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TACT (pos.)

1     Well, any attempt to force a man to an admission of his defeat is tactless.


TAKE (pos.) (see also availability, economize, gift, give)

2     There are so much squeals instead of the wool during clipping a pig.


TAKE (neg.)

3     A thing, which takes even a bad river, becomes the great and limped ocean.


TAKE a chance (CHANCE) (neg.) (see also gain, help, possibility)

4     It is foolishness to furl sails with fair wind.


TAKE smth. by force (pos.) (see also arms, power)

5     The dog tears but doesn’t live in satiety.


TAKE smth. by force (neg.)

6     I see. You wish to make an orphan from every person. An orphan has right to take some things for himself only if it lie on the earth.


TAKE smth. from under strange hands (neg.)

7     What we have different natures! If someone took something from under my hands, I don’t remember it. But if someone took something from under your hands, you remember it.


TAKE so much (pos.) (see also account, greediness, superfluous)

8     A greedy small mouth may take more than a big stomach.

9     Is it necessary to tie to your belt thing that you can’t lift?

10     He who takes much vitamin takes them from chemist’s shop.


TAKE so much (exist)

11     A pot couldn’t scoop water from a sea more than from the lake.


TAKE smth. from a poor man (pos.)

12     Would you like to milk an ox?


TAKE smth. from a rich man (pos.) (see also alms, divide, possibility)

13     I feel you are ready take luxuriant flowers of suspicious-provenance bouquet to your nose.


TAKE strange thing (pos.)

14     One may be forced to jump down from somebody else’s horse even in the slush.

15     He who wishes to eat somebody else’s bread may be forced to wash even one’s back.


TAKE strange thing (neg.)

16     A dress of someone becomes own already by the evening.


TALE (neg.)

17     I don’t see the difference between a tale and one’s own knowledge of life which was told many times.


dreadful TALE (neg.)

18     Tales must be dreadful. They must prepare a child for reading newspapers.


TALE of experienced warrior (pos.)

19     I like listening to an old experienced kamikaze.


TALENT (pos.) (see also peculiarity, skill, superiority)

20     One can reach some places by limping, but not by the great jump.


TALENT (exist)

21     The Moon can be seen more distinctly than the Sun.

22     The illiterate surprises when somebody reads upside down book.

23          -And yet you’re still lacking abilities.

          -What are abilities?

          -For instance, the ability to show to the others the same sincere, constant, forgiving love, that you show to yourself.


TALENT (lack)

24     A worm can’t see a bird in the sky.

25     One possessing only gold often finds oneself in difficult situations.

26     Yes. A talent has the limits. There is no limit for the foolishness.

27     Lighthouse is for those in the distance. But for those near by, it is not needed.

28     Would the nightingale sing his song if he sat among crows?

29     A bat doesn’t know everything about the Sun.

30     To understand person has the gifts, you must to be born gifted, too.

31     To recognize abilities one needs the ability to recognize.

32     Usually, heavenly bodies are only noticed after their eclipse.

33     A burning candle doesn’t illuminate itself.

34     A sitting man will never know how far a walking man has gone.

35     If Rafael would be born without hands you would considered him to be a man without talent.

36     Van Gogh didn’t sell even a single painting during his lifetime.

37     Common talk about Bakh arose in Europe only after hundred years from his death, when even his grave was lost already.


TALENT in all aspects (pos.) (see also error, genius for ever)

38     An eagle can’t to chase the flies.

39     A hen can fly up the roost better than a Firebird can.

40     It’s better to just be sexy than bisexual.

41     It’s difficult to do something great and something mean at the same time.

42     There are not all creatures, which swimming, have ability for water take-off.


TALENT in all aspects (neg.)

43     Sugar is sweet on all sides.


TALENT of an ancient man (lack)

44     If we continue along your line of logic then you would say that in ancient times there were no great physicists just as in times of peace there are no great commanders.


bodily TALENT (pos.) (see also carnal, force, join, manual labor, spiritual, temporary)

45     He who has a longest fingers doesn’t eat most of all.


my TALENT (lack)

46     I don’t wish to cast the pearls of my talent everywhere.

47     My gift is so wise that it is not a stool pigeon, which would rob me of peace.


TALENT of poor man (lack)

48     Vocation can best be identified by a sacrifice of peace and wellbeing.

49      When a pickpocket sees a saint, he notices only the pockets.



50     The thing that you using is so simple and humdrum. I listened it is necessary to pub two fire-engines against each other in order to receive the bright happiness.


precious stone as a TALISMAN (pos.)

51     N merits rather the brick as his talisman.


TALK with a chief (pos.)

52     The greater chief, the more banal talk is with him.

Чем выше начальник, тем пошлее разговор с ним.


TALK in a family (neg.)

53     Ceasing of talks is the sign of ceasing of love.

Прекращение разговоров – примета прекращения любви.


TALK about a great man (pos.) (see also compare)

54     I understand you. Miserable men become greater when they criticize or praise great men.


TALK for a great man (pos.) (see also frankness, lie, silence, sincerity)

55     They know about value of the bull not by its bellowing.

56     Talkative birds don’t fly highly.

57     Talks establish community of the people. The greater person, the more less his talks.


TALK with a great man (pos.) (see also follow, intercourse, sincerity)

58     I talked with a rich man, but I didn’t get any rich.


TALK with an inattentive man (pos.)

59     No reason to talk with the man who hasn't good positive attention to words of another one.

Какой смысл говорить с человеком, у которого нет внимания к словам другого человека?


TALK about an insignificant subject (pos.)

60     Even a talk about trees may be a crime if it keeps silence about bestiality of forest’s inhabitants.


TALK with a monk (pos.)

61     It is better to listen a merchant. He would wishes a centenary life for you. On contrary, a monk would wishes to have feeling of dying hundred times in a day for you.


TALK about N (pos.)

62     The great men discuss ideas, the average ones – events, the others – persons.


TALK with me about non-existent things (pos.)

63     This non-existent thing is nothing for me. Let us talk about ghosts.


TALK for an ordinary man (pos.) (see also intercourse, lie, listen, silence)

64     There is more noise from copper than from gold.

65     Sparrow chirps more often than a goose, but its eggs are small.

66     An incomplete vessel gurgling loudly.

67     There is many lightning in the drought-afflicted year. A barren cow moos more often.

68     Somebody buzzing very much but don’t give a honey.

69     If you would have as much intellect as speeches, you won’t speak so much.

70     If a frog wouldn’t croak, it will burst.

71     Bleating sheep attracts wolfs.

72     He who has not interest to hear himself, talk with the others.


TALK for an ordinary man (neg.)

73     A fool, who is saying about things, which he saw or heart, is better than a wise man, who is keeping silent about things, which he knew.

74     I see. You judge talking by your experience. The less your speech, the less foolish thoughts will be heard by the others.


TALK with a strange man (pos.)

75     He who has good friends doesn’t like to talk with a strange person.


TALK with a subordinate (neg.)

76     He, who wants to draw some head to own side, draws by its ear.



77     A long tongue is a sign of a short hand.

78     Sex begins with a talk. The more talkativeness, the more sexativeness.

79     Life is a road. One begins sing for the sake of encourage oneself.


TALKATIVENESS of an old man (lack)

80     When the teeth fall out, the tongue wags loose.


TALKATIVENESS of a woman (neg.)

81     Well, women have talk more than males. They have need to repeat many words twice or thrice to males.


TALL man (pos.)

82     Dinosaurs died out quickly.

83     A small sparrow jumps even in its old age.

84     Any chief thinks that a tall man looks at him by unnatural mode.

85     Bows pester a tall man to no inconsiderable degree.

86     I haven’t so powerful rumbling that I wish to grow much more.

87     The higher stature of man, the stronger wind, that whistles in his head.

88     A man is not that material which is measured by metres.


TALL man (neg.)

89     Everyone would may to be tall, if he would defecated some less.

90     The word “clown” descends from German word “klein” which means a “little”.


like a TANK (pos.)

91     If you would conduct yourself as a tank then a penis would appeared on your forehead.


TASTE (pos., neg.)

92     There is no accounting for tastes.


TASTY (pos.)

93     A food is one of the most unfair things. A pleasure in a pastry lasts one minute. Its use lasts three hour. A shame for fat sides lasts long time.


TATTOO (pos.)

94     Tattoo is the permanent evidence of a temporary insanity.


high TAX (pos.) (see also account, exploitation)

95     Is it necessary to eat both fish and fisherman?


high TAX (neg.)

96     It is necessary to pay for happiness.


high TAX (exist)

97     If taxed were really grave, the rich would not seek new expensive goods – this special tax laid for the rich.


high TAX for the rich (neg.)

98     Rich men also must demonstrate that they are organizers of prosperity. If they couldn’t demonstrate it by visual way then let they show it abstractly by money.


by TAXI (pos.) (see also comfort)

99     I am proud of N. N would be seen only by a driver into the taxi, but there are many people into a bus (tram) for it.


TEA-drinking at a working place (neg.)

100     A doctor prescribed me a peppermint tea in each two hours. I am drinking it.


packages TEA (pos.)

101     I don’t like there condoms.


TEACH (pos.)

102     Don’t teach fisherman’s sun to eat a fish.

103     Don’t teach a fish to swim.

104     Don’t teach a lame man to limp.

105     Brought water couldn’t remain in the well.

106     He who wishes to teach somebody rightly should make a careful study of his learner. So, study N first of all. Study his needs and wishes.


TEACH (neg.)

107     A man teaches even bears.

108     A teacher has the most quantity of stimulus for becoming a beautiful man.


TEACH a child hardly (pos.)

109     First of all parents must be learnt to feel their own value without value of their children.


parents TEACH a child be true (pos.)

110     Very often parents teach children that liers have a bad end. Then they dying.


TEACH a drunk-man (pos.)

111     It is not so shame to be drunk. It is more shame to teach a drunk-man.


TEACH a great man (pos.)

112     Don’t teach Buddha a prayer.


TEACH a fool (pos.)

113     It is impossible to inflate a fife. It is impossible to teach a fool.

114     An education of a fool is equal a treatment of a humpback.

115     They sharpen an obtuse forged thing without effect. They teach a foolish man with the same effect.

116     An order to teach fools suggests depression to clever head.

117     He who wakes a sleeping man will be scolded.

118     Don’t teach a stone to swim.


TEACH a fool (neg.)

119     There is no a rough board that it is impossible to write something on it.


woman TEACH a male (pos.)

120     You are so right that you became a model male in my eyes.


TEACH an old man (pos.)

121     An old dog will not get accustomed to the collar.

122     Eggs, don’t teach a hen!

123     Don’t teach a grandfather to cough.


TEACHER (pos.)

124     A good teacher is not a person, who teaches, but this is a person that others learn from him successfully.

125     Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.

126     Well. As for a smart man, also the fool and enemy may be the good teacher for him.


TEACHER (neg.)

127     There is no a bad teacher. There are bad pupils. Many of them are not satisfied by three or all four teachers such as Christ, Mohammad, Buddha and Lao-Thzi.


TEAR (pos.)

128     Tears are not the fence against troubles.


TEAR (neg.)

129     Nothing dries sooner than tears.


TEASE (pos.)

130     A mouse which wishes to die snaps the cat’s tail.


TEASE for physical defect (pos.)

131     He, who teases others for their physical defects, could to beat their faces without doubt.


healthy TEETH (pos.)

132     A clean and healthy teeth lead to an augmentation of ass.


fortune-TELLING (pos.)

133     Blind purchasers ask a blind seller.


fortune-TELLING for a poor man (pos.)

134     A poor man doesn’t leave the fortune-teller.


hot TEMPER (pos.)

135     They never bake bread into the fiery oven.

136     Very often, a lack of coldness is the more danger shortage than the lack of hot temper.

137     What the hot temper for? A vengeance will has better taste after cooling.

138     He who burned is a “candle end”. He who never burned is a “candle”.

139     The “head” of a burning candle will be cut.

140     Don’t use a poker’s hot end for own hands.

141     Fire is a good servant but it is the bad king.


hot TEMPER (neg.)

142     There is no mosquito, which intends to sit down on boiling water.

143     Only cold-blooded animals are poisonous.


hot TEMPER for an interlocutor (neg.)

144     Do you urinate by boiling because of your hot temper?


hot TEMPER for an interlocutor (neg.)

145     I understand your temper. A vengeance will has better taste after cooling.


hot TEMPER of an ordinary man (pos.)

146     Well, N has the same power as a cheap home-brewed beer. Nobody could stop it when it begin run over the edge of the bottle.

147     A straw stack catches fire earlier than the palace.

148     A weak person is hot-tempered most of all. He is unable to resist strange influence.


hot TEMPER for a rich man (pos.)

149     Sandal wood doesn’t give much heat.


hot TEMPER for a rich man (neg.)

150     A satisfied glutton who averts his face from dainty dishes most of all resembles the person who has not hot temper.


become TEMPERED by cold (pos.)

151     A hardened herdsman dresses a felt cloak even for a fine day.


TEMPLE (pos.)

152     If the God is everywhere then a man doesn’t need a temple.


big TEMPLE (pos,)

153     The pagoda which doesn’t hide mountains is more beauty.


Moscow’s TEMPLE of Christ-Saviour (pos.)

154     Well, the Moscow’s temple of Christ-Saviour is more profitable place than an open-air swimming-bath that stayed in this place earlier formerly because the haggling with the highest increase of price is in this temple.


new TEMPLE in Russia (pos.)

155     A thing couldn’t be beautiful if it was built with the help of repulsive combination of old women’s pennies and criminal’s bundles of dollars.


rich TEMPLE (pos.)

156     They raise splendid temples for the sake of God’s glory only when His glory and omnipotence are not so evident without this rich temples.


use a TEMPLE for the aims of unbelievers (neg.)

157          -Believers use somebody else’s things for their own needs, too.

          -What are the things?

          -They use songs of unbelievers.


TEMPORARY (pos.) (see also eternal)

158     Your passion for the temporary is like buying a Rembrandt that is given a three years guarantee of authenticity.



159     What eat for? A hungry will come in any case.

160     The sun shines only from time to time, but nobody refuses it.

161    They don’t stop to make weddings because of all things have the end.


TENDER (neg.)

162     A tender grass could turn green even from under the stone.

163     A tender grass breaks an asphalted road not less than a crow.


a long TERM for punishment (neg.)

164     The increasing term for punishment leads to diminishing quantity of convictions.


prolonging TERM (pos.)

165     Well, prolonging term is not an increasing of term, but it is an increasing of grandiosity of task.


mach TERRITORY (pos.)

166     Warehouse needs much territory. Bank occupies small territory.


TERROR (neg.) (see also arms, cruelty, enmity, equal, kill, obedience, sin)

167     Terror is a weapon of the weak.

168     If the God punishes us by diseases, misery and catastrophes, then probably He punishes us by acts of terrorism, too.


TERROR of Parisian Communards (neg.)

169     The man, which speaks about a terror of Parisian Communards, has no real knowledge. Losses of Wersaleses were less than thousand people. But losses of Communards were more than thirty thousand people.


TEST (pos.)

170     What to sit on a penis for the sake of persuasion that it is bad for?

171     Well, only tested things are good. A love to married man (woman) is the best. If he (she) lives together with somebody then he (she) would lives together with another, too.

172     What to test everything for? In this case they would never entrust a responsible work with you. They would think that a nuclear button will be tested by you.


TEST betrothed (neg.)

173     Put butter into a food after the test of food. Marry daughter to betrothed when he found out his virtues.


dangerous TEST (pos.)

174     What to test matches near an own curtain for?


TEST by own hands (pos.)

175     Don’t test a current by own hands.

176     It is better to test a depth without own diving.


identical TEST for different things (pos.)

177     Well, they spit on a smoothing-iron when they testing its heat. But what to spit into a soup with the same aim for?


TEST for an interlocutor (pos.)

178     Do you like to shave by tested blade?


own TEST (neg.)

179     Well, an own test is the expensive school. However, I don’t wish to learn in the inexpensive one.


permanent TEST (pos.)

180     A person who has the right notion of the world must not to test it permanently.


quick TEST (pos.)

181     They never pull out a sapling in order to test a growth of its root.


I TESTED you. 

182     -Would you wash plates and dishes?


     -I tested you. They are washed already.

     -I joked. I was ready to help you.


THANK to me (pos.)

183     If you would have more subtle intellect then you asked me, “What do you want? Do you want money or thanks?”


THANK to a rich man (pos.) (see also benefit, free of charge, merit)

184     The sense of gratitude is intended oversee the behavior. I despise overseer, which attends upon a rich man.


rich man’ THANK (pos.)

185     A pure “thanks” of the rich man stirs up my repugnance. 


say THANK (pos.) (see also breeding, gratitude, order)

186     Modest heart doesn’t create gratitude publicly.


word’s THANKS (pos.)

187     A man is foolish and dangerous if he intends to be angry because of such triffle as the lack of word’s thanks.


THANK you (pos.)

188     It is impossible to make a fur-coat thanks to “Thank you”.

189     It is impossible to have a full stomach thanks to “Thank you”.

190     It is impossible to put “thanks” into a pocket.


THEATRE (pos.)

191     To love a theatre – to love theatricality.


THEATRE-goer (pos.)

192     I haven’t that mental emptiness that requires artistic scenes in front of me.

193     Sorry, many people are theatre-goers because of as for them the life is worse than the theatre.

194     There is three kind of flock: the partisans of prayers, wines and such games as theatrical, sports, table and computers. Owners of these flocks stand guard over them with jealousy. They quietly hate each other and never recognize the likeness of their interests. Their aim is the power over real world and excluding their flocks from it.                      



195     Usually, any knowledge needs adroitness, skill and diligence in addition to itself. But a theologian doesn’t stand in need such additional virtues.


THICK (neg.)

196     A thick porridge never disperses a family.



197     A thick pot is unpretentious. A thin jug is ringing.



198     A thick thing can stretches out. A thin one can only tears at a touch.

199     A pancake would be burnt where a flat cake will be ruddy.

200     There is a long weaving from a thin thread.

201     A thin stalk couldn’t be full of ears.


THIEF (neg.)

202     A thief teaches people attentiveness. Also he deprives money of halo of undoubted necessity.


THIEVING (pos.) (see also sin)

203     There is no any treachery for thieving. But any thieving is the treachery.  

204     Nobody could play for a long time with a stolen drum.

205     They tar stolen things in order to hide it.

206     If thieving could be a profitable deed then a mouse would be rich.

207     Every thief feels that he is poor very often.



208     The best fishing is taking a fish from the frying pan.

209     A right to the life is higher than the right to a property.

210     There are no an adders where there are stolen mouse.

211     A stolen mouse doesn’t die of hunger.

212     An unhappy man takes one by one. A happy man takes all things at once. Thieving is a destiny for a happy man.

213     Stolen seeds give more rich harvest.

214               -I took solely a food for a dog.

               -But dog never eats it.

               -So, it not wishes jet.

215     A most harmful thief is that who steals time by his idle unpunished talk.

216     I don’t know who has more reasons to be against thieving. Is it a man who was robbed or a man who stole enough?



217     It is disgraceful! Wicked people caught so good man into the hencoop.

218     I understand you. N always does up his shoes in a strange kitchen garden.


THIEVING by a Christian (neg.)

219     God also instigates Moishey to rob Egyptians before his escape from Egypt.


THIEVING food for a hungry man (neg.)

220     Necessity is an important sign of justice.


THIEVING insignificant thing (pos., neg.)

221     He who stole a vase ran away. He who licks a saucer will be snatched.


THIEVING for an interlocutor (neg.)

222     Stop scold. You began with a little thing, too.

223     A diamond may be cut only by another one. An experienced thief may easy catch a pilferer.


THIEVING for an interlocutor (exist)

224     All people are strange for you. They say, “He stole” only about a strange man. They say, “He took superfluous thing” about familiar man.


THIEVING by an interlocutor (lack)

225     Can you say that N embroidered the pattern into a strange pocket?


THIEVING by a male (neg.)

226     Some males are ready to become even a thieves if they learn that the women are afraid of it.


THIEVING for a male (woman) (neg.)

227     What is the difference between the love and thieving? Both don’t sleep. Both don’t fear. Both strip naked.


THIEVING by a mother (father) of many children (neg.)

228     It is impossible to provide for many fledges by own crop.


my THIEVING (neg.)

229     I am not a baby to clench one’s empty fists at whole day.


THIEVING riches (neg.)

230     It is a good boy, who comes into a treasure-cave and leaves with treasure in his hands.


THIEVING from society or State (neg.)

231     Let the society (State) gives back conscience  to N, then N will gives back its money to it.


THIEVING by a subordinate (neg.)

232     A sin of stealing lay on a rich men, too. The rich man panders to thieving most of all. The more business, the more possibilities for thieving it has.


THIEVING at a working place (neg.)

233     Crank-fisherman nets a fish only for an employer, but not eat a fish.

234     Nobody beat a herdsman because of drank milk.


THING (pos.) (see also best, attractiveness, necessary)

235     Even an ass is a nightingale where there are not birds.


THING (neg.)

236     Even a bad thing serves a clever man faithfully. Even a good thing brings misfortune to a foolish man.


public THING (pos.) (see also buy, take)

237     Things, which can be used by every fool, are attractive for fools only.


THINK (pos.)

238     Nobody thinks during giving birth.

239     One may to become a bad general even if he has many soldiers.

240     Don’t think very much. Whirl your head and you will have the same effect.

241     Let a horse thinks. It has more big head.

242     An idler always has a long thinking.

243     He who doesn’t think about every thing may be reckoned as a clever man.


THINK (neg.)

244     Only thoughts have a true power because of they are more long-lived.

245     It is better to think about something during a day than to do a work during a week and to do anew it during a month.

246     It is impossible to fence in a mind.

247     It is necessary to have chewing before swallowing. It is necessary to have thinking before doing.


THINK aloud (pos.)

248     There are people who set in motion one’s lips during a reading. And there are more “promoted” persons, who pronounce own thoughts aloud.


THINK about a bad thing (neg.)

249     The rejection of thinking about bad things is one of the version of “Let live without thinking”.


What do you THINK about N’s capabilities to do X?

250     -N reminds me M.

     -But M can’t do X.

     -That’s what reminds me of M.


commander THINKS (pos.)

251     A hand which was stretched by springs couldn’t produce the winning stroke. A brain which is stretched by thoughts couldn’t produce the winning command.


THINK about consequence (neg.)

252     A predisposition of a person to hard drinking reveals oneself by unwillingness to know a consequence of own actions.


THINK about the death (pos.)

253     Well, I always think about the death… about the death of my mother-in-law.


THINK for enrichment (pos.)

254     They poke their hands but not heads when they taking cucumbers from a barrel.

255     If a foot doesn’t get through there then the head couldn’t got through there, too.


THINK about eternal things (pos.)

256     N always thinks about eternal money shortage.

257     N thinking about eternal subjects, too. N thinks about thieving, drinking and prostitutes.


THINK about the future (pos.) (see also confidence in the future, economize, elevated, life for the present, work for the present)

258     Care for the future doesn’t refuse some improvements now.

259     A future doesn’t belongs to those who thinking about it, but to those who have many children.

260     Well. A wish to learn what will be later is a good means against a suicide. But I haven’t an interest to a suicide.

261     Nobody who is into crocodile’s mouth would think about drainage of the bog.


THINK about the future (neg.)

262     A slave speaks that he puts a stone on a stone. A hireling speaks that he mounts a wall. A master speaks that he creates the house. Only master thinks about the future.

263     A camel thinks about a path which longs a month. A horse thinks about a path which longs a week. A donkey thinks about things, which lay under his feet.

264     Why they have not lost the future for the mankind still? Because there are people, which afraid to lose it more, than to lose, for example, own cars.

265     The shorter thought about the future, the shorter distant to the doomsday.

266     Don’t do a step without looking forward. Don’t do anything without thinking about the future.

267     The later a man takes final to leave one’s future, the better for him.

268     A firm knowledge about tomorrow’s joy gives a force now.

269     It is better to seek lodging for the night in light time.

270     They will say “today’s” tomorrow about today’s “tomorrow’s”.

271     A confidence may be received from the future, too.

272     The future and past give the most reliable delight. It may be received in any time in the present.


THINK about the God (pos.)

273     I don’t love words which that they chucking out elders from the life with their help. Usually, they say words “It is time to think about the God” after words “It is enough to gorge so much” and “It is ridiculous for you to fall in love”.


a male THINKS about a good thing (pos.)

274     I don’t wish train myself to be pederast. I don’t wish to think about a good thing when something fucking me.


great man THINKS (pos.)    

275     Usually, a person, who has long thinking and still saying, is defeated.


great man THINKS (neg.)    

276     It is better to do the great deeds without meditation that the boldness and the quickness could not be weakened.


THINK about a husband during a traveling (pos.)

277     It will be better if a wife would stay at home and thinking about a travel.


interlocutor THINKS (neg.)

278     I see. Thinking is not pleasant for you. However, think! Repentance is more unpleasant.

279     I understand you. The more interest facts, the more wish to have thinking. You haven’t interest to facts.

280     Well, thinking is the violent deed over your nature.

281     I see. You feel discomfort when you are chained to a thought.

282     I see. As for you, a long thinking gives the same effect as whirling of head.


THINK during a long time (neg.)

283     The thought must stays in its nest sufficiently long time.


THINK about many things (pos.)

284     The better futility of thinking over, the more confusion, when something will was happened out of order.

285     N have the brain into his head, but not the bisected hoof. 


THINK by the old manner (pos.)

286     Foolishness is the thinking by the old manner during the new conditions.


THINK about oneself (neg.) (see also egoism)

287     Only minding about oneself could be deepest and right.

288     He is not wise, who is not wise for himself.


ordinary man THINKS (pos., neg.)

289     A knave and a fool never take thought.


THINK out (pos.)

290     He who thinks out all things will thinks about shit during eating.


THINK about the past (pos.)

291     A life is not the days which passed, but the rest one.


THINK about the present (pos.)

292     The rich man thinks of the future, the poor man thinks of today.


THINK quickly (pos.)

293     A profound thinking couldn’t be quick.

294     Quick thinking means to speak "Good buy" instead of "Hi!"


THINK about relatives (pos.)

295     Relatives are good for a rainy day. It is bad to think about rainy day frequently.


THINK repeatedly (pos.)

296     Decide on after thinking. Don’t think when you made decision.


THINK about reward (neg.)

297     N is not a slave. He has the right to think about a worthy reward.


THINK about strange things during a sex (neg.)

298     If a woman (male) look for a partner who will thinks only about her (him) during a sex then she (he) looks him (her) among those who thinks only about food during an eating.


What do you THINK?

299     -My thoughts are about for nothing.

     -What do you think?

     -My thoughts are about you.

300     -I think about the letter “t” in the word “wisdom”.

     -But it is absent here.

     -I think about how to insert it into?

     -What for?

     -I think about “What for?” too.


What do you THINK about X?

301     -I have the same thoughts as 20 years ago.

     -What did you thought 20 years ago?

     -I must not remember thoughts which I had 20 years ago.


woman THINKS (pos.)

302     The true clever woman understands that thoughts suit her at the same way as wrinkles.


THINK by words (pos.)

303     Every word hampers an action.


THIRD (pos.)

304     The third is too many for confidential talk, but too few for conviviality.


THOUGHT (pos.)

305     Well, this thought is available and seductive like a street-walker.

306     A place where some thought became an idol is rich ground for terrorism.


THOUGHT of bad man (pos.) (see also error, opinion)

307     This thought is not new. A thought, which was alienated from own origin, assumes a trait of new owner. It is notorious who is owner of this thought now.


enthusiastic THOUGHT (pos.)

308     A super excitement of the thought is not the nature of a man who has trained mind.


THOUGHT of the fool (pos.)

309     What the thought! Sorry, its author is the well know person.


free THOUGHT (pos.)

310     It is good to hold thoughts by a bridle, too.


THOUGHT of interlocutor (pos.)

311     I understand you. You want to sell me a fresh meat, but it still barks.

312     You have the same quantity of thoughts as N.Y. has streetwalkers.

313     You have new thoughts so often as the fly which is on the window’s glass.

314     Don’t forget your thought and I’ll write it now.

315     When such kind of thought dawned up you, you astonish and puzzle me like a jade which started at a gallop.

316          -Is it a very value thought?

          -Yes, it is.

          -The delirium has most value amidst other thoughts,

317     -Do you consider your thought as very important?

     -Yes. (No.)

     -Then share it with your chief. (Then don’t speak it me.)


new THOUGHT (pos.)

318     The religion is rather prosperous if it hasn’t new prophets.


new THOUGHT (neg.)

319     There is the head where Stradevary plays the violin. Also there is the head where a street-organ grinds.


sinful THOUGHT (pos.)

320     An unbidden guest never comes in real master of the house.


strange THOUGHT (pos.)

321     Well, his (her) thought is good because it doesn’t set deeply thinking somebody.

322     Strange thoughts are like the remainders of strange meal or the strange laid off clothes.


THREAT (pos.)

323     He who wishes to add the strength to his enemy by his hatred threatens him.

324     The most irresistible blow is the blow from an emptiness.


loud THREAT (neg.)

325     If the rattlesnake would has a silencer it will be more dangerous.


THREAT me (pos.)

326     Threaten me some more and I’ll become quite calm.

327          -If you have so much force then repeat your threat once again.


          -If you have so much force, then repeat your threat once again.


my THREAT (exist)

328     I don’t threaten N, but I render a service for N. I am arming him. He who is warned is armed.


THREAT of a weak man (pos.)

329     What to show rotten teeth for?


written THREAT (pos.)

330     A fox never gives written proofs of one’s danger for a rabbit.


THRIFT (pos.) (see also account, buy, concession, economize, expenditure, niggardliness, pay, spend, stinginess)

331     Nobody carries a boat after his crossing a river.

332     They don’t take care of worm at the fishhook.

333     They derive benefit only from the oil of lighting oil lamp.

334     Is it really good car, which never spends petrol?

335     They don’t take care of beautiful perfume for the far future.

336     A lack of pleasure in an expense is not so great happiness.


THRIFT (neg.)

337     Thrift has a good genealogy. It is a daughter of wisdom and a mother of freedom.

338     Thrift never worries somebody with its requests.

339     A mouse may ruin all things, which would be carried by a camel.

340     One thrifty man has more influence than ten bringing ones.

341     Those, who pick up, instigate others to cast.


THRIFT for a male (neg.)

342     A thrifty man spares water. He go to a bathroom together with his wife. Thus their family becomes stronger.


THRIFT for me (pos.)

343     I know these thrifty persons. They are the first to shoot.


THRIFT for an interlocutor (pos.)

344     You economize even your reflection. (I see. You spare even one’s thoughts.)

345     I see. You stop a clock at night.

346     You are ready to put a box under your bed in order of preventing the bed from consequence of sagging.

347     You are so old that you may strengthen yourself only by keeping of something old.


THRIFT for me (neg.)

348     I don’t dress the shroud, which have no pockets.


money’s THRIFT (pos.)

349     The more people value money, the less they value themselves.


THRIFT of a poor man (neg.)

350     Rich people tell the poor about thrift in order to hold out more successfully against their generosity.

351     They reproach only a poor man with expenditure beyond one’s means.


THRIFT of an unnecessary thing (neg.)

352     They don’t take away rails for a night because of lacking tramcars at that time.


THRIFT of a young man (pos.)

353     It’s more natural for an old person to save money than to earn it. As for young person, it’s more natural to earn money.


THRIFT of a young man (neg.)

354     If a man were not fallen ill because of morning wind, he wouldn’t be fallen ill because of evening one.


TIE (pos.)

355     Well, modern ties are good. The first ones were small sticks, which pierced noses of savages.

356     The man, who has already got accustomed to feel permanent sick, could say that the tie is not so bad thing, too.


TIES of relationship (pos.)

357     Ties of blood are strong while a man invites his relatives for a dinner but not for a work.


TIME goes back (pos.)

358     If somebody could does the time goes back then his shit will enter to his ass.


few TIME (exist, lack)

359     A value of time depends from the place where you are. One time is for the man, who is behind toilet’s door, and another time is for the man who stands before it.


fixed TIME (neg.)

360     Only the fixed time can to come.


TIME is money

361     He who values time by money has a rich life already.


shortage of TIME (neg.)

362     A man who has much time will has the friendship. A man who has shortage of time will have sex and love.


TIME-table (pos.)

363     There is no creative work in the place that has the time-table.

364     There is a waiting-room for any man who being late.


TIME-table for an interlocutor (pos.)

365     You are ready to wake a sick man in order to give him a soporific.

366     You are ready to close a level crossing even if the train is overdue.


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