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QUALITY (pos.) (see also advantage, best, qualitative work)

1     They eat even bad meat. They throw out even good bone.

2     An easy path without the pursuit for perfection is also the highest quality of life.

3     The thicker bolter, the rare pies.

4     There is not that everyone who goes to bed with a queen.

5     Even a producer of “Rolls-Roylse” (a kind of car) became bankrupt once.

6     Eating of intact pear is the privilege of bears.

7     Great pay for the perfection makes it inexpedient.

8     You are ready to incinerate the earth by suns in order to eliminate shadows.

9     You would cry, “Firewood are dampish!” even in the hell.

10     They mill wheat, so they mill beetles.

11     There are cracks even in elephant’s tusk.

12     There is a stone into every date.

13     There is no a light without a shade.

14     There are spots even on the sun.

15     Even a wine has sediment.

16     Even a sweet-scented soap makes one’s eyes smart.

17     There is not a tree without dry branches.

18     There is not a forest without crooked trees.

19     There is not meat without bones.

20     There is not a fish without scales.

21     A fly may get even into king’s cup.

22     The life is the war. Any arm, which lay near the hand, is good for the war.

23     If there are no beauty girls for love even a plain girl couldn’t becomes the spinster.


QUALITY (neg.)

24     Is it a fence’s inscription where a good handwriting has been never require for?

25     A field, which was ploughed two inch deep, stands only short drought.

26          -N has low-grade things.

          -No, it is not. N has things, which are not fools. They didn’t work for the others.


QUALITY (exist)

27     I see. She is fair, but she is fair because of her old age.

28     This shchi is thick thanks to sauerkraut only.

29     Grey things shine in the darkness.


QUALITY (lack)

30     Even first-rate hotels have second-rate servants because of third-rate visitors to call on there.

31     I see. It is a humpbacked hen.

32     If a wavy maple couldn’t be used for making oars then it may be used for making violins.

33     What condemn a table, which can’t pass through the lavatory’s door?

34     A bad vine becomes good vinegar.


QUALITY for everything (pos.)

35     It doesn’t matter. Boiled meat may be eaten even with a cold.

36     They want to drink a good wine even from cracked wineglass.

37     Only such book is the best, which was printed with good and bad papers both.

38     Somebody would be the last even at record heat.

39     Every family have own scapegoat.


QUALITY of the life (neg.) (see also comfort, enjoyment, life)

40     It would have been pleasant for me to see cobweb and cockroaches in your flat as a sing of confirmation of your words.


QUALITY of a popular thing (exist)

41     If popularity would leads high quality then MacDonald’s sell the most healthy and valuable food.


QUALITY during socialism (neg.)

42     Socialist fried potatoes are more qualitative and healthy product than capitalist chips.

43     According to the date of TV, 130 men die of counterfeit products in capitalist Russia every day.

QUALITY is better than quantity (pos.)

44     He who drank wine knows that it is impossible to substitute its quantity for its quality.

45     A find of stack is better for lodging for the night than a find of pillow.


QUARREL (pos.)

46     Yelping curs will raise mastiffs.


QUARREL (neg.)

47    A person who has more quarrels has more knowledge about own vulnerable places.


QUARREL without a cause (neg.)

48     He who quarrels without the cause is reconciled without the cause, too.


QUARREL with a chief (pos.)

49     Where is a display of the mind? Quarrel with the chief need not the mind.


QUARREL with Christianity (neg.)

50     What to demand reconciliation of atheists to the church earlier reconciliation of catholic, protestant, Baptist and Orthodox Churches between each other for?


conjugal QUARREL (neg.)

51     A good quarrel establishes the silent life for a week.


QUARREL of a great men (neg.)

52     Two leaders always quarrel one with another before beginning of their friendship.


QUARREL of an interlocutor with me (pos.)

53     -Are you cleverer than I?

     -Yes, it is.

     -If two men start a quarrel, the more clever man has more the quilt.


QUARREL of an ordinary men (pos.)

54     A mountain never collides with another one, but a pot collides with another one very often.


foolish QUESTION (exist)

55     The foulest question is the question which was not been asked.


misplaced QUESTION (pos.)

56     Nobody ask, “Who lost shackles?”


QUESTION about a strange payment (neg.) (see also consider)

57     A question about payment seems more indecent for such person who wants to hide himself from tax and moral duties.


QUESTION for a question (neg.)

58     Question for question is all fair.


standing in a QUEUE (pos.)

59     The longer a queue for an article, the more probability to have surplus payment for it.



60     The turtle knows much more about the road than the hare.

61     The most irresponsible persons choose the quickest way.


QUIET (pos.)

62     A quiet cat ate most of all.


QUIET of an ordinary man (pos.)

63     A system which is close to the stable equilibrium is the wrecked system.





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