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1     Being in uncertainty is not so searing discomfort as the necessity to think.


UNCERTAINTY for an ordinary man (neg.)

2     The less quantity of notions which are in brain’s use, the more definite its judgments.


UNDERLINING in a book (neg.)

3     A lack of wish to underline or cross out something is the policy of non-interference into the life.


UNDERSIZED man (neg.)

4     I feel pity a man who has often whine because of low ceilings.



5     If some written text (said words) doesn’t suit you and you want that the all would be clean even for fools then indicate points which are not intelligible for you, please.


UNDERSTAND the book (exist)

6     The fool, who read an ancient annals and meets words “I see through you”, thinks about X-raying in that age.


UNDERSTAND an enemy (neg.)

7     The understanding of an enemy may be the weapon against him.


UNDERSTAND the great thing (neg.)

8     Sorry. An ability to understand the greatness of some object is almost equals this great object.



9     Tell me straight away what I must to forgive you or I don’t understand what I must understand.



10     An understanding likes the street which has movement in two directions. It seems to me you leave out of account it.


I don’t UNDERSTAND (pos.) (see also availability, error, knowledge)

11     If I don’t understand something then I have more modest behavior.


UNDERSTAND me (exist)

12     All the same you don’t understand me. The true understanding includes the feeling, too. But you don’t feel just as I feel.


Do you UNDERSTAND me? 

13     I perceive you well. The less sense leads the easier perception.


UNDERSTAND a part of (pos.) 

14     The deaf man couches only the thought, which gives gain to him.


rich man UNDERSTAND a poor man’s problem (pos.)                                                                                           

15     When the poor say that he has not eaten for three days, the rich suggest him to eat.      


UNDERSTAND my speech (lack)

16     My duty is saying. Your duty is to understand.



17     -Who don’t understand?

     -I and my comrades.

     -Have smart comrades!


woman UNDERSTAND (exist)

18      Oh, yes! A woman always understands both opinions. They are her opinion and erroneous one.


UNDERSTAND without words (pos.)

19     If a baby doesn’t cries then his mother doesn’t understand his wishes. However I am not N’s mother. And N is not a baby.


UNEMPLOYMENT (lack) (see also agreement, dependant, life of an unemployed, slackness, work)

20     I think, that thieves will agree with you.


UNIFORM (neg.)

21     That who doesn’t see a woman’s charm when she put uniform on is not worthy of love.


UNION of friends (pos.)

22     Usually, a union of ten persons is their separation away from millions people.


UNITY (neg.)

23     An elephant could be tied by grass’ rope.

24     If there is the unity in some place then rest things come in addition there, too.


UNITY of soul with body (lack)

25     To speak that the soul is separated from the body, it is favourable to the prostitutes.



26     They take only good things for themselves. Nobody takes trash for himself.


identical UPBRINGING (neg.)  

27     Difference of ways of development push together not only persons but countries. The similarity of education is the way to peace and eradication of criminality.


URGE (neg.)

28     A rod doesn’t break a horse’s back.


USA (pos.)

29     Well. I know. A striped Colorado’s beetle is the first ally of starry-striped American flag.


USE (pos.) (see also advantage, apply, comfort, consumption, expenditure, income, profit)

30     I think, you would use even a nimbus as a ring-pan.

31     You would plough even mother’s grave.

32     Have you already cut your useless navel out? 

33     Have you thought over extracting sugar from diabetic urine?

34     Would you glad to become a fly for the sake of using of ceiling?

35     It will probably, you are thinking only about the firewood around, when you are in the wood.

36     They never eat even a fat donkey.


USE (neg.)

37     Closer to the truth is that what we may use.

38     Would you like to make glass hammers?

39     Better to wear out than to rust out.


USE (lack)

40     Once, a traveler lays under the plane-tree and said, “What is the useless tree!”

41     Understand that even they throw out an anchor for the sake of use.

42     All’s fish, that comes to the net.


USE of action (neg.) (see also act, gain)

43     A fool throws a stone into the stream for no particular reason, but a clever one creates the foot’s place by this action.


to USE the best (pos.)

44     If the rose is more fragrant than cabbage it doesn’t means the rose-soup will be much tasty.


to USE a little thing (pos.) (see also little)

45     Nobody builds a press for one grape.


to USE numerous things (pos.) (see also few, many)

46     It is the crazy deed to milk near the hind legs of a cow and boil her forelegs.


USE by a poor man (neg.)

47     I see. I haven’t possibility to eat roast meat. It will drip by drops on my clothes, and splashing on my eyes.


to USE smth. without waste (neg.)

48     The good carpenter makes few chips.






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