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STABLE (pos.)

244     The misery is more stable than the richness, but not better.


STALIN (neg.)

245     You, Jews, Hitler, Chechen and Crimean’s Tatar are a good company.



246     We don’t call one and the same things, as “Stalinism”. You call “Stalinism” only bad deeds which were in Stalin’s epoch, but I call “Stalinism” for all good and bad deeds of that time. Who stand nearer to the truth?


STAND on one’s feet (pos.)

247     Why you stand on your feet as if you trod upon a dollar?

248     Why you stand on your feet? Have you an opened bottle in your pocket?


STAND on one’s feet (neg.)

249     If you want to gallop, stand up on stirrups.


STAND injustice (neg.) (see also Christianity, cruelty, demand, justice, obedience, power, slavery)

250     To stand an injustice is better than to do it.


STANDARD (neg.) (see also exactness, law, normal, ordinary, outstanding)

251     Standard is the comfort for all people.


“STAR” (pos.) (see also ambition, cult, fall, glory, gratitude, idol, shining)

252     A star gives the least light of all.

253     I see. There is dandruff which alike the stars.

254     A near candle is brightly than a further star.

255     He who looks at the stars will have cleaned out pockets – cleaner than all the rest.

256     The true star must shines by all its parts. Is he (she) the true star?


“STAR” (neg.)

257     Yes, of course. Why should I look at the stars, when I have a possibility for looking into the pockets?


“STAR” of TV (pos.)

258     Sorry, nobody will invite me for TV. I have neither dandruff nor caries.


STATE (neg.)

259     Keep the weir as own fence.

260     Criminals benefit by the weak State. Such State often gives amnesties because of it have not enough means for punishment of criminals.


STATE for Anglo-Saxon (neg.)

261     Anglo-Saxons respect the notion “State” and write it with the great letter.


legal capitalist STATE (pos.)

262     I know this legal capitalist State. It spends thousand times greater for one judge than for one natural child.


STATELINESS (pos.) (see also ambition, exaggerate, greatness, honor, importance, majesty, modesty, pride)

263     Stateliness is the body’s trick to conceal the defects of the mind.

264     Dull Roman numerals have more stately appearance, than Arabic ones.



265     If a man wishes that some horror would attract somebody’s attention to the least degree, he conveys it by ciphers.

266     I know the statistics. Any person who can eat will not live.


small STATURE (pos., neg.)

267     The short has great comfort. He may sit on two pillows in the tank.


STAY-at-home (pos.)

268     A scorpion lives under every stone.

269     I feel you are ready to affirm that walls have a wholesome effect to a man, that walls treat him, that they do it in a house of mad men and in a prison.


STAY-at-home (neg.)

270     A man far from his good is near his harm.



271     Steadfastness is the incapability to think about the same subject twice.

272     Well, only staunchest person could sell own love by highest cost.

273     Marasmus is steadfast.



274     A puma is unsteady. A tortoise is steady.

275     A jump is an unstable position. However, sometimes it is necessary to jump.

276     A steady soul always has a value of its sins which is equal to the value of its good intentions. But I wish to have something better.



277     Shit is unsteady. It moves in according an incline.


STEAL (pos.)

278     He, that will steal a pin, will steal a better thing.


STEAL riches (pos.)

279     He that eats the king’s goose fears its feathers.


keep STEP (pos.)

280     To keep step, to step in shit.


There is only one STEP from something great to something ridiculous.

281     -So, I’d make it. (Make a step towards a person you are talking to.)


STEP by step (pos.)

282     What the love to do step by step, which was brought up by night sense of touch!


STEP by step (neg.)

283     Feather by feather, the goose is fit for your pleasure.


STIMULUS (pos.) (see also bribery, gain, profit, work)

284     Have you any need with a sharp stick, which has Greek’s name “stimulus”?


STINGINESS (pos.) (see also cadging, concession, generosity, niggardliness, thrift)

285     Stinginess is the art of making diligence sinful, power and name – disgraceful, death – horrible, heirs – ungrateful.

286     A stingy soul is not bigger than a pocket.



287     A fear of being considered a stinger is harmful for a herd.

288     An abuse against Gobsec’s stinginess is an abuse against a powerful source of imagination.

289     Wealth for a healthy man is alike a health for a sick man. A sick man is regret about a loss of health. A healthy man is regret about a loss of wealth.

290     A stingy person is stingy in all. He who is stingy with time merits the best praise.

Больному жаль терять здоровье, здоровому – богатство.


STINGINESS of a chief (pos.)

291     A stingy king wears the motley for oneself.


STINGINESS of a poor man (exist)

292     It is impossible! Stinginess just begins where poverty ends.



293     They couldn’t catch sweet words from the stinking mouth.



294     Close your mouth or something would to fetch up into it, too.



295     A putrid man doesn’t to feel a putrid smell.


STOCK (pos.) (see also addition, buy, enough, reserve, superfluous)

296     A humpback doesn’t condemn a reserve.

297          -Did you take a rail when you went to the wood?

          -What for?

          -For running away if you meet a wolf.

          -What is a rail for?

          -If the wolf is run down to you, throw the rail down and you’ll run much faster.

298     Only a light thing may be hung up the belt.

299     A bag is not the hindrance for a beggar.


STOCK (neg.)

300     Even a satisfied man takes a food for one’s way.

301               -The sated thinks he won’t be hungry.

               -And the hungry thinks he won’t satiate himself.

302     Even you wish to replace your brain with the intestines, which digest only what is needed and cast aside the unnecessary.


STOCK identical things (pos.)

303     Mrs. Kowalska had three water closets in Warsaw, but when the Germans came she got so frightened that defecated on the stairs.


STOCK of money (pos.) (see also money, save up)

304     Do you thinks, I should borrow money and lay it in a stock?


big STOMACH (neg.)

305     A stomach feed a man. He who hates it could look at his father and mother with hatred.


big STOMACH for a male (neg.)

306     Every male must has a shame and in the public places he must never leans against a woman by his own ovum.


big STOMACH of a poor man (neg.)

307     There is no poor man who can makes his own stomach so thin that only a red caviar may penetrate into it.


STOP (neg.)

308     Is the car which has not a brake better than in good repair one?


command “STOP!” (pos.)

309     You are the great general. You have a good pronunciation, “The train, stop! One, two!”    


STOP at once (pos.)

310     A sharp stopping is not so good. If there wasn’t sharp stopping people would already fly even if from upper floors.


Can you STOP talking?

311     Have you interest to opinion of the others?


STORM (neg.)

312     The sharper the storm, the sooner it’s over.

313     -Dead-wood fear a storm.

     -Also the greatest trees suffer damage from the storm.


funny STORY (pos.)

314     A funny story is the unimportant thing which pretends to be important.


funny STORY (neg.)

315     A funny story may put any thing into its own place. 


STRAGGLE for freedom (pos.)

316     You try for nothing. A person who feels interest to freedom is less free than a person who doesn’t feel such interest.


STRAIGHT away (pos.)

317      A man who strives to achieve a desired effect straight away will reaches out for vodka.

318     The Rome was not built straight away.

319     You need bees. You will take honey straight away from under their asses. Then you will break yourself of hurry.



320     A humpback dreams about the straightforwardness most of all.

321     If one wearing his kepi on one side he would has only one frostbitten ear.

322     It is easier to climb over a mountain ten times than to dig a straight underground passage.

323     The most dangerous going out from the marshland is the straight one.

324     They never go straight on the marshland. However, a life is more intricate thing.

325     A round earth is not the good place for looking of straightforwardness.

326     They tear oneself up to a new dimension by the crook of old ones.

327     They out down straight trees first of all.

328     What for the straightforwardness at the bent of the road?

329     Well, a straight way is shorter but the roundabout way is quicker.

330     He who has a straight way would stay overnight in the field.

331     He, who goes straight, couldn’t go far.

332     A straight thought quickly becomes a blind alley for the labyrinth of the life.

333     -There is less danger from the man who look for a ford. There is more danger when the man goes straight to us.

334     -It is good to make friend from the man who crossed the river to our bank without looking a ford. And we may make enemy without great danger for us from the man who looks for a ford .    



335     I never met a gone astray man on his straight way.

336     Well, nobody can to teach a pig to go along the road.

337     The ill trunk brings up long branches.

338     Even seven miles detour is easy for the mad dog.

339     Nobody can see far at a crooked road.

340     It is not so good to lean upon a crooked stick.

341     A straight cudgel is handy.

342     He who sat down on somebody’s horse wants to swing most of all.

343     They have a great speed on the straight street.

344     Why reach one’s nose over the back of one’s head?



345     Even a straight nail may be bent.

346     If a trunk is straight then its root is branchy. If a root is upright then it is creeping water-melon.

347     A straight stick is crooked in the water.

348     Straight trees have crooked roots.



349     I know you see it by curved surface of your eyes.



350     A smoke is upright even from the curved chimney.

351     Even a curved saber sheathes straight.

352     Crooked logs make straight fires.


STRAIGHTFORWARDNESS of a chief (exist)

353     Every curved river brags about its straightforwardness to a curved tiny brook.


STRAIGHTFORWARDNESS for enrichment (pos.)

354     It is necessary to bend a fish-hook for the sake of fishing.

355     It is better to eat apples of a curved apple-tree than cones of a straight fir-tree.

356     A straight finger cannot pick up much butter.


STRAIGHTFORWARDNESS for a great man (neg.)

357     Curvature is not for a main street.


STRAIGHTFORWARDNESS of a great man (exist)

358     Even the grand Nevsky prospect has turning.


STRAIGHTFORWARDNESS for an interlocutor (pos.)

359     I understand you. A straight cudgel is handy.

360     He who would has your simplicity and straightforwardness will hammer in forehead’s bump.



361     -A dog’s lust can to bend.

     -Well, a bitch stays straight and indifferently.



362     Well, a straight way is the shortest, but I am not in a hurry to pass away.


STRAIGHTFORWARDNESS of a neighbour (pos.)

363     Straight cypresses and fir-trees are injurious to a life of another kind of trees.


STRAIGHTFORWARDNESS for an old man (neg.)

364     An old ox makes a straight furrow.


STRAIGHTFORWARDNESS for an ordinary man (pos.)

365     A crow flies straight but it never been at overseas countries.

366     Straightforwardness and simplicity are the concession to a weakness of the mind.

367     A straightforward man is as a blind one. Both overthrow everything.


STRAIGHTFORWARDNESS of a subordinate (exist)

368     A fool plasters dog’s tail for nothing. It will not become straight.


STRANGE (pos.)

369     Don’t use else’s shoulder for your shot.

370     A hunter thinks “This forest has much game” if he never been there.

371     The goat fed in the strange garden. Then it took beating on own sides.


STRANGE (neg.)

372     However everyone strokes somebody else’s cat and beat one’s mouse.

373     A criminal has the more strictness to divide the world between the good one’s people and the bad strange people.

374     You complain that your mother lived with your native father and in contrary I would live with the strange fellow.

375     A brilliant shines by strange light.

376     A man who wakes up into strange bed gets coffee more often.


STRANGE (exist)

377     Well, it is strange. A man guzzles from the underneath neck, but a beer subsides from above.

378     It is not strange that it is necessary one shaft for a pair of horses and a pair shafts for one horse.


STRANGENESS of great man (neg.)

379     An ability to go without keeping step is the ability to hear the sounds of another march.

380     Yes. You are not strange. There are chock-a-block ordinary fools, who think that they never were strange. 


STRANGENESS of great man (exist)

381     Yes. N was born heels over head in contrast to you.


STRATIFICATION of society (pos.)

382     A great stratification of society diminish striving for good working, because of it is impossible get out of relative poorness or easy riches. So, growth of production becomes slower.



383     There is skill, not strength, that to govern a ship.



384     Policy goes beyond strength.

385     To be good and strong is more difficult act than to be good and weak. Well, you are smart.


STRENGTH of an old man (neg.)

386     An old flesh has more tendons.


STRENGTH of socialism (lack)

387     One German doctor wrote Hitler, that German couldn’t gain victory over socialist Russia (USSR) because of 90% Soviet seventeen years girls are virgins.


STRENGTH of a subordinate (exist)

388     There is the force to push oneself off the floor thirty times before the chief. 


STRICT (neg.)

389     To weaken the strictness means to weaken the striving for virtues.


STRICT law (pos.)

390     Strictness of law is always mitigated by failure to execute it.


STRIFE for me (pos.)

391     Poverty breeds strife, but I am not so poor.


STRIKE (pos.) (see also agreement, busy, consider, demand, obedience, wage, work)

392     They substitute rather girls of public house than its furniture.


STRIKE (neg.)

393     If workers are on strike and demands good conditions, well then they wish to work.



394     If a law would to bind a man to copulate with a naked woman but not to sit near the table then strip-tease would be loved by more healthy men.


STRIVING to glory (neg.) (see also achievement, aspiration, fate, glory, happiness, high, merit)

395     Striving for the glory is the strongest motive to honest and wise deeds.

396     Glory gives a chance to solve many present-day problems without asking of strange help. An aspiration to the glory is an aspiration to the self-dependence.


my STRIVING to glory (neg.)

397     I wish facilitate your life. People render services great person easily and with pleasure.


STRIVING to greatness (pos.)

398     The snake couldn’t swallow the elephant.


STRIVING to a wealth (pos.) (see also pursuit to a happiness, wealth)

399     One mouse had a great striving to a wealth. It mined, mined … and had exit near a cat’s nose.


STRONG (pos.)

400     What to drive a strong nail in ashes for?

401     Even a good cramp can’t strengthen curds.

402     Unbreakable toys break plates and dishes.

403     A prison is strong. Who aspires into it?

404     I see. A cobble-stone breaks the pearl.

405     A strong stone falls. This is its weak side. A frail bird flies up. This is its strong side.


STRONG (neg.)

406     If a bow-string is strong, the arrow will have the long way.     

407     Who makes a saber from a thick felt?


STRONG (exist)

408     They rip even a strong seam.

409     Well, N has a strong patience and he is rich by poverty.


STRONG for enrichment (neg.)

410     Gold is in stones and amidst them.

411     Wonderful sounds to appear only from strong strings.


STRONG for a great man (pos.)

412     Cat-glass ware has a great cost because it is fragile.


STRONG of a great man (exist)

413     Even an iron rod may be bent by the wind.


STRONG for an ordinary man (neg.)

414     A fool makes the post from straw.


STRONG of an ordinary man (pos.)

415     A small thing becomes stronger when somebody inflates it.



416     According to laws of the nature, a struggle condemns to perish one from a pair. However, the both will be condemned to it if there is no struggle.


STRUGGLE against an evil (pos.)

417     An evil becomes more refined and cultivated in its deeds when they struggle against it without eradication.


STUBBORNNESS of a woman (lack)

418     Swine, woman, and bees cannot be turned.


STUDIES (neg.)

419     The flow of thoughts without studies has insufficient distinction with the studies without the flow of thoughts.


dangerous STUDIES (neg.)

420     They learn to fly by falling.


STUDIES for great man (pos.) (see also knowledge)

421     Good learners are the bad creators.

422     An eagle never loses so much time as in the case, when it agrees to be apprenticed to a parrot.

423     Bent for learning has not a limit only for those, who may not ably to be expressed.


STUDIES for happiness (neg.)

424     He who studies will be happy. Studies give a forestalling knowledge which forestalls misfortunes.


STUDIES with the help of a great man (pos.) (see also aid, help, past)

425     There is no course of studies how to become unique.

426     One doesn’t care of whom he was saved, - by great man or by unknown one. How should try to get the knowledge which famous people give?

427     Excuse me, but a perfect teacher deserves the perfect learners.

428     Even little ants don’t follow after the great elephant hoping to get some benefit.


long STUDIES (neg.)

429     Ten years are few for training of good deed. One day is enough for training of bad one.


paid STUDIES (pos.)

430     Paid studies make that universities may be packed by fools.


STUDIES at the university (pos.)

431     He who didn’t study at the university makes laws in according with own mind.


STUDIES by working (pos.)

432     It is impossible to obtain complete knowledge about circle by turning of meat-chopper.


STUDIES in the youth (neg.)

433     He who did not sowed in a spring starves during a winter.

434     A day is lost after a late awakening. A life is lost without studies in the youth.


STUTTER (neg.)

435     Stutters are clever and freethinking people. They can seek out a substitution for each word of their speech.

436     The more somebody thinks about stranger men and own impression on them, the more his stuttering.

437     A stutter couldn’t be a bad man. He wouldn’t be evil in order he doesn’t wish look ludicrous.

438     A stutter is trustworthy. This is the man who answers at once by according the first feelings of his soul.

439     The harder stuttering, the more trust to words of stutter.



440     Stuttering is the way to silence. And a silence is the best way to the peace of mind.



441     What to do “paws on the chest” for?


SUBMISSION (pos., neg.)

442     There is submissiveness for concealment of dangerous plan.



443     One must be a servant before one can be a master.


SUBMISSIVENESS of a believer (exist)

444     Believers are the most unruly people. Even the God is their servant. They believe in the God because of He acts in their favour.


SUBMIT to a chief (pos.)

445     -Do you like to work with dullard?


     -One can easy made them to go to any direction.

446     Understand the situation. There are many chiefs for me. They were. They are and they will 447     It is impossible they would be eaten even by the elephant’s ass. But I am only one. It is impossible to obey everyone.


SUBMIT to a junior chief (pos.)

448     A bear is not a servant for master’s dog.


SUBMIT to everyone (pos.)

449     He who submits to everyone is not properly suited for someone.


SUBMIT to parents (pos.)

450     Even Christ didn’t goes to his mother by her first call.


girl SUBMIT to parents (neg.)

451     If a girl couldn’t obey her parents, then could she obey her husband?


SUBMIT to society (neg.)

452     All member of a pack wag tails and bark.


SUBMIT to somebody right away (pos.)

453     Don’t jerk your feet until you are not on a horse.



454     People esteem a dog in according their respect to its owner.

455     They praise hens that lay on their plates first of all.



456     Nobody outruns own crutch till now.

457     If a shepherd is the fool then his dogs are fools, too.

458     Even a blind horse has right direction if one who can see sits on the cart.

459     He who pays least of all complains most of all.

460     It is easy to spit downwards. Let attempt to spit upwards.

461     A bad fisherman always scolds one’s fishing-tackle.

462     -A tree begins drying from its top.

     -It is because of it has bad roots.

463     They begin sweep stairs from its upper step.

464     Scissors cut in according master’s mode.

465     A foolish prince has foolish servants.

466     If a sitting priest serves a mass, then a flock to pray in lying position.

467     If Lady-Superior drinks from a wine-glass then her sisters drink from scoops.

468     You see only suffering of the man who peeling on onion. And you don’t see suffering of the onion.

469     Very often, a man, who wishes to be a good man for his chief, must becomes the scoundrel.

470     They make an ordered thing in according with their respect to the customer.

471     Chasing scoundrels cry lauder than those who are chased.

472     Once a goat was standing on a roof and scolded a wolf. The wolf answered, “You didn’t scold me for yourself. Your place scolds me”.

473     A foolish fisherman’s widow accuses an ocean but not the wind.

474     It is good that the fool works together with you but not to treat or to teach your children.

475     Some gentries demand so excellent virtue from their servants that I can say they are not deserve to be servants by themselves.

476     -A subordinate resembles the pedestrian. A chief resembles horseman. Is not it?

     -Yes, it is.

     -A cavalrymen are fond of a joke, “The foot, don’t raise dust!”


many SUBORDINATES (pos.)

477     A boat would be drown because of there are many rowers in it.



478     They arrange the contest in obedience for dogs but not for men.

479     Do you know that you praise such childish qualities as an obedience, suggestibility and trustfulness before the grown man?

480     Subordination appears if people want to live one at the expense of another but not each with other.

481     If you want to have a servant for any time, let you become a servant for yourself.

482     Do you wish that a man becomes a weathercock which always turns at the pointed out side?

483     Subordination is the enemy of inquisitiveness. In the final analysis, it is the enemy of knowledge.

484     Stay far from a subordination, because of it is the unbelief in own forces.   



485     It is better to submit to the clever man than to govern fools.

486     A nought (zero) is not dependent on anybody.

487     I see. Hatred and envy prevent subordination from.



488     A horseman will go on feet if he trusts horse’s quiet.

489     Assume that I am your servant. However, you are the servant of my servants because of I conquered vain passions but they conquered you.


SUBORDINATION (exist, lack)

490     A parrot is sure that all prompting people who stay around it are its servants.


SUBORDINATION as a child before his parents (pos.)

491     I am not a child. They who feed me are not my parents.


SUBORDINATION to circumstances (neg.)

492     If a cell of organism stops to live according the law of organism then the cell is ill. Then an organism treats such cell in order it corresponds to it or kill it.


SUBORDINATION forever (pos.)

493     A good horse doesn’t become bad if it threw its rider.


SUBORDINATION to the God (pos.)

494     It seems to me the God ruling animals better than a people. What to destroy own human nature and to be as animal again for?


SUBORDINATION to an order (pos.)

495     If a man came into a prison and he is not subordinates its orders then he is the king.


SUBORDINATION to the religion (pos.)

496     A boring may overpowers any man. One may be subordinate to any religion in order to have no listening of somebody’s agitation to its end.


total SUBORDINATION (pos.)

497     I’m still thought only necromen like a total subordination. Now, I see you side with them.


a male’s SUBORDINATION to a woman (pos.)

498     A woman must moves apart her legs in order to sit down on male’s neck.


SUBSTITUTE (pos.) (see also best, equality)

499     A thirst doesn’t ask for bread.

500     I understand a dream of old dog about artificial dentures. It wishes bite still.

501     Do you seek five-cent coins for your one-cent coin?

502     He who changes his pillow will not get rid of the headache.

503     No one cuts one lap for the sake of patching another ones.

504     It is a good substitute. A chain is better than the stocks.

505     It may be substituted only by vodka.



506     I see. You got accustomed to substitute only vodka for any thing.

507     It is not a pursuit after the criminal, when the grease must not be substituted.



508     A drum can muffle an orchestra but not substitute it.

509     They don’t try to sing by their asses when they strained their voices.

510     Very often, a mother-in-law says to a daughter-in-law, “Stop milling! Take a rest with sewing”.

511     A box will not substitute a pillow.

512     One never asks, “Where is the nearest lift?” when he is into stuck one?

513     Sometimes, a nightdress finds itself near the neck but it never substitutes a scarf.



514     They clean themselves and put out a fire not only by water, but by sand, too.

515     One can obtains butter even when he breeds hens by breeding.

516     It is not so bad to eat a pastry instead the bread.


SUBSTITUTE to a chief (lack)

517     A holy place is never empty.


SUBSTITUTE to a great man (exist) (see also equality)

518     You are not alone. Any killer is recognized that there is not a substitute for some person.     


SUBSTITUTE to a great man (lack)

519     Even if a cock is dead, nobody will eat bacon with bristles.

520     A distinguishing feature of irreplaceable person is his inclination to the extortion.

521          -N needs putting his finger into the cup filled with water.


          -To learn what will be left, when N takes his finger out.

522     A person who thinks that he may be without the others errors. A person, who thinks, that the others can’t be without his, errors much more.

523     It seems that if N would be absent then they will see that there is not a need to substitute him by somebody at all.


SUBSTITUTE a lover (pos.)

524     One substituted ten wives and accused all of barrenness.


SUBSTITUTE a mode (pos., neg.)

525     What to crawl on water and to swim on sand for?


SUBSTITUTE a part (pos.)

526     They never substitute boots one by one.


SUBSTITUTE quantity for quality (pos.) (see also influence of quantity, quality)

527     Even ten plain women can’t substitute a beautiful one.

528     Even the hundred baths can’t substitute a swimming path.

529     Even a hundred stars couldn’t substitute the moon.


SUBSTITUTE without a stop (pos.)

530     Don’t substitute a wheel of rolling wagon.

531     Don’t catch hold of another horse when you are in the middle of the river.

532     Don’t change your saddle when you are in the middle of the river.


SUBSTITUTE a subordinate (pos.)

533     You are as a husband who pushed aside all his wives because “All of them are unavailing”.


SUBSTITUTE a subordinate (neg.)

534     If a chief appreciates zeal he would more often substitutes new subordinate for the old one.



535     You couldn’t understand it because of this understanding is beyond your power.


SUCCESS (pos.) (see also achievement, availability, foretell, gratitude, luck, merit, progress, purposefulness, reward)

536     The one, who never had success, has the most veneration for success.

537     A success inculcates the taste upon a success itself. And life takes the line of least resistance. But in its turn the least resistance accompany only affairs (pursuits) which are lacked of nobility.

538     The greatest disdain for success is suggestion by the thought, “What is the great cost one must pay for success!”

539     Success is a sign of cruelty also.


SUCCESS (neg.)

540     I am not professional killer. I don’t think about, how I can have my saving in the case of success?


SUCCESS (exist)

541     A rocket flies up even when its apparatus burning.


SUCCESS (lack)

542     Lacking a fall into delusion about some success is the success all the same.

543     However, today we are nearer to our aim than we were yesterday.    


SUCCESS at any cost (pos.)

544     War brings up a man to be mean. It proves "Any thing is good if it leads to the victory".


SUCCESS for a creative man (pos.)

545     Success is not the most alluring thing. Putting into practice own plan may be more alluring thing.


SUCCESS for a great man (pos.)

546     A servant adapts oneself to the clauses of success very quickly. But success adapts oneself to the clauses of true man not so quickly.

547     Rembrant was declared bankrupt and had poor life in his old age.


obligatory SUCCESS (pos.) (see also damage)

548     An obligatory of good luck is the demand of hired worker only.

549     Decent person would be ashamed to take a work, which has definitely happy-ended. He would be shamed by this choice.

550     Who promise a corn shoots to the sewer, a landing stage to a sailor, a faithful wife to her husband, respectful children to their father?

551     A chance has a caprice, but not the habits.


permanent SUCCESS (neg.)

552     It is necessary longing for permanent success. Permanent success converts even a robber into the respected gentleman.

553     Hickering lights increase darkness.


prompt SUCCESS (pos.)

554     A sieve, which has the gold grains, must be shaken during a long time.

555     A payment from the contemporaries doesn’t appear earlier than the glory from the descendants.

556     Barnard Show was expelled from publishing houses 33 times, and author of Garry Potter - 8 times. 


SUCCESS of a pupil (pos.)

557     Great Russian poet Pushkin was the 26-th out of the 29 students according to the progress review.


small SUCCESS (neg.)

558     Small victories train a man to take character of the victor more quickly.

559     Even one step in a battle is equal a path of ten years.


visual SUCCESS (pos.)

560     They make visual aids only for fools. The fool can understand something only with the help of visual aids.


well-deserved SUCCESS (lack) (see also gratitude, merit)

561     I understand you. It is difficult to blame oneself because of own ill success. It is earlier to talk about undeserved success of others.



562     They don’t drink whey after milk.

563     What to eat mustard after a tea for?

564     They sit down at first. They stretch feet afterwards.

565     Don’t use an axe after the shaving-knife! Don’t use a foot-cloth after the towel!

566     They never mount a wall after the roof.



567     He begins his dinner with soap, even if the remainder of his life is short.


SUFFERING (pos.) (see also pain)

568     I know men who longing for own suffering. Very often, they are men who longing for vengeance.



569     Any pain is the indicator of deviation from a law.

570     What to condemn the faithful servant, who warning us against harmful influences for?

571     Suffering is like a cloud, which is black, when it is far, and which is grey, when it is over your head.

572     A life which has no suffering is like the death most of all.

573     We must suffer much or die young.

574     Who fears to suffer, suffers from fear.

575     Mickle must a good heart thole. (“Mikle” means “much”. “Thole” means “suffer”)

576     Suffering is the motive to an action.


SUFFERING from enrichment (neg.)

577     He, who picks up sloe, shall prick his fingers.


SUFFERING for an interlocutor (pos.)

578     I see. You are an idler. A man begins less influence world, when he begins to suffer or enjoy. 


my SUFFERING (pos.)

579     My suffering is for nothing. Sufferings improve only bad men.


great SUFFERING of a saint (exist)

580     Holding one’s tongue is the great suffering. Who is from saints could hold one’s tongue?



581     He who has more knowledge has less suggestibility.



582     A man who has abnormal behaviour has not a suggestibility.


auto-SUGGESTION for me (pos.)

583     An auto-suggestion is not the thing for me. I have no need to suggest “She is not my wife!” myself.


SUICIDE (pos.)

584     A self-murderer doesn’t understand the laughableness of situation when a gambler who saws bad playing-cards jumps out of table.

585     I’ll have less objection against a suicide if a self-murderer would licks clean saucer after his drinking of poison.

586     He who experienced only grief would wishes to prolong his life for the sake of sole pinch of happiness. On contrary, he who experienced very much happiness would to wish a suicide because of a pinch of grief. The blockaded Leningrad has the least quantity of suicides.

587     He who is necessary to others feels meaning of life best of all.

588     It needs more mind for living than dying.


SUICIDE (neg.)

589     Everyone has the right to leave own home when it pestered him.

590     Good medicine must helps to leave a life in the same easy way as it helps to enter this life.

591     What to spoil such “beautiful” life by own presence for?

592     If you wish to ban suicides then begin from putting a ban on leaving of show. Persons who leave show have less both suffering and causes.

593     A sadist-inspector which tortures a man negatively regards its suicide. He considers it as own spoilage.

594     If a man burnt own wish for life before the beginning of own physical death it means he lived unjust life. The just man always wishes to continue own just life.


SUICIDE of a great man (neg.)

595     He who lost one’s mind values his own life most of all.


SUICIDE of a husband (pos.)

596     What to give occasion mother-in-law to asserts that she was right in the end for?


SUICIDE for an interlocutor (pos.)

597     Do you hurry become a part of those, who made your life unbearable?

598     If you wish to be mistaken then have the mistake which is in favour of life.


SUIT of low (pos.)

599    A lean agreement is better than a fat judgment.


The SUN will rise!

600     There is a bottom under the water, but he who drowning cannot be happy for this knowledge.


SUNBURN (pos.)

601     I see you have a great wish to approximate yourself to the station’s prostitutes by the sunburn.


SUPERFLUOUS (pos.) (see also take so much)

602     Having more than enough encourages carelessness, which leads to poverty.

603     The sculpture of Mikelangello is the work of the man who chopped off all superfluous material.



604     A pan must be hotter than cooking soup.

605     A meal without a rest is the meal, which doesn’t give satiety.


SUPERINTENDENCE for the riches (neg.) (see also care, defense, fear, trouble)

606     Even a staunch dog would eat master’s sausages when left without superintendence.

607     He who doesn’t look after one’s property is an assistant of a thief.


SUPERIORITY (pos.) (see also compare, competition, equality, majesty, modesty, perfection, priority, superman)

608     Usually, one who sits at the first place must pay taxi-driver for all other passengers.

609     Usually, an excellent pupil has not a joy of living, cheerfulness and vitality of the loafers.

610     Among lame men the first is all the same lame man.

611     A mind, which wishes to have a priority at all, is easily carried away by any nothing, because of it wishes to have priority at any trifles, too.

612     A fool’s dream is to be the first everywhere. Most easily he manages to the first for a death.



613     Has a herdsman told you that a leader must be behind?



614     A horse-radish is not sweeter than the black radish.

615     A cool is not whiter than the soot.

616     Nobody can jump to above oneself.

617     Nobody can to step one’s foot above the footstep.

618     Very often, he who never saw all wives says that his wife is the best.

619     A blind man doesn’t dreams more often than one who can see.

620     Many weeds overgrow the corn.



621     An opinion of the shit, that the violets smell better than the shit only, is not a true, even if the shit has this opinion.                               


SUPERIORITY of a chief (exist)

622     Yes. The goat, which stands on a mountain, can say, “I am greater than the deer”.


SUPERIORITY over a chief (pos.) 

623     What one must run ahead of locomotive for?

624     What excel pope in Catholicism for?


SUPERIORITY over a chief (exist)

625     A donkey stands at first, when he was driving into the stall by herdsman.

626     A branch is never thicker than the stem.


SUPERIORITY of an elder man (exist)

627     A generation is suspicious if it affirms that it is cleverer than the previous ones and has more wise than subsequent.


SUPERIORITY in everything (exist)

628     Do you want to say that the God kissed every N’s point?


SUPERIORITY of a great man (exist)

629     An ace is not the best card for any game.

630     The ace is… Продолжение »

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