This is the greatest collection of short answers and behaviour’s recommendations. More than 14 000.

     Our World became quick. The search of any answer in Gospel, Koran, Torah, Buddhistic or Hindu or philosophical or other books became unproductive. It’s better to see all contradictory opinions at once.

     There are four kind of different opinions. A man may a) to praise something, b) to condemn something, c) to contend that something exists, d) to contend that something is lack or absent.

     Define an opinion by one or two words and define its kind. Then according to alphabet find these one or two words and read contrary opinion(s) after them.

     However it’s the bad conduct to speak such answers. The aim of this collection is finding confirmation of any one’s opinion and reading contrary opinions peacefully. Also it’s good to use this collection of opinions for finding plagiarism into somebody’s speech.

     The collection contains only well-founded logical or humorous answers. It was gathered on the base of proverbs, maxims, great men’s sayings of all times and nations and other one. New well-founded answers appear permanently. This collection is alive in contrary to fixed books.

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P.S.     I try to conciliate religions. What is the more important job now? Let work together. Help to finish this job. Or our posterity will not be outside religious wars. Are you so blind that you can not see this bad tendency?


A   B   Ca   Co   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   La   Lo   Ma   Mi 

N   O   Pa   Pr   Q   R   Sa   Sh   So   St   T   U   V   Wa   WoXYZ


     ‘A book, which had not re-read, has no merit to be read one time.’

     ‘Namelessness of statements is the best recognition of their scientific importance.’

     ‘Religions like various gardens where gardeners growing fruit or medicinal or decorative trees and eradicate the others in according with their own benefit and skill. Where is the gardener who will consolidate all this gardens? Where is the garden for all mankind?’

     ‘Every religion considers oneself to be extremely good. But one of criterion for the truth is that the truth never runs to extremes.’





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