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EARLY (pos.) (see also begin, wait)

1          -An early bird pecks a worm.  -This worm waked still early.

2     Plants which had early flowering suffer from frosts most of all.

3     An early singing bird keeps silence whole daylight hours.

4     An unripe pear would be stuck in the throat.

5     It is impossible to do all winter’s deeds at autumn.

6     The early spring have the more fatal late frosts.

7     Sometimes, the persons who outrun the time waits it into an undesirable living accommodation.

8     A precocious fruits are the perishable goods.

9     He who eats from the scorching pan will be rather burnt than had his fill.


EARLY (neg.)

10     It is easier to treat illness, which was not neglected.

11     It is better to have an early leaving than a road’s hurry.

12     If you kill one flea in March, you kill a hundred.


EARLY (exist)

13     Once one said, “Why you carry me to the morgue? I am not died yet!” They answered him, “Don’t worry! We have no arrived at the place yet!”


EARLY (for enrichment) (pos.)

14     Don’t sow in melting snow.


EARLY (for enrichment) (neg.)

15     If you cut oats green, you get both king and queen.

16     He who made sowing one day early would gather in the harvest one week early.


EARLY expenditure (pos.)

17     A man who wastes candle during daylight hours has no light for night.


EARLY (for a great man) (pos.)

18     Even a good cock never crows cock-a-doodle-doo in the egg.


EARLY (for an ordinary man) (pos.)

19     A blind man hurries to the bath-house, when nobody heats it.

20     A bad apple has early fall.


EARLY rising (pos.)

21     Is God’s help worse than early rising now?


big EARS (exist)

22     Well, N has somewhat big ears. In your turn you must admit that your ears are somewhat little for the donkey.


EASY (pos.) (see also difficulties)

23     An error is the easiest deed.

24     A way to the bad path is easiest.

25     The descent to hell is easy.


EASY (exist)

26     Well, grandmother’s suffering became easier because she began pants rarely.


EASY (lack)

27     Nothing is easy to the unwilling.


EATING (pos.) (see also cult)

28          -Are you an eagle?

          -Yes, I am.

          -Don’t eat so much or you couldn’t fly up.

          -However I don’t want to be a boring gnat, too.

29     A love to eating is the happy, which is at one step near another foolish one that is the clipping grass under the own window.

30     Don’t lean against a copper. You would become black.

31     A belly is man’s antipode. If somebody has autumn of his life, his belly has a spring’s growing.

32    They catch eating bird.

33     Well, an eating helps an evil man to feel a temporary change one’s disposition aside of good and all-forgiving.

34     If a tree stands near the river it grows better and it becomes old quicker.

35     What for to gratify such miscreant as the belly, that doesn’t remember good present?


EATING (neg.)

36     They value middle floors most of all in any building. Any garret has less value.

37     An appetite is the wish which is inherent in a man. He, who is at war with it, is the manhater.

38     He who eats much food is not a bad man. He, who helps oneself much food and don’t ate it, is the bad man.

39     A cookie wouldn’t go bad in a mouth.

40     Lacking of appetite involves the lacking of other wishes.

41     Is it good to live as into a fortress which is permanently besieged by diets?

42     I can’t trust all my problems to the man, who said, “I don’t want eat”.

43     A shouldered food is the burden. A stomachic food is the force.

44     Is it the time, when it is good to increase own weight only by nine gram? (Hint: nine gram is the weight of bullet.)

45     An eating man who sees so much beautiful and accessible things near oneself couldn’t be evil.

46     Only a shade lives without food.

47     E=m*c*c


EATING a beet (pos.)

48     Well, a beet is beauty as an orange for the savagedom of the North.


EATING for a believer (pos.)

49     The God gave hands with an open hand, but not mouths.


EATING for a believer (neg.)

50     A food is the part of God which is always tangible and pleasant and which always helps man.

51     Look at the food as if it is God’s gift but not gorgehood.


EATING an expensive food (pos.)

52     Is it the great regret about chocolate which was not eaten by you one year ago?


EATING for the fat man (neg.)

53     A frog has corpulence not only because of the eating of gnats. A frog has genetic corpulence.


EATING smth. with a fly (neg.)

54     Do you wish a piece of veal above for so little money?


EATING for the great man (neg.)

55     Food falls out from a mouth of fool man. If you are such man, then I am not such man.

56     He, who want has energy and force for a straggle, eats more.

57     It is better if a meat will been stick between teeth than in the mind. I have my mind for another aims.

58     A food has the same value for a health, as a decent treatment for the well-educated person.

59     A good food widen (enlarge) a soul alike good wind widen (enlarge) a sail.

60     A satisfied man would begin to satiate his honour earlier than another one.

61     Yes. There are stupid blockheads but there are the people which are receptive for any new thing including food.

62     Insatiability is the sign of creative person.

63     He, who eats more, is cleverer. He more listens.

64     “Thinking” and “eating” are the same act. It’s “ruminating”.


EATING together with great man (pos.) (see also participation)

65     The great leader Tamerlang (Teemoor) was accustomed to invite common fighting men to dinner with him in order they would wish to lay down one’s life later on.


EATING for happiness (neg.)

66     There’s little a difference between a feast and a bellyful.


I’m EATING (pos.)

67     I am not so depressed by horrors of life that I have run to the fridge for calming very often.


I’m EATING (neg.)

68     A master must to refresh a guest by food. A soul is the guest of my body. So, I am the generous master.

69     I can’t schizophrenically isolate an idea of nourishment from the idea of life.

70     Well, I have not so pitiful appearance as the person who has bad appetite.

71     Your bad thoughts about me are for nothing. My necessities have higher level than your ones. (Slap own belly. Hint: A belly is higher than penis.)

72     What should I do? Should I eat my thoughts?

73     I’m not so sick that I would bite off seven pieces from one raisin.

74     I know a genuine predestination of ass, and I don’t recommend use it for another deed.


EATING leavings (pos.)

75     A jackal considers lion’s leavings as the feast.


EATING for a love (neg.)

76     An eating is the part of interchange of matter. The rejuvenation is the interchange of matter, too.


EATING for a male (neg.)

77     A woman always can to use the path to male’s heart which passes through male’s stomach.

78     Adam had knowledge what is the wife only after a meal.


EATING of meat (pos.)

79     He who eats food of an animal is not better than one who eats animals.


EATING of dead animal’s meat (neg.)

80     N is not the parasite such as a helminth, tick or louse. And he is not the vampire such as a gnat or midge. N never feed on living bodies.


EATING of meat for a male (pos.)

81     -Do you feet fell cold after meat meal?


     -However my feet feel cold in such case because of my penis erect. My blanket becomes shorter. So, my feet begin feel cold.


EATING of meat for a male (neg.)

82     Since ancient times a meat gives the taste of victory to a male.


EATING smth. at night (neg.)

83     A horse becomes smooth because of night meal.


EATING an onion (neg.)    

84     A mould always appears against an onion.


EATING for an ordinary man (pos.)

85     I see. It is the single way, when something, which placed near your head’ temples would be moving.

86     He who has no a spiritual gladness tries to substitute for eating.

87     A satisfied goat hit a rock by its own horns.

88     A fattened swine has a bad fate.


EATING for a poor man (neg.) (see also fast, fastidiousness, food)

89               -A man is greater than satiety.

               -When he satisfied.


EATING a pork (pos.)

90     A frog ate worms. A snake ate frogs. A pig ate snakes. So, the pork is beautiful.


EATING a pork (neg.)

91     Swine always wished to ban eating lard.


EATING porridge (neg.)

92     Nobody wept for hunger over the porridge.


EATING smth. in sight of somebody (neg.)

93     He who doesn’t earn one’s living by honest work prefers to eat secretly.


EATING for a subordinate (neg.)

94     A horse has a sleek skin because it eats oats, but not because somebody strokes it.

95     Once, a Gipsy almost schooled his horse to live without food but suddenly it died.

96     A good horse adds food for itself without groom’s help.


EATING a turkey-hen (neg.)

97     Well, a turkey-hen is so much for one man and not enough for two ones. But N doesn’t seek comfort.


EATING smth. on a visit (neg.)

98     Cut and ruined dishes must be eaten or mistress would have the name “bad mistress”. Keep and care mistress’ honour.


EATING for a worker (neg.)

99     A load is moving not by a cart. It is moving by oats.


EATING X for Y (pos.)

100     I understood you. Hedgehogs ate cactuses.


ECHO to the great man (pos.)

101     An ass begins rattle when a trumpet sounding.



102     An ecologist is the man who give up own interest to the common ones.



103     Yes. Economists are the smart men. They say they know about the money more than those who have it much more.


ECONOMIZE (pos.) (see also account, buy, take care, cheap, excess, expenditure, expensive, give, limit, rebate, save up, take, think, thrift, waste)

104     Spoiling of a corner of the house follows an economy of even one tile.            

105     An economical man will warm his hands even in steaming shit.

106     The one who put two one’s feet into one boot can’t go far.



107     It is better to leave economized things for the enemies than to beg the friends.

108     Firewood, which was chopped during a hundred days, may be burnt at once.


hunger ECONOMIZE (pos.)

109     There is the great economy by hunger. Then you will have enough money for funeral, ninth day and even for fortieth day.


interlocutor ECONOMIZES (pos.)

110     I see. You would send lone your wife in wedding journey in order of economy.


permanently ECONOMIZE (pos.) (see also generosity, niggardliness)

111     A permanent economy is the virtue of a freak. A bald constantly saves his soap and combs.


ECONOMIZE by the rest (pos.) (see also rest)

112     One may waste much money even for one’s parking, also.


EDGED (pos., neg.)

113     Children and fools must not play with edged tools.


EDITION of newspaper (neg.)

114     It is better to invest one dollar in edition of newspaper than ten ones in arms. It is possible arms will not say at all. On the contrary every day a newspaper will cry beginning from morning till evening.



115     An education is the guest. A mind is the master.


higher EDUCATION (neg.) (see also studies for great man, superiority)

116     If a man who has higher education suffered professional failure he becomes the worker. If a worker suffered professional failure he becomes nobody.


two higher EDUCATION (pos.)

117     The primitive “arithmetic” person to suppose, that two higher educations are better than single one. The “algebraic” person has other supposition.


sexual EDUCATION for a child (pos.) (see also sexual enlightenment)

118     The knowledge which has not a sensual and experimental confirmation brings about only the disarray in child’s soul.


EFFORT (pos.) (see also difficulty, diligence, endeavor, execute, fruitfulness, idleness, laziness, possibility, slackness, sweat, work) 

119     If you throw a stone with too much effort, the stone would fly backwards.

120     An orange, which was squeezed out by great effort, gives somewhat like bitter juice.


EFFORT (neg.)

121     One and the same sword can both slightly touch and run through. It’s clear from what it depends on.


EFFORT for an interlocutor (pos.)

122     Are you going to hurl a leaf with all your might, too?


EFFORT for an interlocutor (neg.)

123     I understand you. Every effort will add a force to the strong man, but any effort to undermine health of a weak one.


EFFORT of a subordinate (pos.)

124     A zealous horse doesn’t live a long time.


EFFORT of a weak man (pos.)

125     A lame man becomes laughable when he running.


EGOISM (pos.) (see also ambition, honor, reward for oneself, sacrifice, self-love)

126     Only unicellular has the fruitful love with itself.

127     A thing, which does not exist for itself sake, is more long-lived. For example: the sky and earth.

128     An egoist easily turns himself into terrorist. An egoist is always ready to use a strange life for the sake of his own aims.


EGOISM (neg.)

129     Everyone clears place for own foot.

130     Ability to distinguish “good” and “bad” has proportionality with the development of self-love.

131     A dislike for oneself is the sign of soul’s illness.

132     A self-love includes an aspiration to be liked by the people. What is bad in it?

133     Some one has difficulties to understand that a care for oneself is a care for the presence of the times and the forces giving help to the others, too.

134               -Are you against the nature’s law?

               -What is the law?

               -It is the law of perception of the picture (reality). Near things must seem greater one. 


EGOISM of Anglo-Saxon (lack)

135     “I” is number one for Anglo-Saxon’s subconsciousness.


EGOISM of an atheist (neg.)

136     N is like the God, which is the greatest egoist. The God wants everyone thinks about Him permanently.


EGOISM for a believer (neg.)

137     Even prophets pray for their own souls first of all.


EGOISM of a believer (lack)

138     I know believers. That is the people who bit off brims of Graal’s cup.


EGOISM for an enrichment (neg.)

139     If one puts something into one’s pocket then he is rather clever than fool.

140     A saw is sawing better if one is drawing it to oneself.

141     A spoon, which is held by a man, nearer to his own mouth than to another’s one.

142     Elbows drive hands to own body, but not away from it.  


EGOISM in a family (neg.)

143     It’s necessary to give oneself as much own love and care as it’s required. What to extort them from the others for?


EGOISM of the God (lack)

144     God is the egoist also because He wants something from us for some His own aims.

145     Even the God never supports godlessness.


EGOISM of a great man (neg.)

146     The greater personality, the greater field, which to require a love for itself.

147     Self-lover takes care of his honor best of all.


EGOISM for an interlocutor (pos.)

148     You value yourself as gold for nothing. No one will dig you up after your death. 

149     Your self-love developing you. Some more and you can kiss your ass.

150     Of course, you have not duty to know that you are not a single man in the world. I consider it to be my duty to whisper this fact to you, therefore.


EGOISM for an interlocutor (neg.)

151     You don’t love yourself because of some causes. And now you wish to spread your causes for the others.

152     You are a self-lover, too. You don’t respect others’ self-love.

153     You have a dream that they must wear their clocks on their foreheads.

154     You wish that one who found oneself under the wheels takes care about delay of traffic.


my EGOISM (pos.)

155     I am not the masturbator to love myself.


my EGOISM (neg.)

156     It was said: “Love thy neighbor!” But who is more “neighbor” for me, than my things?


EGOISM for a subordinate (neg.)

157     A slave has egoism least of all.


ELEVATED thing for a poor man (pos.) (see also conscience, nobility, persuade without money, shallow, spiritual, virtue)

158     It is a bad idea to plant rare flowers into the yard of a poor man.



159     -Do you know the reason of my disgust to eloquence?

     -What is the reason?

     -The subject, which has an easy wordy description, has not true one.

160     Just he, who speaks hardly, has a kind heart, because it is impossible to speak lightly that it is difficult to make.

161     The most perfect shortcoming and the one of the most perfect advantages are to know more than they can tell.

162     Due to an eloquent people the mankind is leaving from an opportunity to understand each other without words.

163     A genius must speak some words, which goes without saying, in order to perpetuate memory about oneself.

164     I imagine your splendid calling to earth up potato!

165     There is not eloquent man who can to say, “Excuse me. I am unjust” distinctly.

166     Eloquence is not so influential. In bubble they trust much more.

167     A skill of listening is greater than the skill of eloquence.

168     True eloquence scorns the usual one.

169     They suborn an eloquent narrator.

170     An eloquent narrator can to tell lie, too.

171     Only eloquence can to depreciate a great thing and to glorify trifles.



172     The fire wood is easily ignited when they are well combined. The people understand when there is an eloquent speech.

173     He, who can’t protects himself by speech, is compelled to counteract by a fist.

174     They esteem the bird in according its song.


ELOQUENCE for a chief (neg.)

175     He who skips ahead moves a herd. He, who speaks more, moves a society.


ELOQUENCE for a great man (pos.)

176     A habit of thinking smoothly installs the habit of speaking beautifully. But he, who thinks smoothly, doesn’t see sharp corners of life. Or he is the liar.


ELOQUENCE for a great man (neg.)

177     It is better to be an eloquent man in front of fools, than to have listening of their gibberish.


male’s ELOQUENCE (pos.)

178     I imagine a piteous aspect of an eloquence male in bed.


ELOQUENCE for an ordinary man (neg.)

179     A nightingale’s song is for nothing for the crow.

180     A cow language is usual only for the herdsman.


somebody ELSE’S (pos.)

181     Do you like to trade in somebody else’s goods?

182     Another’s porridge always has more big grains.

183     They may assume a love to somebody else’s wife. But every man must love own horse.

184     A fool, who visited strange wedding, thinks: “This people live the best life”.

185     Don’t buy cattle, if you intend to use somebody else’s grass.

186     Only match-maker or Gipsy warrants somebody else’s thing.

187     A strange wife strikes as a girl.


somebody ELSE’S (neg.)

188     Wash own finger. Then point out somebody else’s spot.

189     Improve your roof. You wouldn’t become wet because of somebody else’s one.

190     The dog’s destiny is to fawn upon one’s people and bark at another’s ones.



191     If a woman loses one’s female value, she begin competes with males.

192     To see that women beat males and that they have no fear of retaliatory hit is the perversion.


EMBRACE (pos.)

193     He who receives everyone with open arms helps to crucify himself.

194     An embrace is the first attempt of smothering.

195     A trawl likes to embrace fish.

196     Sometimes an embracing is rather the measuring.



197    Well, better go to heaven in rags than to hell in embroidery. However, I am not go in paradise today.


strange EMIGRANT (pos.)

198     Are you American? Do you instilled to love colonizers?


treachery of EMIGRANT (lack)

199     A dog which has somebody else’s collar is not our dog already.



200     Had you a mother indeed? You see, one appeals “Mother” even when she beating him.

201     The easy one name “mother” his mother-in-law, the easy he may changes his mother land.

202     Do you wish to become an overseas abortion?

203     There is a possibility for sell of native land. There is no possibility to buy native land.

204     Any speculator thinks that, if he will go away more far, then he will take the greater price for his goods.

205     If a bull has a health then they buy it with joy at its own village.

206     A dog (hen) strives to the full plate. A man strives to the native land.

207     Only a man who doesn’t feel own “I” may wishes that his descendants would speak and think by a strange language.

208     A man who was selected by the State is more honourable than the man who selecting a State.

209     A man, who reaches the happiness when he is in the own house, has more happiness.

210     If there is no honour for you into your house then you wouldn’t meet honour for you beyond walls of your house.



211     A cook has an advantage to fry a fish in its fat. But a fish doesn’t care.

212     It is better to have relatives only by one in each village then whole relatives at one village.

213     A tethered bull hates a free one.

214     I am not a child to appeal “Mother!” even when she beating me.

215     I am not a cat which is indifferent to the master and attached to the house only.


EMIGRATE (for an ordinary man) (pos.)

216     A lame duck flies away the first.

217     A healthy leaf never falls from its own tree.


EMIGRATE (for an ordinary man) (neg.)

218     A foolish ox dashes aside the new plough.

219     A nestling is pitiful. It couldn’t fly out the nest.

220     I understand your indignation. A clever man considers whole world as native. Many people have not such mind.

221     Well, an ill-fated wretch has more happiness at his native land.


EMPLOY failure on some work (neg.) (see also apply)

222     If they forbid playing chess for all losers, nobody will play this game.



223     Employers are as deceivers. Both feel a professional hate against pessimists.


EMPTY shelf of socialist shops (neg.) (see also capitalism, fastidiousness, morals, socialism, variety, wealth) 

224     People have an empty shelf into their souls during the capitalism. It is more dreadful fact.


EMPTY shelves of socialist shops (exist)

225     Lie, false, swindle and fraud are the base for incorrect conclusion. An “empty shelves” of socialist shops are the base for conclusion that people cannot produce anything during socialism.


to the END (pos.)

226     Bind the sack before it be full.

227     In order to know a truth it’s more useful to go to the beginning than to carry something through.


to the END (neg.)

228     Better never to begin than never to make an end.

229     Finish vine! Don’t produce vinegar!


to the END (for a great man) (neg.)

230     Is it the great victory will belongs to a man, who has no wish to carry something through?


END of the world (pos., neg.)

231     A foolish mole which was afraid of to see the end of the world put out one’s eyes beforehand.


END of the world (exist)

232     A man, who trusts an unsteadiness of the world and its end, has an unconscious confidence in unsteadiness of own mind.

233     A blind man sees the end of the world every hour.


END of the world (for a Russian) (exist)

234     Russian must be ashamed of to have so nervous religiousness. He has the true knowledge about the great remote the end of the world for some successful countries.


ENDEAVOUR (pos.) (see also difficulty, diligence, effort, slackness, sweat, hard work, poor man’s work)

235     A sail with free wind is better than a thousand oars.

236     Yes. One would have a good rest when he throwing the soil with a shovel farther.



237   The one who reaps uncleanly prepares a loss himself.


ENDEAVOUR for a believer (pos.)

238     Many lighted candles give smoked saints.

239     Make a diligent believer pray God, and he will break his forehead.


ENDEAVOUR for an enrichment (pos.)

240     If you start milking a cow holding all the four teats, then you’ll be hardly able to hold at least at one teat afterwards.


mental ENDEAVOUR (lack) (see also spiritual)

241     Really, I overstrain oneself at the working place more than you, because I haven’t so skills as you have.


ENDEAVOUR for a subordinate (pos.)

242     A mastiff grows the fiercer for being tied up.


ENDEAVOUR of a weak man (pos.)

243     I consider that the praise “talented from nature” is greater than the praise “diligent”.


ENDOW (pos.) (see also care, expenditure, generosity, philanthropy, sacrifice, sponsorship, waste)  

244     An ablation of teeth, appendicitis, tonsils, etcetera is not a way for help out the prison.



245     He conquers who endures.

246     That can’t be cured, must be endured. He who cannot endures cures and cures.


ENEMY (neg.)

247     If a man never done good deeds for some person, then he loathes this person.

248     Only the man who convinced others of his love to them has the right to condemn them.

249     A man has the greatest resentment about others, when he resents himself.

250     Beat flies on your own head.


ENEMY (lack)

251     Even an oyster has enemies.


ENEMY of the God (neg.)

252     Christ was an enemy of the God, too. The God had sent many ailments to people for their sins, but Christ emancipated many people from God’s punishment.



253     If two sources – art and thought – are combined, then this perfect combination can be met in an engineer.


well-bred ENGLISHMAN (pos.)

254     Yes. Englishmen are famous well-bred persons. Since of fifteenth century their books have forbidden them to spit across the table and blow their noses to the tablecloth.


ENJOYMENT (pos.) (see also boon, delight, happiness, life for the present, pleasure, quality of life, wish)

255     He, who feels an emptiness of own life sought an enjoyment for himself.

256     Only something increasing can be a man’s aim. Enjoyment is always decreasing.

257     It is better to do something good and have the difficulties than to do something bad and have an enjoyment. A good thing would be remained when the difficulties were over. A bad thing would be remained when an enjoyment was over.

258     Enjoyment may seem “high” by its low roots. Don’t seek for “high” enjoyment, that has low roots.



259     Usually, he, who has not able to enjoy by anything more, abuses it.

260     We have only one life and we should spend it in such a way that we wouldn’t wish it any more.

261     A reasonable way of living always is bound up with a pleasure.

262     The gown is his that wears it, and the world is his that enjoys it.



263     Do you urinate by perfume already?

264     A cat licks away the mustard from its ass with enjoyment and voluntarily, too.


ENJOYMENT for a believer (neg.)

265     The life’s enjoyments are the relatives of paradisiacal one’s. All of them have one and the same father.


ENJOYMENT for a criminal (neg.)

266     It is well fairness, if a man who deserved the Hades for his future life has a paradise in this life.


long ENJOYMENT (pos.) (see also long, prolongation, short)

267     If you wish to have duration of enjoyment then attempt to think! Thinking is the longest pleasure. 


sexual ENLIGHTENMENT (pos.) (see also sexual education)

268     A secret which belongs two is of more value for everyone than a sexual enlightenment which belongs all people.


ENMITY (neg.)

269     A competition is the normal life.


ENMITY for a great man (pos.)

270     If there is a clever plan then there is no need of enemies properly.


ENMITY for a great man (neg.)

271     -If there are no enemies then there is no policy and strategy. In the end there is no mind.

     -If a mind is occupied by policy and strategy some less then it may be occupied by science and producing some more.

272     He who thinks that he has no enemies doesn’t understand people.


ENMITY with the great man (pos.) (see also damage, force, malice)

273     A wise man warms oneself with fire, a fool burns oneself with it.

274     Hunting for eagles, you may step on a viper.

275     I understand you. Fleas aren’t afraid of dogs.


ENMITY with the great man (neg.)

276     Dogs suffer because of wolves, but they also could be fed them.

277     A camel won’t crush an ant.


ENMITY among the great men (pos.)

278     Lobsters are perishing during a battle of whales.


ENMITY with an indifferent man (for a believer) (neg.)

279     The Christ also said “A man who is not together with me is against me”.


ENMITY with an ordinary man (pos.) (see also damage, malice)

280     Even a small stump can overturn a great carriage.

281     An elephant might dies from germs.

282     One can stumble over a mound, but never over a mountain.

283     The Chinaware never quarrels with the pots.

284     One can choke even with a little crumb.

285     It was a penny-candle that lit Moscow on fire.


ENMITY with an ordinary man (neg.)

286     Gold isn’t afraid of fire.

287     Usually, an absence of enemies results in a lack of success.

288     The Moon isn’t afraid of waning.

289     A rose without thorns is a product of a liar.


ENMITY with an ordinary man (exist)

290     Any wind is the enemy of the broken ship.


ENMITY with an ordinary man (lack)

291     A lion is dangerous even when it’s not roaring.


ENMITY among ordinary men (exist)

292     Donkeys never knock out someone else’s teeth even if they kicking each other.


ENMITY among ordinary men (lack)

293     Mountains never to collide each other. Pots to collide each other very often.


ENMITY between poor men (pos.) (see also brotherhood, peace)

294     One beggar hated another one. The God hated both.


ENMITY between poor men (lack)

295     Even horses fight near an empty trough.


ENMITY against a rich man (pos.) (see also cruelty, damage, friendship, kill, insult, malice, obedience, peace, punishment, turn out)

296     If an empty pot hits to full ones than an empty pot will be broken.

297     Hornless ram would be remained without his ears if he began a fight against a  horned one.


ENMITY against a rich man (neg.)

298     Once, a mare went to reconcile with a wolf. And after it she has not brought back home. (So, she didn’t come back.)

299     I haven’t a wish to bleat against the wolf.

300     It is getting understood who is for peace if three men sleep under one blanket.

301     A world becomes cramped. Thanks to the TV all people are placed on a common clearing where one person eats cake and drinks coffee and another one eats bread and drinks water. Why not to have enemy against each other?


ENMITY against a rich man (exist)

302     Poor men’s enmity against rich men is a good masking for those who have not a wish to be related with a poor man.


ENMITY against a worker (pos.)

303     Take care of your head when you coming on a mattock.


ENOUGH (pos.) (see also account, demand, few, moderation, one)

304     Give a fool enough rope and he’ll hang himself.


ENOUGH (exist)

305     There was never enough where nothing was left.


ENOUGH (lack)

306          -This is not enough.

          -If this apple (dollar, list of paper, …) insult you, how much do you want to receive?


          -I didn’t wish to insult you four times more.

307     Even moon’s light is good when the sun has set.



308     Enrichment isn't the main thing . Living with good men is better than living in a good place.


my ENRICHMENT (neg.)

309     I am serious. I wish not to have careless before the thieves.


ENTER (neg.)

310     If you don’t enter a tiger’s den, you cannot get his cubs.



311     Drive your business, but not let it drive you.


ENTERTAINMENT of a scientist (pos.) (see also happiness, joy, merriment)

312     I have own notion about “a science” and “entertainment”, too. As to the fox, the raid into the hencoop is both “science” and “entertainment” for it.



313     A lack of enthusiasm is harmful. Even anger turns into depression if it has no enthusiasm.


ENVY (pos.) (see also merit, prosperity, superiority)

314     It is better to be dripping by a sweat than to be dripping by own slobber.

315     Spittle of envy is not enough to quench your thirst.

316     Why give a place in your soul for a traitor, who estimates everything not in your favor?

317     Envy is a self-abasement and a perverted love to a pain.

318     Misfortune doesn’t come alone. Nothing increases envy so much as lack of self-control.

319     Envy is the passion of cowards. Nobody has confessed it yet.

320     He, who envy is like householders, who wish to throw their tenants out because of their wellbeing.

321     It’s stupid to envy those who envy too.

322     Well. They envy a man who was shot in the rain more than his escorts, because escorts must still go back more.

323     Envy eats nothing but its own heart.


ENVY (neg.)

324     Envy is not so bad. It’s just the thing you may believe.

325     All men who fight against justice equate it with envy.

326     What annihilate envy for? Usually, they want to be equal with some good man.

327     Envy is not so bad. We have not right to limit freedom of envious persons because they are supplementary articles of luxury for the persons who have enviers.


ENVY (lack)

328     He who never studies himself thinks that he is free of envy.


ENVY for a great man (neg.)

329     Covetous eyes can look farther away.


ENVY for an interlocutor (neg.)

330     You are stupid if you don’t see that envy has the greatest power. It troubles each time you compare.


ENVY of an interlocutor (pos.)

331               -You look alike Moon.


               -Your best wish the Sun had disappeared.

332     The one who is envied receives pleasure of inferior grade. Do you wish to receive such pleasure?


ENVY of an ordinary man (pos.)

333     Let N has envy. Let he admits his inferiority.

334     I wish encourage even nobody, who pays homage to virtues.

335     Chicken-hearted fellow has more envy, than the others have. All things seem great ones for him.


our ENVY (neg.)

336     Envy is a correct guess about an incorrectness of our life. Is there the bad guess?

337     Well. What envy to the others for? There is possibility to invent anything good about oneself.


ENVY of a scientist (neg.)

338     An envy of scientist helps to increase knowledge.


ENVY of a woman (lack)

339     Women are envious. They can’t suffer happiness of others then they become mothers-in-law right away.



340     Caesar, Napoleon and Dostoevsky were epileptics, too.

И Цезарь, и Наполеон, и Достоевский были эпилептиками.


EQUAL (pos.)

341     I see. You like to treat by shashlik, that its diameter would be equal with the diameter of stick.

342     People swim differently, but drown by the same way.

343     I know. The best shoe for the right foot is just like the best shoe for the left.


EQUAL (neg.)

344     Every time anybody falls at different angle and stands at one and the same angle.

345     It is better when a button and buttonhole are equal.

346     This cart is in need of equal wheels.

347     He who makes an equal length and width obtains overall area for own field.


EQUAL (exist)

348     Not all ways which leads to the same aim has the same length.

349     Different motors may have the same force.

350     Where a horse strides, a donkey skips.

351     At the same place a horse stands up to its knee-deep, a pig stands up to its snout and a hen drowns.

352     You offer cutlet meat which was made from hazel-grouse’s meat and horse-flesh, where were used one hazel-grouse and one horse.

353     Even fingers are not the same.

354     Even two dewdrops shine differently.

355    What confuse equality with the likeness for?


EQUAL (lack)

356     Probably, you worry about the difference between your yesterday’s growth and today’s one.

357     I see, you differing lengths of sides of square.

358     Well, the first twin differs from the second one. However, I see, the second twin doesn’t differ from the first one.

359     Well, they are different kinds of black colour.


EQUAL knowledge about each other (pos.)

360     Anyone has the right to has knowledge about a possible mother-in-law till she will know about him.

361     If somebody wishes to have the same knowledge about you that you have about him then it is possible he would invites you in a bed.


EQUAL loves between children and parents (pos.)

362     They always love their hopes more than their reminiscences.


EQUAL rights (pos.) (see also backstairs, brotherhood, justice, law, protection, rights, superiority) 

363     Only advocates of equality wish to quarrel with each other. Their resentment is the strongest.

364     Life is a perfect cram pie. It is better to cut it beautifully than with equal parts.

365     That one who hasn’t loved reasons about the equal rights more than others.

366     Equal rights are coming from that time when there were no rights.

367     Idea of equal rights equalize all human values, good with bad, evolutional with degradational, a king with a Jew, a wise father with a foolish child, a wish of drunkard with a wish of scientist.


EQUAL rights (exist)

368     This equitable treaty has many good points. It has an obligation to don’t eat strange grass, and an obligation of second side in return for it to supply first side with meat on voluntary lines. It has even signatures “The Wolf” and “The goat”.


EQUAL rights during capitalism (exist)

369     Where is a worker, which has the rights and duties of capitalist? Where is a capitalist, which has the rights and duties of a worker? Have you the true reason to speak about equal rights?


EQUALITY for a chief (pos.)

370     The hair said, “All are equal”. The lion answered, “This idea lacks teeth and claws”.

371     Freedom and equal rights – this is the eleventh commandment that eliminates other ten.


EQUALITY in a family (pos.)

372     So, you are against that a male will bears the responsibility for a woman. Is not it?


EQUALITY of influences (lack)

373     Don’t prove that an area depends rather on length than width.


EQUALITY for an interlocutor (pos.)

374     Did you suggest that everyone should have one and the same name to avoid forgetting or confusing names?

375     Well, fools are the same people a… Продолжение »

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