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SOAP (pos.)

1     Do you wish to soap yourself instead of washing by clean water in order worsening of protective properties of your skin?


SOCIALISM (pos.) (see also brotherhood, capitalism, communism, equal, power)

2     Capitalism begins itself with the robbery and corruption. Socialism ends itself with the robbery and corruption. What is better?

3     I don’t agree with those who think that the government can take care of them better than they can do it themselves.

4     Are you dreaming of drought when beasts of prey and herbivores go to watering hole together?

5     Well. Sometimes you would like to clear some heavenly place to have it paved and asphalted for everyone’s sake.



6     Socialism will win not because it is right, but because its enemies are wrong.

7     Usually, a good deed has bad executor, but an evil deed has a smart one.

8     A heart beating on the left.

9     Well. Socialism may have all epithets. Alas, capitalism is in need of many beautiful epithets.

10     By adding nationalism to socialism we received hatred of the Jews. Do you fear socialism because this cause?

11     Culture and socialism are guided by generally accepted values more than barbarism or capitalism. Barbarism and capitalism are guided by rather personal values.

12     In any case the best people that are scientists live in socialism, because their implements belong them.


SOCIETY (pos.)

13     The best rotting is in a heap.

14     They never sing the most heartfelt songs by the chorus.

15     Flies like gather round the carrion or shit.

16     Well, a society is the good house, where somebody builds walls for you, does a plank-bed, starts light, cooks a wish-wash.

17     Truthfulness is an uncomfortable and inconvenient thing. It rather disjoins people.

18     An experienced fishermen board a cross-country vehicle for the company and falling through the ice.

19     Our astonishment for a display of fillings in society doesn’t give the good estimation to it.

20     They unite with each other rather because of some kind of their fear.

21     When a misfortune comes to a coward, he runs to the village.

22     I understand. No one can bring himself to beat own father. They prefer to beat him in a heap.

23     He who knows the way doesn’t wait a caravan.

24     The less people are in the room, the fresher its air.

25     Sitting at a society is equivalent with the sitting at the rut.

26     A false doctor make “cured” persons rather among a great number of fools than a few one. Many people, who like society, dream to be its doctor.


SOCIETY (neg.)

27     A milch cow never drops behind the herd.

28     Bees which live by a society don’t bring harm.

29     A heard gives a breadth of perception of the world for its members. A society gives the same.


SOCIETY for man of many children (pos.)

30     Well, gregarious animal shifts off part of upbringing of its kids to other member of the herd.


SOCIETY for enrichment (neg.)

31     They eat cheese which is free of charge in the right way rather in society.


SOCIETY for a great man (pos.)

32     Comparison of ants or bees with other animals gives understanding that a life of society destroys mental faculties or doesn’t develop them.


SOCIETY of great persons (pos.) (see also friendship, intercourse)

33     Noble people live in harmony, but they haven’t the union. Low people have the union, but they do not live in harmony.


SOCIETY of great persons (exist)

34     Too many stars mean lack of real stars.


SOCIETY for enrichment (neg.)

35     It must gather with a pack for the great prey.


SOCIETY for an interlocutor (neg.)

36     I understand you. Everyone thanks a society for own mental development to a certain extent.

37     I understand you. A small poor cell raises you, but the great common temple disparages you.


law loved SOCIETY (pos.)

38     The main achievement of well breeding society is that it is not important that you are right or unjust. It is important, whose advocate is better?


SOCIETY for me (neg.)

39     I’m not a milch cow, which never moves off a herd.


SOCIETY in the name of N (pos.)

40     I understand you. Every wild idea would be easily forgotten. Creation of society in name of someone N serves for safeguard against this phenomenon.


SOCIETY of an ordinary man (pos.) (see also friendship, intercourse)

41     A common feast is not good place for a noble man.

42     A rose couldn’t grow at the road.


SOCIETY for an ordinary man (neg.)

43     Well, a humpback can’t to buy a fur-coat for oneself at the market.

44     I see. N is ready to leave rather a society than his own shortcomings.


SOCIETY for a subordinate (pos.)

45     If sand will gathered then a pine will grown. If a people will gathered then a chief will appeared.

46     Only a person, who belongs to a society, could consider servitude as a kind of duty to society.

47     Do you know why they put dogs in a team?


SOCIETY of young men (pos.)

48     There is no a grand tree into the young grove.


SOFTNESS (pos.) 

49     He catches a bedsore into the soft bed.

50     Give a moss for the worm of it will be dying.

51     They shove feathers into a pot, but it doesn’t become milder.

52     He falls when he leans his elbows on a soft thing.

53     Nobody can goes far on soft sand.

54     They make birch from soft sprigs.



55     Soft lips can defend firm teeth from frost.

56     Nobody hangs oneself with doughy cord.

57     A soft hand can breaks a firm bone.

58     Well, he who never burned can’t be soft as ashes.

59     Soft pace goes far.


SOFTNESS (exist)

60     A put one’s boots feels all earth are coved by leather.

61     Soft wax will take firm mould.


SOFTNESS of the chief (exist)

62     I see. Every boss has a soft sole.


SOFTNESS against an enemy (neg.)

63     A soft sea’s water is the firmest border.


SOFTNESS for enrichment (pos.)

64     Don’t build a house on soft sand.


SOFTNESS for enrichment (neg.)

65     They make soft wineskin in order it would has more capacity.


SOFTNESS for a great man (pos.)

66     It is a sound head that has not a soft piece in it.


SOFTNESS for an interlocutor (pos.)

67     Do you lay bananas into your boots for the softness?

68     Do you want to have a room which will be trimmed by mattresses?

69     A spider has the softest hammock. Do you wish to swing in it as a fly?


SOFTNESS for a male (pos.)

70     Let your wife makes a soft bed for you.


SOFTNESS for a male (neg.)

71     Soft things are not an enemy for strong male’s penis.


SOFTNESS for a woman (neg.)

72     All burdocks catch a soft sheep.


SOLDIER (pos.)

73     Nails are not made from good iron, nor soldiers from good men.


SOLE (exist)

74     There’s only one pretty child in the world, and every mother has it.



75     Solitude has many traits in common with the hard drinking.

76     Usually, a victory unites people. In contrary, a defeat disjoins ones.



77      Only a feeble person fears solitude.


SOLITUDE for a chief (pos.)

78     I understand you. A cruel ruler prefers has to do with separated people.


SOLITUDE for enrichment (neg.)

79     A pearl grows behind the closed doors.


SOLITUDE of great man (pos.) (see also intercourse, society)

80     Well, a person has a comfortable condition for a lie to oneself only at the loneliness.

81     Only a beast haste to a forest, but not a man.


SOLITUDE of great man (neg.)

82     A man likes or avoids the own solitude depending on value of own “I”. ??????

83     A flock going through a dust.

84     One must rise alone on a steep ladder.


SOLITUDE of great man (lack)

85     The top is always lonely.

86     An eagle soar lone.


SOLITUDE for an interlocutor (pos.)

87     I imagine your great inspiration which you could have when you would praise the virtue of sole boot.


SOLITUDE for a rich man (pos.)

88     A lone person looks alike the poor man.


SOLITUDE for a woman (pos.)

89     Only a lazy person never milked a solitude cow.

90     A wolf goes there where a solitary sheep is.


SOLVE a problem (pos.)

91     He who considers that a problem is his own one has already solved problem.


SON-IN-LAW of a rich man (pos.)

92     It’s interesting to dispute over the problem – who is most likely to be an honest man – a rich swindler’s son or his son-in-law?


separated SON (neg.)

93     A mature tree gives a sucker. A mature family separates its son.


SONG (pos.)

94     A gnat sings all its life. However, it would be better, if it would be silent.


SONG (neg.)

95     The God esteems a working person. But if this person sings, the God loves him.


foreign SONG (pos.)

96     I have not already got accustomed to feel the fool.


foreign SONG (neg.)

97     A nightingale’s song seems to be the misunderstood bellow to the donkey.


join in a SONG (pos.)

98     -Stop singing, the beast!

     -Is it I?

     -No. It is the singer, who prevents to hear you.


SONG of soul (pos.)

99     If a soul sings song then it is not the soul already.


SORROW (pos.)

100     What to supplement an idleness with one more its variety which is the sorrow for?


SOUL (pos.)

101     An egoist speaks about a soul very often. It is his loved topic because of this topic is about loved himself.


SOUL of a believer (pos.)

102     A believer has elevated poetical soul. But this poet of single theme is too dull.


woman's SOUL (pos.)

103     I love woman’s soul too, because it is not visible.


a pure woman's SOUL (exist)

104     Women say that as a woman any woman always understand another one. This fact prove that any woman's soul isn't pure because a pure soul couldn't understand the sinful one.


separate SPACE for different nations (neg.)

105     Peace of mind is the basisfor the effective application of forces. In the most prospered country, Singapore, nations live separately. Each of them have own cultural space.


SPEAK (pos.)

106     In ancient times the people had knowledge of morals too. And they designated moral attributes by symbols. At the Korean theatre the moving jaw symbolized bad propensity.


SPEAK about a bad thing (neg.)

107     The word “coal” couldn’t dirty lips.


SPEAK to a crowd (pos.)

108     One must press on the pedal of own mind very slightly in order to make successful speech in front of the multitude.


SPEAK without deed (pos.)

109     It is impossible to sow a field with words.

110     He, who doesn’t said, but done is like a lion. He, who said, but not done is like a foolish donkey.  

111     There is a man that the hen cackling for whom. There is another one that this hen lays eggs for whom.

112     I understand. It is easier to row by the tongue, than by a spade.

113     They firstly put out the fire and then discuss it.


SPEAK without deed (neg.)

114     A railway engine must to spend steam not only to move, but to whistle, too.


SPEAK without a dialogue (pos.)

115     I like rather games where players give plays in turn.

116     Every ass likes to hear his own bray.


SPEAK about a dream (pos.)

117     A wolf, which scolding with howl, wouldn’t to catch a deer.


SPEAK during eating (pos., neg.)

118     Let ass brays. The more eats least.


SPEAK during eating (neg.)

119     Eat quietly if food crunch prevents a talk.


an enemy SPEAKS (pos.)

120     When the fox preaches, then beware your geese.


SPEAK about somebody’s error (neg.)

121     He who told about your error is likes a father. He who praised you is likes an envier.


SPEAK evasively (pos.)

122     When somebody asks mule about its father, it answers that its mother is the horse.


SPEAK about the God (pos.)

123     Talking about the God or X-objects is the virtue of men who are well disposed towards irresponsibility.


SPEAK few words (neg.)

124      Well, if somebody would begin to speak without thinking he could say many words.

125     I didn’t invent the wheel for talking.

126     Taciturn persons get less irritated. Do you wish to see some more irritated persons?


SPEAK in French (pos.)

127     Well, it is better to speak French than as a frog.


SPEAK about the future (neg.)

128     A person who doesn’t wishes to call you to be together wouldn’t talk with you about the future.


I SPEAK (pos.)

129     Is it good, if I will spill the water of my well on streets and squares?


I SPEAK (neg.)

130     I have an objection. I like my voice.


I SPEAK about oneself (neg.)

131     I like to speak only about clever persons.


I SPEAK with oneself (neg.)

132     I love to talk with the clever man.


I SPEAK to a woman (pos.)

133     I am not eunuch. I can’t make a long talk with a woman.


SPEAK inopportunely (pos.)

134     Yes. An inopportune speech is not bad one. After it a speaker could has a death without illness.


an interlocutor SPEAKS without deed (pos.)

135     You gouge a tub by your tongue. However you don’t break even a branch by your hands.


an interlocutor SPEAKS without a dialogue (pos.)

136     Your speech is good. I feel lightness, when I talk with the person, who can to talk for both.


an interlocutor SPEAKS inconsistently (pos.)

137     The talk with you is like playing chess without checks.


an interlocutor SPEAKS about X (pos.)

138     Your speech will sound better in an empty hall.


SPEAK about a justice (pos.) (see also justice)

139     If all people would speak about a justice, all people begin to think about the justice, and they will begin to quarrel with each other because injustice is found in each person without fail.


SPEAK without knowledge (pos.)

140     Butterfly, don’t discuss a snow.


SPEAK long time (pos.)

141     Everyone speaks just as you thinking. A long speech comes into existence when thoughts catch one another just as drowning men.

142    There is the law. When a lexical store becomes less, a speech becomes longer.

143     If people are working they talk when there is something to say. If they do nothing they talk without a break.

144     A long speech has the same effect for business as the long dress for walking.

145     All talkative people are very restrained. They speak in order to say nothing important.

146     Many speak much who cannot speak well.

147     A fool’s tongue is long enough to cut his own throat.


SPEAK long time (neg.)

148     They clear a paddy during a long time. Clearing the truth is more difficult operation. It needs more time and long talks.

149     They praise a tale for its duration.

150     It is good to lie briefly.


an ordinary man SPEAKS long time (pos.)

151     A fool thinks “my speech must be endless in order it would becomes undying”.


a rich man SPEAKS long time (pos.)

152     Yes, as one has stuffed his belly full, he croaks freely.

153     Usually, he who brought a present has a long speech. And what have you brought?

154     I understand you. A lasso is worth its length.


SPEAK about love (pos.)

155     Well, it is important to speak about love. It have the same importance as speaking about weather, which may be talk over in any time.


a male SPEAKS (pos.)

156     If talkativeness is the sign of women then a silence is the sign of manhood.


a male SPEAKS to a woman (pos.)

157     Well, a male could talk with a woman about many things, which she has not.

158     It seems to me that once you had a great regret because of the visit of a certain Smith who spent long time in your room, made his male dog’s deed and gone off without an explanation of the aim for this visit.


SPEAK about own misfortune (pos.)

159     I understand you. Many people speak about own misfortune before they will take strange things.


SPEAK about Moslem in a heap (neg.)

160     However, Moslems name “kafir” that means “defective” for whole nations if they are not Islamic.


SPEAK about own need (pos.) (see also ask, complain, necessary, request)

161     The man who considers listener as an idiot hides important fact from him. Nobody wants to help such an interlocutor. You said about your needs. But you do not explain important fact – what people need you?


an old man SPEAKS (neg.)

162     An old dog doesn’t bark in vain.


SPEAK about oneself (pos.)

163     -A person who speaks about oneself is like a barking dog.

     -The dog barks near own door.


SPEAK about the past (neg.)

164     A person who use past time in his discourse more frequently than other people is more trustworthy.


SPEAK quickly (neg.)

165     What give word after word on the spade for?


Have you a right to SPEAK it?

166     It may be spoken, but without this honest expression which you have.


SPEAK a secret (neg.)

167     If you intend to condemn somebody for divulging a secret, you must condemn the one, who was the first not to keep it and charged it to another person.

168     -Can you keep a secret?

     -Yes, I can.

     -I can keep secret, too.


SPEAK about own sex (pos.)

169     Clever people speak down to the chin, persons in love – down to the heart, foods – down to the stomach. He, who is worse than the food, speaks down to the ass.


SPEAK shortly (pos.)

170     A short speech is the good cover for dullard.

171     A short speech is bad. It needs the long proof.

172     All lovers of swearing are supporters of a short speech.


SPEAK shortly (neg.)

173     Revolutions were made rather by leaflets than by the big books.

174     Whole creation of the world was written by only about 600 words.


SPEAK to a society (pos.)

175     The mentally abnormal person always wants to express himself in crowded places.


a subordinate SPEAKS (pos.)

176     Bees that have honey in their mouths have stings in their tails.


SPEAK on the telephone (pos.)

177     I don’t love the perversion to talk with the voice which has not a body.


a thick man SPEAKS (pos.)   

178     -Do you want to become thin?


     -Open your mouth less often!


SPEAK a truth (pos.)

179     There is not benefit from any truth. There are many truths which cost ten dollars, but proves of them cost hundreds dollars.


SPEAK a truth by any way (pos.)

180     It is better to say, “You will more long-lived than your relatives” than “All your relatives will be died during your life”.


SPEAK about unworthy things (pos.)

181     Everybody opens own disease during his speech.


SPEAK about the useless thing (pos.)

182     What for speaking about that what will not be cooked?

183     Speaking about useless thing is as shooting by blank-fire charges.


SPEAK about own wife (neg.)

184     I’m not afraid to speak about my wife because of somebody knows her better than I know her.


a woman SPEAKS (pos.) 

185     I think Mona Lisa has one more cause t be famous. We never heard her speeches.


SPEAK about X (neg.)

186     The thief who stole a pig hears its squeal everywhere.


a young man SPEAKS (neg.)

187     Will a pearl becomes cheaper if it was got by a young diver?


dark SPECTACLES for a man (pos.)

188     A man falls in love by his eyes. What to cover them by condoms for?


pair of SPECTACLES for a subordinate (neg.)

189     It is better to wear glasses than go on working till death because of the lack of knowledge about where is the point of chief’s look?


SPECULATION (neg.) (see also gain, profit, trade)

190     Speculation is only a first aid for a tore chain between buyer and wares.



191     A speculator is the man, who studies the future and have time to act till its coming.


SPEND (neg.)

192     He, that burns most, shines most.

193     Better a little loss than a long sorrow.


SPEND for the sake of correction (neg.) (see also bribery, expenditure, pay)

194     It is better to oil a sore than to spend money for the sake of patty.


SPEND for the sake of defense and rescue (neg.) (see also bribery, care, defense)

195     It is impossible to be free without a defence.

196     Trying to save itself a beaver bites off its testicles.

197     No one can swim out holding on a burden.

198     Of course, an umbrella is costly. It’s much cheaper to get wet through.


SPEND for the sake of a distant thing (pos.) (see also distant)

199     First of all one should buy a house to live in.


reiterated SPEND (neg.)

200     Sometimes, it is better to throw one dollar some more into the water in order to go into the water not for one dollar.    


SPEND for the sake of scholar (pos.)

201     Scientists shouldn’t be paid much otherwise true scientists’ place would be taken by rascals.


SPEND for the sake of studies (neg.)

202     Trying to save your shoes you’ll never learn to dance.


SPIRITUAL exploit (pos.) (see also spiritual life)

203     Is it fair deed (act) – to take care of immortal soul and don’t take care of delicate body?

204     Your thirst of spiritual exploit is greater than such thirst of a miserable bosomed woman.

205               -I see. You aspire to a spiritual exploit. And you don’t wish to wipe up own ass.

               -Yes. I don’t wish to wipe up own ass incessantly.

206     He who considers that spiritual life has true value hide own spiritual life.


SPIRITUAL exploit (neg.)

207     If a person has strong spirit poverty urges him to spiritual exploit. Richness doesn’t spurn him from spiritual exploit, too.


SPIRITUAL life (pos.)

208     Some people take pride in their soul left matter. This pride is for nothing. As to a self-murderer his soul leaves matter as well.


SPIRITUAL life of Anglo-Saxon (pos.)

209     Russians look for a soul. Anglo-Saxons look for a body. If no one is there, Russians say “no a soul”, Anglo-Saxon say “nobody”.


SPIRITUAL life for a clergy (pos.)

210     A clergy wouldn’t be satisfied when a people would pay in the same spiritual coin for their spiritual work.


SPIRITUAL life during copulation (exist)

211     I feel something another. It is perversion to feel the warmth of human soul during copulation.


SPIRITUAL life of Jew (pos.)

212     Well, Jews have the greatest spiritual excuses for their own material needs.


SPIRITUAL life of an old man (pos.) (see also carnal, conceit, eternal, excited, spiritual exploit, join) 

213     All things – the hair, the eyes, the face fades in old age. There is a suspicion about the soul, too.


SPIRITUAL life of a poor man (pos.) (see also boon, conscience, elevated)

214     The spiritual life, which can show one’s force amidst the world of things, is stronger than which you think of.

215          -A rich man really grieves for the deceased, but not the expenditure of funeral, as the poor man does.

216          -It would be true if the level of greediness of a poor man was higher than the level of greediness of a rich man. But normal mind would never suppose it.


SPIRITUAL life of a poor man (lack)

217     If a man knows that the life will not give him possibility to receive gladness from an accumulation then he easily switches over to the receipt of gladness from spiritual life.


SPIRITUAL life of a woman (exist) (see also carnal, conceit, spiritual exploit)

218     Woman prefers looking through a curtain even at the heaven.

219     My conception to coincide with your ones. A woman, who has contacts with a man, contains also a part of his soul. So, a woman has more spiritual riches than virgin. {Hint: Penis’s feelings and thinking about him are important part of male’s soul.}


SPIRITUAL treasure (pos.) (see also eternal, merit, temporary, spiritual exploit)

220     I know these spiritual persons. They grant fans to the orphans.

221     Sense of humor is the greatest limiting thing against spiritual life. Do you have this sense, too?

222     A soul is not the thing for praising. It is into urinary bladder. Urinate! And your soul will feel some facilitation immediately.

223     I know spiritual joys, too. The greatest one is stroking my body.

224     The greatest hope to the spiritual life belongs to the ignoramus who doesn’t know yet that a corporal life could be more potent and intense than spiritual in any times.

225     I like reality. So, I prefer the things that may be measured.

226          -It is better to gather the beans on the earth than on the heaven.

          -You will be ill with your wind.


SPIRITUAL treasure (neg.)

227     Spiritual food doesn’t get out.

228     I see. Your weak mind defeated by your stomach.

229    A person without the soul is as the mountain without flowers.

230     I understand you: -Do you go to a temple with me? –No. The road is very dirty.

-And what about the drinking house? –It may well be that we can walk there along the dry hummock.


SPIRITUAL treasure of a poor man (neg.) (see also gain, philosophy, treasure)

231     They don’t conceal jewelry into the precious vessel.


SPIT in a back (pos.)

232     If a man is in advance then somebody may spit in his back only.


SPIT in front of the smoking man (neg.)

233     Do you think that the spitting by smoke is much better?


SPIT at a great man (pos.)

234     The capasity for a high spittle is the subject of dwarf for pride oneself.


SPONGING (neg.) (see also ask, cadging, conscience, free of charge, help, pay, persuade, philanthropy, protection, unemployment, work) 

235     Even Christ lives as a sponger.


SPONSORSHIP of a businessman (pos.) (see also alms, benefit, boon, care, endow, expenditure, free of charge, generosity, gift, give, help, philanthropy, sacrifice)

236     Who regards a financing with greater cynicism, than businessmen do it?



237     Well, a sport is the life. Especially, for animals. 

238     Well, a sport is the best deed among secondary ones.


SPY (pos.)

239     Is that good thing when one prostitute serves to another one? A secret service man and a politician just have such correlation.


SPY (pos., neg.)

240     Better a thousand microbes outside the body than one inside. 


SPY (neg.)

241     A secret service man doesn’t strive forward and can’t be send forward without humanity and justice to motherland.

242     Only such emigrant, who leaves his mother country for the sake of espionage, deserves to be respected.

243     It’s better to spy something one time than seeing it a thousand.


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