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1     The least radio-activity is there where there is the least quantity of living creatures – on the oceanic ground.


RAGE for a young man (neg.)

2     -A ragged colt may make a good horse.

     -Don’t praise horse’s life.


RAIN (pos.)

3     I understand your gladness on the occasion of rain. A rain is the rare case when a pig may become clean, but a man may become dirty.


RAIN (neg.)

4     Only false flower fears a rain.


RAISE (pos.)

5     It’s easier to raise the devil than to lay him.



6     I know a cat or rude fellow is rather forgiving man.

7     Usually, a rancor has diminution in according with the diminution of memory and intellect.



8     People are not so much rancorous as you think. They forget you just they stop to see you.      


RANK for a male (neg.)

9     They give feast for a khan even at the mill. They give load on the donkey even at the feast.


RAPACITY (neg.) (see also arms, cruelty, defense, demand, enmity, greediness, humanness) 

10     Predatory owl protects many kilograms of grain.


RARE (neg.)

11     A lean corner is the best at the fat piece. A fat corner is the best at the lean piece.



12     If a man doesn’t afraid a husband of a woman then usually she calls words “the real macho” about him. An image of a ravisher is highly like to this positive image.


REACH (pos.) (see also achievement, attain, distant, purposefulness)

13     The sky is not reached with a stick.

14     It is impossible to strip fur from a frog.

15     It is impossible to shear wool from a tortoise.

16     A reaching man is ugly. He is alike a long-handed monkey.


REACH (lack)

17     You have a fish undoubtedly even if it is not at your fork yet.


interlocutor REACHES something always (pos.)

18     I understand you. As for you, an order is only such way, when there is always “six” by your throw of the brick.


interlocutor REACHES something right away (pos.)

19     Some one should give you some bees. You’d take the honey right away from under their ass so that you would learn to stop being in a hurry.


REACH over an obstacle (pos.)

20     Nobody scratch one’s foot over the high boot.


REACH something right away (pos.)

21     One can strike immediately only a little bell.


REACH something right away (neg.)

22     Life is the battle. Learn to hit a target right away. Probably, another time would not be.


REACH by Russian (exist)

23     Would you name laser’s ray by the “ray of Lazarev”?


REACT (pos.)

24     A mind is the possibility to have no reaction for 999 exciting cases from 1000.


READ (pos.)

25     You long to reading as if you are in the prison.

26     Reading is borrowing. Where is paying a debt?

27     Reading is thinking by somebody else’s thoughts. Many people read because of they have no own thoughts.


READ (neg.)

28     Reading and thinking are cheapest and longest pleasure.

29     Reading is the meeting with sages. An action is the meeting with fools.

30     Reading will not make corn on your eyes.

31     I have no wish to read only labels.

32     I know those, who didn’t like read. They limit themselves by reading of tattoo.

33     Physical exercise strengthens the body. Reading strengthens the mind.


READ a book (pos.)    

34     Well, books bring light into dull brain.

35     It is impossible to cook a dish of pumpkin which was described in the book.


READ a book (neg.)    

36     A book is the best adviser. Usually, it has less dread and flattery, than a man.

37     A clever book’s buyer always gains more than a clever book’s seller.


I READ an art book (pos.)

38     Neither deception nor self-deception don’t attract me. Even such trifling one as imaginary presence in another place can’t attract me, too.


READ a bought book (neg.)

39     To have a book and don’t read it is equal to have a forest and don’t hunt there.


READ a fantastic book (pos.)

40     The reading of fantasy is the perfect act. It is the perfect fire-chamber for burning surplus of a fool part of brain energy.


man READS a book (pos.)

41     If a man is very impatient then, of course, he prefers faultless books to women.


READ book in the mature age (pos.)

42     In the mature age a life must be more interesting than reading.


READ a modern book (pos.)

43     As for hunter it is good to go from a den to another one, but not from a mouse’s burrow to another one. As for reader it is good to read books which were wrote during last thousands years.


READ a translated book (pos.)

44     Reading of translated book is likes looking at the wrong side of carpet.


READ a book of genius man (pos.) (see also follow, knowledge, trust)

45     Pushkin never read books of Dostoevsky and he didn’t cause damage to oneself.


READ a book of genius man (lack)

46     It is not so important fact that Platon’s and Newton’s books were reading by very few men. It is important that they are present among us.


long READ (pos.)

47     A dependence on ideas and images is like a narcotic dependence.


READ a newspaper on the working place (neg.)

48     It is impossible to read serious books here.


re-READ (neg.)

49     A book which was read twice is better than two books which were read one time.

50     A book, which had not re-read, has no merit to be read one time.

51     Only re-read books will be read in the future.


READ verses (pos.)

52     Well, verses are the best for somebody’s reading. They have least cognitive importance.


READ about the writer (pos.)

53     A re-read writer is better than the writer that they read about whom.


Are you READY?

54     I’m ready N years already. {N is my age.}


READY (pos.)

55     The host always has not enough readiness. The unexpected guest is always ready.


READY (neg.)

56     Where your will is ready, your feet are light.


READY (exist)

57     They that are booted are not always ready.


REALISM (pos.) (see also appearance)

58     True realists never say a true.


REALISM for an art (pos.)

59     You offer to cut pictured noses from a picture and put in real one.

60     Realistic art is a schizophrenic doubling of the realty. It is similar to making of false coins.



61     A man could reasons with such manner, but he couldn’t achieve something with such manner.


REASONING in accord with outward appearance (pos.)   

62     Soap is grey, but it washes to white.

63     A person, who wears the trousers, is not just a male.

64     Do you think about flash and fat, which filled the leather drum?

65     It is impossible to judge quality of a steam by the smoke above the bathhouse.


atheist’s REASONING (neg.)

66     If the God who gave a mind for a man demands to refuse it, then He is the conjurer who on the spot takes away a thing which was gave by him.


REASONING in accord with the beginning (pos.)

67     It is impossible to recognize fruit only according to the seed.

68     It is impossible to recognize the kind of beer according to yeast.

69     It is impossible to recognize bird only according to its egg.


REASONING in accord with the beginning (neg.)

70     A good day shows itself from the morning.


REASONING of the chief (pos.)

71     Only power leaves its mark of truth to your words.


REASONING about enjoyment (pos.) (see also enjoyment)

72     What is the reasoning about enjoyments? It is too early for a young man. It is too late for an old one.


REASONING about an existence (pos.) (see also presence)

73     If your fingers are not broken and the tongue is not bit, then there is a sexual ability.


REASONING about the God (pos.)

74     A man has an insufficient knowledge even about oneself. What can he knows about the God?


REASONING according to heard words (pos.)

75     Words “You are unshaven” don’t signify that the lamp shines behind the wall.


REASONING of an immoral man (pos.)

76     The morals of the propagandist convinces more than his speech.


REASONING of an interlocutor (pos.)

77     Write a book of your reasoning and you will see that it became cheapest.

78     Poor fellow, your reasoning bore me stiff at five minutes, but you have it all your life.

79     Your reasoning is not the truth. It is only some position which is useful for you.

80     -Answer to me, what do you prefer to discuss limited things or unlimited ones?

     -I prefer to discuss limited (unlimited) things.

     -It is the base for your narrow-mindedness. (But reasoning couldn’t be unlimited, or it will make no sense. Therefore it will be better if you wouldn’t talk.)

81     If you are right in 55 cases from a hundred, then you could go boldly to Wall-street, where you will earn your yacht and pretty girls. If you have not such level of confidence then it is foolishness to convince others of the rightness of your opinion.


long REASONING (neg.)

82     A long speech is incomprehensible because of they don’t remember its beginning and middle. And any incomprehensible thing is suspicious.


REASONING of a male (neg.)

83     Every male’s speech gives him some use. Either he will be listened by his woman or this woman stop up his fount of eloquence with the tasty dish.


my REASONING (neg.)

84     I see. The rain of my words can’t come in the stone of your head.


REASONING according to the name (pos.)

85     As for you, a tank driver who “scrambling out hatch” is the same tramp who “scrambling out hatch”.

86     Even east country has no east directions everywhere.


new REASONING (pos.)

87     One of the brain’s ailments is the breaking off reasoning by a sudden thought.


REASONING of an old man (neg.)

88     An old dog never barks for nothing.


REASONING about somebody in accord with his deeds (pos.)

89     Thieves look right weather, too. But they never sow.


REASONING of somebody else (pos.)

90     There are persons that those tongues attend to any good idea like wolves to a lamb.


REASONING of a young man (pos.) 

91     Reasoning of a young man is like reasoning of the man who read only some pages of a book.


REASONING of a woman (pos.)

92     Every woman’s speech has some mercenary motives. She expects either she will be listened by a male or a male will stop up her fount of eloquence with the kiss.


REASONING of a young man (neg.)

93     A value of pearl wouldn’t lessen because of it was obtained by a young diver.

94     Well, old cocks sing better.


REBATE (pos.) (see also account, buy, cheap, concession, economize, gain)

95     Usually, the great rebate is announced there, where there was unreasonable increase of price.


RECEIVE (neg.)

96     Some people have pleasure from his own giving, the others – from receiving. In addition, the receipt is also useful.



97     When somebody can’t to think something new, he begins to recollect the past.

98     Recollections are the vainglory of old men.

99     What to be like the bad woman for who has living husband and remembers about died one?



100     Recollections redouble the life.

101     I understand you. As for you, the more recollections, the more dirty your conscience.


RECOLLECTION about the bad thing (pos.)

102     Don’t engage the minute of silence loudly.

103     A kind person can’t to keep bad things firmly in mind.   

104     I imagine your childhood and your great child’s love to pick a shit. Even now you have the residual action.


RECOLLECTION about the bad thing (neg.)

105     He who doesn’t remember about bad things doesn’t remember about good ones, too.


RECOLLECTION about the calendar date (pos.)

106     There is not everybody has the wish to follow the age of died child.


my RECOLLECTION about the calendar date (lack)

107     I never forgot. I make a show of I pay no heed to that my associates grow old.


RECOLLECTION about the offence (neg.)

108     An offender forgets the offence first of all, but offended person can’t do the same.


RECOLLECTION about the past (pos.)

109     Today, the sun shines not for the recollection about yesterday’s light.


RECOLLECTION about the past (neg.)

110     Recollection about the past guards us against bad things just as the recollection about the death.


RECOLLECTION about an anniversary of wedding-day (pos.)

111     The fisherman remembers the day when he caught the fish. The fish probably don’t remember this day now.

112     I didn’t forget it. But I am not vindictive.

113     It is impossible to remember the time when I had not developed mind.


be RECONCILED (neg.)

114     A greedy (avid, covetous) shop-keeper is afraid that the cat and mouse will live in peace.


RED (neg.)

115     A cow she was frightened with conflagration will fears even red clouds.


RED hair (pos.)

116     A red dog is the relative of jackal.


REDDEN (pos.)

117     Don’t weaken the face’s blood-vessels. If you would be a beetle, you will be fall and seem died.

118     What to redden for? What to think “I am the sun” for?

119     Well, a reddening is good. It is good to dry boots on the reddening face.

120     An empty head sometimes is red.

121     If you saw reddening man, I imagine what words you spoke him.


REDDEN (neg.)

122     What to pale for as if you are a peeled egg?



123     What to sharpen the glass splinters for?                                                                               


REFER to a bad example (pos.)

124     You take bad examples. And you wish that they would be examples for repeating.


REFER to a strange opinion (pos.)

125     They yes the fool.


REFER to X (pos.)

126     A terrestrial globe doesn’t prove that the earth is ball-shaped.


REFIVED thing for the rich (pos.)

127     Some people don’t like to a slip on river’s ice. They like to slip on goose pate.


REFUSAL (neg.)

128     Only the person who is in a hurry to go in the next world hasn’t refusal.

129     Any man may carries a load, but only the donkey agrees do it.

130     Nobody laughs at “No”.

131     He who demands impossible things makes the refusal for himself.

132     An unlucky competitor of a good girl points the way to her for a good one.

133     Well, it is bad if the desired event doesn’t come true. But it is worse, if an undesirable event comes true.

134     Once, a wind said hay house, “Open the door. I’ll fetch hay into you”. This hay house was foolish. It refused.

135     New species spring up in the case when hormones giving offered food up.


REFUSAL (exist)

136     A man, who dies of emaciation doesn’t wish to eat already.

137     There is saying “I don’t want” and eating seven cookies.


belated REFUSAL (pos.)

138     The ox is never wee till he to the harrow go.


REFUSAL of a fastidious man (pos.)

139     He is not thirsty who doesn’t drink water.


REFUSAL to a friend (neg.)

140     A friend can understand a refusal of his own friend. If he doesn't do it then he is not the true friend.


REFUSAL of a great man (neg.)

141     A more mature person refuses to strange solicitations more often.


permanent REFUSAL (pos.)

142     The neck has tiredness for an invariable averting one’s head.


REFUSAL to a refused person (neg.)

143     One said “There is no wheat”. Another said, “Then there is no the mill”.


REFUSAL for the sake of N (pos.) 

144     Well, you refused it to three men. True, they were dozen.


REFUSAL of a subordinate (pos.)

145     A low hedge is easily leaped over.


tardy REFUSAL (pos.)

146     After undressing it is late to say, “I don’t like your eyes!”


woman’s REFUSAL (exist)

147     It is not an exception that the woman saying, “No” just wants to talk more.



148     Only fixed ideas keep regular comings.



149     They who have no trust to reincarnation live better. They don’t live the rough and draft life.

150     Conception of reincarnation is good for the rich. It is the basis of the rich to contempt the poor.



151     What to run along thin rim like an ant for?

152     It is not the prayer which doesn’t become worse because of reiteration.

153     Reiteration is like a man who took his leave and has going back for his hat, bag and so on.

154     What to be surprised that somebody said, “The semolina is nasty” at the sixth day for?

155     Every quatrain is not a refrain.



156     Identity and reiteration are the signs of energy and health. When a child repeats the same game or joke, an adult will be soon burst.


REITERATION for enrichment (pos.)

157     A permanent movement of one and the same chess-man doesn’t increase its force or improve position.


REITERATION for greatness (pos.)

158     A person looks the fool even when he repeats aphorisms.


REITERATION for an interlocutor (pos.)

159          -Was your father a smith?


          -You have reiteration.


REITERATION for a male (woman) (pos.)

160     What is this masturbation for?


REITERATION for an ordinary man (pos.)

161     A foolish hunter doing three walking tour at the place where he shot a goat.


REKET (neg.)    

162     Only reketiers can to suppress unlimited cupidity of the rich and to convince them of existence of another value besides money.



163     A real glorious man longs for the people, not for his famous relations.

164     The more one has affable face which turns to the relatives, the more one has malicious, when it turns to the rest of the world.



165     It is known, not all people can be unselfish.

166     Commerce of moral is the most dirt kind of commerce. It is the most tit bit of any religion.

167     The most human religion is that where a man is the main holy.

168     Any religion likes offer of hundred dollars which is not accompanied by pulling out money from the pocket.

169     Religion is the senile passion. I never saw children or person in love or person in work who wish to play God.

170     The more thirst for rewards, the more devotion.

171     Religion is the attractive thing for dishonest creatures. If a honest man would find a beg, he will think how to return it, but a believer will hold the thought that the God send him this gift.

172     He who knows more than one tale doubts anyone.

173     Sorry, a religion is not the knowledge. A scientific argument raises a new knowledge. A religious argument raises a war.

174     I know things which make strong impression. The more hazy words lead the more strong impression.

175     Religions like various gardens where gardeners growing fruit or medicinal or decorative trees and eradicate the others in according with their own benefit and skill. Where is the gardener who will consolidate all this gardens? Where is the garden for all mankind?

176     Every religion considers oneself to be extremely good. But one of criterion for the truth is that the truth never runs to extremes.

177     Religions like onanism by an ecstasy and voluntary devastation of oneself.

178     There is more gay medicine which helps against horror of death. It is an irony.

179     Well, a church gives the best guarantee at the world. It guarantees that the God who was indifferent hitherto will turn His attention to everyone who presents money for building either religious home.

180     Religions and customs are like an old cut clothes which were kept only thanks to they treat it seriously.

181     What to be the pitiful person who may be humbled in addition with his religious sense for?

182     -In search of strong conviction believers catch at their own religions like drowning men catch at fragments of shipwreck. Every group holds one’s own fragment of total rules.

     -However, fragments are reality. On contrary, the common ship is the fancy.

     -A living crawfish is more real reality than the wreckage of crawfish’s moult.



183     A person is worth an idea which he believes in.

184     Well, pessimists couldn’t create a good God for themselves that everybody would want to worship to.

185     He who craves for the God wishes well to all His creatures without exception.

186     A banishment of God from a soul vacates it for any nonentity and rubbish.

187          -He who didn’t known that the mind is weak didn’t rose on the next step which is the faith.

          -I see, you quickly understood that your mind is fell.


ancient RELIGION (pos.)

188     First of all, where is the religion which excludes fools from its own believers? Secondly, just the reinforcement by recruiting of fools produce power and continuity for religions. A fist of a fool is the most powerful propagandist for another one. Unconscientious founders of religions never refused to use this “perpetum mobile”.


RELIGION with the end of the world (pos.)

189     The religion which prognosticates the end of the world and doesn’t stand up against it is not attractive for me.


RELIGION for everyone (pos.)

190     Well, a God is a good thing for patient who lost hope to be convalescent. Are all people hopeless cases?


RELIGION for a great man (pos.)

191     A man has more aspiration to strive for great deeds if there is no hope for “decent uncle”.


RELIGION for a great man (neg.)

192     A clever man must always supplements a bad word order with the best one for itself.


RELIGION for an idler (pos.)

193     An idler feels comfort when he thinks he receives the good things of life of the God, but not of the people.


imperious RELIGION (pos.)

194     Nobody will disputes there are fools who seek power. Nobody will disputes there are religions which seek power.


RELIGION for an interlocutor (pos.)

195     I understand you. You look for an easy pursuit. Believing in God is more easy action than to believe in people.


RELIGION of majority (pos.)

196     Everyone creates the God after one’s own model. Thus, the God of majority is so indulgent to scoundrels.


RELIGION for me (pos.)

197     Sorry, the God doesn’t wish that I understand this idea.

198     I don’t wish to lie for myself every day before sleep, “This day ended. Glory the God!”

199     Well, I have no sufficient ideas about natural phenomenon. But it cannot be the cause to believe in God because I imagine Him still worse.

200     I hate any kind of impudence. The unwarranted appropriation ceremonial rites’ exclusive rights for birth wedding and funeral are the impudence.

201     I don’t wish become the believer and begin threaten persons who are already good.

202     I have no the breadth of mind. When I reflect on an elephant who acts into a crockery shop or when I reflect the most cunning intriguer at the world, then I cannot match this pair to sole concept of the God.

203     I have not enough wish for repetition of somebody else’s words. The more so I don’t wish to compete with in word for word repetition.

204     I don’t belong to the people who are driven into trepidation by nonsense.

205     I like productivity. To feel oneself as worthless creature in front of the God during the life is the unproductive business.


native RELIGION (pos.)

206     The more subordination of opinion of a native crowd, the less ability for speech against native religion.


new RELIGION (pos.)

207     One brute wanted hears new words. It grown ears and became the donkey.

208          -They don’t change faith as if it is trousers.

          -Don’t keep a faith if it is as a dirty trouser.


RELIGION for an old criminal (pos.)

209     Taking for nothing is the permanent habit. If in one’s youth a man took for nothing thanks to the prostitution, thieving or robbery then in one’s old age he will longs for paradise where he would may continues one’s taking for nothing.


RELIGION for an old man (pos.)

210     Even a dog drops in a temple when it feels its own dying.

211     An old man weakens to child’s condition and needs sweet before sleep again.

212     An ant has growing wings before its death.

213     Religion has the greatest distance from those men, who have an age when they may been deceived with the greatest difficulties.


RELIGION for an old man (neg.)

214     A child has happiness because he has a caress at his home. A young man has happiness because he has a caress at one’s youth company. An old man has a caress rather at the church.


RELIGION for an ordinary man (pos.)

215     To give astonishment the preference over reflection is the virtue of a fool. What may be more astonishing than a religion?

216     I see. A cripple wishes to have assuredness that he was created by the God, too.

217     Well. He who knows that they won’t to mention him and his good deeds long time has a great need in the religion.

218     Why no? Fools also have right to have own science even if clever men didn’t recognize it as the science, but name it a “religion”.

219     Religion is an attempt to receive an explanation of all things without drawing any knowledge.

220     He, who doesn’t trust oneself first of all, trusts God first of all.

221     The thing, which seems intelligible and unintelligible at the same time, charms a man. Drug addicts, believers and probably some more fools don’t wish and don’t may go out from this rapturous state.

222     It is foolishness to abuse the most respectable form of irresponsible thinking when somebody thinks that “The God’s will exists for all events”.

223     They admit a stray sheep into a mongrel flock, but not a thoroughbred one.


RELIGION for a poor man (pos.)

224     Church property attract wretched man’s attention most of all.

225     The next world and a moving to a new soul and another different devilry are interesting rather for unhappy persons who are forced out from real life.

226     Usually, he who asks “God, give!” will be left hungry.


Christian RELIGION for a poor man (pos.) (see also Christianity)

227     I see. Christianity brings in some pacification in the life. Malicious gentry haven’t need in malicious servants.

228     The poor man’s condition is hopeless if he prefers a chime to the sounds of coins.

229     Well. A poor flock treats its shortage by luxury and splendor of the clergymen.

230     I understand you. He who seeks to be among luxury without pay will have the light hand for crossing oneself.


RELIGION for a preacher (pos.)

231     Well, sex, drug dealing, robbery, politics and preaching bring in big money without labour. I see, you understand it.


RELIGION of a prophet (pos.)

232     Schizophrenia is the presence of sole opinion without another one. The most schizophrenic religions were not made by the mind of all mankind, but by the mind of single person.


RELIGION for a prostitute (pos.)

233     Religious idea of separating spiritual life from corporal one’s are good rather for prostitutes because faithful wives find spiritual life into corporal contact with their husbands.


RELIGION for a rich man (pos.)

234     The less put labor into an oil, the more longing for burn it in a temple.

235     Religion is the most guaranteed saving of a soul. Rich men know where the advantage is.

236     Your doubt about God’s power and justice couldn’t allow you to give me even X dollars.


RELIGION with a sacrifice (pos.)

237     Where is the faith which has no an altar for sacrifices?


strange RELIGION (neg.)

238     Every religion is cowardly. Every religion seeks to achieve safety for itself when it feigns that it is single.

239     When believers brag about their own religion they lie or make mistake. If it is benefit, religuous leaders brag that there are 70% Christians (99% Moslems) live in their country. An answer for the question "How many percent of good men live in their country?" will contain much less percentage.


terrorist RELIGION (lack)

240     Well, a terrorist doesn’t kill people every hour. Well, the terrorist religion doesn’t calls to kill unbelievers and heretics every hour.


Christian RELIGION for well-being (pos.)

241     I know. Christian church is a good friend. It could help to ruin man’s boons and it would be glad for such person.


widespread RELIGION (pos.)

242     The play “What is better?” is more decent for a man than the play “What is wider?”

243     All the same atheism is the most world-wide religion from all world-wide religions.


RELIGION for a woman (pos.)

244     Woman’s necessity to be depends on the God is one of her necessity to be depend on somebody.

245     A dream an invisible joining with somebody is the dream of a seducer.

246     A woman gives herself up to the God when even a devil doesn’t want to be together with her no longer.


RELIGION for an unmarried woman (pos.)

247     The main woman’s desire is the desire to marry the man and has him as the defender. It is easy to understand the desire of unmarried woman to be closer to the God.


RELIGION for a worker (pos.)

248     Religions are not good because the greatest belief in God belong idlers, but not workers.


RELIGION for a young man (pos.)

249     N couldn’t be too close to the God because of his juvenile.

250          -Do you wish to walk on easy road? It is easy to enter religion. It is difficult to leave it.

          -I don’t want to jump from one hummock to another one till my old age.


Zionist or Moslem RELIGION (pos.)

251     A criminal ideology alleges there are blockheads and strange people that there is no sin to deceive or oppress or kill them. One of respected religion confirms use all three idea with respect to Chinese, Indians, Europeans, Americans, Russians and a half of Africans. Another respected religion confirms use two first ideas with respect to all mankind except Jews. What religion is better?


RELIGIOUSNESS of a scientist (exist)

252     The stronger belief, the less question. He who knows this property of religiousness never joins any religion.


RELIGIOUSNESS of a scientist (lack)

253     Law of nature is the will of God. Scientist, who makes a careful study of nature, is near the God. He knows about God’s will more than any ignoramus believer.


RELIGIOUSNESS of a talent man (neg.)

254     He, who has greater talent, has greater gratitude to the God.


RELY (pos.)

255     Once a mare relied on the shaft and just fell.


RELY on the God (pos.)

256     Many people rely on the incomprehensible God. However, it is more safely to rely on the thing which is known for you.

257     What rely on the God for? Any judge never recognizes Him even as the witness.



258     He thinks enough that doesn’t think again.



259     Well, the remedy for injuries is not to remember them. Are you ill?


REMEMBER somebody’ bad deed (pos.)

260     Don’t scratch sore.

261     First of all a man remembers about bad deeds of other men. That list exalts a small person above them.


REMEMBER somebody’ good deed (pos.)

262     If you prefer to remember somebody’ good deed then I prefer to give it back.


REMEMBER the God (pos.)

263     Have you a real goods because of memory about the God if this memory increasing together with decreasing of the rest of the memory.

264     A permanent mention of the God has the same consequences for the brain, as running at very short circle or rotation. The rosary, prayer “Hare Krishna”, turning round shaman and dervish, Chechen dance in a ring are one of our kind.


REMEMBER about a great man (pos.) (see also past, posthumous glory)

265     Yes. It is brilliant idea to immortalize this name. Let’s the barge which to bear this name will carry a shit.

266     You like doing an artificial respiration for deceased.

267     A good remembering is only the remembering about the God.


REMEMBER one’s own national affiliation (pos.)

268     What to remember one’s own national affiliation for, if the fools remind about it every day?


REMEMBER the past (pos.)

269     If the past would be disarchivated then there is a place neither for the present nor for the future.

270     Old people are occupied with recollection, when they want nothing or they have not a subject for employment.


REMEMBER the past (neg.)

271     Remembrance of the past is rather aspiration for living than to the death. In the past all are living. We haven't it now and we haven't good knowledge what will be live after one hour.


I REMEMBER the past (pos.)

272     I love the future. It’s rather in the present than in the past.


REMEMBER my said words (pos.)

273     I love you. In this condition I can’t remember said words and I don’t know what will be said.


REMEMBER somebody’s world (pos.)

274     N prefers to listen M’s without profit for oneself.


REMOVE an old man (pos.)

275     Remove an old tree and it will wither to death.



276     Renaming makes history shorter. He who makes renaming is the enemy of knowledge.



277     Repentance is rather provoked by fear of requital.



278     The less capacity to repenting means the less capacity to learning.


REPENTANCE of a Christian (pos.)

279     The third part of second Peter’s message narrates about God’s long-suffering and that He never wants somebody’s death to the repentance of this man. So, a delay of repentance is the way to the longevity.


REPENTANCE to the God (pos.)

280     A legalized inaction is the good name for the repentance to the God.


REPENTANCE for an orthodoxy (exist)

281     Many times an Orthodox Church was the persecutor of the most gifted person, such as Tolstoy, Pushkin and even their admirer – Gogol. Where is its repentance?


tardy REPENTANCE (pos.)

282     A man who made tardy repentance is like the man who paid his debt by the pre-reform bank-note.



283     When a company stopped their dance, the fool begins it.

284     Only a dog gnaws a bone twice.

285     They never made a peal twice in order the deaf man could heard it.

286     Everyone get tired with any song.

287     They never hatch an egg twice.

288     A true genius has no duplicating.

289     If everything may be repeated twice then people would have the better life.

290     What to beat the air for?

291     Take heed of twice boiled meat.

292     It’s a silly fish that is caught twice with the same bait.



293     Drops make a hole in a stone.

294     A repeated song is more pleasing.

295     One must knocks on the seven doors at night that one door will be opened.

296     Once two frogs fell in milk and began drown. One attempted to take leaps but it couldn’t leap out. Then it stopped and drowned. Another one took leaps time after time. Then a small piece of butter was made up. The frog pushes off it and leaped out. 

297     A path has many steps. A suicide has only one.



298     An alarm clock never clangs twice.

299     Gardens never flower twice.

300     There are no one and the same events. There are one and the same descriptions.

301     Nobody can to enter in one and the same stream twice.

302     Second childhood is not the childhood, but the dotage.

303     The second bomb never hits in the shell-hole of the first one.



304     A thread could pass through the place where the needle passed.

305     If water flowed in a ditch one time then it could repeat it.

306     A back wheel could pass through the place where the fore wheel passed.    

307     An eighth day is the same as the first one.

308     Well, it couldn’t be repeated just as “The Black Square” of Malevich.  


REPETITION of the bad deed (pos.)

309     Only a drowned man has the property to slip down the water over again.


REPETITION of the deed (lack) 

310     He who made one step will make the second one.


difficult REPETITION (lack) 

311     Many deeds are more difficult at the second time. It is more difficult to go towards one’s enemy. It is more difficult to turn the cheek and so on.

312     At the second time it is easier only to get into a prison.


REPETITION after a failure (pos.) (see also fall, purposefulness)

313     One fool is already enough for the one village.


REPETITION after a failure (neg.)

314     It is necessary to sow even after a year of bad harvest.

315     If you know that after your fall you will possibly fall once more, would you stay to lie on the ground?

316     Henry Ford became bankrupt nine times before he became the successful businessman.


REPETITION of the ruse (pos.)

317     Once, a donkey carried a salt through a bridge and fell in stream. The salt dissolved, and the donkey swam out gladly. In next time it carried cotton through a bridge and fell in stream purposely and drowned because of this swelled cotton.


REPETITION of the strange deed (pos., neg.)

318     Don’t afraid that somebody will repeat your deed. To be afraid to repeat somebody’s deed in order to prove your talent. Repetition has no importance. Many people could repeat the strange deed.


REPETITION of words which was said (pos.)

319     When they say something at the first time, I’m trust. If they say something twice, I have double. When they say something thrice, I understand that it is the lie.


interlocutor’s REPETITION of words which was said by another man (pos.)

320     From whose month you pull out these words for your own use?


REPETITION of words which was said by a male (pos.)

321     A male never pulls out his dagger twice and never repeat his words twice.


REPETITION of words which was said by me (pos.)

322     I never repeat my words thrice. I already said them twice – for the first and for the last time.


REPETITION of X (neg.)

{-Today you are drunk again.}

323     Today you are sober again. (Today you didn’t be late again. Today you haven’t X again.)


REPOSE (pos.) (see also act, agility, calmness, idleness, inactivity, laziness, peace, rest, work)

324     It’s easier to kill a bird, which is sleeping among lotuses.

325     One can calmly drink only water. One needs much trouble to drink honey.

326     Just flowing water can’t go bad.

327     To wish repose means to have a dinner at midnight when flies have a rest.

328     He who hasn’t striving for lifting has striving for fall.


REPOSE (neg.)

329     Repose is a kind of poison for the one who is boring for oneself.


REPOSE for an interlocutor (pos.)

330     Repose is only there where no any wishes, where nobody speaks, looks at, listen to. Do you want to be there?


communist’s REPRESSION in the Soviet Union (neg.)

331     To what kind of repression would you attribute the annual deaths of 40 thousands people because of falsified vodka in capitalist Russia?

332     Communist’s repressions and their losses proved their value. Select “condemn and you

would be condemned” or “don’t condemn and you will not condemned”. The second have the

bad after-effects. Pederasts come to parades. Prostitutes line up streets. Druncards and drug addicts claim a right to drink and use narcotics. Young people lose their health into night

clubs instead of work. The rich criminals may pay off their crimes and use the best advocates.

Murderers receive a right to live. The first have the good after-effects. Islam has a good result

to Christianity which pity childless egoists and abortived women. The fools to have rather

dying out their country with their culture for the sake of the lake of repressions.

333     However what is guilty for 450 thousand people of capitalist Russia die every year

because of alcohol?


young man REPROACHES an old man (neg.)

334     The spring rightly shows where one defecated and who is it?


REQUEST (pos.) (see also ask, complain, demand, help, ask permission, persuade, sham of asking, speech about)

335     Request doesn’t raise a kindness.

336     A foolish persons and a little children ask everything which was looked by them.

337     If God would satisfy dog’s request then a bones would strew fr… Продолжение »

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