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PRAISE (pos.)

522     A most dangerous enemy plays a friend.

523     Every cloud has a silver lining.

524     A hot spoon has the same view as the cold one.

525     A poison treats man, too. But this fact doesn’t present it as a good matter.

526     Mouse’s shit is not a caraway. Sheep’s balls are not nuts.

527     Even if the word “khalva” will be said many times, a tongue will not feel sweetness.

528     The most difficult deed for a playwright is stopping of spectator’s cough, but not to arouse applause.

529     It always seems that a black dressing-gown is coved by light spots and a white one – by dark spots.

530     Praise is not pudding.

531     That who speaks by the language of advertisement, speaks by the language of deception.


PRAISE (neg.)

532     Praise is better than a wine. A man feels giddy and doesn’t fall.

533     They, that value not praise, will never do anything worthy of praise.


PRAISE (lack) 

534     If a cup is not broken then nobody hears the crying that it was the loved.


believer’s PRAISE (pos.)

535     Only that fact is indubitable that a paradise is the paradise till a real visit.


chief’s PRAISE (pos.)

536     Well, superiors feel man’s merit best of all. They are in need of good subordinates as agarics are indeed of manure.


PRAISE for the sake of cunning (neg.)

537     It is easy to put a honeyed knife even into an enemy’s mouth.


to PRAISE a great man (pos.) (see also fame, glory, gratitude, honor, merit, past, perfection) 

538     They illuminate dark places. The fire doesn’t stand in need of illumination.

539     One praises his own taste involuntary (unwittingly), when he praising or criticizing something. Is it the good taste?


to PRAISE a great man (neg.)

540     Everyone likes mutuality. The less merits a man has, the less his wish to the praise of others.

541     It is better if a living man takes a crown with laurels, than the dead one.


great man’s PRAISE (pos.) (see also lie, trust)

542     A base of praise is the belief in own superiority.


interlocutor’s PRAISE (pos.)

543     Look another buyer for your goods.

544     Put shit into your magic box, too. Let it turns into an alluring thing.


interlocutor’s PRAISE of misunderstanding thing (pos.)

545     We are virgins. Your tale about orgasm doesn’t convince us. Close to the effect.


mutual PRAISE (pos.)

546     A dog licks another one.


my PRAISE (pos.)

547     Only a priest has the habit to sanctify all things which he sees. However I am not the priest.


to PRAISE an ordinary man (pos.)  

548     The less merits a man has, the more he is longing to get a praise.


ordinary man’s PRAISE (pos.)

549     Everything seems to be millet for a blind hen.

550     Blind men and prisoners glorify sun best of all.


PRAISE a person (pos.)

551     In one’s sleeve they to laugh only about the person, who was praised.

552     He who has a good knowledge about the true cause reason and motive of praising doesn’t look it.

553     N is not so confused that he stands in need of praise.

554     If you intend turn into a permanent trouble your life then measure your merit by praises and blames.

555     If a man has the wish to raise something it means that this thing seems him to be low.


PRAISE a person (pos., neg.)

556     Incense for carrying-out.


PRAISE a person (neg.)

557     Praising is always good. It is useful for a good man and harmful for a bad one.

558     A noble person is in the habit of praising. A base one is in the habit of abusing.

559     A deviation from praise is the wish to hear this praise one more or the wish to hear more refined one.


poor man’s PRAISE (pos.)

600     Noodles seem to be butter for a hungry man.

601     An oat loaf is good for a man who never ate wheaten one.

602     A donkey is the horse where the horse is lack.

603     A dog gnaws a bone if there is no meat on it.

604     They praise any fish if they angle it but not net.


premature PRAISE (pos.)

605     A wise man praises a day in the evening.


seller’s PRAISE (pos.)

606     I understand. It is impossible to give a broom in marriage to somebody without praising.


victor’s PRAISE (pos.)

607     A victor has the benefit, when he praises vanquished.


PRAISE a woman (pos.)

608     Tell a woman, that she is fair, and she will soon turn fool. A man who praises woman is harmful and dangerous.


PRAISED thing (pos.)

609     Perfume is such thing which smells by itself. It is not just the thing which was praised by seller.

610     Virtue is praised by all, but practiced by few.

611     Even a cat seems to be a sable in the night.

612     They praise perishable goods with the greatest inspiration.


PRAYER (pos.)

613     All prayers come to that twice two wouldn’t be four.

614     One hour of justice is better than hundred years of prayer.

615     He who feels own unity with the Creator may already doesn’t pray for.

616     He who prays is an atheist. Prayer is for those who feel that the God is too far, but not around and inside us.

617     Praying believer is too resembles the man who counts up one’s profit.

618     Do you think that the God loves cadgers and mercenary persons who believe and pray for rewards?

619     If ordeals were sent to some man, then his prayer for other things is the evident opposition with the God’s will.

620     What prayers in the paradise for? I am not you. I prepare myself for just the paradise.

621     Is it true that the God doesn’t agree to participate in good deeds for nothing, without somebody’s prayers or He couldn’t think out what must He do without somebody’s application?

622     There are many whips for a worn out horse. There are many prayers for the worn out person.

623     There are people who indulge in a self-hypnosis and repudiate it. Usually, such people may be called liars and know-nothings. However, they call themselves by the praying men.

624     I have my own opinion about the benefit of prayers. Patriarch and parishioners prayed for peace between President of Russia and parliament. Patriarch, Synod, parishioners and Internet users prayed for salvation of sailors of “Kursk” submarine. They prayed for Beslan’s hostages, too. Good results were absent.   

625     It is better to address at the active truth straightly, but not to the God.

626     He who learnt to govern one’s mind rightly troubles gods rarely.


PRAYER (neg.)

627     Labour as long lived, pray as ever dying.


PRAYER before eating (pos.)

628     I prefer a fresh food.


PRAYER about enrichment (pos.)

629     Your prayer will not be accomplished. You don’t trust in God. You have gone without the sack.


PRAYER with kneeling (pos.)

630     A kneeled man has not more steadiness.


PRAYER of a poor man (pos.) (see also opinion)

631     He who sowed badly prays more sincere than others.

632     If the God heard your prayers you would have asked him to make you rich for a long ago.


PRAYER into the religious building (pos.)

633     You have no confusion to beg king in people’s presence. Is not it?

634     Both clearing one’s body in sight of people and clearing one’s soul in sight of people are equal indecent behaviour for me.

635     If somebody says, “It is impossible to be believed and have no visits in the temple” then I answer, “It is impossible to be believer and recognize out of temple’s prayers as good-for-nothing”.

636     He who has difficulties during self-dependent contact with the God goes in the temple.

637     What great number of people wouldn’t go in the temple, if they will be seen there only by the God!

638     He who doesn’t love a private love and intercourse and subconsciously prefers collective sex and orgies, calls to common prayer by the more natural and easy mode.

639     He who subconsciously admits collective sex and orgies instead of the private love and intercourse, calls to common prayer by the more natural and easy mode.

640     He who absolves criminals and wishes to help them to get in the paradise thanks to their money, goes to pray in the temple which was partially built on the money of criminals and prostitutes.

641     Well, a temple's pray is very important. Greek hierarches make fisticuffs with delaying Armenian ones near the God's grave for the sake of temple's pray 


PRAYER into the religious building (pos.)

642     You have no confusion to beg king personally, but not together with all people. Is not it?

643     After long practice a man, who being into a synagogue thought about sale and purchase, begin thinks about the God during sale and purchase.


PRAYER of a rich man (pos.)

644     Perhaps, it is better to do something for love to a neighbor than to pray.

645     I see. A great wonder happens during each prayer of a rich man. He does not keep his hands on the purse.


PRAYER of Russian (pos.)

646     Russians know the value of prayer. They named “the pie with a prayer” the pie without filling.


PRAYER with sitting (neg.)

647     It is better to be sitting thinking about the God than to be standing thinking about sitting.


PRAYER for a subordinate (pos.)

648     They don’t plough by prayers.

649     If the God fulfill prayers, why teachers and superiors are live?

650     He who has zeal for shift off responsibility on others has more zeal for prayer.

651     Well, a prayer is the best excuse for any being late.


PRAYER out of time (pos.)

652     A king fix the hour for private requests of his servants. But servants have right to come to the king in any time for the sake of king’s deeds.



653     Usually, the most envious believers become preachers. Such believers, for lack of God’s wonders, can stand out from the fraternity only for a big number of new believers that were involved in religion by them. The less wonders, the more an itch of preaching.


common PREACHING (pos.)

654     Any preaching must corresponds parishioners. A clever man is bored to listen the preaching which was intended for a crowd.



655     Precision is the politeness of executioner.

656     A man has no mistake only when he hits the sky by finger.

657     If they send a fool for buying a bottle of wine he will brings just one.


PRECISION of a corpulent man (lack)

658     Corpulence brings up precision. Corpulent man never sits down in an arm-chair without precision.


PRECISION for a male (neg.)

659     A male, who would have the same careless treatment of precision, will get into an ass.


PREDETERMINATION for a male (pos.)

660     Do all know that you prefer to fix a girl and not to waste yourself for preliminary endearments?



661     A foreseeing man has not friends. People don’t trust him before the trouble and laugh at him. And they feel humility after the trouble. And they are irritated with him.


exact PREDICTION (pos.)

662     Listen exact prognosis for tomorrow in the day after tomorrow.


long-term PREDICTION (neg.)

663     A long-term prediction are more accurate. We can have more confidence in the future of a man after two hundred years than after one year.


old man’s PREDICTION (neg.)

664     An old bull has more knowledge about winter’s food than the spring’s bull-calf.


PREDICTION about a quantity (pos.)

665     Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched.


long PREFACE (pos.)

666     A long preface resembles the man with a big hat on his head who prevents to look at the stage.



667     -The independence belong rather the preference than the reading.

     -I see. You have a shortage of independence.


PREPARE (pos.) (see also aid, help, influence of conditions)

668     Well. Everyone must prepare oneself to the life still before own birth.

669     Sorry. You can’t appraise at its true worth the virginity. Prepared prostitutes are the best for you.

670     It is easy to reach Florida on foot than to built a car for traveling there.

671     I see. You have need in preparing yourself even during loving play.

672     The lazy-bones and the greedy persons like dry tree, which are prepared firewood already.


PREPARE (neg.)

673     I see. Your mind prompts you to move out a queen at the second move.

674     He who wishes to hit must aim. 

675     He who wishes to have a faithful horse must buy a foal.

676     Only a mushroom may be found where they were not sown.

677     It is better to prepare a sledge during the summer and a cart – during the winter.

678     They place a pastry into a hot oven.

679     Pair of ovum and one penis is the norm for a man, but not the wrong way.

680     If an aircraft construction was developed beforehand then everyone can use the simplicity of hour-long flight to Florida (Paris, London, …).

681     They never feed and water a cow during milking.

682     It would be better if a winter will harass us during a summer.

683     In a bad weather a good mountaineer preparing for climbing. He must be ready before the good weather will came.


PREPARE exploitation (lack)

684     One sat down on the camel not for the safeguard of his boots against sand.


PREPARE smth. during a long time (pos.)

685     What to prepare banquet till guests begin die of starvation for?


PREPARE smth. during a long time (neg.)

686     Every jump was prepared, and preparation for it always occupied more time than this jump.


PREPARE a male for matrimony (pos.)

687     Well, boys have no the preparation for a matrimonial life. Nobody bought the fat or bow-legged Barbies for them.


PREPARE a war (neg.)

688     He who wishes to live in peace must prepare himself for a war.


woman PREPARES (pos.)

689     Marry somebody firstly. Prepare swaddling clothes afterwards.


PRESENCE (pos.) (see also availability, ownership, take)

690     The day is breaking even without cock’s crowing.

691     Even a round seed can pierce an earth.

692     Nobody breaks a wine bottle at one’s head, because of lacking a corkscrew.

693     He who has all the things begins to wish a wish and to thirst for a thirst.



694     I don’t like dancing without music.

695     It is easy to suffer any thirst when a well is not dry.



696     While being in the wood many people have no an idea that there are billets under the bark.

697     I see. You can sell me an egg without a yolk.


PRESENCE of assistants (pos.)

698     He, who doing nothing, has assistants most of all.


PRESENCE of smth. everywhere (pos.)

699     If something is on the table then why the same thing must be under the table?


PRESENCE of incomprehensible thing (lack)

700     Chinese language is not intelligible for everybody. However, it exists.


PRESENCE of a leader (pos.)

701     Non-existance of a leader is the non-existance of the vulnerable point.


PRESENCE of a man (pos.)

702     A personal presence is necessary only during an own dying.


PRESENCE of a precedent (pos.)

703     If a bath-house is empty it is not means there is the ban for an entrants.


PRESENCE of part (pos.) (see also part)

704     The butterfly is nice if only it has all wings.

705     Unfledged arrow flies sideways.

706     It’s enough lacking single powder for a loss of a battle.

707     What water pipe without a tap for?

708     A find of one boot is not an occasion for the festival.


PRESENCE of part (neg.)

709     It’s enough to draw a fish even with one eye.

710     A desire of buying all kinds of sweets is the desire of a child.

711     There are not hands, which have possibility to embrace all things at once.

712     It is bad doing nothing because it is impossible that the all deeds will be done.

713     There are many superfluous things into the complete works.

714     Thirst for completeness based rather on oneself than on the value of an absent thing.

715     The full jug pulls hand to the bottom.

716     Prosperity may be measured even by a part of percent, and the crisis is measuring by the whole ones.


PRESENCE of servant (pos.)

717     Don’t have a servant if you wish to have a true humane treatment with him.


to PRESENT (pos.) (see also boon, concession, free of charge, generosity, gift, give, wait the present)

718     -I don’t wish to lead you into error.

     -What by?

     -By the exaggerated fine my regard for you.


to PRESENT (neg.)

719     A clever husband presents expensive and beautiful plates and dishes to own wife in order to avoid washing them.

720     I imagine your love to a funeral repast where a custom of making presents is lacking.


to PRESENT (exist)

721     I know. At first a drunk man cries, “Champagne to me! Champagne to everybody!” Later they hear “An account for me! An account for everybody!”


to PRESENT smth. for darling (neg.)

722     The love is a good thing, but a gold chain will be left forever.


to PRESENT flowers (pos.)

723     Well, many people may bring flowers for N. They may even to adorn his tombstone.

724     A gift of flowers is a sacrifice with one peculiarity. Modern heathens destroy vegetation instead of beasts.


great PRESENT (pos.) (see also alms, economize, generosity, expenditure)

725     I would have agreed with you, if the reverence of the Gods corresponded to the size of the sacrifice.


great PRESENT (neg.)

726     He who presents not so much presents insufficiently.


PRESENT for hands or a neck (pos.)

727     The best present for hands, neck and many other things is soap.


joint PRESENT (neg.) (see also join)

728     One ram’s leg is a present of five joint visitors. Five ram’s legs are a present of five separated visitors.


the PRESENT (pos.)

729     Well, if someone complains to of today then in contrary a thief blesses it.


PRETEND to be somebody (pos.)

730     Are you so young that you have so great love to masquerades?

731     There is no a bad man who has not a pretence.


PRETEND to be somebody (neg.)

732     If you would blow out your cheeks during a storm then you would have the right to speak about your great abilities late.

733     People are cowards. Let they pretend. Perhaps, they would learn to pretend to be brave.


my PRETEND to be somebody (exist)

734     If I should can to pretend to be somebody, I should drink during my work and pretend to be sober.


limited PRETENSION (pos.)

735     Only fools claim all their pretension before a good times.



736     Prettiness makes no pottage.


PREVIOUS (exist)

737     A broken mirror couldn’t become previous one.



738     Any price is the variety of measure. A mad man not knows the right measure.


an excessive PRICE (exist)

739     This price includes also the judicious recompense for remorse which been during setting the price.


PRIDE (pos.) (see also ambition, egoism, excited, fame, honor, merit, modesty, notable, past, priority, self-respect, stateliness, superiority) 

740     An overblown bubble doesn’t last long.

741     Cats jump at the proud men’s chests.

742     Raindrops fall into a proud man’s nose.

743     It’s much easier to stumble when your nose is turned up.

744     First of all, water flows into that boat which has a turned up nose.

745     Sometimes, proud men are similar to babies: they are covered with shit but keep their head high.

746     Pride is the situation when somebody hasn’t enough knowledge about merit of others.

747     As usual pride increases with the increase of fear.

748     Pondering about any fall, one comes to the conclusion that it always was preceded by pride.

749     Is there anything good in pride, if it hates itself in others?

750     The person who knows about himself some more has less respect of himself.

751     One of the ways to forget one’s sins is the pride.

752     What pride for? What such thing for instigate person to the self-murder because of each significant cause and to the dangerous duel because of insignificant one?

753     Once, a proud man refused to swim doggy-paddle (frog-paddle) and so he drowned.

754     The more pride, the more envy.


PRIDE (neg.)

755     You can see more in a day with your head up than you can in a lifetime with your head down.

756     Anger controlled by disdain is not the worst thing.

757     One doesn’t choke with water if he has uplifted chin during his swimming.

758     Those who proudly lift up their heads are those in whose nature it is to stand upright.

759     Pride is the best anaesthetic.

760     Well, a fellow fights with pride successfully when he is toady and servile.

761     Lack of wish to take pride to engender the pride, too. But it is the worst kind of pride.        

762     A man who takes pride knows his own predestination and his own soleness for it.


PRIDE (lack)

763     The one who “extirpated” one’s pride is proud most of all.


PRIDE for a believer (neg.)

764     To see eagles is God’s gift. Keep your heads up!


PRIDE for a great man (neg.)

765     A man with a head below his shoulders is like a pig.

766     If you don’t turn up your nose you won’t see the stars.

767     Complete humility and lack of pride is characteristic of the one who can’t see his spiritual growth.

768     The one who values knowledge also values the result of knowledge – pride.


PRIDE for an interlocutor (pos.)

769     Now I understand: it is much more pleasant to be proud of something we don’t have.


PRIDE for an interlocutor (neg.)

770     Do you reject the sense that can moderate envy?


interlocutor's PRIDE (pos.)

771     Did someone stick peacock’s feathers into your tail?


interlocutor's PRIDE that he had been near mr. N (pos.)

772     Well, they see you were near N at the distance of his spit.


PRIDE of a male (neg.)

773     The male’s courage never spurns pride.


my PRIDE (neg.)

774     I am not greedy. Prideful is the man who takes less than offered.

775     I am not quite so sure of my baseness as you are. That’s why I am still a proud man.


PRIDE for an ordinary man (neg.)

776     Those who have nothing to be proud of, scold pride more than the others.


PRIDE of a strange man (neg.)

777     Proud men always complain of other proud men’s pride.


PRIDE for a subordinate (pos.)

778     The proud horse dies of thirst.

779     A bridle is drawn more tightly for a proud horse.


PRIDE for a subordinate (neg.)

780     People are proud of things they have done. It is better to do one’s own business at one’s own place, than to do another’s business at another’s place. Of course, from doing another’s business at another’s place, no pride would arise.


PRIDE of a weak man (pos.)

781     Pride is the comforter of the weak.

782     Now I understand. Pride protects a man from the sense of his own imperfection.

783     Pride is one of the feelings of losers. That same feeling to a man who excel us, we call haughtiness.


PRIDE of a woman (pos.)

784     Pride of a woman is a sign of her unsuccessful family life.

785     Why be similar to a silly hen, whose best part is the chest?


PRIEST (pos.)

786     Priests are or hiders of crimes or traitors of confessed men.

787     A priest is “an idol”, too. But he is the worst, because he affirms: “Don’t make an idol for oneself!”

788     A priest is like a thief. Any received thing is good for him.

789     There are bugs even a priest’s bed.

790     It’s high time to prosecute all priests for unfair advertisement. Flock to pray and fast, sacrifice and discharge one’s part of agreement with the God, but they didn’t be lucky enough yet.

791     I don’t like the person who is occupied with giving satisfaction to inquiring men, but not with search of the truth.

792     Well, there is a kind of business which is the same ancient as the prostitution.

793     Priests are not indigents. What to respect liars, who call to become an indigent for?

794     I know these priests. They are gentlemen who never been on the heaven but who are ready to praise it with gladness before those who never would been there.

795     A soutane belong rather the Satan than an angel.

796     A priest prays for all people. A doctor treats all people. A soldier guards all people. But an ordinary man pays everybody for everything.

797     I don’t cry “Hurrah!” when somebody caught an old or sick bird or a nestling. Success of priests or mullahs seems to be dishonest, too.

798     Gnats sing above living man. Priest sings above a dead one.

799     I know that sometimes prison’s administration appoints experienced recidivists keep order and to be its representatives for an inexperienced novices.

800     I don’t respect these “respected” priests. The Russian showman Comissarov, who didn’t unmasked school’s drag dealer and priest who keeps secret of killer’s confession have one and the same morals. I don’t respect rules of their show.

801     Usually, the person who wants “to take upon oneself the whole responsibility” is the place-hunter or political figure or priest. He who has a good knowledge about first pair can easy suspect the nature of the third. 


PRIEST (neg.)

802     Everyone can to say that a priest is worthless. If the priest grew rich then he is worthless. If the priest doesn’t grew rich then he is worthless, too.


PRIEST is better than a simple believer (pos.)

803     It is not know what is better – to think about money and give money for the sake of the God or to think about the God and take money for the sake of oneself.


PRIEST for a funeral (pos.)

804     A priest is necessary for a funeral likes a second-hand dealer for a market.


native PRIEST (neg.)

805          -If someone doesn’t believe in the God of his own nation, then it is more judicious for him to consider priests as bonzes, but not to have irritated grumbling against them. Many people are ashamed to say these words that they say about native priests.

          -It may be explained by the level of knowledge about both.

          -Also, it may be explained by the level of toadyism and fear of the strange force.


orthodox PRIEST (pos.)

806     I don’t believe that Tatar-Mongol aggressors had gave privileges for orthodox priests without own benefit and without the reinforcement of oppression against Russian people.


rich PRIEST (pos,)

807     He, that serves God for money, will serve the devil for better wages.



808     A principle is the truth which leaves out of account other ones.


PRIORITY (pos.) (see also compare, competition, equality, second, superiority)

809     The first one to pave the way. The second one will go farther.

810     One who wishes to be the first torments oneself more than other people.

811     I understand you. It is better for you to be in advance even because of big pimple on your nose.

812     To take the lead over somebody means to set one’s back under his stabs.

813     I am a pitiful man. I don’t love to be first. I haven’t run across the road in front of the clumsy lorry.

814     Usually, they wash hands before faces but it doesn’t mean that the hands have more importance than the face.

815     He who was born for creeping likes a championship of creeping.  

816     At the competition where everybody wishes to be the first most people come to the finish without satisfaction.

817     What is the boon to find oneself in offside?       

818     Fury comes in first. An intellect comes in second.

819     The real proprietor of an aim is one who achieved this aim being the last.

820     They stay bad sheep ahead of the herd.

821     A helmsman is aft.



822     The unit is good it stand ahead of zeros.

823          -The first drinks pure water.

          -I’ll never drink water from your puddles.

824     One, who has priority, tears off bigger berries.

825     One, who has priority, has a hundred of brides. The last has only rested one.

826     Is it good to be second part of a horse?

827     The first feels better even when he lies down for birch.

828     He, who comes first to the hill, may sit where he will.

829     First come, first served.


PRIORITY (exist)

830     I see. It is the fast racer. It leaves all contrary horses behind itself.

831     N is not the first. N always shows his back.

832     He belongs to some first ten, but not the first hundred.

833     Everybody who moors to Jeegooly hills and supposes that he comes in first is the last in fact.


take PRIORITY of bad deeds (pos.)

834     What compare who can urinates on he wall higher for?


PRIORITY over a great man (pos.) (see also superiority)

835     It is better to dispose oneself behind the biting jaw.


PRIORITY without a prize (pos.) (see also excited)

836     A horse of the fool is the fastest at the races without prize.


PRIORITY among bad society (pos.) (see also fall)

837     I understand you. There is usual thing to listen the words “Leader turned out well to hide himself”.


Stalin’s PRISON (neg.)

838     If there is the same quantity of martyrs, then it is better when people dying because of work for Fatherland wealth, but not hard drinking, narcotic, suicides and criminal cruelty.


PRIVATE property (pos.) (see also advice to give private property, boon, consider,

equal, ownership, prosperity)

839     Don’t make the idol for oneself, even if it would be private property.

840     If citizens begin to take care of own well being more than of State’s one then their State begins to take tendency to diminution.



841     A privilege is an enemy of the right.


socialist PRIVILEGE (neg.)

842     Capitalist privileges are worse than socialist one. In the time of capitalism rich men have privilege in order to receive great money for themselves.


PROBLEM (lack)

843     I can’t imagine what a man who never has problems do during whole day.


PROBLEM with alcohol (exist)

844     What is the problem with alcohol? I know something that may be drunk.


religious PROCESSION with cross and banners (neg.)

845     Don’t think that it is the religious procession. Think that is the demonstration.


PROCRASTINATION for success (neg.)

846     When there is the locking lug and rifleman may aims without the limit of time then it's impossible to miss after taking the aim.


PRODUCER is more important than an actor (exist)

847     Spectators go to look at an actor but not a producer. 


capitalist PRODUCTION (pos.)

848     A primitive work always will be during capitalism. A handicraftsman who works by himself is not an unemployed. He doesn’t add troubles to capitalists.


PROFESSION (pos.) (see also business, honor, skill)

849     Any profession has the same value as the people who are occupied with it.

850     I’m listening a call like that. One call up to be occupied with skins sick people, because they never wake you up at night. And they rare get better (convalesce). And they die because of else’s diseases of others.

851     Camel said about himself: “I sell silk”.



852     Of course! Only trade is the single useful profession for a shopkeeper. And only stealing is the single useful profession for a thief.


actor’s PROFESSION (pos.)

853     Living by “many strange lives” means to use up the own life quickly.


hereditary PROFESSION (neg.)

854     The world has the best view from parents’ shoulders.


PROFESSION of a husband (pos.)

855     It seems that you would praise your husband with greater enthusiasm if he worked as a priest and absolves your sins.


mercenary PROFESSION (neg.) (see also greediness, mercenary, profit, self interest)  

856     I am not ashamed of doing things I like and not that the others advise me to do.


PROFIT (MERCENARY) (pos.) (see also account, advantage, boon, consider, gain, profession, self-interest, wages, mercenary work)

857     Profit takes care of itself. What needs to serve for it?

858     A man who thinks about an advantage won’t make much. An overproduction is not an advantage.

859     Profit is the very weak temptation for worthy persons.

860     Only the life has more value than profit. That’s why those who despise profit are those who value life most of all.

861     Well, profit and honour are the great things. However, they can’t go in one and the same place.


PROFIT (neg.)

862     Whole Nature strive to increasing. Trees growwing. Animals make breeding.

863     If a man doesn't receive a profit it means his work is necessary for nobody.


PROFIT (exist)

864     Water carries a ship. And water sinks it.

865     Water feeds a fish. Fish boil in water.

866     Wow! Firewood became cheaper! The tornado passed.

867     It is not a grain. There are not pigeons around it.


PROFIT (lack)

868     Earring adorns a face, but not an ear.


PROFIT of an action (exist) (see also act

869     The game is not worth the candle.


PROFIT for an atheist (pos.)

870     You should listen to cackle not to church singing.


PROFIT for everybody (pos.)

871     I am surrender. Even ecology is weaker than the common weal.


PROFIT for everybody (neg.)

872     A boon for beehive creates a boon for every bee.


PROFIT for an interlocutor (pos.)

873     As for you only cotton has a good flower.


PROFIT for me (pos.)

874     I don’t ready yet get 100 percent of profit from the line, which would be use for my hanging.


PROFIT for Orthodox Church (lack)

875     The Orthodox Church is self-interested. It prefers capitalism with moral degradation and temples’ enrichment instead of socialism with its real equality, fraternity and real high morals.


prompt PROFIT (pos.) (see also enough, greediness, moderation)

876     Sequoia never becomes an agricultural plant.


PROGRESS (pos.) (see also fall, success)

877     This progress is alike a speeding train which has not the brake.

878     History of progress is the history of substitution of new troubles for an old one.

879     A price of a thing may be more important than the thing by itself. A price of progress may be greater than the progress by itself.


PROGRESS of culture (pos.)

880     A skill to turn off a phone is bad substitute for a skill to write letters.


PROGRESS of mankind (pos.)

881     What are the achievements of the people? They are the hatred, revenge, unrequited love and knowledge that there are fools around.

882     A faith to the progress of whole humanity is the faith to all cells of a tree becoming a blossom or a fruit.

883     Ancient books narrate about desired dream – the hearing speech from a far distance. In this case ancient people waited happiness for all mankind. Now, radio exists, but happiness is lack.


PROGRESS of mankind (neg.)

884     Very often, a dislike to own person because of some causes to wear a mask of hostility to the progress and creation of goods for mankind.


PROGRESS of mankind (exist)

885     The greater progress of a country, the greater its success for the cause of “understanding” to the criminals.

886     Judge by naivety of ancient sages, the better people were in the past.

887     Faith to a progress is the best means against it.

888     A “progress” exists only because of the language has not self-dependent word for the contrary phenomenon.


PROGRESS of mankind (lack)

889     However, a progress of mankind has some success. There is eating up old men in the past. Now they receive pensions.


PROGRESSIVE man (pos.) (see also behavior, breeding)

890     Only “progressive” man can become a slave or slaveholder. Even foolish donkey never becomes a slave for one another. 



891     A fly which doesn’t abandon the deceased will be thrown an earth.

892     If the first mouthful is bad then what get lees for?

893     Any quantity of cane couldn’t produce live coals.

894     If a man intends to break a rod he bends it more and more.

895     If a stone which was thrown from a mountain top will not be stopped then an avalanche will be produced.

896     If you would dig down very long time you will dig up in the end.



897     If a surgeon was disappointed with medicine during an operation then this fact doesn’t give him the right to stop an operation and leaves a sick man.

898     There are people of two kinds. One tries to carry deed through. Others live for destruction of things which are almost finished.

899     A wine which was poured out a glass must be drunk.

900     Well, it is impossible to annihilate an evil. But it is not the cause for dispersal of servants of the law.

901     Well, any road has not the end. However it is not the cause that they will reject moving.


PROLONGATION (exist) (see also abstention, long, short)

902     Only a tip of a trunk may be placed into this pot.

903     Well, if one bites one’s nails then his hands would be gnawed.

904     I don’t agree with you. A ruptured man wouldn’t urinate till evening.



905     They have right to use Past Indefinite boldly only when they tell about bribery of government.

906     Stones always fall from a mountain during its standing.

907     After the rain, drops fall from branches, too.


PROLONGATION of hard drinking (neg.)

908     A hard drinking has iterative prolongation. He, who had drunk wishes speak. He who had speech wishes wet one’s whistle.


PROLONGATION for an enrichment (neg.)

909     They never put corn shoots into the corn-bin.

910     Spoon up a fish-soup more and more. You will find the fish on the bottom.

911     If you want to have fruits don’t pick flowers.


PROLONGATION after a failure (pos.)

912     If a mountain-skier rushed out of route then his effort to keep standing on one’s feet provokes rather the compassion than the respect.


PROLONGATION after a failure (neg.)

913     Failures have an influence only on those who don’t love own aim.


PROLONGATION of good deed (exist)

914     Even the incense ends in an ordinary smoke.


PROLONGATION for a great man (pos.)

915     A poet who stops his writing of verses keeps lucidity of mind till the end of his life. He knows the level that a poet has not the right to be beneath it.


PROLONGATION of harm (exist)

916     There is the frost for every gnat.


PROLONGATION for a male (pos.)

917     What to have a behaviour of dissatisfied woman for?


PROLONGATION of the observation (pos.)

918     A smart man has no need to watch a game till its end in order to understand its result.


PROLONGATION for a subordinate (pos.)

919     A pot goes to water till it will be broken.


PROLONGATION for a woman (pos.)

920     It is better to do an abort then to give birth to a fool.



921     -I promise that I’ll shoot myself, then I’ll hang myself, then I’ll throw myself out the window.

922     -I don’t like to be a debtor. And you?

     -I like to be him. (I don’t like it, too.)

     -It’s very bad. (O. K. We understood each other.)

923     -Are you a robber? You wish only taking and giving nothing.


PROMISE (pos.)

924     Every promise is continually with an occasion. There was an occasion, so there was a promise. If an occasion disappeared then the promise must disappeared too.

925     A fish, which swimming in the river, doesn’t give a profit.

926     I hear only lapping. Where is the shore?

927     Very often a daily promise is equal to having a nightly dream.

928     They never jump with parachute’s shade.

929     A passion of promises is the employment for women.

930     Don’t cackle till you had a new-laid egg.

931     Where do you see the fisherman who took out a fish and continued to feed it with worms?

932     Millstones squeak for nothing, if they don’t see a meal.

933     Give your promise together with a sugar. It will be better.

934     Taking somebody's thing is the bad manner.

935     Words are but sand; but ‘tis money buys land.


PROMISE (neg.)

936     A fly falls into a honeyed snare.


PROMISE of an atheist (pos.)

937     Don’t invent paradise’s conditions for yourself. I am not a believer to promise paradise for you.


PROMISE become another man” (pos.)

938     I became another man indeed. However, this “another man” likes X (drink spirits, …), too.


PROMISE of a chief (pos.)

939     A garden’s master is generous till his vegetables are not ripened.

940     A good host shows gu… Продолжение »

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