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WAGE during capitalism (pos., neg.)

1     On account of high capitalist wage some weak people willing to carry even firewood for the bonfire where they would be cremated.


covered WAGE (pos.)

2     There are wages into the covers when it is a shame to show “How much money were made and for what?”


high WAGE (pos.) (see also account, consider, demand, profit, skill, strike)

3     Everyone will expect bonus for one’s own work in according of one’s wages.


high WAGE (neg.)

4     A good payer is master of another’s purse.


high WAGE (exist)

5     I see. They pay a good wages here, as in manner of morgue. Sponge seven corpses and take eighth one for oneself.


high WAGE for a male (neg.)

6     Why does a male need a menstruation which is waited for a month and ends in a week?


high WAGE for a subordinate (pos.)

7     A person who extracts gold will not receive a complete price for it. Do you know about it?


high WAGE for a subordinate (neg.)

8     Only a wolf wishes to apply for pasture cattle a little wages.

9     The more offences of leaders are, the greater poverty of people is. Many chiefs don’t understand it.


slender WAIST for a woman (neg.)

10     When a woman stops thinking about a slender waist, they lay she into the coffin which has no a waist.


WAIT (pos.)

11     Seven run! Don’t wait one.

12     A “Later” street leads at the “Never” square.

13     I don’t wish to wait for nothing. A sea will not dry.

14     Don’t wait. Teeth will not grow into the hen’s beak.

15     Don’t wait. A fur wouldn’t grow on the tortoise.

16     Don’t wait that horns would grow on the donkey.

17     Don’t wait that the river would become empty.

18     Don’t wait a whistle of crawfish.

19     It is easy to find oneself on the oak after the climbing than the sitting on the acorn.

20     The longer your waiting, the less probability, that you occupy necessary queue.

21     Don’t look at the tea-kettle, or it wouldn’t be on the boil long time.

22     What wait for just as children wait a mother’s return home from a market?

23     Sunrise doesn’t wait sleeping man.

24     He who waits that the number of traitors will be greater always says, “Wait!”

25     A waiting man may think only about strange shortcomings. And he cannot think about anything yet.

26     After delay, an easy act becomes difficult, and a difficult one becomes impracticable.


WAIT (neg.)

27     He who cannot wait gets in horse’s ass for manure.

28     All people are waiting. They would have an insufferable life, if they wouldn’t have things for waiting.

29     He who assumed the right of pause assumes the right of sudden first move.

30     Anything is unwelcome for a man who can’t waits.

31     He who can wait could even kindle the damp firewood.

32     Don’t die because of the priest got tired with waiting.

33     Waiting man doesn’t stumbles.

34     He who could wait during a boiling let could wait till cool condition.

35     I understand. A good thief has no need to wait the night.


WAIT advice (pos.)

36     While you wait the advice, the fool does his business.


WAIT clearness (pos.)

37     Don’t wait that river’s waters would became limpid.


WAIT good condition (pos.) (see also act, begin, bribery, comfort, conditions, confidence, inactivity) 

38     Do you like to wait a moment when all beer’s froth would be settled?

39     They don’t wait bringing a mobile kitchen during wage attack.

40     Perhaps, it is better to take high speed and falling through burning bridge.


WAIT good condition (neg.)

41     Good knowledge of one or two wrestler’s methods and attentive waiting occasion are enough for the victory.


WAIT for enrichment (neg.)

42     He, who can wait, could even overtake a hare during his pursuit on the cart.

43     He who can wait can to angle the fish.

44     There is a harvest only after waiting.


a great man WAITS (pos.)

45     A man becomes more stupid rather because of his waiting.


I WAIT (pos.)

46     You are right. A time helps us where a mind is powerless. However my mind is not such powerless.

47     I love freedom. However a soul always finds oneself under the domination of somebody when it stands still during the waiting of punishment or boons.

48     Well. It is good for tired body and tired soul. But I am not so tired.


WAIT a late-comer (pos.)

49     If trains would wait late-comers the railway company will not becomes richer.


WAIT a present (pos.) (see also gain, generosity, present)

50     You are ready to wait a strange handout even near your garret window.


WAIT a share (pos.) (see also gain, profit)

51     An ovum is hardly held up by the bull, but it wouldn’t heave off.


WAIT smth. till tomorrow (neg.) 

52     Somebody called to his subordinates for doing all deeds immediately. Next day his guard took his money and ran away from him. His mistress and accountant ran away together from him. The rest began demand rise of wages.


WALK (pos.)

53     There is no a streetwalker without a walk.


WALK (neg.)

54     They measure health by steps, too.


behind the WALL (pos.)

55     I imagine your great foolishness or bad deeds that you want to be behind the wall in order to avoid deserved punishment.

56     Any house owner is weaker than an army. His wall is the mirage. Indeed, a woman’s dream to feel as to be beyond a wall is the dream to be the prostitute who is attached to the army.


WAR (neg.)

57     A just war is better than an unjust peace.

58     He, that makes a good war, makes a good peace after war.

59     Is a peace better than the victory?


civil WAR for an orthodox believer (neg.)

60     Your tears are crocodile tears. You forgot that old-believers broke out of Russia or burn out themselves alive into peasant houses.


civil WAR in Russia during 1918-1920 (neg.)

61     As minority, exploiters dread a civil war much more than the exploited majority.


religious WAR (pos.)

62     What is the religion which order to be at war with madmen? The war with healthy men of another mind is more great sin.


WARE (neg.)

63     Criticize hard! In this case you will praise ware much more after buying.


sold WARE (neg.)

64     A seller has no guilt that a bought slave had death. The slave has no such behaviour when he belonged to the seller.


WARLIKE (pos.)

65     He, that brandishes the sword, shall be beaten with the scabbard.


WARMTH (pos.)

66     They could to build a house only from cooled lava.


WARNING (pos.)

67     Yes. You said about it, but after you kept silence. Silence was eloquent, too. So, I interpreted it in according of my mind.


WARNING (neg.)

68     My cock’s mission is crowing. After my crow let the sun will not rises.


WASH hands (pos.)

69     Well, the holy Antony was a bad man. He never washes his hands. Pontius Pilatus was a good one.


WASH hands after urination (pos.)

70     My school-teachers teach me never urinate on my hands.


WASH oneself (pos.)

71     A fish washes itself most of all, but it is not clean.


WASTE (neg.) (see also account, concession, damage, economize, endow, expenditure, gain, profit, sacrifice) 

72     During the storm I can’t be sad about the waste of celestial energy and get mad about raining above the ocean.


WATCH (pos.)

73     Morals is nearer to action than to the watching.


a WAY OUT is always exist

74     How many people resolved up to test narcotic after your words?


WE (pos.)

75     Only he who is ill with a tape-worm has the right to say “we”.



76     Weak men are forced to be witty.


WEAKNESS (exist)

77     Willows are weak, yet they bind other wood.


Is it you WEAKNESS?

78     I see, you know the loved question of artful swindlers.


WEALTH (pos.) (see also enough, little, many, moderation, striving to wealth)

79     He who can’t paint a woman toke beautiful pictures of her rich. He who can’t fancy life as wonderful imagines it as wealthy.

80     A satisfied goat hits its horns against the rocks.

81     A fat ram has a shorter life.

82     A pig has four feet, but it couldn’t roost.

83     One may be without prayer even between ten mosques.

84     There is no description, which is more tiresome than the description of sumptuous and gluttonous life.

85     A pig, which has attachment to the trough, can’t be free.

86     The plentiful fertilizer helps growth of weeds more than growth of cultural plants.

87     A fat mouse widened its hole, so the cat comes.

88     The more a glue, the less sticking.

89     If a nail hasn’t cut, it grows into a flesh.

90     Even useful things shouldn’t be given in mortal doses.

91     A head of cabbage holds inevitable death for a worm.

92     Too many fish sinks the boat.

93     A wealthy man’s child reaches out for vinegar, a poor man’s – for sugar.

94     The more legs, the less free they are.

95     Everything big can’t be controlled and everything uncontrolled disintegrates.

96     Fattened swine come to a bad end.

97     I see. A woman looks an unmarried man for herself. But why does she think she can find him in a crowded monastery?

98     Wealth is the worst adviser. It always says “yes” to any whim.

99     It’s better to be a hungry lion than to become a fat ram.

100     In most countries discretion may exist for a few dollars a day but for whims the whole Earth is too little.

101     A bird dies seeking food, a man – looking for good.

102     I love clear air. There is much gas because of the wealth.

103     Plentiful watering may perish a plant.

104     There are not harmful matters. There are harmful quantities.

105     What is wealth for? A small amount is always small and even if it is large, there is no place to defecate.

106     As for you, if you have everything, the value of extra boons would be close to zero.

107     The necessities of life raise mostly imprudence and vanity but neither attracts me.

108     You can taste wealth only with the poor man’s thirst for it.

109     Wealthy people have no good advisers because at the beginning the advisers must be agreed that black is white.

110     Abundance makes itself poorer.

111     Even in Eden Adam broke the law.

112     The greatest wealth is contentment with a little.

113     If we have not the world’s wealth, we have the world’s ease.

114     Plenty is no dainty.


WEALTH (neg.)

115     People are satisfied when they eat with big spoons and don’t have to lick the plates.

116     It is good to relax under the luxuriant crown.

117     He who can’t use wealth successfully knows many bad things about the wealth.

118     A person will not take possession even of one bank, if he is not pretend to the both.

119     As to worm, it has inevitable death into cabbage head.

120     What was created for a poor man? Only summer was. But the summer and the winter were created for a rich man.

121     The greatest distaste for poverty and the stimulus for activity can be given by wealth only.

122     The ability to live is like the ability to make a good show. The more you spend, the better the show you get.

123     The best food is got on a full stomach.

124     If wealth were evil, that would have justified any destruction.

125          -Wealth is better than wisdom. Wise men apply to rich people for help.

          -Wise men know what they lack.

          -Greedy rich people know what they lack, too.

126     Over-indulgence is better than temperance. The consequence of the first is only indigestion, while the consequence of the latter is starvation.

127     There are three kinds of joy: momentary joy, which is good luck; one day joy, which is that of a father until he gets bored of his baby’s cry; and the joy of the whole life – wealth.

128     The statement that wealth is bad and false. And if it was said sincerely then it must be foolishness.

129     A blind man can’t draw an elephant.

130     A man is like a dragon if he is wealthy. A man is like a worm, if he is scarce.

131     A sparse broom has no confidence in itself and sweeps after itself.

132          -Why to be as an ass? It needs nothing.

          -Let me compare you with an ass but with one that needs something.

133     Necessity diminishes the freedom, but the wealth diminishes necessity.


WEALTH (exist)

134     I don’t consider that what comes after hundred is a million.

135     Yes. N is rich. He has two buffalos. One of them never comes into N’s yard. The other never goes out from N’s cattle-shed.


WEALTH (lack)

136     A frog sitting at the bottom of pit thinks that the sky is no more than a puddle.


WEALTH is better than creation (pos.)

137     The state “It turning out!” is happier than the state “I received it!”


WEALTH for everybody (pos.)

138          -There where one man lives well, many people can live only worse.

          -What scoundrel would stop oneself before an improvement of life of many people at the expense of putting one plumped out man in a usual middle human condition!


WEALTH for an interlocutor (pos.)

139     Your dream is to live like a turnip’s worm, which surrounded by its wealth.

140     Do you suppose that a centipede runs quickly?

141     You have good taste. In Japanese temples a rat symbolizes the God of wealth.

142     Do you think that life, like porridge, can’t be spoilt with too much butter?

143     Do you like to argue with things, “Are you mine, or not?”

144          -Do you like throwing mud?

          -Why you asking it?

          -It seems you’ve gotten used to taking much. In any case something will stick to others.


WEALTH for an interlocutor (neg.)

145     In few moments you will say that hunger is better than satiety.

146     A satisfied man wishes to sing. Have you distaste for mirth? Or have you dull hearing or a bad voice?

147     If wealth is so bad – give your money to others.


WEALTH of a husband (lack)

148     Yes, I can have many women but not you, your mother and your grandmother.


WEALTH of a male (neg.)

149     Any Dana can be deprived of her virginity with golden rain.


WEALTH for me (neg.)

150     I am not a sick man, who bites a raisin in seven places.

151     I agree that wealth is a heavy burden, but I don’t wish to bear a light one.

152     Yes. Having much it is more difficult to manage than having little. But I am ready to face difficulties.

153     Something will spill from a handful but I am not greedy.


WEALTH for a poor man (pos.)

154     If a poor man falls greedy to grub, he will gorge himself until blood flows from his nose.


WEALTH for a poor man (neg.)

155     Yes. Seeing how greedy the rich are, you can easily find yourself able to do without many things.

156     He who sits on a bast mat hasn’t right to talk about choosing of sable fur coats.


WEALTH of nomad (pos.)

157     Nobody roaming from place to place has a good life.


WEALTH for us (neg.)

158     If we are forced to eat, let us eat heartily.


WEAPON (pos.)

159     Once, a donkey strives to put a horn against head. So, it lost its ear.


WEAPON (neg.)

160     A bull is bad if it feels heaviness of its horns.

161     A beautiful rose, sweet-scented acacia and solitary cactus, of course, needs thorns.


atom WEAPON (neg.)

162     “A simple” UK-American bombardment of Dresden murdered more people than the atom bomb of Hiroshima.



163     A weathercock obeys its master which is a wind not more than an example of constancy which is compass obeys the north.


WEDDING (pos.)

164     Sorry, I know all events that the ingratitude always to rise after them.


WEEP (pos.)

165     There are more weeping into the theatre than into the temple.

166     A fool is treating his bruises by tears.


WEEP (neg.)

167     Only a vulgar ostentatious wedding hasn’t tears.

168     Such good deed as the birth has weeping, too.

169     Everyone can weep to one’s heart’s content. A lachrymal gland has longevity.

170     Weeping person finds consolation quicker than non weeping one.


WEEP of an interlocutor (pos.)

171     Poke your face into ass and weep! It will be softer.


WEEP of an interlocutor in front of acquaintance (pos.)

172     As for you, it is better to weep in front of strangers. They begin to sympathize till a clearing up the cause of weeping and personality.


widow’s WEEP (pos.)

173     A wet soil is the best for replanting.


woman’s WEEP (pos.)

174     A bellowing cow soon forgets her calf.


by WEIGHT (pos.)

175     Nobody to buy needles by weight.


put on WEIGHT (neg.)

176     Do you dread to buy a new trousers?


WELFARE of others (exist)

177     One always seems that there is a long time to pour into a bowls of others.


WHAT do you beat me for?

178     If I had a cause I would kill you.


WHAT do this deed by own force for?

179     So, what shave by own force for?


WHAT could I do?

180     -Gather all your old dirty torn trousers and burn them.

     -Would it help me?

     -In any case you are none the worse for it.

181     In circumstances as your one I try to have a usual digestion, damp tongue and transparent urine.


WHAT could I do with this damage?

182     Sell it.


WHAT do you do here?

183     I wait that some rotten would come here.

184     I had knowledge that you are foolish. But I didn’t know the depth of your foolishness.

185     -I want apples.

     -However there are not apples here.

     -I have them in my pocket.


WHAT happened?

186     Ask somebody this question, when your wife will lay for birth.


WHAT is it?

187     Any thing, which was mentioned by you, immediately turns into rose. It is the rose.

188     This is the thing, that you have no mind for it.

189     And what is it? (Point at the head of interlocutor.)


WHAT do you look for?

190     I wish to punish my eyes.

191     I look for my ideal.


WHAT do you lose here?

192     I lost a half and hour.


WHAT school’s marks do you have?

193     I don’t wish to talk with the father (mother) of “poor” man.


WHAT is his (her) name?

194     Today they name his (her) in the same way as yesterday.


WHAT is your name?

195     It is “the thing which irritates some less than you”.


WHAT is your name, N (my friend, my little one, …)?

196     Fools name me X.


WHAT do you punish me for?

197     Don’t mention it. The life is long. You will deserve it later on.


WHAT it resemble?

198     It resembles a thing, which irritates me somewhat less than you.


WHAT does N said you?

199     -I have no wish to speak about it.


     -N said that it is good when nobody worry with foolish questions.


WHAT can you say? 

200     -You give me much attention. 


WHAT could your wife (mother) say, if she would know that X?

201     What could your husband (father) say, if he would know that you address strange male?


WHAT your speech!

202     I spoke words that you expected to hear. Are you so much foolish that you done erroneous expectation?


WHAT they will think about you, if you walk for X (beer, vine, …) every day?

203     Don’t worry. I speak, that I buy X for you.


WHAT X for?

204     -X drives off crocodiles.

     -However, they are absent.

     -They are absent because of X.



205     Look by eyes, but not by tongue.


WHERE this empty bottles from?

206     I don’t know. I never bought empty bottles.


WHERE do they go?

207     I’ll go to look it immediately.


WHERE do you go?

208     I go ahead.


WHERE do you live?
209     I live in the place that I’ll leave it soon.


WHERE do you take it?

210     There is nothing there.


WHERE X (wares, mind) from?

211     I don ask, “Where your money from?”


WHISPER (pos.)

212     They recognize a snake by its hissing.


WHISTLE (neg.)

213     A whistle is the good sign. It means that the man is not so much drunk as others.


WHITE (exist, lack)

214     White silver draws black lines.


WHO said it?

215     The simplest thinking of the fool to call only “Who said it?”, but not “What was said?”


WHO are you?

216     I am the man who couldn’t be swindled.


WHOLE (pos.) (see also account, all, completeness, divide, few, little, part)

217     Sow with the hand, and not with the whole sack.


WHOLE (neg.)

218     It is hard, when one put his shoulder under the load. It is easy, when whole back is put under the load.

219     They wash a plate on both its sides.


WHOLE (lack)

220     He who went to the water until his navel will be dip.



221     Nothing ruins more than a promise of wholesale “discounts”.



222     Why? Why? And why an elephant is grey, big and wrinkled? So, if it would be white, small and smooth then it would be the tablet.

223     And why a sea is wet but not dry?

224     The question “Why?” is decorous only till some age.

225     Should I answer all "Why"?


WHY? (a woman asks)

226     If an unlucky mistress is foolish some more she asks “Why?” instead “When?”


WHY do you answer by such words?

227     What beautiful words I should use for my answer for your muck?


WHY you came again?

228     I did it because of I have some experience of personal contact with you.


WHY you came in the morning?

229     I want to have a breakfast in the morning.


WHY you cutting your fingernails at the working place?

230     They growing during the working time.


WHY you don’t dance?

231     It’s fine idea. Keep an eye on my handbag. {Then go to dance another man.}


WHY you did it?

232     Do you know that I have a talent? It can’t be explained. One must was born with a talent in order he may understands it.


WHY done your eyes closed?

233     I am keeping my vigilance.


WHY you hand feel in my pocket?

234          -I wanted to find a match.

          -You may ask me.

          -I was ashamed to ask a match.


WHY do you irritated?

235     So, why I should be glad any muck (vile act)?

236     He who doesn’t understand causes of anger is rather the fool.


WHY are you late?

237          -I went out of my house too late.

          -Why you went out late?

          -It was late to go out early.


WHY you are so poor, when you are so clever?

238     A clever man has no aim to be the rich.


WHY are you over sleep?

239     What? Have you envy to me? Do you wish to know a good mode?


WHY I must pay for your turns and twists?

240     And why my turns and twists must pay for that you paying for those?


WHY are you poor? (see also consider, fate)

241     It is because of there are the rich. Otherwise this question wouldn’t arise.


WHY do you keep silence?

242     I didn’t learn to think aloud.


WICKED (pos.)

243     A wicked man is his own hell.


WIDE (pos.)

244     A wide costume is the clothes for clown.


WIDTH of interests (pos.)

245     Very often, persons which have many interests look places where they may to give bribes.


WIDTH of soul (pos.)

246     Well, a wide soul is fair. It going with a wolf for murder and grieving with a shepherd.


WIFE (pos.)

247     Orpheus is the single husband who descended in Hades for his wife. However there are millions widowers who wouldn’t follow their wife even into Garden of Eden.

248     Your wife is treasure. But only 25% set aside you.

249     Go down the ladder when you marry a wife; go up when you choose a friend. Is she a real good person?


WIFE (neg.)

250     If your wife would conduct herself badly once again I’ll say to your father that he must disinherit her for her shortcomings. Do you wish it?


abandoned WIFE (pos.)

251     They abandon only chiefs or hard burden but subordinates and assistants are necessary to all with unlimited quantity.


beautiful WIFE (pos.)

252     A beautiful wife is the wine which fills the oral cavity to the brim. He who has a good taste never stuns oneself in such manner.


bold WIFE (pos.)

253     A husband who has a bold wife is always compelled looks around. What a man likes it?


careless WIFE (pos.)

254     A careless housewife is for thieves.


“your WIFE”

255     Think about own wife! It will be better.


WILL (pos.)

256     Will is no skill.


God’s WILL (pos.)

257     A moral man cannot the believer. A concept of a good and an evil spoiling when one had decision that “the God’s will covering all things”.

258     The more a man likes ungrounded risk, the more he likes rely upon God’s will.

259     Well, everyone, who has a “poor” for his knowledge, will be seems as a person who has a “satisfactory” for one’s if he answers, “It is God’s will” after the question, “Why a giraffe has spots?”

260     The God’s will is considered to be greatest Worker after human’s foolishness.

261     Most often the God’s will is an accident which was provoked by somebody’s foolishness.

262     The God obeys the devil. The devil has many troubles in permanent torturing sinners in the Hell. So, The God prolongs the lives of offender in order they can torture righteous men in our world.


fulfill the God’s WILL (neg.)  

263     Talmud said, “Righteous men fulfilling God’s will”. It doesn’t mean that he fulfilling all God’s commandments or words. When a father has a clever reason and his son, who know subject under discussion, disputes it, then the father nevertheless has a great pleasure of son’s wit and there is father’s will that his son has objection, but not doing silent “yes”. So, righteous men always fulfill God’s will, even if he doesn’t fulfill His commandments or words.

264     There are fools that people cannot recognize them right away. But that fools who say that they are God’s implements as distinct from others, may be recognized right away.


own WILL (neg.)

265     He who has the frying-pan in his hand turns it at own will.


WILL you?

266     The good mother says not, ‘will you?’ but gives.


WILLING (pos.)

267     All lay load on the willing horse.


WIN back (pos.)

268     A true winner can stop oneself with winnings.

269     A good father punishes his son for his attempt to retrieve one’s losses, but not for playing.


WIND in a head (neg.)

270     A brain is the fruitful thing. If its fruit are not aired, worms will be there.


famous WINE (pos.)

271    Our wine is better. You don’t know about it, because of it is so good, that we drink whole it ourselves.


WISDOM (pos.)

272     Well, wise man felt many situations deeply. He felt most sad moment, when he comprehended that the wisdom is dummy.

273     Only that wisdom is good which passed an examination of today’s life.

274     I agree with you. One of the not brilliant substitutes of the youth assumes the name “wisdom”.

275     When a man get tired with a struggle he pretends to he became wiser.

276     Wisdom is not so pleasant. It finds out foolish things continually.

277     Wisdom is not the great virtue. A wise man commonly has foolish children.

278     Wisdom is not so good, too. Its main success is the store of unsolved questions.


WISDOM (neg.)

279     Wisdom is better than the mind. Senses already don’t prevent a wise man in contrast to the clever one.

280     That is not wisdom, is danger.


WISDOM (exist, lack)

281     Sages aren’t omnipotent, because the Nature doesn’t create all kinds of deed.


WISDOM of the Bible (pos.)

282     Well, the Bible has much different wisdom which allow justify any foolishness.


WISDOM of the God (exist)

283     Well, the God is wise. He permits bleeding of innocent person in order the blood will testify against murderer.


WISDOM of an old man (pos.)

284     Well, the fool cherishes a great hope for wisdom comes together with old age.


WISDOM of a poor man (pos.) (see also intellect)

285     A wise raven walks on the garbage.


WISDOM of a rich man (lack) (see also intellect)

286     Wise men are cleverer than clever ones. Clever men make money using own brains. And wise men use the labor of both clever and stupid people.


WISE man (pos.)

287     Main deeds of wise man are to abase noble thing and to ennoble the baseness and nothing else. What is worse?

288     The more consideration to the wise men, the more quarrels because of them.


A fool grows WISER (pos.)

289     When a fool (subordinate) grows wiser he does harm to oneself. If dogs grown wiser they begin to tear shopping bags with sausage. Then owners begin to kill them.


WISH (pos.) (see also abstention, enjoyment, pleasure, restraint)

290     Children have more wishes than the adults, women more than the males, the sick men more than the healthy ones. So, the lower persons have more wishes, than the superior ones.

291     A self-murder is one kind of a fit of wish, too.

292     A victory of wish over mind is a rout. A victory of mind over a wish is a peace of treaty.

293     He who wants to go skiing must push off by both sticks.

294     When there are so much wishes and they are so great than where is the place for virtues and justice?

295               -Sometimes, an annihilation of the wish takes less effort than its satisfaction.

               -So, self-restriction is the fate of a weak person.

296     A deer scratched its antlers against bushes and stuck there.


WISH (neg.)

297     He who wishes do more than a man who can do.

298     He who sees one’s weakness loses one’s wishes.

299     It is easy to try to obtain loved things than permanent force of oneself to love things, which have.

300     A wish is the precondition of ability.

301     I don’t understand how one who has no wishes could be kind.

302     A soul of lazy man has unavailing wishes.

303     Any wish adds the force.

304          -Wishes are helpful. They force brain to work and develop it that it becomes gifted for satisfaction of these wishes.

          -Sorry! You have too undeveloped brain still!

305     A wished thing is never late.


WISH (exist)

306     One has the salivation, when he wishes vomit, too.


WISH (lack)

307     The appetite comes with eating.


WISH to be attractive (lack)

308     A lack of wish attractiveness is a wish of attractiveness, too.


WISH for a believer (pos.)

309     A wish is the divine thing. It is easy to imagine that a stone wishes nothing. But it is impossible imagine that God wishes nothing.

310     Your wish is the pretension to the Creator that He took something from you or He didn’t gave something to you. So, you are rather an unbeliever.


WISH of a child (pos.)

311     A good foal follows a good horse. A bad horse follows its foal.


danger WISH (neg.)

312     A blood is danger, too. It is the cause of haemorrhage. However nobody refuses it.


discrepant WISHES of an interlocutor (pos.)

313     You are as a woman: -Is it painful? –Yes. –Can I pull out it? –No.

314     You want to have twenty-year-old secretary who has thirty-year-old length of service.

315     You wish sit down on the camel and conceal yourself in the ditch.

316     You wish there wouldn’t a dirty on an unpaved street at the rainy day.

317     You wish to break out of prison and have not stolen prison’s dress.

318     You wish become a grandfather and don’t be a husband of grandmother.

319     You wish to eat eggs and keep egg-shells as a whole.

320     You wish that a duck would take wing, and water would keep calm.

321     You wish mince flesh and don’t damage a stub.

322     You wish grill meat and don’t singe a rod.

323     You wish admire a moon, snow and flowers at the same time.


good WISH (pos.)

324     There are many good wishes. They can wish that your parents would outlive you.


WISH of an interlocutor (pos.)

325     It is impossible to approve of some unexpected thing right away. And strange wishes are always unexpected as cow’s shit.

326               -Is your wish strong now?

               -Yes, it is.

               -If a person indeed deserved something then his wish to receive some merited thing would not be so strong at this time.

327     Well, wish to the end of your wishing.

328     You are as a small woman’s clitoris, which has more wishes than a big male’s penis.


WISH for an interlocutor (neg.)

329     Dead thing never fascinates somebody. Do you wish that any thing seems as dead?


kind WISH of a rich man for a poor one (exist)

330     I can’t imagine that a rich man say toast, “Let be goods for a poor!” without blasphemy.


male’s WISH (neg.)

331     A loss of the will and wishes are the first sign of the old age of the male.


male’s WISH for a woman (neg.)

332     “I wish!” is the happiness of a male. “He wants!” is the happiness of a woman.


multiplicity of WISHES (pos.) (and account, many)

333     Don’t exclaim about your thirsty when you climb up the mountain.

334     If somebody doesn’t value available pleasures, he wishes to have other ones in vain.

335     I don’t respect weak desires. And two desires are weaker than one.


multiplicity of WISHES (neg.)

336     The fewer wishes are, the shorter period of life is left.


multiplicity of WISHES of an interlocutor (pos.)

337     You wish over-indulgence to embrace your beloved woman and to make your neighbor to cover you with the blanket. 


my WISH (neg.)

338     I am not on a visit that I must want only offered things.


my WISH of a harm (neg.) 

339     What mean my wish in comparison with God’s one?


my WISH of a harm (exist)

(You wished to do harm for me.)

340     I couldn’t suffer to stand in a queue.


WISH of a poor man (pos.)

341     If you would try to satisfy all wishes of poor men, you will be poorer that they are.  


WISH of a poor man (neg.)

342     The poor man wants to be the rich. The rich wants to be as the God. The poor man is more modest.


WISH of a rich man (pos.)

343     The generation, which was brought up in pampers, recognize rather its own right on a free urination than somebody else’s right on an order.


sudden WISH (exist)

344     Even a camel wishes to drink.


tardy WISH (pos.)

345     He who wishes a hare’s meat for his breakfast must to be at the hunt at night.


WISH of a woman (pos.)

346     Even nature doesn’t pay attention to woman’s whims. They get pregnant easier than fall in love.


WIT (pos.)

347     The great wit has the great sad duty to stupefy itself for abatement of its suffering from surrounding foolishness.

348     Wit has low price. They share their wit to anybody without a feeling of regret.

349     A creative mind finds a better use for itself than the wit.


WIT of an enemy (pos.)

350     Well, a wit is the good safety-valve for hostility which can’t have manifestation.


WITHOUT (pos.)

351     There is no egg without yolk.

352     They are as a nail and finger.


WITNESS (pos.)

353     A liar always calls his friends or subordinates to witness.

354     A fox calls its tail to witness, too.

355     Once, a hen run south follows swallows and got in neighbour yard. It liked this yard. Then it came back and told about its impressions. When swallows came back, yard’s inhabitants advised them listen hen’s impressions about south.

356     Usually, a witness said that a criminal ran at unknown direction.

357     A liar makes an oath. A thief calls somebody to witness.


sole WITNESS (pos.)

358     A sole point of view or a sole witness is like a sole eye. It couldn’t see rightly.

359     I know a witness, who contended that all girls don’t wish marriage. He had such conviction because of he was refused by many girls.


sole WITNESS (neg.)

360     Even one eye can see.


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