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VACUUM of power (pos.)

1     If there is the vacuum of power then a rubbish flying in there.


VAGUE (exist)

2     Many things become vague in darkness of some souls.

3     Well, if a trunk covering the keyhole, than there is total ambiguity.


VAINGLORY of forefather’s riches (pos.) (see also boasting)

4     Many people would be stirred by your neigh about father’s horses.


Saint VALENTINE (pos.)

5     He who helps somebody to be of terms of intimacy with another person without parents’ benediction is nearer to the souteneur’s business than sanctity.


VALIDITY of X for the woman (neg.)

6     Madam, you have not validity, too.


VALUE (pos.) (see also account, advantage, cheap, consider, cost, dear)

7     Well. This thing has a great value. This value is equal the enjoyment, which may be received from throwing out this thing.


VALUE (neg.)

8     A cow didn’t know the value of its tail while it was not cut off.

9     If one has some knowledge about something, then this thing becomes more valuable. Now, your estimation corresponds to your knowledge.

10     Even a crow’s shit has a great value if it treats somebody for an illness.

11     A tear looks as water, but it costs blood.

12     Sometime, there is no looking the horseman over the dust.

13     An evil nettle gets good value in the soup.


VALUE (lack)

14     I see. A pauper won’t give much. (Well. A poor man can’t be agreed to high cost.)


common to all mankind VALUE during capitalism (pos.)

15     Money is the most common to all mankind value during capitalism.


eternal VALUE (pos.)

16     Eternal values on the stage is as a strip show.


VARIETY (pos.) (see also diversity, many, one, single)

17     There are thousand ways, which takes away. And there is a single one to the aid.

18     There is a good face cream for you. It named “Seven colors of rainbow”.

19     Variety is good when they say “yes” from various sides.


VARIETY (neg.)

20     The peace has monotony. I am not so old for loving the peace.

21     Warbling of the nightingale is better than an identical croak of the crow.



22     “The curved-handed hunter” is the Eskimo name for a vegetarian.



23     It is better to eat meat than to hold dead body in one's own mind.


woman’s VENALTY (neg.)

24     A woman’s venality is an adornment of man’s old age. Are you against it?



25     Vengeance is fool. It is a struggle against effects, but not causes.

26     I admire that gangster riff-raff, which always to settle a score with each other, too.

27     If a mouse gnawed your looks, what you need to pick its emergency store.

28     Someone’s hatred can’t make an end of hatred of his enemy. There is no point in he leaves it for his children.

29     Sometimes, he, who takes vengeance on someone, regrets it. He, who forgives something, doesn’t regret it.

30     What to wish a little burnt porridge in order your neighbor doesn’t like it for?

31     If water streams into a boat through the hole, they didn’t make another hole in order to pour out this water.

32     Nobody is treating a wound by blood.

33     A noisy struggle against a noise is the bad one.

34     What to bite a cat that bit you for?


VENGEANCE (neg.) (see also blood feud)

35     If you never strike your hand on the man who strikes you, then how he would knows you have hands, too?

36     Vengeance is not a struggle against the noise, that everyone wouldn’t be noisy during his struggle against it.

37     A mode of operation corresponds with a subject.

38     A true victor to go to conquers defeat enemy on his weapon.

39     Usually, returning good for evil is equal returning evil for good.

40     Don’t return good for evil, or you would have nothing for return good for good.

41     Everyone has the right reminds to forgetful man about things that this man wishes forget.

42     Don’t worry. A snake doesn’t die of its venom.

43     Even a snake has the right to kill the snake-hunter.

44     Retribution annihilates evil.

45     A candid call of soul can’t be the bad payment for evil.

46     Like, cures like.

47     Let windy person smells his wind!

48     They extract a thorn by the thorn.

49     Vengeance is there where justice is absent.

50     Where vice is, vengeance follows.

51     Creditors have better memories than debtors.

52     Scoundrels are successful in life because an honest-minded people treat them as honest men, and scoundrels treat honest men as scoundrels.

53     A snake will not die because of its venom.

54     A man who stands farther from the justice stands farther from the vengeance.

55     If the God lost the offender without punishment, why He also wouldn't leaves the revengeful man without punishment?

56     Well, dipsomaniacs and addicts are less vendictive.



57     Well, you have a right to name it the “vengeance”. And I have the right to name it the “obvious duty”.


VENGEANCE against an aggressor (neg.)

58     An observance of boundary makes sense only if others make the same observance.


VENGEANCE for a great man (pos.)

59     He, who throws a stone at every barking dog, wouldn’t reach his aim.


VENGEANCE for a great man (pos.)

60     A designed vengeance differ a man from an animal.


VENGEANCE for a greedy man (neg.)

61     Well, many people don’t like the thing which is bound up with losses.


VENGEANCE for an interlocutor (pos.)

62     I see. You offer me to bite horns of cow that butts.

63     Do you bark at a dog?

64     Are you an enema? Is your expenses equal your income?

65     Would you become better, if you will be like your enemy?

66     What do you prefer: you would get into a beehive in search of the bee which stung you or you would be hurt at whole beehive?


VENGEANCE for an interlocutor (neg.)

67     I understand. Your vomit ceased, and you feel better. But others just began feel sick. Sympathize to them.

68     It seems to me that you wish to see the saw which cuts one way.


male’s VENGEANCE (pos.)

69     -I’m not a woman who feels sweetness of vengeance.

     -Be male! A male doesn’t eat just a sweet.

70     What to be as a woman who justifies any war where her sun was hurt for?


my VENGEANCE (neg.)

71     He, who can’t pay back for evil, couldn’t forgive generously. I wish to forgive generously.

72     I don’t fear that I’ll be equal an offender. I wish to raise his mental level till my one.


VENGEANCE for an ordinary man (pos.)

73     A vindictive man is the humpback who prefers a crooking somebody’s back to the straightening oneself.


VENGEANCE for an ordinary man (neg.)

74     They affair a vindictive man more than a strong one.


overstated VENGEANCE (neg.)

75     He who threw a clod may to receive a throw by the stone as an answer. Clever men know about it.

76     Everybody kills gnat. Nobody sucks own blood backwards.


quick VENGEANCE (neg.)

77     Sputum never dries up on the face of gentleman.


woman’s VENGEANCE (lack)

78     Well, every woman is easily appeased person. She always absolves the faithlessness and evil which were made on other woman by a playboy.



79     Do you love a gaseous shit?


frequent VERIFICATION (pos.)

80     Seeking a pit during every step is the line of business for a blind man.

81     If a crowd of blind men would verify one who can see, then his eyes will be cut.


VERIFY (pos.)

82     I didn’t choke with fishbone in order to chew sour clotted milk after it.

83     What to throw a stone at a dark place for?

84     Do you verify a match beforehand?

85     I see. If you would drive cart at might you would ask yourself “Where is my horse?” and touch its tail time after time.

86     If your son would to throw oneself on the earth, then will you verify that he doesn’t fail to hit?



87     Lie always follows the verisimilitude, but the truth not care a straw about these limits.


VERY (exist)

88     Have you knowledge about all X?



89     There is no vexation for the person who doesn't strive to success.


decent VICE during capitalism (pos.)

90     Ennobling of vice until Las-Vegas level ends in creation of the cult of vice.


strange VICE for interlocutor (neg.) (see also sin) 

91     You are like hard drinking. You have revealing vices.


VICTORY (pos.)

92     The less wisdom, the more wish to win the victory.


VICTORY (neg.)

93     The God is the greatest conquer. Any conquer is nearer the God than others.

94     Don’t lose! They will demand to lose in appropriate manner from you. Do win! A winner wins by any way.


gain the VICTORY over chief (pos.)

95     If somebody prefers to pay than to be the gainer, he gains a victory over his chief.


hard VICTORY (neg.)

96     If a pleasant gustatory sense stayed in the mouth then the food was good, too.


gain the VICTORY at the law-court (pos.)

97     Who will be surprised that it is necessary to lose a bull for the sake of to gain the victory at the law-count?


gain the VICTORY over oneself (pos.)

98     What gain victory over oneself for? What wait the revenge for?


gain the VICTORY over oneself (neg.)

99     Ceasing overcome oneself is the sign of old age.



100     Very often a disrespect to the force and a loss of fear of the force leads to a violence.

101     If a woman perched upon a man then an active man doesn’t apprehends her conversion to the lower position as coercion but quite natural phenomenon.

102     Violence is not worse than thieving. During violence the criminal takes strange personal property only for the temporary use.


VIOLENCE (exist)

103     A man of deed who is side by side chatterer always looks as a violator.



104     I worship rather the love than knowledge about the virginity.



105     Non picked flower keeps a beauty and freshness for more long time.



106     Well, it occurred to nobody, that someone had courage to deprive her virginity.


prolonged VIRGINITY (neg.)

107     A honey doesn’t turn sour during a long time. A virgin doesn’t get old during a long time, too.


VIRTUE (pos.)

108     He who lives amidst wolfs is compelled to lament.

109     A hail beats both a field of sinner and a field of righteous man.

110     Ugliness is the right way to the virtue.

111     I understand you. The most pleasant deed is the demand of virtues of the person, who prevents your vices.

112     Everyone praises that virtues, that he has no need to practices them.

113     Virtues must be obliged to the evil for their existence. Let they say, “thank you” to evil before, they begin to praise themselves.


VIRTUE (neg.)

114     Usually, he disdains the virtue that he has not.

115     I understand you. Villains have to do with a crime. An ordinary people have to do with a pleasure. Honest men have to do with virtues. I understand people, which virtues don’t have.

116     Well, it is impossible to machinate with the help of virtue.

117     I see, an evil wouldn’t be just the evil, if it hasn’t hatred to the virtue.


VIRTUE (exist)

118     In order to be permanent as a fool, it’s enough to rely on man’s virtues.

119     They trust in somebody’s virtue when he doesn’t brag about it.

120     Well, a man becomes the staunch person of virtue if he is propped up by vices from each side.


VIRTUE of an old man (exist)

121     Well. Sometimes the weakness of vice may be considered as the “virtue”.


VIRTUE for a poor man (pos.) (see also elevated, morals)

122     A virtue has more its advocates than its martyrs.


VIRTUE of a poor man (exist) (see also breeding, poor man)

123     Poor man has more possibility to seem to be virtuous person than to be a clever one.


VIRTUE of a poor man (lack)

124     A hungry man may know the virtues of satisfied man better than a satisfied man may know the virtues of the hungry.


VIRTUE for a rich man (neg.) (see also breeding, merit, morals, rich man)

125     The riches leave a dead man at the threshold of his house, a relative and friends – at the cemetery, but good and evil deeds don’t leave him even after death.


VIRTUE of an unbeliever (neg.)

126     From two men who doing good deeds the man who doing it not for the sake of own paradisiacal enjoyment is the best.


VIRTUE for a woman (pos.)

127     There is no woman who wants to be virtuous. Anyone would be discontented with a bad husband though it is known the worse husband, to greater virtues of his wife.


be on a VISIT (pos.)

128     If you have nothing to fill up your time, what you fill up other’s time for?

129     Dear guests, aren’t you tired of mistress?

130     A guest shudders after every “Shoo!”

131     If a guest came without own pursuit he will present host’s work. If a guest came with own pursuit he will increase host’s care.

132     He, who loves to be unnatural, loves to be on a visit and to accept guests.

133     A proprietor has the right to tie a donkey to that place which he wants.

I don’t like to have the donkey’s destiny.

134     Once, animals were on a visit the sick deer. They pressed grass around. And the deer died of hunger.


be on a VISIT (neg.)

135     If a relative had no a visit to you during a long time, he becomes like strange man. The stranger will become constant visitor - native becomes.

136     They don’t know where their root leaks till they have not been under a strange one.

137     He who doesn’t wish to be seen is rather a bad man than a good one’s.

138     Some persons don’t like to be on a visit because of they fear that then guests will come to them.


long VISIT (pos.)

139     Long visits bring short compliments.


VISIT at a temple (pos.)

140     Filling of the ritual service bureau is not my care.


VISITOR (pos.) (see also brotherhood, hospitality)

141     Visitors are not so pleasant as you think. It is more pleasant when they remind about themselves by the remittances.


VISITOR of Coliseum or Akhropolis (pos.)

142     Old people are inspired by ancient ruin. They think that others would have the same interest for them.


VISITOR of Pisa’s tower (pos.)

143     I understand you. A crooked soul inspired by Pisa’s tower. He thinks that he has the same steadiness and firmness.


VISUAL (pos.)

144     I understand the method of explanation to you. For example, an ellipsis is the circle, which is placed into the square, which has the size 2X4. 


VODKA as a treatment (neg.)

145     Vodka helps to struggle against all diseases. Recipes never recommended it in order a healthy people wouldn’t want to have diseases.


VOICE (pos.)

146     A voice has the good sound rather into the empty head.


inward VOICE (pos.)

147     Once, a gentleman was caught by cannibals. They brought him to their leader. An inward voice said to gentleman, “Don’t worry! It is not the end yet. Attempt to untie your hands. All right. Attempt to take a stone. All right. It is not the end yet. Throw this stone at the leader’s forehead. All right. Now, it is the end”.


steady VOICE (neg.)

148     They pay attention to a steady voice first of all.


VOTE for communists (neg.) (see also capitalism, communist, morals, socialism)

149     He who seeks a profit for himself praises multiparty system. One party is enough only for incorruptible men. This is a party of incorruptible men.


VOW (pos.)

150     Things made in calm may be used in storm, but things made in storm are useless for calm.

151     They suspect a man of lie when he invites listen the vow.



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