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WOLF-lover (pos.)

361     Hitler was the nearest person who had identical idea. He even built bunker “Wolf den” for oneself.


WOMAN (pos.)

362     All women conduct themselves as if they have diseased legs with the obesity and a doctor prescribed a lying position and much moving for them.

363     -Woman is as a piece of wood.


     -The most cold and hard wood will takes fire if the diffused sun light would be focused to it. The most cold and inaccessible woman will takes fire if a man focused to her all his tenderness, delicacy, endearments, compliments, love and rage.

364     A male always wishes to have a kind man as a friend. However a woman doesn’t wish to have a boy-friend who is always kind.

365     -Men are worse than women. They need only vaginas.

     -They have all the rest. However women need everything. So, who is worse?

366     A woman is so sinful creature that her boy-friend has always to absolve her for his predecessor or his successor or her incomprehension that needs an absolution.

367     -I don’t agree with lesbians who say that a woman is better than a man.

     -I understand you. You are the pederast.

368     Especially, women excel men in the knowledge of different device for catching a madman such as bows, brocches, ear-rings, underbodices, corsets, powders, perfumes and lipsticks.

369     A woman becomes a slave before the beginning of slavery.

370     A woman who always remembers that she is a woman is the prostitute. A woman who forgets that she is a woman is as a male.

371     You haven’t much mind. You didn’t understand that a piece of mother-in-law living in any woman.

372     Three times in a day woman’s voice becomes less pleasant than frying-pan’s hissing.

373     Even a discourse becomes poorer in woman’s presence. A discourse of two men is a dialogue. A discourse of a man with woman is a monologue. A discourse of two women is a catalogue.

374     He who read “The Iliada” knows that people were perished because of any sort of women as Helens or Penelopes.   

375     Is a woman really so good? There is no woman’s virtue which calls about she louder than her vice.

376     A woman is worse than a robber. She demands both a purse and life.

377     Well, a fool compared woman to a leech. But it is not quite correct. A leech sucks only a blood. And a woman sucks a mind, force and riches in addition to it.

378     A woman has not a capacity for love to people. She loves only her first lover. Afterwards she loves only the love.

379     He, who to rises woman’s position, lies under her heel.

380     Don’t have any business with women. They are as a base man. They stop obey when you became close friends and they begin hate you when you cease your close friendship with her.

381     Usually, an opinion about women grows worse during whole life except outbursts of senile decay.

382     Don’t praise a woman. Very often means of subsistence for a woman is greater than her value on one’s own.

383     If you have so great love to women then ask an opinion of any woman about another ones.

384     Every woman and every scoundrel has the same daily care of concealment of correlation of one’s own fall and innocence.     

385     Well, only a woman could makes a righteous man from a male and helps him on with his loss of striving for women.

386     Women are not so good. They display their feelings only before nonentities and keep them before gentlemen.

387     A woman has too much dog’s properties. She wouldn’t moves away while you stroking her.

388     Are women so beautiful? You see, even prostitutes are the same hypocrites as the decent women.

389     Very few women’s virtues could outlive her beauty.

390     You know, I am nit the flatterer. A flattery is the ability of saying that things about a woman which she thinks about herself on one’s own.

391     Well, a woman alike a beautiful sea and a respectable priest. All of them are insatiable.

392     In any case a woman resembles rather “zero” and a man resembles rather “one”.

393     Well, women always gladden the eye. Beautiful women gladden the male’s eye, an ugly women – the woman’s one.

394     A fool is as a woman. His erudition is a powder. His scholarship is rouge. His showing off one’s intelligence is coquetry.   

395     As for many ancient languages the words “I cognized the woman” meant “I had copulation with her”. Can I think you had copulation with her?

396    One time in a month this “angel” has “wings” on the strange place.


WOMAN (neg.)

397     Are you a masturbator? Once a masturbator wrote, “The day before yesterday I found the pleasure in the right hand. Yesterday I tried to obtain the same pleasure by left hand. It was so-so. Today I copulated with a woman. It was a pitiful likeness of left hand”.

398     Women are more intellectual than men. They are not oppressors or slaves.

399     The beat thing of a king is a kingdom. The best thing of a kingdom is a capital city. The best thing of capital city is a palace. The best thing of palace is a bed. The best thing of a bed is a beauty.

400     Only women and poets can treat money in according with its bad reputation.

401     There is a sole way to prove your disdain to women. It is a lack of copulations with them. How long time you use this way?

402     Women are so beautiful that the necessity of perfection for them comes into being after thirty years only.

403     Well. Women are so-and-so and excessive time-servers, too. And first of all they are the same as men around them.

404     I don’t agree with pederasts who say that a man is better than a woman.


WOMAN for a believer (pos.)

405     God’s regard for a woman is well-known. He gave Hades for her already during her life. It is her old age.

406     A woman could be the food for gods, but she is always bitten by the Devil.


WOMAN for a Christian (neg.)

407     Even the God had a weakness for a woman.


commanding WOMAN (pos.)

408     A commanding woman would have a husband who is not more than a soldier. He will can to sew, to wash provides oneself and he is in the habit of subordination.


frigid WOMAN (pos.)

409     I understand the hidden cause of woman’s frigidness. She will has more profit when a male would stays in ardent condition for a long time and gives additional presents.


frigid WOMAN (neg.)

410     It is better when a woman is as champagne. It dizzies better when it is in cool condition.


gold WOMAN (pos.)

411     Well, she is the gold woman. However, a man of iron is worth a woman of gold.


WOMAN-hater (neg.)

412     Well, a woman-hater has the great hatred against women. He hats them with the same strength as they hat each other.


WOMAN for a male (pos.)

413     Don’t exaggerate the advantage of a woman. Firstly, a male becomes blind because of the woman. Then he becomes deaf or deaf-and-dumb.


married WOMAN (neg.)

414     Let think about another her virtues, because of, grand total is, that she is married but many women aren’t married.


a present WOMAN (pos.)

415     Genuine women are sleeping (making up) still now.


well preserved WOMAN (pos.)

416     A woman is well preserved only when she is unprepossessing.


rich WOMAN (pos.)

417     As is generally known, even a cat which living in a rich house is the very important person.


WOMAN like a rose (pos.)

418     I am sorry to you. As for you, a rose smell as a woman.


WOMAN like a swan (pos.) 

419     She who is like a swan has the duty to sits down on cold water by own naked ass.


talkative WOMAN (pos.)

420     A talkative woman is worse than ugly one. One may close eyes, but not ears.


turned aside WOMAN (pos.)

421     I understand you. You want to show yourself on all sides.


WOMAN younger thirty years (pos.)

422     Until forenoon they couldn’t say that a day will be clean. Until thirty years they couldn’t say that a woman will be honest.


WONDER (pos.)

423     People wonder at a man who wonders at all things.

424     Wonder is the daughter of ignorance.


WONDER of an interlocutor (pos.)

425     (I wonder.)

     -And I wonder that you wondered.

     -And I wonder that you wondered that I was wondered.

426     Wonder marks a limit of knowledge. You show it very quickly!

427     An ordinary mind wonders at an unusual thing. A great mind wonders at usual one. What thing astonished you?


WONDER at a man (pos.)

428     Two fools always wonder at each other on their meeting. I don’t wonder at you.

429     A clever man always provokes wonder of the fool.


repeated WONDER (lack)

430     Well, there are no wonders. If a man fell from a bell tower and survived then it is a lucky chance. If it was in the second time, it is a coincidence. If it was in third time it is the result of training.


WORD (neg.)

431     If you would found more suitable word or expression, then report it to me.


bold WORD (pos.)

432     Bold words sound more often at places where complete truth is unknown.

433     Many people like to gather the real interest from the non-existent capital.


fair WORD (pos.)

434     Words may be fair but they will not make the pot play.


fair WORD (neg.)

435     Fair words make fools fain.


fine WORDS (pos.)

436     The words “A life is the game” are correct for 99%. The words “Not all life is the game” are correct for 100%. Fine words are less correct.


foreign WORD (pos.)

437     He who wishes to quick forget what is right-angled form from both needs foreign names “parallelogram” and “parallelepiped”.

438     I see you don’t respect Cherchelle, who had said that the best words are acquainted words.

439     Foreign words are a good cover for disappointment with one’s own thoughts.

440     What resemble awing to words on urban swindlers who stayed for the night at the rural house for?

441     A fool prefers to use agreed words instead of to comprehend a thing with the help of native language.


WORD of honour (pos.)

442     Probably you consider all mathematicians as bad persons because they don’t trust word of honour.


take WORDS (pos.)

443     Who want to take words? Take four, “Go in the ass!”


warm WORDS (pos.)

444     Warm words will not warm the belly.


WORK (pos.) (see also busy, dependant, effort, idleness, labor, laziness, rest, stimulus, strike, unemployment)  

445     He, who stirs up the water, seems more productive, than the man, who keeps this water calm cleanness.

446     There is a good fruit. A melon grows stout even when it lies.

447     Everything that’s being done to provide life has been done for to forget that the life couldn’t be provided completely.

448     The longer work, the shorter thinking.

449     A small furrow coves whole world for the plough man eyes.

450     He who hauls a cart doesn’t sing songs. He who sits on a cart sings songs.

451     “To work” means, “to see an aim”, but “to see an aim” means not to see many things around.

452     Any kind of reed is good for weaving, but sugarcane is good itself.

453     Cells of cancer consider that they are the most hard-working and assiduous and diligent cells.

454     An axe, which built a house, would be left out of the room.

455     Nobody shakes the tree that has no fruits and nobody throws sticks at it.

456     Apples don’t fall into the mouth of the working man.

457     Only a dog will not become emaciated because of its good work.

458     A horse, which ploughs at the field, eats nothing. A horse, which stays at the stall, eats oats.

459     Tulips grow not only in a hothouse but in a desert, too.

460     The best affair is living but not working.

461     He who doesn’t work has time to eat more. 

462     “To have a work” doesn’t means “to have the future”.

463     It is impossible to complete all affairs.

464     It is impossible to earn all money.

465     Shouldered load could be seen for everybody. Ate load couldn’t be seen. Be more modest!

466     A work likes fools.

467     An affair is not the hay. It will not rot even after five year.

468     A work is not the peas. It will not scatter in different sides.

469     What is the reason to spend the time to make money first, and then to waste money to kill the time?


WORK (neg.)

470     “To think and not to work” is as “to breathe in and not to breathe out” or “to ask and not to listen to”.

471     There are bees, so there is honey.

472     The ship is more beauty in the ocean than at the mooring.

473     The work is good if only it makes things about how to get rid of it.

474     A working man takes care of keeping. And care of keeping produce the good resolutions.

475     Working fool may be more useful than a resting wise man.

476     There is not a hope in the cold, but the work warms up.

477     A wind couldn’t yield the bread.

478     Lice do not bite busy men.

479     Idleness is worse. It has no the end. And taking a rest after idleness is impossible.


agricultural WORK (neg.)

480     A bad kitchen garden is frequently better than rich relatives.


to WORK like a bee (pos.)

481     I know such industrious bees. They are ready to give a half of one’s ass for a pleasure to be angry.

482     If you wish to be as a bee, sit down on the stinging nettle by your ass.


WORK because of boredom (pos.)

483     Yes. This work makes a person free of boredom, but the thoughts about payment for the work get back to the boredom again.


careful WORK (pos.)

484     If somebody hasn’t a good knowledge about his work, he acts with greatest carefulness. Have you a big experience of a careful work?


WORK with a caution (neg.)

485     There is less probability to cover oneself with shame if one works with caution.


WORK of children (neg.)

486     Usually, such opinion belongs to those grown ups who don’t like their own job.


cook’s WORK (neg.)

487     Even a three-year drought can’t dry up the cook.


dangerous WORK (pos.)

488     A sail must be furled that a storm doesn’t break the mast.


dangerous WORK for enrichment (pos.)

489     An own skin is dearer than a rich fur-coat.


dirty WORK for enrichment (pos.)

490     He who likes walk through a dirt rare wears good shoes.

491     I see. It is impossible to squash worm into the dirt.


dirty WORK for enrichment (neg.)

492     They find eggs into dirty hencoop.

493     One needs to draw goose first, to cook it with the apples.

494     Sow beans in the mud, and they’ll grow like a wood.

495     Sow in the slop, ‘twill be heavy at top.

496     He who cannot to wash one’s hands avoids a dirty work.


WORK for expenditure (pos.)

497     What get money like horses for, and spend it like asses?


WORK at flies’ place (neg.)

498     Do you go to a work for sleeping?


WORK in a foreign country (neg.)

499     Choose a pasture for own herd at first, but not only a stand.


free WORK (pos.) (see also pay)

500     Only eyes blinking without payment of their move.

501     Even a hen never digs for nothing.

502     One has pays even for his rest. On contrary, you offer to work free of charge.


free WORK for the sake of a mother country (neg.)

503     It is not enough to love mother country to the depth of feeling. It is necessary to love it to the bottom of your purse, too.


hard WORK (pos.) (see also complain, difficulty, norm, sweat, long work, multiple work, work of a subordinate)

504     If a bird caring heavy burden then it is a bird of prey.

505     It is possible to carry even a hill from one place to another by little parts. But if one will try to take a great part for caring, he will be carried into the graveyard.


hard WORK (neg.)

506     A door of treasure house may be opened only with the hard effort.

507     One can’t get up on a plane place until he doesn’t overcome the mountain.

508     Don’t be afraid of a hard work. Be afraid of easy talks about hard work!

509     It is impossible to drive in a nail by the light hammer.

510     There is not light load at the long journey.

511     One must see a food through the brushwood but not only the brushwood.


hard WORK (exist)

512     Even a tail has overweight for the jade.

513     Yes. Foolishness is a heavy load.

514     Difficulties will make one’s appearance when a man doesn’t expect it. And difficulties will not be so much if a man expected it.


hard WORK for own business (neg.)

515     Those who are lazy to cut wheat on own fields go to the chopping stones for the others.


WORK for an interlocutor (pos.)

516     I see, lice bite you, but you know that they don’t bite busy men.


WORK for an interlocutor (neg.)

517     Don’t fear to lose flesh by work. You will gain weight by harvest.


WORK of Jews (neg.)

518     A work of Jews is the best, because of there is notorious and well-known Russian mafia, but not Jewish one.


WORK of journalist (pos.)

519     It is better to do prostitution in the dark than at the sight of all people.


WORK without knowledge (pos.) (see also work without a skill)

520     Firstly one must learn a letters. In the second one may write post-cart.


lazy WORK (pos.) (see also idleness, laziness)

521     To work with laziness is alike to cut with a blunt knife.


lazy WORK (neg.)

522     The labor of a lazy man looks like exploit (heroic deed) most of all.


WORK of lazy-bones (pos., neg.)

523     Work of lazy-bones alike scientific work most of all. It is quite impossible to determine the date for scientific work.


long WORK (pos.) (see also complain, hard work)

524     It is better to work with the mind than until the night.

525     A work hasn’t the end for those, who haven’t skill of work.

526     A winner has few differences from a loser during and after long game.

527     Only such work is good, which make longer the time for expense earned money.


long WORK (neg.)

528     A fool crosses the river at the narrowest place.


long WORK for an interlocutor (pos.)

529     You like a woman. She has the same reason that skillful male must work in a bed long time.


WORK for a male (woman) (pos.)

530     In the right way, only prostitutes and cranks love their work indeed.


WORK of a married man (woman) (pos.)

531          -Must I work day after night?


          -I had night work already.


WORK for me (pos.)

532     What should I lie to myself for? There will be found people, who does this work better than I do.

533     I am not so sad and cheerless that a man who gives me a hard advice to be used with something.

534     If “the work” means “the satisfaction”, then I am not so egoist like you.

535          -There is a holiday today.

          -What is the holiday?

          -If I don’t work, the day to occasion the holiday.

536     I don’t need a gold hump.

537     We have some difference only in the tints. You think that a work is the satisfaction, but I think that a satisfaction is the work.

538     I don’t wish that in order of hard work of my body and soul demand a murder of innocent animals for my meal.


mercenary WORK (pos.) (see also account, gain, greediness, profit)

539     A flower is not so good if one thinks about its fruit.

540     Hirelings don’t accomplish a feat.

541     A subject being worked at not for its own sake is not being worked until half at as it should be.

542     Free time is a treasure for those who know the value of time.

543     The young get older more quickly when they lose dreams and disinterestedness.

544     Yes. If I would have mercenary work, then I will not eat that kind of food, which I’m eating now. But if you could be able to eat my food, then you would never have the necessity to work for the sake of many things. 


mercenary WORK (neg.)

545     Mercenary people look after the bees and disinterested people look after the wasps.


WORK of a merchant on Change (pos.)

546     I understand you. Cards, roulette, races – it’s all old stuff. It’s like cold steel. Stock exchanges them like the long-range artillery. You can’t even see who deprives you of money.


WORK with mistakes (neg.)

547     Plough, let it would be deep or shallow. Sow. Let it would be close or seldom.


WORK for the sake of money (pos.) (see also profit, mercenary work)

548     It is better to do right things at once than to do right actions.


multiple WORK (pos.) (see also multiplicity of wishes, hard work)

549     It is good only for you. You accustomed to think about something, to speak about another one and to do the third.

550     They don’t dig wells at ten places at once.

551     What the reason to reach out one’s hand for a fish when you are looking for a pearls?

552    To catch a crawfish means not to pay attention to a fish.

553     The one couldn’t draw a circle with some hand and a square with another one at the same time.

554     Don’t strike two nuts by one stone at once.


multiple WORK (neg.)

555     A man must find a way, if he carries the light.

556     Yes. Sleeping onto one bed is good. But you don’t intend to sleep. Is not it?

557     Row, too! Bail out, too!


multiple WORK for a male (pos.)

558     You have woman’s mind. Honest man never serves for two masters.


multiple WORK for a subordinate (pos.)

559          -Do you make everyone does several jobs at the same time?


          -I imagine you make your wife crochets in the time of sex.


WORK of an official (pos.)

560     There are centenary peasants. There is not centenary official.


WORK of an old man (pos.)

561     A desire for avoiding difficulties is a virtue of rather an old man.


WORK of an old man (neg.)

562     The old pearl-oyster produces a pearl.


WORK for others (pos.)

563     Bureaucratic officials work one for another. N is not bureaucrat.


WORK instead of others (pos.)

564     He, that does what he should not, shall feel what he would not.


WORK of peasant (pos.)

565     A merchant knows about profit and loss most of all. He doesn’t begin to plough.


WORK of peasant (neg.)

566     Very often, a bad kitchen garden is better than the relation.


WORK with people (pos.)

567     A work with people is one of the greatest pleasures of street vender woman.


WORK permanently (pos.)

568     To be too busy, gets contempt.


WORK permanently for a love (pos.)

569     Well, a love is the labour. But it is not the slave lab our which is permanent.


placid WORK (pos.)

570     Grains must be winnow by the wind.


placid WORK (neg.)

571     Do you wish that everybody looks after his work as prostitute’s linen after stormy night?


WORK of a poor man (lack) (see also complain, effort, endeavor, exploitation, hard work)

572     N working. Misery is a trouble labor, which is enough for a poor man.


WORK for the present (pos.) (see also gain, life for the present, profit, think about the future)

573     A work with its unlimited sequence “working, taking the money, expense, working again” is so resemble at the pilferer’s suffering with its “to steal, to put into the prison, to release, to steal again”.


WORK of a prior (pos.)

574     A work of prior hasn’t A class. People pray for the God more sincere during tax inspector’s work.


qualitative WORK (pos.) (see also quality)

575     If one would long for to complete one’s work with high quality, he would never have enough time for it. But if one makes the pot boil, then he would have much time for alteration.


qualitative WORK (neg.)

576     What waste time for a work which will be done badly for?


qualitative WORK of a young man (pos.)

577     Old man’s care is the order to cook porridge. Young man’s care is to boil porridge. Care of the others is to eat the porridge to the end.


quick WORK (pos.) (see also quick profit)

578     A quick spit would be left at the beard.

579     Drawing of picture is slow. Drawing of caricature is quicker.

580     Growing and raising are slow. Fading and falling are quick.

581     To work in a hurry is not a work for a clever person.

582     It is not sneezing. There is possibility of waiting.

583     Hurry is one hour of warmth before the death from coldness.

584     If this work is so important, it must have been made yesterday.

585     He who overcame three day’s path in one day needs five day for rest in a bed.

586     Even fast horse wouldn’t be fed twice at once.

587     There is a possibility to eat up even prickles, if an eater would eat slowly.

588     A sluggish duck come flying before other birds.

589     Only a dentist receives a prize for his quick work.

590     The quickest deed is taking hot porridge from the middle of a plate.

591     A habit of having quick hands harms the stomach.

592     Negligible deeds must be done quickly, in order of an important ones will be done without hurry. He who was quick very often was occupied with the trifles.


quick WORK (neg.)

593     If every deed would be done quickly, then there couldn’t be something, which was fallen and perished. Every thing will be caught up in the air.

594     It is not an eating up prickles. There is a possibility for the hurry.

595     We are not at the threshold of governor’s house that lays behind it.


quick WORK for a creator (pos.)

596     Do you want that N would makes spittle into eternity?


repeated WORK (pos.)

597     An egg, which lays under the hen much time can’t bear a chicken.


WORK of a rich man (exist) (see also merit, virtue)

598     Mouth has a work, but not fat, as a stomach.

599     A pig is sleeping and its fat is growing.

600     Everything that the poor need made by the poor. Everything that the rich need made by the poor as well.


WORK of a rich man (lack)

601     You are wrong thinking that the rich do not work. Everyone is afraid of being unemployed.


WORK of a rich man for the sake of a poor man (exist)

602     Well, a rich men work for the sake of poor people, too. They correct information for them.


scientific WORK without profit (neg.) (see also gain, profit)

603     The ideas love me so I love ideas. The things don’t love me so I don’t love the things.


WORK without a skill (pos.) (see also skill, work without knowledge, strange work)

604     One will break one’s back of the head by a stone if he hasn’t knack of the throw.


WORK during socialism (pos.)

605     During capitalism the salesman pursue the buyer. So, both wish to do own job. During socialism the buyer pursues the salesman. So, both don’t make own job.


WORK for the sake of society (pos.) (see also gain, profit)

606     I feel sorry for you. You have a hard job. You glorify the thing, which never been paid money for.


WORK during a sorrow (neg.)

607     Lay a burden higher! Never lay sorrow to your heart when you may lay it on your shoulders.


strange WORK (pos.) (see also skill, work without a skill)

608     The person who is occupied with strange work is occupied with a kind of theft.


WORK by strange hands (pos.) (see also exploitation, oppress)

609     Nobody is in search of buried treasure by strange hands.

610     He who wishes to get the best result of his work will make it by himself.

611     Do you wish to pick prickles by strange hands?

612     Do you wish to take the embers out of your stove by strange hands?

613     It is better for the one to cry one time oneself than to charge another man to cry six times.


WORK by strange hands (neg.)

614     It is better to take a snake by the others’ hands.


WORK for a subordinate (pos.)

615     Gadflies to go sits on a sweaty horse.

616     A camel carries most of all but it has prickles for meal.

617     Anybody may kick a loaded donkey.

618     A useful toiler-besom stands at the dirty place.

619     A horse will be killed after its help to earn enough money for buying a tractor.

620     A needle has made clothes for the whole world but remained naked itself.

621     To trouble oneself with hard work is the most vain deed. Wages never corresponds with work fulfilled.


WORK for a subordinate (neg.)

622     A lamp which was lighted for the sake of the chief would light for the subordinate, too.

623     There will become easier even for horse if it earns money for buying a tractor.

624     If they couldn’t use a cart for carrying firewood, it will be broken to pieces and used as firewood.

625     The flies don’t trouble a pot, which is cooking.


WORK of a subordinate (pos.)

626     I see. A midwife was more tired out than a woman recently confined.


my WORK as a subordinate (neg.)

627     If you think that you pay me a good wages then think that I have hard work.


WORK together with a subordinate (pos.)

628     What to bark together with own dog for?


summer WORK (neg.)

629     The summer sweat gives out warmth in winter.

630     I understand you. The one who loves the warm vodka and the sweaty women don’t work in summer.


tedious WORK (neg.)

631     Study at the nature! How wonderful it bright up outward monotony of eating, drinking sleeping and fucking.


WORK “as a three men” (pos.)

632     What deprives a share of two men for?


my WORK till the end of working time (pos.)

633     Sometime, I come to the work later. Sometime, I leave work earlier. What to be late every time for?


WORK for tired man (pos.) (see also complain, rest)

634     Even God was tired in last day of the creation, so a man became unsuccessful creature.

635     In just now one can do so much mistakes for five minutes that it takes two hours tomorrow to look for and correct them.

636     It is better to measure any sizes on Monday after 9 o’clock than do the same on Friday after 16 o’clock.


WORK together (pos.) (see also help)

637     Five men don’t twist a rope together.

638     People of a whole village can’t thread a needle.

639     A crowd is spacious only for the thief.


WORK together (neg.)

640     A football-player is quick and a hockey player is quick, but a pass is quickest.

641     One could overpowers one, two could overpower three, three could

overpower six.

642     A head, body, hands and legs are good together.

643     Even a hare couldn’t run away a crowd.

644     There is not a good rain from separated clouds.

645     There are many metals in a good bronze.

646     Nobody can take even a needle by his separated fingers.

647     Joint working is good. A generous man will oil. A miser pour will vinegar. A clever man will salt. A mad man will stir slowly.

648     If you fish alone you’ll have the fish for a day. If you fish by team you’ll have the fish for a month.

649     There is no a wall from disassemble stones.

650          -Two men could shake a stone and three ones could carry it into another place.

          -Please! Do it whole your life.

651     You’d better grow radish. It stays fresh if it was picked up, brought to the market and sold by one and the same man.

652     The spark which flew from bonfire gets cold quickly.


WORK for an unemployed (pos.)

653     Even an unemployed barber wouldn’t shave a cat’s head.


unloved WORK (pos.)

654     Taking into account the long time which we spent working, the pleasure from work may be more valuable than all other pleasures which may be bought for earned money.


useful WORK (pos.) (see also gain, profit)

655     Only such a work is real good, which may be preferred its result.


WORK of a woman (pos.)

656     If one doesn’t wish to have a foal, he saddles a mare.


next WORLD (pos.)

657     You are happy. The lack of real knowledge gives the good sleeping.

658     If a man may easily say that died fire emits an invisible light then this man may easily speak about the next world, too.

659     Both the future inhabitant of paradise and the future inhabitant of Hell prefers one day of our world to thousand days of the next one.

660     Feeling of pleasure is the main deed for a fool. Any fool has pleasure to say “X is not equal X”. Also he has pleasure to thing that any toady and player of mean tricks will change own nasty nature into the paradise.


WORRING of a poor man (neg.)

661     Then ban the worrying of rich men which is an advertisement.


WORRY (lack)

662     He, that has no ill fortune, is troubled with good.


WORTH (lack)

663     We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.


WRATH (pos., neg.)

664     Wrath is good. It harms foolish men.



665     What resembles elephant’s ass by the wrinkled face for?

666     Wisdom is characterized by wrinkles in the brain but not on the face.



667     Do you wish to have the narrow forehead in order to have few wrinkles?

668     Wounds, which were received because of the battle with an eternity, are honourable.


WRITE (pos.)

669     Every written texts rather like the flung stone. It is know, who threw it.

670     It is better to hear the reproach that you wrote a little than that you wrote so much.

671     Writing for the future involves the poor life. Writing for the present involves oblivion after the death.


WRITE (neg.)

672     -Writing is an unloading of head for new thoughts.

     -It seems that you began an unloading very early. Is your head so little?

673     A ploughman has only own field. A writer has the whole country.


WRITE about a bad man (pos.)

674     It is better to write about good persons. A people put up monuments for Don Kichote, Sherlock Holms, Mermaid.


great man WRITES (pos.)

675     Well, many dullards share your indignation against Socrates, who didn’t write even one book.


great man WRITES (neg.)

676     The name of person who wrote insufficiently is Columbus. They named Columbia thanks him. The name of person who wrote enough is Amerigo. They named America thanks him. 

677     An arrow hits one aim. A pen hits thousand ones.


WRITE letters to own wife (pos.)

678     What to write to own wife frequently for? Then she may to fall in love with letter-carrier.


WRITE about somebody’s mistake (pos.)

679     I see you are a kind man. You don’t like to keep somebody’s mistake in your mind. You write about it.


WRITE at night (pos.)

680     Do you do yourself out of sleep for the sake of to gift it for others?


ordinary man WRITES (neg.)

681     Very often, a note which was written by foolish person is better than words, which were memorized by clever one.


WRITER (pos.)

682     The more naivety of a readers, the greater the influence of the writer on them.

683     Writers can’t be true respected persons because of the bad correlation between their read and written books.

684     One should say thanks a lot to the writers. Due to them only we accustom ourselves to other people and begin to sympathize with a thief, an oppressor and a killer.

685     A main writer’s skill is the skill to exaggerate the little nothings of life.

686     Yes, writing is the single chance for a mediocre man to change his hateful life radically.

687          -It is a pity that this writer can’t play basketball.


          -He can’t throw into the basket in proper time.

688     If you pay attention to that a majority of a readers are the people which sunk in their behaves, then there is a right to say that writer’s labor comes to the pilferage of reader’s money and great theft of reader’s free time.

689     Usually, a writer is harmful. Writing destroys the common truthful memory.

690     As for making money from paper, writers are the main competitors of counterfeiters.


WRITER (neg.)

691     People remain their thoughts on paper that death can’t take them away.


detective WRITER (pos.)

692     However I don’t serve criminals. I don’t supply their foolish mind by scenarios for crimes.


WRITTEN text (pos.)

693     Only a celebrity has the right to write such text. You must write better.


WRONG way (pos.)

694     What to use a wheel for slipping and skis for rotation for?

695     Did you carry firewood to the wood?

696     What to plant a sapling by root up for?

697     No one brings the well to his lips.

698     What to advise to wear bearskin inward bear for warming for?

699     What to give birth to a hedgehog against its quills for?

700     No one shakes his face in front of the fan.


WRONG way (exist)

701     Any North is the most south’ South. It is the place where all ways are south.


WRONG way (lack)

702     Sometimes, a fish eats a warm. Sometimes, a warm eats a fish.


X (pos.)

703     This feed is not the meat.

704     A price must be deserved, too. If something was priced by ignoramus then it is an ill turn.

705          -I like your words, but I didn’t understand Y.


          -I like your words, but I didn’t understand Z.


X (pos., neg., exist, lack)

706     What the slow hare! What the swift jack!


X (neg.)

707     A freak has many things not fit to use.

708     Honey is a kind of shit and vomit too.

709     Overate man thinks of lamb’s meat somewhat savour of the earth.

710     I understand you. Shortcomings of the good thing more hardly strikes the man.

711          -Sorry, that you blaming out of T. V.


          -Then I could to cut off it.

712     I see. Criticism always corresponds with the critical age.

713     There is no wool so white but a dyer can make it black.

714     One is not smelt where all stink.

715     Yes, Moscow is a bad city, no money to buy a pastry-cook there.

716     A swine always find the dirt.


X (exist)

717     Well, it is the X for society which never was known with the X.

718     I see. Here to speak about Y as is inappropriate.

(-This man is beautiful. –I see. Here to speak about his intellectual abilities as is inappropriate.)



719     You may guess with yourself. Yes. Just because of very case.



720     -Live simpler.


     -Live simpler.

721          -They must ask about Y before X.


          -{Answer about Y.}

          -And what about X?

          -Changing of the subject of the talk is the bad form.

722     -Do you want to have an advice?

     -Yes. (No.)

     -Go to the devil! (See! You don’t wish to listens anybody.)

723          -You are the bore.


          -I made sure that you are the bore once again.


          -I made sure that you are the bore again and again.

724     Do you like to peep in strange cards?

725     What is the difference?

726     If I would have knowledge about that I would be in another place now.

727     Have you a serious wish that somebody would entertain you by answers? It is not seriously.

728     It is necessary to answer slowly and three time for such dull person as you. I have no time for such business.

729     Do you ask this question because of your stupidity or your malice and spite?

730     Don’t pretend that the answer is not clear to you.

731     It is better to ask about Y.

732     Do you want to listen a praise or criticism? (Then speak exaggerated praise or exagerated criticism.)


YAWN during a talk (neg.)

733     -It is not yawning. I wish to say something important but I have not possibility to do it.


     -It is the time to stop this talk.


my YAWN during a work (neg.)  

734     I opened my mouth because of my delight and admiration. A normal term with a work belongs only to you. I have perverted one. Have not I?


YELL during an argument (pos.)

735     He who has physical or spiritual deafness makes loud voice.


YIELD (pos.)

736     If somebody makes way for you then it is better to be ready to jump over a pit.

737     He, who lulls somebody’s vigilance, yields and agrees with his enemy.

738     Who will defends a yielding man?


YOGI (pos.)

739     Regulation of circulation of blood into a hand is not a pursuit for the good mind.

740     I never wish to be among those who rub one’s ears by own feet.


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