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(neg.) (see also alms, ask, dependant, divide, excess, gift, give, kindness, obedience, persuade)

1     Quantity of cadgers propagates by the quantity of fools.

2     As for me, I’m glad that you are speaking about the cadgers. You are not speaking about robbery. Are you?


CADGING of a scientist (neg.)

3     If collection of money for the church building is some kind of work, then collection of money for supporting such temple of science, as a scientist is some kind of work, too.



4     A demand makes an offer.

5     A faithful dog cajoles its master, too.

6     It seems to your, that you don’t love cajolery. Indeed, you don’t love only some its displays.





7     He who sows according fixed day wouldn’t has the highest harvest.


CALL (neg.)

8     Who comes uncalled, sits unserved.


CALL by a bad word (pos.)

9     A thief has virtue to cry, “Stop thief!”


a chief CALLS me by a bad word (pos.)

10     Yes, I am X. And you are the head who is amidst such persons as I.


I CALLS interlocutor by a bad word (pos.)

11     I am sorry. I don’t know that it is a secret.


I CALLS interlocutor by a bad word (neg.)

12     In general, I don’t consider that you are exactly X. Of course, I can have an error.


interlocutor CALLS me by a bad word (pos.)

13     I wish agree with you for something. I wished to speak the same word to you.

14     Pile up one bad word on another. All the same you wouldn’t reach the top of my contempt and disdain to you.

15     Well, you learnt and remembered those words that you heard very often.


interlocutor CALLS somebody by a bad word (pos.)

16     You are ready to fill with shit your mouth in order to spit it to your enemy.


somebody CALLS my interlocutor by a bad word (neg.)

17     It was said many times. Don’t go to the places where they know you.

18     Don’t be offended. N acts as a foolish parrot. He only repeats words which were said by another people.


somebody CALLS ordinary man by a bad word (neg.)

19          -Would you angry if somebody call you “the lame man”?

          -No, it is not.

          -And “the fool”?

          -Yes, it is.

          -It is because of you trust that you are not the lame man and have doubt about your mind.


somebody CALLS sinner by a bad word (neg.)

20     If somebody wouldn’t call a thief by “the thief” then the thief will calls him “the thief” first and foremost.


CALM (pos.)

21     They do (solve) quietly only not so important deed (problem).

22     A lack of one’s own opinion is the best calmative.


CALM (pos., neg.)

23     They get round marmoset thanks to their own calm.


CALM (neg.)

24     Be calm! Even a calm fool could looks as a clever person.

25     What has more wisdom than an ability to live calmly?

26     A truth gives the calm conscience.

27     He who trusts himself is calm.

28     A consciousness of own honesty gives the calm.

29     A right person may permit himself to be calm. An unjust one has no right to lose calm.


CALM (lack)

30     Boiling water will put out a fire by itself.


CALM during a blame (neg.)

31     It is cleverer to swallow medicine than to chew it.


CALM of a great man (lack)

32     A good work of mind is the best cause for the calm.


CALM for me (pos.)

33     I am not a fisherman to look for calm water.


CALM of a rich man (lack) (see also care, comfort, enmity, peace, repose, slackness, trouble) 

34     A rich man has more calm life. He doesn’t hurry to buy overcoat at the summer.



35     Killing without eating is more senseless action.


dear CAP (pos.)

36     A robber never wears a cheap cap.


CAP on a head (neg.)

37     Yes, even a cap can deform your soft brain.

38     Are you to fear, that you wouldn’t hear an offer of drinking-bout?

39     Well, N’s head is not like a hairy leg after taking down trousers.


CAPITALISM (pos.) (see also brotherhood, communism, equality, exploitation, free market, morals, oppress, revolution, socialism)

40     You’d better live in a hencoop. There everyone wishes to sit higher, peck the nearest and defecate on those sitting lower.

41     In the capitalist society the most talented people prefer to become businessmen instead of scientists. Is it really good?

42     They talk about capitalism and socialism, then I support with my whole soul those people who cooperate with everybody to get rid of cockroach.

43     There is something false in the brotherhood of freedom and inequality.

44     Capitalism is blind. It doesn’t improve anything there where it is necessary to improve something. And it improves something there where the high life exists already.

45     Capitalism is the social system, which assumes and keeps the order when some people live worse than rich men’s dogs.

46     I would praise capitalism if it were not for the influence of market relation on the quality of friends.

47     During capitalism everyone has a habit to take more than it is necessary, even for the sake of sale. Whether long the nature can sustain of capitalism?

48     Capitalism serves a fool first of all. Clever men are not in need of repetition of advertisement. And clever men can’t repulse such regard for them in the time of capitalism.

49     Fools think society’s concern for the individual and individual’s concern for the society is mystical things.

50     Capitalism is alike the war. People have the greatest difference during the covert or evident war, but not in time of peace.

51     I see. Capitalism made many inventions. It invented the distant (without contact) war, which is a kind of war against majority of mankind.

52     Well. Capitalism makes people’s lives easier. There is absolutely no regret about decease of this or that country leader.

53     Every social system says about its own saints. Capitalism says about a private property and market relations. Socialism says about a person and morals.

54     The more development of capitalism, the more need of psychology, which explains any nasty thing in order people would understand and absolve it.

55     Capitalism is the source of terrorism. Capitalism praised big money. Then terrorism feed on big money.

56     Society where its members set little labour and overestimate money is the prison

society .



57     The government, which teaches the man to govern himself and to take care for himself, is better.

58     In the capitalist society even such vices as stealing and robbery seem have a more humane aspect.


CAPITALISM for believer (pos.)

59     The law of profit is not the law of God.


CAPITALISM for Christian (pos.)

60     Churchmen were not wise when they fought against communism. Knowledge about capitalist negotiators will avert people from churchmen.


CAPITALISM for Russia (pos.)

61     Your formula “Money – Russia – Money” is beautiful! (Hint: This is an allusion of Marx’s formula “Money – Goods – Money”.)


CAPITALISM for a woman (pos.)

62     The percentage of barren women increases because of the capitalist amoral behaviour. And so the capitalism is please for odd women. Are you crazy?



63     He that has a good harvest may be content with some thistles.


CAR (pos.) (see also taxi)

64     I see. A car is the quickest means for searching of spares.

65     (a bad car EXCUSES being late (pos.) I see. Every man needs a car. It is a well of excuse of any being late.


CARE (ANXIETY) (pos.) (see also account, backstairs, boon, conditions, help, improvement, philanthropy, prepared, protection, sponsorship, superintendence)

66     A mad man seems as preoccupied ones most of all.

67     Different kinds of anxiety are born into your head as the worms are born into rotten tree.

68     I understand you. A care is wonderful thing! It can penetrate even through the closed door.

69     What for to have such sign of cowardice as superfluous care for deeds?

70     Who wishes to order a coffin for himself for the sake of finishing own lightheartedness once and for all?

71          -It is easier to take unawares an untroubled person.

          -It is well. He has not time to be frightened.


CARE (neg.)

72     A person has such value as the value of objects of his care.

73     Care is parental virtue. And nature didn’t put the preventives into me in contrast to some persons.

74     I see. Any material or spiritual pettiness may be consoled by carelessness best of all.

75     The scarecrow has careless head.


CARE of birth-rate in Russia during socialism (neg.)

76     What do you think of putting a ban on abortions during Stalin’s time? What you know about difficulties of divorce during socialism? Do you know that only an expectant mothers and women with child have the right to use Moscow’s subway as an air-raid shelter?


chief’s CARE (neg.)

77     If a chief is the head, then a headache is intended for him.


CARE for elite (pos.) (see also defense)

78     An elite to generate thyself on one’s own. A society must forms specialists.


CARE for everything (pos.)

79     A chess-player doesn’t takes care every pawn during their passing to a queen.


CARE for a far thing (exist)

80     Far from court, far from care.


CARE for the future (pos.) (see also care for the present)

81     Nobody begin eating one’s tomorrow’s breakfast towards evening.

82     Today’s wind will not have the same direction with a tomorrow’s one.

83     As for many years, they pickle a herring-dish.

84     He who lives for the sake of the future is dangerous now.


CARE for the future (neg.)

85     Everybody must have an umbrella already till the rain.

86     Future is very important thing for me. I intend make the rest of my life there.

87     A blessing of this century were built by those people, who cared for the future in bygones centuries.


God’s CARE (lack)

88     -When a father teaching baby to go, he steps aside from him and taking away own hands. And he makes such doing many times.

     -However a good father never put own hands into pockets in this case.


God’s CARE about Christians (exist) 

89     The God has no a good care of people. He may marry two men and prepares a paradise for one and a hell for another one.


GARE for a health (pos.)

90     A substitution of natural teeth to gold ones takes less money and time than the daily care for their health.


GARE for a health (neg.)

91     Prevention of diseases is easy than the treatment.


long CARE (exist)

92     Don’t praise a preparation of food till deep night as the hospitality.


CARE by money (pos.)

93     You again wish to use a winning combination. In the first variant you’ll receive money. In the second you’ll name the man, which has to deny a request, as the monster. So, you’ll raises by it the own status.


a rich man’s CARE for Motherland (lack)

94     Care for building of town fortifications is rather for a rich man than for a poor one.


mutual CARE (neg.)

95     Sometimes, there is a long spoon for far happiness, but it is impossible to feed oneself by the spoon. Then it is good to feed each other by such spoon.


CARE of one’s own (neg.)

96     What is the care for the cow to have good flesh?


CARE of one’s own (neg.)

97     Become a reptile. You will have less cares. You will not take care of warmth. You never will die of super-cooling.

98     When a man takes care of oneself he urges on one's people that they begin to take care of themselves more and more. So, such man does the permanent good deed for them.


CARE for others (pos.)

99     What to scratch strange balding head for?

100     Take care for yourself. You have X (X is something bad.).

101     He who says, “Be careful! A storm comes!” to dream bind girls to masts.

102     Usually, a dread of penalty hides itself from the offer to use the strap of safety.


CARE for others (neg.)

103     Are you a child? A man get adult, when he begins take care of others.


CARE for others (exist)

104     What do you think about cat’s catching a mouse for your benefit?

105     Every time when somebody says, “Be careful! Don’t burn oneself by frying pan!” it means that he stands the frying pan near you for washing it by you.


a rich man’s CARE for the others (exist)

106     A person, who closed by a sable’s fur-coat, agrees with any cold.


own hard CARE (exist)

107     Commonly, everyone would chooses own care from the common hall-stand because it is more habitual.


CARE for a past (neg.)

108     A clever person knows about the past more, than an ordinary one knows. And so he has more wish to take care of it. Be cleverer!


CARE for a present (neg.) (see also care for a future)

109     A road to the future is not the long jump above the present.


CARE of a relative (neg.)

110     It's easy to show strange people that you are good. However the truth is the opinion of your relation about you.


regular CARE (neg.)

111     It is better to bring down icicles every day than to be without the roof.


CARE for riches (neg.)

112     Only real miserable man, who has nothing sweet, has not any bitter thing too.


CARE for own safety (neg.)

113     Good warriors take a drill for war in peaceful times.


sole CARE (pos.)

114     N is not a miller. He hasn’t a sole care of water.


take CARE (neg.) (see also economize, thrift)

115     All summer fruit will be needed for the winter.

116     There are few reasons to sow seeds at an unguarded place.

117     What to be as Arabians for? They solved a problem of seized Alexandrine library by such reasoning, “If this books have the same knowledge as Koran they are superfluous. And if they have other knowledge, they must be burnt.”


take CARE (exist)

118     It is impossible to take care of footwear by jumping.

119     Nobody hangs a sausage upon the dog.

120     Don’t try to keep butter into a stomach.

121     Earth can’t keep a grain.


take CARE the great man (neg.)

122     Spare big trees! You will always have brushwood.


take CARE of an old thing (pos.)

123     A thing, which was kept without using during long time, may be thrown out without damage.


take CARE of an old thing (neg.)

124     They didn’t heap up a well at the time of building of waterline.

125     It is better to take care of old things. It is possible, new things would want to leave us.


take CARE of people during capitalism in Russia (exist)

126     He who wants take care of people never destroys the system of free medical service.


take CARE the remainder (neg.)

127     Having lost the horse, one mustn’t throw away the saddle.


CARE for strange wedding (pos.)

128     One makes a good match. Another overdrives one’s horse at the wedding horserace.


wife’s CARE for her husband (exist)

129     Well, wife is better than husband. She lies to her own husband for the sake of peace of his mind. But a husband lies to his own wife for the sake of peace of his own mind.


CAREER (pos.)

130     It would be good if a climbing man never wish spit down.

131     If you dream about a crystal mountain then imagine your shit which trickles down.

132     To seek power means to have no love to freedom.


CAREER (neg.)

133     He who learns to govern enlarges his own “I”.

134     The person who doesn’t think about ranks, money and influential relations couldn’t know people. So, he couldn’t know the life.


CAREER for a believer (neg.)

135     A great post gives possibility to serve the God with more effect.


CAREER for a clever man (neg.)

136     It is not the mistake if he who has no ability to row by tedious rushes to the rudder by the first.

137     The clever man always should seek to become the chief. Otherwise, his wit will not have the important meaning.


CAREER for a great man (neg.)

138     If one wish to struggle with fools then let he struggle for a power only.

139     You think for nothing that somebody climbs up high station in order to touch own nose by own teeth.

140     There are two variants: either a man takes necessary spigots for own places or he would been use as spigot for somebody else’s places.


CAREER for me (pos.)

141     It is the bad idea to be a chief. During my life I saw their dead bodies many times, but nobody saw my death.


CAREER for me (neg.)

142     I didn’t beg three years in order to become such lazy man who has no wish to become a chief.


CAREER for an ordinary man (pos.)

143     I understand an aspiration of the man who crawled out dirt for to get upon stilts.

144     It is better to hold a post which is lower own quality and to be considerable than to hold a post which is higher own quality and to be unconsidered person.

145     It is more important to occupy one’s own place than the high one.

146     Are you from those who wish becomes a famous person thanks to a pedestal?

147     The standing of flea which is on the lion is better than the standing of rider who is on the lion.


CAREER for an ordinary man (neg.)

148     It is silly if somebody governs you badly and you have no wish to govern goodly by yourself.


CAREER for a young man (pos.)

149     A naughty boy will found his own death at the top of the tree.


CARESS (pos.)

150     Don’t caress a radiator! You would become dirty.

151     A dog’s busy is the licking ass of one another.


CARESS (exist)

152     A cat caresses a man for the sake of itself but not for the sake of himself.


CARNAL (pos.)

153     The body is a horse. The soul is a horseman. Obey the horseman. If you will obey the horse it brings you into the stable.


CARNAL (neg.) (see also natural behavior, eternal, spiritual exploit, simplicity, spiritual, temporary) 

154     Even angels envy human ability to change the proportion of spiritual and carnal life.



155     The horse which has no carriage is the cow.


CARRY smth. through (pos.) (see also end)

156     Every thing may be carried rather to an absurdity than to the best end.

157     A child always demands to know the end of tale.


CARRY smth. through (neg.)

158     He who doesn’t carry something through ploughs without sowing.

159     Wisdom has two sign. It never begins something. And it carries everything through.

160     He, who carries people in a boat, must carries them to the bank.

161     He, who wishes to see a festive occasion, must going as far as the pagoda.

162     He, who doesn’t wish to carry an aim through, resembles a leader least of all.

163         -Do you know an outward appearance of three a fourth of some deed?

          -How it looks?

          -There is it. {Show the fig.}

164     An unfinished deed will be snow-bounded.


a man CARRY smth. through (neg.)

165     If a man took out his sword then he must not put it back till he got the glory.


beautiful CAT (exist)

166     Now, inflate your cheeks in order to show the beauty of your cat.


CATCH (pos.)

167     It is impossible to catch the shadow.


CATCH the criminal (pos.)

168     Is it possible to catch a criminal if the catching of witness is very difficult deed?



169     Your spiritual fathers arranged Massacre of St. Bartholomew. Is not it?

170     Well, the bank of “The Holy Spirit”, which was founded by the Pope, stopped its existence at 1902 year. However, diminution of sacrilege is not the sign of sanctity.

171     The Pope supported fascist’s aggression against USSR in 1941 year.



172     Peasants have not greater enemies than the cattle-breeders.


CAUSE (pos.)

173     As to me, you resemble a death. You always have a cause.

174     Well, an aircraft’s vibration was provoked by the distribution of coffee.


CAUSE (lack)

175     There is a cause for any wave of the leaf.

176     A mill doesn’t grinds on one’s own.

177     No root, no fruit.


CAUSE for action (pos.) (see also act, begin)

178     One wishes to sleep not only because of the rain.

179     What to convince someone of women marry for the sake of the change of their family for?


CAUSE for action (lack)

180     He who wants to act look for the means. He, who doesn’t to want act looks for a cause.


CAUSE of failure (pos.)

181     Don’t say that a well is so deep. It is better to say that your cord is so short.

182     A fist never falls into an eye from the shelf.

183     Well, he hurt his own nose when he fell on his own back.


CAUSE of an ordinary man (pos.)

184     A fool doesn’t understand a cause of movement of house’s shadow. He couldn’t notice the cause far from the effect.


CAUSE of a poor man (pos.)

185     A slave points out his cause quicker and easier, than the others do it.


CAUSE of a refusal (pos.)

186     A cause of refusal looks convincing. You are an impotent and syphilitic. And in general you going at the own wedding.

187     What trust that they closed a swimming-bath for stock-taking for?

188     Well, a headache and a lack of wish to go to a school are signs of pregnancy. We are on duty to respect it.


single CAUSE (exist)

189     Nobody could write off whole herd because of a single cause, even if it is wolfs.

190     One cause couldn’t be the cause of the whole great number of consequences.


soul’s CAUSE of failure (exist)

191     One defined his own cause in the same mode. He has said, “I immediately felt my erection when I began think about a woman formerly. But now, I have not erection even if I have long thinking about a woman. Probably, my head is faulty”.


CAUSE of the stop (pos.)

192     Well, a sledge was jibed. So the horse had the stop.


CAUSE of a great worsening (lack)

193     You could say that an hour late which was after the fall from second floor is not excuse because of the flight lasted less than an hour.


different CAUSES (exist)

194     Tears drop from both eyes because of the same cause.

195     A cerement and wedding dress may be saws by the same needle.


CAUTION (pos.)

196     Well, a shot will deafen if a cock will been pressed cautiously.


CAVE-man’s action (neg.)

197     From reliable sources known just that a cave-man painted beautiful pictures. Another “cave-man’s actions” were invented by newspaper’s smatters which couldn’t found the place into the science for themselves. They need “the cave-man’s actions” rather for excuse of modern licentiousness.


CEDE (neg.)

198     A foolish lady didn’t cede to a drunk man until he did vomiting on she.


CELEBRATE (pos.) (see also festive occasion, festivity, holiday, merriment, rest)

199     Nobody looks at the stars during a salute.


CELEBRATE the city's day (pos.)

200     If you love your city indeed then make a benefit to it - stay at home, don't litter, don't urinate in houses' courts.



201     A great flow of information stands in need of censorship. Or else the solution of contradictions will occupy too much time.

202     The water wants to be free. On contrary, people want to drink the water which was let through the cleaning filters.

203     Censorship and taboo are helpful. It is the ancient and most gentle method to exterminate an evil with the help of hushing up.

204     A man's creatures may satisfy the requirements of law. Also they may satisfy the requirements of bad taste of buyers. Both cases are variants of censorship.


capitalist CENSORSHIP (lack) (see also excuse of refusal, freedom, guard, interdiction, law, morals, opinion, superintendence)  

205     The films of great Eizenshtein were forbidden to capitalist censorship, but not soviet ones.

206     There is a censorship, which is not ashamed of its purposes, rules and means of subsistence. It is socialist censorship. There is a censorship, which is ashamed of its purposes, rules and means of subsistence. It is ashamed to proclaim one’s existence. It is the capitalist censorship and capitalist freedom of speech.


socialist CENSORSHIP (neg.)

207     Every spiritual life has a censorship. Try to force a church publishing house to publish books of another religion.

208     TV may be controlled easier than press. Capitalists break people of reading. So, they made more censorship than soviet communist.


religious wedding CEREMONY (pos.)

209     I don’t understand seriousness of religious wedding ceremony, because there is no guarantee that both will be in the same place in the next world.


CERTAIN (pos.)

210     Nothing so certain as death.


CERTIFICATE (pos.) (see also document)

211     To believe the paper means to be sure that all walls have three bricks thick.



212     One has a firm certitude only during his capitulation.

213     It is useless to demand a justice from a man who is certain in own rightness.

214     Certitude is the consolatory recompense for the least gifted person.


CHANCE (see TAKE chance)


CHANGE (pos.)

215     A change is good at the menu.

216     Well, a change is necessary because of the wind in your head changed its direction.

217     Are you bored to death with constancy of natural laws?

218     As to flying, every turning is the loss of speed and altitude.

219     I see you want to change everything. In general, this world is not the world for you.

220     A knowledge of the truth trains a soul to the constancy most of all.

221     They pay a greatest cost for the knowledge that it is impossible to do X by other way.

222     A good thing is not loses one’s own colour.

223     If they seek that everything to remains in previous order, they begin very often introduce new fashions and religions.

224     Any change is good only for speculators. They take profit from a slump in prices of share and from rising in them. They have no profit when changes are lack.


CHANGE (neg.)

225     He, who plays good, shifts his fingers.

226     Another haircut is impossible only for the bald-headed man.

227     One side is bad even for sleeping.

228     An owl never forsakes god-forsaken place.

229     Even a river couldn’t flows at the sole channel.

230     An umbrella is good because of it may be moved apart and folded up.

231     Even a dog couldn’t live all its life at the same hair.

232     He who doesn’t like changes doesn’t like knowledge, too. Indeed, what is the knowledge? It is the knowledge about changes and transformations.

233     Change of pasture makes fat calves.


CHANGE (exist)

234     Pouring water from one glass into another will not makes milk from water.

235     Did you gone from Rio to de Janeiro?

236     New gloves couldn’t prevent the recognition.

237     A dust is not more than the dust even if it is in the sky. A jewel remains the jewel even in the dirt.

238     A flam strives up even if the torch looks down.


CHANGE (lack)

239     Only a constancy of changing is the true constancy.

240     A written paper is dearer or cheaper than a clean one.


CHANGE an aim (pos.)

241     The boiled peas will not sprout.


CHANGE an aim (neg.)

242     A fell behind man could become the first in order the change of direction.

243     If an undercarriage didn’t move you must change your direction abruptly.

244     I am not a killer. You may wish a new aim for me.

245     That which will not be butter, must be made into cheese.


CHANGE of a bad thing (exist)

246     Black will take no other hue.


CHANGE of behaviour (pos.)

247     Even a drunkard becomes the saint if he never changed his behaviour.

248     Once a devil, always a devil.


CHANGE of own essence for the sake of a profit (pos.) (see also gain, profit)

249     Keep aroma of an own field. Don’t asphalt it for the sake of increase of the profit. Otherwise you will smell as asphalt amidst a strange field.


CHANGE of feelings (pos.)

250     At a moment the slops pail is empty, at another one it is full.


CHANGE of habit (pos.)

251     An old age begins with the changing habits for the sake of it.


CHANGE of the leader (neg.)

252     Don't bark turning forewheel - you will be run down by the rear one.


CHANGE of oneself (lack)

253     Know yourself some more. Thus you would be altered already.


CHANGE of opinion (pos.)

254     A good metal never rusts.

255     A know-nothing changes own opinion easier.

256     You can change your position as a dodgy prostitute can.

257     A change of opinion is the variety of game without rules.

258     The more egoism, the more often changes of opinion.


CHANGE of opinion (neg.)

259     The less talent of actor, the more monotony his parts.

260     A blind man holds firmly the thing which was snatched by him once.

261     I see. A prison has screwed stools.

262     A foolish dog goes back to its vomit.

263     A paralysis of opinion is the paralysis, too.

264     Usually, late thoughts are cleverer.

265     It is more noble deed to assume the truth of own neighbour than his property.

266     Is a man guilty if he found that his coin is false?

267     Thinking person always wish to has the right to change one’s own opinion.

268     In order turn to the fool clever man must becomes invariable person first of all.

269     Only fools and deceased men never change own opinion.

270     In the dark a blind man is equal to one who can see. But when the light appears only one who can see sees it.

271     If a thousand-year man had invariable opinion then he would be the fool who learned nothing during this term.

272     N is not a stone. A wish to keep one’s own position is the property of stone.

273     Nobody fault, that everyone has three natures. The first is that which is being ascribed him by others. The second is that, which he ascribes to himself and the third is that which is indeed.


quick CHANGE of opinion (neg.)

274     A heron has no disgrace if it leaves drying lake earlier than beetles and worms.


unbeliever CHANGES his own opinion (neg.)

275     A change of one’s own opinion is the virtue of the God. Even the God-Father behaved like a child with the birth and death of Christ.


CHANGE of a point at issue (neg.)

276     -Do you understand civility?

     -Yes, I am.

     -A change of the point at issue is the most civil way for prolongation of the talk with you.


CHANGE religion (pos.)

277     If a man is like a shade then he turned to some direction in the morning and to another direction in the evening.


CHANGE religion (neg.)

278     The more enthusiastic and faith rapturous faith has more vindictive and revengeful traitors.


CHANGE of a rule (pos.)

279     I understand you. If they wish to harm the most educated persons they change variants spelling of words.


CHANGE of a rule (neg.)

280     A good general changes rules of his own conduct every time.


CHANGE said words (pos.)

281     A good horse has an invariable gait. A noble man never changes his own words.

282     A generous person doesn’t take back his own present. The honest man doesn’t retract his own word.


I CHANGE my said words (pos.)

283     I don’t run down words in order to turn them.


I CHANGE my said words (neg.)

284     Yes. I said another words at the last time because of you didn’t be ready to know whole truth at the last time.


a man CHANGE said words (pos.)

285     He-man never licks up the thing which was spit out once.


CHANGE of the State system (lack) (see also revolution)

286     Changes are unavoidable. All unfortunate wretches strive for them. Lucky men complain to one’s fates, too.


CHANGE of the working place (pos.) (see also skill)

287     One would lose whole his herd in search of better pasture.

288     Many times transplanted tree don’t bear fruits.

289     A transplanted tree may be pulled out by any weak hand.


CHANGE of the working place (neg.)

290          -You changed so many working places!

          -I am in great request. (Times of good employers passed.) (I am in popular demand.)


CHAOS (pos. neg.)

291     -In the middle of the chaos even a weak influence may make a great success.

     -Well, chaos is rather for a weak man.



292     Death is the only master who takes his servants without a character.


CHARGE (pos.)

293     If they consider that some deed may be charged then they begin to turn it right up to a fool.


CHARITY (neg.)

294     Some people prefer a charity, the others - indifference.

295     Avarice hoards itself discontent of a poor; charity gives itself contentment of a rich.


CHARITY of a rich man (pos.)

296     A charity is not the bone which was thrown for a dog. It is the bone which was shared with the dog.


CHASE (pos.)

297     If I would want to exchange hundred dollars for hundred cents, I would be occupied with the chase.


CHASTITY (pos.) (see also virginity)

298     Chastity is not radiant with surplus of kindness.

299     The pleasure is in the head. Don’t look for it in another place.



300     Always the quantity of advocates for vice is greater than the quantity of defenders for innocence, ingenuousness, naivety and virginity.


CHEAP (pos.) (see also buy, consumption, dear, economize, expensive, number, pay, pettiness, rebate, shallow, spend, value)

301     Dog’s soup is the cheapest.

302     I choose a thing but not a table with price.

303     Striving for a cheap thing correspond rather for the coward. Striving for high life correspond rather for the brave spirit.

304     Well. It is cheaper to go to a teacher with own grand piano.

305     The best entertainment has the high cost.

306     A real skilled hammer-smith is in need of the dear hammer.

307     Cheap meat is worse than a fish.

308     Two cheap bulls will die in one year.

309     Of course, this one dollar’ breeches is good, but you would must pay two dollar for its patches.

310     Nobody wishes to wear a dress if its cutter had low pay.

311     It is only in a forest an oak costs one dollar. But in a capital one dollar is the cost of one knitting needle.

312     To offer low price means to receive long haggle with impudent buyers.

313     A cheap thing becomes worthless even when it loses a little part of its virtue.


CHEAP (neg.)

314     A blind man hasn’t interest to the price of lamps.

315     There is not a roasted turkey-hen without a cheap salt.

316     A cheap kissel won’t spoil the stomach.

317     A fox has not interest to a price of hen.

318     Even the brocade will have the rags.


CHEAP (exist)

319     Yes. Only a quality of this thing is lower its price.

320     Even for a stroll along the ruins of Coliseum they take a full cost.

321     A picture will not become cheaper if a baby is taken onto the hands.


CHEAP (lack)

322     If there is somebody who worked all his life to buy some thing it doesn’t mean that this purchase is dearer than another ones.


CHEAP thing for interlocutor (pos.)

323     You would drink a poison too if it’s free of charge.

324     You are really going to start to smoking if you would find a box of cigarettes.

325     Do you prefer to die if your funeral would be cheaper than your medical treatment?

326     There is a line where cheap goods are being sold. Do you like to stand in the line?


CHEAP thing for rich man (pos.)

327     There is not a brocade sew together with a bast.


CHEAP thing for rich man (neg.)

328     A seller of milk wants tea also.


CHEAT in counting

329     -Is this weight costs so much?

     -What is the cost of it? (The weight is some more here.)

     -Count! (Weight once again!)


to CHECK ticket (pos.)

330     I gave my ticket to some lady who was in awkward situation. Of course, if you are an impotent (so frigid woman) and don’t understand my feelings you would be indignant at me and you would demand to pay a fine.


to CHECK smth. (neg.)

331     Do you wish that people only read travel books but not travel really?


turn the CHEEK (pos., neg.)

332     It is possible to turn another cheek in order to punch enemy’s eye then because of Bible doesn’t described further events.


having CHEF-D’OEUVRE (pos.) (see also best, riches)

333     What is good to have a chef-d’oeuvres, which are in the focus of criminal attention permanently?



334     Chemistry makes such beautiful things as spirits and blondes.


CHESS (pos.)

335     It is the play for a square brain.

336     He who likes to take strange things likes to play chess and draughts, too.


CHESS (neg.)

337     Many people don’t like play chess because of it is the struggle against own mistakes.

338     Usually, he who cannot plans the way he behaves never like to play chess.


long CHEWING (pos.)

339     Physical exercises are good for health. So, they are good for stomach, too. Let a stomach will has a good training when a man eats without chewing.


long CHEWING (neg.)

340     Everyone may to ablate even a half of own stomach if he would always chews during a long time.


CHIEF (pos.)

341     They throw out an old broom on their roofs.

342     Everyone met chiefs more often than the right mind.

343     Well, it is natural to lick a high place and to trample down a low one.

344     Any chief is one-legged. He has no the loved work except an overbearing one.

345     It is better to work as a horse than as horse-stimulus.

346     If there is a haycock then there is a crow which will sits on it.

347     A chief is not a fool, although they are both give the work for others.

348     If nobody hurls stones at the high boards it is possible there is clown on it.

349     They condemn chiefs at random. They are forced to surrender to villains much more than to the chiefs.

350     A horse’s tail is the whip. A chief is as the whip. Both are the lashes for shit.

351     A hawk which looks down is in search of victim or carrion but not the God.

352     Any chief is not more than a soldier. Indeed, a soldier is the man who was suggested that he is the soldier.

353     A khan is not the donkey. Nobody wishes to go behind the donkey and nobody wishes to go before the chief.


CHIEF (neg.)

354     He who doesn’t do good deeds fears his chief most of all.

355     He who spits up covers with spittle own face.

356     I understand you. If one is in the child’s state then he cries that the king is naked.

357     A dog that had not beaten during long time begins to gnaw a master’s boots.

358     A fence wouldn’t have standing posture without posts.

359     Usually, he has the chief that was deserved by his life.

360     A free sheep will be eaten by wolfs.

361     There is no chief who has merits in eyes of his lackey.

362     There is no beehive without a queen.

363     Even a winged herdsman couldn’t handle his job well if his cows are mad.

364     It is possible that a man has virtues and he has not high rank. But it is impossible that a man has high rank and he has no virtues.


CHIEF (exist)

365     A coachman governs a coach but he is not the chief in it.


a blate CHIEF (pos.)

366     A blate cat makes a proud mouse.


great CHIEF (pos.)

367     The higher top makes the greater wish of spitting down.


multiplicity of CHIEFS (pos.)

368     Multiplicity of rules is the sign that the country is far from the law.


old CHIEF (pos.)

369     A fool governs dogs even in his old age.


-Allow me to leave this place?

370     -Have you a CHILD?

-No, I have not. But if I’ll stay here, I shell never have a child.


CHILD-BEARING (pos.) (see also fruitfulness)

371     Well, many persons want to do away with senselessness of one’s own life by child-bearing.



372     Much noises to no purpose. Thes… Продолжение »

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