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OATH (pos.)

1     A donkey loves to vow, “I’ll never leave this place!”


OATH (neg.)

2     They never demand oath from slaves only.

3     A perjurer doesn’t trust an oath.


my OATH (pos.)

4     Do you want I would eat earth from the flower’s pot?


writed OATH (pos.)

5     Value of the person is equal the value of his said word.


OBEDIENCE (pos.) (see also abstention, Christianity, demand, enmity, malice, punishment, slavery, stand injustice)  

6     A burden earn be easy if one will carry it with obedience and submission.


OBEDIENCE (pos., neg.)

7     An obedient wife commands her husband with more easiness, than non obedient one.



8     They never add an overseer or one more slave-driver to the obedient man.


OBEY to condition (neg.)

9     Possibilities of a man increases widen, when he doesn’t meet resistance, when he obeys to conditions. Otherwise they become narrow.


OBJECT to (pos.)

10     If a speck of dust would got in your eye then it is better don’t rub it.

11     A stomach must be ready for taking any food, the eyes – for any colour, the soul – for any case.


OBJECT to (neg.)

12     Well, it is unpleasant case to find by groping the strange fig into the strange pocket.

13     They test an intensity of soul’s needs by the force of objection of another one.


I OBJECT to (neg.)

14     I always object to a man who has not interest for the life and never asks about causes, which forces somebody to stand up against.


OBJECT to an interlocutor (neg.)

15     Do strange elbow seize you?

16     I understand you. You wish N all boon, when you shove N into water. Sorry, N is bad and getting to the cost.


OBJECT to the smoking (lack)

17     People always allow N to smoke for the sake of he would silence some more.


Would you OBJECT X?

18     No, of course, if you wouldn’t object that I will vomit because of X.


woman’s OBJECTIVITY (pos.)

19     Even women who are scientists are not honest. Once, a woman, who made photographs for her report of the Pskov’s birch bark’s letters, has covered some rude words on them.



20     When they have no respect for some person then they invite him by words "if you will wish to come here then go. And if you will not have such wish then you have not obligation to come here".


OBSTACLE (exist)

21     A smart man can use an obstacle, too. He can make the pointer from the tree

which fell across his way.



22     What obstacles will prevent the prostitute?


OBSTACLE against a believer (exist)

23     What are obstacles may be for a believer, if he thinks that the God acting in his interest?


woman’s OBSTACLE against a male (pos.)

24     There is a woman who likes to lie down on the path of a man.



25     Obstinacy is the weak side which has a view of the strong one.



26     An obstinate person always takes offence at the obstinacy of another one.



27     There is not customary to press on good deeds.

28     He who is fully confident that he couldn’t be a burden on anybody is burdensome most of all.


love’s OBTRUSIVENESS (pos.)

29     -Are you ready to forget all for me?

     -Yes, I am.

     -Well, forget me.


a festive OCCASION (pos.)

30     A good mood during the working time is the best living (festive occasion).



31     The West is not right. Even the God was misappropriated there. Occidentalist exclaims, “Oh, my God!” instead of “Oh, God!”

32     The first Russian occident-lover Chaadaev was mad. It is doubtful whether he is the last occident-lover with such virtue.


ODDITY (neg.) (see also astonished, crank, notable, outstanding)

33     What is the misfortune if an oddity-airplane doesn’t flaps with its wings?


ODORANT (pos.) (see also perfume)

34     I haven’t needs to mask my wind.


take OFFENCE (pos.)

35     Enviers take offence most off al.

36     Don’t add a force to an enemy by your taking offence.


take OFFENCE (pos., neg.)

37     Be warrier. Then you will not take offence from any lion or snake.


take OFFENCE the loss (pos.)

38     He who resent loss wants too much from himself. It means the man has the high aim. It is not the bad virtue.


OFFENCE of a great man (pos.) (see also enmity, excited, malice, pain)

39     An offence against fools is bad manner.

40     Painless of strange reproaches is one of the sign of sanctity.


OFFENCE of a great man against offensive nickname (pos.)

41     A gifted person can be like every creature. But nobody can be like him.


OFFENCE of a great man against an offensive word (pos.)

42     I am surprised. How such a firm man as you can’t bear one hard word?


OFFENCE of an interlocutor (pos.)

43     If somebody didn’t wanted offends you, then don’t take offence. But if he wanted to offend you then don’t give pleasure your enemy by your taking offence.


take OFFENCE about the lack of invitation (pos.)

44     He who didn’t invite you had the bigger loss. Or what is your value?


OFFENCE of an ordinary man (pos.)

45     He who has dissatisfaction of himself takes offence very easy.



46     An offender teach that the correct behaviour is the best.


words’ OFFENDER (neg.)

47     I may justify this offender by the fact that many people think about N some more worse.


OFFER (pos.)

48     They offer to eat the black radish at first. Then they send you to pigs’ place for sleeping.

49     All meat pleases not all mouths.


OFFER (neg.)

50     Drink, if a clever man giving a poison to you. Spit, if a fool giving honey to you.


OFFER for a man of many children (pos.)

51     We are different. You have a thought. I have many children.


first OFFER (pos.)

52     Do you visit a man on his first invitation?


forcible OFFER (pos.)

53     They don’t draw somebody in the paradise by force.

54     If one does forcible offer, then he wishes rather to take away something than give it.

55     He who would poke cat’s nose into sour cream will have scratched hands.


interlocutor OFFERS (pos.)

56     First of all, explain a cause of your persistence to me. What bonus you will have thanks to your persistence?

57     Reserve your rubber towel for yourself!

58     It is pleasant to see (to hear) so much new and beautiful offers. However all your beautiful offers are not new, and all your new ones are not beautiful.

59     You are a know-nothing. You don’t know that an attempt to sell a car makes its price lower.


OFFER to me (pos.)

60     Don’t play against me. I have the miser which has no need in subsidiary cards.

61     You didn’t push me down the ocean yet in order you would have the good cause to offer your board for my horse.

62     I can change your thirteen dollars on my own six and seven ones.

63          -Am I a conductor?


          -You offering so little point for me.


misplaced OFFER (pos.)

64     A master must to set free guest’s hands if he offers a food.


a rich man’s OFFER (pos.)

65     Even if the rich made the chair from his lap, then it is better to refuse to use them.


a little OFFER (pos.)

66     When someone offers a tip of sword to you, don't touch it. He could stick you. Wait the time when he will offers the haft of sword. Then you would touch.


OFFERER (neg.)

67     There is no a habit to blame a match-maker.


OFFERING by an old man (pos.) (see also sacrifice)

68     An offering of an old man is the distribution from heir’s pockets.


OFFICER (see also military rank) (pos.)

69     The army is an immoral organization. When a supreme commander-in-chief loses conscience, then all army loses conscience and begin to shoot at the native people.


OFFICER (neg.)

70     In army they distinguish a lance-corporal from the general right away. So, many people want to be far from army.


OFTEN (pos.)

71     An eagle has no the habit to flap its wings often.


OFTEN (neg.)

72     He that shoots oft at last shall hit the mare.


OLD (pos.)

73     Old garment doesn’t give out warmth.

74     They don’t shave by the old razor.

75     An old bald patch is not the good fell.

76     Old rheumatism is not better than the new one.

77     An old broom sweeps bad.

78     Old foliage chokes a new grass.

79     Even a bee has enough a mind that it doesn’t sit down on the old flower.

80     Virtue never grows old.

81     Acorns were good till bread was found.


OLD (neg.)

82     It is good to play the old violin, also.

83     An old stump burns more time.

84     An old straw burst out by brightest flame.

85     An old trunk doesn’t wriggle.

86     A new thought may be expressed by old words, too.

87     An old skin is stronger.

88     An old bone is hard.

89     An old bath-house keeps steam better.

90     Old boots never pinch.

91     There is a pearl into an old shell.

92     An old coconut has more oil.

93     An old road is better than a new path.

94     A young flower is good on the one side, an old one – on all sides.

95     Old things don’t grow old. Only new things grow old.

96     Raisin is sweeter.

97          -An old horse never makes spoiled furrow.

          -And it cannot make the deep furrow.

98     As for works of art, God, ideas and so on, people love rather subjects with a touch of olden times.

99     The best wine is old one.

100     Old wood is best to burn, old horse to ride, old books to read, and old wine to drink.

101     Old things are always better. People humanized and adapted old things from generation to generation. New things are always more cruel.


OLD age (pos.)

102     What is the benefit to have finished dinner and observe others do eating?

103     In old age even hairs grow at the abnormal places and come out from normal ones.

104     Longevity means living apart with loved men and living together and intercourse with worthless ones.

105     Old age doesn’t save from foolishness and nonsense.

106     Don’t hope for sun afternoon.

107     Each age uses own beauties but youth uses some more strange ones.

108     Seniority of brakhman is his knowledge. Seniority of kshatry is his military valour. Seniority of vaishy is his riches. Seniority of shoodry is his old age.

109     Do you think that the life is show which has happy-end?


OLD age (neg.)

110     I understand you. If someone can pass nothing then it is not necessary that he becomes an old man.

111     An old age is that beautiful time, when every new day becomes sizable piece of life again.

112     I hope you will not live till such age.

113     An old age is always modern and up-to-date. Nobody use the past tense for it.

114     Mock an old age, mock the own future.

115     Slaves of dream are young. I don’t like to be a slave.

116     Tomato reddens when a heat has decreasing.

117     All people criticize an old age, but all people dream live till it time by time.

118     An old age is not so bad. Think, what is its alternative?


OLD age (exist)

119     A twenty-year donkey is older than a sixty-year man.


my OLD age (neg.)

120     Well, I am old because I have memory about honest men.


OLD for an enrichment (pos.)

121     An old earth is the best for only weeds.


OLD for an enrichment (neg.)

122     A man, who can to add a new thing to an old one, could make the bracelet.

123     More often buried treasures were discovered into ruin.

124     An old dressing-gown keeps a new one.

125     There is cream on the old milk.


OLD for an interlocutor (pos.)

126     Did you lost your way? A stray man is glad when he sees the tested road which leads back.

127     What you know about the term of fitness?


OLD for an interlocutor (neg.)

128     You don’t like the world. It is old.

129     Would you need to boil this old thing?

130     I don’t fear that you giving old things up. The quicker somebody gives an old thing up, the quicker he will gives a new thing up.


OLD male (exist)

131     A male has that age which corresponds with his sexual ability. Do you wish to test it?


OLD man (pos.)

132     Old fools are more foolish than young ones.

133     There is no keeping clean dress up to the evening.


OLD man (neg.)

134     Only foolishness is young forever.

135     An aerie of the old eagle is never empty.

136     An old foreman can makes everything.


OLD mode (neg.)

137     It is not an old mode. It is the native one.


OLD and qualitative (neg.)

138     A good matter is always new.

139     What to refuse more cheap or free resource for?


ONANISM (pos.)

140     A man who doesn’t like self-delusion doesn’t like masturbation.


ONANISM (neg.)

141     Masturbation is the putting man in a sober-minded and able-bodied condition from the foolish one.

142     Religion admonishes that the love to oneself is the good example for our love to the others.

143     Masturbation is not so bad act. It would be good to satisfy one’s hunger by rubbish one’s belly.

144     If I would be the prostitute then I’ll said the same.


at ONCE (pos.)

145     A good meal cannot be kneaded at once.


at ONCE (neg.)

146     Winning of a million must be received at once, but not by one dollar after one dollar during million years.


ONE (pos.) (see also addition, enough, many, single)

147     Nobody praises a wedding where only one man dance.

148     Honey wouldn’t be obtained from only one flower.

149     One-legged mouse would be caught quickly.

150     There is not porridge from one grain.

151     One candle couldn’t shine during whole man’s life.

152     They wouldn’t build a house from only one tree.

153     They never click by one finger.

154     There is not fur-coat from one skin.

155     Who wants to walk along one log?

156     Nobody does up all his buttons into the same buttonhole.

157     If a man goes along a bridge of one log, every met man would be an enemy for him.

158     A fool wishes to load all things on one camel.

159     Even Don Kichote needed Sancho Pansa.

160     One bee can’t bring much honey.

161     It’s impossible to wattle a fence around only one post.

162     It’s impossible to have good sunburn when only one unbuttoned button is.

163     One brick is not the fence.


ONE (neg.)

164     However, one eye is enough for a clever head.

165     A thing, which can’t be sewed up by one needle, would never be sewed by many.

166     They take out their feet from the clay only one by one.

167     One-horsed man may drive a thousand horses and a single one.

168     One bee is more costly than hundred flies.

169     They have more diligence when they worship one saint than a dozen.

170     It’s enough even one pebble against forty crows.

171     Just two fools can’t go in one and the same gate.

172     Better eye sore than all blind.


ONE (exist)

173     One horse couldn’t to raise dust up to the sky.

174     A bad mouse knows only one hole.


ONE for a chief (neg.)

175     Even an owner of horse’s herd sits on one horse.

176     I understand you. It is not easy to speed up a lone horse. However you dream to ride quickly.


ONE for an interlocutor (neg.)

177     I understand you. You wish to raise a dust to the sky. You worry that one horse couldn’t do it.   

Я вас понимаю. Вы хотите поднять пыль до небес, а один скакун этого не сделает.


ONE for a male (neg.)

178     He who has a good wife doesn’t dreams to has some more.


ONE-man management (pos.)

179     The God is always exists. Christ rose again. Both are not idlers. Where is the one-man management?


ONE-man management (neg.)

180     A plan which was divided into a quantity of people loses integrity and becomes incomprehensible and unfeasible.


ONE instead of two (pos.)

181     Let somebody pierces your ears at one blow.

182     One hand can’t snatches two frogs.

183     Applause never was received by only one palm.

184     He never ties a knot by one hand.

185     Usually, one jumps out under the tram on one foot.

186     One hat can’t covers two heads.

187     One lamp can’t lights up two houses.

188     One hand can’t to lift two water-melons.


OPEN (pos.)

189     Fire that’s closets kept burns most of all.

190     A bad bush is better than the open field.

191     I understand. Only an opened hand can take something.


OPEN (neg.)

192    People in the society are like logs in the wall. If they hide their forms and sizes with each other, then it’s impossible to build a good house from them.


OPEN (exist)

193     Even in open sea they may conceal themselves behind horizon.


OPEN for a believer (pos.)

194     Better keep the devil at the door than turn him out of the house.

195     Hell is always open.


OPEN the door!

196     You shouldn’t have locked!


OPEN Frenchman (exist)

197     Even three honest French mushketeers keep things secret from one another.


OPEN for me (pos.)

198     Flowers open themselves for the sake of fecundation. I have not need to be fecundated.


OPEN-HEARTED great man (pos.) (see also frankness, intercourse, lie, trust)

199     An open copper would be licked by dogs.

200     Nobody cast pearls before swine.

201     Palm oil is never kept in a transparent glass bottle.


OPEN-HEARTED great man (neg.)

202     A star can’t have permanent cover.


OPEN-HEARTED ordinary man (pos.) (see also curvature, lie, listen, trust)

203     An empty place is opened most of all.

204     Foolishness is more visible thing than mind. Open thing nearer to the foolishness than to the mind.


OPEN-HEARTED poor man (pos.) (see also honesty, lie, silence)

205     An empty court is always open.


OPEN-HEARTED poor man (neg.)

206     I understand you. Scoundrels always avoid a person, who is ready for saying all his thoughts.


OPEN-HEARTED rich man (pos.) (see also honesty, intercourse, lie, silence, trust)

207     He, that shows his purse, longs to be rid of it.

208     Only a chandler keeps all his wares open.


OPERA (neg.)

209     Yes. An opera is foolishness. What one singing so much before he will kill another for?


OPINION of an ancient people (neg.)

210     They speak, that he who wants to find the most ancient place must find the most beautiful one. Have you an odious opinion about beauty also?


OPINION of a chief (neg.)

211     “I like it” – is the subjective estimation. “Chief likes it” – is the objective estimation.


OPINION of a creator (pos.) (see also opinion of a great man)

212     I never create an egg, but I always can judge its quality.


father’s OPINION about a fiancй of his daughter (neg.)

213     A male has better understanding of possibilities and feelings of other male.


OPINION of a friend (pos.)

214     He who crosses the street and turns to look at his friend would get into trouble.


God’s OPINION (pos.)

215     What is the reason of taking revenge upon God and creating Him in your own image?

216     I understand you. He who wishes to punish the others by the cruelest mode always wants to strengthen himself by reference at some terrible and vindictive god.


OPINION of a great man (pos.) (see also argue, ban, inflexibility, pliability)

217     Artillery has not so great importance for fighting against courageous enemy as you think.


OPINION of a great man (neg.)

218     A man trusts rather the person who is very much alike. I understand the cause that N doesn't trust the great person.


identical OPINIONS (pos.)

219      No one clever man came to light thanks to an identity of opinions.

220     All jackals howl identical.

221     If all people think in the same way, everyone thinks without diligence.

222     Coincidence of opinions is not binding even upon tunnel’s builders. If they wouldn’t to met, it will be good, too. Two tunnels will be built.

223     There are many opinions even when somebody beating his mother.

224     A wish to hear own echo is rather the wish of the fool man than clever one.

225     They go in the same direction only to the death.

226     A life is as a market. A natural state of it is such one when people look at different directions.

227     One never gone to a market in order he fears variety of opinions.

228      They unanimously praise or condemn only the weather.

229     All people think one and the same thought only during a flash of lightning.

230     A true man and a thief think not the same.


identical OPINIONS (exist)

231     If two authors say that one and the same song was written by them then one of them is a liar. How many liars you wish to see in your case?


identical OPINIONS of Christians (exist)

232     To judge from deeds even chiefs of Christians such as the God-Father and the God-Son don’t were persons of identical opinion.


indivisible OPINIONS (pos.)

233     Each fact has the form which fix it. It is better to arrange a feast with “meat” of the fact. Let’s cook “meat” of the fact not only with the help of a skewer, but also with the help of a pot, saucepan and frying pan.


OPINION of the interlocutor (pos.)

234     -Send people who hold your opinion to me for private talk. I’ll count how many such people exist?

235     -I agree, only the prime 50 years I’ll send people who hold your opinion to you.


OPINION of journalist (pos.)

236     A journalist is not the scavenger, which may persist in one’s opinion by strike.


OPINION of the majority (pos.)

237     Only that person who doesn’t agree with an opinion of majority could become the most successful speculator.

238     If you speak about multiplicity of supporters then he who promises the living standard of oligarch for all poor men would has supporters most of all.

239     Died men are the majority. However, they want nothing.

240     A clever man doesn’t to feel shame at his join with majority only when he dying.

241     The more difficult problem, the higher probability that the truth belongs the minority.

242     Even a fool can count votes but he can’t weight them.

243     First of all, an opinion of majority fears children.

244     Well, one must takes opinion of fools into consideration because they are the enemies, which have numerical superiority.

245     The smaller the pearls, the more to the pot.

246     One lie makes many.

247     Nobody juggle an opinion of minority. They juggle misrepresent distort and falsify only the opinion of majority.

248     Yes. There is something in shit. Millions of flies cannot be so wrong.


OPINION of the majority (neg.)

249     I understand you. One will be the most successful speculator if he doesn’t agree with an opinion of majority.

250     If two men said that your trouser’s zipper is open look down.

251     God is always on the side of the big battalions.


OPINION of Moslem (pos.)

252     Sometimes, white thing seems to be as pork for Moslem.


OPINION of a nation (pos.)

253     The opinion of History has greater importance than the opinion of the nation.


OPINION of an old man (pos.)

254     An evening misrepresents colours.


OPINION of the people (pos.)

255     Romans said, “Vote of the people is the God’s will”. They said it time after time until the break p of Roman Republic.

256     The vote of the people kills Christ and Socrat. It eulogized Hitler.


OPINION of a poor man (pos.) (see also advice, argue, rights)

257     There are various historical events. The great unfair deed is to admit the victims to be a judge for these events.

258     The most wrong impression is forming into the head of a poor man. He could think that he is loved and respected person even when he received only a piece of bread.

259     It is difficult to explain something to a poor man. He doesn’t understand even what he is eating.


OPINION of a poor man (neg.)

260     It is difficult problem to convince the poor man that he can’t has a happy life without oysters and frogs’ legs.


OPINION of a poor man (exist)

261     The less money a man has, the easier he takes a great interest to strange opinion.

262     No naked man is sought after to be rifled.


an erroneous OPINION about a seller (lawyer) (exist)

263     Sorry, this is the truth. 99% of sellers (lawyers) make a bad reputation for the rest good persons.


strange OPINION (pos.)

264     Do you like to be the megaphone? It may be spit by everyone.

265     There are a grandfather on the donkey and a grandson on feet. It’s bad. There are a grandfather on feet and grandson on the donkey. It’s bad, too. Both sit on the donkey. It’s bad, too. Both go by feet. It’s bad, too.

266     As well know everyone loves oneself most of all. Then it is impossible that he would makes opinion of the other man a rule.

267     An influence of opinion of the other man decreases in according with increase of boldness and faith in oneself.

268     Everyone always agrees only with an own opinion.

269     Sorry, I seek the truth. In another case I would value an opinion of the others more than the truth.

270     An opinion of the other man can to reduce husband (wife) to the divorce.

271     A man drowns in a mass of strange ideas fast of all.


strange OPINION (neg.)

272     -A strange opinion is the private property. Was you learnt to neglect it?

     -Nobody taught me to do plagiarism from it.

273     He who goes fishing must thinks about loved food of the fish but not about strawberry jougurt.

274     Value of object is equal that one which was given by buyers.


OPINION of a subordinate (neg.)

275     Many things depend even on the opinion of guinea-pig.


OPINION of a suborned (bribed) man (pos.)

276     I see, there are opinions which cost nothing, but your opinion is worst the cost which was paid for it.

277     Beggars can’t be choosers. 


OPINION of a toady of a chief (pos.)

278     I know this man. His opinion means nothing. He didn’t received things which he wishes to receive from his chief.


OPINION of an unbeliever about the God (neg.)

279     It is not the defect to pin one’s hopes on only reasons of the mind, but not on a strange influence and force.


woman’s OPINION (pos.)

280     Very often a woman scolds the man who drinks a glass of vine one times a day and she marries the man who drinks a glass of vine twice a day.


OPINION of young man (pos.)

281     I know the answers to questions “Who likes one-day songs? Are they young or old? Who has more possibility for acquaintance with the most important phenomenons of life?”

282     The youth have not self-dependent. It is better they would look at the idols by own eyes than they would look at the world by the eyes of their idols.


use OPPORTUNITY (pos.) (see also availability, fate, freedom, influence of conditions, luck, prepare)

283     One must read Shakespeare’s book in time, but not when he stole it.


use OPPORTUNITY (neg.)

284     Hoist your sail when the wind is fair.


OPPOSE (pos.)

285     There is no the great gladness on account of there are rather dirty glasses but not the muddy wine.

286     Well, if somebody was shaven with a bluish tint and lightly tipsy then now he will slightly shaven and drunk till bluish tint.

287     A frightened deer brings to run at the opposite side and get into the net.

288     The train that comes from the opposite direction always seems to be faster.

289     To be opposed with circumstances mean to be their serve. To do in according with circumstances mean to become their master.

290     An opposition swings the boat. What to do it for?


OPPOSE (neg.)

291     In according with unity of opposites and struggle of opposites, opposed opinion furthers the progress, too.

292     The more often one says “yes” to another, the more often one says “no” to himself.

293     The more serious illness, the more thirst to have encouraging words.

294     Only opposed electric charge do welding.


OPPOSE (exist)

295     Well, if formerly a half of workers worked good and another half worked bad then lately there is the wrong round.


OPPOSE (lack)

296     There are places, where water brings an ice and another one takes it away.

297     They carry a wheelbarrow on a boat. They also wheel a boat in a barrow.

298     He who wishes to turn enemy and to take in the rear wouldn’t stand oppose him.

299     He who wears a mask must think about the time when it will be taken away.


OPPRESS (pos.)

300     The strong clench spoils the accuracy of shot.


OPPRESS (neg.)

301     A point-tool and chisel cannot make a statue. Only a point-tool and hammer may make it.


to OPPRESS a foolish man (neg.) (see also enmity, equal, exploitation, freedom, work)  

302     It is necessary to make a foolish man clever. Tiredness is the best teacher of a foolish man.

303     A right to lead a fool after oneself is the most unquestionable right of the clever man.


to OPPRESS Jews (neg.)

304     I know this Jewish moans about an oppression against them. After their escape from “Egyptian bondage” they remembered with pleasure about coppers with boiled meat, free fish and bread to one’s heart’s content. Also, they bred during 430 years of “bondage” from 70 males to 600000 ones.


an interlocutor OPPRESSES (pos.)

305     You are like an old age, that always oppress.


to OPPRESS a perverted man (neg.)

306     Oppression against perverted men is the force, which is directed at the equality and justice. It is the response against their sexual aggression, which is directed at normal people.



307     One optimist said that the Pisa’s tower raising, but not falling.

308     Optimist is pleased even when he finds out a heap of manure which lay under his pillow. He considers that the horse was presented to him and it has left to take a walk.



309     Look on the bright side. Nobody derives benefit from looking at the black side.

310     When the sun sets, the moon rises; when the moon sets, the sun rises.



311     I know deeds of optimists. They could sell boots from cut feet off.


OPTION (pos.)

312     -Do you want to have an option always?

     -Yes, it is.

     -I understand you. You always want choose between honour and dishonour, honesty and swindle.


ORATOR (pos.)

313     All time-servers are good orators.


ORATORY (neg.)

314     An ox takes by the horns. Also a man takes by his words.


ORDER (pos.)

315     A disorder is the main difference between a holyday and week-days.

316     Very often, an order is of use as much as the door during the rush-hours.

317     -A life creates an order. However an order doesn’t create the life.

     -Well, the order doesn’t create a bad life.

318     Deviations from an order are useful, too. They are enemies of stagnation. They allow order to has the smooth alteration and maintain itself up to the mark.

319     Multiplicity of order leads to the disorder.


ORDER (neg.)

320     A weed is the plant which never grows row upon row.

321     Beads are for nothing if they are not strung.

322     If a man doesn’t wish to passes through a gate, he pulls down and pulls up the fence.

323     There are few affairs where is the better order.


ORDER (lack)

324     A disorder is not the disorder but great number of law which is not known for the fool who cries about the disorder.


ORDER for a chief (pos.)

325     An order exists only in the place where they firmly determined who is the lamb and who is the butcher.


ORDER for a great man (neg.)

326     Only an order-lover can to govern own thinking with the best mode.


ORDER for an interlocutor (pos.)

327     Did you hang light signals in corridors for the order?

328     I advise you to imagine the step of order-lover when he going along a tiled road.


ORDER for learning (pos.)

329     He who demands some limits for his learning demands to teach him things which he has already known.


ORDER-lover (pos.)

330     The order serves concealment of lack of initiatives.


ORDER for a male (pos., neg.)

331     A dressed hair conceals the bald spot.


ORDER for a poor man (pos.) (see also demand, freedom, law)

332     The spirit of slavery always comes after the coming of success of the order.


present ORDER (neg.)

333     They who prepare a war are against the present order most of all.


ORDER for us (pos.)

334     Indeed, if we are so clever why we don’t going by the formation?


ORDER for a woman (pos.)

335     Some women like an order most of all. They wish that husband’s purse always lay at the same place. Are you one of their numbers?


ORDER for a woman (pos., neg.)

336     All tempted women are order-lovers. He, who made courting in according some rules obtained desire aim. He who breaks rules was left without honeyed aim.


ORDINARY (pos.) (see also ambition, dullness, middle, normal, originality, outstanding, secondary, standard, superiority)  

337     “To be ordinary” and “to be even” are good only in time of defecation.

338     More often builders throw off a corner stones than others.

339     You would bore a sea’s bottom for a man who died at the sea.

340     I wouldn’t be in your place. If a beauty will be exceed the limits of something ordinary then it becomes inaccessible for you.



341     Wise men can be distinguished by their attention to ordinary things.

342     He who wishes to see at night wishes lightning.

343     Leave a path – fall from the mountain.

344     What to push a car across the direction of its wheels for?

345     Rafael and Beathowen don’t aim to dumbfound.

346     You have many like-minded persons. They are those, who like giraffe more than ordinary cat.

347     I can’t take pleasure in finding unparalleled thing. I never presented a male with someone who has all.

348     Wise men can be distinguished by their attention to ordinary things.


ORDINARY (exist)

349     Original person has ability for finding rather original things in ordinary life than ordinary one.



350     Is it an unusual thing? Jews are at war. Germans are fighting for peace. Russians are fighting with hard drinking.


ORDINARY man (pos.) (see also dullness, fame, glory, honor, leader, namelessness, outstanding, star, superman, talent)

351     The most unparalleled quadruped uplifts by two feet and became Homo sapiens.

352     The more placid times, the more often a thought, that an ordinary man is not worse, than a genius and even better than him.


ORDINARY man (neg.)

353     Do you like to indulge in a sense of superiority?

354     The one, who can make his life without talent, has done greater services, than the person, who makes life with the help of his talent.

355     The untalented and unlucky are good people just for the fact that they continue on and don’t becomes thieves.


ORDINARY man (exist)

356     One of the sign of foolishness is regarding a person, who achieved greatness, as nobody else.


ORDINARY thing for a great man (neg.)

357     Fools may invent fashions that wise men will wear.


ORDINARY woman (lack)

358     I see. All women are unusual. Nobody of them decline a fur-coat as a gift even when it has a strange size.



359     Do you dream about the bureaucracy? To put it bluntly there is not the unorganized bureaucracy.


ORGASM (pos.)

360     Usually, the dream about the loss of human aspect turns into the dream about the orgasm.

361     Very often, the state when a body says louder than the mind, when a body conquers the mind, has the name “the love”. And the state when a body defeats the mind has the name “the orgasm”.

362     He who substituted carnality for spiritual infatuation worships an orgasm. The mentality and beauty have less importance for him.

363     Orgasm is rather destructive than creative. They fall in love and want to be married before the first orgasm. After it they want to obtain this narcotic in any case by any way.


ORIGINALITY (neg.) (see also ability, notable, ordinary, peculiarity)

364     You should be grateful to originality even for the fact that it can’t be lost.

365     A lamp must give light first of all.

366     Nobody of inhabitant of next world would ask you: “Why you was not Moisei?” They will ask you: “Why you were not N (name of an interlocutor)?

367     Yes, a cow has a strange bust, but it gives a lot of milk.



368     A good mind is not led by feelings. It doesn’t loses knowledge that the gold cupolas are empty.

369     A thing which fights back risible thoughts is not so good. Orthodoxy bans a risible painter to paint icons.

370     Poor attire of Christ and rich one’s of orthodox priests is the good evidence of truthfulness their words.


OSTENTATIOUS (pos.) (see also notable, outstanding)

371     I am not a mirror that they love me for my unostentatious.


OUTRAGE (neg.)

372     It is impossible to be true good man and never outrage an evil.


from the very OUTSET (pos.)

373     It is better to go to the market some later.


OUTSTANDING (pos.) (see also appearance, dullness, normal, notable, ordinary, originality, ostentatious, standard)

374     Beam that put out oneself from under a roof has rotten stuff at first.

375     There is no need to cut off own ear to be an outstanding man.

376     Do you like to be the same outstanding person as a pert woman who sits near the ring?



377     He who got into jaws behind teeth may be glad his overcoming of the obstacle.



378     Do you like to be the witness of own infamy?



379     Sometimes, a person has to reveal strange secrets in order to keep own ones.

380     It is better to overhear something one time than late to listen it a thousand.


OVERHEAR telephone (neg.)

381     A responsible person must to know what may be saying by telephone and what must be kept silent.


OVERSEE subordinate (pos.)

382     Well, the rule is need that a football-player would have the right to govern a ball less five metre away from the referee. Then all other rules would be broken rarely.


OVERSEE subordinate (neg.)

383     When the cat’s away, the mice will play.

384     The master eye makes the dog nice.

385     A good master never launches even a faithful falcon into the thicket.


OVERT (pos.) (see also open)

386     If all heroes of a State are well-known then this State is not so strong.

387     The more snow lays on the cedar, the greater its beauty.

388     Don’t hurry on open deserted village. Perhaps, an epidemic was there.

389     What to wash own underclothes on the open market place for?

390     What to open a closed wall’s crack for?

391     Be overt, but not down to roots. Or you will dry up and wither.

392     Gnats fly into an open door. Wild beasts come by the same way.

393     Water of open pot becomes dirty.

394     A heart is not the table-cloth for spreading out before everyone.

395     A medicine keeps effect better when it lies in the dark place.

396     Spider’s web is always open for flies.

397     What to unfold own pocket handkerchief before somebody’s eyes for?

398     What to strip oneself to guts for?


OVERT (neg.)

399     Truth likes acts overtly.

400     If the soul doesn’t resemble an ass then it is decently to keep its overt view.

401     A soul is the treasure. A person hasn’t perfect happiness if others don’t know about his treasure.


be OVERT amidst enemies (pos.)

402     What to do “The day of opened door” into zoological gardens for?


OVERT enrichment (neg.)

403     High grass is the place rather for lions than for the pasturage of own cattle.

404     If a flower has not open out then a fruit will not makes one’s appearance.


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