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SHALLOW (exist) (see also account, consider, divide everything, elevated, few, niggardliness, pettiness)  

363     Shallow waters roll big stones.


SHAME (pos.)

364     A dirty ashamed man abandons a bath-house without wash.

365     He who will be ashamed will go home from a feast with hunger.

366     A shame is the most frequent obstacle which prevents good man to achieve his objects.

367     Well, there are fools, who learnt to frighten chameleons and who are ready to make all mankind blush now.


SHAME (neg.)

368     A dog doesn’t know the shame.

369     He who doesn’t feel shame has not the sense of duty.

370     Could been respect without shame?


ANGLO-SAXON's shame (pos.)

371     Anglo-Saxon doesn't consider shame a good feeling because his mind draw "shame" together with "sham".


SHAME of asking (pos.) (see also alms, ask, cadging, request)

372     Well. One has shame of beg for help, but he who refused it to the applicant must be double shamed.


SHAME for a believer (neg.)

373     Ashamed man was driven out the Eden.


SHAME for a friend (neg.)

374     The shame increase when the faithfulness increased.


SHAME for a great man (pos.)

375     A shame is the sign of underestimated self-appraisal.

376     He who shamed himself would never become an original creator.


SHAME for an interlocutor (pos.)

377     Do you like emetic movements of own soul?


SHAME of male (woman) (pos.)

378     He, who will be ashamed of, couldn’t have children.


male’s SHAME for a single case (pos.)

379     Let a male is not ashamed of his nakedness with one woman, because it is not the case with many women.


SHAME for me (pos.)

380     Ashamed man is angry with himself, but I am not an angry man.


SHAME for a poor man (pos.) (see also breeding)

381     A greatest shame is after satiation.


SHAME for a poor man (pos., neg.)

382     Show me that poorness which had not the shame as the predecessor.


a SHAME in the time of own resistance (neg.)

383     A thief is never ashamed of stealing. And you suggest that one must be ashamed to catch him.


SHAME for a woman (neg.)

384   A shame is proportionate to a hidden beauty. N have the true self-appraised.



385   They speak about shapeliness if the girl has not beautiful face or the fellow has not good mind.


SHARE (lack)

386             (-I have done out of my share!)

               -If you were N would you have taken less?

               -Yes, I would.

               -Why are you indignant? You’ve already taken less.


black SHEEP (neg.) 

387    A master may take a flock and a piece of meat even from a black sheep.


SHINING man (pos.) (see also dullness, luster, shadow, star)

388   There are drowning to sleep because of shining sun.


black SHIRT (neg.)

389  N may bears even a black shirt. On contrary to somebody N has no dandruff.


SHORT (pos.) (see also long, prolongation)

390   A short tress grows from a nose.

391   A short arrow can’t be well-aimed.

392   He who wants to draw a giraffe with a short neck will quickly understands he can’t to draw it.

393   The well of knowledge is deep. Don’t shorten a rope.


SHORT (neg.)

394    A short length is not shortage for the dagger.


SHORT for an interlocutor (pos.)

395   Praise your car, when it would became some shorter.


SHORT for me (neg.)

396   Well. It is impossible to make a loop of the short rope. But I don’t prepare to hang. And I don’t prepare for to be hanged.



397   Usually, he who has few shortcomings has few virtues, too.


great male's (great woman's) SHORTCOMINGS (exist)

398    Well, N's shortcomings are so great that they almost no let woman's (male's) one.


SHOW (pos.)

399  A looking at the life which going past is the pitiful lot.


for SHOW (pos.) (see also appearance, reasoning)

400   It is not worth to fell tree for the sake of noise.

401   If one will pull face’s skin, his eyes never can close oneself.

402   He, that gives to be seen, will relieve none in the dark.


for SHOW (neg.)

403    A good horse never stumbles by its forelegs.

404    Even a fool can to guess that it is better to place a cucumber in his slip at the front but not at the back side.


to SHOW everything (pos.)

405   One can’t kills a gnat by an unfolded fan.


for SHOW by a male (woman) (neg.)

406   He who stopped to please another sex doesn’t want to cut a dash.


SHOW for a poor man (pos.)

407   A roll of bread is enough sight for a poor man.


SHOWMAN (pos.)

408   Deviations from the normality or sanity rivets more attention than normal behavior. Showmen and advertisers take the butter for their bread thanks to their caddishness.

409   In the past showmen organized gladiator’s battles. Do they become better now?


SHREW (exist)

410   I see, you are such good male that any woman who is near you becomes a shrew.


SIGN (pos.)

411   A half Jew is not Christ yet.

412   He who licks one’s lips hasn’t had his fill without fail.

413   Sometimes, they dance because the cold, too.

414   Well, a milk’s package is the sign of nearness to cow’s nest.

415   If the beard were all, the goat might preach.

416   Well, there is an ice-crusted ground in the Sahara, because they always strewed sand there. 


SIGN of a bad thing (exist)

417   Sandals creak on a smooth floor, too.


SIGN of love (friendship) (exist)

418    The cat and dog may kiss, yet are none the better friends.


SIGN of prostitute (exist)

419   You are ready to say that the navel of Have was reduced to nothing because of her prostitution.


SIGN of a sin (pos.)

420   Everybody has a red jaw.


single SIGN (pos.)

421   The flight of one swallow doesn’t make a summer.


SIGN of a woman (pos.)

422   All are not maidens that wear bare hair.


SILENCE (pos.)

423    For whom is necessary a pop-gun, which never fire a shot?   

424    A dog bites silently.

425   Usually, a cultural and silent person is such one, who wishes to say something repulsive, but he doesn’t dare to do it.

426   A silence is the kind of lie.

427   He who has the custom of put out his tongue likes to keep silence most of all.

428    There is no to disturb the silence into the terrarium.

429    A still water keeps crocodiles.

430   Any catastrophe has a silent development before its loud display.

431   The more dread of responsibility, the more silence.


SILENCE (pos., neg.)

432   A silent beetle gnaws through the wall.


SILENCE (neg.)

433      A talker get tired with silent man most of all.

434  -Well, a drunk person is more talkative.

     -And he who drunks as the cobber has the same talkativeness as you.

435     If a man doesn’t sympathizes your silence he wouldn’t sympathizes your words, too.

436     They ask somebody for a song for one dollar and ask for a silence for ten dollars.

437     A mutual silence is the best way, which reveals mutual sympathy.

438     A fly never flied into a silent mouth.

439     A silence is bad in the society there people are connected with each other only by talking.

440     An understanding is a reason for the silence.

441     Honesty may speak without a tongue.

442     Words facet thought. In the same time they limit it and make it unnatural. He who wishes to follow the nature keeps silent.

443     They never break bell by strike for the sake of deaf priest.

444     Silence is the sign of zeal. There are street’s crashing and stench of exhaust gas where people are lazy to have a walk.

445     The teeth must guard the tongue.

446     People consider that all events are moving only in favour of silent man. What to do oneself out such pleasure for?


SILENCE (lack)

447     It is not the noise. It is an echo in your empty head.


SILENCE as an answer (neg.)

448     The one who asks has no virtuous ability to keep silent. The one who was asked has such ability yet.


SILENCE for a believer (neg.)

449     Silence is of the gods.


SILENCE of a bribed man (pos.)

450     I see. A large flat cake closes a mouth.


SILENCE for enrichment (neg.)

451     A barked dog can’t catch a hare.

452     A mewing cat would never to catch a mouse.


SILENCE for a great man (neg.)

453     He who eats so much loses his taste. He who speaks so much loses his mind.

454     A clever person doesn’t say about all things which he knows, but the fool says about thing which he doesn’t know.


SILENCE of great man (pos.) (see also frankness, intercourse, open-hearted, talk)

455     Very often, he who despises surrounding people keeps silent.

456     An extinguished lighthouse never shows the way for anybody.

457     Silence is a virtue of the fools.

458          -A silent dog is useless for a herd.

          -Sorry. I am not a dog.


SILENCE of great man (neg.)

459     It is quiet, when they climb at a top. There is a noise during rolling down.

460     Swan warbles when other birds keep silent.


SILENCE for an interlocutor (pos.)

461     I see, you have great aversion for a noise and loud sounds because of your mother had so loud winds till birth.

462     Thieves are your persons holding the same view.

463     If you would be silent and sit near a lake, frogs will croak, “This lake is our!”

464     A cemetery and ward are your loved places. Is not it?


SILENCE of a male (pos.)

465     The male said, the male done. Well, you wish to do nothing.


SILENCE of an ordinary man (pos.) (see also listen, open-hearted, secret, talk)

466     If a person hasn’t a thought for speaking about, he assumes that he has a thought for silent thinking.

467     Very often they error when they took a calm man for a strong one or when they took a silent man for a clever one.


SILENCE of an ordinary man (neg.)

468          -If silence is so decent for wise men then how many times is it more decent for another men?   -It is clear, that you are one of those men.


SILENCE of a poor man (pos.) (see also calmness, open-hearted)

469     I agree with you. They couldn’t make a monkey that can’t speak work.


SILENCE of a rich man (pos.) (see also intercourse, listen, open-hearted, speech)

470     The richer a man, the less he speaks of the way he has got his riches.

471     Gnat keeps silence, when it sucks a blood. N has been sucking strange blood for a long time already.


SILENCE of a ruler  (neg.)

472     They have power rather over unvoiced words.


SILENCE for a subordinate  (neg.)

473     Nobody can force a silent monkey to a work.


keep SILENT into a controversy (neg.)

474     He who keeps silent into a controversy has the most hardly refutable statement.


keep SILENT with an enemy (neg.)

475     He, who takes care of own opinion, keeps silent.


keep SILENT as a fish (neg.)

476     It is better if you would inveigle a parrot in your talk.



477     A simple bank-note is the false bank-note.

478     Man cannot live by bread alone.

479     Every complication is the consequence of some simplifications.

480     Don’t demand simpler key. It is like to break a door.



481     If water wouldn’t be simple and natural that it streams down a low place then the world would be worse.

482     The simpler arm, the better its reliability.



483     Well, a mind complicates the world and life.

484     Closing the mouth is simpler act, but it is not closing.


SIMPLICITY for a chief (exist)

485     A power-loving man is the first who denies the complication of the world.


SIMPLICITY for a deed (pos.)

486     Choosing of evil is the simplest deed.

487     They never pull down houses in order to receive fire-wood even if it is difficult to cart them from the forest.


SIMPLICITY for a deed (neg.)

488     What to enclose a gnat under the cupboard and saw off its legs for in order to squash the gnat?


SIMPLICITY of a great man (neg.)

489     Simplicity is the consciousness of man’s dignity.


SIMPLICITY for an interlocutor (pos.)

490     They always wish to see simplicity where they don’t understand. What many things that you cannot understand them!

491     You are a naпve man. You have heard that all genious things are simple and have believed that the simplicity is the sign of genius.

492     Do you agree to buy a bottle of wine which has not label?

493     I think you should like an Eskimo w. c. pan. It is simply two sticks. They hang their dress up the one and drive away wolves by another one.


SIMPLICITY for an interlocutor (exist)

494     Do you think that it is the same simple thing as the picking one’s navel?

495     Well, the world is not more complicated than your idea about it.


SIMPLICITY for a love (neg.)

496     Unnatural tastes are a sign of old age. Simplicity is a contrast to unnatural tastes.

It is the sign of youth.


SIMPLICITY for an ordinary man (exist)

497     A simplified person gives simplified estimate of the situation.


SIMPLICITY of an ordinary man (pos.)

498     Usually, he who has been banged on the head is simpler than before.

499     I understand admirers of simplicity. They are sly people. They have ultimate goal to see everybody naked.

500     Simplicity of morals and manners is an erroneous idea of art of life.

501     A non adequate man has the most simple thoughts.


SIMPLICITY for a rich man (pos.)

502     The simplicity has got to be poor.


SIMPLICITY of a small thing (exist)

503     You think that a small clock has more simple mechanism than the big one.



504     It is not the nuptials when they become married persons simultaneously.

505     It is impossible to sneeze and whistle simultaneously.

506     There is not a society which could to yawn at the same time.

507     No man can sup and blow together.

508     Troops never keep step on the bridge.


SIN (pos.) (see also vice)

509     A sin is not an advantageous deed. All doors of the world are open only for descendant of righteous men.


SIN (neg.)

510     It makes no a difference, nobody could get out of a dying and live any longer.

511     If everyone will be beautiful, then the life will become aimless. Therefore, sins move progress.

512     A sinless living is the beginning of old age.

513     There is no water without a dirty.

514     What to live only by one’s right side for?

515     Snoring man begins sleeping earliest.

516     There are sins which are more tolerable than talking about them.


SIN (exist)

517     If there is a wind at the sea then what to abuse the see for?

518     A man who was barked by dogs is not just the thief.


SIN (lack)

519     It is better to allow others doubt virginity of single mothers.

520     Criminals and prostitutes trust in sinless most of all/


amorous SIN (neg.)

521     They regret even deeds which was no done.


SIN for a believer (neg.)

522     If all people would became sinless then the God wouldn’t had so much kindness because He would never gives absolutions.

523     They affirm that guilt of a tempter is greater than guilt of tempted person. Then guilt of the God is greater than all our guilt.


common SIN (exist)

524     Where all people are guilty, nobody is guilty.


common SIN (lack)

525     Everyone has a dirty sole.


SIN of compelled person (exist)

526     A nail has not the guilt that it pricks the wall. A master strikes on its head by hammer.


SIN of a deceased man (exist)

527     He who wants to lie without the penalty lays the blame on a deceased man.


SIN of an enemy (exist)

528     They always use somebody’s sins which were engendered by bad terms for justification of own bad terms with him.


a SIN of a fighter for justice (neg.)

529     If a leader is good, so everyone who follows him is not bad, too. An idea of justice is a good leader.


great SIN (exist)

530     If it is the great sin then the paradise is an uninhabited place.

531     I should stop have respect for the Creator if He send somebody to an eternal Hell for such sin.

532     Devil wants to corrupt a man and drives him to despair in order he has not wish to correct himself. For that very reason a devil underestimates the value of a sin firstly and then he exaggerates it. I see you can make exaggeration better than the devil one.


great SIN (lack)

533     Every thief likes to say that he was punished for the cord, but not for the cow, which was tired by this cord.


SIN of a great man (neg.) (see also condemn, error, fall, honor, law)

534     A sheep falls – no one sees it. A camel stumbles – everyone sees it.

535     Beam doesn’t become visible earlier, than it came up the dust.

536     High mountains have deep ravines.

537     A gadfly gets under the tails of racehorse and donkey in equal measure.

538     It is wrong to estimate the great man, it is enough to estimate his separate acts, instead of person as a whole.

539     The big man is the best target.

540     He who hasn’t great virtues seeks weak points of the others with the great zeal and pleasure.


SIN of a hungry man (neg., lack)

541     Hungry dogs will eat dirty puddings.


SIN of the husband (exist)

542     A husband always is accused with racialism if he doubts the parentage of the child of his wife.


SIN of an interlocutor (lack)

543     Well, if somebody admits one’s shortcomings then his motive for correction of oneself would weakens. Now you don’t wish weaken your striving to correct yourself.


SIN by opinion of an interlocutor (neg.)

544     You are small-minded. You can say nothing about considerable sins. You know only the words “sinner” and “sinful group”, but not “sinful government” and “sinful law”.

545     As for me, I never saw sinless life even in my dreams. How much time you have sinless dreams?

546     You are the great expert on shortcomings. Are they your kindred?


SIN by opinion of an interlocutor (exist)

547     Probably, you have a firm belief that Saliery killed Motzart. However, there is proof, it was made by Motzart’s apprentice on account of sex between apprentice’ wife with maestro.

548     You found the man who has the fit height for your gallows, but not the guilty person.


little SIN (pos.)

549     A small leprous spot mars the whole skin.

550     A little mean trick may shows depravity of person much more than the big one.


mutual SIN (exist)

551     You are ready to condemn both a husband because of he murders his wife and the wife because of she couldn’t commit suicide.

552     Indeed! A bear bellows. A cow bellows. Just the devil can understand who tearing who?


mutual SIN (lack)

553     Both done sins. An old woman made a sin, when she sat down on a burdock. And the burdock made sin that it had pricks an old woman.

554     Well, N has the cotton that always rustling, and M has a nut which never cracking.


my SIN (neg.)

555     I have one more shortage. I cannot listen to the fool.


my open SIN (neg.)

556     I don’t want to hide my sins and to gain some advantages over the good men.


obvious SIN (neg.)

557     Everyone urinate water of swimming-pool. But people turn out any person who done it from a tower.


SIN of an old man (pos.)

558     Decaying lilies stink worse than weeds.


SIN of an old man (lack)

559     Even a rainy summer is dryer than the autumn.


SIN of an ordinary man (lack) (see also condemn, fall, honor)

560     A sheep never sees own ugly tail.


own SIN (lack)

561     Nobody feels a stench from an own mouth.

562     A man has not knowledge about his own bald patch three years.

563     People are divided into two kinds. The first is righteous men who consider themselves as sinners. The second is sinners who consider themselves as righteous men.

564     A camel never sees its own hump.

565     One cannot see one’s shade in the dark.

566     One could see the clay on one’s foots only after going out from the river.


SIN against own parents (exist)

567     Would you like that I would beg parents’ pardon for their conceiving me?


SIN of parents (exist)

568     He who takes notice of own foolishness less than others cries about ancestors’ sins louder than the others.


SIN of a participator (exist)

569     Even a damp wood catches fire near the burning dry wood.


a SIN of a poor man (neg.) (see also abstention, breeding, conscience, cruelty, damage, extremes, law, morals) 

570     He who sees causes could have a compassion that his anger against some shortcomings of the strange man would be turned.    


a SIN of a poor man (exist)

571     Perhaps, a wolf is right and the sheep is guilty.


SIN of producer (exist)

572     You intend to convince me that hens produce rotten eggs.


SIN of quarrel belongs to somebody (exist)

573     One man couldn’t organize a quarrel.


a SIN of a rich man (exist) (see also conscience, humanness)

574     How many people were killed by gold knifes?


a SIN of a rich man (lack)

575     A frog jumps of even gold throne into a puddle.

576     Pedestrian will sooner than the rider notice the beginning of the wrong with a horse’s harness.

577     A good man never dresses a sin on, even if this sin turned into the sable fur coat.


single SIN (neg.)

578     Every dog is allowed one bite.


strange SIN (neg.)

579     He who has condemned strange sins would mocks at strange illness first.

580     It is wonder! You have the indignation against sins of strange men even if you have no ability to correct them, but you done nothing for correction of your own shortcomings though you have ability to correct them.

581     Well, strange sins are the most intolerable for us from all kind of sins.

582     A spring is not guilty of roof’s leaking.

583     A sieve reproached a needle, “You have a hole in the head”.

584     A chamber-pot scolded a dust-bin.

585     A snake said a camel that it has a curved neck.

586     If you have no trousers, don’t abuse its torn knee.

587     What a dog’s abuse of the long cat’s hair for?

588     Well, if two men make one and the same actions then a man who scolds one’s rival more will be the winner.

589     A mentally diseased man couldn’t understand that there is more pleasure to be in search of positive streaks than negative ones.

590     All people seem to be yellow for a man who is ill with yellow jaundice.


SIN of a subordinate (neg.)

591     If water was troubled in upper reaches then it will be troubled in the lower reaches of the river, too.

592     The useful footstep has the deepest hollow.

593     When the head aches, all the body is the worse.


SIN of a victim (exist)

594     Well, this poor fellow is guilty. He stole a chain somewhere. Then he wound this chain and couldn’t swims across the lake.


SIN of well-known sinner (exist)

595     People say, ”Damned wolf! It gorged oneself!” even if it hardly moves because of starvation.


SIN of young man (neg.)

596     N is not so old in order dogs never bark him.



597     Sincerity is a variety of fear. It is the variety of fear of an exposure.

598     There is no self-sufficiency which can manage without sincerity.

599     What to offer the thing which always may be used with malicious intent for?

600     A sincere direct talk show is rather the base-allow and low-standard speech.

601     Sincerity turns a temporary whim into a definitive verdict.

602     Sincerity is good, but it’s better to keep friendship.

603     Very often, sincerity is the shortage of self-mastery.



604     Sincerity is not so unprofitable. They rather recognize the rightness of sincere person.


SINCERITY for Anglo-Saxon (pos.)  

605     Anglo-Saxons are rather out of sincerity. Involuntary they hold that the sin is the inseparable part of sincerity.


SINCERITY of a great man (pos.) (see also frankness, lie, open-hearted, trust)

606     Sincerity is an inseparable virtue of fools. And fanatics are the most sincere people after the fools.


SINCERITY for a male (pos.)

607     What to be sincere as penis for?


my SINCERITY (neg.)

608     Well, my sincerity is much less than the sincerity of pang.


SINCERITY of a poet (lack)

609     Sincerity is rather the property of poetry than something else.


SINCERITY for a slowcoach (pos.)

610     I’m not so young and quick in order to be sincere. Very often, a sincere person must begin to run before an interlocutor will understands him.


SING during a work (neg.)

611     Only thieves never sing at their work.


SINGER (pos.)

612     A voice has a good sound into empty head.

613     A bird’s song is beauty and wonderful. But it is not obligatory for bird as building the nest, getting the food or rearing the nestling.


SINGLE (pos.) (see also best, one, substitute)

614     It’s impossible to dance for a long time at the single floor’s board.


SINGLE (exist)

615     They put on the light not only in evening.


socialist SINGLE-PARTY system (neg.) (see also many, one, single)

616     The capitalism, which has power over the whole world, is the worst single-party system of the world importance.


SINNER (neg.)

617     Everyone ate meat, but they scold only wolfs.


SITTING (pos.)

618     A sitting bird will have the death because of a shot in the first place.

619     Lend sitting and you will run to collect.


SITTING (neg.)

620     Well. Why one sits for nothing? Let one goes to no purpose.

621     Well, it is impossible to seat the lizard its tail first.

622     A discontented man looks not for where to sit easy.


SITTING on the two chairs (neg.)

623     It is better to sit on the two chairs than in the dock.


I SITTING (pos.)

624     I have no root in my ass.


interlocutor  SITTING (neg.)

625     -Can you breathe by nose or mouth?

     -Yes, I can.

     -Then sit down.


SIX for orthodox believer (neg.)

626     The orthodox crust has six ends, too.


all SIZES (pos.)

627     Graves are of all sizes.


SKILL (pos.) (see also ability, exactness, knowledge, studies)

628     Good swimmers drown often, than men who can’t swim.

629     It is a good skill – to make stream through one’s trousers.

630     What a horse has a skill of picking one’s nose for?

631     There is the skill! There is the skill! The sex of the six-ten years’ partners is very similar to the skill.


SKILL (neg.)

632     A skilful seafarer has the help, even from the head wind.

633     He who can’t forge a horseshoes takes them from the dead horses.

634     Only appetite doesn’t require any skill.


SKILL for a great man (pos.)

635     He who turns a flock with easy is the shepherd. He who turns a ram with difficulty is the king.


SKILL of hands (pos.) (see also knowledge, manual labor, work without skill)

636     Skilful hands occupy mind by itch of physical work instead of intellectual one.


SKILL of intercourse (neg.)

637     Usually, a subordinate is the man who sustained a defeat during intercourse.


SKILL of listening (lack)

638     If they say that the person has no skill of listening then they may say that another person has no skill of keeping silence.


numerous SKILL (pos.)

639     Numerous skills mean to have the little skills.

640     Numerous skills mean lacking great talent. A locust can run but slowly, can fly but low, can swim but not long, can dig but shallow.


a SKILL of a rich man (pos.) (see also knowledge)

641     Has an elephant’s rider more skill than the horse’s one?


SKILL of swim (pos.)

642     A bad egg doesn’t drown.


SKILL for subordinate (pos.)

643     Even if a horse’s cost are hundred coins it will suffer from the whip which costs a half of coin.


a chief has a SKILL of subordinate (neg.)

644     A band-master must to know the notation of music in addition to his skill of waving of baton.


unusual SKILL (pos.) (see also uncommon ability)

645     What teaches a horse to swim on its back?


writer’s SKILL (pos.)

646    Writer’s skills provoke to describe things that it will be better if nobody would divulge them.


flufly SKIRT (pos.)

647     Well, the flufly skirt give a good chance to urinate amidst a crowded place.


sleep as “SKYLARK” (neg.)

648     Well, I have not croak’s behaviour. I don’t become excited in evening and I don’t sleep in a morning.


SLACKNESS (neg.) (see also agility, calmness, effort, endeavor)

649          -A pain may be overcame by slackness.

          -What great your pain is!

650     Champions walk by slacked gait. A shallow person (an actor) walks by cheerful, elastic or firm, stimulated gait.


SLANDER (neg.)

651     Our enemies would call slander the messenger who brings news about a hostile inroad.


SLANDER (exist)

652     Well, it’s lie. If they would say the truth about N, he would be shot much time earlier.


SLAVE (neg.)

653     A slave looks like a son. Both long for the freedom. Both want snatch one’s charge from master’s or father’s goods.


SLAVE of a male (neg.)

654     Usually, she who is a slave of a male is happier than a free woman. Lesbians don’t count.


SLAVE of self-love (neg.)

655     All are slaves. Some people are slaves of egoism, another ones are slaves of altruism.


SLAVERY (pos.) (see also brotherhood, equal, exploitation, justice, obedience, oppress, power, rights, stand injustice) 

656     A person may be so humbled by the slavery that he begins to love it.


SLAVERY (neg.)

657     Who is not a slave? One is a slave of lust, second one is a slave of niggardliness and third one is a slave of ambitions. And all of them are slaves of fear.


SLAVERY of poor men (neg.)

658     Yes, poverty is the slavery. But faithfulness to richness is the slavery all the same.



659     There is no the mouse which dropped in the month of sleeping cat.



660     The cunning didn’t have sleep during a long time and he died just after the end of this long time.

661     What is the matter? Is sleeping man could freeze to death?


SLEEPING during the dark hours (neg.)

662     I’ll not be surprised if they would discover the correlation between rapacity with night watch and sleep during daylight hours.


SLEEPING during the daylight hours (pos.)

663     The quickest way to sell own house, is to sleep during daylight hours. Are you busy by this problem?

664     I see, a thief has a cause to sleep during daylight hours.


SLEEPING during the daylight hours (neg.)

665     A sleep during one daylight hour substitutes some drowsy hours of dull thinking.


SLEEPING for a great man (neg.) (see also act)

666     Yes, victors have sweeter sleep than the vanquished ones.

667     There is no a harm if one would be more alike Einshtein, who slept 11 hours every day.

668     N is not a donkey which has an aptitude to sleep three hours in a night.


morning’s long SLEEPING (pos.)

669     He who is up latest makes complaints to against the wet towel.

670     In subconscious mind, a person who has long sleeping at morning hates a life at its most fresh clean display – at morning’s display.


morning’s long SLEEPING (neg.)

671     Only muscles have a rest at eight hours of sleep, but not a brain.

672     A man who is u early is not the just happy man. A happy man is the man who is up with a smile.


my morning’s long SLEEPING (neg.)

673     I am not an overseer after the sun. I am not afraid being robbed by it. I allow it raise much earlier me.

674     I am not a dipsomaniac who has no a good sleeping during a morning and who look for some company for himself from the daybreak.


my SLEEPING (neg.)

675     My conscience is clean. So, a pillow doesn’t fidget under my head.


my SLEEPING after an alarm clock rang (neg.)

676     Ringing of alarm clock has an effect upon me as a shot. I lay after it like died man.

677    My alarm clock rang when I sleeping.


my SLEEPING during the dark hours (neg.)

678     I am not a sacrifice for Edison who invented the incandescent lamp.


my SLEEPING at a working place (neg.)

679     I’m not accustomed to be without some affairs even one moment.


SLEEPING at a working place (neg.) (see also sin)

680     Smart man must fall asleep in a moment.



681     To go round a water-melon’ peel – to tread oneself upon bottle’s splinters.

682     As for own way, it is better to slip along it much longer than to strike oneself against the nearest obstacle.


683     The slothful is the servant of the lash.


SLOW (neg.)

684     Slow but sure wine the race.

685     Only a slow river is deep.


SMALL (pos.) (see also big, enough, large, little)

686     A herdsman could enrich oneself by his bulls but not by his hens.

687     Nobody can gain a high speed at the stump (stub).

688     A sheep’s shit never becomes the watermelon.

689     A satisfied man crumbles small pieces for the other.

690     A chicken’s ass couldn’t give birth to goose’s egg.

691     They don’t make a ski from raspberry-canes.

692     He who hasn’t a bull praises his cat.

693     It is impossible to warm up a copper by candle.

694     It is impossible to dig well by needle.

695     A long loaf is bread for everyone. A crumb is the bread only for a beggar.

696     It is hard to sail over the sea in an egg-shell.


SMALL (neg.)

697     A brilliant is small.

698     The best perfumes come in small vials.

699     A small flower blooms longer.

700     A small falcon is carried on hand, but a big camel carries the water.

701     Mistakes are not seen in a small drawing.

702     The best spices come in small baskets.

703     Gold sands are the same gold.

704     They see more through a keyhole than an open door.

705     The smaller fish, the sweeter fish-soup.

706     A small broom sweeps cleaner.

707     There is not a dress without small gores.

708     A big oak is growing from a small acorn.

709     They build even a big house by one brick after another one.

710     A small needle sewing dresses for whole world.

711     A big thing growing from a small one.

712     Better are small fish than an empty dish.


SMALL (lack)

713     A wormwood is a wood where there is not a wood.


SMALL for an interlocutor (pos.)

714     Do you breed gnats for meat?

715     Let it be your tombstone from marble crumbs!


SMALL for an interlocutor (neg.)

716     Do you heave overboard a small fish for the sake of to catch it at next year?


many SMALL things (pos.) (see also join)

717     There are many snowflakes, but they quickly thaw.

718     If you have a thick hair on your legs, have you refused to wear valenki?


own SMALL thing (neg.)

719     I’ll drink from a small cap more than from the river at the municipal beach.


SMALLNESS for a fisherman (neg.)

720     Well, a fisherman doesn’t love smallness. He cannot has a plainly talk about fishing there.


What is the SMELL?

721     The smell was lack till your came here.


SMELL of vine from a mouth (neg.)

722    I understand you. You are for drinking vine through the ass.


SMILE (pos.)

723     Sometimes a smile belong a person, who forgot his pair of spectacles at home.

724     If somebody wants to add some mockery and meanness, he adds the most guiltless smile to own face.

725     If a person is truly good then his smile would look superfluously sugary smile.

726     A grin transforms into the smile by the easiest way.


SMILE (neg.)

727     A smile is not suits only for dead man.


SMILE of a chief (pos.)

728     Smiling man is a silly or false man. He is not anxious with difference of own and strange interests, or conceals this difference from you.


SMILE of Fortune (pos.)

729     A smile of Fortune is not the end. It is just the beginning. Then Fortune begins laugh at the man.


ironical SMILE (pos.)

730     A simpleton doesn’t understand that sometimes an ironical smile gives the same awkwardness like dishonourable words.


SMILE during a long time (pos.)

731     A true smile is never hung up ears or tied up on back of the head.


SMILE of a male (pos.)

732     One must affairs a smiling man not less than a weeping woman.


my SMILE (pos.)

733     I’m not so poor to use this cheap way to look better.


strange SMILE (neg.)

734     I am not a dog. I don’t take a smile for a grind.


There is no SMOKE without fire (pos.)

735     Stalin's procurator Vishinsky misinterpreted any suspicion to the final verdict thanks to these words.


SMOKING (pos.)

736     What to train lips in the folding up in the manner of hen’s ass for?

737      Smoking is boon. A thief wouldn’t come to your home because of your cough.


SMOKING (neg.)

738     There are expensive diagnostics of disease of a non-smoker. He receives the good advice for his recovery hardly. However, a smoker always could improve his health, when he would give up smoking.

739     A non-smoker would die, when he is healthy.

740     There is not a moth into a smoker’s head.

741     Smoke annihilates microbes.


SMOKING for a child (pos.)

742     A dream must be realized correctly. Don’t poke cigarette or neck into a mouth in order to grow three kepis up.


give up SMOKING (pos.)

743     There is not easier deed then to give up smoking Mark Twain done it more than a hundred times.


SMOKING of an interlocutor (pos.)

744     Would you have clothes moth into your head in order giving smoking up?


SMOKING of a male (neg.)

745     Women have not the right to resent a smoker or a drinker, because women have sex with them twice as many.


SMOKING of a woman (lack)

746     Well. Sometimes, a woman doesn’t smokes and drinks if her parents were called at her school.


SMOKING for a subordinate (neg.)

747     A smoker has more free time for his rest.

748     Well, every cigarette shortens the life-time about two hour. However, every day shortens it about eight hour.



749     A slippery place is always smooth.



750     I am not a cow in order to fear smoothness.


SNAKE! (about me)

751     Well. As for me, it is easier to change my body than soul. Can you change your soul easily?


SNORE (neg.)

752     Snore! Then you will fall a sleep the first.


SNORE of a male (neg.)

753     In according with the scientific research, a snoring male has sexual activity ten years longer.


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