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COCK crowed for waking up (pos.)

1     It is not for N. He (she) is not a hen.



2     It is not my. It only goes across my X (table, house, room).


COFFEE (neg.)

3     In ancient time one king gave only tea to a one twin and he gave only coffee to another one. The twin who drank tea has died earlier.


fortuity of a COINCIDENCE (exist)

4     If a male’s cloister stands opposite a nunnery then who would trust fortuity this coincidence?


COLD (pos.)

5     Don’t worry. I am not a fish. I’ll not have a foul smell because of warmth.

6     A cold may kill even a great wind.

7     Perhaps, some times you had rushing out of the womb for the cold.

8     The cold never send gadflies and snakes.


COLD (neg.)

9     Even honey may turn sour because of warmth.

10     The cold doesn’t produce the smell which is foul.


COLD (exist)

11     In the coldest flint there is hot fire.


COLD (lack)

12     Well, it is the south coast … of the Arctic Ocean.

13     An ice-hole has more high temperature than freezing weather. But it doesn’t warm me.


COLLABORATION (pos.) (see also busy, help, nearness)

14     If there is mutual parasitism then it calls oneself “the collaboration”.



15     Are you my colleague? Oh, I see. You wear spectacles, too. (You speak English very bad, too.) (You suffer from rheumatism, too.)



16     Collector is a good man. Collector facilitates a gift choosing for his friends.


COMBINATION of best things (pos.)

17     A wife gives me happiness. Parents and children do the same. But they never make it when they are in one and the same room.


COMBINATION of contrast things (neg.)

18     It is impossible to wave sharp sword which has no a smooth haft.


COMBINATION of different things (pos.)

19     What to drink a birch sap together with a pulp for?

20     What to eat an oyster together with its shell?

21     What to sew clown’s garments for oneself for?


COMBINATION of different things (neg.)

22     Coffee is good when it is with cream and sugar.

23     What to have a button without buttonhole for?

24     What to have a button without thread for?

25     What to eat a meat and mustard separately for?

26     Bones, flesh tendons, blood and bile are nasty separately. At the same time everything taken together would make up a very nice girl or boy.


COMBINATION of different things (lack)

27     A house and stove are always together.


COMBINATION of a great man with an ordinary one (neg.)

28     Don Kihote and Sancho Pansa are good when they are together.


COMBINATION of identical things (pos.)

29     What to add one stutter to another one for?


COMFORT (pos.) (see also advantage, boon, care for present, conditions, difficulty, enjoyment, pleasure, quality, use, wait)

30     All money may be lost into comfortable purse at once.

31     Nobody looks for mushrooms sitting in the coach.

32     It is very comfortably to heat a stove by books.

33     Those who wish to angle a fish must wet his foots.

34     Nobody kills a sheep for the sake of comfort of the shearing.

35     Pillow is not necessary as only for sleeping.

36     If barrel’s water had dried up then barrel’s frogs would never get out this “comfortable” place.

37     I understand you. The drunk man, who can’t goes, longs for the steering wheel.

38     A prison is a house, but not a waste. However, nobody wishes to live there.

39     Have an enemy. So you will feel yourself comfortable. If he knows your wish to him, you feel yourself comfortable. If he doesn’t know about it, you feel comfort, too.

40     Both slaves of comfort and captives of discomfort are one and the same persons.


COMFORT (neg.)

41     They don’t offer a ladder only to the monkey.

42     A lame man who walks along the road may be quicker than a strong one’, who run across the lack of roads.

43     Are you afraid to swallow a fork?

44     Is it good to eat head over heels?

45     Comfort is a good thing. Many people, who run out of their houses from the intention drown oneself have a return when they see the rain-clouds.

46     He who never fell from unsaddled horse doesn’t want to saddle it.

47     A fool would think to build a cattle-shed for bull only after the bull’s death.


COMFORT (exist)

48     It is a good spoon, which pricks eyes by its sharp back end!

49     It is better to sleep on a floor of the perfumery’s shop, than on the bed into the fish’s shop.


COMFORT (lack)

50     The sluggard’s convenient season never comes.


COMFORT for a male (pos.)

51     What for to be with the boots for the wolf?

52     It is a comfort to wipe own chalked hands about own costume.


COMMAND (pos.)

53     If you cackling then lay eggs!

54     Do you agree to have appointment midwife?

55          -Do you know an advice for puppy’s trainer?

          -What is the advice?

          -Do rare one’s whistles and commands little by little.

56     I doubt that the foolishness which was said by you may be executable by a sensible person.


COMMAND (neg.)

57     I see. The lazy person who has no wish to command looks as a kind and noble one.



58     Military leader is a man who has not left his childhood yet. There is only one difference. He said, “I don’t know” in the past. And now he says, “I don’t know, but this order must be implemented for the morning.”    



59     Either the God is immoral or His commandments are immoral because He doesn’t conduct oneself in accordance with them.

60     Probably, Christ realized his own difference from people during his dying. Since then on he never pressed them on his commandments.

61     Commandments are guilty for breaking of commandments by themselves in the same way as the narrow boot is guilty for callosity.

62     The single commandment which is observed by every believer is an ignoring of the truth.

63     A clever man sees a great difference between the essence of the events and their description. So, he couldn’t trust “commandments for any cases of the life”.

64     The concept of God into the mind of clever man never coincides with the concept of God into the mind of fool. To speak about limited quantity of God’s commandments means to limit clever man for a good of fools.



65     Any truth which was pronounced has commonplace sound.


COMMONPLACENESS for a male (neg.)

66     Struggle against commonplaceness may be worse than the commonplaceness. A man in love may have no ask address of loved girl. And he will have the second meeting with her.



67     The uncommunicative swindler is not the real swindler. Alas! I have nothing that declines me to this employment.


COMMUNISM (pos.) (see also capitalism, groundless, socialism)

68     An endless perspective can’t glad eyes for a long time. At last it makes doubt about correctness of the way. One will loose his eyesight by straining it. The capitalist kind of way from one thing to another is much easier.



69          -What is communism for – a society based on envy?

          -Well, envy rests on its laurels there. But still envy reaches this position at capitalism. It’s the greatest moving power there.


COMMUNIST (pos.) (see also revolutionary)

70          -The communists like the poor so much that they multiply their quantity.

          -The capitalists are fruitful, too. They produce hundred miserable men to one rich man.

71     Yes, not everybody may form a habit to celebrate the anniversary of Great October in November.



72     Yes, these were damned communists who had invented love so not to pay money.

73     Why do you think that communists are worse the others, only because they haven’t always followed their splendid ideals? Even the ideals of these others are opposite to splendid ones.

74     It’s good to be communists. They won’t be let into hell for fear that they will be tempting the people to create paradise in hell.

75     All great cultural workers are the lefts of their nature. The lefts are for the human nature, but not for the State system.

76     The communists repeated an exploit of Christ. They gave their rule by freewill and bloodless way. The dull cardinals of mafia and fooled people cried, “Crucify them!”

77     Even the most foolish communists who ran from Kiev to Moscow’s Army Museum with gas-mask on their heads differ from animals much more than an aristocratic Rothsheeld, Nobel and Kennedy who grown rich owing to their vile dishonest motives.


COMPARE (pos.)

78     Any kind of comparison is a premeditated lie.

79     Any comparison is the absurdity. It is the wish to say, “It is the same, but it is not the same”.

80     Don’t compare a penis with a finger.

81     Stop! Stop! You already slipped at ten words aside!

82     An obstacle, which stands between a subject and a point of view at it and prevents the gaze assume the name “comparison”.


COMPARE somebody with great man (pos.) (see also praise, priority, superiority)

83     Do you try to compare a drunkard with the sun because he gets red in the evening and after it in the morning?

84     Don’t compare a pig with a ploughman.


COMPARE somebody with great man (neg.)

85     The word “incomparably” is one of the signs of the foolishness.


COMPARE great men with each other (pos.) (see also talk about great man)

86     A bull has a power. A bird has a power, too. But there are different kinds of power.


COMPARE males with each other (pos.)

87     A woman has no another way to show her value except to compare men with each other.


COMPARE penis with a carrot (pos.)

88     It is not know why they compare a penis with a carrot. Is it because of their hardness or dirty?


COMPARE persons (pos.)

89     Any comparison diminishes somebody’s happiness.


COMPARE a rich or poor man with a brute (neg.)

90     Well, I forgot that you differ from the brute by your pecuniary embarrassment.


COMPETITION (EMULATION) (pos.) (see also ambition, overtake, priority, superiority)  

91     Competition is more pleasant for envious persons.

92     What reason to have questionable possessions for?                                      


COMPETITION for me (pos.)

93     I don’t see something that I’ll lose by the lack of the first place for me.


permanent COMPETITION (pos.)

94     I praise a society, where talking person, who in time stopped oneself, has equal honor with the person, who in time took part in the talk.


COMPLAINT (pos.) (see also account, conditions, demand, difficulty, fastidiousness, fate, help, pity, strike, trouble)

95     One keeps one’ broke hand into the own sleeve.

96     Everyone feels salinity only own snivel.

97     A slobber couldn’t extinguish the fire.

98     I agree with you. Why one must stop one’s complaining if he lives at somebody else’s expense?

99     He who demands an impossible thing always complains of.

100     Don’t unroll your handkerchief in front of the people!

101     A fate and a character are two different names for one concept.

102     A plaintiff like seems to be unfortunate in order convincing that the fate has not requited him in according to his deserts.

103     All unlucky wretches think that a fate is blind.

104     He who grieves sincere has not need in witness.

105     A little grief is eloquent, a great ones is taciturn.

106     There is a loud complaint because of there is the surplus of health.

107     Morbid spirit whimpers even into strong body. Strong spirit passes with dignity even through an infirmity.

108     Cleaved bell doesn’t rattle. Only cracked ones rattle.

109     It is clear because of your complaint that you don’t understand the misfortunes of the others.

110     A weeping couldn’t drown the motor’s noise.

111     A blind man always scolds the hummock but not one’s blindness.

112     If some man, as Linney, would arrange animals with according their happiness then you could find oneself just behind a donkey.

113     A mind was given to a man rather for his good living than for seeing that his life is bad.

114     A complaining to double malice, and a laughing destroy it.

115     There is a harm because of any complaint. Many people will be indifferent. Envious persons will be glad. Somebody will feel sorry for. But esteem will be lost for all.

116     Suffering is not the main misfortune for an unlucky man. The main his misfortune is that he suffers and resents his fate without good foundation.

117     One hour of real work could give you strength more than your complaining during a month.

118     It is not pity that somebody suffering. It is pity that somebody’s sufferings will be ended soon.

119     The life always has a grief. It is either a dissatisfaction of wishes or their satisfaction right up to their absence.

120     You have not enough mind for telling, “A glass is full by half” instead of “A glass is empty by half”.

121     If one have not a thing for boasting he boast by one’s misfortunes.

122     Only real lucky man tells about one’s misfortunes.

123     You would lay a book of complaints even on the executioner’s block.

124     If some bad thing is known than it is not so bad already.

125     Complain to your nurse.

126          -Do you have a mind?

          -Yes, I have.

          -Why you don’t use it? If it had been occupied with its affair then you wouldn’t want some more.

127     A secret aim of complaining man is to do that the others become conscience-stricken.

128     An unlucky people don’t love perform some duties with respect to relations and friends. To be happy is one of such duties.

129     A complaint about an offence disgraces a prosecutor once again.



130     They smear only squeaky wheel.

131     Even a mother couldn’t know about baby’s problem while he keeps silent.

132     A glass clink during a breaking.

133     Complaint is the good thing. Let others will be glad that they haven't such causes of complaints.



134     As for me, I understand that there is not a complaint about unopened parachute.


COMPLAINT of a believer (pos.)

135     Troubles and illness are the most lucid expressed God's opinion about the way man's behaves. The God talks with him by them.


COMPLAINT of the chief (pos.)

136     I see. It is not a jolting of the reins.


COMPLAINT to a great chief (pos.)

137     Well, nobody will to reproaches a naive person with his direct applying to the God.


COMPLAINT to a great chief (neg.)

138     Who will reproaches a person with his direct applying to the God?


COMPLAINT to about one’s own child (pos.)

139     A foolish tree complained to about an axe which had a wooden handle, too.


COMPLAINT to about horrible dream (pos.)

140     Look at the looking-glass much less!


COMPLAINT to an enemy (pos.)

141     Don’t cry, “Wolf tearing a sheep” to men who frying meat.


exaggerated COMPLAINT (exist)

142     Tears would run down from the both eyes if even only one of them was pricked.


COMPLAINT to an own experience (pos.)

143     All sharp experiences happen because of an economy of efforts. A calm management of oneself demands to have a preliminary efforts, attention, well-power, shadowing, work with oneself, disclosing of one’s own lie. It is easier to have an experience once. It will be cheaper!

144     A plaintiff is the lucky fighter for privileges and advantages. People have a heightened attention and reduced pretensions for him. They forgive him many things, but first of all he begins forgive many things for himself by himself.

145     People are disappointed when they say that they wish to get rid of experiences. Nobody would use “the magic stick” for rejection of own feelings about high temperature of own child. People have that they wish have.


COMPLAINT of a friend (neg.)

146     Love a child’s crying if you love the child.


COMPLAINT to health (pos.)

147     Your so loud complaints allay apprehensions about your good health.


rich man’s COMPLAINT about his health (pos.)

148     A rotten tooth stays in gold, healthy ones work.


COMPLAINT to about a second husband (pos.)

149     If first husband scolded a wife and second one beats she then it is necessary to wish a long life for him because, it is possible, a third one would to kill such wife.


COMPLAINT of an interlocutor (pos.)

150     I see. You have a problem, even two ones. You are the great visionary some more.


irrelevant COMPLAINT (pos.)

151     Don’t burst into tears in front of a blind man.

152     Don’t complain of a mother to a father!


COMPLAINT of Jew (pos.)

153     Poor Jews! Poor Jews!


COMPLAINT to about a loss of power (pos.)

154     Had the man who lost his merry mood together with his power enough dignities for ruling?


COMPLAINT against own memory (pos.)

155     Attempt to give various things and your memory will becomes better.


mutual COMPLAINT (pos.) взаимная жалоба

156     Don’t to be as two fools. The first complains, “They made a bad knife which cannot to cut the bread”. The second complains, “They made bad bread. Even the knife cannot cut it”.


COMPLAINT of an old man (pos.)

157     Steady! There is so little time for your patience.


COMPLAINT of an old man to a young man (pos.)

158     If I would have a confidence in that I would live till your age then now I couldn’t complain against anything.


rich man’s COMPLAINT about his stomach (pos.)

159     You complain that your food is badly digested. Don’t put on airs. Gorge the shit as the others do, and you will get the shit.


COMPLAINT to tiredness (pos.)

160     He who occupied by a senseless work complains to a tiredness most of all.


COMPLETENESS for Russian (exist) (see also addition, all, few, little, part, whole)

161     Probably, “from A to Z” designates completeness for the Englishman, but as for Russian it is only beginning of the alphabet.


COMPLICATION (pos., neg.)

162     They make easy refusal of solution of a complicated task.



163     A compromise with a disease produces a chronic disease.



164     A bull would be cleverer, if it will knows a way of retreat.

165     Compromise is the thing for clever man. He is always outnumbered.

166     There is much time for long futile talking about the right or erroneous point of views. They talk briefly and get good results when they talk about useful point of view.



167     Culture is the form of compulsion, too.


religious COMPULSION (neg.)

168     If it is possible to drag for hair of the drowning man, then why it is impossible to drag for hair from a hell.


personal COMPUTER (pos.)

169     I understand you. Sometimes, computer gives a chance to act effective even to a fool.


CONCEAL (pos.)

170     They couldn’t see a bottom when the water is rotten.

171     Well, a thief’s fame hinders thief.

172     Is it a good joy to dance into a cellar?

173     Very often, a concealed thing turned out a piece of shit.

174    Concealment of disease doesn’t lead to a recovery.

175     I am not a dog. If I received a piece of bread, I never seclude myself with it.


CONCEAL (neg.)

176     Visible clouds cannot resist against an invisible wind.

177     It is better to take away a fish than to drive away cats.

178     It is impossible to condemn somebody’s action if it was done in secret.

179     A concealed capital gives the victory.

180     I see your willingness to do light by tracer bullets.

181     It is better to conceal knowledge once more than to say foolish reason once more.

182     It is not so good to take offence the man who conceals a truth, when very often you conceal it for yourself.


CONCEAL (neg., exist)

183     Siracuzian Gelon abuses his wife that she concealed his bad mouth’s smell for him. However, she didn’t know mouth’s smell of other males.


CONCEAL (exist)

184     They never conceal themselves into a beehive.

185     They never conceal themselves into a net.

186     A cow concealed its place for shame. It closed itself by the bodice.

187     Every end of cord will be found in spite of cord tangled itself.

188     Rust couldn’t conceal itself into iron.

189     This louse conceals itself on the bald spot for nothing.


CONCEAL (lack)

190     There is no an above-water part without a submarine one.


CONCEIT (pos.) (see also ambition, content, greatness, importance, merit, priority, respect, self-love, self-respect, superiority)

191     Have you wet balls (ass) because of the clouds? 

192     Sits lower or would be poisoned by charcoal fumes.

193     Well, it’s a pleasure to have a conceit. One can think (dream) about the personal splendid funeral for long time.


CONCEIT (neg.)

194     A man who hasn’t a conceit is like a woman who doesn’t wish to be pleased. They are dull both.

195     How can one walk with a proudly lifted head and do not turn up its nose?


CONCEIT for a poor man (neg.) (see also advantage, self-esteem, superiority)     

196     An empty seed have not the bulging sides.

197     An empty pocket doesn’t bulge.


woman’s CONCEIT (pos.)

198     One, who wishes to tread a sky under foots, would lay on the ground with lifted up his foots. 



199     Concentrated vinegar breaks cut-glass ware.


That is no CONCERN of mine.

200     Indeed, your words “That is no concern of mine” is no concern of mine.



201     A snake is the most yielding creature.

202     Do you think that a man who demanded concession for himself and received it will be grateful?



203     Sometimes, a severe inflexibility brings benefit as much as a weak-willed mildness.

204     If a man cannot shrinks on one’s own, then he is the dead body.




205     If you received the offer to select all meat from the pot with meat and porridge for your eating, then it means there is a little meat in this pot.



206     A satisfaction of scoundrels is the most difficult deed.


CONCESSION for a fool (pos.)

207     Now I understand why so much foolishness is in the world.


CONCESSION of an insignificant thing (pos.) (see also account, damage, influence, little by little, moderation, niggardliness, part, pettiness, rebate, sacrifice, shallow, stinginess, thrift)

208     If a pig’s snout got through then whole pig would get through.

209     He who allows scratch a little abrasion will achieve a bone.

210     A beggar loses shame after his passing through even one door.

211     At first an ant comes to the anklebone, then they will come to the short.

212     Defend one hair in order to keep a beard.


CONCESSION of an insignificant thing (neg.)

213     A tree will live even when its leaves are torn off.

214     Don’t afraid to lose hair. It will grow again. Do you want to be scalped?


CONCESSION of a master or owner (pos.)

215     Well, it will be good if the master (owner) would make room for another man in the same own chair.


CONCESSION for an old man (pos.)

216     A driver has no duty to make own seat for old lady.


quick CONCESSION (neg.)

217     A man will be named “magnanimous” if he will make concession to somebody right away. And he will be named “weak” if he will make concession after hesitation.


CONCISENESS for the great man (neg.)

218               -A conciseness is a sister of the talent.

               -And it is a mother-in-law for the fee.


CONDEMN ancestors (pos.)

219     He, who didn’t made irreproachable world during the presence, has no right to condemn those who didn’t made irreproachable world during the past.


CONDEMN person who condemns smth. (pos.)

220     You could condemn the man who pointed out your open trousers’ zipper.


CONDEMN a great man (pos.) (see also anger, compare, sin)

221     Everything is dark before one’s eyes after looking at the sun.

222     The best thing is such ones, which is hated by fools.

223     Sweet water seems bitter for a diseased mouth.

224     A bad wheel squeaks louder than good one.

225     A hornless cow likes butt.

226     A thing, which has not shortcomings, is not the best. The best is the thing, which has virtues.                        

227     A lame man to find stones quickly and squint-eyed ones see all things in general.


CONDEMN a great man without knowledge of his work (neg.)

228     I have never seen the devil, too. But I have right to abuse him.

229     A person, which has knowledge about author’s view, have right to abuse him without reading of his books and picking up his spits at the address of own view. 


CONDEMN an interlocutor (neg.)

230     -You have no talent for the creative work. A creative work is the permanent self-criticism.

-So, make the creative work. Make your self-criticism.


I CONDEMN an interlocutor (neg.)

231     You are as if a deceased because of they must to speak only praise you or keep silence.

CONDEMN an ordinary man (pos.) (see also compare)

232     If one hasn’t knowledge about virtues of some plant, then it seems him as a weed.

233     A person throwing something into the dirt – will be splashed with dirt itself.


CONDEMN during socialism (neg.)

234     Only communists can condemn something really. During socialism there were not beggars who dug in garbage for own nourishment. Any blame order the existence of a positive alternative. During capitalism many bad things (deeds) never were condemn really. Society don't give positive alternatives to them.


Christian CONDEMNS (neg.)

235     The Christ’s slogan “Don’t condemn, so you wouldn’t be condemned” (Luka 6:37) yielded grievous fruits. Christians have more prostitutions, drunkards and treacheries than Moslems. Christ’s reasoning “He who has no sin let casts a stone at fornicatress” (Ioann 8:7) is the populism in favour of sinners.


interlocutor CONDEMNS (pos.)

236     Your wish to spit at somebody by your opinion is evident.

237     I understand you. A trader of dirty cotton has hatred against the white pigeon.                                          

238     I understand you. A least shortcoming of the best thing is striking immediately.

239     Don’t suffer! Trample down immediately and be relieved.



240     Well, if somebody has no knowledge what is the guiding principle then it is better follow condescension.


CONDITIONS (neg.) (see also availability, comfort, difficult, wait)

241     There are long biting when the sky is gloomy.


CONDITIONS for enrichment (pos.) (see also freedom of enrichment, possibility of enriching)

242     Homo Sapiens enriching oneself rather in the cold country.


CONDOM (pos.)

243     Are you afraid to repeat your parents’ mistake?


sincerity of CONFESSION (exist)

244     A sincerity of confession is questionable. We cannot tell the truth about many things even for ourselves.


CONFESSION of one’s own sins (pos.)

245     I see. A power-lover wishes to encroach upon a soul not only from outward side but from inward side which is confession, too.

246     What to fasten the noose around one’s own neck by own hands for?



247     A confident husband learns own infamy at the last.

248     The most confident people are fools and madmen.

249     A sure hare, that scorned tortoise’s speed, slept at the middle of distance. So, the tortoise outruns him.



250     A confidence in oneself is the basis of confidence in others.


CONFIDENCE of an interlocutor (pos.)

251     Your confidence is so great that you might come into station’s lavatory without paper.

252     You have so great confidence that you must take a running sit down on a ball in order you could become cleverer.

253     Well, think that you are heavy till the wind begins blow.


CONFIDENCE in the future (pos.) (see also faithfulness, influence of the beginning, look forward, think about the future, wait good condition)

254     Talking about confidence in the future appear with when each day is alike the others.


somebody’s CONFIDENCE (pos.)

255     I understand him. In order strengthening of own position they always make a show that it is strengthened already.


CONFIDENCE of a woman (pos.)

256     What packing you use that you have so great confidence?


worm oneself into the CONFIDENCE of offended man (pos.)

257     A nasty man worms oneself into soul of offended man even after he had defecated there.



258     A conflict exists. It is the conflict against conflicts.


CONFORMITY with smth. at once (pos.)

259     Steer not after every mariner’s direction.



260     Confusion is the fever with delirium of soul.



261     Sometimes, I have the same feeling that I am ready to fall a permanent prey to the changing of somebody’s mood.

262     Well, the conjugality could substitutes all. Therefore, before the conjugality it is necessary to thing what have more importance? Is it all or conjugality?

263     It is better to drink wine without finding oneself onto the sobering station.

264     Self-enamoured persons are enthusiastic about any their alliance which opposes them to the rest world.

265     Conjugality is the good thing only for that man who didn’t lost his head because of it.

266     Conjugality is the good thing. There are people who put off own divorce by ten times.

267     There are people who can do without night’s hot-water bottle.

268     Well, a man is unhappy is there is nobody who could reduce him to tears.

269     Very often a conjugal pair is like two flies which placed on a sticky tape, where it is sweet, boringly and impossible to fly away.

270     Well, conjugality is the good thing. A conjugal pair have own free will to throw plates. He who would have hit will be glad. He who wouldn’t receive hit from another one will be glad, too.

271     I don’t love Masonic lodges. A man who never became a member of them can say nothing about them. And a man who became a member of them is forced to keep silence about their life.

272     Conjugality is the jump into the water for the sake of to quench one’s thirst.

273     Since the time of Adam and Have the Eden is not the place for a family man.

274     To admire legalized indecency is the perversion.

275     The best conjugality is the conjugality between a blind wife and deaf husband.

276     If a man has many own thoughts he is horrified live together with others.

277     Why to buy a cow when milk is so cheap?

278     Conjugality is the permanent destruction and restoration of one’s course of thinking. Do you like it?



279     A family life is good even for the possibility that it may be given everyone many times.

280     If conjugality gives happy then it is good. Otherwise it may be break off by a bad behaviour. Both cases are pleasant.

281     I feel sorry for you. You met with so little quantity of good people. You cannot suppose that you could meet two good men in one place.

282     You are rapacious. Destroy the nests and the birds will fly away.


common interest in CONJUGALITY (exist)

283     Well, everyone can see this common interest during the division of property.


CONJUGALITY with the daughter of bad woman (pos.)

284     A buyer of a foal looks at the mare. He who chooses a wife looks at her mother.


CONJUGALITY with a devil (pos.) (It is better to have conjugality with a devil, than you.)

285     The conjugality between near relations is bane.


faithful CONJUGALITY (pos.)

286     The man who is in search plays different strings. The man, who already found a string, pulls only sole one. The faithful husband (wife) is that who pulling only sole string.


CONJUGALITY generous old man with young woman (neg.) (see also marriage)

287     A man looks as old only if he is stingy.


CONJUGALITY with a great man (pos.) (see also intercourse, matrimony, nearness)

288     It is not a great happiness to be like a bell on the neck of elephant.


late CONJUGALITY (neg.)

289     Do you wish that it would come as early and cheaper as possible?


CONJUGALITY for a male (pos.)

290     Very often, the solution about wedding is the last self-dependent solution of the male.

291     An unmarried male suffers from loneliness thousand times as short than a married one suffers from conjugality.

292     An unmarried male eats more different food. He eats food of different women.

293     A wife is not the guitar. He couldn’t hang her upon the wall after playing with her.

294     A life of an unmarried male is like monotheism, where the God is the society of all beautiful women. A transition to conjugality is like an assumption of polytheism: one woman is the little god for a male.

295     All mothers-in-law are being abused, but a wife may be worse.

296     Very often women are angels in the street, saints in church, and devils at home.


CONJUGALITY for a male (neg.)

297     Every male is obliged to be married. If he will receive a good wife he will be happy. If he will receive a bad one he will be a philosopher.

298     A value of a male is supplements by a value of a woman who lives with him.

299     Conjugality gives the benefit. You will give your bread for her. She will give her flesh for you.


CONJUGALITY for the sake of money (neg.)

300     Conjugality for money is the best. A love without conjugality will be given in addition.


multiple CONJUGALITIES (pos.)

301     I imagine meetings which will wait you at the heaven.


CONJUGALITY with the old male (pos.)

302     The bribe wants to continue look after doll. Is not it?


CONJUGALITY with the old male (neg.)

303     All people praise foals, but they mount horses.

304     A good eye may make out the good horse even it is under the old horse-cloth.

305     In addition to other blessings an old age of husband excites paramours to an even greater degree.

306     A man is not old till he can be taken with the beauty.

307     Better be an old man’s darling than a young man’s slave.


CONJUGALITY with the old person (pos.)

308     To live into wrecked house means to grieve the whole year round.

309     A good bee picks honey from the fresh flower.


CONJUGALITY with the old person (neg.)

310     There are green trees even in an autumnal forest.


CONJUGALITY with the old woman (pos.)

311     It is possible that somebody has not to look own face in the mirror. However, if somebody has to look old wife then he will wishes leave own house.

312     It is better every time to go more far for the sake of listening good advice than marry old woman.


CONJUGALITY with unloved person (pos.)

313     Don’t hang yourself. Don’t have the hope somebody would comes and cut your cord.


CONJUGALITY with a virgin (neg.)

314     Use a road even if the path is long. Conjugate with a virgin even if the disproportion in age is great.


CONJUGALITY with a weak man (neg.)

315     However, a blunt knife is the knife, too.


CONJUGALITY with a widow (neg.)

316     To conjugate with a widow is always better than to be her first husband.

317     He who conjugated with a widow has calmer sleep.


wise CONJUGALITY (exist)

318     Usually a man marries Helen because of he dreams about Jenny and he can not possess Julia.


CONJUGALITY for a woman (pos.)

319     It is better to have not conjugality with a male. He may grant passion during two weeks. And he will demand it during two years, the love – twenty years, an admiration about him – all his life.


CONJUGALITY for a woman (neg.)

320     A woman who has no husband alike the field which has not rains.

321     In order to have the right decision, a woman needs to be governed by one male. For any another case she needs to has many males.


CONJUGALITY with a woman (pos.)

322     Even a blind man never takes an effaced coin.

323     A woman who thinks that enslavement of male is more important deed than keeping own virginity is not so good.

324     Would you like a cool cutlet that somebody held it in his hands?

325     To conjugate with a woman is like to dress strange pants.


CONJUGALITY with a woman (neg.)

326     It is better to ride on trained horse than to be thrown down by unbroken one.


CONJUGALITY with a woman that was married many times (pos.)

327     The woman that was married many is disliked by many.


CONJUGALITY with mongoloid woman (neg.)

328     Mongoloid women are more identical people. It is better to wish marry Mongoloid woman. In this case you show more interest for her spiritual and mistress’ virtues. And your interest will be timely.


CONJUGALITY with a young person (neg.)

329     The conjugality with a young person prolongs life. One life will be prolonged in the future, another one - in the past.

330     The different between two men will increases, only if the time will been turned back.


CONJUGALITY with a young woman (pos.)

331     Well, N is good for conjugality. His hands didn’t wither and fall yet.


CONJUGALITY with a young woman (neg.)

332     Behaviour of animals and plants has strict accordance with their ages. Thank God! I am not an animal or plant.

333     It is better to be perished from the sharp glitter knife than an old rusty saw.

334     An old horse is necessary for young jockey. A young horse needs the old jockey.

335     A life becomes really good when second youth is added to advantages of first old age.

336     A real cowboy doesn’t afraid to fall down from the unbroken horse.

337     A young wife looks not better than her old husband. A distorted love to the youth is better than the distorted love to the old age.

338     I am old as it is. What to grow old by own soul for, too?

339     Conjugality with a young woman is equivalent for both. I’ll never see her old age. She will never see mistakes of my youth.

340     - Your bride is too young!

     - She is M years already.

     - But you are N years old already!

     - Well, time to marry. It is enough to be unmarried.

341     A man must not do oneself out of pleasure because of envy of others.

342     Let I will grow old by one. Let my wives remain young.


CONJUGALITY in the youth (pos.)

343     In the youth they drink any wine. In the mature age they drink qualitative wine.



344     Even the God has the sin of connivance.


CONNOISSEUR of way (pos.)

345     N is like a misfortune, which finds its way even on the darkest night.


CONSCIENCE (pos.) (see also honesty, justice, right life, morals, nobility, rights, self-esteem, sin) 

346     Conscience is the thing, which the others constantly wish to use for own mercenary motives.

347     Who takes an oath that conscience never tell a foolish thing?

348     Conscience is the fraud of oneself as if somebody watches furtively.

349     Conscience is a variety of cowardice.

350     What good property has conscience? Even women can’t be deceived so easily, as conscience.

351     A chorus profit’s reasoning is louder than the voice of conscience.

352     It is better to work for several customers but not for conscience only.

353     If conscience has great importance for you then go to defecate. It’s sole delight, which goes off without reproach of conscience.

354     A lacking of memory, sight and an ear are the best friend of “clear conscience”.

355     He who has short memory likes to tell about the conscience.

356     He who never has using of own conscience keeps its clearness.

357     A “clear conscience” is the highest stage of mendacity.

358     There is not enough reason to praise conscience so much because of it is a limited thing. It begins itself only there, where impunity ended.

359     It’s stupid to talk about conscience with a good man and it’s useless – with scoundrel because it is his accomplice.

360     The less one’s conscience, the less one’s shame, the more one’s wish to pick up a coin of luck from the earth and put it in one’s pocket.

361     An invention of malicious people to torment the kind ones is the bad invention.

362     Why do you need the harmful mother-in-low who comes in without permission?


CONSCIENCE (neg.)     

363               -A clear conscience is an unceasing holiday.

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