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BACKBONE creature (pos., neg.)

1     A backbone creature is your husband because he didn’t broke you of speaking these words to a male.


BACKSTAIRS influence (pos.) (see also advantage, equal, honesty, incorruptibility, law, order, power, protection, superiority)

2     He who wishes to deprive oneself of self-dependence and creation has already been deprived to look for a protection.


BACKSTAIRS influence (neg.)

3     Your hatred against the people, who are in somebody’s good graces, is based on the love to such graces and an impossibility to obtain it.

4     A case when a man hasn’t right to love his relatives more than the others, is loved  for a crowd.

5     A backstairs influence is good thing everywhere, except a churchyard, where they may hurry a man to occupy a free grave.


BACKSTAIRS influence (exist)

6     It seems that they fill a strange plate of soup for a long time.


BACKSTAIRS influence for Jew (lack)

7     A cause of participation of Israel’s teams into European championships is not a mystery for me.



8     The duck which lost its head dives tail first.

9     If a flock turns backwards then a lame sheep becomes the head.



10     A good car has backward movement.

11     A good driver can drive backwards.



12     A world is as a shade. Tomorrow it longs for a side. In evening it longs for another one.


BACKWARDNESS of an old man (exist)

13     A one-day butterfly always calls “backward” about a tortoise.


BAD thing (neg.)

14     The bee can sucks honey out of the bitterest flowers. Is a man more fool than a bee?

15     Nothing so bad but it might have been worse.


BALD pate (pos.)

16     It is better to be a fool than a bald man. It is not so noticeable.

17     I love the lampshade with tassels, too.

18          -A bald head has constipation.


          -Sweat is the excretion of body. Shit is the excretion of stomach. Hair is the excretion of head.


BALD pate (neg.)

19     Alas! A bald man has a bad life. He has no such regular easy busy as doing one’s hair.

20     It grieves me to look at your shock of hair. It goes for naught. Nobody sticks feathers in it.

21     A bald spot make old only to the some age. Afterward it makes man look younger than his age. Nobody see his senile hair.

22     A bald man never displays his fear. His hair never stands on end.

23     Hairiness is the sign of women, children and eunuchs. But N is the striking example of male.

24     The situation is not so bad, as you think about it. Hair and illusions disappear at the same time.


BALD pate of a great man (pos.)

25     I glorify escaped hair of N’s head which were so decided when they felt his insanity.


BALD pate of a great man (neg.)

26     A grass never grows on the good roof.

27     The greatest mountains are bald.

28     The healthy spirit lives in a healthy body. The clear ideas live in a clear mind.


my BALD pate (neg.)

29     My head loves the nature right up to the direct contact with it.

30     However, I don’t take care of flies. Let them will slip. Let them will break their legs.


BALLERINA (pos., neg.)

31     Ballerina is a good person. She can tell nothing during the whole evening.


to BAN the author (pos.) (see also condemn, destroy, interdiction, opinion)

32     It is simpler thing to accept rating of an author in general, than to define what he is talking about in concrete cases.


BANAL (neg.)

33     The Nature is banal, too. However it's full of perfect things.


BANKER (pos.)

34     The worse banker work, the richer he becomes. The more inflation excels banking percent for deposits, the richer banker becomes.




BARK (about a man) (neg.)

35     Barking gives an advance notice to about the dander.


dirty BATH (neg.)

36     Who scrubs the river’s bottom when you bathe in river’s water?


BEARD (neg.)

37     Certainly, everyone may accept fire-prevention measures. But not up to such degree!


BEAT for greediness (pos.) (see also greediness)

38     Beat a bull! It doesn’t give milk.


BEAT the magician (neg.)

39     If the magician harms people by his magic when people haven't such power then let they beat him by the power that they have.


BEAT repeatedly (neg.)

40     It is impossible to make the butter by one blow.


BEAT a wife (pos.)

41     You may ding the devil into a wife, but you’ll never ding him out of her.


BEAT an unfaithful wife (pos.)

42     He, that blows his unfaithful wife, breaks away his horn.


BEAT a woman (neg.)

43     A supporter of sexual equality always beats the woman or she will always outargue him.


BEATLES (pos.)

44     Music of Beatles cannot be the chef-d’oeuvre because it has the same correlation with traditional music as the mind of shaking Beatles’ lover correlate with the mind of listener of traditional music who sits into the conservatory.


BEAUTY (pos.)

45     Most beautiful feathers grow from an ass.

46     The beautiful feathers cannot substitute for the wings.

47     They place just the beauty birds into the small cages.

48     A beauty flower never gives the good fruit.

49     Beauty birds have not the good songs.

50     There are crocodiles between lotuses.

51     Everyone wishes to throw a stick at the red apple.

52     Feet freeze into beauty snow.

53     Beauty harms to a peahen (peacock).

54     Eat the beauty fly-agaric!

55     I know a quality of beauty. If I wish to be cheated in counting or weighing I always make my way towards a beautiful salesgirl.

56     Both, beauty and damage for working properties begin to stand together with dogs.

57     Beauty stands until an evening. Kindness stands until the death.

58     An opportunity of happiness is not the real happiness.

59     A high degree of beauty is dangerous for its consumers. The greater beauty, the more shortcomings may be coved by it.

60     I understand you. You need beauty just as you need air, water, bread, wine, firewood, oil or any other stock, which is fit to annihilate.

61          -Do you intend to say, “Beauty will save the world”?

          -Yes, I do.

          -It is impossible, because any beauty is surrounded by the male dog’s lust and Trojan’s war.

62     -Beauty make lie most of all.

     -Well, beauty makes lie. Ugliness is without lie.

63     Beauty is haughty, supercilious and arrogant. Are haughtiness, superciliousness and arrogance beautiful indeed?


BEAUTY (neg.)

64     Beauty decorates a body just as common sense decorates mind.

65     There are simple virtues. Also there is the flowering virtue. It is the beauty.

66     Beauty is the great boon. It protects its owner against tiring proofs best of all.

67     Beauty is the best of all. A beautiful man is not the same need of money as the other people are.

68     Only a brick adobe is not in need of beauty.

69     Beauty is such diverse and infinite subject which will be glorified by new expressions even after your death.

70     Spite brings ugliness, but a love – the beauty.

71     Admiration about beauty is one of the most unselfish senses. Many people have not it.

72     An enemy to beauty is a foe to nature.

73     Beauty may have fair leaves, yet bitter fruit.


BEAUTY (exist)

74     The colourless lemonade is on sale with the colour bottle.


BEAUTY (lack)

75     Beauty shines in a clean looking-glass but you are the dirty one.


barren BEAUTY (neg.)

76     A rose is good even without fruits.


BEAUTY of a girl (pos.)

77     One even a balding daughter is better than seven bad sons.


BEAUTY of a girl (lack)

78     They said, “She has a long neck” even about the beauty.


BEAUTY of a loved male (exist)

79     What could be said about the woman’s opinion? If a male has beauty slightly more than the devil has, then always there is a woman who is ready names him “the beautiful man”.


BEAUTY of a loved woman (exist)

80     If your loved woman would be so beautiful, as you imagine, then as for you, she would be the wife of another man long ago.


BEAUTY of a man (pos.)

81     Even a beautiful cock cannot jumps on the duck.


BEAUTY of a man (exist)

82     N is beautiful as a narcissus. He has the white head, the yellow face, the thin feet and pimples on his skin.


BEAUTY of a painted woman (exist)

83     The mask may be call beautiful, but the woman is not beautiful. If she is so beautiful then why she has the mask on her face?


BEAUTY of a wife (pos.)

84     Beauty won’t make the pot boil.


BEAUTY for a woman (pos.)

85     Would you like to carry a fortress every day in addition?

86     It is good to be a beauty, but any beauty will dies twice.

87     A woman who comes to light a great number of her shortcomings some later is the beauty.

88     Well, a man who has no fantasy must receive a woman, too.

89     Is it true that woman's happiness needs attention of all man?


BEAUTY for a woman (neg.)

90     A beauty woman has a chance to choose a rich or clever or glorious or powerful friend in any time. Is it bad?

91     First of all, a woman must become the beauty in order to become loved one. Later on she must remain loved person in order to remains beautiful.


BEAUTY of a woman (exist)

92     Well, there is no uncomely woman. There is insufficiency of wine.

93     In the dark she-goat seems the beauty.

94     If I would come back from a funeral repast, I would consider this woman as the beauty.


BEAUTY of a woman in opinion of another woman (lack)

95     I don’t know what is easier for a woman. Is it to say, “She is the beauty” or to kiss the devil?


Who you will BECOME?        

96     Probably, I’ll be the deceased the same as all people.


BEER (pos.)

97     Beer doesn’t belong to the row “wine-cards-women”. It belong the row “beer-dominoes-wife”.


non-alcoholic BEER (WINE) (pos.)

98     The non-alcoholic beer (wine) is the first step to the rubber woman.



99     What to roll up one’s trousers for, if you didn’t came to brook yet?

100     Do you begin to blow before the time when potato was brought?

101     Do you know, what is the worst roof? It is the roof, which is leaky in rain absence.

102     Don’t make a dive when you see a cloud.

103     You would wash your mother a half hour early her death.

104     What to cut onions for if a flesh is in the shop still?

105     What to do christening for if the childbirth is lack still?

106     Don’t cross bridge if you didn’t come up to it.

107     We would have a slow progress, if the laws about safeguard of nature were affirmed at the ancient time.  

108     Well. A person who began celebrates the New Year beforehand will has less expenditure. A room’s ficus will seem the New-Year’s fir-tree at midnight.

109     Boil not the pap before the child is born.

110     It is evident that you want to drink wine from the morning.

111     Don’t eat the calf in the cow’s belly.



112     It is impossible only to have the rest beforehand.

113     It is better to make well in the time when you don’t feel thirst yet.

114     They build dam when the water is not came.

115     He who buys a straw-hat at winter pays the least cost.

116     He, who want keeps an apple for a long time, must picks it before its fall.

117     He who started before could permit himself to be not so quick.

118     Have not thy cloak to make when it begins to rain.


BEG (pos.) (see also request)

119     -Do you wish to spoil your mood?


     -Usually, when I wish to spoil my mood I begin begging.


BEG attention (pos.)

120     A “modest” man, who begs for attention, always wishes has it enough and something else in addition.


BEG smb.’s pardon (pos.)

121     All supporters of beg somebody’s pardon is alike supporters of interruption of pregnancy.


N BEGAN from nothing (pos.)

122     N has nothing in his mind now, too.


BEGIN (pos.) (see also act, cause for action, early, forward, prepared, stimulus, wait)

123     It is easier to set fire than to put it out.

124     Cutters are not seamstresses. They never weep.

125     A main hen’s taste is to fly down from the roost. A place for touchdown will always be found.

126     General’s dignity raises in accordance with his hurry to begin a battle. Is it true? 

127     I never like a slap in the face. Every beginning rather likes a slap in the face, which must entail a duel.

128     Dust begins its move first of all.

129     It is easy to swim away from a shore, but not to swim shoreward.

130     Wisdom has two distinctive marks: “never begin” and “carry through”.

131     Many people began drinking for the sake of deliverance from shyness. And many of them put an end to hard drinking after treatment for delirium tremens.

132     Don’t draw nearer to the fathomless pit. Don’t make one’s way that way, where nobody sees the ending.

133     Stop swagger about when you jumping up a horse. Swagger, when you dismounted.

134     A perverted man wants that another one takes a position of "low start".


BEGIN (neg.)

135     I see. Donkeys have difficulties to do the first step.

136     The main problem is to begin flying down from the roost. A place for touchdown will always be found.

137     A work, which they can’t dare to do, is the most difficult one.

138     If one will think only about a short time, then any undertaking would seems to be disadvantageous.

139     He who wishes to stay till a completion of his undertaking begins it.

140     To see beginning and ending during one day is better than never see the beginning and ending during whole lifetime.

141     If one waits a preparedness of all things he would begin any undertaking.

142     A man who has beautiful character says, “I do the deed”. A man who has tolerable character says, “I am ready to begin to do the deed”. A man who has nasty character says, “I’ll begin to do the deed soon”.

143     He who overslept the spring would weep during the winter.

144     Begin the meal. The appetite comes with eating.

145     A lucky is that man who is doing a thing which is just going to be done by others.

146     That who has climbing up higher began climbing earlier.

147     Only threw seed can begin to shoot.

148     Glory to the man who ended a deed! Glory to the man who has began deed, too!


BEGIN from the beginning (pos.)

149     They begin untangle plait from its end.


BEGIN from the beginning (neg.)

150     An entrance placed on the ground floor.

151     Nobody climbs up a tree from a top.


BEGIN the first (neg.)

152     You will shoot less, if you are the first to shoot.

153     The first blow is half of goal (whole).


BEGIN to spend (pos.)

154     Better spare at brim than at bottom.



155     A good beginning corrupts initiator. In the end he will has a bad result.



156     A dark morning is better than a sunny evening.



157     An airplane was shaken still a cafe’s distribution.


early BEGINNING for enrichment (neg.)

158     The earlier the beginning, the earlier the overtaking. Do you wish to overtake something?


early BEGINNING for a rich man (neg.)

159     A rich may begin to build in any time. He has enough money for whole building cycle.


great BEGINNING (pos.) (see also dullness, incite, influence of conditions, notable, ordinary, outstanding)

160     Do you like to bang the door when you enter?


BEGINNING from an insignificant deed (pos.)

161     It is more difficult set fire to one log than a camp-fire.


BEGINNING from an insignificant deed (neg.)

162     They begin rooting out from small roots.

163     Buy a knout. After it buy a horse.

164     Little sticks kindle the fire; great ones put it out.


BEGINNING of misfortune (lack)

165     A snow seems colder rather during its thawing than falling.


BEGINNING without an order (neg.)

166     Don’t trumpet before the wave of band-master.


quickness for BEGINNING (pos.)

167     A copper don’t begins to boil quickly but its food are boiling until cooking a few time.


BEGINNING from a simple thing (neg.)

168     A life is the examination. In order to have better result for limited time it is necessary to begin work out a simplest problem first of all.


BEGINNING for a single man (neg.)

169     Begin the path! The fellow-travelers will appear.


natural BEHAVIOUR of the great man (lack) (see also breeding, ordinary, outstanding, simplicity) 

170     A man is unnatural for the monkey’s mind, too.


natural BEHAVIOUR for an ordinary man (pos.) (see also breeding, ordinary, outstanding, simplicity) 

171     In any case, everybody must have more decency, than the natural hair on the buttock.


BELIEVE (pos.)

172     Look for those who lost one’s faith in all things. They will believe you easier

173     If somebody decided to believe something then in accordance of his self-conceit he will wish to believe the most violent assumption.


BELIEVE (neg.)

174     What increase the willingness for actions more than the belief?

175     The Judas’ sin is the lack of belief.


BELIEVE an old man (pos.)

176     An old man can to tell tales.



177     A believer always wishes to receive some boon. But I don’t greedy.

178     A chain dog is always wicked. Also this dog is proud of its binder with Master.

179     I know. Believers are the best people. A devil is always guilty of any sin instead them.

180     All believers have enough faith for hating another man, but they have not enough faith for loving them.

181     Believers resemble the people which don’t esteemed by me. This people have not enough competence but have much certitude.

182     I don’t respect the people who have not the wish to listen another point of view. Believers have the highest percentage of such people.

183     The first deed, which any believer does, is an identification God’s thought with his own ones.

184     Thief, fornicators, traitors and murderers are members of every religious society. They are absent only among good people. Belonging to the good people is the best religion.

185     Any believer resembles the fool who believes that his own truth is sole and unique.

186     Any believer differs from an unbeliever in the same way as a book’s foreteller differs from his own mind’s one.

187     If somebody looks at you by hating eyes then he is either a killer or madman or drug addict or believer.

188     Well, if a man lost all sense of shame for his assumptions then he becomes a believer easily.

189     He, who is the first to fellow a promising man will the first, who follow the God. Do you respect such persons?

190     He, who prefers has personal contacts rather with servants or chiefs than friends, is the first, who likes has personal contact with the God.

191     All believers are self-opinionated people who have no strictness to oneself. They already decided that the Hades doesn’t wait them. Who will wish becomes a believer in other case?

192     The more obtrusiveness of a man, the less they understand his shortcomings, the less interest to him. Believers hold the second place after criminals by their own obtrusiveness.

193     Believers are so bad people that they can improve themselves only by the God’s help.

194     A believer resembles a drinking hen. He cast look on the sky every time, too.

195     The weak man fears an inevitable punishment for his sins. And so he doesn’t conclude a treaty with others about keeping strictly to the established commandments. He concludes this treaty with the God. He fears Him much less.

196     A good believer can prays even in weeping child’s presence. A bad believer cannot pray in weeping child’s presence. An unbeliever never prays. He has a good sense that many children weep in any time.

197     There are many people, I call them weak, they will feel themselves better, if their mind would becomes mad before their death. The death of their mind begins earlier their real death.

198     Only an unbeliever can wages inspired and uncompromising struggle for self-perfection because believers permanently speak than man’s soul is always sinful.

199     Good society is reman by good people. On contrary, followers of any religion are reman by fiends who deserved a Hell only yesterday under the opinion of this religion.

200     A believer has the same regard for unbeliever as a wicked short-witted teacher for a pupil. Both try to make more pain for asking man in order to diminish quantity of questions.

201     I don‘t sympathize both kind of believers. The first strives to forestall suicides. They kill them for the sake of to save sinners. The second are the cowards, which are afraid to save sinners by such last chance.

202     Majority of people who have an inclination for standing on a church-porch have an inclination to believe in the God, too. I don’t know what is the initial inclination? So, all believers are always under my suspicion.

203     If a man has no doubt about things which must be under the doubt, then he is a believer or candidate of the believer.

204     Well, believers are neither ordinary people nor mad ones. They are the golden mean.



205     If they say that nothing is sacred to somebody then they don’t say about a believer.

206          -Everyone thirsts for truth. An unbeliever can lives without it, but a believer cannot lives without it.

          -Sorry, a believer is ready refuses to prove the truth. And he is ready drinks from a brook even if his eyes are blindfolded and he has not knowledge, is anybody urinates in this brook or nor.


BELIEVER (exist)

207     I never met the believer who trusted the God his own destiny completely.


zealous BELIEVER (pos.)

208     A pickpocket is the first, who can steals into the church and he is the last who leaves it.


big BELLY (neg.) (see also stomach)

209     God bless you! Let you have so big brain like this big belly.


tighten one's BELT (pos.)

210     Tightening one's belt grows mind's dullness. Search of new sources grows mind's smartness.


BENEFIT (neg.)

211     When everyone searches after own benefit then the life becomes easier because enemies are less noticeable than advantages.


BENEFIT from a genius (pos.)

212     The benefit from a genius is not so great. After his death tremendous lots of fools begin use his words and opinions without hindrance and with perfect impunity.


public BENEFIT of a rich man (pos.) (see also advantage, boasting, boon, gratitude, merit, nobility of rich man, sponsorship, superiority, thank)

213     A rich man likes to reason about public benefit, which he brings. Some ancient China’s annals narrate that one cart was a fee of ablation of tumor, and five carts were a fee of licking clean of haemorrhoids. It is easy to imagine a line of business, which brings good riches.



214     Benevolence is the thing which is like the all-absorbing sewerage. Is not it?

215     Benevolence is like an onmivorousness when there is no difference between the shit and the roast meat.



216     It is safety to let people in a fine front door. Then they will do their hair and wash their foot-wear in front of the door.


BENEVOLENCE to an overseer (pos.)

217     They have benevolence only to a person who comes for a short while.


BEST (pos.) (see also advantage, chef-d’oeuvre, fastidiousness, quality, riches)

218     When I hear word “the best”, I unintentionally remember publicity prostitutes and their conviction that they deserve only the best things.


BET on the money (pos.) (see also game for money)

219     If two men bet on the money, then one of them is the scoundrel and another is the fool.


BETRAY (neg.)

220     A happy is not the grief. It could betray you. Be friends with a grief. It could never betray you.


to BETRAY male’s friendship (neg.)

221     The man betrays male’s friendship, when it was the rivalry, but not friendship.


my BETRAYAL (neg.)

222     I don’t wish to stop compare still.


BETTER (exist)

223     Dog’s tooth is not better than horse’s hoof.


art is BETTER than a science 

224     An art becomes other, but not better. A science becomes better. He who loves to change himself loves an art. He who loves to make better himself loves a science.


believer is BETTER than a communist

225     Communists have more grandiose task to save people already is this world, but not only for the next one.


force is BETTER than a mind

226     Shoulders are not higher than the head.


mathematics is BETTER than physics

227     A mathematician resembles the bad detective. He needs in a precise portrayal of criminal. But a physicist resembles the good one. It is enough smell or another trifle for him.


What is BETTER: my X or my Y?

228     The best is your sense of humour.


What is BETTER? Is it X or Y?

229     Some man asked a camel, too. He asked, “What is better the going up or the going down?” It answered, “There is the third loathsome thing – the going on the dirty”.


Who is BETTER?

230     He who has more difference from you is the best.


Who is BETTER? Is it clever man or beautiful one?

231     It is neither that, nor another. You are the best.


a woman (man) is BETTER than a man (woman) (exist)

232     -Is your female (male) sex better than my male (female)?

     -Yes, it is.

     -Sorry, your female (male) sex cannot be the best because it goes mad on the worse sex.


BETWEEN (pos.) 

233     Don’t lie between the hammer and the anvil.

234     Don’t run about between the plough and the harrow.

235     A bad man sits between the husband and the wife.


BEWARE (pos.)

236     Let the buyer beware.


BIG (pos.) (see also increase, large, little, small)

237     A great ship may have great shipwreck.

238     A blown bubble would be burst quickly.

239     It’s easier to take aim at big wings.

240     Every pumpkin thinks the dimensions are the main things.

241     Sometimes the size of the ship can prevent it from sailing.

242     Years pass. Months remain.

243     He who heaves a big stone has difficulties to throw it aside one’s feet.

244     He who is not strong enough to strike seizes at a big stone.

245     Nobody may go with strides during a long time.

246     Long jumps couldn’t help to run away. 

247     A brave man doesn’t have the necessity of a long sword.

248     A cow has a big tongue but it only licks.

249     A big flower never produces delicious fruit.

250     In order to drink it’s not necessary to dig a well.

251     Sea’s water is worse than river’s one. And river’s water is worse than well’s one.

252     A child needs a book with big letters.

253     It is impossible to substitute a stick for a needle.

254     The blind person always wishes to have eyes as big as a palm.

255     It’s easy to choke with a big piece in one’s hands.

256     Nobody fires a shoot to the sparrow.

257     Nobody wares of a gnat by hammer.

258     A cart of straw is equal piece of sugar.

259     Why worry about a hammer if there is a sledgehammer?

260     Nobody sets fire to a house in order of making an omelet.

261     They look out for the biggest bull at a cattle-market. Looking out a mind needs deeper thoughts. 


BIG (neg.)

262     Even a hollow of a big oak is good.

263     A big thing is a fortress itself.

264     A big tree defends against both, the sun and the downpour.

265     A remnant is better than a shortage.

266     The greater the gardener, the bigger the gooseberries.

267     You run away from a ward with eleven beds. And now you fear every big thing.


BIG (exist)

268     I understand you. You are afraid of drawing a tiger from a tiger and you draw it from a cat.


BIG thing for all people (pos.)

269     If all Chine had eaten by spoons then a starvation would have come.


BIG thing for a murder (pos.)

270     It is impossible to kill a gnat by a big fan.


BIG as X

271     -This cup is big as a well.

     -If you have such well then your horse is big as a gopher.

272               -This hat is big as a roof.

               -If you have such roof then your house is big as a hat.


BIND (neg.)

273     They bind even a peaceful sheep in order to shear it.

274     Safe bind, safe find.


like a BIRD (pos.)

275     I know birds. They make foul and fly away.

276     I don’t trust in the praise for birds. When they peck one another people say that they kissing.


give BIRTH (pos.)

277     I never met the man that I want to have my son or daughter just the same as he or she.

278     Are you a glazier?

279     Do you like to make up a feast for Death?

280     I am bored with tales about intra-uterine feats.

281     Well, an absence of children was called the crime, but the presence of them was called the punishment.

282     If a people wouldn’t give birth so many children then all people would live in warm Africa, and they wouldn’t feed up the fire during a half of year.


give BIRTH (neg.)

283     He who was born must help others to come into this world.

284     There are not evil secrets in the home where children live.

285     The less one loves people, the less one loves child.

286     An absence of children is the best way to say, “Fools!” to all own ancestors.

287     Only the demographical victory may be final.


a male give BIRTH (neg.)

288     A male who has no posterity likes a bone which has no meat.



289     A white bitch is a hindrance for a bad cotton trader.


BITING remark (pos.) 

290     An earth couldn’t be sated water with only biting icicles.

291     Nobody use biting fir instead of birch for the bath’s biting.

292     A biting hedgehog’s skin is the bad material for a warm fur-coat.

293     A biting sword spoils own scabbard.


BITING remark (neg.)

294     Every brilliant has acute corners.

295     A sharp knife wouldn’t cut own handle.

296     Sharp stones make firm walls.


BITING remark (exist)

297     An acute calk grows blunt quickly.


BITTER (neg.)

298     Bitter pills may have blessed effects.


BLACK (neg.)

299     A black copper feeds people.

300     A black earth bears white bread.

301     What rob black keys of piano for?

302     Black rooks bring the spring.

303     Pottery must not criticize cast-iron pot for its blackness.


BLACK colour for a believer (neg.)

304     The white devils are more insidious than the black ones.


BLACK-WHITE perception of the world by communists (neg.)

305     A man who has the worst opinion about black-white perception of the world has no knowledge that there are only two great ideas – to serve for the good and to serve for an evil.


BLAME (pos.)

306     All are not thieves that dogs bark at.

307     The fool cries, “The dirt!” and tramples down the puddle in order to splash on the surroundings.

308     The unloved person grumbles most of all.

309     He, who lies into a puddle, spatters most of all.

310     Even flowers are black in your darkness.

311     It is better to set fire to a candle than to blame darkness.

312     The dog barks. The caravan goes.

313     He who doesn’t like salt vegetables would always to find the cellar.

314     Don’t crumple your face for nothing.

315          -Have you an extreme blame?

          -Yes, I have.

          -The less understanding of something, the greater blame of this thing.

316     Any discontent is the discontent against nature’s law that is foolishness.

317     Your brain works badly. It couldn’t understand that the case may be worse.

318      Well, it is better to have blaming than to burden oneself by compassion.

319          -See, your trousers is so wide. See, your trousers is so wide.


          -You jumping out from it, when you are irritated.

320     -Now, attempt to imagine I know it.


     -You turned out the bad result. Once more, attempt to imagine I know it.

     -{And so on.}

321     I think you wish to buy something. He that blames would buy.


BLAME (neg.)

322     Well. It is not a shit. It is something that fell out from a shit.

323     Don’t trust the blame. They free blaming only things which are not of immediate or direct danger.


BLAME of bald-headed man (pos.)

324     I know, a bald-headed person has unquenchable thirst of doing somebody’s hair.


conflicting BLAMES (pos.)

325     This blame is that the food is a poison and the food is a little.


general BLAME against somebody (pos.)

326     Waw! Many people wish to sink N. This means it is very difficult to do that.


unexpected BLAME (exist)

327     What is the surprise! Ten men wiped themselves by the towel. And suddenly, eleventh man said that it is dirty.



328     He that ate honey should beware of the sting.


common BLESSING (pos.)

329     I see. Sometimes, there is a great wish to clean some paradisiacal place for the sake of an asphalt and concrete of common blessing.


Patriarch’s BLESSING (pos.)

330     The Orthodox Patriarch blesses Russian Olympians for the winter Olympic game in Canadian Vancouver in 2010 year. However they obtained the worst team result of all history of the winter Olympic game.


BLIND alley (neg.)

331     He, who goes in a circle, never gets in a blind alley.

332     The greatest blind alley for trains is Moscow.



333     Well, you are not blind. You see more things than actually exist.


BLINDNESS for a male (neg.)

334     A life of blind male may be easy brightened up by any woman.


BLISS of a believer (exist)

335     As well know any deceived person has the bliss during the time when he was deceived.



336     Those virtuous people who were against the shedding of the blood of sinful vestals, preferred to bury them alive.


BOASTING (pos.) (see also bragging)

337     A cow which gives few milk moo more often.

338     I see you have a wish to lick even your ass.

339     You praise yourself as if you intend to sell you.

340     A tortoise can lays hundred eggs and keep silence. A hen cackles all through the neighborhood when it has laid an egg.

341     A snowball-tree praised itself that its fruits are sweet with honey.

342     It is easier to decorate oneself by many virtues than get out of one defect.

343     He who admires own height let looks at broad shoulders of others.

344     If you would be the person that you imagined for yourself then this man would considers you an own enemy.



345     Boasting is alike a match-making. One who likes merriment doesn’t refuse this chance.

346     Boasting is the great deed. A hen which laid an egg has cackling and people buy its eggs. A goose which laid an egg keeps silence and nobody buy its eggs.


BOASTING before the beginning (neg.)

347     An airplane has right to make noise before its high flight.


BOASTING about own bravery (pos.)

348     The more cowardly hare drums louder.


BOASTING of a childless man (pos.)

349     Certainly, let N boasts now. The descendants will not be proud of him.


BOASTING of a great man (pos.)

350     If the invalid is really and truly the God, then he is the pitiful god.

351     Wow! A new hen cropped up. It lays iron eggs.


my BOASTING (neg.)

352     I can be satisfied with even a trifling thing.


my BOASTING about the future (neg.)

353     I am not a snake in order to sneak up to own aim without noise.


BOASTING of an old man (pos.)

354     It is easy to consider oneself as a great man, when you look at your shade in the evening.


BOASTING of an old man (neg.)

355     Only an autumn can shows “Who is who?”


BOASTING of an ordinary man (pos.)

356     He who warms oneself by a little bonfire has a great shade and boasting by own greatness.

357     If you are so excellent person as you think about yourself, then why there is no the chain of restaurants and hotels which lead to your house?

358     Sorry, you are grand for negligible deeds.

359     You are right. Praise you by yourself. Nobody else would praise you.

360     An ordinary fool boasts his own horse, a great one boasts himself.


BOASTING of an ordinary man (neg.)

361     It is better to say that you are more clever and lucky than to show own foolishness and misfortunes.


BOASTING of a rich man (neg.) (see also advantage, benefit, best, vainglory)

362     If a rich man is boastful then he will has more possibilities for achievement of aim. If a poor man is boastful then he will be robed of object of boasting.


BODY (pos.)

363     A body is necessary for a model, but not for a sculptor.

364     What to tend the thing which intended for worms and rotting for?

365     Do you think that it is necessary to have a long neck for drinking from the well?

366     I am not the victim of advertisement who always is forced to look well.


BODY (neg.)

367     Is it fair to take care of an immortal soul and have no a care for a delicate body?

368     A person lives not only into a house. It lives into a body, too. Both must be beautiful.

369     Is a body the God’s gift? Be injurious to the body – be ungrateful to the God.

370     There is no pleasure to keep one’s own soul in the body which is a dark dirty prison. It is better to keep it into a light clear house.

371     A man who considers his own body as an enemy was probably punished by the pain for his sins. His mind is not the model for me.



372     A mad dog throws itself on the fire, too.

373     Where, the less fears, the less compassion.

374     Boldness never attempts the impossibility.

375     Let the man who calls upon to dare cleaves a brick by his own penis.

376     What to snatch at a saber for an aim which couldn’t be touch even with a bullet for?

377     The boldness is fruitful because of the care, which is in use together with it.

378     The more bold spirits, the less the toilers.



379     Don’t be like a sheep. You would be eaten by wolfs.

380     A dog barks at a bold man, but it tears a cowardly one.

381     A careful wild-boar couldn’t know the taste of maize.

382     The boldness is the sole virtue that nobody can imitate it. Many people resent it.

383     Cowards are foolish. They are afraid rather an act of struggle and own resistance than the defeat and enslavement.


BOLDNESS (exist)

384     The decision to be bold is founded on fear of the still more fear, however.

385     At the front, a tail which put between the legs might seem to be the menacing penis.

386     It is easy to stick out one’s own chest beyond somebody’s back.

387     A lion opened its mouth. A tamer pushed own head in it. As a result all people understood that the lion is cleverer and magnanimously than the tamer.

388     Well, N is bold. Always he is in the place which has bullets most of all. He is in the depot.

389     Everyone is bold for show fig (fist) into own pocket.



390     An outburst of courage may happen to a coward. An assault of fear may happen to a bold man.

391     A tied man may be bold, too. Most likely just the bold man has tied hands.


BOLDNESS of a chief (exist)

392     Even a jackal has feeling that it is a tiger when it is at the tiger’s lair.


BOLDNESS for a great man (pos.) (see also courage)

393     A man grows bolder because of his ignorance. A man becomes indecisive because of his reason.

394     Well, the dog throws itself upon wolfs once a year. However it tortures sheep every day.

395     One just thinks less in order to be bolder. I understand it. And how are you?


BOLDNESS for a great man (neg.)

396     Fools are the boldest men. Clever or glorious man could loss clever or glorious life. A fool could loss only foolish life.

397     Bold man sitting on the horse. Others have not done it yet.


BOLDNESS for an ordinary man (pos.)

398     Well, the boldness is the good way for an expiation of one’s own foolishness.


BOLDNESS for repetition of somebody else’s words (exist)

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