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Christian SACRAMENTS (wedding ceremony, confession, consecration) (pos.)

1     Gospel narrates only about christening and Eucharist. All the rest of sacraments are varieties of the magic which have no care to subordinate person to the God’s will, but subordinate the God  to men’s wishes.


church’s SACRAMENTS (neg.)

2    The church’s sacraments may be permitted for the sake of human weakness. Or it will be giving the love for one’s neighbour up.


SACRIFICE (pos.) (see also concession, elevated, endow, sponsorship, waste)

3     Very often, a sacrifice ends in the hatred to those for whom it was.

4     Even if one abandons one’s five mistress, it has not become a love to the wife, yet.


SACRIFICE to the God (pos.)

5     The God does a honour me. He takes sacrifice through my mouth, too.

6     The God is not poor. He has no need in your giving up.

7     A sacrifice proves an imperfection of the God. It proves His incapacity to have the same level of selflessness, which a sick man has.


SACRIFICE to the God (lack)

8     It is not true. Very often I transfer to your insatiable God his part sometimes with the wind or fire or thief or robber.


SACRIFICE oneself to (pos.) (see also egoism, exploit, heroism, more, passion, purposefulness, self-love)  

9     Sacrifice oneself to some aim is the property of a bullet. I don’t love a bullet.

10     Wolf lays down one’s life for the sake of the sheep, too.

11     I see. Self-sacrifice gives possibility to sacrifice others without blushing.


SACRIFICE oneself to (neg.)

12     A man excels the God when he sacrifices himself for someone or something.


make a SACRIFICE to truth (neg.)

13     A truth couldn’t become more truthful, if somebody lays down his life for it. However, in this case it will be difficult to forget this truth.


SACRILEGE of Jew (lack)

14     Even into respectable G.B. there are many people who don’t wish to take notice that mister Levy who sold peer’s titles till 2006 year is the Jew.


SACRILEGE of the thieving (exist)

15     There is no sacrilege of thieving. All things, which were taken, were carried from some God’s place to another one, which belongs to the God, too.

16     Every day everyone takes from the God without asking Him. Everyone does a sacrilege.


SADNESS (neg.)

17     The more foresight man has more sadness.


SAFETY (pos.)

18     A dragged out boat is the safest one.

19     Let they overrate eunuch for his safety.


SAFETY of a man (pos.)

20     They twist a rope from safe men.


only SAFEGUARD (pos.)

21     A helmeted man never over butts a goat.


SAILOR (pos.)

22     I have some things about the sailors. One, who has never thought about an argument with captain, is a sailor.


SAINT (pos.)         

23     Quantity of saints has greatest increasing during deminishing quantity of honest men.


SAINT wife (exist)         

24     There is only one. Is she the wife or is she the saint?


late SALARY (neg.)

25     A week after a day, when a man has received his salary, he begins to regret that the salary was not late for seven days.


the SAME (neg.)

26     Culture is reading of the same books by many.


the SAME (exist)

27     Well, a ballet and a service with the colours are the same thing. They command, “Stretch toe-cap!” there and there.


the SAME (lack)

28     What to look for the top and bottom of the new candle?



29     A sanguine temper is the most spread one among criminals.


SANTA Clause (pos.)

30     An impotent, that has no grand-daughter, does not equal to the Russian Grandfather.


SAVE UP money (neg.) (see also addition, buy, consumption, economize, expenditure, greediness, money, stock of money) 

31     There are bad people, which don’t wish that someone would have a good life after somebody’s death.


Don’t SAW the branch if you sitting on it.

32     I don’t wish to be hung under it.


SAY (pos.)

33     A whining bullet flies past.

34     If a man didn’t put out one’s tongue, then he easier occupies a place for himself,

35     Respect to a talkative man is proportionate to the confidence in that it is impossible to swing off the path of truth during long time.

36     Well, very often, a wish to speak about something surpasses a wish to learn something.

37     Even a fish won’t get into misfortune if it keeps its mouth closed.


SAY (neg.)

38     Even birds that can speak are more expensive.

39     Even horses will shun each other until they called to one another.

40     Everyone will have enough silence after death.

41     He who says is not afraid. He who is afraid doesn’t saying.

42     Usually, a love force person to say. It seems that you don’t love somebody.

43     An exchange of opinions gives more benefit than a trade, where they change an apple for an onion. This exchange redoubles quantity of thoughts.

44     The throat which has no voice is as the head which has no hair.

45     Don’t lay up your news or you will have big cheeks.

46     The voice is the best music.


always SAY (pos.)

47     They give fools leave to speak in order to have the best view of their foolishness.


SAY beforehand (pos.)

48     Cuckoo from earliest time give an ailment for cuckoo’s head.


SAY about the death (pos.)

49     He who want that people would lost a taste for life has many talks about death.


SAY for enrichment (neg.)

50     A closed mouth will be left hungry.

51     He who wishes to have chickens allows cackling.

52     They don’t take money for strange talking.


SAY “the God” (pos.)

53     If a priest has a stammer then alleluia saves him. If a man has a stammer he says, “God”. Don’t stammer.


SAY for a great man (pos.)

54     A clever bird doesn’t wish to lose feathers. A clever man doesn’t wish to lose words.


I SAY (pos.)

55     I have not a tendency to carry out such conversations.

56     I have not such sign of weakness, as loquacity.

57     I’m more delicate than you think. I don’t love even throw a voice to others.


I SAY (neg.)

58     I’m not a monster who can tread on own tongue.

59     I don’t kill witnesses of my thoughts. (Hint: Words are the witnesses.)


I SAY with an interlocutor (pos.)

60     Sorry, I value your time too much to allow you to continue this conversation.


SAY for an interlocutor (pos.)

61     Your tongue may reach even under your tail.

62     Do you like to sunbathe by your tongue?

63     Have you a headache because of silence?

64     Haven’t you rubbed your lips?

65     You didn’t lick clean all strange ears. Is not it?

66     Since you opened your mouth, don’t forget to close it afterwards.

67     A free talk is the same bad act as the reading of all signboards by driver. Do you intend to reduce speed?

68     Do you wish that everybody would have a tongue like a cock’s tail in windy weather?


SAY for an interlocutor (neg.)

69     I see, you have such mind that you open your mouth if only there is something for putting in the mouth.


SAY with an interlocutor (pos.)

70     Talk with yourself, if you consider yourself such an interesting companion.


male (woman) SAYS (pos.)

71     I understand, a male dog (bitch) barks for call a bitch (a male dog).


SAY one’s opinion (pos.)

72     Saying of one’s opinion is the variety of search of sympathy among other people. The man which has the real knowledge has no need to do it.


SAY for an ordinary man (pos.)

73     A fool can be recognized by two marks: he speaks about things uselessly for him and he speaks about what he is not been asked.


SAY them (him) that X

74     What to play “spoilt telephone” for?


SCANDAL (pos.)

75     What the storm for? After it all rocks will stay at the same places.


talk SCANDAL (pos.)

76     I have not one of your kinds. I don’t find pleasure in listening of a man, who talks scandal.


SCAR because of manliness (exist)

77     There is a scared face because of the man sneezed near a window.


SCENT (pos.)

78     A sweet-scented pine-tree is not the place for singing nightingale.



79     Nobody can to warm oneself only by calendar heat.


SCIENCE (pos.)

80     Well, a science is spacious and strong. Every outdated superstition has supporting from one of the scientific hypothesis.

81     Sciences by themselves are only knifes, spoons and forks, but not the food.


SCIENCE (neg.)

82     Sorry, a science is not a prostitute. It doesn’t serve anyone. Many people take offence it.

83     Many people feel themselves in danger where there is not their power.

84     A science is the cleverest path to the truth.

85     The rejection of knowledge is next after the rejection of science.

86     If somebody has no the beginning of drinking and it seems to him that he could drains the ocean, then it is a religion. If somebody began drinks and understanding that he couldn’t drain even ten glasses, then it is a science.

87     Science is the connecting link for different thoughts. What may be more valuable?


SCIENCE (lack)

88     If sick men are not convalesced in any case, it is not a proof that medicine is not the science.


SCIENCE for a believer (neg.)

89     Science is stronger than any religion. Religious views always took after scientific ones. But scientific views never took after religious ones.


SCIENCE during capitalism (pos.)

90     In an immoral society a science becomes the prostitute. It serves rulers for money.


SCIENCE for an interlocutor (neg.)

91     What the breadth of mind! Is this dactyloscopy that has offended you?


SCIENCE for an ordinary man (neg.)

92     Well, very often a science is useless. It teaches only clever man.

93     A disregard of science is the disregard of knowledge of value of own ignorance.


SCIENCE for a politician (neg.)

94     Only politician who is “caliph for one hour” would neglect science because of achievements of science give income tax.


SCIENCE during socialism (neg.)

95     American scientist envied soviet socialist colleague because they had lost less time for organization problem.


SCIENCE serves a society (pos.)

96     A science which serves a society serves a foolish majority. It serves rather idiots.


SCIENCE for a subordinate (neg.)

97     A science is the single chief that a man serves him without a dread of compulsory curvature of the spine.


a useless SCIENCE (neg.)

98     Even a useless science is useful. It put in order mind.



99     A well educated person only speaks as this way, but lives as a fool.



100     Only famous name would be left by a warrior, doctor or ruler. But also the characters will be left by a scientist.

101     The God needs rather scientist in order He could make something unusual thanks to them.



102     A mean man responds to anything by roughness. An ordinary one responds to roughness by roughness. A worthy man doesn’t responds by roughness.



103     Very often, pleasant words are far from the truth.


SCOLDING at a great man (pos.)

104     Spitting at the sky is spitting in one’s own face.


SCOLDING at an interlocutor (neg.)

105     Even a boiled cow would moo because of your foolishness.


my SCOLDING (neg.)

106     I am not an enemy, that he concealed his offence.

107     I couldn’t hold sick skillfully.


SCOLDING of an old man (pos.)

108     An autumnal fly likes stinging.


SCOLDING of an ordinary man (pos.) (see also condemn, damage, enmity, excited)

109     A vanquished cock crow louder than the winner.

110     Scolding substitute for deficit of praise from the others.

111     If dogs barking, it means, that a man is still on the horse.


SCOLDING of a poor man (pos.) (see also breeding)

112     Apprehensive dog likes rather bark than bite.

113     Answer me, what piece I must give to the dog for it would stop its barking?


SCOLDING of a rich man (neg.) (see also breeding)

114     He who wants to drive in a sledge with bear’s manner must growl as a wolf.


SCOLDING at a subordinate (neg.)

115     A frightened eye couldn’t recognize relatives.

116     A bull is governs by an abuse.


SCOLDING at a writer (neg.)

117     Every mention leads to republication.


SEARCH (pos.)

118     They never search for a bone into the egg.

119     They never search for a cartilage into fat.

120     It is difficult to search for black cat into dark room, especially if there is no cat there.

121     Don’t search for ant’s track into the moss at night!

122     A whole horse may be lost by searching for a horseshoe.


SEARCH (neg.)

123     It is advantageous to search for something. If a necessary thing will not be found then information always will be found.

124     It is advantageous to search for something because of many things will be found in addition.

125     It is possible to find even a needle into a haystack.

126     Scour! Even if you couldn’t scour a searching thing, you will be searched. A searching man is well noticeable.


SEARCH of a beautiful thing (pos.)

127     An address “the beautiful house” is the address for a village, but not a city.


comfortable SEARCH (pos.)

128     They search for the lost thing in the place where it was lost but not in the place where is lighter.


hurry SEARCH (pos.)

129     It is impossible to find even a cobble-stone in a hurry.


SEARCH of an ideal (neg.)

130     A finding man permanently “sees” an object of his search. Therefore the striving ideal already gives good sensations.


SEARCH for an addition for improvement (pos.)

131     He, who goes for salt for the meat, would come to the empty table.


SEARCH for something in the old place (pos.)

132     If a cloak was found into a corner, then the search of a book is not obligatory in this place.


SEARCH for something at the others (pos.)

133     Search for your thing under your bed first of all.


thoroughness of the SEARCH (pos.)

134     Don’t blow about a hair in order to search for the bald spot.

135     I see, you like to search for pimples under the hair.


unusual SEARCH (neg.)

136     A night-thief may be seized in broad daylight, too.


SECOND place (pos.) (see also middle, priority, superiority)

137     The “second” gives true impression about itself by an example of spermatozoid.

138    A fool will engages a second place even at the foolishness championship because he is the fool.


SECOND place (neg.)

139     The second is more unique. There are many first violinists, but few the second.


SECOND place for an interlocutor (pos.)

140     Is it true that you will not have vexation if somebody visited a toilet before you?


SECOND place for me (neg.)

141     I am not a spermatozoid to be sad for my “second”.


SECONDARY (pos.) (see also minor)

142     The main idea is taking of a virgin bride. Any man may manage without a beautiful mother-in-law.

143     What water a branch for?

144     Fisherman snatches a fish by its head.

145     It is better to say “hundred twenty three” than “three twenty hundred”.

146     I know a Lovelaces. They always remember maidservant’s dress, but not the jewels of lady.

147     A man must buy a chemise firstly and a lace for it later.

148     Hunter doesn’t interesting the bear’s footsteps when he just saw its head.

149     Nobody described Nansen without a description of the North.

150     The main thing is to give birth to Petrarca. Laura will be born without fail.



151     They dig a well firstly, and they build a house later.

152     If they hunt a horseman, they shoot his horse firstly.

153     There is no a talent man, who overcomes a passion for the small details. ???



154     Every battle is the main for those, who stay at an entrenchment. What to stay there whole own life for?          


SECRET (pos.)

155     Well, a trap works thanks to a secret.

156     To possess a secret means to deny own freedom.

157     Let he who can’t to hold something behind own cheeks doesn’t try to hold it behind strange ones.

158     A pleasure that a man cannot speaks about it give not pleasure to him.

159     Keeping a secret is the hard work. A man can copes with it only with the strange help.


SECRET (neg.)

160     A secret is not a lie.

161     Knowledge about shortcomings produces a secret.


SECRET (exist)

162     A month is not the sack. It couldn’t be tied.

163     There are eyes for the field. There are ears for the forest.


SECRET for a believer (neg.)

164     Perhaps, you have willingness to hurl reproaches at the Virgin with her enigmatic bearing in the sense that it would be better if she had no this bearing.

165     Mohammed propagated his religion three year in secret.


SECRET of a chief (pos.)

166     A chief is like a thief. Both have the same virtues. The stealing is the first. The putting off the tracks is the second. The receiving is the third. The market is the fourth. All of them are secrets.


SECRET of a chief (lack)

167     There is no transparent water in the cloud.


commercial SECRET (pos.)

168     I know “who” “when” and “from whom” hide his own commercial secret with the best way. They are robbers during robbery. They hide their commercial secret from strange man.


give a SECRET to the friend (pos.)

169     Any friend has another friend. And so on.


SECRET for a great man (neg.) 

170     They judge a man by a quantity of his secrets. A secret is the thing which is taken seriously.

171     While a man has a good mind he does up his clothes.


SECRET for an interlocutor (pos.) 

172     Are you the person who wishes that a man bears a log on his shoulders all his life?

173     Do you wish to make a debtor from the man even if you never lent him?


male’s SECRET (pos.)

174     A man put out the light when he wishes to have sex with old woman.


SECRET for N (pos.)

175     N is a bad person. N hides the truth. It is impossible that N hides a lie.


SECRET for N (neg.)

176     N is a good person. N keeps the truth. It is impossible that N keeps a lie.


SECRET for an ordinary man (pos.) (see also frankness, silence)

177     A weak mind guard itself against the strong one thanks to the secrets.


SECRET of a silent man (exist)

178     As to monkey, a man who has gentle disposition is the most enigmatic man.


SECRET for a woman (neg.)

179     A male who cannot keep a secret has no right to be called “the gentleman”. But it is evident that keeping of secrets is more important deed for a woman.


SECRET for a young man (pos.)

180     Only an old urinary bladder has many secluded corners.



181     They arranged many Bartholomew’s nights for the sake of church unity.


SEE (pos.)

182     A curious fish hang by its own eyes.

183     Only a learned person can see. A foreign journey of child is useless. He couldn’t tell interesting things. Try to have more knowledge.

184     Nobody opened beer’s tin by eyes.

185     One saw the beautiful pig but he never inhaled its bad stink.


SEE (neg.)

186     A quarter of brain serves only eyesight. Do you want to dead a quarter of brain?

187     It is impossible to obtain knowledge about an elephant gropingly.

188     Well, a worm has no need of eyes.


SEE all (neg.)

189     If you see all parts of a stick, then nobody holds it in the hand.


SEE each other (pos.)

190     A pair who would to see each other couldn’t go to bed.

191     The farther seeing off, the more tears.


interlocutor SEES (pos.)

192     I see. It is so hard to prove you that there is another side of the moon. You would rather force someone fly there than to believe any conclusion or reasoning.


SEE a man (neg.)

193     N is not the mint. A strange eye will not damage him.


old man SEES (exist)

194     Old churches have dim windows.


SEE parents (neg.)

195     The hog never looks up to him that threshed down the acorns.


subordinate SEES (neg.)

196     -Do you want to have active subordinates?

     -Yes, it is.

     -Mettle is dangerous in a blind horse.


SELF-APPRAISAL for a woman (pos.)

197     She who try to catch the better feeling for her self-appraisal change one male for another very often.



198     Self-conceit help distinguish a conqueror from a defeated man.


SELF-CONCEIT of an interlocutor (pos.)

199     Let you will slap yourself on your back friendly.



200     I know. You always do suicide in such cases.

201     What hurry condemn oneself for? In any case, absolving oneself is more difficult act than absolving somebody else.

202     I doubt whether a self-condemnation may be made sincere in all its aspects.

203     Self-condemnation is egoism, too. It's the wish to feel one's own value, attractiveness and importance amidst others.

204     Nobody becomes clearer after he fling mud at himself. 



205     A wolf asked a hare, “Could I eat you?” –“No” –“You didn’t guess”. And the wolf ate the hare. Then it asked a fox, “Could I eat you?” –“Yes” –“You guess it”. And the wolf ate the fox. Then it asked a skunk “Could I eat you?” The skunk answered “I am skunk”. The wolf said, “You are right” and it gone away. There is a benefit of self-condemnation!



206     I am not the gnat which sits on mirror and tries to sting itself.

207     Everybody learns by one’s own experience. I learn to forgive others by forgiveness for myself.



208    I understand you. The study of oneself is the best cause for doing nothing.

209     One of the way to happiness is the lack of turn one’s attention to own shortcomings.

210     One may be angry with oneself because of he has no comprehension of oneself. So, he is foolish. On contrary, I understand myself.

211      What to pick out a shit in order to lay it on the face for?

212     He who want to develop oneself should considers himself a good man which deserved the life.



213     Nobody can feels one’s stink but only the fool has no the thought about it.

214     A dog is clever if it breaks off a barking in order to comb out own fleas.

215     A good master takes care of own tackle first of all.

216     Only a bold man may looks on own wound and examines it.

217     A clever man apprehends own mistakes more keen because he understands own losses more clear.

218     He that bewails himself has the cure in his hands.


SELF-CRITICISM of a male (pos.)

219     Why are you so critical to yourself as if you’ve seen dimension of an artificial penis?


my SELF-CRITICISM for an interlocutor (pos.)

220     I also love self-criticism of any strange person.



221     Nobody can gain a victory over oneself.



222     He who doesn’t cultivate himself has cultivation of other people in accordance of those interests.



223     One must has much mind in order to take advantage by self-deception.



224     A process of self-denial must not reach self-castration.



225     I understand you. It is good to scratch oneself by own hand. Your body itches very often. You have already got accustomed to self-dependence.

226     Not all people are bakers, but everyone eats bread.

227     Wasting of own labour always and everywhere is the worst lost.

228     I know this self-dependant people. They prefer preference to reading.

229     An axe never trims own helve.

230     A surgeon doesn’t operate on oneself.

231     What to build a ship by oneself in order to cross an ocean for?

232     It is good to blow one’s nose or to write letters for girls on one’s own. But it is neither the first nor the second.

233     You are ready to glorify masturbation, when you glorify a self-dependence.

234     Probably, you think that Chaikovsky tunes his grant piano on one’s own.

235     Misfortunes come of themselves.

236     A destiny of self-dependent man is the destiny of Maugly.



237     It is better to scratch oneself by own hand.

238     If a man can make the day for himself, then who could makes the night for him?

239     He, who acts in according with own wish, acts quicker. So, a self-dependence combines pleasing with use in the best way.

240     What a bird, which cannot carries own feathers for?

241     Self-dependence is not so bad thing. If a man fell on one’s own then he wouldn’t wish weep.

242     He who eats sun-flower seeds must spit out its shells from own lips on one’s own.

243     When they drag out a donkey its owner is strongest.

244     A wolf has a stout neck because of it has dependence only from itself.

245     If a man calculates one’s wages by oneself then a bull and cow are his due. If another man does it for him, then he will not receive even a calf.

246     I understand you. When one relies on the stranger’s wife, he doesn’t make the bed.

247     -The dog that must been led by somebody is not fit for a chase.

     -Well, I am not a dog for your chase.

248     There is no going to heaven in a sedan.

249     He who holds a butterfly in one’s fist may outwit anyone. He may ask: “Is the butterfly living or lifeless?” and has the chance to clench one’s fist unostentatiously in any moment. It is important to hold deeds in one’s hand.

250     Who can make the lifted dog’s tail except itself?



251     Only a chink appears by itself.


SELF-DEPENDENCE for a believer (pos., neg.)

252     An absent of strange help is the virtue of the God.


SELF-DEPENDENCE for a believer (neg.)

253     If the God’s faith in a man, He has more expectation of self-dependence of this man.


SELF-DEPENDENCE since childhood (pos.)

254     Well, everyone must ties up own umbilical cord.


SELF-DEPENDENCE in learning (pos.)

255     He that teaches himself has a fool for his master.



256     If an old man intends marry young woman he adds twenty years to his age.


SELF-ESTEEM of a poor man (pos.) (see also conceit, conscience, opinion)

257     I understand a poor man. Self-esteem is his sole flatterer.


SELF-INTERESTED of a bride (neg.)

258     Well, the bride marries for the sake of meat. And the fiancй marries for the sake of flesh.


SELF-INTERESTED of an orthodox clergy (lack)

259     I‘ll be ready to speak about unselfishness of orthodox clergy only when Russian orthodox clergy and Foreign Orthodox Church will have common money.

260     If it is profitable, orthodox clergy trade in cigarette, which have not medical recommendation. They use even translated English Bible, but not translated Aramaic, Greek or Latin ones.


SELF-INTERESTED of a priest (lack)

261     All people make money. A carpenter makes it by the chisel, a priest – by the censer.



262     Make up a zeal to selflessness. So, you will turn out characteristic features of a prostitute.


SELF-LOVE (pos.) (see also egoism, honor, modesty, pride)

263     Very often a following self-interest is the following treachery.


SELF-LOVE (neg.)

264     The one who has forgotten about himself is not remembered by others. 

265     Self-loving means to have a health. A self-lover has care about the health better than others.   

266     I can’t imagine a tree trunk, which would grow its branches to the detriment of its height and thickness.

267     A good umbrella can defends one’s handle against the rain.

268     It is better for a person to be condemned for the self-love and ambitions than to be condemned for the lack of self-esteem.

269     Everybody has a duty with respect to himself.

270     Those who may be useful for themselves without harm for others are useful for them too, cite as an example.

271     It is beautiful even that fact that the self-lover wouldn’t throw himself under the train. He wouldn’t meet his waited super-extra-luxury express.

272     If there is a scorched smell then one must look at one’s clothes at first.


SELF-LOVE (lack)

273     He, who humiliates himself, also wishes to surpass the others.

274     Everyone sees himself even if he is looking at the strange eyes.

275     One weeps for a dead man because of own grief rather.


SELF-LOVE of Anglo-Saxon (lack)

276     Sorry. You don’t know or you permanent forget about that Anglo-Saxons write own “I” with capital letter always.


SELF-LOVE of a great man (neg.)

277     The greater person, the more his care of oneself must be.


SELF-LOVE of an interlocutor (neg.)

278     Well. One is the self-lover if he takes care of himself more than of you.

279     I imagine your love to the death, which embody the victory of significance of the society over the significance of the person.


SELF-LOVE for a male (neg.)

280     Usually, one ceases his interest to women at first, to his friends later and to himself the latest. You wish that N should overstep some stages at once.


my SELF-LOVE (neg.)

281     I don’t wish to be unlucky rival with in the love to you.

282     My place is not far from my life.

283     Yes. I love myself. My life has more importance for me than the life and success of any Napoleon or Caezar.

284     I take care of the others, too. A person, who can’t love himself, can’t be loved the others.


SELF-LOVE for an ordinary man (neg.)

285     A madman doesn’t feel responsibility for his own life.


SELF-LOVE of young man (neg.)

286     Old men like to interest themselves most of all. They don’t find the loneliness hard.


SELF-RESPECT (pos.) (see also ambition, conceit, honor, merit, past, pride, superiority) 

287     The self-respect founded at the foolish certitude in that everybody never may be under suspicion.

288     It is not an advertisement. Everyone keeps self-respect best of all, when he look at the advertisement.


SELF-RESTRICTION (pos.) (see also consumption, endow, moderation, restraint, restriction, sacrifice)

289     What? Should one diminish like cheap pants after washing?

290     It is easy for those with few natural gifts to limit themselves.

291     The one, who renounces the fleeting world, doesn’t really restrict himself. The one, who renounces the external and infinite other world is really restrict himself.

292     Self-restraint is a variety of weak will or – at times – of masochism.

293     Self-restraint is an egoistic striving after easy life without attachment, care and responsibility.

294     What to make a kind of self-murder every day for?



295     The one who has already restricted himself has no need to be careful any more.

296     You refuse nothing to yourself. Is not it? You never refused to masturbate yourself?



297     Self-service is the one more opportunity for show of respect to oneself.



298     A little knowledge produces a little doubt. A little doubt produces much self-sufficiency.

299     All good virtues of self-sufficient person become shortcomings.



300     Any sincerity cannot exist without self-sufficiency.

301     Well, ways of self-sufficiency and modesty have parting. The farther their parting, the more dissimilation of modesty, the more frankness and honesty of self-sufficiency.


SELF-WILL of a woman (pos.)

302     A sheep, which going in one’s own way is a stray.


SELLER (pos.)

303     Well, the sellers are most benevolent people. They don’t want that you will be deceived in another place.


SELLER (neg.)

304     Well, I am a seller. I sell only those things, which I have. Others sell those things, which they haven’t. Others sell their conscience.


SELLING to a friend (neg.)

305     He who sold a carpet to his friend always can sit down on its corner.


low price’s SELLING (pos.) (see also trade’s riches, trade)

306     It is better to make a present than to sell dirt-cheap.


SELLING one’s own family relic (neg.)

307     In hard time ancestors must make the help.


SENCE of life (pos.)

308     It's the false conclusion that wars begin because of one or another cause. Indeed, wars always begin because of sence of life.


SENCE of life (neg.)

309     Usually, a bored man who has no interest to himself doesn't see a sence for his own life.


immutable SENCE of life (pos.)

310     An "immutable sence of life" means fanatism which doesn't carry on dialogue with surrounding reality. It is a kind of "diving kamikaze".


immutable SENCE of life (neg.)

311     Well, some people often need to change their sence of life. Firstly they stand in need to save themselves from alcoholism. Then from smoking. Then from masturbation.


the right of SENIORITY (pos.)

312     The old dog cannot be called “father”.

313     There is no doing honour which longs more than three days even to elder brother.


the right of SENIORITY (lack)

314     There are no seniors and minors only amidst the fools.


SENSE (pos.)

315     Senses always exaggerate anything or they wouldn’t meet their function.

316     I see you have not the great love to thinking. A person has the best condition for thinking, when neither ear nor eyesight nor pain or pleasure doesn’t prevent him.


SENSE (neg.)

317     Any thought was a feeling from its beginning. It is only a translation from the language of body that is to say from feeling. Usually, every translation has error. I prefer read an origin.


common SENSE (pos.)

318     I know common sense is a thing, that fools consider it as necessary.

319     Very often they name common sense for devotion to routine.


deep SENSE of a rich man (pos.) (see also appearance, complain, conscience, listen, understand) 

320     Show me a rich man, who feels one’s guilt for a raising price.


SENSE of male’s dignity (pos.)

321     A woman, who has the high-standard sense of male’s dignity, is not sexy.



322     What to be sensitive like urinary bladder for?

323     I wouldn’t wish to have the sensitiveness which will give me aptitude for counting my teeth.

324     Usually, they keep silence about instability, when they say about sensitiveness.

325     An abnormal person hearing all things: music, creak of stalls, rustling of wrappers, smacking and slight coughing of neighbour.

326     A sensitive man has a tragic life. He begin to feel every a little of worsening of his health every day many years before his death.



327     There are no thefts in a house where they have light sleep.


SENSITIVENES for a great man (pos.)

328     A sensitive man has no strength of mind. The strength of mind is the value of pain which may be born and overcome into the man.


SENSITIVENES for a great man (neg.)

329     One pea and twelve feather-beds define the princess.


SENSITIVENES for a rich man (pos.)

330     A squalid hut senses weather best of all.


sexual SEPARATISM for a male (pos.)

331     The sexual separatism doesn’t make better male’s life. All Japanese lavatories are common. And Japanese males enjoy the cleanness.


SEQUEL (pos.)

332     Don’t keep drilling once you’ve struck oil.


SEQUEL (lack)

333     He who sat down may to lie down afterwards.



334     Not all who eat bacon washed a pigsty.



335     If one put on one boots then he will put on the rest one, too.

336     A fish which find oneself into a fish-net will find oneself on the pan.


SEQUENCE for a clever man (pos.)

337     The greatest madness is the consecutive one.



338     I understand. If one thinks about something seriously then it is possible he’ll have to do this thing seriously.


SERVE in the forces (neg.)

339     A defective man holds one’s head proudly when he going past military registration.


SERVE the God (pos.)

340     He, who has no skill to serve any man rightly, cannot to serve an idea rightly.

341     A favourite man… A favourite woman… This is not style of my life. {Hint: There is no a service without favour servants.}

342     What to serve the God like a hireling for?

343     If all-power God would has true wish to has men’s souls then quantity of believers will be equal the quantity of cockroaches.


SERVE the God (neg.)

344     He who serves God serves the best master.

345     I am not an egoist. Be had in servitude by the God is the strange and unnatural action for an egoist.


SERVE the God (exist)

346     Every believer thinks that the God acts to his interest. Is the believer the real servant of the God?


SERVE a king (neg.)

347     King’s chaff is worth other men’s corn.


SERVICE with colours for a woman (pos.)

348     Well, many women can go the path from a soldier to a general including an ensign and two captains.


Spiritual SERVICE (neg.)

349          -A physical service increases tiredness. A spiritual service increases joy.

          -Any idler prefers the spiritual service.


States SERVICE (pos.)

350     Well, the State’s service will not starve you to death and make you satiety, too. There is no style better for those men who are weak or have middle mind.


SEX (pos.)

351     Be on a visit is better than sex. There is a daily wish to be on a visit, which lasts more than ten minutes.

352     Sex is rather insensibility. If somebody wants to rub one’s own sexual organs like emery then it is rather the effect of his insensibility. The love is enough for a normal man.

353     If a man washes the floor before woman coming then he is impelled by the love, but not sex. Sex impels to good deeds with the same level which masturbation impels to them.


day time SEX for a male (neg.)

354     Night sex is more favourable to a woman. The night tariff is the misrepresented estimation of the good things of life.


SEX for an interlocutor (neg.)

355     Your opinion about sex is really repulsive. You must demand money for it in order to make better this opinion.


TV SEX (pos.)

356     He who see TV sex compares one’s love with strange examples permanently. As a result strange false loves surpass his own real love and he has no happiness because of own love. Or perverted strange loves dethrone his elevated feelings and he has the same bad result. Or he begin masturbate, that is the worst result.


SEX before wedding (neg.)

357     One must feels touch a roll bun. Is it latest? One must smells shoes. Is it new? One must testes sex before the wedding. Is it so good?


SEXUAL energy (pos.)

358     It is better to have a sexual wish and have no sexual energy than to have sexual energy and have no sexual wish. Such male is nobody for woman’s mind.


SEXUAL energy of interlocutor (pos.)

359     According with my clemency I’ll think that you are the liar. Otherwise I would think that you are beast.


SEXUAL enlightenment (pos.)

360     An enlightened sin-mindedness deprives everyone of guiltlessness.

361     The ability for learning has sharp cutting because of increasing of sexual interests. If they wish to rear fools then they start sexual enlightenment from the earliest time.    


remain in a SHADOW (neg.) (see also modesty, shining)

362     He who remains in the shadow has more fresh color.


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