patience. What to be a deceiver for?

118     One advises be patient and wait, but not to apply the doctor, if he wish to get symptom of incurable disease.

119     Patience is the shortcoming of force or wish.

120     I know. Sometimes, they substitute an imprisonment for life for death penalty and patience – for self-murder.

121     Patience is harmful. Revenge, the longer it is delayed, the crueler it grows.



122     Every crime is the person who lost patience at some moment.

123     Patience is the last key for opening of any door.

124     If one broke something, it means he was out of patience.

125     Humiliation is the most frequent fruit of impatience.

126     Only a long road may shows that the horse is good or no.

127     He who can’t be patient is the same as baby.

128     Patience gives a benefit. Even eggs may convince a hen that it is.

129     The lack of patience leads the lack of skill.

130     -It is necessary to be patient only N days.

     -And what to be after this term?

     -You would already get accustomed to it.



131     An impatient person has no just impatience. He has no mind first of all.


PATIENCE for an enrichment (neg.)

132     There are treasures which serves man all his life. One of them is the patience.

133     An impatient man is the man who pays a high cost for things which a patient man receives without pay.

134     A patient man will eats a rich pilau from the bottom of the pan.

135     A tail of cow will be cut off for a hurried man. A hind leg of cow will be cut off for the patient one.

136     The impatience engenders fruitlessness and barrenness.

137     Patience replaced a hill.


PATIENCE for a great man (pos.)

138     A good fast horse couldn’t bear a whip.

139     Well, patience is the good substitution for an absent mind.


PATIENCE for a great man (neg.)

140     A clever bird can be patient into a snare.


PATIENCE under injuries (pos.)

141     An offence is the sticky thing. Many new offences stick to the old one on each side.


PATIENCE for an interlocutor (pos.)

142     I understand you. The mother’s patience has no limits. And you are ready to deflorate everyone for the sake of increase of patience.

143     I know your patience. In a restaurant you would come to a beautiful woman only after she settled her account.


PATIENCE for an interlocutor (neg.)

144     Your patience is like the handbell’s one.

145     I see that the last button of patience came off your trousers.


PATIENCE for me (pos.)

146     Well, patience is the last key, which can open a door. In according with this fact I wish attempt to use another ones firstly.

147     I didn’t learnt patience at the prison.

148     N is not so rich to develop my patience.


PATIENCE for an ordinary man (neg.)

149     In contrast to a lack of culture, the culture never neglects patience.


PATRIARCH of the Orthodox Church (pos.) 

150     As for some circles, the patriarch of the Orthodox Church is the worthy man. He was elected by many worthy men including the tobacco magnate and the owner of strip-tease' restaurant.



151     Go on! My city is the best. My home is the best from my city. My family is the best from another one. I am the best from my family.

152     Patriotism is the case when one persuades another one to give up money for the third who would be sent at the frontier.

153     A self-love, which reached State’s level and has commensurated grown bad consequences, assumes the name love for one’s native land.

154     -Could you abandon the patriotism or the conscience by the easiest way?

     -How much value the conscience which has no patriotism?



155     Patriotism is such good deed that it even ennobles a soul of scoundrel.

156     Who would has a doubt about the bad fate of nation which allowed others to convince itself that saving one’s own skin is the bad deed?

157     Patriotism corresponds with a put labour into native land. Tramps and spongers have no native land.


PATRIOTISM of a poor man (pos.) (see also incorruptibility, states service)

158     Poor men often speak about the love to own country, and they leave it for a long time or the rest of the life. The rich men seldom speak about the love to own country, and they leave it for a few days.


PATRIOTISM of Russian (neg.)

159     A man’s worth is the worth of his land.


PATRIOTISM of Russian aristocracy (pos.)

160     Do you speak about those who disdained Russian language in their own circle long since?


PATRIOTISM of a scientist (neg.)

161     A nation which is the first in science becomes the first in general. So, a science is the best patriotic deed for native land.


PATRIOTISM of a traveler (neg.)

162     It is not known yet who love native land more? Is it the man who never left native land or the man who always gone back to native land?


under the PATRONAGE (pos.)

163     They may give even a tank for you. However, usually they direct the tank there where there are grenade discharger cups, tanks, cannons and helicopters of enemy.


PATTERN (pos.)

164     What to follow the example of the man who was discharged from prison before the appointed time because of his good behaviour for?

165     A pattern is not the law.


“PAWNMAN” (neg.) (see also dullness, greatness, majesty, modesty, simplicity, star, superman 

166     Very often, a pawn has a great influence on result of the game.

167     I understand your malice. The value of a pawn may grow only in the hand of clever player.


PAY (pos.) (see also account, economize, expenditure, free of charge, generosity, gift, greediness, kindness)    

168          -Is this thing was paid once?   

          -Yes, it is.

          -What twice to pay for the same thing?

169     Pay quicker! Then the buyer will quicker recognize that he is the idiot.


PAY (neg.)

170     He, who pays in coin’s tinkling, would buy a scent of food.

171     If a man loves to live then he loves to pay for the life.


PAY in advance (pos.)

172     Pay beforehand and your work will be behindhand.

173     He who pays last never pays twice.

174     Do I buy mushrooms? Are you afraid that I will die without paying?


PAY in advance (neg.)

175     I don’t think that you will seriously defend the opinion of Ostap Ibragimovich who said, “The chairs are in the morning, the money – in the evening”.


PAY to a clerk (pos.)

176     A true democracy connected with diminution of expenditure for clerks. However, in Russia their expenditure grows.


PAY for democracy (pos.)

177     It is necessary to economize on democracy too, in order to avoid ravage of the country.


PAY to an enemy for peace (pos.)

178     Paying to an enemy for peace gives means for a new war.


PAY for enjoyment and satisfaction (neg.)

179     I am not a niggard. I prefer to get enjoyment and satisfaction and pay for them.


equal PAY (pos.)

180     A pupil who gets bad marks at school dreams about getting the same marks for everybody.


PAY to a friend (neg.)

181     Paying to the friend is the pleasant deed for any well-wishing friend.


high PAY (pos.)

182          -I have been working here for N years and I have never asked for any increase in wages.

          -That’s the reason why you have been working here for N years.


high PAY (neg.)

183     If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.


high PAY right away (pos.)

184     Actor Mastrojany acted in films of producer Phellini free of charge to take fantastic sum from other producers.


PAY of husband (neg.)

185     The salary of N dollars a month is too little only for a wife who thinks that a month spent with her husband to be a year.


PAY for an ignorance (exist)

186     If I took my pay for ignorance, I would be incredibly rich.


a part of PAY (pos.)

187     Even one-legged man pays for a pair of boots.


PAY for a high-principled man (pos.)

188     Apostles never worked for the sake of high pay.


PAY from a rich man (pos.)

189     Only poor man pays for all.


PAY for common transport (pos.)

190     A man, who doesn’t hasten to pay for his travel, is always pleased. In one case he is pleased to good luck. In the other case he is pleased to sense of the executed duty.


PEACE (pos.) (see also act, agility, calmness, enmity, inactivity, repose)

191     Even the fire dies out, because of windless weather.

192     He who outlaws the war assumes a lawless action during the war.

193     All wars were prepared in peaceful times. The longer preparation, the greater destruction of war.


PEACE (neg.)

194     I understand you. War makes thieves, and peace hangs them.


PEACE (exist)

195     Well, a peace is the situation when they shoot in other place.


class PEACE (pos.) (see also calmness, cruelty, demand, enmity, extremes, punishment, revolution) 

196     I understand you. A peaceful Jew Berezovski (and Khodorkovski, and so on) withdrew more money than mortal Robin Good.


class PEACE (exist)

197     Relatives would begin to live in complete agreement when one magnate has related with another one. Relatives would begin to live like in hell when a poor man has related with a magnate.



198     The secret wall of a town is peace.



199     Cats hide their claws.


PEACEABLENESS of a believer (exist)

200     Believers find out facts which disjoin people. Opponents of religions find out facts which join people.


PEACEABLENESS of capitalism (exist)

201     Capitalism permanently to produce a worst enemies and wars because of every appearance of enemy is accompanied by an appearance of clients of arms, which are ready to pay fantastic percent of profit.


PEACEABLENESS of religions (exist)

202     Excuse me, but I am a man who understand that Zionism, fascism and majority of religions have one and the same inner establishment. It is founded on enmity and opposition of good one’s own fellows and bad strange fellows.


PECULIARITY (pos.) (see also follow, originality, strangeness)

203     Not choosing to get out of a rut means that you will not leave the path you are on.

204     The result of supreme peculiarity of some goods is impossibility of receipt of money for such goods.



205     Each pine-tree howls like pine-tree forest.

206     Peculiarity is usually nothing more than the first performance given by ordinary occurrence.


PECULIARITY of a woman (exist)

207     Well. Women are equal in different ways.



208     An inexperienced driver scolds pedestrians most of all.


death PENALTY (pos.)

209     He who condemns a cruelty must not be so cruel.


death PENALTY (neg.)

210     What could affirm a value of victim’s life than the death penalty for murderers?

211     Well, the death penalty is an inadmissible act against a man but not who stopped to be a man.

212     An abrogation of death penalty is hidden permission for murder.

213     During killing a villain people hear “It’s late” much more often than “It‘s severely”.

214     I know persons who fear death penalty and reject it. I don’t belong to this vile minority.



215     What to breach wall by the head for? What will you do into the next cell?

216     You can penetrate into an ass without the help of soap.

217     A pig’s mug penetrates everywhere.



218     You are the same as the preservative.

219     A shit is impermeable to perfume.


high PENSION (pos.)

220     A little pension is the best medicine against one’s arrogance and haughtiness.


PEOPLE (pos.)

221     How many fools must be gathered that you will have the right to say “They are people”?


PEOPLE (neg.)

222     An understanding that people are fool is not good pride for you. An understanding that you are a part of people is good pride for you.


high PERCENT of profit (pos.) (see also account, advantage, gain, greediness, profit)

223     Right! The prostitution, narcotics, mafia, assassinations, genocide, terrorism, ecological crimes are a kind of business with great percent of profit for some men. Isn’t that so? The general poverty of many nations is ideal condition for a great percent of profit for some men. Isn’t that so?


PERFECTION (pos.) (see also conceit, content, superiority)

224     Perfection is Achilles with chopped heel off.

225     Even a fifth wheel would not lead to the perfection.

226     A car may be made flying and singing but it is better to be used for driving to the work.


PERFECTION of the God (pos.)

227     An imperfect creature has more requirements. And so, only foolish God may have the requirement of the creation of the world. And so, the world turned out foolish. And the God torments all people by His imperfections.


man’s PERFECTION (pos.)

228     Where do you see a gracefully stepping swan?

229     A horse with stop short and a man with a hitch wouldn’t strain oneself.


man’s PERFECTION (neg.)

230     The one who doesn’t aspire the perfection is beneath one’s abilities.


woman’s PERFECTION (exist)

231     The talk about woman’s perfection is for nothing. They may not even stand urinating.


PERFUME (SCENT) (pos.) (see also odorant)

232     I feel. It is a good perfume for self-defense.

233     A perfume is the loved thing of chief wanders.


PERFUME for a woman (pos.)

234     The best woman is the woman who smelling of cleanness.


PERMANENCE of prostitution (pos.)

235     Don’t overlook also other permanence – permanent negative treatment to prostitution.



236     The command “Stand easy!” is not the freedom.

237     Did you asked permission for your birth?

238     It is easier to obtain forgiveness than permission.


ask PERMISSION (pos.) (see also act, begin, freedom, interdiction, request)

239     Those who destroy slavery don’t ask sanction.


ask PERMISSION for anger (pos.)

240     They never ask permission of beating in the mug.


PERMISSION for me (pos.)

241     A death can come without permission. It came in our relation long ago.



242     Persistence penetrates through even a rock.

243     Even an ordinary man who has a persistence and consistency of his acts may be reputed for a wise man.

244     Persistence is a sign of person who has a clear intention.

245     A mouse in time may bite in two a cable.


PERSON (pos.)

246     Well, the longer my observing at N, the better my opinion about Hitler.


PERSON (exist)

247     A drank man feels that he is a person, too. And he feels that he is only an organism in the next day.


PERSUADE to drink (pos.)

248     He who has real respect to somebody doesn’t urgently persuade him to drink.


PERSUADE without interest (exist)  

249     He, who lulling, doesn’t sleeping himself.


PERSUADE me (pos.)

250     You persuade me for nothing. My character was formed before this persuasion.

251     Your singing is good but I don’t wish dance.

252     Neighbour, stay at your house and I will stay in my one.


PERSUADE without money (pos.) (see also act, advice, dependant, elevated, expenditure, gift, help) 

253     A prayer must not enunciate lecture before an empty table.

254     Money is the most convincing words.

255     One lavish praises and smiles if he hasn’t money which deserving attention.



256     They aspire to a drinking-bout, perversions and new religions in order to shake up own stupid dull feelings.



257     The God assumes more perverted things. He joins a soul with bowels in a body.



258     I think it is better to see just white snow-flake than its shade.

259     A usual pessimist is the man who worries everyone with entreaty that everyone dissuades him from his bitter experience.

260     The world develops not thanks to gloomy prophecies but in defiance of them.

261     Don’t try to catch sight of coffin if you felt scent of flowers.

262     I know folk who never say that they live in the kind world. They are executioners and butchers.

263     Pessimism is the slow self-murder.

264     The greatest percentage of pessimists belongs to lazy men.

265     If a bird has shit on its beak it feels that the whole world is stinking.



266     I’ll be glad to meet a pessimist. I could borrow and pessimist will knows, that the debt never will be paid.

267     The dark spectacles to permits person he discerns things clearer.

268     Cheerfulness is a variety of confidence in sad future.

269     Devil is blacker than he may be coloring by any painter.

270     Pessimism is a good thing. If a bad predication comes true pessimist feels the sense of relief about own rightness.

271     I understand. After horrible dreams which were provoked by the life just the life seems not so horrible.

272     All terrorists are optimists.

273     All deceivers feel the professional hate against pessimists.



274     Quite the reverse, optimistic expectations filled him, and now there is not a little of it which can come in him.


PESSIMISM for a believer (pos.)

275     A believer could yearn for X at better conditions – in the paradise. Now it is necessary to do something another.


PESSIMISM for a capitalist (neg.)

276     Usually, he who wish to foist expensive trash off on somebody condemns the pessimism.


PESSIMISM for a chief (pos.)

277     Masters of the world are rather optimists than pessimists. Pessimists prefer to be only spectators.


PESSIMISM for an interlocutor (pos.)

278     If a man takes care of somebody his pessimism disappears. Let’s begin!

279     Can I think that your best part is your back part? (Slap an interlocutor’s ass.)

280     Dear donkey, don’t die! The spring will come! The grass will become green!


PESSIMISM for an interlocutor (neg.)

281     -Do you know why you resemble the succulent lilac, which is situated in vase?


     -Now, it is impossible convince you of your sad future.

282     I see. You are the great life-lover. You like the life even after those deeds which it made for you. (Point out defect of interlocutor.)


PESSIMISM of a male (pos.)

283     Pessimism is not male’s destination. He gives life easily.


PESSIMISM for me (pos.)

284     I can’t to use mother-in-law as my criterion. If a bridge bears mother-in-law the bridge is good. If it doesn’t bear her it is beautiful.

285     Perhaps on the porch of Death it would seems to me that the life is beautiful. But I did not find myself there yet.


PESSIMISM of an ordinary man (pos.)

286     Pessimist is the man that his mind digests any thought badly.

287     Pessimists have not great mind. They invent ring-buoys, but not steamers.           


PESSIMISM of an ordinary man (neg.)

288     A cheerful man understands merits of the own thought at once but he badly understands its shortcomings and he understand this shortcomings little by little.

289     Very often cheerfulness is the laziness of mind.


PESSIMISM of a rich man (pos., neg.)

290     Usually, pessimism appears after the plenty of enjoyments. Do you wish to disprove this fact?


PESSIMISM in Russia (neg.)

291     Optimist is more mercenary. Pessimist may to say about dying out Russians in Russia. An optimist would to say only about an emigratory attractiveness of Russia.


PESSIMISM of a subordinate (pos.)

292     I don’t know the man, who is succeed in high productivity of pessimist.


PET (pos.)

293     There is not difference. You may turn off a dog. You may caress a dog. It would have put out its tongue in both cases.


PET (neg.)

294     Don’t to be as a wind! Your enemy would pull one’s cap over one’s ears. To be as the sun! So, he will take off one’s cap by own hands.


PETITION (pos.) (see also complain, help, persuade)

295     Letters couldn’t give dates.


PETTINESS (neg.) (see also shallow)

296     Don’t run him down for pettiness. Clever people appraise others judging not by their trivial actions.


PHILANTHROPY (pos.) (see also boon, care, endow, expenditure, free of charge, generosity, gift, give, sponsorship)

297     Philanthropy is one of the vice of pride.      



298     A discoverer or a pioneer doesn’t know a fear of loneliness. The one who called by unlimited space becomes the traveler. The one who called by open space of ideas becomes the philosopher.    

299     A true philosopher is you. You wish to state the value of your life only at its end, when this value will has only philosophical significance.



300     The more knowledge of other sciences, the less scope for the philosophy.

301     Platon said that the philosophy is the preparation for the death. It’s possible there is the reason to do something else.

302     It is not pleasure to be a doctor and learn the nasty parts of corpse. It is not pleasure to be a sage and learn the nasty parts of soul.

303     Philosophy is the struggle for the shade of donkey. One wants turn its side to the sun. Another one wants turn its ass to the sun. The third wants turn the sun above the donkey.

304     Lack of knowledge of philosophy is not too bad. In this case most probably a person will do many things in proper time.

305     A prison, illness and misfortune dispose to philosophy most of all. What incline many people to this science for?



306     No everyone wishes to know the true value of his own life.

307     Thanks to philosophy some people voluntarily do the things which another people do them under the lash.

308     I know. Some folk prefer a fallosophy.


PHILOSOPHY for a poor man (pos.)

309     In general, a philosophy is only a roundabout way to some boons of richness and it is some defense against humiliation of poverty.



310     They photograph object before bombing.



311     A face is the reflection of the soul. Everyone must wants to unbosom oneself by one’s own face, too. 



312     A man becomes a photographer but not a painter in order to have shorter thinking.


stock PHRASE (neg.)

313     When someone wants to condemn enemies of prostitution, he begins to condemn a stock of phrases first of all.


PIANIST (neg.)

314     Yes, it is excellently to be a pianist. Spacious hall is around. There is a heap of people. Everybody looks at the pianist. Pianist sits at the stage and bend own fingers.


PICK one’s nose (neg.)

315     That’s trifle! Many people have not permission but they defecate.


PICK UP a coin from the ground (neg.)

316     Nobody has greater speed of enrichment than that who picks up a coin from the ground.


PICNIC (pos.)

317     Do N resemble the cow that just ended winter’s standing into the cattle-shed?


PITY (pos.) (see also alms, complain)

318     Prefer to dry own tears by own hand!

319     There is not a pity for each furuncle.

320     Now, I abuse myself, because I was not trained to carry handkerchief in my pocket.

321     A good man hasn't wish to be pitiful, because the pity is an expression of non-agreement with his own life.

322     He who has more trust in justice of the World and harmony of the World has less pity.


PITY (neg.)

323     There is not a tear from the blind eye.


PITY (exist)

324     One doesn’t feel a toothache behind the strange cheek.

325     I see. A raven is kissing a hen.

326     Daughter-in-law, stops weeping for your mother in law!

327     Well. Retained tail and mane would be a sign of wolf’s pity for the horse.

328     A fox feels sorry for a hare that was been squashed by a stone as if it was her own.

329     They see a wolf lick a lamb. Nobody rubbed one’s eyes.


PITY for an instrument (pos.)

330     Don’t spare a switch or your cows would go into the forest.


PITY for a subordinate (pos.)

331     He who pities a horse prefers to tire himself.


PITY to a traitor (pos.)

332     A branch which broke from a trunk will be dry up.


PITY for a villain (pos.)

333     People, whom have the same disease, pity each other.

334     What to pity a sick snake for? It’s necessary to kill even a sound snake.

335     A castigate of vice and a mercy to their owners are equal with a blame of cards’ play and justification of swindlers.

336     He who pities a criminal doesn’t pities a victim.


PLACE (pos.)

337     Don’t lay a fire-wood into the bonfire for drying.

338     Who would to boil eggs in one’s bosom?

339     Who would to distribute a meal on the cord?

340     They never build a mill on a bog.

341     They never raise fish in the broad rut.

342     They never grow a grass on the market place.

343     They never build a fire on the water.

344     Nobody put on his boots for his head.

345     They never lay sugar-tongs into the lavatory.

346     Nobody brings roses in a bed.


PLACE (neg.)

347     Commonly a fool is the man that the present place is unfit for his use.


PLACE (lack)

348     A dog would find a place for urination even on the sandy waste.

349     Every beet will have a pit.


invariable PLACE (pos.)

350     An enema can’t change its place.


own PLACE (pos.)

351     Do you wish to be at the cemetery where everyone has own place?


own PLACE (neg.)

352     Only a bad fish runs aground from the water.

353     In own place a stone has rich clothes of moss.

354     In water even a frog is the best singer.

355     In own nest a raven would peck out the eye of the falcon.

356     As to the place near the kennel a dog would gain victory over the crocodile there.

357     A hair which is at own place is better than the canine tooth.


own PLACE (exist)

358     A foolish fisherman who dipped his finger into the sea water and licked it would says, “Salt water is there! It’s our places!”


PLACE for a search (pos.)

359     They never search a calf under the bull.


silent PLACE (pos.)

360     I know a silent place. Two men were killed and three men were robbed there. And nobody heard crying.


strange PLACE (pos.)

361     Even a word has no the right meaning when it stands at the strange place.



362     Is it so bad to sing somebody’s song in own manner?

363     A good tale is the result of the work of many retellers. Many musical arrangement are better than their originals. All were created by the God. A man creates only an arrangement.


musical PLAGIARISM (neg.)

364     Music which is unlike something is for nothing.


PLAN (pos.)

365     A plan is the domination of the past over the future.


PLAN (neg.)

366     The less will-power the more firm refusal against any plan or supposition.


PLAN (exist)

367     I know to become suddenly rich is the wonderful long-term plan.


home PLANTS (pos.)

368     Usually, a person to get on with home plants and domestic animals some better if he didn’t to get on with neighbours.


flying PLATES (exist)

369     Contents of a gibberish always follow progress of mankind. In the past they spoke about flying ships.


PLAY (pos.)

370     Well, a playful monkey looks better.

371     Children wouldn’t be born because of the wedding of dolls.

372     Passion for a play is the virtue of rather a lone person than a happy domestic person.

373     Any deed is good for a child in order he wouldn’t weeps for sorrow.


PLAY (neg.)

374     He who has not an inclination… Продолжение »

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