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FACE (pos.)

1     Well, everyone who has such face may be a star… the star of broadcast.

2     Nobody would make an impressed cake by somebody’s face.


clever FACE (pos.)

3     He who has the more negative experience has the more clever face.


clever FACE of a rich man (pos.)

4     When a stupid man counting one’s money he has the clever face, too.


lively FACE (pos.)

5     Image what will be this lively face later, when the difficulties of life will increase according to age.


fat FACE (pos.)

6     As for pear, what to becomes juicy at the face for?


serious FACE (neg.)

7     The most terrible deeds were made by men who had serious faces.


FACT for a catholic (pos.)

8     Facts are not important for catholic. They are ready worship an Italian “House of Maria”, which was not acknowledged even by Catholic Church.


FAILURE (neg.)

9     What to take the current negative result as the final one for?


FAIR (pos.)

10     The fairest silk is soonest stained.  


FAIRNESS of Poles (exist)

11     I couldn’t believe in fairness of Poles because I know their cold regard for film actor Barbara Brilsky and singer Anna German. Also I know about their wretched attempt of patenting Russian vodka and their keeping silence about many tens thousand of murdered captive Red Army men.


permanent FAITHFUNESS (pos.)

12     Have you some knowledge about a permanent faithfulness…, about the permanent faithfulness to meanness?


FAITHFULNESS for a subordinate (pos.) (see also brotherhood, care, damage)

13     Only a hungry dog follows his owner.


FAITHFULNESS for a wife (pos.)

14     A faithful wife is not the great happy for a husband. He will not have the heir or heiress which belongs to Jew’s mafia.


woman’s FAITHFULNESS (exist)

15     What is the woman’s faithfulness? Every day she needs a male. And she is dreaming about a prince all her life, also.



16     As for choice of allies and enemies a weak man has great inconstancy in it.



17     If your word “faithlessness” indicates an existence of faithfulness in the past then there is your fault which urged on a man to leaving you.

18     Are you assured that a side which accepted a traitor wouldn’t have misfortune because of this act?

19     Where is another way for getting to know that there is no a man (woman) who is better than you? I wish to be in the firm belief that I made the right choice.

20     What the rule that he, who came first, was attended first of all, name “faithlessness” for?

21     Only evil demons could always keep faithfulness for you.

22     I not made a profit out of you. I not sold you for the cost, which you suppose for yourself.

23     Don’t worry! Foolishness wouldn’t betray you.

24     A betrayer is the most faithful man. He never betrays himself. On the contrary a “faithful” man always betrays oneself.


FAITHLESSNESS of inquisitive man (exist)

25     If a trustworthy proof of treachery makes default then a man who strives for knowledge would be charged with treachery first of all.


FAITHLESSNESS of a subordinate (neg.)

26     They judge king’s wisdom by his ability in recognizing a possibility of treachery of his subordinates and keeping their faithfulness.

27     Subordinates always fear a chief. But the fear doesn’t preserves from the treachery.


FALL (pos.) (see also damage, error, high station, last, laugh at the first fall, repetition after the failure)

28     Something fallen is more likely to be kicked than picked up.

29     There are many axes for the fallen tree.


FALL (neg.)

30     It is more decently for eagle to fall from the sky, then to slip on a hummock.  

31     It is softly to fall on the man who fell earlier!


multiple FALL (neg.)

32     He who fell only one time is not the true jockey, but a hundred times.


FAME (pos.) (see also authoritative man, dullness, exploit, fall, glory, greatness, high birth, honor, importance, luck, majesty, merit, notable, past)

33     The best wish about good deeds is the wish to conceal them.

34     Don’t worry that people do not know you. Rather, worry that you don’t know people.

35     One who is not aware of his natural dignity strives for something extraneous – for fame.

36     Do you take greater pleasure in being known to those who you don’t know or those who you wouldn’t wish to know?

37     Famous people do not live long, because the public opinion about doctors created by the number of the celebrities having died in their hands.

38     During a joy any wine is good. But if a man is unhappy and wishes to console himself, he’ll choose only a famous one.

39     All fame is dangerous: good, bring envy; bad, shame.


FAME (pos., neg.)

40     The right to be famous came with a tax – the right to be blamed.


FAME (neg.)

41     I see. One, who means tricks, does not wish to be famous for his actions.

42     Fame is not burdensome for those, who haven’t burdensome with the care for the proprieties.

43     A possession of fame is equal with a possession of beauty. When one has a fame people look at him. When one has a beauty people look at him, too.

44     If fame left a man he scolds it.



45     Familiarity breeds contempt.


fine FAMILY (pos.) (see also outward appearance, influence of name, name, ostentatious)  

46     An exaggerated family is suspicious ones. Too many Beggermans have changed their families to Goldman already. And many Shitmans who are seeking for love (respect) may be hid under the family Scentman.



47     I don’t know what clever men do in the society which is intolerable to strange opinion.

48     A resentment of fanatic is like a scream of a man his corn was trodden on. What to always have such painful corn for?


FAR (pos.)

49     Even a drumbeat is pleasant from a distance.

50     A dwarf considers oneself to be the giant when he spits far away.

51     A fool looks for happy in distant land. A clever man forms it hereabout.

52     The goat must browse where she is tied.


FAR (neg.)

53     It is difficult to be at war with a distant enemy. On contrary, a conclusion of peace with a distant enemy is an easy deed.

54     Most of all we are grateful to the distant sun.

55     The far forest has more firewood.

56     A tiger goes in distant places.

57     Better good afar off than evil at hand.


FARMER (neg.)

58     It is better to be declined above a plough and to take something from the earth than turn up a nose and to take something from the people.


FASCISM (neg.)

59     The God is the first fascist. He created the Hades, which is the first concentration camp which has crematorium for enemies.


FASHION (pos.)

60     If one bends down before different alternating ideologies he bends down before different fashions.

61     Dandy and fashionable woman show their hatred to oneself and a wish to pervert own nature first of all.

62     He who has inclination to servility says, “Give me a new fashion!”

63     Fashion is such worthless muck, that people cannot stand it more than one season.

64     The etiquette exists for men out of own delicacy. The fashion exists for men out of own taste.


FASHION for a me (pos.)

65     I’m not a dummy to follow the latest fashion.


FASHION for a woman (pos.)

66     A woman’s striving to a fashion presents the same sorry spectacle like the daily raid of stray dog for the sake of finding food.


FAST (pos.) (see also abstention, Christianity, comfort, eating, elevated thing)

67     I don’t fear coming of guests.

68     It is better to keep the fast of the spirit than of the stomach.

69     The life is a beautiful nuptial bed. What to be sad on it for? Partings will come to us without our help.

70     I know that spiritual necessity, when there is a repudiation of eating. A cat is ready to be out of home three days in order to satisfy its “spiritual” necessity.

71     Once, two athletes straggled with each other and everyone couldn’t overcome another. One of them has thought up, “It is necessary to weaken the mind of the contender. So, I’ll manage his body”. The Evil aims to make the same, when it tries to weaken man’s body.

72     A designed sin is the most repulsive ones. All fasted persons strive to do their sins at the time from Christmas to Shrovetide. Fasted persons are the most repulsive sinners.


FAST (neg.)

73     He, who leaves pharaoh’s slavery, eats unleavened bread.

74     I see. Dog never keeps the fast.

75     The fast teach man compassion.


FAST movement for an interlocutor (Pos.)

76     I imagine your fast movements when you soap your penis.


FASTIDIOUSNESS (pos.) (see also abstention, best, breeding, choosing, complain, quality, wish)

77     One never chooses a pillow, when he wishes to sleep.

78     The soul which everywhere see the dirty is soiled most of all.



79     Every good bred man may be charged with the fastidiousness.


FAT (neg.)

80     The brain is fat.


FAT man (exist)

81     A man who has short arms sees many fat men around.


FATE to be ordinary man (exist) (see also ambition, damage, do, equality, fortuity, heredity, influence of conditions, opportunity, striving)

82     The one who speaks about fate reserves a right for himself to be foolish, impudent and poor.


FATE to be poor (exist) (see also complain, confidence, difficulty, equal, possibility of enriching)

83     Everyone may make lemonade from lemon which twisting his mouth.


FAWN upon (pos.)

84     A hare licks wolf’s paws for nothing. It will be eaten in any case.


FEAR (pos.)

85     He that fears every bush must never go a-birding.


FEAR (neg.)

86     Turn down the love, too. Love is full of fear.

87     It is better when fear was first and courage was second than courage was first and fear was second.

88     He, who doesn’t wish grow wiser because of sorrows, grows wiser because of prudence.

89     Fearing man becomes better.   


chief’s FEAR (pos.)

90     Don’t fear that a cow would give sour milk.


FEAR the God (pos.) (see also dread)

91     A believer doesn’t sees to me as the best person. A man who does good deeds and doesn’t a bad one thanks for his mind is greater than the man who does good deeds and doesn’t a bad one for his fear of the God.


great man’s FEAR (pos.) (see also dread)

92     The more vanity, the more fear.


great man’s FEAR (neg.)

93     A main cause of fearlessness is lacking of imaginativeness.

94     If there is an aim, there is a fear.

95     Snakes can reach even eagle’s nests.


great man’s FEAR (exist)

96     Yes. Daddy is a coward. He always sleeps with mummy.

97     A wolf has not a dread of dog, but it doesn’t like dog’s barking.


early FEAR of loss (pos.) (see also trouble, waste)

98     Many years one simpleton was sad that pretty girls do not wish to love him at his old age. But he has not wished to love them during his old age.


ordinary man’s FEAR (neg.)

99     An ardent horse would break its neck, where careful donkey would past without stumbling.

100     Careful weak man will not fall prey to a strong one. Careless strong man will fall prey to a weak one.


poor man’s FEAR of loss (exist)

101     He that has nothing needs fear to lose nothing.


rich man’s FEAR (pos.) (see also defense, enmity, extremes, fortress, guard, insult, kill, class peace, punishment, superiority)

102     He who has a fear of a wolf never has a sheep.

103     He who has a dread of water never finds pearls.


rich man’s FEAR (neg.)

104     A full cup must be careful.

105     Undaunted men are among those who have nothing for loss.

106     A thief doesn’t thieve every time, but everybody must fear him every time.

107     The losses must be counted earlier than the income.



108     When a State abandons its laws then many chiefs appear in it.


FEELING (pos.)

109     An unscrupulous person who doesn’t repent and admit that he was drunk like a pig says, “I was overflowed with feelings”.

110     The love to flower’s scent is easy deed. The thinking about fruit is more difficult.

111     To think is better than to feel. If a man prefer to feel then a life seems him rather as a tragedy than a comedy. If a man prefers to think then a life seems him rather as a comedy than a tragedy.

112     All beautiful feelings weigh less one beautiful deed.

113     It is good when a person is cleverer butterfly, when he knows his feelings value and doesn’t fly to a fire.

114     Feelings have prevailing in that place, where a mind comes to an end.

115     What to stroke tortoise on its insensible shell for? It is better take off it.


FEELING (neg.)

116     Everyone to belong humanity and has every human feeling.

117     A wind and feelings are the clearest display of God’s will.

118     A mind was not intend for suppress on of feelings but for reception of greatest pleasure from them.

119     Sometimes the mind of head is so weak that it couldn’t understand the mind of heart.


carnal FEELING (exist)

120     Feel your soul more, then you would feel your body less.


deep FEELING (exist)

121     Everyone has different level of agitation for the same acts of other people. Usually, one set free one’s feeling in the theatre.


delicate FEELING of a male (lack)

122     The males are more delicate and exacting creatures. The pneumatic women were made for them, but a cheap vibrating massager is just enough for a woman.


FEELING of executioner (pos.)

123     Well, an executioner is not an insensible axe. He never makes his work without interest.


lofty FEELING (exist)

124     Extremes deceive people. The lofty feelings are the same extremes.


new FEELING (pos.)

125     A senile feeling is the new feeling, too.


FEELING of a poet (pos.)

126     He who speaks beautiful words about his burning has the weak burning.


steady FEELING (pos.)

127     Love envy. This is the steadiest feeling.


FELLOW-country man (pos., neg.)

128     There is a goose in the puddle. There is a swine in the puddle. But they are not friends.



129     As to feminism we are all right. Many women keep up with males as to drinking and smoking.



130     Poor lady! Do you already urinate at standing posture?

131     The God is against feminists. He turns to lesbians them in order they couldn’t have reproduction.

132     Feminists are not womanlike. They are males in skirts. Just they obtained the right of participation in military operations for themselves.


FENCE (neg.)

133     Good fence make glad both neighbours by safety.



134     A man who is glad at a festival indeed will be drunk before dawn already.

135     He who fears new feelings uses old ones.

136     Well, a festival is good. All people begin to cheer up each other as if they are sick men.



137     Feelings may be old or new. I prefer yearly feelings which had been tested by time.

138     I see. There are people who are lazy to spend their energy even for the festival.

139     I know. There is not for everybody to like a festive occasion. It is the thing, which must be built. It is not the thing, which they destroy.  


New year’s FESTIVAL (pos.)

140     Well, new-year’s night is the best if, of course, it comes more often than the night with paramour.


permanent FESTIVAL (pos.)

141     Sunday never happens every day.


FETID (neg.)

142     Lotuses grow on the fetid silt.


blood FEUD (pos.)

143     Since ancient times, people began give a negative opinion about bloody vengeance. Now we knew their opinion as Maegera who is the goddess of bloody vengeance.


blood FEUD (neg.)

144     A blood feud is not just the murder of murderer, but the murder of near relation of murderer as variant. Therefore, not only a potential murderer check oneself, but all relatives control him, too.


FEW (pos.) (see also abstention, account, all, enough, increase, influence, little, niggardliness, number, shallow, use of numerous things)  

145     Attempt to say about something wonderful by few words. It will be impossible.


FICTION (pos.)

146     Well, this fiction is much better than the fiction, which arises during masturbation.


FICTION (neg.)

147     Cynic invents least of all.


FICTION (exist)

148     When you said these words you got greater fiction.

149     Any premature truth is not more than the fiction.

150     Usually, a theory is named “fact” if they do believe it. And facts are named “theory” if they don’t believe them.


FIGHT (pos.)

151     Fighting with a strong man to make man weaker. Fighting with a weak man makes the man who lost one’s own dignity.

152     When I intend to see a black-white world, I rush to the fight, too.


FIGHT (neg.)

153     He who fights may become the loser. He who doesn’t fight is the loser already.

154     A fighting man may even to push off from water.

155     I like definite things. I don’t know where how and when the truth is born, but I know that the correctness is born in the fight.


FIGHT (exist)

156     The fight always exists. To the dinner there is the fight against hunger. After the dinner there is the fight against sleep.


an active FIGHT (pos.)

157     An active fight against rulers begets the much strenuous control of fighter.


FIGHT for a beauty (pos.)

158     Someone looks so emaciated during his fight for a beauty.

159     Sorry you don’t live in antique Greek. There ancient Greeks may entrust you to do the main job. You would throw ugly babies off the cliff.


FIGHT against oneself (pos.)

160     It’s impossible to fight against oneself. It’s not know who and when must be supported.


FIGHT against one’s own shortcomings (pos.)

161     It’s not still know, what is more useful: to develop one’s merits or to fight against one’s shortcomings. To judge from results the geniuses developed their merits.


FIGHT for X (pos.)

162     Giving fight for X up is not indices of lack of character if there is Y as higher aim.



163     Figurativeness leads to the false conclusion. Don’t liken a woman with an oil vessel. Don’t liken a male with the blazing torch. In this case their meeting would have destructive consequence.



164     Yes. Builders of financial pyramids are the great toilers.


FIND smth. by all means (pos.)

165     Only enemies may be found without fail.


FINGER on the balance (pos.)

166     If you weighed your finger then cut it.


pointed FINGER (pos.)

167     When someone to point out by one finger, he to point to himself by three ones.


FINGER-RING at the hand (pos.)

168     I’m not moved with the sight of finger ring, which were the signs of slavery in ancient Rome.


FINGER-RING for remembrance (pos.)

169     Look at your naked finger and remember me. It would cost me anything and you will have to bother yourself about the safety of the ring. It will be the best variant.


FIRM (pos.) (see also STRONG)

170     Firm teeth have shorter life than the soft tongue.


FIRST (neg.) (see also priority)

171     The first dish pleases all.


FIRST of all (pos.)

172     In the first place you are the sober. In the second place, you already drank three glasses.


like a FISH (pos.)

173     Drink only water if you have a fish for the model.


like a FISH (neg.)

174     I see you regret that a fish has a property to slip off hands.


FISHERMAN or seaman (pos.)

175     To my regret, all reasons why people become fishermen and seamen are known for me.



176     I see. He who has a character of a worm can’t like a fisherman.


FIT (pos.)

177     Who needs to be praised as “edible”?

178     A piece of churchyard fits everybody.


FITNESS (exist)

179     They don’t have an ablution by any water.



180     If a man would says out from himself only pleasant thoughts, all bad ones will be accumulated in his mind.

181     The low opinion about oneself and mental capacities of others is the base of flattery.



182     Flattery is harmful only for the person who flatters himself.

183     If some words can give happiness to a man then only the scum wouldn’t wish says them.

184     Flattery is a good thing because a flatterer considers that others are worthy his flattery.

185    Better fleech the devil than fight him.

186     Flattery can conquer even a fool. It has capacity to suggest a man that he is something eternal, but not a body for a time.


FLEXIBILITY (pos., neg.)

187     A flexible object could be caught in less quantity of hindrances if it want to avoid them. Also it could touches the greater number of hindrances if it want to follow one's own accords.



188     One may rows easier thanks to flexible oar.


FLEXIBILITY of behavior (neg.)

189     The flexible behavior helps a man to avoid obstacles and outrun one’s rivals who were not flexible and stumbled at these obstacles.


FLOWERS (pos.)

190     Well, a flower is that dollar that you can buy the love by it.

191     Do you wish music in addition? So, your place is in the cemetery.


FLOWERS (pos., neg.)

192     Flowers have great shortcomings. They fade quickly. And they are unfit for eating.


FLOWERS from a male (pos.)

193     A male who buys flowers is like the dog which dropped in the flower-bed for its own need.


plastics’ FLOWERS (pos.)

194     A plastics’ flower is the best for a rubber woman.


FLOWERS in vase (pos.)

195     If you would like children with the same intensity as you like flowers, then their heads would be in the vase, too.


FLOWERY (pos.)

196     A deaf man is in need of loud sounds. A man who suffers from colour-blindness is in need of flashy colours.


obtrusive like a FLY (neg.)

197     So, someone exhale putrid smell.


FOAM (about person) (neg.)

198     Foam indicates the rapid current.


FOLLOW (pos.)

199     Most people were lost when they follow persons who lost one’s way before them.

200     To follow mother is the sign of puppies and ducklings.


FOLLOW (neg.)

201     He who has hopeless lag may not follow.


FOLLOW an advice immediately (pos.)

202     A judge judges slowly, but conceives quickly.


FOLLOW a chief (neg.)

203     When the prince fiddles, the subject must dance.

204     Hair, that follows seized hand, didn’t hurt.


FOLLOW a great man (pos.) (see also exploit, imitate, incite, leader, overtake, striving, trust)  

205     A sparrow which imitating stork has a burst groin.

206     Many cities dreamed to be like Babilon. But Babilon was ravaged to the ground.

207     A worm, which wishing to become a snake, will burst.

208     It’s a pitiful show when somebody tries to jump into the winner’s chariot.

209     A sparrow can’t fly after eagles.

210     A jackal decorated itself with tiger’s stripes but it looks as a jackal again.

211     The greatest danger is a choice moving towards lighthouse.

212     Trying to mimicry a crow can’t become as beautiful as a peacock, but it can forget how to fly.

213     Children run after the mummers until the mummers turn back to look at them.

214     A disciple wouldn’t excel his teacher if he considered him a pattern, but not a rival.

215     The one who follows another people will never be ahead.


FOLLOW a leader (pos.)

216     The clever nation didn’t follow even own great leader (Christ, Marx) long time.


FOLLOW a rich man (pos.) (see also equal, imitate, invite)

217     Why the back wheels to overtake the front ones?

218     Let another wind flies to overtake this one.

219     Usually, small merchants have a ruin in the time when they try to follow large-scale off one’s example.



220     A cricket begins to sing after the nightingale’s song.


iodic FOOD (pos.)

221     Yes, iodic food helps against cretinism.


sumptuous FOOD for a rich man (neg.) (see also eating)

222     Let a rich man eats meat. Then he will understand that the poor man requires bread. If rich man eats bread, he thinks that the poor man eats stones.


variety of FOOD (neg.)

223     They take information about surroundings thanks to eating, too. They don't become fooler thanks to variety of food.



224     Well, they sent clever persons to clever ones. And they sent me to you.

FOOL! (about the husband)

225     The fool is not the true fool because he got merry to the clever woman. But if a clever woman got merry to the fool, she is not the true clever one.



226     If someone will force me to choose the intercourse with a killer or fool for the rest my life, then I will have the hard choose.

227     They esteem only foolish virgins.



228     -Clever men adapt themselves to everything. Fools fit the world to themselves. So, they are the motive power of progress.

     -And so, development of society is foolish.

229     Foolishness is good. It likes the good health. They notice neither own foolishness nor own good health.

230     Foolishness is the lucky merchant, who has enviable success because of crossing of boundary between wisdom and folly.

231     Everyone was born with a stock of acts of folly. Every stock exists for expenditure.

232     Sometimes, foolishness may be the best pass into enemy’s camp.

233     Foolishness decreases a quantity of enviers. Is it so bad?

234     Be glad! If others wouldn’t be more fool than you, then you would be named the fool.

235     It is good to be in pleasant company. Beauty and folly go often in company.



236     Your endeavour for persuasion of others, that they are more fool than you, give away your conviction to the opposite meaning.

237     There are two ways for becoming the clever and significant man. A man must store up mind for himself or permanently make another man the fool.

238     If you consider, that a waste is in somebody’s head, then know, that every waste has oasis, but not anyone can get as far as it.

239     This foolish act is within limits that makes sense.



240     Even broken clock gives the right time twice during twenty-four hours.

241     I don’t know the foolish thing, which hasn’t a protector.


FOOLISHNESS of chief (neg.)

242     Very often the foolishness of chief is better than lackey’s mind.


FOOLISHNESS of gay man (exist)

243     Well, a gay man makes many foolish things, but their shattering is less.


FOOLISHNESS of great man (exist) (see also error, intellect)

244     A person who is true clever may to permit oneself to do even a foolish deeds.


FOOLISHNESS of learner (pos.)

245     A good teacher may hand something to somebody on a plate.


FOOLISHNESS of learner (exist)

246     Nobody can learn something if a teacher doesn’t please him.


FOOLISHNESS of male (neg.)

247     The true clever woman is the woman who allows the man to do foolish things.


my FOOLISHNESS (exist)

248     We have different causes to play the fool. I have shortage of money. You have shortage of mind.

249     Nevertheless I know more than you. He, who has better knowledge about himself, and surroundings, has more calm. I have more calm than you.

250     Well, I become more foolish after exchange of thoughts with you.


FOOLISHNESS of an old man (neg.)

251     Is there some another substitute of the youth for an old man?


FOOLISHNESS of ordinary man (neg.) (see also idea)

252     If a fool would be absent then many people could not get on in life.


FOOLISHNESS of stupid man (exist)

253     It is not foolishness. It is a model of a narrow-necked vessel. A man fills it hardly, but it keeps contents very good.

254     If they can’t understand somebody then it is not means that he is clever and others are stupid.


FOOLISHNESS of woman (neg.)

255     Foolishness is one of the best woman’s virtues. It helps her to love a male. Are you against the love because your opinion corresponds with your possibility?


expensive FOOT-WEAR (pos.) (see also cheap, expensive)

256     The one regrets lack of footwear till he will see leg less invalid. Then his regret becomes silly. What the bad eyesight!


FOR (pos.)

257     If you consider that the thing was created for something or somebody, then they could consider that a man was created for gnats.



258     All vices will be permitted when the forbearance will be so necessary thing.


FORCE (pos.)

259     The more force, the less shame, the less honour.

260     Only a weak person fears be reputed for weak.

261     Force is the cause of trouble and discomfort. A strong man must have permanent struggle, that he wouldn’t became a subject of mockeries.

262     Even a powerful wind couldn’t to lift a hill. It couldn’t even to raise a wave into a well.

263     A strong man hopes that his strength will gives him peace. But it is nonsense. 

264     If one is right then already he feels his strength. Probably, you feel an injustice of yourself.

265     One’s own force has no the great importance. A thing which can weaken enemy has more importance.

266     I recommend you to go with an axe for the sake of cutting cucumbers.

267     One has his own loss because of rather his force than weakness. Everyone knows one’s own weakness very good, but he has no the same knowledge about his own power.

268     It is only outward show that a force is a determinant of any victory. Bitterness has more influence. It is only outward show that bitterness is a determinant. Meanness has more influence.

269     Force has the weak point. It trusts in a force.

270     Mind excels a force in its choice of the point of application.

271     How many sparrows you can obtain after shaking of a tree?

272     A sharp saw can to saw without pressure.

273     Reason governs the wise man and cudgels the fool. Do you dream to govern the fools?


FORCE (neg.)

274     You have shortage of knowledge. You don’t know what was the cause that they gave up Achill for upbringing by centaur Hiron? It was done in order he would know wisdom and the right of the force.

275     They applaud during a “forte”.

276     Weak hands break a spade more often.

277     I wish to be a good friend. What the friend who has rather many words than the real possibility to defend you for?

278     The law is far. The fist is near. A tomtit in the hand is worth a crane in the sky.

279     The force becomes the law where there is a shortage of law. Very often there is a shortage of law.

280     One’s own weakness is the same danger as somebody else’s force.

281     A slack man rather raises dust than covers a path.

282     He who fell greedily upon power likes lavish praise on giving force up.

283     A person who detests a force detests a life.

284     There is no right straight in the truth, but a right is in the force and a force is in the truth.

285     Who said that the force spoils a man more than weakness?


FORCE (exist)

286     Even a louse has the power in darkness.

287     A cramp is not the sign of the force.


FORCE (exist, lack)

288     Seven men took to flight off one rotten egg.


FORCE (lack)

289     You can name cramp the force. It is all the same it is necessary six men for holding in check this “cramp”.

290     Even a dead pike has living teeth.

291     A warm has no firm teeth but it gnaws through nutshell.

292     The force of the river doesn’t abolish the force of wind.


FORCE of an atheist (neg.)

293     Hitler consoled oneself by the conception that the soviet people (communists) couldn’t do great deeds without religion and God’s help, too.


FORCE of a believer (neg.)

294     -A man who acts in according with the God’s will feels that he is stronger than a man who acts in according with one’s own will.

     -Well, a weak man has the sole way – to acts in according of the God’s will.


FORCE a believer (neg.)

295     Do you think that you must receive God’s indication only from inside?


FORCE of capitalism (exist)

296     A force of capitalism spring from the temporary weakness of mankind. But mankind will not be weak always. Socialism in USSR (Russia) was overthrown by great number of miserable, but not supermen. They were bad self-lovers: many kind of greedy persons, narcotraders, prostitutes, perverted men, criminals. Also the grandiose column of drunkards joined them after unhappy “dry law”. Then these minorities conquered majority. The defeat of this shameful alliance in general or in parts will be the victory of socialism. There is no another good task for mankind.


FORCE of Christ (pos.)

297     The most distant saint seems as the most powerful one.


FORCE against an evil (neg.)

298     Every man, who never struggle against an evil, justify oneself that he distastes to use his force.


FORCE against a glory (pos.) (see also damage, enmity, idol, pain)

299     A force can’t be broken by reproach. A glory can’t be stricken down by a saber.

300     You have prison mentality. According to prison mentality, the athlete working for the sake of his schedule discharge seems as more worthy man, than weak ones.


God’s FORCE (exist)

301     Well, the God’s force is great. If He wouldn’t have this force, I achieved success much earlier.

302     A crushed man’s virtue is naming any mafia as all-powerful, immortal and all-knowing.

303     Well, the faith in the God has the powerful means for an influence fools. It is a seduction.

304     We have more steadiness than the God. He already doesn’t send the second Flood against us because the first one was for nothing.

305     The God has not so much might and freedom. He cannot to do a suicide.


FORCE for a great man (neg.)

306     Any clever man, who has no force, will makes many foolish things because of his fear and cowardice.

307     He who has no force for activity can’t be called a valuable person.

308     If somebody has a power then his wit will be found even by a fool.

309     A mind which got puffed up and doesn’t admit an influence of force is foolish.

310     It’s foolish idea to consider that the mind is all-powerful. The force is right where the mind is powerless.

311     A good man must be strong. Only a strong man can leads a crowd.


FORCE for an interlocutor (neg.)

312     I understand you. You are worshipper of the force also. But you like more mean masked one which assumed the name the law.


loss of man’s FORCE (exist)

313     To exhaust a force from the man is alike to exhaust water from the well.


FORCE against a mind (pos.)

314     Two hands serve one head.


FORCE of minority (lack)

315     Minority is not so weak. It has more solidarity. Only minority always governs people.


FORCE of an old man (neg.)

316     An old bull has more force for plough. Even its horns help it for dragging.


FORCE of an ordinary man (neg.)

317     A man has cut canine teeth before an appearance of wisdom teeth.

318     A gathering of forces and their use were able bring fame to the god-forsaken place as Austerlitz.


to FORCE (pos.)

319     He, that was forced to do more than it fitting, will do less than is lawful.


FORCE against a woman (neg.)

320     -A flame of love appears after rubbing.

     -A flame of hatred appears by the same way.


FORCE of woman (lack)

321     Vodka strikes with force but a sleep overcomes it. However a wicked woman is the champion. She can to wake anybody.



322     Force without forecast is of little avail.


narrow FOREHEAD (neg.)

323     A narrow forehead has wrinkles less.


FOREIGN (pos.)

324     He who has tail-coat sits on the chair back to front.


FORESEE (neg.)

325     If you got sight of obstacle far off then it is enough to turn your steering-wheel slightly or you will must to make braking, stop, riding round and speeding up once again.



326     The most unexpectedness and insidiousness of slips come together with the greatest foresight.

327     He who foresees everything comes in a lavatory when he holds the glass of beer.



328     Not all understand that a foresight is an invisible side of activities.


FORETELL own future (pos.) (see also fate, luck, success)

329     One believed that he had an opportunity to become a scoundrel, but never a fool. Many years have passed. He has not becomes a scoundrel, but he became a fool.


FOREWIT (neg.)

330     A word before is worth two behind.

331     One good forewit, is worth two afterwits.


FORGET the word (neg.)

332     A name limits the essence of the object. They comprehend the essence of the object, when they have oblivion of its name.



333     The psycho-analytic Fraid said that any forgetfulness is not accidental.


FORGIVE (pos.)

334     Well, everyone gains the victory over oneself when he forgives others. But I don’t like to play at give-away with me and gain the easy victory.

335     Society which has citizens who have not ability for blame is an unjust one.

336     Forgiveness is not the deliverance from the done harm.

337     I wouldn’t entrust any serious deed to the man who can gives forgiveness.

338     A forgiveness-lover must forgives also the man who can't forgives somebody's vile act.


FORGIVE (neg.)

339     He, who couldn’t forgives unimportant shortcomings, doesn’t take pleasure in human qualities.


FORGIVE (exist)

340     As a rule, forgiveness is only ebb before the next wavy surge of hatred.


FORGIVE an enemy before own death (pos.)

341     If you are a male, die as a male.


FORGIVE an enemy instead of to kill him (pos.)

342     Let the God forgives my enemy since I have organized their meeting.


FORGIVE a friend (pos.)

343     There are things, cases and crimes which couldn’t be forgotten just the friend.


FORGIVE a ex-friend (neg.)

344     Well, it’s very difficult to forgive the man that was betrayed by you.


God’s FORGIVENESS (lack)

345     The all-forgiving God gave greater forgiveness. Where He can conceals oneself against this fact?


interlocutor FORGIVES (neg.)

346     I understand you. You have not a good example for your behaviour. The God didn’t forgive you. So, you cannot to forgive N. Go to ask God’s forgiveness.


FORTRESS (pos.) (see also damage, defense, fear, house)

347     Presence of fortress always to instigates its owner to use force outside fortress.


FORTUITY (exist)

348     Does the God dice at the heaven?


FORTUITY of a failure (exist)

349     A brick falls accidentally, but a man happens under it none accidentally.


FORTUITY of greatness or glory (exist) (see also equality, fate, luck)

350     A virtue of a winner is absent to belief in the fortuity.

351     The one who believes in the fortuities should not believe in the progress.

352     The strongest belief to the chance belongs to beggars.

353     Yes. Any unlucky man would say that the success was a freak of chance.  

354     The fools have not other word besides the “fortuity” for everything that is too intellectual for them.


FORWARD (pos.) (see also begin, look forward)

355     Well. It’s enough to stand on a brink of the precipice. It is the time to do a large step forward.



356     It is bad case when a man keeps his heart in his mouth.

357     Speech must not be worse than a bathing suit. It must exposes something but hides main things.

358     A bared body is too obtrusive.

359     I’ll be frank through. It is impossible to be frank through.

360     Vulgar persons are always outspoken.

361     If somebody speaking all ideas that he thinking, I doubt that he thinking.

362     The streetwalkers and drunkards indulge in confidences with each other.

363     An absolute frankness is like an absolute nakedness. Both are indecent.



364     A bodice is not for the soul.



365     I would be in your place. Anywhere you see a bathing suit, which hides main things.


FRANKNESS of great man (pos.) (see also intercourse, lie, open-hearted, silence, sincerity, trust) 

366     Only deserving people can apprehend a frank speeches. Who has everywhere around a deserving people?      


FRANKNESS of ordinary man (pos.) (see also lie, listen, open-hearted, secret, sincerity, tr… Продолжение »

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