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foolish ABILITY (positive) (see also foolishness, skill)

1     Did you attempt to excel a camel in spiting?


human ABILITY (pos.)

2     Well, any man has extra ordinary abilities. Only a man has ability for absurdity.


ABILITY to inquire (pos.)

3     Usually, the manic murderer is the skilled craftsman of questioning.


ABILITY of a military man (pos.)

4     Any military man is the good accountant. He can good counts “One, two! One, two!”


uncommon ABILITY (pos.) (see also astonished, business, crank, oddity, ordinary, passion, peculiarity, skill, strangeness, studies to unusual skill)

5     It is easier to dress a flea than to take the benefit from this pursuit.


uncommon ABILITY (negative)

6     Take a hammer, if you can’t take the needle for embroider in gold.



7     He who wants to condemn sinners must to condemn an abortion.



8     A usual opponent of abortion is the man, who wish to use short-lived weakness of a woman and doesn’t wish to court she during nine month.


ABSENCE of a man (neg.)

9     Persons who are absent are guilty more often, but they survive more often, too.

10     Sometimes, an absence is the best way for life.


ABSOLUTION (pos.) (see also forgiveness)

11     I like absolve a strange wife, too.

12    He who considers oneself to be shit absolves the others first and foremost.

13    N is not the God in order absolves somebody.

14    The final forgiveness includes oblivion, too. Not anybody has such forgetful head.



15     An absolution is the duty for the wise man and it is the virtue of powerful man.

16    It is hard to be unloved. Let absolve him (her) for the sake of care for people.


king’s ABSOLUTION (pos.)

17     The Christian is good if as for him his enemy is equal with his friend. The king is bad if as for him his wicked enemy is equal with his virtuous friend.


total ABSOLUTION (neg.)

18     He, who unclenches his fist, must not retain one bended finger.


ABSTENTION (pos.) (see also consumption, enough, fast, greediness, limit, little, pleasure, prolongation, restraint, restriction, sin, superfluous, wish)

19     A man, who abstains from passions, is not the real owner of them. A real owner is the person, who operates them as the ship or horse. He can direct them there, where it is useful and necessary.



20     Do you think that an abstractionist would make compromise to the real state of affaires during his life?


ABSTRUSE (pos., neg.)

21     A detailed discussion or blame of abstruse thing betrays an aspiration to it.


ABSURD (exist)

22     As to a point of view of crab, Homo Sapiens is an absurd. 

23   Many things which seem to be absurd are better that ignorance that considers them as absurd.


ABUSE (pos.) (see also scold)

24     Here you cleaned out your throat. Now show your tongue. Do thus {Show tongue to the interlocutor.}.

25     Do you like to warm up your ass by the lightning?

26          -X.

          -Is it all?


          -Is it all?

27     What scold for, if later on reconciliation will came? So, if nobody would be reconciled then any abuse is for nothing, too.

28     It is better for you to speak by radio. Everyone will not see your ugly mug and could turn off it.

29    Stop! You are so foolish that five minutes ago you didn’t know about X and you had not trouble about X. Abuse rather your foolishness.

30     I make bold to think that the most costly feelings stayed into you. So, this is the foam which flows out. Let attach no importance to it.

31          -X.

          -Congratulate you on your facilitation.


          -Congratulate you on your facilitation.

32     Enfeeble yourself! You strained yourself as the ass before its wind.


ABUSE (neg.)

33    An abuse is the good act. If a people would say more bad words they would have less force for doing bad actions.

34          -Teach me that things which appears from the mouth may be bad, but things which come into it is good. Is not it?

          -Yes, it is.

          -Let shit comes in your mouth.

35     A dog doesn’t bite when he opening its jaws, but closing it.


ABUSE against a believer (neg.)

36     A believer must takes abuse against himself as incense for the sake of his struggle with a pride and vainglory.


ABUSE of a believer (pos.)

37     You have no a true altar such as the meekness for your offering.


ABUSE of a chief (pos.)

38     I see. A dog barks in that place where it was fed.

39     You are a culprit yourself. A man will dance in accordance with applause. However you don’t applause me.

40     It is not so great trouble when a burden damns shoulders. The pain is more when shoulders damn a burden.

41     If a dog is tied to its place, it barks with the great anger.


ABUSE against the God (neg.)

42     It is necessary awaken the God, too. He doesn’t send a manna to the people until His beard will be full with their sputum.


ABUSE out of the home (pos.)

43     A worthless dog barks out of its yard.


ABUSE of a male (pos.)

44     Pour out your brine! So, your cucumber would become flabby quicker.



45     A person was being instigated to quickness of acceptance only into places of rogue’s work.


ACCESSIBILITY of a person (pos.)

46     I imagine your love to get drunk in order to become an accessible person.


ACCOMMODATE (pos.) (see also adjust)

47     A grass takes root easier than a tree.


ACCOUNT (CALKULATE) (pos.) (see also care, consider, economize, enough, few, generosity, influence, many, number, pay, percent, pettiness, shallow, thrift, value, wage

48     Balding man likes count his hair and he knows number of everyone.

49    Even counted sheep would be stole by the wolf.

50     Walk won’t become easier because of counting the steps.

51     You will count your fingers after every handclasp.

52     I never saw the one, who has strong spirit, among accountants of the leaf.

53     Counter is not the main part of a car.


ACCOUNT (neg.)

54     A road wouldn’t get shorter even if all mile’s post had been broken.

55     He, who wants to get inebriated, doesn’t count wineglass during his drinking.


ACCOUNT insignificant thing (neg.) (see also concession)

56     A good balance feels even one grain.


ACCOUNT of money (neg.) (see also money)

57     Everyone counts even a found money.

58     Find out the way and go! Take money and count it!


ACCUMULATE (pos.) (see also addition, all, completeness, enough, expenditure, little, part, superfluous, whole)

59     Thirst for accumulation is the sign of trouble. And the trouble is the sign of lack of happiness.



60     A beautiful translation is not the translation of word for word.


ACCURACY for a blame (pos.)

61     Nevertheless I should agree that both Gomorra and haemorrhoids are equal bad things.


ACCURACY for retelling (pos.)

62     An inaccurate retelling of an expression is the good reward for its author.



63     A clear conscience doesn’t fears false accusations and welcome truth.


ACCUSATION in return (pos.)

64     They trust the first accusation most of all. The accusation in return that “Your wife is the prostitute also” is suspicious.


ACHIEVEMENT (pos.) (see also act, aspiration, attain, availability, distant, hindrance, incite, influence of conditions, merit, overtake, purposefulness, reach, success)

65     There is nothing unattainable for the one who hasn’t had to do it by oneself.

66     To catch up to some one is to feel unhappy because the aim is far away.

67     Nobody can force a stream to run uphill.

68     White flour is never spilled from the coal bag.

69     Only the flowers which are not picked keep their beauty and fragrance.

70     Happiness of achievement may be great, but it is not so long as the happiness of hope.



71     Smart is the man who accomplishes what he plans.

72     One long loaf cost two pieces of the dough.

73     Magellan would be nothing without Magellan’s strait.

74     A little harvest is better than a large sowing area.

75     If some person says that happiness is not an achievement of the aim but an attaining to it, then it means that he never run to catch the last bus on rainy autumnal night.



76     Well, there are achievements. Just one needs to know a point about the distress, which these achievements have the relation to.

77     To saddle up a pig doesn’t make him a knight.



78     For you every year there is a bad harvest because the wind doesn’t blow the coconuts down from the trees for you.


ACHIEVEMENT of smth. during the life (pos.)

79     A short-sighted person is not one, who didn’t reached the object, but one who goes beyond the object.


ACHIEVEMENT of smth. during the life (neg.)

80     The true winner achieves his aims in both worlds.


quick ACHIEVEMENT (pos.) (see also prepare)

81     A quick river doesn’t reach the sea.

82     The only thing that can be attained quickly is an unsuccessful ending.

83     Even without rushing along an egg becomes a hen.

84     The fastest horse is the first to get winded.

85     No one expects a quick harvest while planting eternal seeds.

86     A hurrying falcon is unable to hunt.

87     Quick-maturing fruit rots quickly.

88     Valuable trees grow slower than canes.

89     A slow foot steps comfortably.

90     One who is in a hurry can’t walk with dignity.

91     He, that loves speed, loves to get pushed out of a rut.

92     Eating without waiting, one will only burn oneself, not be filled.

93     A human deed has more honor and splendor, if it has further consequences.

94     Winter won’t come earlier if you tear the leaves off the trees.

95     One is always in a hurry when catching fleas.

96     They have spilling and picking up during the hurry. (In the haste you will spill. So, later you’ll have to pick it all up.) 

97     Only blind kittens are born quickly.

98     There was a man who lived in a hurry – he soon died.

99     A sparrow was in a hurry and was born little.


quick ACHIEVEMENT for an interlocutor (pos.)

100     Wow! You’re fast! Just like the water in the toilet.

101     Why do you hurry as if your life was not human, but a dog’s?

102     If you chew slowly you won’t break your teeth.

103     Do you love the lather and dust caused by swiftness?

104     You probably even wished to leave your mother’s womb before the time was up, too.

105     If you are in such hurry, then why was not it your grandmother that gave birth to you? (…, then why was it you who don’t get born from your grandmother?)  

106     You planted the tree this morning. How can you expect to have boards in the evening?


quick ACHIEVEMENT for a male (pos.)

107     Haste tears trousers.

108     Nobody can plough at a gallop.

109     Rapists more than any one else strive to be quick. Are you one of them? 

110     For those who wish to attain an aim quickly it is better to chop firewood.


quick ACHIEVEMENT for me (pos.)

111     If one is in a hurry he counts moments. And I don’t like that sort of pastime.

112     I was born without hurry. There is no need to hurry now either.


quick ACHIEVEMENT for a woman (pos.)

113     An honest woman never gives birth earlier than in nine months.

114     Did your mother give birth to you while she was running?

115     If you cook fast, you’ll burn fast.

116     Oat flour is a fast meal: knead it and eat it.

117     Good dough couldn’t be kneaded just once.


partial ACHIEVEMENT (pos.)

118   You truly have only that fish, which you have on your fork.


partial ACHIEVEMENT (neg.)

119     One shouldn’t refuse to do anything just because it is impossible to do everything.    



120     Tell me, please, have you the mind which attracts the same attention as your outward appearance?

121     Excuse me. Help me to find my cheque-book. I lost it here when I had sending my “Mersedes” at the garage.

122          -If we would to meet in the shop or restaurant I would to buy a bottle of champagne for you.

          -I don’t like to hang about vine’s counter.

123     -Do you trust in love at first sight?


     -Then look at me once more.

124          -Sorry, I could never know your thoughts about me.


          -Your question cause glad me. After it I begin to think, that you would became my wife some day.

125     Tread upon her foot and demand to do the same from her in order to avoid the offence.

126          -Do you wish to be necessary man?

          -Yes, I do.

          -You became him for me already. I need you.

127     I write a book about different ways of acquaintance. Tell me about acceptable ways for you.

128          -Allow me to consider that you are better than indeed?

          -I allow it. (I don’t allow it.)

          -So, I beginning to fall in love with you. (Sorry. Indeed you are the disgusting person.)

129     Do you know that I am ashamed of my own natural sense? But I asked a permission of Nature and it allows me to come up to you. Are you against Nature?

130          -Allow me to test the rightness of your sexual orientation? Are you like me?


          -Then you have anomalous orientation.

131     -Could I know your opinion? Is masturbation the sin?

     -Yes, it is.

     -Would you urge on me to this sin or help me by your behaviour?

132     -Do you dream to be liked somebody?

          -Yes. (No.)

          -Your dream is realized by me. (I did not like you also.)

133          -Do you wish that our views would be coinciding?

               -Yes. (No.)

               -I wish the same. (You have so abominable views that you don’t wish to meet them in the other person. Is not it?)

134     Why men prefer a life to a death? Everybody prefers a life because even a drop of happy overweighs a cup of grief. Let be our acquaintance. Then my drops overweigh all cups of your grief.



135     Very often a person who wishes set up an acquaintance with somebody looks for a help.


ACQUAINTANCE (pos., neg.)

136     An acquaintance is not so good (bad). After His set up an acquaintance with a murderer the Christ promised a paradise for him.


ACQUAINTANCE with the help of camera    

137     -Allow me to do an icon?


     -Then I’ll photograph you and ask your name.


ACQUAINTANCE with a girl

138     -Do you like active or passive person?

     -I like active one. (I like passive one.)

     -So, you like me. (Is it true, that you like impotents and pederasts?)


ACQUAINTANCE with high-born person (pos.) (see also high birth, nearness)

139     A pig likes to scratch himself against the master’s fence. (Some pigs pride themselves on “I was rubbed (polished) by lord’s fence”.)


ACQUAINTANCE with a seller

140     -Buy X!

     -Do you wish to share your piece of good fortune with me indeed?


ACQUAINTANCE with a silent man

141     Do you agree, if now we would talk about problems, which worry us some less and agitate some more?


ACQUAINTANCE of a slattern

142     Take notice that I look bad without you, but others look well without you.


ACQUAINTANCE with turn to look

143     Why you turn to look at me? In this case I would turn to look at you. {Outrun and turn to look at the person. Then say, “Excuse me. It was only the way to meet you once more.”}


ACQUAINTANCE with a woman who has a memorable ring

144     Could I do the same deed and to give you ring after it, too?


ACQUIT (pos.)

145     Striving to acquit oneself and have the good things of life is the rich ground for parasitic life.


ACROSS (pos.)

146     A snake lies across the road before its death.

147     Don’t fight with a contrary stream by putting your boat across it.


ACROSS (pos., neg.)

148     Only a thumb can lies across for catching hold of gain.


ACT (pos.) (see also agility, apply, availability, begin, busy, cause for action, difficulty, gain, idleness, inactivity, laziness, mobility, peace, permission, prepared, profit, repose, rest, restraint, wait, work)

149     An immobile tree wouldn’t be hurry by the whip.

150     A bad person is more active than the good one. All means are fit for him.

151     The searching of empty bottles is the action, too.

152     It is better to sit and drink water than to run with milk.

153     There are two ways to warm a friend. The first is to give him the fur-coat. The second is to hound a dog on him. I see, you advocate the second way.

154     An activity must begin with a comparison of supposed wastes with acquisitions.

155     They turn round and round a pointer, move a table and chairs from one place to another, put each sheet with the notes in its place – in one word – they “act”. They act when they wish to manage their unbridled feelings. But I have already bridled my feelings.


156     The calm give birth to an order. You call upon for an act. Therefore you are an adherent of disorder.

157     The victory over a heat is greater and more difficult than the victory over a cold. Motion conquers cold. Rest conquers heat. Therefore the rest is greater than the motion.

158     The best time for a dread is idleness. Dread is useless during action then it break away as a harmful thing. I see you are coward.


ACT (neg.)

159     A malicious dog begin barks when the horse is skipping.

160     Only a bird, which flapping his wings, may be in the sky.

161     Inaction during approaching of a trouble is the most reliable way to meet with it.

162     A fool looks at the copper. A clever man looks under the copper.      

163     The future is not the thing that they are waiting for. It’s the thing, which is come to be as the plan.

164     A foolish man has difficulties with thinking over the consequences of one’s actions. He rather would do nothing in order of his safety.

165     Go! Nobody could take away a gone path.

166     What to be like protozoa for, which stops movement after the trouble?


ACT amidst eye-witnesses (pos.)

167     What to cut off donkey’s tail on the market place for? Some people will say, “It is so short!” Others will say, “It is so long!” *


ACT of a fool (pos.)

168     If they wish to spoil a good affair, they admit the fool to it. Idleness of the fool is the common good.


ACT by force (neg.)

169     What to wait for, when beans will be dissolved?


great man’s ACT (pos.) (see also achievement, fuss)

170     Descendants think much of thinkers rather than active persons. The regret about absence of Platon at the building work is virtue of his contemporaries.


great man’s ACT without knowledge (neg.)

171     What is a true sign of a great man? He acts even when he doesn’t have enough knowledge. The greatest men act in complete ignorance.


ACT without knowledge (pos.)

172     Look before you leap.


ACT without knowledge (neg.)

173     It is easy to treat unclear tuberculosis. It is difficult to treat a clear one.


ACT against minority (neg.)

174     If a minority speaks about tolerance, it mean, that they has intolerance for majority.


my ACT (neg.)

175     This act was predetermined me by the God. Could I break His project?


my ACT for the sake of interlocutor (pos.)

176     Don’t use me for fulfillment of your dream.


my ACT without necessity (neg.)

177     Necessity is the base of bravery of faint-hearted persons. However I am not so faint-hearted.


my ACT for a proof (pos.)

178     -They say me, that you can X. Make X, please.

     -They say me, that you are rich. Grant Y to me.


offensive female ACT against a male (pos.)

179     It seems to me, you struggle for equality. {Make the same act against the woman.}


ACT oneself (neg.)

180     Forsaken by the wind, you must use your oars.


ordinary man’s ACT (neg.)

181     A lame man catches and pass footmen who are lying on the carpet.


ACT with own property (pos.)

182     One is not a hunter, who shoots into own house. He is a self-murderer.

183     Nobody breeds the bees into the own sleeve.


scientist ACT (neg.)

184     Predestination of scientist is getting of truth. Even his negative result is the next truth. Only his actions derive benefit from any case.


ACT to spite somebody (pos.)

185     You are right. The baby wishes to get his ears frostbitten to spite his mother.


ACT without understanding (neg.)

186     I don’t know the digestion, but never refuse a good dinner.



187     An activity is the sign of unstable or unbalanced character.


ACTIVITY for me (pos.)

188     I am not an employer to require an activity.


ACTIVITY for an ordinary man (neg.)

189     The tortoise wins the race while the horse is sleeping.


ACTOR (pos.)

190     An actor is always dependent.

191     Well. Sometimes it’s pleasantly to be together with the playboys (girls) who try to please everybody.


ACTOR’S profession (pos.)

192     To live by many strange life mean to be used up quickly.

193     After the own provisional performance a man feels oneself naked. Do you like it?

194     What to be an actor for? A happy person is a bad actor.


ACUITY (neg.)

195     They open a tough nut by an awl.


ADAPT (pos.) (see also adopt, adjust)

196     Even ecologists became dangerous when they adapt themselves to others. They begin to cry, “They cutting down forest! How would you hang communists? Rivers are drying up. Where would you drown Jews?”

197     An absolute adaptation is bad. He who adapted himself best of all would die at first because of change of surroundings.


ADAPT (neg.)

198     He, who lives together with wolf, growls by wolf’s voice.

199     Time rules a person more than he rules it.


ADAPT (lack)

200     Even bureaucratic bureaucracy is able to adapt itself.


ADAPT without malice (pos.)

201     Why a red-hot rod sizzles into water? Even a silent piece of iron is irritated during its adaptation.


ADAPT quickly (pos.)

202     Villains adjust themselves in the quickest way.

203     The quick knitting is not the talent for slalom.


ADDITION (pos.) (see also account, accumulate, all, completeness, enough, excess, few, greediness, increase, many, number)

204     A tiger with antlers will be hungry.

205     It is better to have shortage of some steps on the way to the gulf, than one step as a surplus.

206     Well. It is necessary to dispense sub-machine guns among policemen in order their pistols will not be taken away by criminals.

207     If one drop would be added to a full cup, then a spurt was been run out.

208     Any festive occasion, show and performance may be easy spoiled by even a little drag out.

209     Once, a mistress was going to buy some butter, then the fire in her stove died.

210          -You are alike a wart – like to have some more.

          -Yes, I do.

          -That’s ugliness.

211     There is not eating honey more than by one spoon.

212     Every curved nail thinks that a straight nail should be struck once more.

213     Why taking any more cards, if you already have 22 pips?



214     Well, if there is the increase of a river, the boats will sink.

215     Having stepped over a dog step over its tail, too.

216     Giving an axe, give an axe-handle, too.

217     If one is let to climb to the roof he is given steps, too.

218     If you have money to buy a horse you’ll find some to buy a bridle.

219     There is not a high price for a bought cow till a bull will be bought, too.

220     If you spend some money to buy your dinner you shouldn’t grudge spending a little one to digest it.

221     Porridge can’t be spoiled by add of butter.

222     A sign of weakness is ability to be content with the things, which are in use already.

223     Don’t worry! An addition of impudence to impudence will be unpunished.

224     If a palace is filled with a people, then really that there is no a place for a king?

225     If a prison is packed with thieves then really that there is no a place for a murderer there?


ADDITION (exist)

226     Do you take vomiting into somebody’s plate as an addition?

227     The sparrow has grown fat – its weight has increase by one carat.

228     If some places have filling, another place has devastation.


ADDITION of insignificant smth. (pos.) (see also influence of insignificant thing)

229     They won’t be satisfied at the expense of boundary.

230     There are not enough even nine first-month pregnant for the childbirth.


ADDITION of many (much) smth. (pos.)

231     Even a strong jet adds nothing into the full vessel.

232     A sheep has one lamb and soon there is a flock. A dog has many puppies, but they all run away.


ADDITION of many (much) smth. (neg.)

233     Seeds are useless if they haven’t much soil.    


ADDITION of a new thing (pos.)

234     You wish to throw cat into milk instead of pulling out a mouse from the milk.


repeat ADDITION (pos.)

235     Added lint can’t make more durable chain.

236     A holy sack will never be full.

237     What cover one wheel from above the another one for? 

238     What is a reason to tie second tail as addition to the first?

239     A fire couldn’t be sated by firewood.

240     It is impossible to sate sea with rivers.


repeat ADDITION (neg.)

241     The best does a good deed to its end.

242     It’s a one step that makes a long way to come to the end.


ADDITION of riches to the rich man (pos.)

243     An additional enrichment of a rich man makes no sense. The rich man strives for it only for the sake of one’s certitude in its reliability.


ADDITION of third smth. (pos.)

244     When one wishes to draw straight line, what is the third point for?

245     If a woman has beautiful eyes, what a third one for? 


ADDITION of trouble smth. to another one’s (neg.) (see also trouble)

246     To loose hands twice is the same as thrice.

247     It’s not bad to have many troubles. When the second child is crying the first can’t be heard.

248     I allow let rise some more that water which is higher my head. 


ADEQUATE believer (exist)

249     An adequate man wouldn't aspire to going overseas land in order to receive something unique or perfect. Believers are not adequate. The paradise is much farther.


ADJUST (pos.) (see also accommodate, adapt, adopt)

250     You praise a property of condom. It can stretch itself over any phallus.

251     It is foolish to value an aptitude for adaptation more than an ability for any another ones.

252     A wish of adaptation always contrary the wish to improve the world.


ADJUST (neg.)

253     Most psychologists diagnose a mind as the aptitude for adaptation to surroundings.


ADMIRE somebody else’s thing (neg.)

254     Not only a picture’s owner may admire it.


ADMIT one’s fault beforehand (neg.)

255     Sell your shares before their absolute depreciation.


ADMIT one’s fault right away (pos.)

256     Do you plead that you are the fool right away?


ADMIT the subordinate (pos.)

257     They admit a cat to the catching of mouse, but not to the licking of sour cream.


ADOPT (pos.) (see also adapt, adjust)

258    A beagle which lives in strange country couldn’t obtains local hare.

259     You couldn’t eat to satiety by the strange mouth.

260     I see. A celebration of wedding is on another riverside. But fools dancing as adopt on our riverside.

261     A bog has not own spring.

262     A name which was taken from the strange land would be rather the nickname or sobriquet than the worthy name.

263     He, who saves own soul, doesn’t hold a light by the strange hand.

264     They recognize a sinking man by the manner of catching strange things.

265     An eye cannot give the light for another one.

266     A man couldn’t take all things, which float on the river.

267     What to try on the strange shirt for?

268     Don’t go down the strange cord!

269     Well, nobody wish lives amidst own scrap. However a strange shit is the nutrient medium for you.

270     I see you don’t dread to tie your cord to the strange cow.

271     Eating in a strange house means taking an else’s food from else’s plate.


ADOPT (neg.)

272     A clever State uses mineral wealth of the other countries for own enrichment.

273     A love to a strange wife is not an occasion to refuse to marry her.

274     Adaptation is the noble deed. He who adopts never robs poor man.


ADOPT (lack)

275     An adaptation from a greatest number of people assumes the name an all-embracing knowledge.

276     Well a dry stick which holds cucumber’s stem is coved by leafs.


ADOPT all things (pos.)

277     You are ready to remove a lavatory together with its shit.


ADOPT all things (neg.)

278     A naive man transplants a flower without its uncomely root.


ADOPT a part (pos.)

279     A fool considers vodka of 36.6 degree as the more medicinal one.


Russian ADOPTS (pos.)

280     Who will buy Russian “Coca-Cola”? They would buy Russian kvass.


woman ADOPTS from a man (pos.)

281     If a woman eats a man’s tablet she would make sex with herself.


ADOPT written thing (neg.)

282     Sometimes an original is as the rough copy. And in contrary an adaptation is as the fair copy.


ADOPT written thing (exist)

283     If you think that someone helped me to write this work then I think that somebody helped you to read it.



284     A good face no needs band, and a bad one deserves none.


ADORNMENT for the deceased (pos.)

285     To adorn the deceased is to abet robbery. In purgatory he will be purified to the end.


my ADROITNESS (neg.)

286     Your adroitness is nothing for me. I don't want to catch a pederast by my ass.



287     It is enough to say “king” or “master” in order to feel oneself as the serf.


ADULT condition of grown-up man (exist)

288     Girls reach womanhood. Boys reach manhood. Sorry, they reach these conditions by their bad body’s place in the first instance.



289     I understand you. Adultery is the sole deed, which is suited for the subject of pride of petty creature.



290     A person who discovered adultery is guilty, too. He didn’t discovered, that he was stopped loving for a long time.

291     It is unnatural fact if someone wouldn’t declines daily dish on occasion.


ADULTERY of a husband (exist)

292     Your husband was not unfaithful to you. A beauty was unfaithful to you. And your husband was faithful to beauty.


ADULTERY of a man (neg.)

293     A rose doesn’t abolish a pink or chrysanthemum.


ADVANTAGE (pos.) (see also backstairs, best, boasting, comfort, gain, use, value)

294     Some people see advantage, the others – its result. Who is cleverer?



295     Only those are not looking for their advantages who have already found it.


small ADVANTAGE (neg.)

296     An advantage must be small. A legal advantage is always less than an illegal one.



297     Adventures are not so gay. An adventure is the case which getting old in sight of you. And you got old together with it.



298     He, who works only for the sake of profit, doesn’t like an adventurism.


ADVERTISEMENT (pos.) (see also judge, lie, listen, reasoning, show, trust)

299     If there is belief at the advertisement, sole aim of employers and tradesmen is enrichment and happiness for others.

300     If one hundred millions people were compelled to look advertising during fifteen minutes, it would sentence two human life to death and this verdict is executed immediately.

301     Well, an advertisement works with important things such as wrinkles, pimples, caries, sweating, dandruff, growing bald and so on. If they are just important things then it seems the good life is unattainable.



302     News, which call for action must not be blamed.

303     Invisible goods won’t be bought.

304     A trade without an advertisement is the same that man’s winking at the girl in darkness.

305          -Well, some men feel that they are tied to a pillory when they are near an advertisement.

          -Well, it is the savage case when minority tie majority to pillories.



306    An advertisement is healthy. Every 15 minutes everyone must have interval for the sake of relaxation of own eyes.


unusual ADVERTISEMENT (pos.)

307     Well, an advertisement is an uncommon thing. If somebody shits into your head instead of to do it on the earth then it is an advertisement.



308    An advertiser is the bad man who prefer mounts an advertisement along roads but not to keep human life.

309     I don’t love clever man who names “apples” for horse’s shit.

310     An aim of advertiser is to make necessary things from the unnecessary ones for the buyer only thanks to well-paid advertisement, which will be well-paid by the same buyer.


medical ADVERTISER (pos.)

311     It is impossible to buy a health, but medical advertisers and robbers call to buy it. Both have the same aim.


ADVICE (pos.) (see also ask)

312     What to add one’s own condoms in somebody else’s bed for?

313     You have an advice for me and I have an advice for you, “Don’t advice!”

314     Give me once again a bit of your brain. I’ll grease my ass by it.

315     I need not anything from you except your ass.

316     A shot never asks how to do the shot.

317     There is no pointer which leads to a pearl-shell.

318     It is interesting to know the percentage of a good advices with due regard for the great quantity fools and their great wish to give advices.

319     If you will advise something to some foul creature then I will agree with you right away.

320     Well, fools have greatest knowledge. They have advices for others most of all.

321     Your free advices witness, that nobody wants to buy them you.

322     You love smooth out sheets on strange beds.

323     Usually, he who loves to think for other people cannot thinks for his own cases.

324     What a cheap you! Share one’s mind is worth little.

325     A back will not be tired of mowing by tongue.

326     It is better to keep one’s mind for oneself.

327     To advise and to teach are like to trade in oneself.

328     -He who is occupied with own home doesn’t think about another one.

     -However he must to prevent a fire of neighbouring house.

329     An impudent stranger or new-comer always offers their own regulations for any cloister.

330     Give an advice with a care! It may be the fool is before you. Then you will pay dearly for his following your advice.

331     A long-eared donkey followed somebody’s advices and applied for work.

332     A seller always offers an advice of bargain. A buyer always tries to give advice of sale.

333     Beetles have respect for a hen, but they never come to it for its advice.

334     Neither a candle nor bonfire is needs to see the sun.

335     A head which is packed with strange advices is like patched clothes.

336          -You advising, but you have no enough knowledge.

          -What is this knowledge?

          -You don’t know that you have a talk with yourself when you advising.

337     The best advice is found on the pillow.


ADVICE (neg.)

338     A majority of medicines must be taken in.

339     Listening of advices is like angling of fish straight from a frying-pan.

340     If they pour a gold dust or dung one in donkey’s ears it will shakes head in the same manner.

341     He, that will not to assume counsel, will not receive somebody’s help.


ADVICE for a chief (pos.)

342     They don’t sow on a mountain.


ADVICE about earnings (pos.)

343     I see. If you would be Rotsheald, you will get richer him, because of your additional earning by your advice.     


ADVICE of an elder man (pos.)

344     A toothless old woman interprets the love to me, too.


ADVICE of an elder man (neg.)

345     They eat ripe fruits. They listen to the ripe person.


ADVICE of an experienced man (pos.)

346     You became an experienced person by most sad way: by the way of your own experience. So, you have no capacity for listening and teaching.

347     You offer doctors to me who became to you after your illness.

348     The best player makes no the good trainer.


ADVICE for a fool (pos.)

349     If a man gives an advice to a person who doesn’t understand it then this adviser is the first needs an advice.


ADVICE to give private property (pos.) (see also give, kindness, private property)

350     Don’t call to cut strange beard!


great man’s ADVICE for the ordinary man (pos.) (see also intercourse)

351     Even a man who gave birth ten times hasn’t the knowledge for the recipe (medicine) against barrenness.

352     Humpbacked man knows the best pose for his sleeping without an advice of others.


ADVICE for an interlocutor (neg.)

353     I imagine the fools, who brought up you, that you show such disgust for advice.


ADVICE for me (pos.)

354     I don’t wish barter my food for your medicine against hunger.

355     A poor man receives an advice more often, than money. Am I alike the poor man?

356     Sorry, you don't wish to adopt me. I want to eat already.


ADVICE for oneself (pos.)

357     A shoemaker doesn’t put on his boots everywhere.


ordinary man’s ADVICE for the great man (pos.) (see also listen)

358     Would you like to eat food from a foul plate?

359     If one can’t find a path for oneself then let him not show the road for other.

360     If an ill man could make a medicine he would has made it for himself first.

361     Very often, an adviser resembled a hen, which has wings but can’t fly itself (but have low flying). 

362               -Stop! Don’t share! You have a deficit for yourself.


               -The deficit of mind.


ordinary man’s ADVICE for the great man (neg.)

363     A clever man can take profit for oneself, even from the mistakes of others.

364     If N has a key for your chain, then why it must can open his lock, too?


ADVICE of parents (pos.)

365          -Do you brought up me worse than your good breeding?

          -Yes. (No.)

          -Then you have no right to give advices. (Then your advices are superfluous.)


poor man’s ADVICE for a rich man (pos.) (see also demand, intercourse, opinion, persuade, silence)

366     Any ragged man wishes to be a guide for the man who has a purse.

367     Any beggar dreams to grant millions. Any fool dreams of becoming a teacher.


ADVICE in the presence of others (pos.)

368     -Is it an advice?

     -Yes, it is.

     -Advice is given in private. Another one is reproach.


ADVICE of a religious book (pos.)

369     There are too many advices there. There is an advice that an eye must be pull out if it tempts you. However you have two eyes and had many temptations.


ADVICE of a rich man (pos.)

370     All good advices of the rich are known long ago. As well Maria Antuanette said, “If you have not a bread then eat a pastry!”


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